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HGTV...what happened to it?

May the decorating begin! %0D %0D %0D

by ImaMessreply 40206/01/2015

Firing poor Joan Steffend was the beginning of the end. And then they fucked up the Search for the Next Great Designer.

by ImaMessreply 111/16/2010

No more Clive and Lisa and that mom/daughter bitchy realtor team. WTF? I'm so over it. I used to love David Bromstad but since his show moved to Miami it is so one-note with all the hideous Miami Beach decor I can't watch it. It's like overdosing on Southwest decor....ugh. Too regional. And don't get me started on Antonio, the great Guy Fieri hope of HGTV. That sink sank before it left the dock.

by ImaMessreply 211/16/2010

"ship sank"

by ImaMessreply 311/16/2010

Canadian hegemony, that's what happened.

by ImaMessreply 411/16/2010

Have you seen Scott McGillivray with the gay couple yet?

by ImaMessreply 511/16/2010

they have totally lost me as a viewer. I used to watch all the time - it was my default channel - now it's nothing but phony real estate shows. I can't for the life of me figure out who their audience is.

by ImaMessreply 611/16/2010

Agreed, most of the shows are horrible, and there aren't any gardening shows that I can see. %0D %0D However, my plummy-voiced little Sofie Allsopp needs to keep prancing around in "The Unsellables." So hot.

by ImaMessreply 711/16/2010

No, R5, what about the gay couple? Was Scott uncomfortable around them?

by ImaMessreply 811/16/2010

Only TLC is worse.

by ImaMessreply 911/16/2010

Not uncomfortable at all R8.%0D %0D At one point near the end he was showing them the finished product and they all walked into the shower together, all giggly. Then Scott commented on the bizarre socks one of them was wearing and the other said "You should see his underwear!" more giggles.%0D %0D They both wanted Scott so bad and he just soaked up all that adulation with a big smile.

by ImaMessreply 1011/16/2010

Every time I turn to it they show property "virgins" who have half a mil or more to spend. Bitch, please.

by ImaMessreply 1111/16/2010

A lot of 'Property Virgins' is filmed in Canada, R11. Their economy isn't in the toilet like the U.S. Property prices in cities like Toronto are still high unlike most of the U.S. I still like that show because it is not fake like House Hunters. It's not that unusual for the buyer not to buy anything on Prop Virg.

by ImaMessreply 1211/17/2010

Too many house selling and hunting shows. I do like HHI though.

by ImaMessreply 1311/17/2010

Yes, R12, it still showcases property virgins who have half a million to spend fresh out of community college. Ridiculous and part of the problem. All of the shows are like that. Excuse me, who is spending 400,000 Euros on a villa in SLOVENIA for cripe's sake. It is a big part of the problem.

by ImaMessreply 1411/17/2010

I like "Bang for Your Buck." Watching idiots with too much money get pwned. Is that HGTV or TLC?

by ImaMessreply 1511/17/2010

I also miss"Moving Up" (also TLC) with that Doug person.

by ImaMessreply 1611/17/2010

My favorite Candace Olsen is still on, wish she could do a room for me. I also like Selling New York with their over botoxed plastic surgery sales people.

by ImaMessreply 1711/17/2010

Bang for your Buck is HGTV and ridiculous. You like your reno? Let us come in and slam all your choices for you and make you look like a fool on cable TV.

by ImaMessreply 1811/17/2010

I like Candace, but I bet the room looks even better when she leaves and takes the 10,000 dollars worth of tchochkes the owner refuses to pay for.

by ImaMessreply 1911/17/2010

Candace reminds me of Sue on Glee. Can't help it. And she'll happily do any room, R17, for a minimum of $80,000, I'm sure.

by ImaMessreply 2011/17/2010

What's not to love, R18?

by ImaMessreply 2111/17/2010

[quote] Canadian hegemony, that's what happened.

And it's about to get worse, since Shaw has just taken over Canwest, one of the big producers of shows for and the owner of HGTV Canada.

by ImaMessreply 2211/17/2010

Too much with the House Hunters shows.%0D %0D Oh poor me I have to pick between three wonderfull 500,000.00 homes and once I choose I will rip out the old kitchen and re-do all the bathrooms within six months for the before and after shots! viola! Happy - wonderful life!%0D %0D It's depressing. I rarely watch anymore.%0D %0D I miss Lisa LaRocca and her Clivey.%0D Designed to Sell is just crap now.%0D %0D I miss Joan Steffend and the nerdy kind of eighties couple who used to do coutry chic sort of things.%0D %0D I am getting tired of Divine Design and the custom built inns and metal fireplaces.%0D %0D Hate David Bromstead's "custom art" and Antonio is pretentious it's like he and his clients are too cool for the room.%0D %0D I still watch but not much.

by ImaMessreply 2311/17/2010

Make that Lisa Laporta!

by ImaMessreply 2411/17/2010

[quote] I miss Lisa LaRocca and her Clivey

Lisa LaPorta, you mean.

by ImaMessreply 2511/17/2010

I'm with you R19. I really like Candace but her design asthetic is really overdone. Too much clutter for my liking even if I really like the basic design. I used to really like the design show with the British Designer, can't remember her name. Where they go in while one of the spouses is gone, redo one or two rooms and surprise the spouse on their return.

by ImaMessreply 2611/17/2010

Is Steve Hanneman still around? He's a cutie.

by ImaMessreply 2711/17/2010

I'm having a new kitchen put in as we speak and I am so bummed that we are having granite countertops put in. I really wanted Silestone but the bf, who is "color sensitive" didn't like any of the Silestone or Zodiaq or Caesarstone countertops. I feel so ickily HGTV.

by ImaMessreply 2811/17/2010

Haven't seen Hanneman and his "Hammerheads" show on for awhile. They seem to have replaced those Sat/Sunday morning shows produced here with reruns of Holmes on Holmes and shows from the DIY network.

by ImaMessreply 2911/17/2010

Clive and Lisa, Steve Hanneman, Donna and Shannon Freeman. Ah, the golden age of HGTV, now departed. %0D %0D I do like "Real Estate Intervention." I love when the realtor drops the bomb on the homeowners that maybe, just maybe, their beautiful home ain't worth what they think it's worth, then takes them to comps with bigger and better features that have acctually sold for tens of thousands less. Hilarity all around ensues.

by ImaMessreply 3011/17/2010

r28 be careful of granite, some emit toxins. One of the things they don't tell you on HG-TV.

by ImaMessreply 3111/17/2010

Back to Scott McGillivray and his tight shirts and sleeveless tops. There was one show with two gay guys and he even asked for a hug at the end. He has no problem with gays, at least on camera.

by ImaMessreply 3211/17/2010

I am not into schadenfreude enough to enjoy Real Estate Intervention or Unsellables or Bang for your Buck. Sorry, beating people up isn't entertainment, even if it is probably good for them long term. That asshat on REI is a smug douchebag.

Vern:" I don't really like a man with too many muscles."

Homeowner:"I didn't make him for YOU!"

by ImaMessreply 3311/17/2010

Real Estate Intervention is so true. Homeowners always price their homes based on "what we need to get out of it" or "how much (money) we have in it". Do they really think that is how buyers in a buyers' market decide what to pay for a house? MARY!

by ImaMessreply 3411/17/2010

R31 that has been debunked.

by ImaMessreply 3511/17/2010

R26, are you talking about While You Were Out? It had a very coked up Andrew DanJumbo as the carpenter. What happened to him anyway?

by ImaMessreply 3611/17/2010

According to Wikipedia he is hosting Take Home Handyman on TLC, but I've never seen it.

by ImaMessreply 3711/17/2010

I love Colin & Justin's Home Heist (I'm in Canada; I don't know if HGTV in the States is showing it). These two Scottish flaming queens go into a suburban house and either (1) outfit it entirely in white and black. Yeah, that white sofa will look great once your slob of a husband, two small kids and three dogs return to the house, or (2) tchotchked up Paris bordello by way of Shanghai. Your suburban friends will feel really comfortable in there when you have them over to watch a hockey game.

by ImaMessreply 3811/17/2010

I've heard about the granite problem. Hopefully, we'll get one that isn't too radioactive. Neither of us smokes.%0D %0D My kitchen is being done by Ikea. I see HGTV is going to have an Ikea kitchen series on their network. I suppose I should have waited and tried to get on it, but Ikea was having a 40% off countertop sale and it saved me a ton of money.%0D %0D Personally, I don't understand the American obsession with $100,000 kitchens. I don't need to have "the best" for my kitchen cabinets. They're just where I store shit. It's not like my kitchen is the Sistine chapel. A friend of mine spent $50,000 on a tiny condo kitchen. It looks fine, but not spectacular. And no top-of-the-line appliances, just your basic Home Depot stuff.%0D %0D I'm ok with functional. And I like the pantries with the pull-out drawers that Ikea sells for next to nothing. %0D %0D I'm going to order some extra door panels and what-have-you in case of chipping. They're affordable enough so that I can order some in case they discontinue my cabinet line 10 years from now.

by ImaMessreply 3911/17/2010

I keep bitching at my HGTV friends here in Knoxville to do a series about reasonable renovations, not $50,000 kitchens, or $2,000 makeovers.

Show me, a single guy who owns a nice two bedroom condo how to make the kitchen nice without the need for a cabinet/ appliance/ floor/ countertop/ plumbing replacement.

Not getting any traction on that request.

by ImaMessreply 4011/17/2010

I seldom watch HGTV because I don't have it so all these shows/hosts run together. The Designed to Sell-type makeovers are interesting because the place really does *look* better yet it's totally unlivable. Also there's the fake "found in storage" or attic or back room sofa that the poor slob homeowner had to run out and buy to make it work.

The regular Househunters is boring because the three choices are virtually identical subdivision tract homes. I do like the International one except when they go to Costa Rica and overspend by ridiculous amounts of money.

by ImaMessreply 4111/17/2010

I keep wishing they'd do a show that would just take rooms to the next level. If they would just take an ordinary looking room, pleasant but not great, and do the small things to it that would make it look top notch. %0D %0D They seem to only do shows where the homeowner clearly has millions to spend (Candice Olsen) or they're trying to do huge renovations in a desperate rush on stupidly small budget. %0D %0D I realize the before and afters are more dramatic but it's useless to me. I neither have millions nor do I live in some 70s remainder bin home - I'd just like to learn how to make it look better.

by ImaMessreply 4211/17/2010

I miss hunky Steve Watson of "Don't Sweat It." His gravelly drawl could make me moist!

by ImaMessreply 4311/17/2010

For the sheer eye candy, I like this:

by ImaMessreply 4411/17/2010

The camera work is dizzying. The before and after pans are so quick you can't see enough to comprehend the changes.

by ImaMessreply 4511/17/2010

r40 paint is your friend. The most functional kitchen I've saw was on Foodnetwok. The tall chef from Two Hot Tamales, they went to her home kitchen, it had white laminate slab cabinet doors and her husband was ironing one of them, he said if the laminate comes loose take a warm iron to it to reactivate the glue, ususinf a towel under the iron, of course.

by ImaMessreply 4611/17/2010

I guess you don't get the big advertisers to underwrite your network if you don't go for the big blowout redos. Lowes and the Home Depot don't want you painting your cabinets and keeping your 10 year old appliances. They want to sell you cabs, counters, fridges, etc.

by ImaMessreply 4711/17/2010

I love If Walls Could Talk. Problem is , it comes on like at 5 in the morning or something like that.%0D %0D On another note,I thought gorgeous Scott was gay!

by ImaMessreply 4811/17/2010

I guess I'm in the minority here because I like all the house hunting shows (especially Property Virgins and My First Place). What I don't like and I'm starting to see more of on HGTV is DIY shows. I don't get the appeal of the Mike Holmes show or Home/Yard Crashers, etc. are. Is the DIY network about to be flushed?

by ImaMessreply 4911/17/2010

I actually miss the Fine Living Network. It never really took off, but there were some fun shows, including imports. I used to love "Room Service."

by ImaMessreply 5011/17/2010

I really hate "Holmes on Homes" and that show where people get rental units built in the basements that are supposed to give them so much income without, apparently, paying for the construction. I also don't like "Dear Genevieve" - basically I hate any show where the host spouts psychobabble or does construction.

I like shows like "For Rent," "Design On A Dime" and shows where they just rearrange what people already have. In other words, shows where the subjects aren't spending tons of money for the results. I like to make fun of Joan Steffend's show, but I miss it now.

Oh, and I hate the landscaping shows. And the House Hunters show set in any third world country.

by ImaMessreply 5111/17/2010

Hs Tatiana shown up on American HGTV yet?

by ImaMessreply 5211/17/2010

The landscaping shows are the worst. They used to have actual gardening shows on HGTV. Now there's only that annoying bearded guy who is always planting crummy-looking ferns and firs in his wooded backyard.%0D %0D The landscaping shows dig big ditches, fill them with dirt and mulch and plant tiny seedlings 5 feet apart. Then they make a patio or something, surrounded by three inch tall seedlings. Looks like crap. Either go back in 3 years time and show us what it looks like when things have grown a little, or put in moderate-sized plantings. %0D %0D And go easy on the pachysandra, for Christ's sake. There are other ground covers.

by ImaMessreply 5311/17/2010

I miss it too, R50. I recently got FiOS and wish it were a choice.

by ImaMessreply 5411/17/2010

Yeah, I am amused when they tell the folks on rental property that if they just spend 28,000 instead of 12,000 they can ask 1600/month rent instead of 1450. WTF?

by ImaMessreply 5511/17/2010

Way, way, way, way too much House Hunters. %0D %0D JFC, that is the only show that is on, morning noon and night. %0D %0D It was fun in the beginning but not so much anymore. Even the International show is getting boring. Frankly it makes me just a tad jealous that these people can afford a vacation home in some beautiful locale. %0D %0D Love Scott and his show, though. He is a hottie. Candace's decorating style is getting old too. %0D %0D I tune in less and less to that channel.%0D

by ImaMessreply 5611/17/2010

At first I thought Holmes on Homes was OK. But they have run it into the ground. It seems like every time I turn HGTV on, there it is.%0D %0D %0D I hate the House Hunters International where its just some honky looking for a vacation house in Central America. But I do like the others.%0D %0D %0D I still miss The Designer's Landscape with Gary Alan. I loved watching him run around in his shorts.

by ImaMessreply 5711/17/2010

RE: All the Canada shows.

HGTV Canada: Canadian broadcast laws require a certain percentage of canadian produced content on their channels.

HGTV US: No content laws. Can show whatever they want from anywhere. The canadian content = essentially free programming.

by ImaMessreply 5811/17/2010

Oh, and I do like Mike Aubry and Real Estate Intervention. %0D %0D %0D I wish they would go back to some of the older House Hunters shows and tell us what has happened in the intervening years. It would be great to see how many got foreclosed on.

by ImaMessreply 5911/17/2010

I loved Designer's Challenge but sadly that is not on anymore.%0D %0D It was fascinating to see the three options presented and usually it was a beautiful transformation.%0D %0D

by ImaMessreply 6011/17/2010

More Scott McGillivray PLEASE!

by ImaMessreply 6111/17/2010

Scottie McHottie is the only thing worth watching on HGTV now.

by ImaMessreply 6211/17/2010

My partner and I watch a lot and Scott McGillivray gets turned off. He has no upper lip, ridiculous hair, and a nasal whine. Yes he has a nice body, but he is entirely unattractive to us. %0D %0D Over the years I've read posts here where some gorgeous guy is invariably labeled fugly, and I've always felt like they had to be troll posts. Guess not necessarily.

by ImaMessreply 6311/17/2010

"Bang For Your Buck" can be fun because the homeowners get to snap back at the critics, who are often quite nit-picky in their critiques. I would love to see an uncensored version.

by ImaMessreply 6411/17/2010

You didn't hear this from me, but Candace Olsen is a major beeeeyotch.

by ImaMessreply 6511/17/2010

Candace Olsen is a hack (speaking from personal experience). Also, HGTV Canada doesn't have particularly high standards when it comes to their local design talent. My partner auditioned and was shortlisted for the designer job on one of the shows they were developing. He did it for shits and giggles as he has no interior design background.

by ImaMessreply 6611/17/2010

What I hate about House Hunters is that the buyers spend the show telling what they hate about each of the three houses. Then they pick a house and tell what they love about it!

by ImaMessreply 6711/17/2010

I'm with the above poster on the HHI thing. I love seeing how people live in Brazil, Argentina, Eastern Europe or even Western Europe (though I have a really hard time figuring out how one of the couple works from home in say....Bangkok).

I am tired of watching the semi-retired CEO and family looking at beach houses in Costa Rica or Roatan.

by ImaMessreply 6811/17/2010

They ruined Real Estate Intervention. It used to be about Mike crushing dreams and taking names, but they've made it more Sabrina-centric, and she's running around staging and shit. I removed it from my DVR this season and I won't watch it again until they've gone back to the old format.

Re: Income Property, the point that Scott makes isn't about spending 10k more to get an extra $200 per month, but it's more about long term potential. He's said over and over again that he never does or recommends reno projects that can't be paid off in 2-3 years. Tops. So yes, it might cost the homeowner more upfront, but after the initial investment is paid off after two years, they will be pocketing more money LONG TERM. Try to pay attention, there's a method to his madness.

I like all of the house hunting show except for HHI, which used to be my favorite. I liked it when they showed real citizens of other countries looking for real homes that they planned to live in. Now, every episode features boring vacation properties, and 80% of the time, with icky, entitled Americans who demand granite and "soaking tubs". No thank you.

by ImaMessreply 6911/17/2010

Don't kitchen floors need to be reinforced for granite countertops?%0D %0D Was HGTV the channel with the re-decorate-with-flea-market-and-yard-sale finds? I actually liked watching the search.

by ImaMessreply 7011/17/2010

Exactly, r67. %0D %0D Also they are only 2 people looking for a house and demand 4 or 5 bedrooms, large bedrooms at that, and a tv room and super large kitchen, what for? %0D %0D That is why people are freaking losing their houses. They bought WAY more house than they could afford or even have need for. %0D %0D They do have to maintain the home and heat it and cool it. %0D %0D It's really dumb.%0D %0D

by ImaMessreply 7111/17/2010

Aren't R67 and R71 adorable? They think HH is real.

by ImaMessreply 7211/17/2010

House Hunters is completely fake. A friend of mine was asked to be on it because she was friends with one of the producers. She already owns a home.

by ImaMessreply 7311/17/2010

I used to like HHI but I can't stand it anymore and don't watch. I've seen enough Mexican, Costa Rican and Panamanian second homes.%0D %0D I liked the Euro ones.

by ImaMessreply 7411/17/2010

[quote]Don't kitchen floors need to be reinforced for granite countertops?%0D %0D You read the most bizarre shit on DL.%0D %0D

by ImaMessreply 7511/17/2010

The recession happened.

by ImaMessreply 7611/17/2010

The Urban Oasis winner will be announced Saturday. There's no way they will pull up to an empty house to announce the winner, so whoever won must know by now.

by ImaMessreply 7711/17/2010

R77, last year's winner of that humongous house outside Albuquerque (the lady with the tragic Katrina story) was dressed, coiffed and made up quite professionally when she opened her door to be "surprised". I'm guessing you're correct about them knowing in advance that something is happening at a certain time.

by ImaMessreply 7811/17/2010

R77/R78--you are correct. %0D %0D Usually, they're told that they're a finalist, and that all of the finalists have to be home at a specified time in order to be notified it they are, in fact, the Grand Prize Winner.

by ImaMessreply 7911/17/2010

Sorry---typed too fast at R79---should say, "notified iF they are..."

by ImaMessreply 8011/17/2010

[quote] Was HGTV the channel with the re-decorate-with-flea-market-and-yard-sale finds?

I think you might be thinking of Jennifer Convy's show that was on A&E: Find & Design.

Apparently it's back, with a new host.

by ImaMessreply 8111/17/2010

I love Sofie as well.

by ImaMessreply 8211/17/2010

I still love HH and HHI. I don't care how many tract houses in the suburbs of Memphis they look at. It's like muzak, it just calms me down. It upsets me that Suzanne Wang seems to be no longer associated with it, but they just use her voice from old shows to narrate the new ones.%0D %0D I also love the show about the NYC brokers. It's like a Real Housewives show about selling real estate. Also love peeking at the NYC apts.%0D %0D Also love anything that has Sandra whatshername on property virgins. %0D %0D And I don't miss Joan Steffend at all but I miss the Joan Steffend troll like nobody's business.

by ImaMessreply 8311/17/2010

My two favorite shows don't seem to be on anymore. "What you get for the Money" and "National Open House". Anyone know what happened to them?

by ImaMessreply 8411/17/2010

Ahem...r63 and his partner seem to have green eyes.%0D %0D Scottie is beautiful; anyone can see that.

by ImaMessreply 8511/17/2010

The best thing about HGTV is that they probably have the highest visibility of gay people, including couples, of any network on American television.

by ImaMessreply 8611/17/2010

That's probably true, r86.%0D %0D

by ImaMessreply 8711/18/2010

HGTV is not anything like it use to be. I miss all the old shows like Room by Room, Decorating%0D Cents. Too many Canadian shows. Not enough affordable decorating. %0D House Hunters is so fake. HGTV use to be entertaining and informative. Not anymore. I's a waist of time.

by ImaMessreply 8803/21/2011

Find & Design went off the air for good a few years ago. The one show I used to like on HGTV with Jennifer Convy called "Awesome Interiors." What did you think of the show, anybody?

by ImaMessreply 8903/21/2011

What happened to Tatiana with the big curly hair, boobs out to there and short dresses? It was a hoot running from place to place in super high heels.. And, all the female real estate "haters" she encountered when she tried to do things behind their backs. Wait, there's more... her associate/BFF who quit the show and Tatiana with no explanation (at least not on camera).. Good times!

by ImaMessreply 9003/21/2011

^^Ooops, meant: *It was a hoot watching her running from place to place...*

by ImaMessreply 9103/21/2011

R39, how much does the typical Ikea kitchen cost with installation?

by ImaMessreply 9203/21/2011

"I's a waist of time."

You can mistype that again, Mary.

by ImaMessreply 9303/21/2011


by ImaMessreply 9403/22/2011

Yeah, what happened to HGTV? Obviously sold out to the realtors...boring, boring, boring...I'm so done with it...miss the design shows...maybe some other network will pick them up.

by ImaMessreply 9503/29/2012

I miss Rick Spence from Curb Appeal.

by ImaMessreply 9603/29/2012

Really miss the gardening, landscaping, carpentry shows. I cannot tolerate the constant real estate shopping drama! Also, and no offence to Canadians but seriously!!!! I estimate that a-boat 85% of the hosts and/or locations are Canadian! And is anyone else completely repulsed by that over-all wearing, whining vortex of negativity known as Mike Holmes?! My wife and I still have HGTV on our "favorites" but only rarely sneak a peek any more. Over the past year or so, each time we've tuned in for some home/garden entertainment, we've been disappointed to find some crap real estate B.S or worse, Mike Holmes and his spew of blither. Oh well, there's always 600+ other options. We really do miss the old HGTV.

by ImaMessreply 9704/04/2012

There are no "garden" shows that actually have to do with plants anymore. It's all landscaping makeovers.

by ImaMessreply 9804/04/2012

[quote]it still showcases property virgins who have half a million to spend fresh out of community college. Ridiculous and part of the problem. All of the shows are like that.

It's popular on DataLounge to criticize House Hunters type shows that feature people with a few bucks to spend. The alternative, however, is beyond despair: watching people with no money look at crap $117,000 houses and bitch because they want all the features of a $750K house.

by ImaMessreply 9904/04/2012

I want to tie Scott McGillivray down, strip him naked...and give him a decent haircut.

(The naked part is just a bonus.)

by ImaMessreply 10004/04/2012

I miss Paul James and Gardening by the Yard. Also, Rebecca whatshername and her garden show. I think HGTV also featured Gardens of the World at one time. There was another garden show that was more like meditation than anything. It was slow and serene very relaxing and made you want to go out and create a garden.

There isn't any show on now that features gardening topics, help, etc. Same thing with Food Network. I had a hard time finding a cooking show today (looking for Easter dessert ideas) and all I could find was Ina Garten and Giada. Everything else was that competition crap.

by ImaMessreply 10104/04/2012

There was an Income Property on last night where Scott McGillivray introduced his wife. She is pretty

by ImaMessreply 10204/04/2012

I miss Small Spaces, Big Style. I loved seeing how people lived in under 1000sf - sometimes way under - and usually had clever space-saving solutions.

I'd probably be much happier in a smaller space...less to clean.

by ImaMessreply 10304/04/2012

I miss the originl Curb Appeal. They took it off for Curb Appeal The Block. I HATE that show and it's host.

He may be fine eye candy but he has no talent. All his makeovers are the same design.

I also loved Divine Design but they cancelled it for Candace's new show. Hate it.

by ImaMessreply 10404/05/2012

is anyone else but me struck by how AWFUL the music is for all the shows on HGTV?

by ImaMessreply 10504/06/2012

This thread is two years old.

by ImaMessreply 10604/06/2012

Why did that Canadian lady leave Property Virgins? I hate that new host. And Holmes on Holmes is shit on shit.

by ImaMessreply 10704/06/2012

[quote] Why did that Canadian lady leave Property Virgins? I hate that new host.

Bus stop rat bag, ha ha, SHERROD you are

by ImaMessreply 10804/06/2012

I cannot stand David and Color Splash. He has no talent as a painter or as an interior designer. He's a total amateur who has not improved with time.

I agree John has had some real misses on Curb Appeal recently. Most projects are great but he can create real nightmares as well.

The old Victory Garden was wonderful - a fantastic show. Morash (This Old House) sold it to a young and hip production team who tried to modernize it. It sorta worked with its gay host for a while (but it was dull and phoney), but then they dumped the gay guy for a former male stripper from Australia. That was a complete disaster and meltdown. The show ended a few years ago and PBS keeps repeating the last two disaster years over and over again. I wish they would bring back the original. What the new producers did to the show was unforgivable. They destroyed something wonderful.

by ImaMessreply 10904/06/2012

Haven't watched in ages. Of course I don't have cable anymore either. I sometimes catch Yard Crashers at a friends but I think that's on DIY. HHI was enjoyable but I do wonder how young twenty-something couples can afford beach front property in some of those locales. They must have a rich daddy.

I miss the Joan Steffend troll too.

by ImaMessreply 11004/06/2012

[quote] Why did that Canadian lady leave Property Virgins?

She has a new show now called "Buy Herself" starting April 16th, airing only on HGTV Canada but I'm sure that it will soon air on HGTV in the US as well.

by ImaMessreply 11104/06/2012

It's ironic that they show wall-to-wall real estate shows now when the housing market is in the crapper.

by ImaMessreply 11204/06/2012

I really want some popcorn counters, granite toilets, and a garden tub in my mancave. And stainless steel floors.

by ImaMessreply 11304/06/2012

I still wished that Awesome Interiors was still on. I loved Jennifer Convy. She seemed to be a doll.

by ImaMessreply 11404/06/2012

lots and lots of Canadians.

by ImaMessreply 11504/06/2012

Somebody should have a channel devoted to landscaping/gardening, realistic and affordable home decorating and dyi tips.

I would watch that channel.

I won't watch an unrealistic real estate channel.

by ImaMessreply 11604/06/2012

The gardening shows are awful. Let's dig up your perfectly fine garden, put some huge rocks in there and scatter some dirt. Hope you like it!

by ImaMessreply 11704/06/2012

I was never into the Gardening shows but I did like Paul James.

WEHT Designing for the Sexes?

Income Property is a little over the top, but Scott is SO easy on the eyes and I do like seeing the transformations.

Love it or list it is new to my radar. I like the concept, but the fake drama and attempts to create suspense are pretty laughable.

I miss Divine Design.

Holmes on Homes has some nice eye candy (not Holmes - but his son his hot (mike Holmes, J), and the second in command guy, Damon.

At the link, Damon is back row left, Mike Jr is back row, right.

by ImaMessreply 11804/07/2012

I like the show where Genevieve sets up a room with designer furnishings, then gets the real budget and redoes it for that amount of money. It just goes to show you how much of that shit is ridiculously overpriced.

I love the show though. I've gotten some good ideas from it.

by ImaMessreply 11904/07/2012

I can't even remember the last time I watched HGTV, and it used to be the channel I turned on and left it there.

Gardening shows, and not just Paul James, who I loved. Project shows, like Kitty Bartholomew's program, decorating shows where the host actually talked about design principles and how to solve problems in a room or create a room to function well. The adorable hunk and baseball player, Rick Spence.

The show about copying a really expensive room, where they would spend about $2,000 to copy a high-end $100K room. They always showed why some pieces were a good substitute, and other pieces that looked similar didn't work. Again, it was about design principles, like scale, balance, harmony and contrast.

The most recent show I can think of that actually shared useful information was the one five or six or more years ago where they let the homeowners choose colors based on what they wanted the room to feel like.

And for every color choice, they would have several options and the host would discuss what each color would do to the room and its atmosphere.

Whenever I have tried to watch in the last few years, it seems like all House Hunters all the time, and I'm just not interested.

I have a little frame house that's almost 100 years old, and I'm always working on some upgrade or change, and I used to love getting ideas from HGTV. In New Orleans or Key West, my house would be a little jewel-box bungalow, and there used to be lots of programs that featured houses similar enough to mine I could get ideas or see what could be done with it if I wanted to take it in a particular direction.

But the real estate shows I've seen the past few times I've checked in are mostly new construction, or the buyers sneer at a 25-year-old house and call it dated, or they take one look at a 10-year-old kitchen I would kill for and say, "The kitchen has to go."

I'm not looking for Joan Steffend's $500 artsy-craftsy room makeovers, but even that was more useful than what I've seen recently, as they at least always showed what a huge difference you can make with a gallon of paint.

by ImaMessreply 12004/07/2012

Met Lisa LaPorta in Trader Joes's and she was delightful. Told her how great she was and she loved it- she even called my partner on the phone and said hi.

I said we wanted her to do a show where they helped homebuyers fix up their new purchase before they move in- showing how to use their old furniture, etc. She said Clive had tried to sell that exact show to HGTV, called "Designed to Dwell" and it was turned down. Not enough expensive stuff to be sold during the episode.

by ImaMessreply 12104/07/2012

Fav show on HGTV - KITCHEN COUSINS! Now, if they could only do a topless show every once in a while. Super-hawt Anthony Carrino doens't take a great picture, but to me he looks like George Clooney's hotter younger brother

by ImaMessreply 12204/07/2012

Amen too that

by ImaMessreply 12304/07/2012

Oh, dear.

by ImaMessreply 12404/07/2012

all you naysayers need to take a look at Kitchen Cousins (Kissing Cousins?) hot guys, and Jon for sure has to be gay... and i'm tempted to believe he and Anthony are veryclose (if you get my drift).

by ImaMessreply 12504/12/2012

Good Grief ladies, it's not hot hawt the hosts are. It's how the show can help normal folks improve their homes/gardens.

About 75% of this thread is about eye candy.

by ImaMessreply 12604/12/2012

I believe that as well, R125.

As was mentioned in another thread, they have a couple-vibe to them.

by ImaMessreply 12704/12/2012

Come back to the DL Joan Steffand Troll, Joan Steffand Troll!

by ImaMessreply 12804/12/2012

For me, the best design show, hands down, is Sarah's House on Style. Great design, great taste, and no eye candy.

Luv me some Kitchen Cousins, too.

While he is gorgeous to look at, I despise most of David Bromstead's (sp?) work - cheap looking design and hideous wall "art".

by ImaMessreply 12904/13/2012

[quote]and i'm tempted to believe he and Anthony are veryclose (if you get my drift).

The drift you're a perv, and that you think two good looking cousins, even if one is straight will fool around? Yeah, we get it.

by ImaMessreply 13004/13/2012

R130 most states make marrying cousins legal.... so to imply that these hot men having sex is in no way pervy! just so you know. if you get MY drift.

by ImaMessreply 13104/13/2012

Thanks to HGTV it became almost impossible to find an older house with its original fixtures - nearly every charming cottage was tarted up with replacement granite countertops and one of those fucking apron-front sinks.

We found our 1920s house in the nick of time, just before the seller was about to rip out the kitchen and put in IKEA everything. And he laughed when we told him to not touch the black and pink tiled bathroom. Some houses should just continue to be what they are.

by ImaMessreply 13204/13/2012

I always wondered what would happen in the event that someone let one of these shows do some kind of makeover on their home, and the owner(s) ended up really hating it.

by ImaMessreply 13304/15/2012

R133, I remember one of the designers once being really cunty to a homeowner and saying, "Remember, you signed a contract. You have to let us do what we want."

So I assume that means they have to let the show crew finish it however they like until the taping is done, and then if the homeowner wants to change it, they can. But I assume they have to do the work and pay for it themselves.

I've posted upthread somewhere that I stopped watching HGTV years ago, but now I'm trying to start again, because I recently decided to add a room on to my house and enclose a covered porch for a sunroom/greenhouse room, and I want to see what they are showing now.

Though what I've seen over this weekend has not encouraged me.

I'm searching online and at magazines for photos of the kind of look I want, but I have seen nothing on HGTV that interested me at all. I haven't checked out their website yet, though, and I know they used to have that Rate My Room feature that was a good place to get ideas.

by ImaMessreply 13404/15/2012

Joan Steffand is an old lady now. I saw her on TV last week doing commercials for some retractable awning company. Her glory days are over.

by ImaMessreply 13504/15/2012

Give it up R131, you freak.

As for HGTV, I hate when they just destroy something that could be recycled or donated.

Take a show like Kitchen Crashers, que bad fake Eddie Van Halen guitar solo, and they proceed to put a sledgehammer through some perfectly good door or cabinet. Assholes! Habitat for Humanity would love that stuff. Ditto for the appliances they throw in the dumpster.

Someone should really do something about that.

by ImaMessreply 13604/15/2012

I still miss Joan Steffend's show too.

I miss the old Design On A Dime, as tacky and gimmicky as it usually was, too. The new one is horrible.

by ImaMessreply 13704/15/2012

I can't believe no one's mentioned that former CK model Joel West - who has aged EXTREMELY well - is the lead carpenter dude on the new incarnation of Design on a Dime. And they photograph him lovingly, way more carpenter time than usual.

by ImaMessreply 13804/15/2012

Joan Steffend's show was really the "Chopped" of HGTV.

In your basket, Joan, you have:

An screen door.

A box of pasta shells

Christmas Wrap

and a futon

You have 20 minutes to create a new kitchen, your time starts now!

by ImaMessreply 13904/15/2012

Wow R138 I had no idea Joel West was on HGTV. I was a huge fan of his back in the day. What a hunk - and as you say, he's aged well.

by ImaMessreply 14004/18/2012

That's obviously a toupee Joel West is wearing. he's been losing his hair since he was in his 20s.

by ImaMessreply 14104/18/2012

R86: I agree completely. My favorite thing about HGTV is that, rightly or wrongly, it is the only place on TV to see real same-sex couples of all kinds.

R136: Agreed about the wasting of perfectly good stuff.

I enjoy HH and HHI, but I do miss Lisa LaPorta and Clive Davis and Suzanne Whang, and besides that, I'm a fairly recent comer to HGTV, but I wish I'd seen some of these shows you're talking about. I would definitely love to know how to re-do some of my rooms and my yard on my budget. The shows on now aren't all that helpful for that.

by ImaMessreply 14204/20/2012

What's obviously fake is that House Hunters International show. Anyone else think it strange that on many of the shows from strange out of the way countries the so-called real estate agent is obviously an American? Most likely just some channel staffer posing, especially since the buyers already purchased the residence before they even went on the show.

Just more fake "reality" TV.

by ImaMessreply 14304/20/2012

I hate all the "crashers" shows. They make me uncomfortable. Even though it is all staged, the thought of some douche nearly assaulting people in stores to allow him to come to their homes, a total STRANGER, and re-do their houses or landscaping is, well, just kind of creepy. Who would DO that? The people weren't ASKING for help (although probably were picked before the show, obviously) And HOW FUCKING PUSHY! Just not a good concept.

by ImaMessreply 14404/20/2012

I've rarely seen an American real estate agent on HHI.

by ImaMessreply 14504/21/2012

Last night I was watching ome sort of garbage called "Flea Market Flip" and, damn-whoever the carpenter they have on that show (his name is either Josh or Justin) has GOT to be my new husband. I couldn't find any info on him, but, once I find out where he lives, we will be so involved.

by ImaMessreply 14604/21/2012

Too many House Hunter shows on now...and most of them have budgets beyond what the average person can spend on a house.

I watched Flea Market Flip on Friday---LOVED it! Great to see creativity and something all budgets can participate in. I hope the show continues.

by ImaMessreply 14704/23/2012

Does anyone remember the Joe Ruggiero Show with co-host Leslie Uggams? It aired during the early years of HGTV. Leslie didn't really do anything, except every once in awhile she would say something like, "Oh, I really like that chair!"

What was the name of that old show with the homely couple who would re-design a room on a VERY small budget?

by ImaMessreply 14804/23/2012

I used to love Designer's Challenge.

I would pick the designer correctly about half the time.

by ImaMessreply 14904/23/2012

I enjoy House Hunters International. But they've really dumbed it down this season. They show too much preview of the next segment before the commercials. And they show too much review of the previous segments after the commercial.

And I don't need to see constant close-ups of the buyers. Just take more time showing the house with voiceover, instead of fast blurry pans and MTV-style editing.

Oh, and I don't need to see the same clip more than once during the episode (ie. "Shawwwks? SHAAAWWWKS?!!! Shaaaaaaaaawwwwwwks???!!!!!")

by ImaMessreply 15004/23/2012

The whole channel seems dumbed down and bland. I don't care if someone wants to move to Thailand and buy a house.

And good God, get rid of David Bromstad. God. He's awful and his interiors suck.

by ImaMessreply 15104/23/2012

i so hoped that Carter Oosterhouse was gay. and even still wanted to believe he was when his marriage was announced. but then i saw the promo for his million $ show. seeing him "dance" in the disco room dashed all hopes of him being even bi!

by ImaMessreply 15205/07/2012

I really miss the mother/daughter realtor team on the show where they tried to tell homeowners why their dumps weren't selling.

I can't remember their names, or the name of the show, but those two heiffers could cut a bitch with their caustic remarks.

by ImaMessreply 15305/07/2012

Awesome Interiors?

by ImaMessreply 15405/07/2012

A new season of Design Star starts this month. It always has a couple of hottie designers to drool over.

David Bromstadt and that gross biker guy are the only winners who went on to become HGTV stars.

by ImaMessreply 15505/07/2012

I have in the past been an HGTV fanatic but my love has cooled. There's nothing even interesting anymore and saying that kills me. I have read some of your comments, personally I'm fed up with Gorder, Olson and Soto... I still love Verne, Steve Watson, John Giddings, Clive and Carter... and I do agree, Carter can't dance but he's still pretty...

by ImaMessreply 15607/06/2012


by ImaMessreply 15707/06/2012

I hate the eps where trashy Brits buy in Turkey. You've seen one Turkish house, you've seen them all.

by ImaMessreply 15807/06/2012


by ImaMessreply 15909/09/2012

I love Sarah's House with Tommy, her pocket gay assistant.

by ImaMessreply 16009/10/2012

HGTV needs to broaden their audience to compete with the other networks, as every single network is now doing reality-type programming.

So either they compete or fall by the wayside.

by ImaMessreply 16109/10/2012

I think Sarah's house is a total bore. I watched one episode. Her taste is boring and frauish. How far along is she now because I can't imagine it taking that long to get the house completely done.

by ImaMessreply 16209/10/2012

I'd much rather watch Joan Steffend than the superboring Mike Holmes or yet another version of House Hunters. I miss Clive and Lisa, too.

by ImaMessreply 16309/10/2012

I wish they'd bring back gardening shows that are actually informative and instructional in a larger sense, rather than only as it relates to curb appeal.

by ImaMessreply 16409/10/2012

I liked While You Were Out and the Painted House I think it was called--with the fun Brit.

by ImaMessreply 16509/10/2012

I like Sara's House too - but only because I enjoy watching Sara and her assistant. Whenever they get to the room reveal I'm always stunned by how awful it looks. I'm also very curious about the logistics of the show. The ones I'm watching now she's doing a new-build suburban tract house but does whoever buys it get all the furniture and decorations too? And, if not, what happens to them?

But, other than that, I agree, the network has gone from my "must watch" to my "almost never watch."

by ImaMessreply 16609/10/2012


The last two series that she did - a renovation of a townhouse in downtown Toronto and a renovation of a ranch-type house (Canadian back-split) in suburban Toronto - were both sold furnished.

by ImaMessreply 16709/10/2012

I miss Dream House which was on in the early 2000s. The show followed a family through the construction of their dream house from the planning stages to completion. The show presented a much more realistic portrayal of the home construction process (i.e. pitfalls, mistakes, cost overruns). Virtually every dream house ended up costing way more then the homeowners envisioned. The last season I remember watching they featured this trust fund bachelor who was building this 1 bedroom home on a steep hillside. A small project that was supposed to cost a couple hundred thousand ended up being well over a million dollars by the end of the series.

by ImaMessreply 16809/10/2012

[quote] I liked While You Were Out and the Painted House I think it was called--with the fun Brit.

I think you're talking about Debbie Travis and her shows. I miss her, and those shows.

by ImaMessreply 16909/10/2012

Yes! Thank you, R169.

by ImaMessreply 17009/10/2012

HGTV became more concerned with being very PC instead of focusing on decorating. The word "expert" became used instead of people with credentials. And every show seems to have an interracial couple way out of proportion to their actual numbers in society as if they are pushing that everyone hook up with a ethnicity other than their own.

by ImaMessreply 17109/10/2012

WHET Trading Spaces?

I like Genevieve but her show is so damn boring. Vern has turned into a bitchy old queen.

Page Davis ruined that show with her Home Shopping Network style hosting. She was so fucking obnoxious. Hildy was awesome.

by ImaMessreply 17209/10/2012

Thank you very much R167!

by ImaMessreply 17309/10/2012

In regards to R172, Trading Spaces was ended in 2008 after a run of 8 seasons according to the IMBD website. My recollection was that it suffered from overexposure. All of the 'good' talent i.e. Hildi, Doug, Ty had left the show for other projects and the show was left with the second or third tier designers. They also created a spin-off show Trading Spaces Family which only lasted about a season which further contributed to its overexposure. The final death nail was TLC's decision to move the show's time slot around so much that no one watched it at the end. TLC's While You Were Out suffered the same fate.

I have a question for any New Yorkers, what is the deal with the Novagratzs and how the hell did they get their own show on HGTV? Are they really well-known in NYC? And how can you afford to raise 5+ kids (who probably all attend private prep schools in the city)unless you are independently wealthy doing small peanuts renovation projects. (They also appear to do none of the actual work themselves.) Neither the husband or wife has any formal design credentials, and this is in a city with more licensed architects than anywhere else in the USA. Who would willingly give their business to people whose only skill seems to be sourcing items at overpriced NYC boutiques.

by ImaMessreply 17409/10/2012

You want to know how to bring the magic back, baby? ME. And not with some fucking $20 budget to redo a "great room."

Twenty bucks. To do a great room. I'm not kidding. You think I wanted to make a Kicky Cantina-Style Homework Nook in there? Hell, no. I had 24 hours, some scrap plywood and an old plastic booth I found behind a Taco Bell. That's what I fucking had. And I made it WORK.

What would you do with a bunch of rusted drawer pulls you found in a Dumpster? Not so easy, is it? Well, I'll tell you what I did. I fucking hot-glued them to some rocks I found in the garden and made Rustic Paperweights. What the fuck? I mean, if you've got a better idea, bring it on. Move over, Genevieve Gorder.

And don't get me started on Decorating With No Budget. How many fucking times can I pull a couch out from the wall and put it on an angle? HOW MANY TIMES? What the fuck else am I supposed to do? Grab a table from the bedroom and put it in the living room? Yeah, I've already done that. They can put their bedroom lamps on the floor. I really don't give a shit.

Seriously. Candice Olson would get something like $50,000, CANADIAN, to do a 10x10 spare room. AND a carpenter. AND an electrician. I was stuck begging for leftover tempera paints from elementary schools. BUT I MADE IT WORK. I MADE IT FUCKING WORK.

Fuck HGTV. Just...FUCK it.

by ImaMessreply 17509/10/2012

I love the Joan Steffend troll.

by ImaMessreply 17609/10/2012

Oh, Joan, glorious Joan. I have missed you. And you made me practically snort my own wine through my nose.

by ImaMessreply 17709/10/2012

Brava, Joan. Brava.

by ImaMessreply 17809/11/2012

Why is HGTV having so much trouble keeping hosts and good shows? First they got rid of 'Room by Room'. Then 'Extreme Homes,' which evidently after a six year hiatus is now called 'You Live Where?' ' Curb Appeal' has gone through what 4 or 5 hosts? They got rid of Chris, Susan Wong, Clive, Joan and now Sandra. I miss Paul the gardening guy. Grant Goodeve from 'If Walls Could Talk. I like Mike Holmes. Not happy that they keep getting rid of hosts or as they keep saying " did not renew their contract'. If they want to only show real estate shows then call it RETV. Show us a Design Star that has actual everyday people and not all these stuck up designers. David was the first but Miami ain't for me and I'm IN Florida!!

by ImaMessreply 17909/11/2012

HGTV is out of touch with the majority of Americans. The budgets for renovations is not unreasonable but who has any money anymore? Get real. Renovate for less than a $1000 per room, repurpose, recycle and do not buy $1500 kitchen faucets.

by ImaMessreply 18009/16/2012


by ImaMessreply 18109/17/2012

HGTV use to be my favorite show because of the variety. Now it is just House Hunters or House Hunters International..Oh ya,throw in a few of the real estate shows.What ever happened to the designing shows and decorating shows??? So, so boring...they might as well take it off the air.

by ImaMessreply 18209/17/2012

R180 is spot on! I'm renovating my kitchen and the money these people spend on one room is the amount I would spend to fix my whole house!

by ImaMessreply 18309/18/2012

The problem is that to finance these shows, the sponsors want their products showcased. They don't want HGTV to show you how to redecorate or overhaul a kitchen on a budget. The homeowners on the show are not paying for the Aladdin 8 burner range with grill, salamander and double oven.

Short sighted, since very few of the viewers can either.

by ImaMessreply 18409/18/2012

Folks, folks. HGTV in America is pay-to-play. That means ALL the shows are bought as ads for realtors, contractors, designers, or landscaping companies. The Property Brothers are only brothers, were never a realtor or a contractor. Underwear model? Magician? Mime? Yep. In Canada, the shows are paid for by the Canadian gov to subsidize Canadian content, an ancient silly useless law that tried to keep Canadian TV mostly Canadian before every Canadian had satellite watching mostly US channels. Holmes doesn't work in the US because the Canadian gov subsidizes HIS shows 100%. In Canada your favorite "stars" work for the Canadian gov; in the US they are buying advertisements they hope you will mistake for TV shows. AS IF ANYONE watches the wax creeps of "Selling _____". HGTV sells TV time; they don't "produce" a bit of TV. Every HGTV star has a sugar daddy or sugar mama (sometimes BOTH) paying for their fame. Now you know why Clive is gone, replaced by Jonathan and Drew. Underwear model. We've been had.

by ImaMessreply 18511/30/2012

I stopped watching HGTV when shows like Room by Room (cheesy but entertaining), Rebecca's Garden, and Paul James Gardening by the Yard were cancelled. I remember thinking how cool it was to watch a network that had gardening and decorating tips for the average person.

Now I search PBS or local stations for programming like HGTV used to be.

I remember when HGTV aired Gardens of the World with Audrey Hepburn on Sunday afternoon. Heaven.

by ImaMessreply 18611/30/2012

What was that British show that featured the red-headed, big titted woman that was on constantly? God, did I get burned out on her. Was that HGTV? They would show it non-stop.

Does A&E still have the home staging show with Roger the Bear?

by ImaMessreply 18711/30/2012

i can not stand those damn house hunter shows. and they seem to show them ALL THE TIME! now that high/low show, and when (if) they come back -- the kitchen (kissing) cousins show is all that's left to watch.

by ImaMessreply 18811/30/2012

R57 Some "honky"? Are you living in the 70s? Wouldn't like it if someone called you a racial name but you think it's okay for you to spew your ignorance??

by ImaMessreply 18912/01/2012

I am so disappointed in HGTV. That used to be the first channel I would go to. Not any more. I absolutely HATE "Love It or List It" It's like watching the movie Ground Hog Day...the same stuff over and over. There are NO design shows at all. Only house hunters, and the like. And in our economy "Million dollar rooms" is almost offensive. I miss "Design On a Dime" The show that they redid a room for under $500, and another show where items were moved from other rooms in the house to make a statement in another room. (I use that technique all the time and it is quite effective). I also liked "deserving design" and I hated Dear Genevieve. I don't even watch anymore.

by ImaMessreply 19012/01/2012

I used to love HGTV. I thought I was missing something, like did all the designing shows go to another channel?? I started searching around and didn't find any, so i guess their all just canceled.. booo you HGTV!

by ImaMessreply 19101/12/2013

Kitchen Cousins, MMMMMMMMMMM

by ImaMessreply 19201/12/2013

Except for Candice Olsen, most of those design shows really sucked balls. Most of them were not even real designers. Mostly Frous with a pantsuit.

Design on a dime? Trading Space with foil on the ceiling as a sub for silver leaf? Really? That crap had to go.

Their strategy now is to pretend the show is doing one thing, like remodeling a house, while their real secret sexy male hunks posing as contractors. No one over 40. Right out of the Hollywood rule book. Wished my plumber looked like that.

by ImaMessreply 19301/12/2013

Sorry but the younger guy on Kitchen Cousins lately is really annoying! He is so high strung that I want to bang him over the head with a frying pan. Yes, I am aware the guy is extremely happy he is getting married ,but he really needs to calm down, good grief! Their designs are not very good at all in their previous show and their new show as well.BTW, the buffer of the two cousins is really hoter!! Is he gay? Man! Those Italians!Hello!

OP said what happened to HGTV? Well, the major issue is 99% of the so called designers do the same dam minimalist thing!There used to be individualism on HGTV now if you have seen one show you have seen them all. They are a major joke!They had a show on how to have a minimalist Christmas show! Who wants a minimalist bland Christmas? When people decorate for Christmas, everyone self expresses themselves in all out fun! They usually do their own thing with no rules! They are hypocritical as well because they talk about the ecology often ,yet they don't use antiques, and re salvaged architectural pieces.

I do love Rehab Addiction and I think the lady on that show is amazing and I give her a lot of credit for being really tough and a survivor.But unfortunately HGTV stated her show is mainly on the DIY Channel ,and I don't get that channel. Salvage Dawgs is really fantastic and fun! If you haven't watched that show, please do so because its great! I love, Love It or List, yes I know its a set up but its still fun. House Hunters and House Hunters International. Flea Market Finds is fantastic too!

I really highly miss If These Walls Could Talk. The host on that show was hot! Now they just have reruns of the show because I guess its no longer on.

by ImaMessreply 19401/12/2013

God, reading this thread made me remember all those people from HGTV's glory days who I had forgotten about Joan and her daughter, Clive and Lisa LaPorta, Suzanne many people we've lost. I'm crying.

by ImaMessreply 19501/12/2013

R194, your are such an old queen, I can tell by you love of antiques and flea markets. Gay men stopped doing that back in the 70's. You have got to be pushing 50 or almost 60.

by ImaMessreply 19601/12/2013

What do you all think about a show for hgtv where the host is a designer with over 20 years experience and is older than the typical 30-40 year old host. Does age matter if the content of the show is fun and you actually learn something about design? What do people say.....does age matter in a host? Let's say the host is 50, but very entertaining and brings a wealth of design know how....I would much rather have HGTV put shows on with people who really know what they are doing and actually show people how to do their houses.

by ImaMessreply 19701/12/2013

Food Network is almost as bad. No more variety of different cooking shows - instead they show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives with the repugnant Guy Fieri over and over and over again.

Why? Is there anyone out there that is sitting down in front of their tv at night and watching a three hour block of this twaddle? It doesn't make any sense.

They do the same thing with Chopped sometimes, but at least it's cooking and the regulars aren't repellent personalities.

by ImaMessreply 19801/12/2013

Oh, God--Trading Spaces with Hildi the bitch! She is SO lucky someone didn't shoot/slap her ass...

by ImaMessreply 19901/12/2013

No mention of Love it or List it? I kind of like that show. It's very formulaic and they keep showing the same B roll of the guy frantically "looking" for listings in his car like he's hunting free WiFi off unsuspecting suburban cul de sacs. Then there's the woman designer who always hits a huge snag and can't give the homeowners any of their "must-haves".

They need to ramp this up somehow before it gets too boring but I think it's one of the better concepts in house hunting.


by ImaMessreply 20001/12/2013

Wow, I had forgotten about many of the great, quality shows that used to make are all reminding me of them. Decorating Cents with Joan mom and I would snark on that all the time, it was awesomely horrendous. But, Joan was a great host, so nice and down to earth. I loved Kitty Bartholomew and her striking gray streaks. Room by corny and every kitchen had to have trailing ivy above the cabinets. But, Matt and Shari did give great practical advice. Now, HGTV is just a frenetic mess, as is Food Network. Candice Olson and Ina Garten are my saving graces on those networks.

by ImaMessreply 20101/12/2013

Do you want to love it?

Or liss tit?

by ImaMessreply 20201/12/2013

hardwood floors, open floor plan, stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, ensuite bathroom, jacuzzi tub, walk in closet, dual sinks zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

by ImaMessreply 20301/12/2013

Haha R202, isn't he a dweeb?

by ImaMessreply 20401/12/2013

But whoever does the make-overs for the houses is a genius. I could really use their help.

by ImaMessreply 20501/12/2013

I love the Property Brothers....fake or not. They are sweet. I could watch them all day.

by ImaMessreply 20601/12/2013

I agree with you R206. Those poor guys on Property Brothers seem so nice, and they do all of this renovation work and you hear these spoiled American couples bitch about things like they had to use a microwave for one week and sleep in the garage. Which they consider to be hell on earth. I cringe when I watch the way people act because 9 out of 10 the complainers are Americans, and I think these two Canadian hotties must think we are so spoiled, LOL! BTW, David on Love It Or List It is married. Before I found out he is married, I got a strong vibe the guy is gay big time? oh well! I think he is handsome in an average way.

BTW, is it just me or is anyone ever annoyed at these spoiled young couples who look at these houses and complain on House Hunters as well? They bitch if a house is older than 5 years! Their taste is hideous and boring like Lazy Boyish, Ikeaish, run of the mill cookie cutter! Yet they can look at gorgeous chandeliers in a dining room and CALL THEM HIDEOUS AND UGLY?!! WHAAAA? There are many things they look at that are beautiful and exquisite, and they bitch and whine being obnoxious saying this or that looks like their grandmother's place?! What the hell?! I hate it when these losers use that term. My mother gets pissed off when they say that because she says, I would never decorate my home like that what is their problem? What is wrong with these younger spoiled jerks!

There was one episode , which this couple who were around their late 40's, not the usual young newlywed couple that they have looking at homes on this show, were looking at these gorgeous mansions. The laddie's husband walked into this one mansion which had two extremely beautiful original columns, and he says in a whiny way, oh we we would have to rip these out because they look like grandma's house. And then next he walks into this gorgeous dining room with a breath taking chandelier, and the realtor said the crystals were Austrian hand cut crystals. The guy says to the realtor, oh my gosh that is hideously ugly! It looks like my grandma's house. The realtor just kind of looked at the guy like, is he serious? These couples are the epitome of dumb and dumber!

by ImaMessreply 20701/13/2013

The House Hunters couples are usually pretty dense. They'll say they want an old house with charm... and then bitch because the rooms aren't big enough. Well, most older homes have smaller floor plans. Or they'll say they want a home right by the water... and then cry about the price. Any homes on the water are going to be 25-50% more, at least. They will constantly contradict their own wish list.

by ImaMessreply 20801/13/2013

I miss the gardening shows also, but love Cousins on call.

by ImaMessreply 20901/13/2013

I'm disappointed that House Hunters International now features mostly rental apartments. Who cares about some nondescript rental apartment in Berlin?

by ImaMessreply 21001/13/2013

The couples on House Hunters with the most limited budgets are the first to complain that a house doesn't have all high-end finishings and isn't in a planned community (yuck!)

by ImaMessreply 21101/13/2013

I don't even watch it anymore. I find it to be too irritating.

by ImaMessreply 21201/13/2013

I used to watch HGTV every day, but I dropped it several years ago and replaced it with the Food channel. Now that the Food channel has gone downhill with that hideous Guy Fieri, I've started watching the Cooking channel, which is much better.

by ImaMessreply 21301/13/2013

Why do they all want open concept everything?

Why do the Property Brothers promise these great renovations before they know what they have a clear idea of what they're deal with. "Oh we're going to knock down all the walls" "Oh I'm sorry, these are all load baring walls and can't be removed"

by ImaMessreply 21401/13/2013

For some reason, it's like all the channels that started out with a focused theme are hardly even about their theme anymore. MTV is no longer about music (hasn't been for a few decades), The Travel Channel isn't about travel much anymore, HGTV has gone from being about decorating and gardening to being basically a real estate show with endless "House Hunters", LOGO is no longer about gays...all these channels don't know what the fuck they're doing anymore.

I'm glad I got rid of my extended cable. Don't miss it at all.

by ImaMessreply 21501/13/2013

After watching all these Canadian based shows on HGTV, I have learned this about Canada and Canadians...

Sometime 60 years ago ALL housing was built in Canada. They were all exactly the same house and all of them were brick duplexes. Whoever built them were determined to make them as unattractive as possible.

Canadians have simple needs. All they want is an Open plan and an ensuite. If they have those two things, then they stop complaining.

They also must have a finished basement so they have a place for their children's toys.

They whine even more than Americans

by ImaMessreply 21601/13/2013

The Canadian shows are strange to me because they all have row house looking homes or, as R216 stated, old houses and the weather is always gray and dreary looking as if they only film in winter.

by ImaMessreply 21701/13/2013

I immensely love old homes because they have unique individual character. However, what is with Canadian homes because most of them are attached and linear.They no charter and old charm? What the hell? All they are, are hundreds of townhouses.

by ImaMessreply 21801/15/2013

Yes, R216, and as we've learned from "Love It or List It," the plumbing and the wiring in the moldy basements always need to be completely ripped out and the concrete needs to be re-poured, preventing the whiny couple from getting two of their must-haves.

by ImaMessreply 21901/15/2013

Is an "en suite" some big deal in other countries? It's standard here for masters.

by ImaMessreply 22001/15/2013

R219,I know in the Untied States we have house issues ,but most of these shows that do renovations in Canada always come across dangerous issues. Do they not build homes that well in Canada? Also, do they try to cut costs and government regulations when people install wiring and other things in their homes? because it seems like there is always a constant issue in Canada?

by ImaMessreply 22101/15/2013

[quote] I'm disappointed that House Hunters International now features mostly rental apartments. Who cares about some nondescript rental apartment in Berlin?

Agreed. And since when did someone's rental accommodation become a point of great interest? I think they've killed it now, but at the depths of the financial crisis they had a House Hunters equivalent for apartment hunters in suburban St. Louis with a $450/month budget and a long list of demands. No, the landlord is not going to switch out the black appliances for stainless steel -- it's a cheap fucking rental. Ridiculous.

Back to House Hunters International, there's little point in securing camera crews in far-flung locations unless the properties have some interest. That rules out a lot of rental properties, and also the lowest priced end of the housing stock nearly everywhere. The least expensive houses and apartments are not going to exhibit any interesting qualities of Edinburgh or Paris of Stockholm or Prague or Lima. (And who cares about executive rentals in Singapore, or a golf community time-share condo in Belize, or some daft British chick who wants to reinvent herself and open a dingy B&B in a cinderblock hovel 20 minutes by taxi from Bondi Beach?)

Show decent properties and let the properties do the work - not all of the personal backstory and constant reiteration.

by ImaMessreply 22201/15/2013

Now they have House Hunters renovation which I think is fantastic and a great change.

by ImaMessreply 22301/15/2013

It's too bad that all of the shows made in the US are faked. They don't have to be, in Canada they can't legally do it and the shows that are produced and shot there are just as good. I think it's simply about money. The fake shows are easier to produce - like fast food burgers - and taste good to the public. Plus, you can show them over and over again and people don't get tired of them. They become cash cows for the production company that makes them. All decisions are made for money. The public is completely duped - they want to be - and the producers just laugh at them as they calculate their profits.

I miss the old shows as well - the garden shows have completely vanished - nothing is left but these silly renovation shows. That's were the advertising bucks are - Home Depot, Loews and Sherwin-Williams. There are no dollars these days in nursery plant companies like Proven Winners.

What would I do without the BBC online - the best gardening shows are there. PBS just runs ancient reruns of Victory Garden.

by ImaMessreply 22401/15/2013

I used to like that decorating show with some older, obviously gay man decorating for a couple. Kind of like a his/hers combined into one.

by ImaMessreply 22501/15/2013

R225 Yes, Designing for the Sexes, Michael Payne was the designer and was pretentious as hell, but he did strike a nice balance. That too was seemed staged as they always seemed to go to a pick out furniture at a place that had her extreme taste, his extreme taste and Michael Payne's "oh, I think I know exactly what you want right over there!"

by ImaMessreply 22601/15/2013

I also liked Decorators/Landscapers Challenge, a show where a couple was looking for either a home or lawn redo and had to choose between 3 designers and then they would show the finished product. Sigh...the early days of HGTV.

Whatever became of that chubby, curly haired girl who won Design Challenge, got a show and then it was cancelled. I think she won the one after David Bromstad.

by ImaMessreply 22701/15/2013

I love Canadian designer Sarah Richardson. Does HGTV still produce new shows with her? They aired her old Xmas special on HGTV last month.

by ImaMessreply 22801/15/2013

R228, as I recall, her last few shows involved buying and flipping houses.

by ImaMessreply 22901/15/2013

It's too bad that all of the shows made in the US are faked. They don't have to be, in Canada they can't legally do it

R224, wait a minute! "Love it or list it" is not fake to a certain degree? Every episode the homeowners run into the same predicament with Hillary. It's so obvious that the producers tell the homeowners to conjure up some drama. Its to the point that its like a broken record.

by ImaMessreply 23001/17/2013

HGTV used to the channel we'd watch whenever I went over to my mother's house and cooked big family dinners. She has a tv in the kitchen and we'd go in there and cook, watch HGTV and drink wine. Now, we never watch it. All the good shows are gone it seems like they run hours of House Hunters and not even the HHI shows, which are a little more interesting.

by ImaMessreply 23101/17/2013

Candiance Olse and Selling New York , come on HGTV too many re-runs. Property Brothers needs to go.

by ImaMessreply 23201/18/2013

I still watch HH, HHI and Love It or List It. And I like the weird-homes-show (i.e. used to be a barn, or lighthouse, etc.)

But no matter what it is, it all is so repetitive and predictable now. With Love It or List It and Property Brothers, you *know* they are going to find some sort of structural issue.

Hillary can never, ever, EVER do what she originally promised the home owners. Same with the (gay) Property Brothers.

As for HH and HHI, it's also got the mega predictable stories. HH is always about someone wanting more than their budget allows. HHI tends to be Americans complaining about how small the bathroom, or bedroom, or kitchen is in their new overseas home.

I wish they'd do more about DIY stuff, or show cool places to buy vintage furniture. If they are just going to show apartments and cities, they should subtract the renters/buyers and do a show that's just a profile of cool neighborhoods and homes in a particular city.

by ImaMessreply 23301/18/2013

Holmes on Homes can be a bore, but Mike's son is hotter than hell.

by ImaMessreply 23401/18/2013

The Kitchen cousins were on Good Morning America today... very good looking in their snug jeans and one sports quite the bulge.

by ImaMessreply 23501/18/2013

Who was the brunette ho that was the host of EVERYTHING about two years ago?

I'm pretty sure she was Canadian, and she'd always take the "My First Home" people around to find them a place.

But then she was also in the States, too. She was EVERYWHERE.

WHET to that HO?

by ImaMessreply 23601/18/2013

[quote] I agree with you [R206]. Those poor guys on Property Brothers seem so nice, and they do all of this renovation work and you hear these spoiled American couples bitch about things like they had to use a microwave for one week and sleep in the garage. Which they consider to be hell on earth. I cringe when I watch the way people act because 9 out of 10 the complainers are Americans, and I think these two Canadian hotties must think we are so spoiled, LOL!

You massive idiot. The entire show is fake. The nice, sweet property brothers are actors who know nothing about home renovating. The drama about deadlines and complaints and budget is all phony. It's scripted. They've already bought the home. Fake drama and complaints are deliberately scattered through the show like fertilizer in a garden.

by ImaMessreply 23701/18/2013

[quote] It's too bad that all of the shows made in the US are faked. They don't have to be, in Canada they can't legally do it


by ImaMessreply 23801/18/2013

OMG...just watched HHI and the HOTTEST man was on it. He was 6 foot 10 and moved with his frau to Singapore.

His name was Cooper and OMG, he was hotter than hell.

by ImaMessreply 23901/19/2013

[quote] The nice, sweet property brothers are actors who know nothing about home renovating.

Former porn actors? (That's the only reason I can figure for Jonathan's bad 80s hair and highlights.)

by ImaMessreply 24001/21/2013

All these House Hunter people talk about is entertaining and having friends and family visit. How much fucking entertaining do these people do?

I'd love to see them revisit these couples a few years later to see how many of them (1) are in foreclosure; and (2) divorcing.

by ImaMessreply 24101/21/2013

How about the past couples on property brothers are they in foreclosure or divorce court anyone with info.

Hgtv cancel their shows but I guess that would impossible since that what the public wants and has anyone checked their facebook pages pretty sad their fan base female. They posted on facebook too busy to answer questions but have their office assistants, but not too busy to take on another fake show

by ImaMessreply 24201/26/2013

R242 is English your second language or were you imbibing before posting?

by ImaMessreply 24301/27/2013

[quote]All these House Hunter people talk about is entertaining and having friends and family visit. How much fucking entertaining do these people do?

They don't really. They just think if they get a nice house and kitchen they will. Sometimes they will have a fake "party" at the end of these shows and there's barely a handful of people there.

by ImaMessreply 24401/27/2013

Likewise, just how real is the supposed need for accommodations for the friends and family that are going to visit the International House Hunters. How many people have friends that can just jet off for a weekend to spend with their old friends who relocated to Bangkok or Marrakesh? If they did have such wealthy friends they sure as hell wouldn't be staying with their old friends in the hole in the wall places that the House Hunters couples buy, more likely five star hotels.

Another related question, I wonder how many of the HH International couples stay in the city that they relocate to? Most seem to relocate for short term work, or school, or the really out there couples do it for a change of scenery. My guess is they are out of their new 'home' as soon their money or contract evaporates. I bet some don't even make it even that long. I think that the show seriously underplays/ignores the culture shock and adjustment required to live in a completely foreign country.

by ImaMessreply 24501/27/2013

I would be scared to death to buy real estate in a foreign country.

Isn't it also true that you have to pay totally in cash?

by ImaMessreply 24601/27/2013

It's turned into nothing but House Hunters shows where the people bitch and moan about every little thing - like wanting a 1920s house with historical charm but complaining endlessly about the lack of closet space, tiny kitchens and no continuous flow between the rooms for the entertaining they must constantly do. Ugh. It's a 1920s house, bitch. What do you expect? And if it's not House Hunters it's the ridiculous Yard Crasher-type programs where they take someone's barren backyard (that's obviously never been given a second thought nor maintained) and turn it into a lavish entertainment mecca with water features, fire features, thatched roof gazebos, outdoor kitchens and other trendy things that will make their life so wonderful. All this behind their ugly cinder block tract house. I like DIY network a little better...but not much.

by ImaMessreply 24701/27/2013

They've ruined House Hunters International by showing mainly renters now. They showed a couple moving to Singapore looking at cheap apartments which were nothing more than 4 blank walls. How is that remotely interesting? They might as well be following a couple looking for an inexpensive apartment in Toledo, Ohio.

by ImaMessreply 24801/27/2013

Did Canada not go through a housing bubble? Some of those prices are crazy.

by ImaMessreply 24901/27/2013

I've only seen one couple on Property Bros. with a legitimate need for extensive entertaining space. He was Persian and his entire extended family was over several times a week for dinner.

by ImaMessreply 25001/27/2013

[quote] Did Canada not go through a housing bubble? Some of those prices are crazy.

Not really, at least not in Toronto where most of those shows are set. A 550 square foot chicken coop in a shoddily constructed condo building downtown can easily set you back 350K+. A lot of wealthy foreign investors (from Russia, Iran, etc) are buying Toronto apartments for cash as investment property and driving the prices of downtown real estate up.

by ImaMessreply 25101/27/2013

Do they have doctorin' and lawyerin' jobs in Tranna?

by ImaMessreply 25201/27/2013

[quote] All this behind their ugly cinder block tract house.

The seasons on HH that were filmed in California and Arizona were the most dreary. All the houses were sad cinder block ranches with excessive paneling, cheap tiny windows that are high up on the wall, making you feel like you're in a basement, and a tiny plot out behind the house consisting of a broken cement patio and weeds.

They'd return 3 months later and not much had changed. The people usually had taken down a kitchen wall and gushed about their "updated mid century classic."

by ImaMessreply 25301/27/2013

The one they did in Tokyo was interesting, R248. It showed what the couple's limited budget could afford country vs city. I liked seeing the traditional Japanese house vs the modern apartment. Doesn't really matter it they were going to rent or buy.

But I do like the buying episodes much better.

by ImaMessreply 25401/27/2013

What is with people and their kids on these shows, House Hunters, Love it or List it, etc. Its like on the set of Everybody Loves Raymond which their house is always messy! Their kids toys are all over the place. When I was a kid, we were taught after we were done playing with our toys to put them away.We were taught responsibility ,but now it seems like parents raise their kids to get away with anything and everything and their are no boundaries.

I'm not trying to be preachy ,but you see these commercials ,which these kids acting like brats and kicking drawers etc. and you see this frau smiling grabbing a paper towel cleaning up after the brat. If me and my brother and sister pulled that on our parents, we would have been punished for that behavior.

by ImaMessreply 25501/27/2013

Get real, r255. You can't be so retarded as to think the producers of the show don't tell the families to put toys around the house. They are all looking to buy because "their growing family is outgrowing their small home." This is why the families are claiming to need a new house. On TV, your visual for a home that is getting crowded by a growing family is to show toys all around.

by ImaMessreply 25601/27/2013

R256, I'm aware of that. However, these people today who have little kids are so spoiled. If they just get rid of stuff that they don't use, and stop being so sloppy, their homes would be fine. My parents both worked and we lived in a very small apartment because my parents couldn't afford to buy a house. My brother, sister, and I worked with what we had and kept our rooms very clean and liveable. Also, we would get rid of many toys as we grew because we didn't play with them anymore and we gave them to charity. My mother cleaned out drawers, cabinets, etc. If my famliy didn't use something, again, it was given to charity for someone else who could use it. World's smallest violin is playing for these spoiled parents with kids now a days. Some of their homes that they live in is not that bad ,and they are not living in tiny apartments.

by ImaMessreply 25701/27/2013

I forgot about National Open House. I miss Suzanne Whang, Lisa LaPort, Steve Watson and Clive ...

I loved the Canadian series, BUY ME as well as BANG FOR YOUR BUCK. I was never a fan of MY FIRST PLACE

My favorite show used to MY HOUSE iS WORTH WHAT? But the collapse of the U.S. housing market, killed he show

by ImaMessreply 25801/27/2013

The brothers are fake so good at being fake they have another show which is also phoney as they. Hgtv stop the madness as stop dumbing us downr

by ImaMessreply 25901/27/2013

They have that new show on actor Bronson Pinchot restoring his historic 1820s home. I love that show ,and I love his enthusiastic love for history and finding architectural pieces to restore the original integrity of his home. His antique architectural pieces are truly beautiful! I love that he buys everything original and he is recycling everything.

by ImaMessreply 26001/28/2013

Oh man! I totally agree with you R258. I also miss HGTV when the station first aired. Each person had a unique style, perspective, and expression to design which was superb. One designer focused on classic design, another modern, contemporary, etc. Now its either minimalism or its contemporary which is completely butt ugly like Nicky Hilton's mansion that is up for sale. So the problem is HGTV today, caters to a very narrow audience, and if you are a person who likes let say, classic decor and furnishings which transcends time or a person who likes Victorian, Country, design with a lot of antiques used in the decor,on and on, your style isn't acknowledged and HGTV has become like its this way or no way.

by ImaMessreply 26101/28/2013

R259, These guys are real!! Read this! Good Grief!

Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott

Learn more about Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott of Property Brothers.

Real estate’s twin brother duo, Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott, has a knack for finding down-and-out fixer-uppers and turning them into perfect properties for their clients on HGTV’s Property Brothers.

Jonathan, a licensed contractor, and Drew, a seasoned agent, have invested nearly 15 years in the real estate industry. In 2004 they founded Scott Real Estate Inc., a company that oversees the sales and construction of residential and commercial projects. With offices in Vancouver, Calgary and Las Vegas, the firm now services hundreds of clients and employs dozens of workers.

The brothers are as passionate about performing as they are about properties. Jonathan and Drew have been involved in film and television since they were kids, and in 2002 they founded Dividian Production Group with their older brother JD. When not spending time on camera, Jonathan is an award-winning illusionist in Las Vegas and Drew focuses his attention on directing and producing films.

by ImaMessreply 26201/28/2013

Don't forget R255 the ugly furniture always shoved up against the walls in a huge den leaving a large empty space in the room. Some of those people have no idea about furniture placement.

by ImaMessreply 26301/28/2013

So the people who said the Scott brothers were fake please speak up.

by ImaMessreply 26401/28/2013

Jonathan is an illusionist in Vegas? What Diva does he impersonate?

by ImaMessreply 26501/28/2013

The Hawaii version of HH is pretty interesting to see the extreme differences between styles of the 48 next to Hawaii. I also love that everyone, including the realtor, is barefoot when touring all the properties.

by ImaMessreply 26601/28/2013

HGTV, the Food Network, NatGeo and all of the other cable stations with these fake shows should be sued by the Feds and shut down. This is a huge scandal, I am serious.

by ImaMessreply 26701/28/2013

I could watch John Gidding all day.

by ImaMessreply 26801/28/2013

HGTV and the Food Network are both owned by Scripps-Howard. Once upon a time, Scripps Howard was a chain of major newspapers.

by ImaMessreply 26901/28/2013

I say they are fake and phoney. They are actors, who attended the SAG awards last night what does that tell you and please they must be gay they do not come out and ever admit their preferenc

by ImaMessreply 27001/28/2013

R268, who is his boyfriend? Is he a top or bottom?

by ImaMessreply 27101/29/2013

The property brothers just well change the network to PBTV. I still believe its fake if you see the closing credits they have writer. These are very kinda creep too close.

by ImaMessreply 27201/30/2013

i like mike holmes. don't like selling new york. who can afford a 6 milliom home. hgtv go back to basic.

by ImaMessreply 27302/08/2013

I didn't know people still watch HGTV. This channel went down the drain back in 2008 or 2009. Same with the Travel Channel and Food Network.

by ImaMessreply 27402/08/2013

Totally agree with all posters. All that channel does anymore is Property Brothers, it seems. EVERY damned night. Property Virgins lost its edge when Sandra Rinomato left. Clive and Lisa are gone. I never can find any shows with Genevieve Gorder or Candace Olsen. Are they just on in Saturday repeats now? Occasionally I will see a Curb Appeal with John Gidding but not enough. Evenings are always those damned Property Brothers! All the fun people are gone. All the fun shows are gone. House Hunters is a crashing bore anymore. Boring people looking at boring houses. I think HGTV clearly jumped the shark a few years ago.

by ImaMessreply 27502/08/2013

Anthony Carrino makes me hard.

by ImaMessreply 27602/08/2013

R275 Yep, they screwed up when they got rid of their best hosts (Rick Spence from Curb Appeal, Clive and Lisa from Designed to Sell, etc). And that House Hunters shit is so fucking lame and tired now.

by ImaMessreply 27702/08/2013

I watched an episode of House Hunters yesterday, family from outside of Boston looking for a summer home on Cape Cod. The usual schtick, but what made it twenty times worse was they brought their sixteen-year-old daughter along to look at -- and then decide upon -- a house.

If you've never wanted to kill yourself, then you haven't heard a sixteen-year-old brat talking about "open floor plans" and "move-in ready". Good grief.

by ImaMessreply 27802/09/2013

R278, I totally agree with you.

Everyone is cookie cutter! Open concept, granite top, contemporary to modern butt ugly furniture, which they think they are such the envy of, YAWN! No individualism!

Sorry, but I think the Kitchen Cousins designs are dull and awful! The older of out of the two is way hotter than the younger one. The younger one is annoying because he is too high strung ever since he proposed to his girlfriend on TV. Watch their wedding will be televised and all of these Fraus will be watching his wedding with a tissue box near by, good grief!

by ImaMessreply 27902/11/2013

Agree with R88-used to watch HGTV all the time when the shows were entertaining.Rarely watch it now.

by ImaMessreply 28002/14/2013

This dude was on last week buying a house for $2M in Grand Cayman. There were some shot of him shirtless in the pool, but the best was he was visiting the properties in FLIP-FLOP FEETS.

by ImaMessreply 28103/03/2013

[quote]Property Virgins lost its edge when Sandra Rinomato left

WEHT Sandra?

Is she getting her tits reduced?

by ImaMessreply 28203/03/2013

You can have Property Brothers. They nice guys, but the Kitchen Cousins are hotter than the blazing fires of hell. Anthony Carrino is a fucking testosterone factory. I'm surprised he doesn't have to carry his balls around in a wheelbarrow. Mike Holmes, too.

by ImaMessreply 28303/03/2013

I seen a House Hunters recently which took place in Philly and the couple were looking for a "pied a terre" for weekends. The woman was insane. She bitched about such easily changeable things as a shower curtain and a carpet.

by ImaMessreply 28403/03/2013

I saw that too, R284. They've been having some really bat shit crazy/picky people lately.

Last night there was some demented frau in Colorado. She looked like a linebacker and had that "vocal fry" that people talk about on here. She wanted a house with "squeaky floors." All she needed to do was waddle across them and they'd be creaking, all right.

The best so far has been the older couple with the Italian woman who wanted to live near the airport runway. She was a trip and a half.

by ImaMessreply 28503/03/2013

Anthony Carrino.


by ImaMessreply 28603/03/2013

I can't believe people miss Suzanne Whang. She had the most annoying way of emphasizing words and had shoulders that jerked when she talked.

by ImaMessreply 28703/03/2013


Fucking love or list THIS, bitches!

by ImaMessreply 28803/04/2013

What happened to it??? Canadians!!!

by ImaMessreply 28903/04/2013

Apparently Suzanne Whang is recovering from cancer of the breasteses.

by ImaMessreply 29003/04/2013

Anthony needs to drill and mount ME

by ImaMessreply 29103/10/2013

HGTV was so entertaining with all the design shows. Now its all about houses buying and selling and the outrageous prices. The design shows were interesting and educational and very enjoyable seeing all the talent out there. The channel sucks now. House Hunters is good but most people are not in a buying market so you should keep up with the designing shows because people are keeping the homes they have and remodeling in this day and age with the economy the way it is.Many of us want the design shows back. You should consider this as you can see the statements on the internet we love design shows. Please bring them back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by ImaMessreply 29204/03/2013

Have you seen the new "Hawaii Life" show? It's just like House Hunters but based entirely in Hawaii. Hawaii is fun to visit, but it seems like it would be depressing to live there full-time. This show makes it seem really dull.

by ImaMessreply 29304/03/2013

interesting post at link below:

by ImaMessreply 29404/03/2013

John Gidding is talented and very hot. Have not seen any of his shows lately. He does great job making over the entire street of charming older homes esp. main house. The neighbors all seem to get along like the Jim Carey movie (Smallville?) when they have party at the end. He works well with his assistant and the hot sweaty men who do the lifting!

The Property Brothers never get tired of. The twins have different professions yet work together on same project. Interesting to watch. I like Jonathan's stubble and unkempt hair vs. the GQ preppy brother's look. Wonder if they act different than one another - in Bed?

by ImaMessreply 29504/03/2013

Way too much manufactured drama on every HGTV show. The scripts for HH are all the same. When have you ever said "let's narrow it down to two". That line is on every single show. Please.

And LIOLI, come on, every episode has a surprise major problem. Same with PB. If they would have used Mike Holmes to inspect the house, then they wouldn't have those issues to deal with.

It is easier to license content from Canada than to produce quality programming in the U. S.

by ImaMessreply 29604/24/2013

Bring back Christopher Lowell!

by ImaMessreply 29704/24/2013

What happened to Sarah Richardson from Canada?

by ImaMessreply 29804/25/2013

So I watched an episode last night of HH International. A British couple were planning to get married, and didn't want to start a family in London because it's so hectic. So they were moving to Cannes, France. Spending "their life savings" (the narrator's words, not mine) of $1M to buy a place there.

They looked like maybe they were in their 30s (probably mid to late 30s), so it's impressive that they've saved a million bucks. But then why spend it all on a new house if you're moving, starting new jobs, and trying to start a family?

So either they're more stupid than they appear, of the show is feeding us a line of bullshit. Or both.

by ImaMessreply 29905/20/2013

Watching LIoLI right now and the wife is probably one of the most demanding, stubborn cunts ever on HGTV. She likes nothing the designer or the real estate agent present, and makes expensive, ridiculous changes to the project. The kicker is the husband remarried her after they'd divorced each other!

by ImaMessreply 30005/25/2013

Does anyone remember the host with red hair, not Joan Steffan, but she just hosted, showing how three or four homes were renovated. She was short with medium length red curly hair and dimples. Originally from Chicago too. Maybe late forties at the time. This was several years ago.

Need your help! Thanks

by ImaMessreply 30107/15/2013

I miss the old shows and hosts. Joan Steffend, Carol Duvall, they added character to the network. Hgtv is boring and i no longer watch and seriously wonder if anyone does by all these comments. Why were these shows taken off? When will they return? until then , you've lost a viewer!

by ImaMessreply 30207/17/2013

I remember watching Awesome Interiors on HGTV way back in the 1990's with Jennifer Convy. That show was totally awesome.

by ImaMessreply 30307/18/2013


by ImaMessreply 30407/19/2013

Sorry, but I'm going to check out the Property Brother's new show. I like the brothers, and the poster who said they seem creepy is nuts. They don't seem creepy at all. They just act like brothers like anyone else. Does anyone know if one of the two brothers is gay?

The Kitchen Cousin show is boring as hell. Also, I'm sorry ,but their designs are boring drab and predictable. However, they are both gorgeous. So I guess they are both straight. For a long time DL had posters wanting to believe that they were gay cousins! LOL! dream on!LOL!

by ImaMessreply 30507/19/2013

R305 There will always be some people who are not as thoughtful in analyzing someone's sexuality because they just want them to be what they want. It was obvious to me they were straight the first time I saw them. The way they interacted with others showed that. Their designs are terrible. The only reason they have jobs on HGTV is because they are good-looking. It's astonishing they have careers as designers. People really have bad taste. That is the only explanation. Some of their designs are steps backward from where the original design was.

by ImaMessreply 30607/19/2013

John Giddening is the only reason to watch HGTV.

Hotter than hell

by ImaMessreply 30707/21/2013

Too many Real Estate based shows, and not any more "Income Property". You can keep the rest of them. Bring back the shows more in line with the budgets of the majority of your viewers, like "Sell This House", "Get it Sold" "Design on a Dome", "Room by Room". Put all those "in your face" "Crashers" back on DIY where they came from. There are no gardening shows; gardening is not the same thing as a backyard landscape project, and though I love "Curb Appeal", most os us do not want our deck or patio in the front yard. Bring back the shows with class and real style;"Sarah's House", "Candice Olsen"

by ImaMessreply 30808/17/2013

Why Why Why, HGTV, have you abandoned your true and loyal fans. No one wants to watch 24 hours of the same thing, ever... much less every other day. Talk about getting the most out of reruns! Where have all the shows gone that show people how to decorate elegantly on a budget?

by ImaMessreply 30901/12/2014

[quote]HGTV...what happened to it?

It went the way of The Travel Channel, Food Network, and MTV. In other words, it airs stupid shows that have nothing to do with what the channel was originally meant to be for.

by ImaMessreply 31001/12/2014

I used to think Peter Fallico was sexy.

by ImaMessreply 31101/12/2014

I occasionally watch House Hunters Int'l, if it's an interesting locale & a likeable buyer.Some of the locales can be pedestrian, like the Caribbean & some buyers, just obnoxious. Then I tune out.

Main reason I avoid this channel is b/c there are waaaaay too many commercial breaks. I once timed it & there were only FOUR minutes between commercials. That's too, too much interruption.

by ImaMessreply 31201/12/2014

The "drama" is so fucking boring.

"Oh noes! We bought this wreck of a house and only have 22 hours to completely turn it around and look -- there's been a fire in the attic! We'll have to address this, which will take money out of our budget and set us back by at least 9 hours!"

I've never heard of anyone buying a house where they never noticed the charred attic beams, yet this happens on every HGTV "turnover flip it, love it or leave it" show.

And I've never heard of anyone who has to have this house completely renovated by ...Wednesday morning!

by ImaMessreply 31301/12/2014

what ever happened to diverse programming? used to be gardening shows, home shows, craft shows. I miss the gardening shows and craft shows. Now all you see is design shows and buying and flipping houses. I'm sooooo bored. I used to watch it all the time. Now I have no good gardening and crafting shows. both of which I love. HGTV sucks now.

by ImaMessreply 31403/13/2014

[quote]The only reason they have jobs on HGTV is because they are good-looking.

Get some glasses, those brothers are FUGLY!

by ImaMessreply 31503/13/2014

I used to adore HGTV. But now it's horrible. Where are the wonderful designers? Put them back on at night. Some of us work during the day...and are not, repeat, not interested in buying/selling houses. We ARE interested in learning about beautiful interior design from talented (emphasis on "talented") professionals. Wake up, HGTV. You're turning into the food channel.

by ImaMessreply 31604/08/2014

What happened to all the great shows???? Sarah Richardson, Junk Gypsies, Candace Olsen, Colour Confidential, Meg Caswell, Summer Home, Donna Moss, Interiors Inc., Renovation Unscripted, Miami Splash, Dina's Party??????? The only decent show I've seen all of 2014 is Fixer Upper. Great show, hope you don't blow that as well. Where is everyone???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by ImaMessreply 31707/20/2014

It's just too much. It's one gigantic "infomercial".

by ImaMessreply 31807/20/2014

I used to watch HGTV all the time but it has changed too much.

The only show I still watch is Curb Appeal with John Giddening. Not only is he hot as hell, out and proud but I love how he transforms an entire house's facade.

I used to watch HGTV religiously, especially for Candace Olson. I thought she was so talented.

Now it's predominately people wanting to buy a house. Boring.

by ImaMessreply 31907/20/2014

I know everyone bitches about House Hunters because it's fixed and the people have already closed on the house in question before taping. But if seen shows recently (it might be the Beach Bargain show instead of HH) where the couple choose a house but the postscript says they didn't get the house of their choice, and instead purchased a different house.

So is it no longer fixed? Or are they fudging the endings due to backlash?

by ImaMessreply 32007/20/2014

I thought Curb Appeal was ended. What happened to the muscular guy with the tattoos?

by ImaMessreply 32107/20/2014

Just found out it' over.

by ImaMessreply 32207/20/2014

[quote]Does anyone remember the host with red hair, not Joan Steffan, but she just hosted, showing how three or four homes were renovated. She was short with medium length red curly hair and dimples. Originally from Chicago too. Maybe late forties at the time. This was several years ago.

Karen McAloon of "Design Remix" and "Find Your Style"?

by ImaMessreply 32307/20/2014

Well, they have found two new hot blond twin brothers in Austin for a new series.

by ImaMessreply 32407/20/2014

I need my own show.

by ImaMessreply 32507/20/2014

R316 & R317 Both HGTV and The Food Network have turned into shells of their former selves. I don't even watch the channels anymore.

by ImaMessreply 32607/20/2014

I hate Paris HHI's because I want to kick Adrian Leeds in the fucking cunt. Hate her.

by ImaMessreply 32707/20/2014

Not enjoying fixer upper, especially when they add children's input into the project.

by ImaMessreply 32807/20/2014

I miss the Joan Steffend Troll.

by ImaMessreply 32907/21/2014

I'd let the cousins mount me raw. In fact, they could double penetrate me.

by ImaMessreply 33007/21/2014

I kind of miss Trading Spaces, but the way it was originally conceived. I hated when the producers fucked with it.

by ImaMessreply 33107/21/2014

[quote]I miss the Joan Steffend Troll.

I'm still here. Thanks.

by ImaMessreply 33207/21/2014

Can I go to the liquor store for you, R332?

by ImaMessreply 33307/21/2014

I love it because real estate porn is my thing. I hated the decorating shows. I am very very middle class.

by ImaMessreply 33407/21/2014

Yeah, it sucks now. What's a gay guy to watch?

by ImaMessreply 33507/21/2014


by ImaMessreply 33607/21/2014

Does anyone remember the show "The Good Life" hosted by a middle aged African-American woman named Carol? It was such a pleasant show featuring people who made mid life job changes- fulfilling a passion or life long dream? I watched in the late 1990's but moved and didn't have television in my house where I relocated. I watched it on Sunday nights, it was such a nice way to end the week. I just looked it up online and I am surprised to read it aired until 2004. Great show, there is nothing like it on HGTV now.

by ImaMessreply 33707/21/2014

I like the Flip or Flop couple.

by ImaMessreply 33807/21/2014

[quote]I hate Paris HHI's because I want to kick Adrian Leeds in the fucking cunt. Hate her.

I unfriend you R327!!

J'adore Adrien Leeds! She is the best goofiest thing about HHI. I love the way she handles the entitled whiners who make the long laundry list of needs for their Paris Apartment on a 100 Euro a month budget. She shows them a small dump and exclaims, "You're in Paris, who cares about the apartment!"

Also The Joan Steffend troll is one of the best trolls of all time. Their should be a Troll hall of fame for such good trolls!

And finally, I miss Suzanne Whang!!!

by ImaMessreply 33907/21/2014

R338, I like them too. At first her voice bugged me but I realize it's not put on. They've really grown on me, especially her.

by ImaMessreply 34007/21/2014

I hate the house flipper show with the guy who reminds me of Seinfeld. Who the fuck flips houses for a living and doesn't hire a house inspector before buying?

"Oh gee, we didn't notice the attic frame is charred from a fire, and the bathroom has black mold in the walls, and the first floor had been flooded at one time, and that the previous owners made an open floor plan by taking down a load bearing wall and the house is in danger of collapse. Not to mention the frayed electrical wiring and termites. How can we get this house ready to be sold two weeks after we bought it?"

by ImaMessreply 34107/21/2014

It's interesting watching the show, R340.

You can tell how long they've been flipping and doing the show by what car they are driving.

I believe I saw them driving around in a Pilot initially, then it was an Escalade and now I thought I saw a show during Sundays marathon where they were in a white Range Rover.

They must be doing very well for themselves.

by ImaMessreply 34207/21/2014

I still love House Hunters International, at least when it's not set in the Caribbean, Central America, or Mexico. It's ludicrous when so many HGTV shows are set in Canada, but not considered "international."

I can do without them in Asia, Africa, the Mideast, and South America, too.

Please just give me house hunts in the UK and Europe.

by ImaMessreply 34307/21/2014

Please give us real house hunts - not fake ones. I want the real thing.

by ImaMessreply 34407/21/2014

I still like Scott and his big crotch shot at the beginning of Income Property but it is a bit too Metro Toronto. A lot of those apartments wouldn't pass code in other cities.

by ImaMessreply 34507/21/2014

Taking away ROOM BY ROOM, DESIGN ON A DIME, and show with Ms. Steffen was a big mistake for HGTV.

I have a home. I don't need to buy one and that's all HGTV has to offer anymore; that and high priced real estate that isn't worth the money. Renovations are off the wall.

Why did you have to put David Bromstad, the only show host with personality, in Miami? I live in Florida and don't decorate in those wild colors.

I have moved on to Animal Planet and Game Show Network because HGTV isn't fun to watch and there is nothing there for me.

by ImaMessreply 34608/17/2014

[quote]Taking away ROOM BY ROOM, DESIGN ON A DIME, and show with Ms. Steffen was a big mistake for HGTV.

Atta girl. *Hic*

by ImaMessreply 34708/17/2014

like many other posters, I used to watch HGTVamajority of the time but have lately been disappointed by so any real estate shows. I am inU.S,and still watch any and every Sarah Richardson repeat. I also miss a wonderful show that was hosted by a Canadian designer who redesigned a room using color choices. I can't remember the name of the show or of the designer. She used a color wheel with items that had meaning to the owners to help the owners select colors they liked. The showwas great; unfortunately,HGTVcanceeled it ome years ago. They later brought back a similar " color focused " show but with a new terrible hostess and no color wheel selection approach. If anyone knows designer's name, please let me know. Would like to see if she has any design books I can buy.... Thanks!


by ImaMessreply 34809/02/2014

R348 Colour Confidential with Jane Lockhart is the show you are probably thinking of. That show also had a pretty hot design assistant John Bell who helped with the carpentry and staging of the rooms. Alas it was canceled several years ago along with most of the other good shows on HGTV.

by ImaMessreply 34909/02/2014

Bring back Joan Steffend. Clive/Lisa. Sarah Richardson. Jane with the color wheel. I am SICK of love it/list it. One show after another the brothers are ok but not for hours on end. Bring back Candan e. Sarah Joan. Clive/Lisa

by ImaMessreply 35010/08/2014

Cannot STAND mincing David Bromstad. Scott from Income Property is handsome but his voice is supremely annoying.

by ImaMessreply 35110/08/2014

I like the Fixer Upper people.

The lady has a really nice aesthetic.

It looks like there are new episodes of the Flip or Flop couple.

The Flipping Vegas guy is a complete spaz. Such a nut job.

by ImaMessreply 35210/08/2014

No more house hunters, sick to the point of deleting hgtv from my favorite and boycotting hgtv. We want real decorating shows (Candice Olsen, Sarah Richardson and Vern Hip. We also love love Chip and Joanna Gaines. Bring the viewers back to HGTV. We are also disappointed in your gardening shows,WHICH are non existent. Variety is the spice of life 12 hours a day 7 days a week of house hunters is extremely boring. HELP

by ImaMessreply 35310/16/2014

I don't know how I survived my childhood while my mother was in the kitchen cooking, unable to watch me since we didn't have an open kitchen.

They just showed a Househunters International where you could tell they had to do multiple takes of the husband and wife reading their lines. They were still pretty lackluster. You could automatically tell that the first house would be the one they would choose because they read their "complaints" lines so poorly.

by ImaMessreply 35411/22/2014

I like the Flip or Flop people, but HGTV has a woman problem. There isn't a likeable woman on the entire channel. Unless all women have become whiny and annoying, HGTV needs to figure out what the hell is going on. I like the ProBros, but I'm not sure what's going on with their show.

by ImaMessreply 35511/22/2014

R354, was that the couple in South Africa where the wife was about 8 months pregnant? When they got to the selection part and the wife said "which one do you want to get rid of?" I answered "you, you obnoxious wench".

The other thing that bugs me about HH and HHI are when the couples don't agree on what they're looking for. He wants in the country, she wants in the city. Or she wants move-in ready, he wants a fixer-upper. If I'm the realtor in that scenario, I would say "why don't you fucking make up your goddamned minds and get back to me once you do".

by ImaMessreply 35611/24/2014

I miss What you get for the Money and National Open House.

by ImaMessreply 35711/24/2014

Ugh, watching the Love It or List It show.

If HALF the people who said they needed more storage space would bother to fucking clean their god-damn house and get rid of all the shit they have lying around, all their problems would be solved.

I would be mortified if anybody wanted to film my house while in the levels of disarray, and filth they show on the program repeatedly.


by ImaMessreply 35812/01/2014

The many moods of multifaceted Joan Steffend!

by ImaMessreply 35912/01/2014

I wonder if anyone at HGTV reads these posts and/or knows about viewer complaints? I agree with most everyone except the person who likes Fixer Uppers. Ugh. It's unwatchable.

by ImaMessreply 36012/28/2014

I haven't watched HGTV in years ever since they took off Awesome Interiors. That was my favorite show. Jennifer Convy, the daughter of the late Bert Convy, was the host of the show.

by ImaMessreply 36112/28/2014

[quote]The Flipping Vegas guy is a complete spaz. Such a nut job.

He's also a flaming queen. I'd like to know who his real partner is because it's not that woman.

by ImaMessreply 36212/28/2014

Can somebody tell me, on those House Hunters International shows, are all decent houses in Mexico really $450,000 and up? Then why live there? For the same money I can get a huge, 10-15 year old house in Las Vegas in a nice area, near grocery stores with safe to eat food, schools and mostly English speakers around. I can also work without a green card.

I don't get it. Isn't there a lot of crime there? Don't the police take bribes, drug lords kidnap anybody with money and the legal system is even worse than ours? Honestly, for half that money I can get a nice place in the U.S. What's the attraction? Most of the places they show need to be remodeled in some way too. And what are the building codes like?

by ImaMessreply 36312/28/2014

I'd like to know what some of these couples do for a living that they can just uproot and drop hundreds of thousands on a house in some tropical paradise. They're always vague. "so and so works from home" or "he's a contractor".

I would not be surprised if some of these people weren't involved in something slightly illegal.

by ImaMessreply 36412/28/2014

Right, R364?

I saw a HHI with a family with 9 damn kids and they uproot and go to Italy. WTF??

They never even mentioned what the parents did for a living. They had a budget but it seems weird. They looked like Xtian, fundy types.

I've never really thought about that, R362! I think I've seen them try to kiss twice on the show and it was awkward and uncomfortable as hell. You've got me thinking now. Although I really don't see who else would put up with Scott's crap. He is seriously a horrible cheapskate.

by ImaMessreply 36512/28/2014

That was the Brown family R365 and, yes, they are Xtian fundys. Seems like they are competing with the Duggar types and wifey is popping one kid after another.

by ImaMessreply 36612/28/2014

I've talked to contractors who have worked with the Flipping Vegas guy. Word in the industry is that no one works with him twice. Contractors here have plenty of work without putting up with his attitude. And his wife, Amie, was described as "crazy" too. The only reason people work with him even once is for publicity for their business.

He's supposedly some kind of actor or con artist who knows nothing about flipping. They've been involved in some high profile charity projects with other contractors here to get attention, but the other trades avoid them like the plague.

by ImaMessreply 36712/28/2014

Wow, R367. So maybe the wife is the true talent behind the business.

by ImaMessreply 36812/28/2014

The version I heard is that neither one knows their stuff. Here, the whole thing is getting the most bang for your buck, as far as looks go. Most houses here are constructed with builder's grade materials, very trendy which means they date very very quickly, so when people buy a house 10+ years old, they have to be remodeled, or they lose a lot of value. That means countertops, replace carpet with tile or wood, and change the banisters from wood to wrought iron in many cases. Change appliances to stainless steel, paint everything gray, the latest trendy color, and that's it for looks. Plumbing here goes bad quickly due to hard water, so replace all the faucets and toilet and sink hoses. That's about it, unless there's water damage or mold from previous leaks due to badly maintained hoses.

Amie wants to put in top of the line granite and tile. A real flipper wouldn't do that, or not both. She uses Walker Zanger tile, which is really really overpriced for a flip. I happened to get some cheap WZ that was overage from a job, it's gorgeous but normally totally unaffordable for flips. It can easily be $20+ per tile for deco tile. Even field tile was $7+ the last time I checked. Per each tile. WZ must be heavily discounting, or donating, tile in return for free advertising or they couldn't do it. OTOH, there are lots of places here where you can get quite nice granite for not much with a contractor's license. It's cheaper than a lot of more modern surfaces, which is why builders like it so much. Lots of flash for not much money. Granite backsplash is cheaper than tile. Stone, like travertine, is cheaper than ceramic. Glass mosaic is expensive. That's why you see a lot of stone backsplashes with a few decos mixed in, or a thin line of a few rows of glass or stone subway mosaic. You can do it with a few $15 sheets from Home Depot cut in strips.

If you did want to use ceramic tile, Daltile makes much thinner, cheaper ceramic 4" tile for much less. There's a Daltile here, and the tile can arrive from a few days to a week for special order colors. A Daltile ceramic field tile is maybe less than $1-2 depending on color. For a cheap but bright kitchen backsplash, mix several "custom" colored field tiles, throw in a few random decos, and it's practically free compared to what WZ costs.

I think that show is mostly merchants showcasing their materials in exchange for low or no cost materials for the flips. It's not realistic in either time or costs. The waiting for inspections time alone would take longer than they say.

by ImaMessreply 36912/28/2014

Well, Casey Noble has taken to fucking and getting knocked up by her younger and much richer NFL boyfriend, Clay Matthews. I doubt you will see her on HGTV ever again. Why hustle for a check when you got it made with a rich young man to foot the bills.

by ImaMessreply 37012/28/2014

Interesting information R369, thank you.

Those WZ things do seem expensive. No wonder Scott is flipping his shit all the time.😛

The floor people, Beno's, are also prominently featured.

by ImaMessreply 37112/28/2014

[quote] They never even mentioned what the parents did for a living.

A lot of the HHI people are Mormons. They move to foreign countries to establish Mormon churches and be the sponsors of Mormons who are doing their missionary work overseas.

by ImaMessreply 37212/28/2014

Yes, I was just going to say that r372.

But I've also noticed obscure gay porn actors among some of the gay couples. I've seen that on Property Virgins as well.

by ImaMessreply 37312/28/2014

WHET Evan Farmer?

by ImaMessreply 37412/28/2014

I remember one HHI show with some guy buying property in Italy. He turned up on some other reality type show or maybe it was a game show. Seems to be people who want to get on tv or are aspiring actors.

Later someone here posted a link to a blog and it belonged to the Italian villa guy and his fiancee. It was hilarious because this woman was going on and on about her "handsome, international bachelor". He wasn't that goodlooking, though she was quite stunning, but I always thought his Italian villa was the main attraction for her. I wonder if they are still married.

by ImaMessreply 37512/28/2014

Evan Farmer has his own website.

I hated While You Were Out. I remember one show the guy came home and almost went ballistic and his wife looked terrified. They had transformed his backyard into a sand pit meant to look like the beach. He was walking around practically yelling "this is my house!!" I was actually worried for the wife.

by ImaMessreply 37612/28/2014

Thanks, R376. I wish Evan were still on TV.

by ImaMessreply 37712/28/2014

I want Flip or Flop's Tarek to bounce his huge cock and balls off of my face.

by ImaMessreply 37812/28/2014

[quote]WHET Evan Farmer?

He got married, had kids, and the most recent thing I remember him doing on TV was hosting the Top 20 countdown on CMT from 2010-2012.

by ImaMessreply 37912/28/2014

Like everything the gays make fabulous, the straights move in and ruin the neighborhood with their own brand of yuck.

by ImaMessreply 38012/28/2014

R371, in real life, rather than using the most expensive materials, a homeowner would be better off using cheaper materials with better designs. You can go on tile and flooring manufacturers' websites and look at their galleries to see what a professional installation of materials in your price range can look like. That's better than buying super expensive materials and laying it in straight rows.

Buying trim pieces to go with your basic material always makes it look better and can make a less expensive material look finished. Even white subway from Home Depot can look beautiful and expensive with border tile or chair rail tile.

Average homeowners on a budget would be better off going to the Home Depot and Lowes websites and looking at the online only materials. Both have tons of products not available on the stores, made especially for them by big name manufacturers, at a lower price than the high end versions. Merola tile makes Spanish Revival and Art Deco floor and wall tile reproductions especially for Home Depot. They are reproductions of cement tile patterns, in ceramic. Ceramic is much lighter and cheaper than cement tile, which can be super expensive, and too heavy for some applications. Cement can be 4 lbs per tile, which adds up quick. Ceramic is also lower maintenance, no sealer to be maintained. Now they have grout with the sealer built in, like Fusion.

Research the latest products before you buy. There have been a lot of advances in grout recently. The newer products are more work intensive to install, but much easier to keep clean. Don't let installers put in the stuff that's easier for them, put in the low maintenance stuff for you.

by ImaMessreply 38112/28/2014

No, you don't, r78

by ImaMessreply 38212/28/2014

Bring back David Bromstad! Its all Flip and Home shows now

by ImaMessreply 38301/28/2015

Man, I wanna buy a castle!!!


by ImaMessreply 38401/29/2015

I remember when the stories came out about Househunters & HHI being set-ups, because the buyer already closed on their house, and producers would fill in with two other options. But I've noticed on some of the similar shows (Caribbean Life, etc.), the buyer will make their pick and in the closing it will be announced that they decided not to go with their initial choice. They will either still be looking, or have taken an option that wasn't shown.

I wonder why they altered their approach? It seems pointless to show us 3 or4 properties, and then say the buyers didn't take any of them.

by ImaMessreply 38503/10/2015

[quote]Have you seen Scott McGillivray with the gay couple yet?

It wasn't just the cute gay guys who were twitterpating...SCOTT is very flirty,coy and smiley with that couple the entire show, and even INITIATES a threeway hug with them at the end.

HE is NEVER that emotionally demonstrative with straights and I have NEVER seen him actually go in for the hug first!

Threeway starts at 8:32

by ImaMessreply 38603/10/2015

They always want "an open floor plan" so they can "see the kids/talks to my guests while I'm cooking" on those remodeling shows like Love it or List It and Property Brothers so they can show the hosts and clients bashing down walls. They have to do something for the camera and rewiring isn't sexy.

I'd love to see one of those shows where the client says, "I absolutely FORBID you from touching that lovely wall!"

by ImaMessreply 38703/10/2015

R387, I recently saw an episode where the woman said outright she didn't want an open floor plan, but wanted distinct and separate rooms. I think it might have been House Hunters Int'l. I couldn't believe it, in all my years of watching this crap, I think it was the first time I heard that.

Three phrases I would like to ban from HGTV:



"Entertaining" as in "there's not enough room for entertaining." How often do you want other people in your house, fercrissakes?

by ImaMessreply 38803/10/2015


I would add: "Natural Light", and "The dining room is RIGHT next to the kitchen!!!"

by ImaMessreply 38903/10/2015

I would hate the "open floor" concept.

WTF, why would you want guests to look right into your kitchen upon first entering your home? What if your kitchen is a mess, for whatever reason?

Give me formals any day. A living room and a separate dining room. Unless the people that visit are relatives or super-close friends, theres no need for anybody to see your actual living space.

Now, a den next to the kitchen is perfectly fine.

by ImaMessreply 39003/10/2015

The Open Floorplan sparked the kitchen as status symbol trend.

Since the kitchen is now on full display, you NEED stainless steel appliances and granite countertops even if you don't cook.

Or...what will people think?

Old money families have servants, and the kitchen is not to be seen by guests.

by ImaMessreply 39103/10/2015

[quote] you NEED stainless steel appliances and granite countertops

2009 called and it wants its middle class aspirational fad back.

by ImaMessreply 39203/10/2015

I want the yard or landscaping shows to come back. I'm sick of all that house hunting, especially international. And doesn't reno happen anywhere else other than New York ?

by ImaMessreply 39303/13/2015

New episodes of Flip Or Flop will be on again, yay!!

by ImaMessreply 39403/13/2015

More Garden shows like The Victory Garden & P. Allen

by ImaMessreply 39503/13/2015

Who ran HGTV in the 1990's?

by ImaMessreply 39604/14/2015


by ImaMessreply 39704/15/2015

For some unknown reason, HGTV has dropped another 'twin brother' show. Yesterday, I saw something called "Family Flip" with two brothers named Dionne. It follows the script of all the other property shows. The brothers seem interesting. My gaydar went off for both of them, but it went into the red on one. The problem is that I didn't pay enough attention to who is Christopher and who is Michael. I did a Google search, but found no pictures of them - I guess the show is too new.

Anyway, did anyone else see this show? What do you think - is my gaydar off?

by ImaMessreply 39805/31/2015

What happened to HHI?? It's never one anymore.

by ImaMessreply 39905/31/2015


by ImaMessreply 40005/31/2015

[quote] I wonder why they altered their approach? It seems pointless to show us 3 or4 properties, and then say the buyers didn't take any of them.

B/c for some of the smaller markets like the Caribbean, Hawaii, etc. there may not have been as many houses to show if you just waited for the participants who had home purchases that were being closed on.

Especially whatever one is the show where the buyers are buying a whole island.

by ImaMessreply 40105/31/2015

Scott McGillivray is STRAIGHT?

by ImaMessreply 40206/01/2015
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