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Mamie Gummer, daughter of M, reduced to TV!!!

I mean to be forced on to TV in your later years is one thing BUT to be stoop to TV in your prime is so sad. I always thought Mamie would be good in one of those 3-D films that are so popular nowadays. It would be really shocking to see that huge pointy noise darting off the screen at you.

by G. Closereply 4608/14/2015

Yuck. Another abortion from Shonda Rhimes:

[quote]In the premiere episode, idealistic young Dr. Lily Brenner (Caroline Dhavernas), along with fellow doctors Mina Minard (Mamie Gummer) and Tommy Fuller (Zach Gilford), arrive in "la ciudad de las estrellas" (the city of stars), a tiny town in the South American jungle which has one understaffed, under-stocked medical clinic. All of these young doctors are running away from personal demons, but they aren't the only ones with emotional baggage. They%E2%80%99re introduced to the legendary and enigmatic Ben Keeton, who was the youngest Chief of Surgery at UCLA but who walked away from it all to found the clinic. Together with his right-hand doctor, Otis Cole, the mysterious Dr. Ryan Clark and local doctor, Zita Alvarez, he'll teach the newcomers how to save lives in the most challenging environment they%E2%80%99ve ever worked in -- while taking them on adventures of a lifetime, on "Off the Map," premiering WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 12, 2011 on ABC

by G. Closereply 111/27/2010

That synopsis reads like an SNL spoof.

by G. Closereply 211/27/2010

If your child is stuck with a last name as ugly as Gummer, why would you add insult to injury with a first name as ugly as Mamie?

by G. Closereply 311/27/2010

Grace Gummer is on the Teen Nick channel show "Gigantic"

by G. Closereply 411/27/2010

Gigantic? like mother like daughter I see.

by G. Closereply 511/27/2010

Ms. Close usually sings her posts with a simple G. Who is this impostor?

by G. Closereply 611/27/2010

Glennie, any prospects now that you little "Damages" trifle is no more? I thought not. Your best bet at even somewhat of a career recovery would have been with poor Michael in a sequel to that darling "Fatal Attraction" thing that was so popular with the masses in which you "acted" many, many, many years ago. Alas...

by G. Closereply 711/27/2010

we've been picked up for another season M, do try to keep up

by G. Closereply 811/27/2010

Picked up? I am unfamiliar with this term. Is that a television term? Oh it must be. How precious. How absolutely precious.

by G. Closereply 911/27/2010

The girl is damn lucky to be working at all. She looks like an anteater. 'Homely' doesn't begin to cover it.

by G. Closereply 1011/27/2010

But she's got a HOT fiance....

by G. Closereply 1111/27/2010

I don't trust that musical theatre queen r11. I mean what could he possibly see in Mamie? I think he is just after my money.

by G. Closereply 1211/27/2010

Zach Gilford is dreamy.

by G. Closereply 1311/27/2010

no one is naturally gorgeuse not even her amazing mom so i dont think she is ugly i think she is normal...but her acting could be a little better

by G. Closereply 1401/29/2013

Bloody, bloody Zach Gilford!

by G. Closereply 1501/29/2013

I've seen her only in Taking Woodstock and maybe it was the direction, but anyone could have played that role as presented.

by G. Closereply 1601/29/2013

She does look like an anteater.

by G. Closereply 1701/29/2013


House of Lies Actress to Replace Mamie Gummer in Fox's Backstrom Genevieve Angelson | Photo Credits: Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage Genevieve Angelson | Photo Credits: Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage By TV Guide, Updated Feb 14, 2014 at 5:22 PM


House of Lies actress Genevieve Angelson will star opposite Rainn Wilson in Fox's new series Backstrom, reports.

From Bones creator Hart Hanson, Backstrom focuses on Evertt Backstrom (Wilson), an offensive, irascible detective with self-destructive tendencies. Angelson will play his right-hand woman, Det. Nicole Gravely, who is tasked with keeping the unit together despite Backstrom's behavior and ensuring that his unconventional investigatory methods hold up in court.

She replaces Mamie Gummer (The Good Wife), who played the role in the pilot, which was originally produced by CBS last spring before being Fox ordered 13 episodes of the series last month. -

by G. Closereply 1802/28/2014

Poor Caroline Dhavernas. So good, always gets stuck with crap.

by G. Closereply 1902/28/2014

Mamie fired?!


Witty comments from G!

by G. Closereply 2002/28/2014

Fired or quit?

by G. Closereply 2102/28/2014

people get fired from pilots for various reasons, many now famous actors were at one point fired from pilots. Lisa Kudrow was fired from Fraser, Annette Benning from a show I can't remember, many others....

The difference is, quite simply, Mamie and Grace would never get through the door of an agents office without Meryl's shadow.

For some reason, and I feel this myself, the Gummer girls ascendency is more offensive to many in the business.

Nepotism and advancement of the untalented for political reasons are common in our business.

I think the egregious use of entitled nepotism these two very nice but very average to below average actresses have enjoyed has started to stink like old fish in an environment pretty accustomed to bad smells.

And they are both "nice girls" but I have heard more and more rumblings about people resenting it. They have mama's agents which doesn't make it easy to ignore them when making lists and they are ALWAYS being pitched in the most obnoxious "do you know who her mother is" way.

by G. Closereply 2202/28/2014

someone told me when they see a Gummer on the call sheet they lose a bit of respect for everyone involved

by G. Closereply 2302/28/2014

She was actually good in The Good Wife.

by G. Closereply 2402/28/2014

The Bird Nose sisters. Awful

by G. Closereply 2502/28/2014

I saw Meryl's son in a play a few years back. He was pretty good, and not bad too look at, either. Can't remember his name, but I seem to recall that he didn't use either Streep or Gummer. I think his first name is Henry?

by G. Closereply 2602/28/2014

Anybody liked G. Close in Jagged Edge? It was on TV recently and I forgot how young G. looked.

by G. Closereply 2702/28/2014

It's interesting that her best-looking child is Henry, the one who least resembles her.

by G. Closereply 2802/28/2014

The son goes under Henry Wolfe, his first and middle names. I think Henry, Mamie and Grace all look like a mixture of Meryl and Don to varying degrees (with Mamie looking most like Meryl). But Louisa, the youngest and best looking one, is all Don and no Meryl.

It's more of a concern that Mamie's character has been de-gayed in the re-casting. I bet they make her "fluid" so she can titillate the straight male audience with girl-on-girl hijinks but fall in love with a man.

by G. Closereply 2902/28/2014

Was Jagged Edge the film where Glenn actually looked like a woman?

by G. Closereply 3002/28/2014

Mamie isn't a bad actress.

The reason she wouldn't get near an agent has nothing to do with her talent.

It has to do with her looks.

by G. Closereply 3102/28/2014

Also the pilot was produced by one network, CBS, and picked up by another, Fox. So that kind of change isn't surprising.

by G. Closereply 3202/28/2014

Grace was in an episode of AHS: Coven and was so horrendously shitty that she made Taissa Farmiga look like she could act in comparison.

by G. Closereply 3303/01/2014

[quote]It's more of a concern that Mamie's character has been de-gayed in the re-casting. I bet they make her "fluid" so she can titillate the straight male audience with girl-on-girl hijinks but fall in love with a man.

If Mamie was fired, I wonder if this might be why; they wanted a more conventionally pretty actress.

by G. Closereply 3403/01/2014

I thought she was just fucking terrible in her appearance on this season's American Horror Story Coven.

by G. Closereply 3503/01/2014

I was unable to watch the episode of AHS in which Grace Gummer appeared.

How was she? Details about her staggering lack of talent.

by G. Closereply 3603/01/2014

What's to say r36 - everything clunked everytime she opened her mouth. She brought the scenes down.

by G. Closereply 3703/01/2014

Grace looks like she'll have M's weight problem.

by G. Closereply 3803/01/2014

R31, it's not just her looks it's that awful name.

by G. Closereply 3903/01/2014

Both Grace and Mamie were handed plum theatre roles by NYC producers over much better and better qualified young actresses in a [probably futile] effort to ingratiate themselves to Meryl and get her on board for a production.

These are jobs NO casting director would have ever, in a million years, even considered screening them for without the looming DNA of Streep in the picture.

I have first hand knowledge that at least one well respected directors arm being twisted into submission to cast one of them. The Gummer in questions agent was outraged that they were even considering other actresses for the role. Yawn.

He pulled the "do you know who she is" the person up thread talkes bout. Bullshit and it was a done deal.

Meryl's reputation on stage it legendary based on a spate of performances she gave in her 20's which have been PR'd and PR'd and spun into gold in the memory.

Meryl in a Broadway play would be a windfall as people line up in droves to see "the greatest living actress" in one of her rare stage appearances. She is one of the few actors whose name would assure a sellout run.

So apart from the usual pathetic starfucking, MTC and Roundabout would benefit from having Meryl in a show in many ways and thus the wooing of her via her very nice but questionably worthy daughters began.

Ditto with Television people who would love to get Meryl on board for if not a series an arc or project.

I agree Mamie was good in "The Good Wife" but honestly the poster up thread is correct, she wouldn't have an agent, indeed they wouldn't have seen her for "office worker 1827" at the Good Wife if it wasn't for her mother.

Nepotism is fine, if it brings forth genuinely talented people, Redgraves, Lily Rabe etc., all worthy talents benefiting from nepotism.

The campaign these two ladies have enjoyed creates resentment in the most jaded people because they are so unworthy of it.

It isn't really fair to them because they probably have no idea just HOW many obstacles have been removed for them before they even get up in the morning.

Having said that if they start getting really good [which is possible] all will be forgotten and forgiven.

by G. Closereply 4003/01/2014

you can kind of read between the lines when someone is replaced in a pilot.

If there is a reason mentioned like "conflicts with other projects" or "taking the role in a different direction" that speaks to something more mutual than one sided.

If it is very specific like "so and so had already agreed to another show [name of show] while the series was waiting for a pickup" then the actor is probably just no longer available for series.

In nothing is said and they just replace the person it is because they don't want to draw attention to it for some reason.

People are replaced in pilots for legitimate reasons have nothing to do with their talent.

by G. Closereply 4103/01/2014

"It isn't really fair to them because they probably have no idea just HOW many obstacles have been removed for them before they even get up in the morning."


by G. Closereply 4203/01/2014

G and daughter:

by G. Closereply 4303/01/2014

I'll take G's daughter any day over Mamie and company.

by G. Closereply 4403/01/2014

G's daughter, Annie, got the best of her mother's looks; Mamie and co. got the worst of their's.

by G. Closereply 4503/03/2014

Mamie proved herself as a very talented actress in Ricki and the Flash. Go see it. You may change your mind about her. She is getting a lot of media attention now and should secure more interesting work. She will be in a play this Fall called Ugly Lies the Bone. She has a great figure and really good fashion sense unlike Meryl. I still find Grace unworthy of any acting gigs. Mamie has already surpassed her!!!!

by G. Closereply 4608/14/2015
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