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I told you all two years ago

This country is naturally republican. The democrats can't win anything, except when all the stars are alligned just so. After tomorrow the dems will be broken. The march to November 2012 will be a funeral procession for Obama. The republicans will of course pick up the Senate as a bonus that year. The election of 2008 will then be completely reversed. How the democrats ever expect to get back into power after failing so completely given the opportunity they were handed in 2008 is beyond me.%0D %0D

by G.O Paidwellreply 5511/14/2012

"The democrats can't win anything, except when all the stars are alligned just so."

Happily, "the stars align just so" every time the Republicans get into office and Americans remember just how fucking awful they are. Obama (current favorability rating: 48%) will cruise to re-election in 2012 just as soon as Americans get an eyeful of what Congress looks and sounds like under John Boehner (current favorability rating: 32%).

And only a moron would suggest that two wars and an economy destroyed by the Republicans represents "an opportunity" that Democrats were handed.

Tomorrow's going to be a bitter pill for Democrats. However, I really look forward to three months from tomorrow, when all the dimwitted white crackers who voted Republican realize that the economy is still in the shitter and they're still unemployed.

by G.O Paidwellreply 111/01/2010

The country is just abou 50/50. Whoever get their side the most excited wins. In 2008 it was the dems and "yes we can!" Now, the dems are losing momentum and the teapartiers and repubs are gaining it. In 2012 it will turn around again for the dems.

by G.O Paidwellreply 211/01/2010

I was never a big Obama booster in the first place, but please do me the favor of naming on Republican candidate who could beat him in 2012.


The midterms elections during Clinton's first term were a fucking disaster and he was reelected.

by G.O Paidwellreply 311/01/2010

And yet two years later you're still looney toons.

by G.O Paidwellreply 411/01/2010

The only reason that the Rethugs will win tomorrow is because a bare few weeks after Obama was inaugurated they began screaming loudly that he failed to fix the messes that they had created over the course of 8 years.

by G.O Paidwellreply 511/01/2010

I tend to vote in Presidential elections. A midterm election like this is usually a big "meh" for me.

All the bad press about Democrats made me get out and vote this time.

I was mobilized.

And I voted a purely Democratic ticket.

by G.O Paidwellreply 611/01/2010

There's hope. If Palin is nominated, Obama can win.

by G.O Paidwellreply 711/01/2010

I'm the same as R6.

But I will be voting tomorrow, and voting a straight Democratic ticket.

by G.O Paidwellreply 811/01/2010

r1 Unemployment is twice the size for ethnics as whites.

So they will all still be eating shit as well.

by G.O Paidwellreply 911/01/2010

I always vote. I vote for progressives. They tend to be democrats.

by G.O Paidwellreply 1011/01/2010

That Senator Thune from South Dakota would make a decent Republican candidate, but they don't seem to realize that.%0D %0D

by G.O Paidwellreply 1111/01/2010

I always vote for:



by G.O Paidwellreply 1211/01/2010

"The midterms elections during Clinton's first term were a fucking disaster and he was reelected."

As were Reagan's and both Bushes' first midterm. This always happens. A popular when elected president always has a tough first mid-term. Obama's favorable/unfavorable rating is very similar to Reagan's, and he did OK after his first mid-term if I recall.

Another factor -- the voting populace gets queasy with one party controlling the presidency and both houses of Congress. That rarely has occurred, except during WWII, and it usually doesn't last when it has occurred.

The question the media (and whoever from Free Republic posts on here) will focus on is the extent of the losses, and will say that this proves Obama went too far to the right and must come to the center and capitulate to the Republican majority (likely in the house). They'll be wrong, of course, but they're rarely right anyway. So to speak.

by G.O Paidwellreply 1311/01/2010

[quote] This country is naturally republican. %0D %0D No, this country is naturally stupid.%0D %0D Well, I guess that's the same thing. Republican = Stupid.

by G.O Paidwellreply 1411/01/2010

Yes, OP. You're such a paragon of political insight, I sent your name to the Swedish King for a Nobel. Thanks again.

by G.O Paidwellreply 1511/01/2010

It was only a matter of time until the "I told you so" threads popped up.

Congratulations! You were right!

America is fucked!

And you knew all along.

How many hours did you spend on phone banks over the last four weeks working for OFA?

Are you driving elderly and handicapped people to the polls tomorrow?

Bully for you to do everything you can to prevent the carnage.

by G.O Paidwellreply 1611/01/2010

The country is naturally moderate with a lean to the right. But, for whatever reason, far right candidates do a better job of appearing moderate, than far left candidates, which is why they do better in elections.

by G.O Paidwellreply 1711/01/2010

The Republicans will nominate Thune or Romney and have a women vice presidential candidate (not Palin) in 2012.

by G.O Paidwellreply 1811/01/2010

[quote] But, for whatever reason, far right candidates do a better job of appearing moderate, than far left candidates, which is why they do better in elections.%0D %0D It's called LYING. They're far better at lying, than we are.

by G.O Paidwellreply 1911/01/2010

This is our destiny.

by G.O Paidwellreply 2011/01/2010

The Xtians will never embrace Romney. He's Mormon.

by G.O Paidwellreply 2111/01/2010

R21, listen and learn. Romney: "I'm against abortion and gay marriage." 100% Christian support.

by G.O Paidwellreply 2211/01/2010

On a per-policy basis, when you ask people about specific programs (not jingoist right-wing bullshit), the country is actually liberal.

by G.O Paidwellreply 2311/01/2010

Christians in the South will never support a Mormon en masse because it's considered a kooky cult in those circles. Mormons would do themselves a tremendous favor politically by putting a stop to saying they too are Christians. They are clearly not. It's bad that they believe it, but it's downright heresy when they say it out loud.

by G.O Paidwellreply 2411/01/2010

Keep telling yourself that Christians won't support a Mormon, but they would, instead, vote for a black "Muslim." Come back to earth.

by G.O Paidwellreply 2511/01/2010

And WE/DEMS will do NOTHING about it!

by G.O Paidwellreply 2611/01/2010

"This country is naturally republican"%0D %0D %0D %0D %0D Actually, there are more registered democrats than registered republicans in the US

by G.O Paidwellreply 2711/01/2010

ha ha liberal fags

by G.O Paidwellreply 2811/01/2010

You're going to die alone, r28.

by G.O Paidwellreply 2911/01/2010

Aren't you a fag too, R28? Yet you embrace people who hate you. You've got issues.

by G.O Paidwellreply 3011/01/2010

The talk radio shows in my area (rural deep South) act like Romney is a pariah of sorts because of his religion. He'll play well with a lot of the GOP, because he's handsome and rich, but the Morman connection won't be overlooked.

by G.O Paidwellreply 3111/01/2010

Bill Clinton was re-elected because white people in general did not leave him. He kept the blue collar people and white women.

Obama is LOSING these people. They won't be here in 2012 for the Dems the way they were for Bubba Clinton.

by G.O Paidwellreply 3211/01/2010

I hope there are more voters out there like R6 and R8

by G.O Paidwellreply 3311/01/2010

Are you dense, R30?%0D %0D R28 is a nasty freeper infiltrator cunt! There's no way that shitstain is one of us.

by G.O Paidwellreply 3411/01/2010

I never understood why the Democrats wanted the office anyway - they should've handed it to the Republicans and made them feel the heat of all the fucked up mess they created. Who knows? Maybe the Dems genuinely wanted to help the country or didn't want the Republicans to make it worse.%0D %0D I'm not quite an Obama supporter but I wouldn't count them out yet. A lot can happen in two years. Plus, the media ALWAYS magnifies the conservative element to make it seem like the ruling ideology - it's not necessarily how the country will vote in 2012.%0D %0D The funny thing is - you can bet if the Republicans take office in 2012, the whole Tea Party thing will just disappear, suddenly saited with a Republican president, regardless of how much money he spends or how many wars he starts.

by G.O Paidwellreply 3511/02/2010

[italic]but please do me the favor of naming on Republican candidate who could beat him in 2012.[/italic]

Like 2008, anyone the Right puts up against Obama, could easily win in 2012. After Bush, anyone who ran against the Right would win the election. It's going to be the same thing, just reversed. 2012 is going to be: "Anyone But Obama".

by G.O Paidwellreply 3611/02/2010

[italic]The Xtians will never embrace Romney. He's Mormon.[/italic]

They will embrace a Mormon before they let a Marxist Terrorist-Loving Black Panther Muslim win another term in the White House. Trust me. They will come out in droves just to get rid of darkie!

by G.O Paidwellreply 3711/02/2010

[italic]Actually, there are more registered democrats than registered republicans in the US[/italic]

Wrong. You have it backwards. There are less registered Dems, than registered Repukes.

by G.O Paidwellreply 3811/02/2010

And for the record, America is naturally Fascist. It's always been that way.

by G.O Paidwellreply 3911/02/2010

OP, you make it sound as if there were a Republican party and a Democratic party when the Constitution was ratified, which is certainly not the case.%0D %0D You need to take a history class, sweetie.

by G.O Paidwellreply 4011/02/2010

R25 & R38 are somehow under the impression that Obama carried the South in the last election.%0D %0D I don't think that's true.

by G.O Paidwellreply 4111/02/2010

Even if you are/were correct, what is your point? What is anyone supposed to do with your "insight"?

by G.O Paidwellreply 4211/02/2010

I think the OP's point is that we should have been more prepared for the resurrection of the Republicans.

by G.O Paidwellreply 4311/02/2010

If we can't do anything to change it, does it matter if we are more prepared?

by G.O Paidwellreply 4411/02/2010


by G.O Paidwellreply 4511/13/2012

so prescient, op.

by G.O Paidwellreply 4611/13/2012

I hope the Democrats don't make the mistake they made in 2010 and not show up at the polls for the mid-term elections. They're just as important.

by G.O Paidwellreply 4711/13/2012

I am loving all these old threads. So much fun to see how things worked out.

by G.O Paidwellreply 4811/13/2012

Huh? OP are you off your medication?

by G.O Paidwellreply 4911/13/2012

Accurate Assessment, OP!

by G.O Paidwellreply 5011/13/2012

A bump for the ages.

by G.O Paidwellreply 5111/13/2012

The country is liberal. Except in the craziest deep red areas, if you ask people about specific issues, their attitudes are liberal. They've just been trained by right wing media to hate the world liberal and to think Republicans are better at managing things. But those days are largely over now.

by G.O Paidwellreply 5211/14/2012

Has OP killed himself, yet? Please let me know if he does.

by G.O Paidwellreply 5311/14/2012

And Rebublicans wonder why they lost.

by G.O Paidwellreply 5411/14/2012

2010 will happen again in 2014 unless the Democratic party -- at the local level -- gets its act together. The Obama campaign was incredibly well organized, well run, and well financed. There will be no such unifying force in 2014, and big money can really tilt local and congressional races.

If the effects of the Citizen's United case are not undone, the Democrats will be in big trouble in 2014.

Congressional districts already have been gerrymandered to death by Republican state legislatures, and it will be extremely hard to dislodge the incumbents. More people voted for Democrats in congressional races in 2012, yet the Republicans maintained their House majority.

by G.O Paidwellreply 5511/14/2012
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