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Can Dr. Scholls get rid of my genital warts?

It says not to, but a friend says that he's done it and I've seen it online other places. They're on the base of my cock, none on my ass. Don't want these hanging around but I also don't have health insurance to pay for the doctor's trip. Would those freeze-off things work, do you think?

by opreply 4509/16/2013


by opreply 111/16/2010

Use fingernail clippers. No fuss, no muss.

by opreply 211/16/2010

Sue the government over it and get a nice settlement which will afford you the ability to go to a doctor; just say a TSA agent groped your without changing his gloves first.

by opreply 311/16/2010

I tried to remove a small skin tag with a nail clipper and it hurt like a bitch.

by opreply 411/16/2010

oooooo, r3, are you an attorney?

by opreply 511/16/2010

I have warts on my toes and they don't even work for that, but why not -- give it a whirl. How'd you get them?

by opreply 611/16/2010

No, but I've considered it.

by opreply 711/16/2010

Sweety, you don't fuck around with your dick. Spend the money and get to a doctor. He will freeze them off or give you a prescription for an ointment that will do the trick. I will avoid the doctor for many things, but you just don't fuck around with your dick.

by opreply 811/16/2010

Dr. Scholl's don't do jack. Those warts on your dick need to treated and likely burnt off by a doctor.%0D

by opreply 911/16/2010

OP the freeze off things definitely work. I've removed many warts from my dick that way. Don't worry. You'll be glad you did it.

by opreply 1011/16/2010

I used Compound W Freeze Off on my willy wart. Worked like a charm. Very easy to use. Just be careful to apply it only to the wart.

by opreply 1111/16/2010

R11, I use it to remove the outer layer of skin from my dick head, as I am cut and less sensitive because of it.

by opreply 1211/16/2010

Honey, don't leave it on too long. It will melt you're whole dick away.

by opreply 1311/16/2010

what r8 and r9 said....%0D %0D you know the answer before you asked the question. %0D %0D if you don't have the money, go to a public clinic.%0D %0D some times you just have to go to a dic... I mean a doctor.%0D %0D

by opreply 1411/16/2010

What does Bjork think?

by opreply 1511/17/2010

yes, and while we're at it, Lydia Pinkam's tonic cures hiv.

by opreply 1611/17/2010

You can reduce swelling of the eye by putting a sliced potato on it.

by opreply 1711/17/2010

Also OP, there are hundreds of variants of the HPV - for instance, you cannot get genital warts on your anus and vice-versa. In addition, the outbreak is VIRAL. What you see is just the cosmetic effect - your body is still fighting the virus which you've probably had for a while and has been triggered by stress, poor nutrition, etc.%0D %0D See a doctor. Get some information.

by opreply 1811/17/2010

Unlike Uncle Ben and Betty Crocker, there was a Dr. Scholl.%0D %0D William Mathias Scholl was the son of German-immigrants to Indiana. To earn extra cash, he used his grandfather's cobbler's tools to repair shoes. Aged 18 he moved to work for Chicago shoe retailer Ruppert's, where he found that many customers suffered from similar medical problems with their feet.%0D %0D Scholl began taking night classes at the Illinois Medical School, graduating in 1904 as podiatrist. After designing and gaining a patent around a mechanical arch support in 1904 called the Foot-Eazer, in 1906 he started his own company. He produced over the next few years a series of similarly patented footcare products, including: the Zino Pad, rubberless stockings, anticorn pads, cushion insoles, exercise sandals, orthopedic shoes, Foot Wings and Ball-O-Foot Cushions.%0D %0D Established in 1912, William founded the Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine, located at Rosalind Franklin University in North Chicago, Illinois.%0D

by opreply 1911/17/2010

I don' think Mama Grizzly, er Brown Bear Palin would approve of this discussion.

by opreply 2011/17/2010

Remind me to NEVER let R10 fuck me with his warty cock. How vile. Don't you people pay attention to where you're sticking your peckers?

by opreply 2111/17/2010

"It says not to"? Does it really say somewhere on the Dr. Scholls package "Don't use this on genital warts"?

by opreply 2211/17/2010

Actually, yeah it does say that on the package, R22. Bought it and just applied it. Was careful not to get it on anything other than the wart. Threw out the applicator. Now just waiting. Didn't sting or anything like that. Just made the wart really white and then pretty red. We'll see what happens.

by opreply 2311/17/2010


by opreply 2411/17/2010

It should work out quite well for you.

by opreply 2511/17/2010

Sure it can. I used it four days ago. I started out with the ones that weren't on my dick. It worked great on the small ones. One just fell off right before I posted this. You may have to hit the big ones more than once ,or just freeze the little fuckers longer. I'm leavin the ones on the base of my dick for last. You can say I let em get a little out of control. Just start using neosporin right after you freeze em and continue using it til its healed. I don't know about the base yet. But I'm definitely gonna try. Its beat having to go to the dr and have some dude burn warts off my dick. Even if I could find a female dr ,its still embarassing. Just stay clear of veines!

by opreply 2605/16/2012

Follow the directions and don't use that shit on your dick. Are you nuts?!

by opreply 2705/16/2012

I rubbed air cushion insoles on my dick warts for an hour and the only result was a mild shoe fetish.

by opreply 2805/16/2012

You're a whore, darlin.

by opreply 2905/18/2012

[quote] if you don't have the money, go to a public clinic.

Where do public clinics still exist in the US?

by opreply 3005/18/2012

R19, of COURSE Dr. Scholl was a real person. How do you think I GOT genital warts?

by opreply 3105/18/2012

Shit yeah, Cletus. Get one of Mama's old Orangesickle sticks, like she's always leaving everywhere, and slather that shit on there like there's no tomorrow. Don't worry none about being too careful. Broad strokes, spread it on like you're tarrin' a roof.

by opreply 3205/18/2012

I can't give you a verdict, OP, until you post your pic so I can see whether or not it would be worth having sex with you in the first place.

by opreply 3305/18/2012

Soak in a bath of hydrogen peroxide. For stubborn warts tape the underside of a banana skin on the wart until it vanishes. This had proven to be much less painful and expensive than the frozen nitrogen method.

by opreply 3405/18/2012

They don't use frozen nitrogen on genital warts. They use podophyllin.

by opreply 3505/18/2012

I got these when I was a teenager--around 1979. I had several treatments with Podophyllin, but it didn't work too well. I suffered with those damn things all through my 20's and halfway through my 30's. I finally went to a dermatologist when I was 35 and she did a variety of things--freezing, cutting, ointments and I'm now wart-free. After several months of treatments (mine were really bad)the doc said she should have taken before and after photos--it looked that good. I wouldn't use any of the over-the-counter remedies for this. Definitely see a doctor.

by opreply 3605/18/2012

Do you have some kind of immune system issue R36? Genital warts that are treated almost never come back after treatment and untreated warts eventually go away.

by opreply 3705/18/2012

why is everyone assuming the OP has them on his dick? the warts could be up his poop chute.

by opreply 3805/18/2012


by opreply 3905/18/2012

We're about to find out!

by opreply 4006/17/2012

Just smoke copious amounts of pot, silly!

by opreply 4106/17/2012

Why get rid of them. I like it when guys have tongue rings and suck on them.

by opreply 4208/25/2012

i have them in roughly the same place... i am using dr. scholls freeze away right now... it is not a quick fix nor is it a pleasant one... but by god it is working... was a little confused by the instruction but now i have it down... and i tell you one the warts start coming off... man bite down on something but yes try that... i am going to finish up with it them get some somoxal and apply till gone or so... just to kill everything

by opreply 4311/18/2012

I'm a doctor, and I DON'T WANNA GO THROUGH ALL THE DISEASE DETAILS, because of course you have googled it before you read this.

I'm not a dermatologist but of course I know all about this condition and I have treated a lot of patients with genital warts.

molluscum contagiosum is a five dollar word for genital warts basically its the wart that you have in your feet or hands with a different virus type and same management.

DRSCHOLL'S FREEZ AWAY used to treat common and plantar warts, that you can buy from Shoppers drug mart, Walmart, or other places for like 25$. It works perfectly on genital warts BUT you have to do two crucial steps:

1: you have to be able to diagnose (recognize) the disease. all warts( condylomata acuminata, verrucous warts, molluscum contangiosum) are diagnosed by HOW THEY LOOK. Flesh-colored spots that are raised or flat mostly hard and not painful.

2. you need to cut the tip that comes with drscholl's box and make it smaller like the Q tip. i mean 2 mm in size approximately. just cut it with a knife or scissors because it is designed for plantar warts which is bigger in size than the genital warts. and then screw tip into can. next, push can into built in activator for 2 to 3 sec. apply it immediately on you genital warts for 10 secs until it turns black and try to keep it away from the skin to avoid extra burn.

it took me 1 minute to share this knowledge with everyone, if i helped one person in this universe i would be so happy and so proud. and i know for sure if you read this that mean you have a reason not to go to see a doctor and i totally respect that.

by opreply 4409/15/2013

R44 if you are a doctor, please tell me where, and your name, only I want to make sure a dickwad like you never gets the chance to pretend to be in charge of my healthcare.

by opreply 4509/16/2013
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