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Richard Chamberlain...Anyone have any stories?

Here's your thread! I loved Chamberlain in Thornbirds.

by ImaMessreply 13012/16/2012

He looked thin on "Chuck" last night.

by ImaMessreply 111/16/2010

Has he started on Chuck already? Damn, I missed it.

by ImaMessreply 211/16/2010

I had sex with him while he was appearing in a revival of "The Sound of Music" on Broadway. He was in his 60s, but still handsome and sexy. Believe it or not, he's a top.

by ImaMessreply 311/16/2010

He was on Chuck on Monday and will also be on next week. Playing a baddie!

by ImaMessreply 411/16/2010

Is it true he broke up with his partner?

How sad after 30+ years ...

by ImaMessreply 511/16/2010

I was just watching an episode of the old Boris Karloff show Thriller and a very young Richard Chamberlain was in it. He goes shirtless in a couple scenes and has an awesome body. I bet he got a ton of dick when he was younger.

by ImaMessreply 611/17/2010

MORE DETAILS, R3...pretty please...

by ImaMessreply 711/17/2010

Thanks, ImaMess, for the thread. I'm the one who asked and loved him in Thornbirds too. He was beautiful!

by ImaMessreply 811/17/2010

He originated the role of Jason Bourne in The Bourne Identity

by ImaMessreply 911/17/2010


by ImaMessreply 1011/17/2010

Verificatia of size meat, R3!

by ImaMessreply 1111/17/2010

Speaking of the Thorn Birds apparently the author hated Rachel Ward. Says she was terrible in it.

by ImaMessreply 1211/20/2010

Merely ok in Shogun. To me, he has an intellectual's stage presence, not a leading man's.

by ImaMessreply 1311/20/2010

Richard Chamberlain was one of the most beautiful men in his youth. He is a great actor as well. I think that he was splendid in 'The Last Wave',in 'Petulia' and of course in 'The Thorn Birds'. Unforgettable performances.

by ImaMessreply 1412/07/2012

Richard Chamberlain, beautiful and gay

by ImaMessreply 1512/07/2012

Richard Chamberlain beautiful and gay.

I said!

by ImaMessreply 1612/07/2012

I wish he could stay forever with his longtime partner. is not pink. I wonder what happened that led to their separation. Anybody knows?

by ImaMessreply 1712/07/2012

Richard was married to this guy. Right?

Richard what happened?

by ImaMessreply 1812/07/2012

Post for Richard bitches!

by ImaMessreply 1912/07/2012

With his longtime lover Martin Rabbett

by ImaMessreply 2012/07/2012

Guys, i'm afraid that Richard and Martin broke up because Martin was much younger than Chamberlain. It's so sad after all these years...time finally came up.

Below i cite some quotes of Richard from an interview. Enjoy!

Apart from television in real life you have loved a few girls...

"Sure. I had my first quasi sexual experience with the sweetest Japanese waitress. At college I had two great girlfriends. I did all what other young people used to do back then: hold hands, kiss on the back seat of the car.... I love women but not up to the point of wanting to marry one."

Did you want to marry Martin?

"Yes, because matrimony gives you guarantees that do not exist otherwise. In the United States and in Hawaii where I live this is not possible. That is why we held a private ceremony with friends and we exchanged rings."

And you kept silent for so many years only for that reason?

"I was born in 1934. Back then in the 40s and 50s being gay in America was much worse than being a crook or an assassin. I was scared."

What made you change your mind?

"The fact that I am older and that I have less doubts about myself. When I wrote the word "gay" in the book I felt as if an angel had touched my head, freeing me from fear. Finally I felt free."

How did your partner feel all these years?

"We met 31 years ago. We were acting in a Tennessee Williams play. He was an actor, dancer and singer. Martin is much younger, he never hid his homosexuality. For his generation homosexuality was not something one would hide. It is true that things were not easy for him. Our life was like the life of a dog who has an injured leg and continues running on three legs: this is what it means to hide oneself."

Four years ago in your book "Shattered Love" you revealed your homosexuality. Has it been hard to silence you were gay for many years?

"Very much so. Only at 68 was I able to say the truth, when I no longer could be a romantic hero on the screen."

How was your mother?

"She was beautiful. She had even started a career as an actress but my father did not allow her to continue, he was jealous."

Are you jealous?

"I am monogamous"

One can be jealous despite being monogamous

"Sure but.... At my age one understands"

Has the difference in years been a problem?

"No, it hasn't. Till I turned 60 I looked younger than my age. These last years the difference is more obvious."

Did Martin ever ask you to reveal your homosexuality?

"Yes he did but I was not ready and he understood. I was scared to draw attention on me. Of course our friends knew."

And your parents?

"I think they knew but we never talked about it. Things were not easy in my family. My father drank and was psychologically very abusive: he used to tell my brother and myself that we weren't good for anything. It is not a coincidence that I grew up being very shy."

by ImaMessreply 2112/07/2012

He was also a gorgeous Prince in The Slipper and the Rose. Best looking fairy tale prince ever. I compare all others to him.

by ImaMessreply 2212/07/2012

R22 i haven't seen those yet. I will when i find them available somewhere. Nice.

by ImaMessreply 2312/07/2012

' The Last Wave' is a very peculiar film. The plot:A Sydney lawyer(Richard Chamberlain) defends five Aborigines in a ritualized taboo murder and in the process learns disturbing things about himself.

A Peter Weir film. You remember Peter Weir, don't you? He also directed 'Dead Poets Society', 'The Truman Show','Picnic at Hanging Rock' and 'Gallipoli' among others. He is a first-rate director.

Have you seen this film? You liked it? I found it creepy and pessimistic but i liked it. It's not a film for those who are looking for an one-dimensional interpretation in a movie. Richard gives an extraordinary performance,he is just wonderful in it.

by ImaMessreply 2412/07/2012

Richard had a delicate charm. He is an outstanding actor.

by ImaMessreply 2512/07/2012

It goes to show you how young most posters are here on DL. No one has mentioned Dr. Kildare, though most of the studio shots here are from that era.

Aa I'm in my 60s, I can't help but associate Chamberlain with his initial fame on the TV series Dr. Kildare. That kind of spectacular notoriety is rare in TV today. He was a huge heart throb and I can well remember all the girls in my junior high wearing the popular Dr. Kildare white high-collared intern shirts to school every day.

Of course, I was far more enamored with his swarthy TV rival Ben Casey, played by Vince Edwards.

by ImaMessreply 2612/07/2012

I would love to find somewhere 'The Music Lovers' with Richard. He portrays Tchaikovsky in it! Has anybody seen that? Glenda Jackson plays his nymphomaniac wife.

by ImaMessreply 2712/07/2012

Senior moment what's your favourite Richard Chamberlain movie?

by ImaMessreply 2812/07/2012

I googled Ben Casey. He was more virile and masculine than Richard, but Richard was more beautiful. They were both hot, of course...

by ImaMessreply 2912/07/2012

Why do birds...

by ImaMessreply 3012/07/2012

*Vince Edwards



by ImaMessreply 3112/07/2012

R30 i punch ya!

by ImaMessreply 3212/07/2012

Senior Moment that Vince Edwards was as hairy as a bear. A hot bear though. Nice!

by ImaMessreply 3312/07/2012

I found a nude photo of Mr Vince probably have seen this naughty R26! Was he bisexual? You know?

by ImaMessreply 3412/07/2012

We read a page from the book of Chuck Chamberlain, the father of Miss Richard, each morning. It has helped us enormously.

by ImaMessreply 3512/07/2012

It's nice to think someone this gorgeous was having gay sex.

by ImaMessreply 3612/07/2012

Sad they broke up. My ex used to play bridge with RC's bf in L.A. He said they would probably last forever. But then nothing lasts forever, does it?

by ImaMessreply 3712/07/2012

I had heard they parted R20. They met in the European Health Spa on 59th between Park and Lex in the 70s. Cannot remember his partner's name. He was a dancer and a pretty good friend of a friend of mine (Danny) who introduced them as told by Danny, not that they needed it! Both were regulars at that gym for a couple years. I always thought of the partner as a mini version of Richard.

by ImaMessreply 3812/07/2012

[quote] I always thought of the partner as a mini version of Richard.

That would make sense. Chamberlain was a narcissist, which he freely admits. When they asked him if there were any differences in dating someone so much younger, Chamberlain said: "Until I was 60 I looked younger than my age so there wasn't a problem." He tied his question to looks rather than anything deeper.

by ImaMessreply 3912/07/2012

Richard Might have been not publicly out but sure his friends and coworkers knew. He and Hudson and the rest of the gay actors of that generation were "out" in their private lives.

by ImaMessreply 4012/07/2012

Lol, yes R36, it's nice fantasizing about gorgeous men or women having sex anyway. Yes, he was so...yummy.

by ImaMessreply 4112/07/2012

Yes, it's so sad to see people break up after many years of partnership. I daresay that if Richard was with someone not so young, they would still be together. What do you think...?

by ImaMessreply 4212/07/2012

Extended shirtless scene in Joy in the Morning

by ImaMessreply 4312/07/2012

Here's Dick on What's My Line?

Mind you, he really was just about the biggest, hottest TV star of the moment but I don't think a single panelist knew his real name. They were just too old!

by ImaMessreply 4412/07/2012

Fabulous R43!

Richard Chamberlain was outstanding in his youth.

by ImaMessreply 4512/07/2012

At the height of the "Dr. Kildare" popularity in the mid-1960's, a childhood friend kept a large color portrait of Richard Chamberlain on his bedroom wall, which NBC had mailed to him upon request.

His father eventually made him take it down, fearing that it made his son look like a "sissy".

by ImaMessreply 4612/07/2012

He was very handsome, but he didn't have that extra something that makes a big star.

by ImaMessreply 4712/07/2012

All you queens losing it over some bland white guy who is average at best. Typical DL bullshit.

by ImaMessreply 4812/07/2012

Parents can be so stupid and ignorant. Oh God!

by ImaMessreply 4912/07/2012

Oh God, R48, i remember you. You have said the same thing on a Steve McQueen thread. Damn you! Lol!

by ImaMessreply 5012/07/2012

For a gay actor, he sure knows how to kiss a girl and look like he means it.

by ImaMessreply 5112/07/2012

So ironic they wanted him for the role of Daniel Reece on Dynasty. He declined and the role went to Rock Hudson instead.

by ImaMessreply 5212/07/2012


I got your number, hussy!

by ImaMessreply 5312/07/2012

Why do they always ask gay men about their sexual experience with women, but never ask straight men about their sexual experience with men?

by ImaMessreply 5412/07/2012

Because they can...

by ImaMessreply 5512/07/2012

He was very good in Petulia (1968).

Everyone was very good in Petulia.

If ever there's an underrated film It's Petulia. One of the best American films of the 1960s.

Check out the trailer @ link

by ImaMessreply 5612/07/2012

I saw him earlier this year in "The Heiress" with Julia Duffy and Heather Tom. He was excellent!

by ImaMessreply 5712/07/2012

He was and still is a very moving actor. He can't live you indifferent with his performances.

He was soooo beautiful!

by ImaMessreply 5812/07/2012

R56, yes he was awesome in Petulia. What a role he had! Creepy and interesting.

by ImaMessreply 5912/07/2012

The Thorn Birds...

He was sublime in it.

by ImaMessreply 6012/07/2012


by ImaMessreply 6112/07/2012

I loved his swashbuckling looks in "The Three Musketeers". Or should I say 'swishbuckling'?

by ImaMessreply 6212/07/2012

lol, yes R62, 'The Three Musketeers'! Nice one too.

Richard and Jane Fonda below...


by ImaMessreply 6312/07/2012

And he's wonderful as a conflicted gay Tchaikovsky in Ken Russell's gorgeous wacky The Music Lovers and very brave to take on that role in 1970 when he was still very much leading man material.

Is it really not on DVD?

by ImaMessreply 6412/07/2012

It is, but i'm looking for English subtitles for it.

No subtitles yet.


by ImaMessreply 6512/07/2012

Richard in a red sweater...I love red on him.

by ImaMessreply 6612/07/2012

God! I discovered that Richard was as hairy as a bear. I didn't know that! Look at him, he is in the pool.


by ImaMessreply 6712/07/2012

I would love to see this movie too.

by ImaMessreply 6812/07/2012

Richard with Julie Christie

by ImaMessreply 6912/07/2012

Hot hot hot!

by ImaMessreply 7012/07/2012

I worked on a play he was in in the early 1980s. He was very handsome, of course, but quite modest and unassuming, perfectly sweet and undemanding, kept to himself, really kind of dull.

He sorta flirted with a young blonde (male)intern but I don't think it went anywhere.

I always had a feeling that his dullness as a person is what kept him from being a bigger star. He didn't seem like someone who would have made much of a splash socially in Hollywood. I suppose that discreetness came from being closeted.

by ImaMessreply 7112/07/2012

R71 Richard has said that he was actually shy. Shyness is not only a characteristic of the closeted people. It's just an aspect of one's character.

by ImaMessreply 7212/07/2012

Richard in his youth was...a stunner!

by ImaMessreply 7312/07/2012

R71, by the way discreetness can be very sexy and not dull at all... To each their own, of course!

by ImaMessreply 7412/07/2012

Sorry, but I maintain if you grow up with looks like Richard's and you're shy,'re hding something.

by ImaMessreply 7512/07/2012

Well, Richard said in an interview:

"Things were not easy in my family. My father drank and was psychologically very abusive: he used to tell my brother and myself that we weren't good for anything. It is not a coincidence that I grew up being very shy."

by ImaMessreply 7612/07/2012

His eyes are so beautiful and expressive. It's not only the colour, it's the expression as well.

by ImaMessreply 7712/07/2012

Shirtless, hairy...and beautiful!

by ImaMessreply 7812/07/2012

Is he blond in this photo or it's the lighting?

by ImaMessreply 7912/07/2012

He and James Franciscus bore a strong resemblance to each other . . . should have been cast as brothers.

by ImaMessreply 8012/07/2012

He had a fragile beauty. He seemed so sensitive, you almost wouldn't dare to touch him sometimes for fear of hurting him.

by ImaMessreply 8112/07/2012

R81, James Franciscus hadn't the elegance Richard had. He seemed like a slimy and apish version of Richard. Hehehe! But he was sexy...

by ImaMessreply 8212/07/2012



by ImaMessreply 8312/07/2012

Laying on a boat...

by ImaMessreply 8412/07/2012

Richard is not just a brilliant actor. He seems a to be a man with many sensitivities and actually he seems to be a nice guy and definitely not the asshole type. He is elegant and sweet and his soul is in his deep beautiful eyes.

by ImaMessreply 8512/07/2012

Post for Richard bitches! I have to go now. See you! Pooooooost for Richard!

by ImaMessreply 8612/07/2012

I always remember this scene from Thorn Birds. He was a hot man.

by ImaMessreply 8712/08/2012

Did Marty and Dick break-up after the autobio?

by ImaMessreply 8812/08/2012

Excellent scene R87. Thank you for posting it. He was incredible.

by ImaMessreply 8912/08/2012

R88, i wish i could also knew more about their separation. If someone could inform us! I find people who have a longtime partner in their lives very interesting and mysterious.

by ImaMessreply 9012/08/2012

[quote]Laying on a boat...

Oh, dear. (Unless there was another man involved tha we can't see.)

by ImaMessreply 9112/08/2012

No one has mentioned his brief career as a singing idol . . . "Three stars will shine tonight, one for the lonely. That star will shine its light each time that someone sighs" . . . etc., etc. Can't believe I actually remember those lyrics.

by ImaMessreply 9212/08/2012

A few years ago a local station ran a full weekend's worth of old TV shows that are rarely seen anymore, including a couple of "Dr. Kildares." What surprised me was that they were in black and white. I watched "Kildare" in its original run as a little kid, but we didn't have a color TV then. I guess I always assumed (because it was on NBC, which was the pioneer in color) it was broadcast in color.

by ImaMessreply 9312/08/2012

r92 meet r30

by ImaMessreply 9412/08/2012

Did any of you eldergays nail him when he was on Dr. Kildare?

He was so hot then

by ImaMessreply 9512/08/2012


by ImaMessreply 9612/08/2012

Beautiful hands, beautiful face

by ImaMessreply 9712/09/2012

You like him?

Of course you do.

by ImaMessreply 9812/09/2012

Richard you were one of the most beautiful men i have ever seen and as i read about you, you were not a gay whore. You could stand by your man.

by ImaMessreply 9912/09/2012

Amazing and touching.

I like sensitive beautiful people.

by ImaMessreply 10012/09/2012

Don't get me wrong though. One can be ugly and very sensitive and awesome too. It depends on the person.


by ImaMessreply 10112/09/2012

In a way, when younger, he looks like a 'pretty' Ben Affleck.

by ImaMessreply 10212/09/2012

R102 Young Richard Chamberlain looks like a 'pretty' version of Ben Affleck? Yes you are right!

by ImaMessreply 10312/09/2012

You are very observant some of you guys. I like that.

by ImaMessreply 10412/09/2012

Richard Chamberlain had a sexual fling with prince Philip when ,of course, they were much younger. Phillip saw Richard and he thought Richard was beautiful and apparently he couldn't resist Richard. They said that is one of the things Richard did not put in his autobiography.

by ImaMessreply 10512/09/2012

R105, it could be true, although i haven't heard that before, but there is much gossip going on about Prince Phillip's gay affairs among others.

by ImaMessreply 10612/09/2012

He was so beautiful. What a waste that he never did drag.

He could have been as beautiful in the 20th century as Cillian Murphy is in the 21st.

by ImaMessreply 10712/09/2012

Richard in the metaphysical drama/mystery/thriller 'The Last Wave'

by ImaMessreply 10812/09/2012

Richard Chamberlain's blonde look was big in the late 50's, early '60.

Tab Hunter-Troy Donahue ...that was the mold.

You had Richard Chamberlain, Doug McClure, James Franciscus (Mr Novak). They were all handsome, bland, dull, and interchangeable.

by ImaMessreply 10912/09/2012

Tab Hunter was rather dull but Richard Chamberlain, hell no!

by ImaMessreply 11012/09/2012

Someone mentioned 'The Slipper and the Rose' with Richard. God, i'm dying too see it! It seems highly watchable!

by ImaMessreply 11112/11/2012

Richard with a beard

by ImaMessreply 11212/11/2012

Wasn't he fabulously campy and over the top in The Musketeer films? His faux RP English accent with his sense of fun was a welcome respite to the grim and gritty films of that time.

Did he fuck Tony Curtis on the set of The Man In The Iron Mask? Tony was bi-curious so I wonder if something went down between them.

by ImaMessreply 11312/11/2012

R113, yes i enjoyed Richard too in The Musketteer films. Campy and delightful indeed. You remember Faye Dunaway in them? Haha.

Yes, i have also read that Tony Curtis was bi-curious but unfortunately i have no idea if they fucked each other. However, i must add that Tony's character was the exact opposite of Richard's. Tony was not shy at all and he could be very provocative with his statements and choices.

On the other hand sex is sex...

by ImaMessreply 11412/11/2012

Hey R111, I'm the one who mentioned it. You won't be sorry. Beautiful costumes and some fun characters. Eye candy in Richard and his personal "man at arms" or companion (don't know who the actor is) but I always wondered how personal it was between them. There seemed to be some chemistry.

by ImaMessreply 11512/11/2012

Love the Three Musketeers. Between a young Michael York, a saturnine Oliver Reed and Richard, well, it quite overwhelms me.

by ImaMessreply 11612/11/2012

R109, I've never thought of Chamberlain as blond, but I've never thought of him as bland either. He was handsome, had a gorgeous body, and grew to be a very good actor. The others you mention were blond and were indeed bland, with the exception of Franciscus, who was also hot and an excellent actor but whose career slowly sank as Chamberlain's rose.

by ImaMessreply 11712/11/2012

R115 you infatuated me by mentioning this film. I want to see it so badly! I will do my best to find it and watch it. Ty.

by ImaMessreply 11812/11/2012

It's unfortunately pretty hard to find. You can buy it on Amazon but it's expensive. I found a bootleg copy with Portugese subtitles for about 14 bucks but it's not high quality. If you can afford it spring for the good quality one. I have no clue if they ever run this movie over here.

by ImaMessreply 11912/11/2012

Thanks for informing me. I'll keep on hoping that i'll manage to see it finally. I must see it!

by ImaMessreply 12012/11/2012


by ImaMessreply 12112/14/2012

Bizarrely sexy in here.

by ImaMessreply 12212/16/2012

Beard and Richard

Not bad at all!

by ImaMessreply 12312/16/2012

In this photo he is so....SEXY. SEXY BITCH!

by ImaMessreply 12412/16/2012


by ImaMessreply 12512/16/2012


by ImaMessreply 12612/16/2012

Eyes on fire!

by ImaMessreply 12712/16/2012

Wanting him...

by ImaMessreply 12812/16/2012


by ImaMessreply 12912/16/2012

No words needed

by ImaMessreply 13012/16/2012
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