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Why is Jackie O Beloved?

Isn't she just a stylish gold-digger?

by let''s be honest.reply 29703/08/2015

I've never understood it either. She sounded a little on the slow side. %0D %0D Did she use another voice in private?

by let''s be honest.reply 111/25/2010

I don't get it either.

She was a superficial courtesan who didn't do anything of substance throughout her entire life. At least the First Ladies who've followed her (with few exceptions) have done some pretty substantive work on behalf of the international community. All she did was spend her husbands' money.

by let''s be honest.reply 211/25/2010

This is why:

by let''s be honest.reply 311/25/2010

Style is pretty rare, OP. More and more so.

by let''s be honest.reply 411/25/2010

She had beauty, class, and style.

by let''s be honest.reply 511/25/2010

so do many people.

by let''s be honest.reply 611/25/2010

I hope now Rachel Weisz and Darren A (can't spell his sirname) are divorcing, they will still press on with that Jackie biopic.

by let''s be honest.reply 711/25/2010

Nothing like asking a question when you already know your answer. No, she won't be nominated for sainthood soon. %0D %0D But the White House isn't an antiquated hovel because she got the ball-rolling on transforming it into a premier residence. %0D %0D Ah, yes, Nancy Reagan, her work for the international community will long be remembered. BTW, she was sucking up to Jackie for many years because she was a Jackie-wannabe.

by let''s be honest.reply 811/25/2010

R8, Nancy Reagan was included in the qualifier "with few exceptions."

The White House was never an antiquated hovel...all she did was lean on some wealthy friends to put in a Rose Garden and some drapes that have long since been replaced.

by let''s be honest.reply 911/25/2010

Most of the young men and women today have zero class, manners, style, or charm.

The men want to be Puff Daddy or the Situation and the women want to be Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian.

About 70% of the current generation is pure trash.

by let''s be honest.reply 1011/25/2010

She did foster an appreciation for culture.

Not to mention she suffered a personal tragedy that was also an international one, and thus had the public's sympathy for quite some time.

by let''s be honest.reply 1111/25/2010

Don't forget, Jackie played an integral part in Bobby Kennedy's redemption - after Jack's death, she brought him away from the evil Jehovah and introduced him to Aeschylus - which saved Bobby's life and gave him a vision for the time he had left.

by let''s be honest.reply 1211/25/2010

She did more than any other First Wife to add mystique, allure and glamour to the White House. For that she is considered a national icon and legend.

She just had that Old Hollywood brand of style that most people just don't seem to possess anymore. Many people have tried to emulate her but they simply cannot. She was one of the last of a dying breed of women.

by let''s be honest.reply 1311/25/2010

Maybe the love for Jackie O (not Kennedy, because unlike a lot of you, she got over her White House years fairly quickly) is a generational thing. A lot of older people seem to miss the days when people wore hats to restaurants and gloves while driving. She was certainly beautiful and sophisticated, but her allure was about as meaningful as Kim Kardashian's. Beauty and elegance do nothing to improve our lives...

by let''s be honest.reply 1411/25/2010

She's like that Camille Grammer and her "little voice":%0D %0D "Who me? I'm not a gold digging cunt. Just because I shit roses doesn't mean I'm not more special than any other woman alive."

by let''s be honest.reply 1511/25/2010

R2/9, it isn't an antiquated hovel, though it was heading in that direction, because, among other accomplishments, she got people to return original items back to their original home. She restored a sense of history to the White House. Even if she was a courteson, gold-digger, whatever, she did accomplish something in her term in the White House.%0D %0D

by let''s be honest.reply 1611/25/2010

[R9] ...Beg pardon, but she did a lot more than "put in a rose garden and some drapes..."

by let''s be honest.reply 1711/25/2010

[quote]Beauty and elegance do nothing to improve our lives...

No, but they sometimes help people forget, if only briefly, the misery or banality of their lives. And that's been the case for a few thousand years.

by let''s be honest.reply 1811/25/2010

If you really believe that, R14, what do you think we should aspire to?

by let''s be honest.reply 1911/25/2010

I dont think she was beautiful, sorry

by let''s be honest.reply 2011/25/2010

Didn't the Bouviers have money as well?

by let''s be honest.reply 2111/25/2010

Because the entire world saw her splattered with the blood and brains of her murdered husband and how she stoically went on and raised two fine children.

Let it not be forgot that for one brief shining moment there once was a spot called Camelot.

by let''s be honest.reply 2211/25/2010

r10 marry me.

by let''s be honest.reply 2311/25/2010

Give her a break! Her husband died.

by let''s be honest.reply 2511/26/2010

Because she singlehandedly held the country together with her grief-stricken strength and dignity after that awful day in Dallas.

by let''s be honest.reply 2611/26/2010

What society wife isn't a "courtesan"?

Any women who marries for money is a prostitute.

That doesn't take away from the glamour of it all, though. It is what it is.

by let''s be honest.reply 2711/26/2010

>>Beauty and elegance do nothing to improve our lives...%0D %0D I'd like to slam you, but can't bring myself to because your soul is so impoverished.%0D

by let''s be honest.reply 2811/26/2010

Not only did she clean up the White House, working with Lady Bird Johnson, she improved the area around it. It was sort of slummy through the 50s.

After LBJ became President, Lady Bird expanded her work through the "Keep America Beautiful" campaign that removed billboards and planted native wildflowers along the interstates and other major through-ways.

Now, First Ladies just nag us about things.

by let''s be honest.reply 2911/26/2010

It was thru her efforst that the National Endowments for the Arts and the Humanities were created. She did that. Her focus on haiving artists, poets, musicians, literary figures, painters,etc. invited to the WH not just to perform, but as guests, was historic. %0D %0D The White House restoration project was historic. There were incredible artifacts and important papers, artwork, furnishings, etc. inappropriately stored and deteriorating, and she corrected that. As well as "hanging new drapes" she made the White House the historic treasure it truly was,inviting people to take tours after that. %0D %0D She had a true sense of history. JFK's funeral was planned meticulously by her as an historic event. She imbued it with a sense of grandeur and pageantry that not only healed us, and united us, but elevated us. %0D %0D Too many people are dismissive of grace and beauty, they deride culture and the creative arts as puffery,extravagant and superfluous when in fact, they are part of who we are, and who we hope to be. They nourish our spirits.%0D %0D It may also interest you to know that President Johnson successfully enlisted her diplomatic skills, in 65-66, in carrying secret messages and engaging in discussions, with leaders in the Far East, during what appeared on the surface to be just goodwill tours and sight-seeing bits. %0D %0D It was more than seeing the harrowing experience of a woman crawling on the back of a car, trying to recover a piece of her husband's skull, narrowly missing getting shot herself, that makes her "beloved." But that would have been enough.

by let''s be honest.reply 3011/26/2010

R30, she wasn't trying to retrieve a piece of John's skull. She was trying to get out of the fucking car and a SS agent had to tell her to get back in her goddamn seat. It's amazing how some of you feel the need to portray some frivolous cow as a saint.

by let''s be honest.reply 3111/26/2010

I like Lady Bird better, and she got a lot of crap for her beautification projects. The state of Texas looks better with all the wildflowers.%0D Her children are also down to earth and gracious.

by let''s be honest.reply 3211/26/2010

I'm not canonizing her, but she's certainly not a "cow." People can like anyone they want to. People who consider it at all, usually have their favorites. But that doesn't require a condemnation, or ripping up someone else. it isn't necessary. My personal favorite's Eleanor Roosevelt. But there's something ugly about the need to disparage other people in order to elevate your own point.

by let''s be honest.reply 3311/26/2010

I want to be r30/33 when I grow-up.

by let''s be honest.reply 3411/26/2010

She brought a flair and style to the White House that hadn't been seen before. She modernized the place, and the look of the first lady. Before her, first ladies common style was Thelma Harper type dresses and plain shoes. Lets not forget Mamie's plastered bangs and virgin pins. %0D %0D Comparisons to Kardashian reek of ignorance. Jackie was always a lady, and I agree, her manners and style have gone out of our culture. She always went the extra mile.

by let''s be honest.reply 3511/26/2010

"She was trying to get out of the fucking car."%0D %0D Even if this is true, I don't understand why that should be viewed as a negative. Someone is firing shots at your car, what the fuck would you do?

by let''s be honest.reply 3611/26/2010

I thought she was trying to help the SS guy on board.

by let''s be honest.reply 3711/26/2010

[quote]It may also interest you to know that President Johnson successfully enlisted her diplomatic skills, in 65-66, in carrying secret messages and engaging in discussions, with leaders in the Far East, during what appeared on the surface to be just goodwill tours and sight-seeing bits.

Now this I'd like to know more about!

by let''s be honest.reply 3811/26/2010

She was very gracious and elegant and in my admittedly few conversations with her, she was surprisingly witty and engaging.

by let''s be honest.reply 4011/26/2010

Jackie was raised in a bygone era where all the skills needed to marry "well" were imbued upon her. She was taught about the arts, deportment, poise, languages, clothes and the ability to hold your own in any company. She was taught how to be a remarkable hostess, about food and above all, appropriateness. These traits and others enabled her to reach the great successes that she and her sister did. Very few society women are brought up this way anymore, but those that are shine clearly above the vulgar cattle around them...especially in the U.S.

by let''s be honest.reply 4111/26/2010

+1 with r30, r33,r36.%0D %0D And that's even after I read that "Vanity Fair" cover story of a year ago that laid out with pin-point precision that Jackie, armed with her money and position, was capable of bullying behavior.%0D %0D Still, I applaud her for peddling her pussy for all the purchasing power and security it could obtain for her and her children. I'd do likewise if the circumstances and oppurtunity commanded it.%0D %0D So spare me the morally outraged twaddle about Jackie O the courtesan. You can attempt to detract her all you want to. When it comes, however, to a living a life that encompassed extraordinary, historic and, yes, iconic circumstances, you can't take it away from her.

by let''s be honest.reply 4211/26/2010

What's more, eat your hearts out, haters.

by let''s be honest.reply 4311/26/2010

R31, I'd like to slap you silly. People like you are the reason that this country will ultimately disintegrate. This woman was first lady of our country, some nut (or nuts) were firing into her car, and her husband had just had the top of his head blown off. I'd like to see how well you'd do in a similar situation.

Get your head out of your ass and read R30 until you come to your senses.

by let''s be honest.reply 4411/26/2010

[italic]Didn't the Bouviers have money as well?[/italic]

They were loaded!

by let''s be honest.reply 4611/26/2010

+1 with r44.%0D %0D What would you have had her do,r31? Should she have calmly reached into her handbag, pulled out her compact to powder her nose and lightly complain about how her husbands grey matter spattered her face and hair?%0D %0D Asshole.%0D %0D The following rarely happens to mere mortals let alone to a First Lady: You're sitting next to someone and suddenly thier skull is ripped apart.%0D %0D Yeah, like you wouldn't have panicked. Right.%0D %0D

by let''s be honest.reply 4711/26/2010

Jackie was quite a cute kid.

Her family was rich.

John married her for the money. He was the prostitute. Jackie was well educated, and her family was made up of a bunch of socialites and Wall Street bankers.

by let''s be honest.reply 4811/26/2010

Can one of the kennedy experts explain why she stipulated in her will that some details about JFK couldn't be divulged until 50 yrs after Caroline died (or something similar)?

Why not just spill? What could it be? Maybe RFK is her father?

by let''s be honest.reply 4911/26/2010

Within the wealthy US Roman Catholic aristocracy, JFK was the one "marrying up."

by let''s be honest.reply 5011/26/2010

"John married her for the money. He was the prostitute. Jackie was well educated, and her family was made up of a bunch of socialites and Wall Street bankers."%0D %0D JFK had political ambitions. He needed somone like Jackie who reeked of breeding.

by let''s be honest.reply 5111/26/2010

I'd like to get in that line to slap silly, R31. Jackie said in an interview soon after the assassination that in that terrible moment she climbed on the back of the limousine to retrieve the piece of her husband's skull that had been blown off. In her shock she believed that the doctors at the hospital would need it to put his head back together again. Horrifying, poignant and completely understandable when faced with the most harrowing circumstances imaginable. This iconic woman deserves nothing but gratitude, respect and honor for generations to come. As Teddy Kennedy said in his stunningly moving eulogy of her, she graced our history and she graced our lives. Does that hurt, R31?

by let''s be honest.reply 5211/26/2010

There's one more thing I want to mention. I noticed it in my own parents as well. Our education system and our standards. My father only had a high school diploma. He was raised in the Depression, and considered himself lucky to achieve that. %0D %0D Yet he was the person who taught me about literature, and about classical music. He knew more about the poets, and great classicists that anyone with a basic four year college degree today. %0D %0D My mother had a full time job before it was fashionable for women to have jobs. She also graduated high school. We were never wealthy. We were "working class." But the standards of excellence and that literate, cultured environment was as important as the air we breathed. %0D %0D Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was similarly raised in terms of what was emphasized in schools, whether they were private or public schools.%0D %0D As a country, our standards of education were much higher, with a real emphasis on the classics and on the arts. Our high schools were much better and the educational environment more rigorous. %0D %0D Jacqueline was very well educated, way beyond any rich society girl back then. She also insisted on securing a job. These were not typical behaviors for someone from her background. So in her way,shes very much a product of her time and class, but she went way beyond that as well.%0D %0D

by let''s be honest.reply 5311/26/2010

[quote]But the White House isn't an antiquated hovel because she got the ball-rolling on transforming it into a premier residence.

Not true. The entire White House had just been gutted to the exterior walls in 1949-52, and completely rebuilt as a brand new facsimile of the original structure. The White House had become unstable, with 150 years of patchwork improvements like indoor plumbing, gas, and electricity. Engineers told the Trumans that "the only thing holding up the second floor is force of habit", and were concerned that an upstairs bathroom could collapse.

Sadly, the original woodwork and mantels were less expensive to copy and duplicate than restore. Although I'm certain Jackie did restore many historical documents and furnishings, the entire White House reconstruction was barely 8 years old when the Kennedys moved in.

by let''s be honest.reply 5411/26/2010

"Why is Jackie O Beloved?"

Because she could swallow all the way down to the balls.

by let''s be honest.reply 5511/26/2010

You should all admire her for how she negotiated her way out of the Kennedy family with that psychopathic patriach Joe. She protected her kids to the bitter end.

by let''s be honest.reply 5611/26/2010

Black Jack was Jackie's father

Black Jack was much less serene. He was forced to ask for help from his father-in-law. James T. Lee agreed on the condition Black Jack curb his flamboyant lifestyle%E2%80%94Jackie%E2%80%99s father was fatally susceptible to beautiful women and big money, which he spent faster than he earned. It was a great humiliation to move his wife and Jacqueline to a rent-free apartment, provided by his father-in-law, at 740 Park Avenue. By 1935 his net worth had plummeted to $106,444.

$106.00 in 1935 had the same buying power as $1,708.25 in 2010. Annual inflation over this period was 3.78%.

by let''s be honest.reply 5711/26/2010

I agree with R10. Completely. Totally.

by let''s be honest.reply 5811/26/2010

I erred in my math decimal placement in an earlier post.

Jackie's father lost a lot of money in the 1930's. By 1935 he was worth $106,044.00 which is the same as $1,708,962.37 in 2009.

by let''s be honest.reply 5911/26/2010

The "courtesan" & "gold-digger" accusations might be directed at her marrying Onassis just 5 years after JFK died.

Even at the time, no one thought it was a love match -- he was more than 20 years her senior, ugly, & vulgar -- he was not admired or respected or well-liked. It was obvious that she was marrying him for his money, which was politely expressed as "seeking security".

Ok, fine. But it's more respectable if a young widow with little kids turns to her wealthy & powerful in-laws when help is needed. In Jackie's case, the impression given was that she just wanted to shop & the Kennedys wouldn't indulge her the way Ari would.

by let''s be honest.reply 6111/26/2010

Why did she receive so little from Aristotle Onassis' will when he died?

by let''s be honest.reply 6211/26/2010

Ted tried to manhandle Cristina out of a bigger settlement (in the car on the way to the funeral) but she and the lawyers gave her the least amount the could. She called Jackie "The Black Widow" and even Ari realized she was a dud soon after the marriage.

by let''s be honest.reply 6311/26/2010

"Ted tried to manhandle Cristina out of a bigger settlement (in the car on the way to the funeral)"%0D %0D Those Kennedys - class all the way.

by let''s be honest.reply 6411/26/2010

"Ted tried to manhandle Cristina out of a bigger settlement (in the car on the way to the funeral)"

Was he driving?

by let''s be honest.reply 6511/26/2010

Amusing in Stephen Fry's tour of America when he met Oatsie Charles of Newport. (Oatsie gave an interview accompanied by her large glass of red wine.) She was at Jackie's wedding: 'It was just too funny to look across the aisle and see the Kennedys, all the silk top hats and jewellery.'

A cocktail with Jackie would have been interesting. Barbara Bush, not so much.

by let''s be honest.reply 6611/26/2010

OP, if you even have to ask the question, you probably don't deserve to know the answer.

by let''s be honest.reply 6711/26/2010

I bet Callas wanted to scratch Jackie's eyes out - literally.

by let''s be honest.reply 6811/26/2010

[quote]I bet Callas wanted to scratch Jackie's eyes out - literally.

Until the day after the wedding when Ari returned to her...

by let''s be honest.reply 6911/26/2010

a mystic

by let''s be honest.reply 7011/26/2010

[quote]You should all admire her for how she negotiated her way out of the Kennedy family with that psychopathic patriach Joe. She protected her kids to the bitter end.

Joe was the Kennedy she was closest. She loved him.

by let''s be honest.reply 7111/26/2010

I think she represented, on some level, our higher nature....culture matters, ideas matter, art matters, education, philosophy, literature, architecture, maturity, family....all matter.%0D %0D I find it interesting that it happened in the redneck underbelly of the country. There is a part of this country's psyche that is very ill, and it is still very much with us. %0D %0D She was 34 when JFK was assasinated and, from what I have read, she got the nation through that first aweful weekend.%0D %0D If this means nothing to you, when you see the beauty of Grand Central Station, thank Jackie. It was mainly through her efforts that it was saved. I saw a news clip about this effort where she spoke about people needing beauty in their lives, that it raises the spirit.%0D %0D In spirit, she was a Greek from the Golden Era, an amazing flowering of humanity that has never been duplicated in over 2,300 years.

by let''s be honest.reply 7211/26/2010

Jackie, her husband and Marilyn were like GODS.

by let''s be honest.reply 7311/26/2010

[quote]Jackie said in an interview soon after the assassination that in that terrible moment she climbed on the back of the limousine to retrieve the piece of her husband's skull that had been blown off. In her shock she believed that the doctors at the hospital would need it to put his head back together again. Horrifying, poignant and completely understandable when faced with the most harrowing circumstances imaginable.

Here's an excerpt from her testimony for the Warren Commission

Mrs. KENNEDY: You know, then, there were pictures later on of me climbing out the back. But I don't remember that at all.

I don't blame her for trying to get the hell out of there.

by let''s be honest.reply 7411/26/2010

r61, we must have read different sources regarding Ari Onassis.%0D %0D It's true that Kennedy's brothers disliked Onassis, but so what. From what I hear, they didn't care for "outsiders" and when you throw in that Onassis was courting thier dead brother's wife, why should it surprise anybody that they, especially RFK, disliked him?%0D %0D Otoh, I've read many accounts of Onassis by those who knew him. They seemed to genuinely admire him. In fact, Elizabeth Taylor was one of the few who came to Jackie's defense when she married him and was quoted as saying, "I think Jackie made an excellent choice. Ari is very smart and lots of un to be around." %0D %0D I find it very plausiible that he was charming , worldly, smart, fun loving, and, oh, btw, having nearly a billion dollars didn't hurt either. I can easily see why Jackie married him.%0D %0D And remarrying after five years of being a widow is too soon? Really?%0D %0D

by let''s be honest.reply 7511/26/2010

Totally disagree, R66. Barbara Bush's very candid comment about Sarah Palin shows that she is a shrewd, sneaky bitch who would be fun once you got a drink or two in her. I'd never, ever want to cross that woman though.

by let''s be honest.reply 7611/26/2010

I heard that Barbara Bush said, "My husband put a bullet through JFKs head and it is working out well for the country."

by let''s be honest.reply 7711/26/2010

r31 is a foul revisionist who wasn't alive in 1960.%0D %0D Jackie Kennedy was YOUNG, with toddlers. After Mamie and Bess and Eleanor, she simply brightened the scene, ushering in the 60's with her husband who, yes, ironically, epitomized "vigah". In a word, the First Family of 1960 = youth (finally).%0D %0D Jackie was charming (ask DeGaulle), elegant (ask Cassini), cultured (ask Casals), and maternal. %0D %0D After the two assassinations, she went for the money totally. But who knows what getting a loved one's brains all over one does to a mind?%0D %0D

by let''s be honest.reply 7811/26/2010

I love her reaction in this interview, it's at 3:15.

Interviewer: you want to be with him?

Jackie: Yes.

Interviewer: You're pretty much in love with him, aren't you?

Jackie: Oh, no. (pause) I said no didn't I?

by let''s be honest.reply 7911/26/2010

r61: "marrying Onassis just 5 years after JFK died."%0D %0D Yes, it was a shock, as we wanted her to remain the exemplary First Widow. %0D %0D But read what you wrote: "just 5 years." JUST??%0D Nobody is held to such a standard for mourning.%0D

by let''s be honest.reply 8011/26/2010

Another vote with those who said her dignity and grace held the country together for three days.%0D %0D If she had gone screaming and hysterical after the assassination, it wouldn't have been dignified event it had to be to show us that America and survive anything.%0D %0D She did everything right in those few days.%0D %0D She also refused her first lady/president's widow pension or any other government handout. She kept only her franking privilege - free mail for life. Can you imagine any other First Lady turning down free money after leaving the White House? You know we're still paying for those classless do nothings....we paid Bess Truman until the day she died!%0D %0D And look at the rest of the Kennedy kids....Jackie raised two fairly stable - if not perfect - kids under trying circumstances.%0D %0D And who can blame her for wanting to get them out of the country while they were growing up. They were prime targets for any crazy person with a gun.

by let''s be honest.reply 8111/26/2010

The media is male.

Jackie ho is a caricature of a docile puppet wife who did nothing but wear dresses.

The ultimate Stepford Wife.

by let''s be honest.reply 8211/26/2010

Because she died to redeem mankind.

by let''s be honest.reply 8311/26/2010

She represented everything that people used to aspire to, such as education, gentility, politeness, courage, and discretion. Now that this country makes someone like Palin a national figure, the nostalgia for her polar opposite will continue to flourish.

by let''s be honest.reply 8411/26/2010

Fairly eloquent, r84, but don't see Jackie's image being lent to any anti-smoking campaigns anytime soon.

by let''s be honest.reply 8511/26/2010

"You know we're still paying for those classless do nothings....we paid Bess Truman until the day she died!"

First of all, the Trumans were incredibly poor. Harry was a haberdasher before he became president. The relative poverty they lived in after they left the White House (this was before the days of expensive speaking engagements) was a national embarrassment, and was responsible for instituting the practice of paying money to former presidents and First Ladies after their time in office.

Second, Jackie had money from her family and her infamous payout of a million dollars (which was a fortune in the 50s) from Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr for staying married to JFK when she discovered his philandering and wanted to leave him. She stayed married to him for hard cash. That's hardly what I'd call "classy" behavior--it's more like prostitution.

But what would you know about class? You're a callow boor for begrudging poor Bess Truman the money to live in her family home in Independence, MO.

by let''s be honest.reply 8611/26/2010

[quote]She also refused her first lady/president's widow pension or any other government handout. She kept only her franking privilege - free mail for life. Can you imagine any other First Lady turning down free money after leaving the White House? You know we're still paying for those classless do nothings....we paid Bess Truman until the day she died!

She didn't turn down anything. After her marriage to Onassis,she lost her pension, Secret Service protection and her Franking Privilege.

by let''s be honest.reply 8711/26/2010

It was another time--and younger people lack any sense of context. After the 50's, the Kennedys were like a blast of fresh air. It was the New Frontier, and of course, today one can be smug and cynical about it. After all, one of the benefits of youth is that they lack the maturity to figure out how and why. That is something that comes with age. The benefit of lacking such maturity is that you think in the present and look to the future. The disadvantage is that you fail to understand how both depend on the past.%0D %0D She belongs to another era: we were stronger, more confident, and determined about our role in history. I remember my father telling me once that he got a raise in 1961 and was making 8,000 a year. With the money my mother earned--6,000--it was as if we were on easy street. The dollar was strong, and the future unlimited.%0D %0D Of course, it was not quite like what the myth represented, but I doubt my parents were looking beyond the surface. As John Lennon once shrewdly observed, life in reruns is always more fun than life in prime time.

by let''s be honest.reply 8811/26/2010

Were you following the story when she married Onassis, R75 & R80? Maybe you were but recall the mood of the country differently than I do.

What I saw & heard was disappointment that she was marrying a rich old vulgarian who was beneath her. Had she chosen someone more suitable, her remarriage probably would not have been criticized as being too soon.

Trouble was, the public had set her up on a pedestal as soon as she became First Lady, & she grew more revered as she suffered tragedies -- first the son who died when he was 2 days old, then the assassination later that year. She was considered a tragic heroine with great dignity until she married Onassis, which was a huge letdown to those who expected better from her. Unfair & spiteful, but that was the reaction I observed.

by let''s be honest.reply 8911/26/2010

She always sounded like she was on valium. I agree with OP, there was nothing particularly noteworthy about her.

by let''s be honest.reply 9011/26/2010

[quote]She belongs to another era: we were stronger, more confident, and determined about our role in history.

Hey Mary, Betty Draper just called: she'd like her rose-colored glasses back.

by let''s be honest.reply 9111/26/2010

She is beloved because she sold herself to some old she could leave her children a little money. Good for her.

by let''s be honest.reply 9211/26/2010

[quote]Another vote with those who said her dignity and grace held the country together for three days.

WTF does that even mean?

Do you really mean to say that if she had not been there the country would have fallen apart, but somehow her dark glasses and widow's veil and insisting John Jr. salute his father's casket somehow stopped people from rioting in the streets and burning down the White House?

by let''s be honest.reply 9311/26/2010

Hell, that's nothing - Diana held her country together for a whole WEEK - and all she had to do was lie on her back!

by let''s be honest.reply 9411/26/2010

91: Take off your blinders dear. No one in 1963 would have thought that we would end up where we did--Vietnam, race riots, Watergate. That is why the Camelot myth has persisted. It WAS a different time. %0D %0D Was it wrong for Jackie to marry Ari? Who cares? I've always been bewildered why if a woman does what Jackie did she's a hoe, but if a man is driven by power and ambition, well, it's different.%0D %0D Such a double standard.

by let''s be honest.reply 9511/26/2010

Sorry but to be a gold digger don't you have to be somewhat deprived of luxury to begin with.

by let''s be honest.reply 9611/26/2010

I respect that she remained silent and private. Today there would be several tell-all autobiographies, etc.

She was... Zhack-LEEN.

by let''s be honest.reply 9711/26/2010

Marry me, r97. Adopt my children, you tycoon!!!!

by let''s be honest.reply 9811/26/2010

I think I'll agree with R61 on the issue of Aristotle Onassis. I base my opinion on JFK's own assessment of Onassis. Kennedy loathed Onassis, saying he was so vulgar and uncouth that he picked his nose in public.

Jackie Kennedy Onassis was a well-known shopaholic, an expensive woman to keep. I remember an article after she married Onassis where a journalist went on a shopping expedition with her. At one point she bought a dozen of a shirt she liked, and she also bought several items in every available color. It's no wonder so many of her clothes ended up in thrift or consignment shops. JFK and she battled about her spending habits; he was appalled at how much she spent on clothes. I doubt Onassis cared that much.

Elizabeth Taylor probably knew better than anybody the reason for Jackie Kennedy's marriage to Onassis -- it made good sense from a business standpoint. One story that came out after Michael Jackson's death is still fresh in my mind. It said that he was required to bring diamond baubles to Taylor if he wanted to visit. I think Taylor knows quite a lot about financial survival and parting rich men from their money.

by let''s be honest.reply 9911/26/2010

Jackie O was more worried about saving Grand Central Station than the homeless people living in it.

by let''s be honest.reply 10011/26/2010

Kennedy had not left her much money, she absolutely had to be a gold digger. She used what she had to get what she needed, I always admire that in a woman...or a man.

by let''s be honest.reply 10111/26/2010

To answer an earlier post, the nation was traumatized by JFK's assassination. Jackie's comportment while leading the country in its grieving was the singular reason America's spirit did not break. So no, she didn't literally stop riots in the streets but she impacted on a completely other level - she saved the nation's soul.

by let''s be honest.reply 10211/26/2010

r88, your dad's 1961 income info: $8,000.00 in 1961 had the same buying power as $57,972.89 in 2010. Annual inflation over this period was 4.12%.

by let''s be honest.reply 10311/26/2010

Am I the only one who thinks she kind of ugly?%0D She reminds me of a Bratz doll.

by let''s be honest.reply 10411/26/2010

r104, no honey, I don't think she was ugly, but no I don't think she was as fabulous as everone is posting.

by let''s be honest.reply 10511/27/2010

For those of you who can't get your heads around the whole thing about how she held us together during the post-Assassination events, let me put it this way. She set a standard of behavior and decorum and dignity that served as a model for us and imprinted itself on our national identity. %0D %0D In the months following the assassination, she drank heavily, daily. I'd say for about 18 months she was a drunk, pretty much, and subsisted on booze and pills. People close to her were very worried. This is when she and Bobby became..."close." %0D %0D She'd also have former aides to JFK over to talk to the kids about their father, but that came later, about two or three years down the road, as they got older. She wanted them to have some sense of their father as a person.%0D %0D Once she got out of Washington, D.C. and made the decision to move to NYC she began to find her footing again. She told people there was no way she wanted to be some living memorial to JFK, used for political purposes and trotted out to commemorate airports and anniversaries. She was desperate to get her life back together.%0D %0D I know my mother was furious with her for marrying "that foreigner" and going to live in Greece. She was Ari's trophy wife. Ari had shady business deals and was too cozy with the Russians for Bobby's liking. He and JFK didn't like Ari. %0D %0D JFK was furious when Lee invited her, at Ari's behest, to come for a vacation on his yacht shortly after she lost baby Patrick. She went and there was instant chemistry between her and Ari. Lee was really pissed off. She always felt Jackie took Ari away from her. Which was B.S. He never had any interest in Lee, only in Jackie. (Plus Lee reportedly slept with JFK!)

by let''s be honest.reply 10611/27/2010

"She was considered a tragic heroine with great dignity until she married Onassis, which was a huge letdown to those who expected better from her."%0D %0D One newspaper (NY Post?) had a HUGE headline that read: "JACKIE, HOW COULD YOU?" It's really shocking that the country felt it had such a claim on her, and that she owed a responsibility to be a professional widow or national symbol of something.

by let''s be honest.reply 10711/27/2010

[quote]For those of you who can't get your heads around the whole thing about how she held us together during the post-Assassination events, let me put it this way. She set a standard of behavior and decorum and dignity that served as a model for us and imprinted itself on our national identity.

Oh for fuck's sake. Do you think you were the only one who was alive then? I was too, and I think you sound like a hysterical queen playing make-believe by indulging in Ted Sorensen's and William Manchester's MARY!-est fantasies.

The Kennedys had a lot of glamor and it was a big deal when he was shot and she handled it with a lot of grace and panache. But she absolutely did not "hold us together"--that's a bunch of rosy-colored fantasist bullshit.

Kennedy was intelligent and well spoken, but he was a ruthless Cold War hawk who exploited women and who probably did not even legitimately win the 1960 election; Jackie was smart and glamorous, but she was also a pretty jaded and greedy lady who lived off rich men her entire life.

To pretend they were saints and that the country might have flown apart if she did not have a big impressive funeral is bullshit. No one except old ladies--and deeply impressionable young queens in their elementary school years--believed that sugary propaganda back in 1963.

by let''s be honest.reply 10811/27/2010

She didn't owe anything to the country that saw her husband gunned down and didn't even ask questions or demand real answers. I would feel pretty put out as well. Then after that Americans considered Jackie and her children fair game for constant press intrusion and lapped it up.

She took on the first front of extreme paparazzi as we know it today. And she did it with class.

by let''s be honest.reply 10911/27/2010

She wanted secuity and protection, Onassis wanted to prove he could marry JFK's widow, an icon at the time.%0D He was good to her kids, too. Once Caroline talked about a pony she wanted, Onassis said, "Buy the horse, and it's mother, father and brother".%0D %0D My mother thought her voice was ridiculous, too.%0D %0D Joe Kennedy probably wanted her for JFK as Joe wanted JFK in the White House and Jackie was the perfect foil.

by let''s be honest.reply 11011/27/2010

JBKO had met Onassis through her sister Lee and spent six weeks in mid 1963 on Ari's yaacht as she recovered from the still birth of her baby, Patrick. She had just returned home in time to help JFK on his trip to Texas, where it was hoped her presence would make the people there less hostile.

After the assassination, Ari provided her with a lot of emotional support (he came for the funeral and stayed in the White House). Most forget that her decision to marry him came after RFK's assassination -- she feared she or her kids would be next -- and she wanted out of the US. He had a private island and lots of money for armed security but it was clear to both of them after the marriage they should not have wed.

I suspect she didn't know what would happen after that mistake, so she took to shopping as a way to stockpile money. After her sprees, she'd give the stuff to her friends to place in consignment shops and then stockpile the cash she made from that.

by let''s be honest.reply 11111/27/2010

She did not spend six weeks on Ari's yacht at that time. It was more like two weeks. It was regarded as unseemly especially in light of the fact she'd just lost her baby, etc. The story they put out is that she was chaperoning Lee.%0D %0D She and JFK were at a crossroads. When she returned they were closer than ever, and really sort of fell in love all over again. He wept when he buried Patrick. She could not attend her own baby's funeral being still in hospital. So going off on the billionaire's yacht was definitely not a good PR move and she was told as much.

by let''s be honest.reply 11211/27/2010

I don't begrudge Bess her money - but she was a no class do nothing. That I stand by.%0D %0D And check again - she had her franking privilege until she died - and she NEVER took her pension. Never. %0D %0D Stop reading Kitty Kelly bios.

by let''s be honest.reply 11311/27/2010

Death, taxes and Datalounge threads disparaging Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

by let''s be honest.reply 11511/27/2010

"She did more than any other First Wife to add mystique, allure and glamour to the White House. For that she is considered a national icon and legend."%0D %0D Oh, please! She was a SNOT, that's all. If you notice, all she did while in the White House was redecorate it; she considered herself a patron of the arts and invited famous composers and artists to the White House. But she never did anything for PEOPLE. You'll never see any pictures of Jackie Kennedy visiting those less fortunate, never see pictures of her in the inner cities or rural areas. She despised all those icky poor people. She was "above" them. Like I said, she was a snot, and an exceptionally materialistic one. %0D

by let''s be honest.reply 11611/27/2010

For R116:

by let''s be honest.reply 11711/27/2010

And again:

by let''s be honest.reply 11811/27/2010

Apparently, Ari always enjoyed a phone conversation with Big Edie Beale.

by let''s be honest.reply 11911/27/2010

She was a horrible person and a rip-off artist supreme. At least she did not get to enjoy her ill gotten gains for all that long.

by let''s be honest.reply 12011/27/2010

Jackie remained friendly with Christina Onassis until her death, so obviously Christina didn't harbor a grudge. Or the stories were all bullshit.

And Jackie supposedly received $26 million after Ari's death, which was a pittance compared to the amount of his estate, so I can't imagine Christina minding that much.

by let''s be honest.reply 12111/27/2010

After she received her $25 million or so from Ari's estate she hooked up with that rich Jewish financier and he grew it to $200 million. It is who you know and who you blow.

by let''s be honest.reply 12211/27/2010

R122 Maurice Tempelsman was an longtime supporter of JFK -- previous to the presidential election.

And he was good at investing.

by let''s be honest.reply 12311/27/2010

I'm sorry, but Mrs. Patrick Campbell never ceases to amuse me.

by let''s be honest.reply 12411/27/2010

[quote]And check again - she had her franking privilege until she died - and she NEVER took her pension. Never.

I'm certain.

by let''s be honest.reply 12511/27/2010

Because she was flawless! I met her several times in the '80's. I have never met someone with so much charisma and X factor. She was beautiful, well-spoken and kind. S

by let''s be honest.reply 12611/27/2010

Christian HATED Jackie. She gave her 26 million dollar settlement just to get rid of her. Supposedly after the settlement was reached she told Jackie "I hope I never have to lay eyes on you again."

by let''s be honest.reply 12711/27/2010

R127, that comment on behalf of Christina is hearsay, but I don't doubt that it's true. I almost did a spit take when someone in this thread claimed that Christina and Jackie grew closer as time went on--Christina hated Jackie with a passion.

by let''s be honest.reply 12811/27/2010

r108, if you really WERE alive (and more than an infant) in 1960-63, then you know full well that NONE of what you posted was neither known by the general public, nor predicted.

by let''s be honest.reply 12911/27/2010

Look at the look on Jackie's face at the pic at R118! She looks like she's going to throw up! I guess being among all those unattractive poor children turned her stomach. And look at the kid's faces; they look they are mad as hell. Shouldn't a visit from the First Lady have brought a smile to their faces?%0D %0D I'm sure Jackie was required (she sure as hell didn't do of her own free will) to associate with the "little people" from time to time; as a politician's wife it was part of the package. But you can bet your ass she never liked doing it.

by let''s be honest.reply 13011/27/2010

Baby Patrick wasn't stillborn; he died at two days.%0D

by let''s be honest.reply 13111/27/2010

[quote]And check again - she had her franking privilege until she died - and she NEVER took her pension. Never.

by let''s be honest.reply 13211/27/2010

FYI Jackie didn't get any real money from her family; the Bouviers were upper-class but didn't have a massive family fortue. Her father blew through his money, and after that her mother married the wealthy Hugh Auchinsloss, but he didn't give his stepdaughters fortunes of their own. I think her father left her about $10,000, which wasn't enough to live on, especially someone with expensive tastes. %0D %0D The Bouvier girls were very much expected to marry money, that's what their mother did (twice), and their expensive educations were focused on the accomplishments of an upper-class wife. Jackie's cousin Edie Bouvier was the one girl in the family who failed to land a rich husband or a fabulous career, look what happened to her.%0D %0D So when give the choice between trying to support herself or marrying money, Jackie married Kennedy. There may have been some love when the marriage began, but really, it was a marriage of convenience for both.

by let''s be honest.reply 13311/27/2010

Ari's cronies in the shipping business, and the airline, the guys who managed things day to day, really were very loyal to him. At some point, he began to complain about Jackie and all the $$$ she spent. She spent millions redecorating the house on Skorpios, including the gardens, etc. %0D %0D At first he indulged her, but at a certain point he really had enough. By the end, she was mostly living in NYC,and he in Paris, and whenever he'd indicate he was coming in, she'd tell him he couldn't stay at the apartment because work was beng done. %0D %0D He fell apart when his son Alexander was killed in a plane crash. It was something he never recovered from. Christina was furious and hurt because she felt Jackie was unsympathetic and cold to her father when he experienced this tragedy. %0D %0D Christina's hatred of Jackie was a lifelong thing. She was willing to pay whatever it took to get rid of her for good. It was Christina's advisors who played hardball. %0D %0D Teddy threatened to expose Ari's infidelities, etc. and make life difficult for them vis a vis foreign trade issues, but they countered with some incredibly unflattering info about Jackie and her behavior toward Ari when he was going in and out of the hospital. The Greeks used to say of him, "He died from the inside out."

by let''s be honest.reply 13411/27/2010

I love that in this debate over the high road in the Kennedy/Onassis relationship, some people are using the Onassis clan as the standards of moral authority: If they hated Jackie, she must have been horrible. In fact, they were ruthless, morally bankrupt thieves. Jackie was no saint, but I'd side with her if give the chance.

by let''s be honest.reply 13511/28/2010

Sorry, Miss r103, but the correct figure is about $72,000, since the dollar has inflated at least nune times since 1961.

The true inflatia figure (as opposed to the government figure) is over 7%/year.

by let''s be honest.reply 13611/28/2010

I never used the Onassis clan as "standards of moral authority." I've merely pointed out what I've read about the relationship. His only son died in a plane crash. That's fact. He was distraught and never got over it. That has been well reported.%0D %0D His daughter was very vocal about the "Black widow." She felt Jackie brought a curse with her.%0D %0D Ari went from indulging Jackie's extravagance to arguing with her. Their arguments were out in the open. Not what she was used to at all. In fact, he ws preparing to divorce her when his health failed him. He even went to New York and met Maria Callas. There are photos.

by let''s be honest.reply 13711/28/2010

If Christina hated jackie so much, why did she visit her in New York after her father died and bring her various boyfriends for Jackie to meet? This has been documented in various books about the two of them as well.

by let''s be honest.reply 13811/28/2010

From what I understood about that, r138, she did that to impress the boyfriends. She was friendly with JFK Jr., however.%0D %0D Say what you want about her, she did a good job raising her kids in spite of the intrusions of the press and the Kennedys.%0D %0D

by let''s be honest.reply 13911/28/2010

R135 = rare voice of reason.%0D %0D

by let''s be honest.reply 14011/28/2010

[quote]His daughter was very vocal about the "Black widow." She felt Jackie brought a curse with her%0D %0D And she and her brother didn't like Maria Callas, either.

by let''s be honest.reply 14111/28/2010

[quote]Most of the young men and women today have zero class, manners, style, or charm. The men want to be Puff Daddy or the Situation and the women want to be Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian. About 70% of the current generation is pure trash.

So true, R10. Recently on an episode of the Apprentice, all of these contestants were designing a display for Kim Kardashian's perfume, and all of them went on and on about making is very classy and sophisticated like Kim. All I could think was "are you fucking kidding me?". Here is a woman best known for making a sex tape, and we're labeling her "classy"? Dear God.

by let''s be honest.reply 14211/28/2010

She had a lovely way of making her voice sound velvet, like Marilyn. They were sisters under the skin.

by let''s be honest.reply 14302/06/2011

Bitch decorated her own home but obviously charity doesn't begin at home.

by let''s be honest.reply 14402/06/2011

"Because the entire world saw her splattered with the blood and brains of her murdered husband and how she stoically went on and raised two fine children."

I don't know whose two children you refer to, but Jackie raised one gorgeous but dumb as a box of hair boy and one girl who can't even speak without inserting "ya know" twenty times into the conversation.

by let''s be honest.reply 14502/06/2011

Except about money, Jackie was reasonable.

by let''s be honest.reply 14702/07/2011

I will forever be thankful for what she did for arts and culture, restoring the White House, and using her celebrity status to help save Grand Central.

People on DL will always tear people down, but nothing you can say will take away her accomplishments.

by let''s be honest.reply 14802/07/2011

I thought it was a well-known fact that Jackie and Onassis had a contract marriage, stipulating everything from how long it would last, what her payout would be, how often she was required to have sex with him, which, IIRC, was something like once a year. Clearly not a love match. Supposedly, he hoped to gain an aura of "legitimacy" through his association with her. She was in it for the cash and security.

by let''s be honest.reply 14902/07/2011

[quote]Isn't she just a stylish gold-digger?


by let''s be honest.reply 15002/10/2011

I just read Jackie's NYC apartment was paid for by Bunny Mellon, RFK, Andre Mayer, and Onassis.

For a woman who isn't beautiful I appreciate her ability to get people to buy things for her.

by let''s be honest.reply 15102/21/2011

Why was Jackie beloved? Because she couls suck a gold ball through a garden hose.

by let''s be honest.reply 15202/21/2011

"She just had that Old Hollywood brand of style."

She had nothing of the sort or she would have been wearing yokum hand-me-downs. She possessed International style. Plain and simple! [pardon the pun].

by let''s be honest.reply 15302/21/2011

It's amazing people still believe she was deeply in love with JFK. It was a business arrangement.

by let''s be honest.reply 15402/21/2011

Jackie was the best. She knew how to be a wife. She was a lady and did what proper ladies were supposed to do; turn a blind eye to their husbands doing what men were supposed to do, fuck and have fun. She didn't need anything more than to just be JFK's wife. She got it.

by let''s be honest.reply 15502/21/2011

Didn't she start fucking Onassis in that time after the baby died, before JFK's assassination?

by let''s be honest.reply 15602/21/2011

Reading through this old thread.

Someone wrote that "the Bouviers were loaded", "John married her for the money"

Jackie didn't really have money. Although the Bouvier seemed to be very wealthy, Black Jack was greatly in debt because of some very bad investments. Black Jack was basically Joe Kennedy (infidelities) without any business sense, he spent much more money than he made. This is one of the reasons Janet divorced him and married Hugh Auchincloss. In addition to that, Jackie had no inheritence from her step father.

Jackie was engaged to John Husted in December 1951, it had been announced in the New York Times on January 21, 1952. He was an attractive, tall Yale man, but when it turned out he was not the beneficiary of great wealth, Jackie's affections began to cool. Husted was to say later that Jackie's mother checked into his wages and finding as a stockbroker he was making $17,000/yr., he did not make enough money for Jackie and Janet. The engagement was called off.

She married JFK for money not love.

When one of JFK's ushers danced with Jackie and asked her when did you fall in love with Jack? She replied, "How do you know I'm in love with him?"

And there's this interview, here at 3:15.

She just can't get herself to say she loves Jack.

Transcript: Interviewer: You want to be with him?

Jackie: Yes.

Interviewer: You're pretty much in love with him, aren't you?

Jackie:(averts her eyes, laughs) Oh, no. (pause) I said, "no", didn't I?

Off Camera: Yes you did. Do you want to do it again?

Interviewer: I was hoping you wouldn't say anything cause your reaction was wonderful... You are pretty much in love with him, aren't you?

Jackie: (pause) I suppose so. (pause) I've ruined the interview haven't I?

I also think she only married Onassis for money, not security for her kids.

After RFK's funeral Jackie said, 'I hate this country, I despise America and I don't want my children to live here any more. If they're killing Kennedys, my kids are number one targets. I want to get out.'

But Caroline and JFK Jr stayed in America, going to school in NY. and continued to have secret service protection.

by let''s be honest.reply 15707/07/2011

Did I read on DL, or was it just some delirium, that Jackie was actually in love with RFK?

by let''s be honest.reply 15807/07/2011

[quote]Jackie was actually in love with RFK?

Wasn't there a book about that? I don't blame her; he was sexy.

by let''s be honest.reply 15907/08/2011

She was no Jill Zarin!

by let''s be honest.reply 16007/08/2011

[quote]I thought she was trying to help the SS guy on board.

If you watch the Zapruder film closely, you will notice that Mrs. Kennedy did not leave her seat and climb onto the trunk until after the Secret Service agent attempted to climb onto the car.

At 59 seconds into the film, the secret service agent's hands first appeared on the rear of the car while Mrs Kennedy was still seated. Then Mrs Kennedy climbed onto the trunk and moved toward him to help him into the car.

So yes, it's obvious she was helping him.

During her testimony to the Warren Commission, Mrs. Kennedy reported she could not recall climbing onto the trunk.

by let''s be honest.reply 16107/08/2011

I always just assumed she freaked out and was dazedly trying to get her husband's brains that had fallen out. Really.

by let''s be honest.reply 16207/08/2011

She was more of a Jill Rappaport.

by let''s be honest.reply 16307/08/2011

"JFK Jr was not dumb as a box of hair. He was thoughtful, well-mannered and probably smarter than you."

I got into Harvard with no family connections (he had to go to Brown because he couldn't make it into Harvard, even though the street next to Harvard Yard is named after his father), and I also passed the NY bar exam the first time around.

I agree: he was indeed as dumb as a box of hair.

by let''s be honest.reply 16407/08/2011

Yes, but what it comes down to is that you turned out "bitchy" and he wasn't.

by let''s be honest.reply 16507/08/2011

[quote]Yes, but what it comes down to is that you turned out "bitchy" and he wasn't.

No, what really counts is I'm still alive, and he isn't.

by let''s be honest.reply 16607/08/2011

Living like as a bitch does NOT count more than being dead. Just saying.

by let''s be honest.reply 16707/08/2011

Jackie spent the two years after the assasination drunk every night. After the kids were put to bed, Jackie would drink until she passed out. She finally pulled herself together after she moved to NY.

by let''s be honest.reply 16807/08/2011

r155 likes Jackie because she knew her place as a woman.

by let''s be honest.reply 16907/08/2011

[quote]So yes, it's obvious she was helping him

That's what you're assuming. Maybe she was moving toward him so he could help her off the car. I don't blame her; that bullet came fucking close to her head.

At 59 seconds it looks like she's already starting to push JFK's body aside.

by let''s be honest.reply 17007/08/2011

R168, tell us more about drunken Jackie.

by let''s be honest.reply 17107/08/2011

People like R162 probably remember the 60s as a time of racial harmony, world peace and world peace.

Sorry to ruin the illusion, but it's pretty obvious that Jackie was TRYING TO GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE CAR. That doesn't diminish the love she had for her husband, but it was clear her ass wasn't trying to get shot!

by let''s be honest.reply 17207/08/2011

she was a very intelligent woman who didn't broadcast herself; rather, through her acts, she exhibited them

she was raised in a world which no longer exists. She had the appearance of wealth growing up - her grandfather built 740 Park Ave - where they lived for a time, but her fathers drinking and gambling left them without much money, but with an image to uphold

extended family members had money. She used to summer not at Grey Gardens, but with one set of grandparents who had a magnificent house called Lesange or something - and her step-father owned Hammersmith Farm so her mother - who by all accounts was a vicious bitch - followed the advice she gave her daughters: marry money

Se learned from her mother, as most women in that class and time period to secure your future by marrying well

otherwise, she was well-educated, spoke several languages and was very crafty

by let''s be honest.reply 17307/08/2011

r167, you're grasping at straws: plus you've proven you're a bitch yourself.

by let''s be honest.reply 17407/08/2011

I've never heard anything good about Jackie's mother, Janet. By all accounts she was a first-class bitch.

by let''s be honest.reply 17507/08/2011

[quote]No, what really counts is I'm still alive, and he isn't.

Plus, you didn't kill yourself and two innocent people due to ineptness.

by let''s be honest.reply 17607/08/2011

I believe that old rumour that Jackie had an affair with that rich Agnelli man and wound up knocked up and then gave birth to JFK Jr. John Jr. looked so much like the Agnelli man.

by let''s be honest.reply 17707/08/2011

I always asking myself the same question about John.

by let''s be honest.reply 17807/08/2011

You had to be there. She was perfect for the zeitgeist of the early 60s. She exuded gentility, which was highly valued then.%0D %0D Both of her children turned out fantastically smart and well-adjusted, which was an incredible feat considering how EVERYONE wanted to get at those kids then... but Jackie made it her raison d'etre to let him grow up unspoiled and protected from the throngs that constantly wanted at them. She always thought first of what would help her protect her children.

by let''s be honest.reply 17907/08/2011

I don't doubt Jackie her own affairs, but wouldn't JFK Jr have been conceived in 1960 while Jackie was campaigning with JFK?

I don't imagine Agnelli came to Wisconsin.

In 1962 she was causing a lot of bad press when photos of her trip to Italy were published in the papers. JFK sent a cable, 'A little more Caroline and less Agnelli.'

by let''s be honest.reply 18007/08/2011

[quote]Both of her children turned out fantastically smart and well-adjusted

Er, no. I thought we had established that.

John was an underachieving manwhore who accidentally killed himself, his wife, and his sister-in-law through his sheer ineptitude and arrogance. He was neither "fantastically smart" (!!!) nor well-adjusted.

by let''s be honest.reply 18107/08/2011

John would have gone to become the greatestl looking President we have ever had.

by let''s be honest.reply 18207/08/2011

Wow R181, you know too much!%0D %0D But you are wrong, both John Jr. & Caroline came out very well-adjusted, kind, and intelligent. Like their mother.%0D %0D Of course "chi male fa, male aspetti."

by let''s be honest.reply 18307/08/2011

[quote]But you are wrong, both John Jr. & Caroline came out very well-adjusted, kind, and intelligent. Like their mother.

Well, since you clearly knew them so intimately, I suppose we can all take your word on that.

by let''s be honest.reply 18507/08/2011

I want some proof JFK Jr. was "fantastically smart."

Such was not by any means his reputation, either publicly or privately. He was thought to be a weak student and a dilettante.

by let''s be honest.reply 18607/08/2011

[quote]Beauty and elegance do nothing to improve our lives...

R14 's Gay Card is hereby permanently revoked.

by let''s be honest.reply 18707/08/2011

John John was a silly socialite like his father, who never got serious, unlike his father.

by let''s be honest.reply 18807/08/2011

It wasn't Ari or Cristina that limited Jackie's inheritance, for Greek law states that only Greeks can inherit property and vast amounts of money.

by let''s be honest.reply 18907/08/2011

JFK JR was very close to being the Democratic nominee for President in 2000.

He would have carried nearly every state in the general election.

by let''s be honest.reply 19007/08/2011

[quote]JFK JR was very close to being the Democratic nominee for President in 2000.


by let''s be honest.reply 19107/08/2011

"JFK JR was very close to being the Democratic nominee for President in 2000."

That would have been quite remarkable, seeing as he had never held any elective or military U.S. office whatsoever in his entire life.

But I love that you somehow believe this.

by let''s be honest.reply 19207/08/2011

Carolyn Bessette Kennedy would have made a supremely elegant First Lady.

by let''s be honest.reply 19307/08/2011

What are R190 and R193 smoking????

by let''s be honest.reply 19407/08/2011

No one wore a pink suit with blood stains the way she did

by let''s be honest.reply 19507/08/2011

She acquired and edited POETRY for a major publishing house for the last decades of her life. You can say what you like about the rest of it, but she wasn't lazy or venal or superficial in this role. I know that poetry gets dismissed as pretentious and fem even here, but the ability to read and appreciate poetry is what makes this life worth living. By attaching her name to the books she edited, she sold a lot of verse, and that's one of the best uses of celebrity I've ever witnessed.

by let''s be honest.reply 19607/08/2011

More than poetry, R196 -- fiction, biographies and photography books as well.

When MJ decided his "bio" was to be a picture book and not the prose tome she thought she'd bought, JBKO flew out to LA to have little chat with Michael.

He was so scared of her, he hid upstairs and let his collaborator take the heat, appearing only when she was about to leave, to finally say hello.

by let''s be honest.reply 19707/08/2011

Why did the press give her a pass when she was having sex with married men?

Maurice Tempelsman left his wife, Lilly, for Jackie.

Ros Gilpatrick had been Jackie's constant companion in the summer of 1968. Gilpatrick's wife filed for divorce and insinuated in an interview with the Chicago Daily News that her husband's relationship with Jackie had been a reason in the breakup of the Gilpatricks' marriage.

Secret Service agent Clint Hill.

by let''s be honest.reply 19807/09/2011

gold-diggers are usually people not to the metal born.

by let''s be honest.reply 19907/09/2011

[quote]She exuded gentility, which was highly valued then%0D %0D Imagine a leading public figure who was both glamorous and remote, who didn't push herself into the spotlight, give interviews, make a sex tape...%0D %0D

by let''s be honest.reply 20007/09/2011

She was a smoker and I think her face aged a bit poorly because of it.%0D %0D She died a very early death from cancer. %0D %0D Probably from smoking or from living in New York City for decades breathing in the tiny carcinogenic air pollution particles which are thick in NYC.%0D %0D I know she died from lymphoma (or something similar) but all types of cancer are caused from smoking and air pollution of large cities.%0D %0D She died in her 60's - way too young.

by let''s be honest.reply 20107/09/2011

Jerry Torre, the Marble Faun of Grey Gardens fame, said he took Jackie Kennedy to a gay nightclub and they had a grand old time.

by let''s be honest.reply 20207/09/2011

"Jerry Torre, the Marble Faun of Grey Gardens fame, said he took Jackie Kennedy to a gay nightclub and they had a grand old time."

I don't think that's likely.

by let''s be honest.reply 20407/09/2011

One story about Jackie is that she would go to a small movie theater at Cape Cod alone. She would sit in the back of the theater and when she left, there would be six empty Bartels and James wine cooler bottles neatly placed in a row on the seat beside her. What a lush.

by let''s be honest.reply 20507/09/2011

Drinking wine coolers in a movie theater?%0D %0D She must have had a bladder like a camel.

by let''s be honest.reply 20607/09/2011

One story about Jackie is that she liked to go to Myrtle Beach with a biker gang, check into a cheap motel room, and order pizza and drink Singapore Slings. The other guests frequently complained that she would wake them up at dawn singing old Mitch Ryder songs in the parking lot.

by let''s be honest.reply 20707/09/2011

Intelligent, sophisticated, and someone who lived her life on her terms as much as possible. Of course the freepers hate her (nothing brings out the trolls like mention of the Kennedys, lol). Her children turned out well and she held the nation together during the trauma of her husband's death.%0D %0D Of course, the freepers here don't know history, so why bother talking about that day?

by let''s be honest.reply 20807/09/2011

Recent pic of Jackie's sister Lee Radziwill, still drinking and smoking at 78. Atta girl!

by let''s be honest.reply 20908/01/2011

Best pix of her ever was Ron Gallela's where she's walking out out of her building, wearing jeans and a very simple sweater, with the sleeves pushed up, and her hair's being wind blown. She could be sexy in a long sleeved turtleneck. She didn't need to have a v-neck top cut down to her crotch. You hear me J LO & KUNT KARDASHIAN?

by let''s be honest.reply 21108/01/2011

Jackie was in a different universe than what passes for "socialites" today.

by let''s be honest.reply 21208/01/2011

The hair dye didn't help either. The dark dyes that she used for a long time are known to cause non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

by let''s be honest.reply 21308/01/2011

That surprises me, R205. She didn't like the cheap stuff.

by let''s be honest.reply 21408/01/2011

How do you know that, R164? My understanding was that he didn't want to go to Harvard. He was being pushed to follow in his father's footsteps and he didn't want to do it. Also, maybe you made it on the merits, maybe not. There are other ways to get into Harvard besides family connections.

Finally, the bar exam isn't an IQ test. My understanding is that he really did not want to practice law. That was his mother's idea. My guess is that when she insisted that he get serious, he did.

by let''s be honest.reply 21508/01/2011

[quote]My understanding was that he didn't want to go to Harvard. He was being pushed to follow in his father's footsteps and he didn't want to do it.

Interesting. JFK also didn't want to go to Harvard because his father- and brother- went there. He started his college years at Princeton, but had to leave do to illness.

by let''s be honest.reply 21608/01/2011

[quote]Did Clint Hill have sex with Jackie, as per [R198]?

I read that and was also skeptical. Then I read in The Kennedy Detail how close Clint and Jackie became. Just before Dallas Clint's wife complained to him that he was keeping her from Jackie. He had been Jackie's Secret Service agent for 3 years and she was the only Secret Service wife who hadn't met her.

It made me think it was possible.

by let''s be honest.reply 21708/01/2011

Part of the reason Jackie was so admired for her youth, beauty and style, was that the last First Ladies were Mamie Eisenhower, then Bess Truman and Eleanor Roosevelt. All three were older women, sometimes smartly dressed but they dressed their age and looked it. %0D %0D Today, a First Lady might be older, but she would dye her hair, keep her figure, etc, a la Nancy Reagan, who was no spring chick but very fashionable and chic. Women prior to Jackie let themselves go.

by let''s be honest.reply 21808/01/2011

It was always suggested that Jackie planned JFK funeral. Then I had came across an article online written by someone in the White House that weekend who suggested it was Sargent Shriver. I wish I could find it again, it was interesting.

Now, Mark Shriver has written a book about his father, 'A Good Man', here's a excerpt, How My Father Planned JFK's Funeral.

She was teflon woman. Every lie she told people believe even with evidence to the contrary. Every good thing is attributed to her even if she had little input.

No wonder she never gave interviews, people may find out the truth.

by let''s be honest.reply 21906/09/2012

The more I read about her, the less I like her. The things she said about MLK and others sounded elitist and borderline racist. She did, at least, raise two children who, unlike other Kennedys, were comparatively scandal-free. But she was greedy and self-serving at times. Plus, she had a rather misshapen head, with massive hands and feet. She wore some nice clothes, however.

by let''s be honest.reply 22006/09/2012

Jackie O is not beloved. Jackie Kennedy might have been. But Jackie moved on, and so did the public.

Jackie O was respected, admired and an object of curiousity.

by let''s be honest.reply 22106/09/2012


by let''s be honest.reply 22206/10/2012

Hey her husband was murdered, cut her some slack

by let''s be honest.reply 22306/10/2012

I am not sure if she is beloved or just admired for showing a lot of class after JFK died and keeping the children away from the press and not writing a tell all book.

by let''s be honest.reply 22406/10/2012

I don't know why. But I just find this woman to be just plain ugly. Like Ethel Kennedy once said of her "She's just a really ugly woman with great clothing." I agree with her on that.

by let''s be honest.reply 22511/15/2012

She was very bright,moved gracefully and restored the white house.she was different and people wanted to emulate her style, clothes and more importantly her love of her children. Consider the time she lived in, she was unique .

by let''s be honest.reply 22605/05/2013

Gore Vidal called her "the person who never did a single thing for another human being,besides her children".

by let''s be honest.reply 22705/05/2013

Ethel Kennedy is an ass-fraggle at the bottom of a bottle of Dewars.

by let''s be honest.reply 22805/05/2013

"She is there beside the rich and powerful, behind the rich and powerful, UNDER the rich and powerful!"

by let''s be honest.reply 22909/08/2013

I never realized what a screeching little terror RFK was. I idolized him. Thought he was the sexiest Kennedy. But as I've read up on him a different picture emerges. RFK was homophobic and hated Jackie's cousin Gore Vidal. One night, on his only invite to the White House, Vidal came over to say hello to Jackie and steadied his arm on the back of her chair as he leaned in, brushing against her with his arm.

Suddenly, Vidal felt someone removing his arm from Jackie's chair and looked up and into the angry eyes of RFK. Vidal watched as RFK walked to a corner of the room, like the morality monitor of the gathering, and, incensed, Vidal confronted RFK, who brushed him off. Vidal stayed at the party and left the White House with George Plimpton early in the morning.

Vidal got his revenge by writing a scathing article in Esquire, focusing in on RFK and why he is not right for the '68 election, and was immediately cut off from the Kennedys. Jackie, who had not witnessed RFK removing Vidal's hand because she had turned to speak to someone else, kept in contact.

This whole feud was the basis of a litigious battle between Truman Capote and Gore Vidal when Capote claimed in Playgirl magazine that not only had Vidal been thrown out of the party, he had been physically tossed onto Pennsylvania Avenue. Capote claimed Jackie's sister, Princess Cunt Radziwill, was the person who relayed the story to him and both Vidal and Capote tried to depose her. She then made her much quoted and offensive remark about "Who cares about them. They're just a couple of fags."

Vidal won. Capote wrote an apology.

Years later, Gore would see Jackie for the last time. It was a cocktail party in a small apartment with the entire Who's Who of society and politics on hand. Lally Weymouth asked Gore if he wanted to see Jackie, who was in the kitchen. Gore basically said she should come to him if she wanted to see him.

Soon, Norman Mailer insulted Gore Vidal who insulted Mailer back. They then wrestled each other in a tight almost homoerotic embrace in the living room, much to the stunned amusement of all the VIP guests. In Vidal's account, Mailer threw his drink in his face, ice cubes and all, and then sucker punched him with the glass still in his hand.

The bleeding (but just from having bit the inside of his lip) Gore Vidal sat down on a chair as Mailer retreated to the other side of the apartment, with Vidal's partner, Howard, screaming after him. Weymouth, who was giving the party, was hysterical. "I can't believe a fist fight is happening at my party. Somebody do something." Clay Felker told her "Are you kidding me? People are gonna be talking about this party for decades!"

Jackie appeared in the kitchen doorway as Vidal, sitting in a chair across from her nursing his cut lip, looked up. He looked at her and then looked away. When he looked back, she was gone. They had each had the same room at Merrywood, under different mothers. But he never saw her again.

by let''s be honest.reply 23009/08/2013


Thanks for this absorbing, informative account. The last part makes me feel as if I were at that party myself.

by let''s be honest.reply 23109/08/2013

Jackie did exactly what she wanted. She never liked the role of First Lady. All the crap she did for the White House she did to improve the image of her and her husband. Even Jackie admitted in the 1970 's that Pat Nixon actually brought in more original antiques into the White House than she did. During her time at the White House if there was anything requested of her that she was opposed to, she had it passed off to lady bird. She told Tish baldridge not to ask her to do anything except for the arts. She loved her family and was a great mother. As for First Lady, it was all orchestrated to improve the Kennedy image and nothing more.

by let''s be honest.reply 23209/08/2013

Gore Vidal called her "the first commodities dealer." I think that that's overstating it; she was hardly the first.

by let''s be honest.reply 23309/08/2013

She was revered as the tragic widow after JFK was assassinated. That probably accounted for a lot of the Jackie worship. Her image was tarnished a bit after she married Onassis, but she still seems like she's up on a pedestal. She's totally undeserving of all the adulation. She was really an unpleasant person.

She was an incredibly snobbish, self-involved woman. All she cared about was money and her President husband and their pampered children. She wanted to have a fence put up around the White House to keep tourists out! She was told that the White House was not her private property and that she could NOT do that.

It is true that she never gave a damn about the less fortunate. She was an elitist. In her opinion, there are those who are worthy and those who are not. She viewed people who didn't go to Ivy League schools or live in mansions or have summer homes as the latter.

She was young and stylish; that was unusual for a First Lady, and that's why she was so popular. It certainly wasn't due to any personal qualities of hers. She was a cold, unemotional sort. "Fey" is how JFK described her. She had emotional problems like depression. She was also a compulsive spender. Mental illness appeared to run in her family.

She really was a crummy First Lady. She shirked her responsibilities whenever she felt like it. I heard she stood up a troop of Girl Scouts who had come to the White House to meet her!

She spent money compulsively. Seeing the huge bills, JFK asked her where the hell all the money went. She was vague about it; he told her it was a good thing he had another income besides his salary as President because if he didn't they'd be bankrupt.

As First Lady she would receive incredibly expensive gifts from foreign leaders and dignitaries. In fact, she'd get offended if the gift she was given wasn't of great value. After she left the White House she kept all the expensive gifts. Now there are laws prohibiting the President and First Lady from receiving expensive presents.

She didn't marry Aristotle Onassis for "security." She wasn't exactly destitute when she married him, but it wasn't nearly enough to provide her the life she wanted. She wanted to be filthy rich. So she married Onassis for one reason only: for his money.

Onassis was planning to divorce her, but he died before that happened. Not satisfied with what she was going to get after his death she sued for more. Christina Onassis loathed her; she let her have her millions just to get rid of her.

She's admired for her children turning out "so well." But really, did they? JFK Jr. was amiable enough, but aimless and not particularly bright. Due to his incompetence he ended up dying in a horrible plane crash, along with his wife and sister-in-law. Caroline has inherited her mother's "money lust"; she has plenty of money, but it never seems to be enough. And for all her education she's astonishingly inarticulate. She also comes across as a cold bitch, like her mother.

It amazes that people think Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was such an admirable human being. She was NOT. Not by a long shot. I don't think most people know that much about what she was really like. Maybe that accounts for all the undeserved adulation. Ignorance...that's probably the reason.

by let''s be honest.reply 23409/08/2013

In Bobby's defense, R230, homophobia was the norm for men of his generation. I've always thought it unfair - and condescending - to judge others by latter-day standards.

On the other hand, the RFK idolaters in the media & the ivory towers (yes, I'm including Robert Caro here) have so whitewashed history over his role in the Cuban Missile Crisis. They have accepted his position that he, along with his brother were the lone doves in the room arguing for restraint. Recently released audiotapes reveal that Bobby, as befitting someone who was instrumental in trying to overthrow Castro, was a hard-liner throughout the 13-day crisis.

by let''s be honest.reply 23509/08/2013

R230, Gore Vidal's mother was married to the man whom Jackie's mother subsequently married. Was there something else that made them relatives?

by let''s be honest.reply 23609/08/2013

When Mike Wallace was interviewing Maria Callas shortly before Jackie married Onassis he suddenly asked her if she was going to the wedding. Without missing a beat, Callas smiled and serenely said, "I haven't been invited." Wallace, continuing to try to goad her, asked: "Why do you think that is?" Refusing to be intimidated, Callas, calmy continuing, replied: "I have no idea. .. Why don't you ask her?" .. It's very well known that Onassis continued seeing Callas throughout his marriage to Jackie, complaining about her spending habits, her icy attitude toward him, her quirky behaviour and her piss-elegant friends who treated him like a peasant. One can only imagine the ironic vindication that Callas must have felt. After he had screwed over his first wife, Tina, and then Maria, he had finally had his come-uppance from Jackie.

by let''s be honest.reply 23709/08/2013

Bullshit R35. Bobby hated gays period. JFKs best friend was gay and the whole family knew it. Bobby treated Lem Billings like shit his whole life. You can hate some for being homophobic and give others a pass for the same.

by let''s be honest.reply 23809/08/2013

[quote]Like Ethel Kennedy once said of her "She's just a really ugly woman with great clothing." I agree with her on that.

Ethel should talk about ugly...

by let''s be honest.reply 23909/08/2013

[quote]I've always thought it unfair - and condescending - to judge others by latter-day standards.

That always irks me, and it's exactly what's happening here. What the hell do you people think a woman who was born in 1929 in an upper-class family was going to do? Become a doctor, lawyer or start a non-profit? She was going to marry well and live a life of privelege. Period. That's what upper-class women of Jackie's generation did with their lives. And in Jackie's defense, once the women's movement took hold she went out and got an office-job even thought she didn't have to.

Jesus, next thing you'll all be bitching that someone who was born in 1929 was a cigarette smoker!

by let''s be honest.reply 24009/08/2013

I always thought she was as cold as ice. Just my impression.

by let''s be honest.reply 24109/08/2013

[quote] I've always thought it unfair - and condescending - to judge others by latter-day standards.

Over time, it's going to be increasingly medically possible to sustain a fetus's viability outside a mother's womb at much earlier stages. Thus, abortions will be increasingly frowned on and modern-day pro-choicers will be seen as on the wrong side of history. Those who are pro-choice & comfortable judging our ancestors by current standards should give some thought to how they may be viewed by future generations.

by let''s be honest.reply 24209/08/2013

She was born in 1929? That means she's eighty-four. She looks good for eighty-four.

by let''s be honest.reply 24309/08/2013

I just love this picture. God she reminds me so much of my mother.

by let''s be honest.reply 24409/08/2013

I waited on her several times in the'80's. Both at a restaurant and then several times at events as a cater waiter. She had a mystique. She was flawless! Extremely polite and nice. She did not really speak. She just moved her lips and would look at you right in the eye. She looked amazing for someone in her '50's. Mostly pantsuits. Her hair and makeup were perfect. And she smoked. They had a station set up for her to go and take a drag from her B&H 100's between talking to people. One of the most captivating people I've ever dealt with. She also steered clear of Lee who was often at the same events.

by let''s be honest.reply 24509/08/2013

Imagine leaning in to hear her barely audible, whispery voice, amd getting a nice whiff of tobacco breath!!

by let''s be honest.reply 24609/08/2013

"She was going to marry well and live a life of privelege. Period."

Seems to me Eleanor Roosevelt was primed to do the same thing. But she didn't sit on her ass and spend money and look down on other people. In fact, she was a crusader for human rights. So to excuse Jackie O for being a rich, entitled, stuck up bitch because she was brought up to be one is a crock of shit.

by let''s be honest.reply 24709/08/2013

R247, Jackie O. accomplished many feats of cultural preservation. She arguable saved Grand Central Station from demolition, and she led the restoration of the White House. In some ways, she was as accomplished as Roosevelt.

by let''s be honest.reply 24809/08/2013

I think the things she said about MLK and Indra Gandhi were awful. Maybe she wasn't a racist, but what a petty, snotty bitch she was. Based on what I've read about her, she was ambitious and more than a little greedy. And yeah, her kids didn't turn out so great either.

by let''s be honest.reply 24909/08/2013

Eleanor Roosevelt was a real hero. Which women from more recent generations is a hero?

by let''s be honest.reply 25009/08/2013

Every once in a while, Jackie was caught with a cigarette in her hand when she thought there were no cameras around. She smoked about two packs a day, yet there are only a handful of photos of her smoking because she was so good at concealing it in public.

by let''s be honest.reply 25109/08/2013

[quote] She smoked about two packs a day[.]

And she died at 64.

by let''s be honest.reply 25209/08/2013

Eleanor Roosevelt, as great a woman as she was, was an anomaly. 99% of women of that class from that time were not like her at all. It was what it was.

by let''s be honest.reply 25309/08/2013


Vidal was not Jackie's cousin. He was her half-brother, once removed.

by let''s be honest.reply 25409/08/2013

Good grief, R234, who shit in your cornflakes this morning?

by let''s be honest.reply 25509/08/2013

Wasn't there a printed rumor about RFK getting it on with Rudolph Nuryev in a phone booth? Maybe it was another lie made up by Truman Capote. Or Gore Vidal. It's a fabulous fantasy but I can't imagine it.

Lem Billings was adored by the Kennedy family, with RFK being the big exception. JFK was the opposite of his brother in terms of his flexibility with Catholic doctrine and dogma. He was a true intellectual. RFK, by his rampant homophobia and narrow dogmatic viewpoints, was not. In fact, at the White House on the night of Vidal's humiliation, Vidal sought out Lem Billings at the party to commiserate. Lem just shut him down and walked away. Vidal then went to JFK and said, "I'd like to wring your brother's neck." JFK excused his brother by saying he "takes his position a little too seriously sometimes."

Gore Vidal is often referred to as closeted but after writing The City and the Pillar in the 40s that claim doesn't hold water. Everyone knew he was gay (a word he despised). He certainly loved to kiss and tell. I never thought he was a great talent. He was very good in early television, coming up with one-hour television fables, much like Rod Serling, one of his colleagues at the time. One thing he was very good at was being a snob, darling. He claimed he never took it up the ass and loved to talk about those he'd fucked, Jack Kerouac being one of them. Brad Davis, another. He was extremely close to Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, claiming that he and Joanne were engaged before she and Paul were married. They lived together for some time, leading me to hope that all the rumors about Paul's bisexuality may be true. Paul Newman. Now THERE was a God!

by let''s be honest.reply 25609/08/2013

Jackie was the ultimate gold-digger. She would have slept with Papa Joe if she knew it guaranteed her a place within the family.

by let''s be honest.reply 25709/08/2013

Papa Joe tried R257 she turned him down flat. That intrigued him. No woman had turned him down. Later when JFK 's fucking around was getting to Jackie, Joe started paying her clothing bill to keep her from leaving.

by let''s be honest.reply 25809/08/2013

[quote]Gore Vidal's mother was married to the man whom Jackie's mother subsequently married. Was there something else that made them relatives?

In other words, they both had Hugh Auchincloss as a stepfather, at different times (Vidal before Jackie).

by let''s be honest.reply 25909/08/2013

It's hard to believe Sarah Michelle Gellar once played the young Jackie Bouvier in "A Woman Called Jackie."

She got by far the best line in the whole miniseries: "Those who call it 'Miss Porter's' don't go to Miss Porter's."

by let''s be honest.reply 26009/08/2013

Pussy peddler with a touch of class.

by let''s be honest.reply 26109/08/2013

[quote]Jesus, next thing you'll all be bitching that someone who was born in 1929 was a cigarette smoker!

I'll never forgive her lack of support for gay marriage.

by let''s be honest.reply 26209/08/2013

I've always have had mixed feelings about Jacqueline.

On the one hand, one cannot help but admire how she handled herself during the whole funeral and regardless of how one may view her children, you have to admit they pretty much were the least fucked up of the Kennedy brood - an accomplishment she should be lauded for (plus, you can't argue she bore the best looking Kennedy man of his generation).

On the other hand, yes she was snobby, she was pampered - and some of her statements could border on racist (when in fact they were just a product of her class and age vs. racism) and she was an elitist. However, apply those same adjectives to the 40-odd First Ladies we have had and I challenge you to come up with more than handful they DON'T apply to.

At the end of the day, she was what she was and made no apologies for it, which itself deserves admiration.

One word about her voice - a lot of people comment on it, including my mother (who while by no means a Kennedy-phile, admired Jacqueline) and her gal pals and sisters, yet oddly enough as was pointed out to me by some university friends, my mother and her sisters all have the same type of voice and diction to varying degrees (never noticed it myself and as was remarked after, my imitation of my mother was way off the mark as a result lol). As they're from her generation and from NY, I wonder if it was just a generational thing, something they grew up with, were taught in their convent and all-girls schools? I remember some of my great aunts who when I look back, sounded like Dame May Whitty and the like - high tribbly voices, "girl" pronounced "gel" and the like -- again generational, my mother's didn't sound anything like them and my sister and girl cousins sound nothing like my mother and aunts. Oh well, just my 2 cents on the voice issue.

Finally, can we as a nation please STOP this ridiculous Kennedy worship (not including this thread here - more so the MSM)? If I hear Chris Matthews reference RFK or JFK one more time! I understand it is in itself a "cottage industry" of sorts with the books and such, but really? If it weren't for an accident of birth, would any of them be on MSNBC, 60 Minutes, sought out for comment, etc.?

This pack of self deluded over indulged rapists, drunks, drug addicts, murderers, homophobes, intolerant, pedophiles, self important pompous hypocrites (all Holy Marys for the cameras and in public - a totally different story in private) just need to go away, now. Please.

by let''s be honest.reply 26309/09/2013

"Jackie O. accomplished many feats of cultural preservation. She arguable saved Grand Central Station from demolition, and she led the restoration of the White House. In some ways, she was as accomplished as Roosevelt."

Roosevelt worked on behalf of PEOPLE. Jackie worked on behalf of...things. That was one of Jackie's major failings. She didn't give a shit about people. All she wanted to do was associate with the rich and privileged. Poor people, middle class people...ick! That was her attitude. She was truly a stuck up snob.

by let''s be honest.reply 26409/09/2013

[quote]you have to admit they pretty much were the least fucked up of the Kennedy brood - an accomplishment she should be lauded for

I beg to differ. My sons are scandal free. And, Maria had bad taste in a husband but is soon to divorce.

I win.

by let''s be honest.reply 26509/09/2013

Marina Oswald was prettier. Surprised no one ever made a movie about here. Bet she has a story or two to tell.

by let''s be honest.reply 26609/16/2013

Marina Oswald looks pretty bad in history. She withheld after-the-fact knowledge of her husband's attempted assassination of Gen. Walker in April 1963, while withholding from the Quaker Ruth Paine, with whom she was living in Irving, that Lee secretly stored his rifle in her garage.

by let''s be honest.reply 26709/16/2013

Dan-O-Rama made an excellent Jackie montage:

by let''s be honest.reply 26809/16/2013

R263 - Yup, Jackie's kids and the Shrivers seemed to be the most stable and scandal-free of the Kennedy clan.

I can understand the fascination with Jackie Onassis (regardless of whether it's deserved or not). She was arguably very beautiful, mysterious, poised and she and her husband brought a youthfulness and "vigah" to the White House that was unprecedented.

Also, as has been noted by others, her conduct during the funeral of her husband was considered very remarkable and some people believe that her stoicism is what held the country together in the days and weeks after the assasination. Maybe that's a little dramatic, but that's what some people believe.

by let''s be honest.reply 26909/16/2013

She had style and taste for a first lady. But it was all due to time, place, and circumstance. If a first lady were to decorate and dress and spend money in this day and age like Jackie did back in the day, she would be hated and ridiculed. Jackie was the first "young", well traveled, cultured first lady so her very regal yet avant-garde tastes were very compelling. Most first ladies before her where old American fuddy-duddies. But of course she got where she got through her fathers theft. It sure does pay to be a criminal. There is no karma. Her father basically stole all the money from the Bouvier trust which is how Big Edie Beale ended up living in squalor. Despicable people and the Americans who worship them.

by let''s be honest.reply 27003/06/2015

She was white trash. But when you're white you get glorified. It's fucking bullshit just like that bitch

by let''s be honest.reply 27103/06/2015

She didn't have her own money?

by let''s be honest.reply 27203/06/2015


by let''s be honest.reply 27303/06/2015

Didn't she speak French?

by let''s be honest.reply 27403/06/2015

She spoke fluent English, French, and Spanish. She also spoke some Italian.

by let''s be honest.reply 27503/06/2015

I wonder how she'd be remembered if JFK hadn't been killed? He died young, handsome, in the rosy glow of approval of the public.

What would be the legacy if he'd lived, leaving office under a cloud for being caught fucking around once too often? Would Jackie have divorced him, found herself a nice rich industrialist and settled down to lovingly spend him into the poorhouse? JFK getting older and seedier by the day, the shine worn off of Camelot there'd be no glossing-over of little legal matters for the rest of the family, like dead girls.

I think when famous people die young there's an idolisation process takes place, the everyday run of the mill drunk/sex pest/gambler/whatever suddenly becomes enshrined in eternal heroic goodness because they weren't around long enough to get found out or embarrass themselves. If Madonna had died at 35 we'd be canonising her for her groundbreaking artistry instead of laughing at her efforts to be relevant and/or shocking.

Maybe Jackie would have been largely forgotten as just another political wife from long ago.

by let''s be honest.reply 27603/06/2015

Eh, she was young, pretty, and fertile after a twenty plus year run of dowdy first ladies, Eleanor Roosevelt's great contributions otherwise not withstanding. She had mystique because she made herself seem inaccessible. Pretty sure that horrible wispy lispy voice was her own since her own daughter (Caroline) mocked it. That's all it was - a sexy couple in the White House. If Jack Kennedy had married an Ethel, or a girl like one of his sisters (which was what Ethel was x a billion), IMO he might not have "won" (or his father wouldn't have been able to pull off the win, not that I'm complaining.)

His wife gave him the "x" factor. Then of course, there was the asassination and the entire pageantry of a beautiful young widow versus some crone. It's all imagery and iconography.

I don't think Jackie O is "beloved" at all. Where's the evidence of that? She's remembered, respected in some quarters, and still has some mystique - that's different.

I do think she stands out for having raised reasonably decent children while Ethel's kids are sociopaths (not all, but a whole bunch), and Ted's kids (save Ted Jr.) are snots. Caroline's a snot too, but it took 50 years for people to figure that out and I don't think it's her mother's fault - she was a snot to her mother as well. And those who worked with her at Simon & Schuster seemed to find her easy to work with.

by let''s be honest.reply 27703/06/2015

I have to amen what the above said about Eunice Kennedy Shriver. I recall Christopher Lawford saying that his mother pretty much abandoned him, and Eunice stepped in. I believe Eunice maintained a relationship with Rosemary Kennedy (whom her dad lobotomized) while the rest of the crowd didn't. Sargeant Shriver was, of course, treated like pure shit the way the Kennedys treated all their in-laws, but it was okay because he was a quality guy and Eunice didn't play along. I think Joe Kennedy Sr. is rotting in hell but he was right that Eunice was the best of his bunch, but probably not for the reasons he believed.

They didn't treat Ethel like shit, but then, she was richer than they were and could up the ante in every way.She's more Kennedy than the Kennedys.

by let''s be honest.reply 27803/06/2015

She had style and wanted to bring culture to the White House. And she did this after the era of dowdy and drunk Mamie Eisenhower, who was preceded by Bess Truman, who hated politics and Washington. Jackie was youthful, vigorous and different from these matrons. Lady Bird carved out a folky niche (I always liked Bird) and Pat Nixon avoided the limelight, then you really didn't have a standout first lady again until Betty Ford.

She was no Eleanor Roosevelt but her kids turned out better that those screwed-up Roosevelts. And compared to that bitch Nancy Reagan she was practically egalitatrian.

by let''s be honest.reply 27903/06/2015

1. Lafayette Square. Lafayette Park, across the street from the White House is surrounded by historic homes going back to the early days of DC. The homes were scheduled to be demolished and replaced by government office buildings.

The homes are still there.

2. Jefferson Memorial. This beautiful memorial couldn't be seen after dark. There was no lighting.

Visit there any night and it's beautifully lit to go with the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial. Tourists from around the globe are enchanted by the beautiful memorial.

3. Pennsylvania Ave. When Kennedy became President, the north side of the nation's #1 parade avenue was lined with flop houses, liquor stores, and all kinds of ugly structures that were just one degree of separation from a slum.

A Pennsylvania Avenue Plan was drawn up in 1962. Gone are the slums. It's an attractive area that welcomes Americans, heads of state, and tourists from other nations. (Trees and plantings added through efforts of Lady Bird Johnson.)

4. White House. There was no system for cataloging White House furnishings. They were shoved haphazardly in numerous storage facilities in Maryland and Virginia. Little information was available about any of the valuable, historic furnishings.

Every piece of White House furniture is accounted for and cataloged (except that chair from the East Room that Richard Nixon gave to Pearl Bailey).

5. Grand Central Terminal. Shabby, cluttered and dark, Grand Central was in dire financial condition and had seen better days. It was threatened with demolition.

This historic site was saved and the main entrance is dedicated to the woman who led the fight to save and restore Grand Central.

Those are just a few of the many reasons I admire Jackie O.

by let''s be honest.reply 28003/06/2015

[quote] 1. Lafayette Square. Lafayette Park, across the street from the White House is surrounded by historic homes going back to the early days of DC. The homes were scheduled to be demolished and replaced by government office buildings. The homes are still there.

They just didn't tear down the buildings. They kept them which is what they do in DC - nobody lives in them.

by let''s be honest.reply 28103/06/2015

[quote]They kept them which is what they do in DC - nobody lives in them.

Two are museums. Some are offices.

by let''s be honest.reply 28203/07/2015

'On the one hand, one cannot help but admire how she handled herself during the whole funeral'

What else was she going to do throw herself on the casket like Susan Kohner at the end of Imitation of Life? The woman had freon in her blood and only stayed married to him for a charge account at Bergdorf's.

And the way she threw herself down on the ground and spread her legs for the the whole world to see for a short squat homely choke on it rich Greek clam digger coined the phrase whore of a nation.

by let''s be honest.reply 28303/07/2015

An enigmatic mix of an extremely public and well-known person who was also extremely private and guarded.

Started to climb out of the limo as it sped away from Dealy Plaza in Dallas that day, but quickly came to her senses and stayed put. Did she do that because she feared for her own life, or was she attempting to retrieve the part of JFK's face that had been blown off?

by let''s be honest.reply 28403/07/2015

I've read in several places Jackie O and Lady Bird were friends, which surprised me each time I read it. It would seem the opposite since Jackie O could be so petty, fake elitist, and bitchy.

Thought she was climbing over the back of the car to help the secret service guy in.

by let''s be honest.reply 28503/07/2015

She had no memory of climbing out of the limo, but it's generally accepted that she was reflexively trying to retrieve parts of her husband's skull.

by let''s be honest.reply 28603/07/2015

cause shecouldnt have made it without roseanne. u guys knew roseanne wrote her straight but in the show relity she was lesbo. ergo wher u get the o.

by let''s be honest.reply 28703/07/2015

Massive hands and feet.

by let''s be honest.reply 28803/07/2015

...has anyone ever seen a drag queen impersonation of her?

by let''s be honest.reply 28903/07/2015

Are Kim and Kyle Richards later day Lee and Jackie clones without 'class'?

by let''s be honest.reply 29003/07/2015

Here is one of her better photographs.

by let''s be honest.reply 29103/07/2015

My favorite image of her:

by let''s be honest.reply 29203/07/2015

Lady Bird came from a wealthy East Texas family. My understanding is that Jackie and Lady Bird become friends after the White House when they both spent summers on Martha's Vineyard.

Lady Bird and then President and Mrs. Clinton were the only WH occcupants invited to Jackie Onassis' funeral.

by let''s be honest.reply 29303/07/2015

[quote]JFK getting older and seedier by the day, the shine worn off of Camelot there'd be no glossing-over of little legal matters for the rest of the family, like dead girls.

The Kennedy administration not known as "Camelot" in his lifetime. Shortly after he died, Jackie did an interview with journalist Theodore White where she emphasized that, though no fan of musical theater himself, nevertheless JFK took a liking to Lerner & Lowe's CAMELOT, which ran on Broadway from 1960 to 1963, about the length of the Kennedy tenure. Jackie also said that he particularly liked the title song, whose finale reprise concludes with the couplet:

[quote]"“Don’t ever let it be forgot, that once there was a spot, for one brief shining moment that was Camelot.”

“There will be great presidents again,” she further told White, “but there will never be another Camelot.”

Thus, Jackie single-handedly created the myth of Camelot.

by let''s be honest.reply 29403/08/2015

R266 they did make a TV movie in 1993, FATAL DECEPTION: MRS. LEE HARVEY OSWALD, which aired around the 30th anniversary of the assassination and told the events from Marina's POV and what happened to her afterward. Helena Bonham Carter played Marina and Frank Whaley was Oswald. HBC was nominated for a Golden Globe, but she lost to Bette Midler's GYPSY, inexplicably.

Someone uploaded the entire movie in seven parts on YouTube:

by let''s be honest.reply 29503/08/2015

R284/R285/R286 I never bought the romantic image that she was trying to retrieve her husband's skull or that she was trying to help the Secret Service man on board. To me, it looked like Jackie freaked out and was trying to get the hell out of Dodge.

Watch the video below and you will see that, when Kennedy first gets shot and he reacts, Jackie leans over to him to see what's the matter. Their heads are almost touching. Just then, his head explodes. I'm sure the sound and sight was traumatic, since she later confessed that she had no recollection of the incident nor her actions.

It was here that her survival instincts kicked in, and like anybody in danger, her instinct was to get the hell out of there! But the car started speeding up and the service man jumped up so that she wouldn't fall off.

by let''s be honest.reply 29603/08/2015

I'm not advancing any heroism informing her actions, R296. I believe she was reacting, however crazily, purely out of instinct. If she were trying to protect herself, the most natural reaction would've been to use her husband's mortally wounded body as a shield.

by let''s be honest.reply 29703/08/2015
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