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...Parting Out My ''69 Cuda.

Hate to do it, but it has been in my garage for 5 years, collecting dust.

by Gwenreply 1610/12/2013

What does "parting out" mean? Is that some flyover lesbian term?

by Gwenreply 110/29/2010

Sometimes I "part out" when I eat a lot of cabbage.

by Gwenreply 210/29/2010

'Part me, Mommy!

by Gwenreply 310/29/2010

"Parting out" usually means too sell off piece by piece... If the car is anything but a rust bucket I would advice you not to do this....Someone , somewhere is looking for a 69 Cuda.

by Gwenreply 410/29/2010

Let me translate from dyke to faggot for you.%0D %0D "Parting Out"-to sell the parts of a non-operational car, such as the engine, seats, transmission, or bumpers, instead of selling the car complete.%0D %0D "Cuda"-A sports car made by the Plymouth division of the Chrysler Corporation from 1964-74. Doris Day drove one on her show. Mike Brady drove a Barracuda as well in the earlier seasons of "The Brady Bunch."

by Gwenreply 510/29/2010

R4 is right. What engine does it have in it? Is it a convertible or a coupe?

by Gwenreply 610/29/2010

So it is dyke speak.

by Gwenreply 710/29/2010

I suspect her 'Cuda has been collecting dust for a LOT longer than 5 yrs.%0D %0D That poor Cuda hasn't seen any action since the McCarthy hearings. . .

by Gwenreply 810/29/2010

[quote] I would advice you not to do this....

Oh, [bold] dear.

by Gwenreply 910/29/2010

A roommate's BF had a metallic aqua convertible Barracuda. I loved going for rides in that car.

by Gwenreply 1010/29/2010

My Cuda stinks.

by Gwenreply 1110/29/2010

shutting off the boldface [/bold]

by Gwenreply 1210/29/2010

LOL, R8. Thanks for that unexpected lol. Well executed post.

by Gwenreply 1310/30/2010


by Gwenreply 1402/26/2012

I'm looking for an original center console, please advise if you still have.

by Gwenreply 1510/12/2013

HATE seeing any old Mopar being parted out but understand. Any photos to post?

by Gwenreply 1610/12/2013
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