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TODAY, on CBS Sunday Morning!

Americans' obsession with germs and the fact you're overdoing it with all those hand sanitizers.

The delightfully off-centered Diane Keaton talks with Katie Couric. We have no idea why Katie's doing a Sunday Morning profile.

Bill Geist does a shitty story on how fabulous corduroy is. No, we're not kidding and yes, he refuses to retire.

A visit with Doonesbury creator Gary Trudeau. George W. Bush shills his book and a freshly tranquilized Laura joins the fun!

All this, as well as postcards from Rome and Charles Osgood figures out how to work in saying "Twenty-oh-nine" or "twenty-ten" because he's too much of a smarty pants to say "two thousand and 10" TODAY, on CBS SUNDAY MORNING!

by CBSSundayMorningTrollreply 1101/08/2013

The horse doctor guy was hot.

by CBSSundayMorningTrollreply 111/14/2010

[quote]Americans' obsession with germs and the fact you're overdoing it with all those hand sanitizers.

Amen to that! We're weakening our immune systems by limiting our exposure to germs.

by CBSSundayMorningTrollreply 211/14/2010

I hit mute and started a load of laundry while Bush was on. I still can't watch.

by CBSSundayMorningTrollreply 311/14/2010

OP = sound editor

by CBSSundayMorningTrollreply 411/14/2010

Our sister, Martha Teichner always wears black with colorful scarves across her neck.%0D

by CBSSundayMorningTrollreply 511/14/2010

Do we know if the Hartman guy who finds names in phone books and visits people's homes, is gay?

by CBSSundayMorningTrollreply 611/14/2010

I thought Katie Couric was a complete bitch to Diane Keaton.

by CBSSundayMorningTrollreply 711/14/2010

Hey don't talk about how fabulous corduroy is, I still like it, always have!

by CBSSundayMorningTrollreply 811/14/2010

Why does Martha Teichner always cover her neck with scarves?

by CBSSundayMorningTrollreply 901/08/2013

While I very much miss the CBSSundayMorningTroll, R9, there is an existing and quite long CBS Sunday Morning thread.

by CBSSundayMorningTrollreply 1001/08/2013

I love this show-its so calming

by CBSSundayMorningTrollreply 1101/08/2013
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