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Expressions at 53rd & 3rd - full of hot suits at lunch

Anyone else had any hot cock there? Stories please!

by Gloryhole Garyreply 49312/13/2012

I'd rather call you Gloryhole Gloria

by Gloryhole Garyreply 110/28/2010

Are you going over there today OP?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 210/28/2010

Maybe! Want to meet?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 310/28/2010

Maybe. What are you wearing?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 410/28/2010

I was there at 12:30 to 1PM, I was one of several middle aged white guys but I was the only one wearing a blazer. There were no "tens" (myself included) but no hustlers or obvious trolls. And the traffic was impressive, I will go back now that I know where it is and when the day allows. %0D %0D The Pakistani guy who kept yelling to go into a booth was annoying but looked suprised when I asked him what time they open. He said they are open 24 hours and the morning is one of their busiest times!%0D %0D %0D %0D I had never been there before and well, those

by Gloryhole Garyreply 510/28/2010

I did not finish my thought:%0D %0D I had never been there before and well, those booth holes are huge!%0D %0D

by Gloryhole Garyreply 610/28/2010

I used to get sucked off there after work.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 710/28/2010

This is why we can't get married.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 810/28/2010


by Gloryhole Garyreply 910/28/2010

Thank you for my new drag name, R1

by Gloryhole Garyreply 1010/28/2010

I've been there on several occasions lately. It really is hit and miss. There are a few trolls that seem like they live there. The average age is definitely on the older side, though some younger guys do wander in now and then. The guy that runs the place is a horse's ass. That being said, I've scored some nice cock and blown my load there on more than one visit.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 1110/28/2010

Agreed that it is hit and miss and don't even think about going anytime that isn't close to working hours. The place is best right after work between 5 and 7.

I've had some really hot guys there, but in general it's not as clean as it used to be.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 1210/28/2010

You gays who go to these places are pure filth. You really give the rest of us a bad name.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 1310/28/2010

All together now:


by Gloryhole Garyreply 1410/28/2010

Just be aware that it is 99% white (unlike most video places). Whether that is good or bad depends on what you like. More suit and tie types also.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 1510/28/2010

Oh, Expressions is one of my favorite places in the entire city. I've come into contact with countless wonderful gay men throughout the years there, especially in that private back booth where more than just oral is possible. J'adore Expressions!

by Gloryhole Garyreply 1610/28/2010

Strange, I don't give a shit if "they" hate us. And I've never gotten AIDS at Expressions. Is there a special booth where you get AIDS from hand jobs or blow jobs? Please let me know, I'll have to look out for it..

by Gloryhole Garyreply 1710/28/2010

I went to Expressions and all I got was this.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 1810/29/2010

where else in NYC can you score some suit & tie cock?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 1910/29/2010

Some of those places on 8th Avenue in between 44th and like 51st are good, so is the place on 33rd and 8th. It's good for suburban cock.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 2010/29/2010

That asshole owner is a homophobe, too. I heard him call some guy "faggot" when he dared to speak back to him. dude should just mop up after us. Be the janitor, not the principal.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 2110/29/2010

I've never visited there. But some of you should look me up someday!

by Gloryhole Garyreply 2210/29/2010

R22 = OP of the "I blow my straight friend and bring him sandwiches thread"

by Gloryhole Garyreply 2310/29/2010

R22: don't you have your scrapbooking to attend to, bitch?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 2410/29/2010

I don't scrapbook, I play dungeons and dragons when I'm not working part time as a volunteer at the local hospital.

I live in my parents basement in Mattawah, NJ and visited this place once when I was in NY for a comic book convention but no one was nice to me and I couldn't navigate the stairs easily with my walking cane and I couldn't fit in the booths and no one was very nice to me... so I've become a champion of self worth!

by Gloryhole Garyreply 2510/29/2010

The thing - the ONLY thing that NY has over LA is its plethora of dirty book stores. We have none to speak of.%0D %0D Yes, I'm jealous.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 2610/29/2010

You guys who frequent these places are disgusting and only fuel the right wing's negative beliefs about the gays. You should be ashamed of yourselfs.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 2710/29/2010

Guess what, Mother Theresa @R27? About half of the trolls visiting APBs are married closeted Republicans.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 2810/29/2010

You sound like you need a visit r27, and based on the right wing's sexual proclivities as of late, an innocent blow job in the back room isalmost romper room-like behavior.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 2910/29/2010

R28 is right.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 3010/29/2010

And just how do you know that, r28? Is that fact, or is that wishful thinking on your part, to satisfy your fantasy that all Republican are hypocrites? Did you come up for air as you were servicing them and inquire as to their there party affiliation and marital status?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 3110/29/2010

From reading the papers r31 / r27.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 3210/29/2010

All the APBs on the West Side are suburban cock holes; Expressions is for Manhattanites. Nothing like Upper East Side moneyed cock.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 3310/29/2010


by Gloryhole Garyreply 3410/29/2010

What is this place like on the weekends? I just walked passed there earlier today. Is it dead or is there a different kind of crowd?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 3510/30/2010

It's very hit or miss on the weekends. Much better right after a workday.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 3610/30/2010

[quote] "as to their there party affiliation"

Oh, dear.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 3710/31/2010

what the hell is this place? i work right near there and havent seen.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 3810/31/2010

I've walked passed there before. It is on 53rd street between 2nd and 3rd on the south side of the street. It has some kind of martial arts school above it.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 3910/31/2010

I would head over there again today but I am developing a cold.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 4011/01/2010

Anyone have any hot stories?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 4111/01/2010

Anyone headed there today?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 4211/02/2010

yeah, r42

by Gloryhole Garyreply 4311/02/2010

So what happened R43?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 4411/02/2010

let a young latin guy suck me off. swallowed every drop.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 4511/02/2010

people who frequent these places are trash - plain and simple. say what you want whores...justify it all you like.%0D %0D the fact remains you're trash.%0D %0D GAVEL DOWN

by Gloryhole Garyreply 4611/02/2010

You say that like it is a bad thing r46

by Gloryhole Garyreply 4711/02/2010


The "THREAD CLOSED" bitch has a new moniker.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 4811/02/2010

"Don't YOU get sick of yourself?""%0D %0D Not really trash. Are you having pull-poke tonight? You know, the one with your extra special vinegar sauce?%0D %0D Cunt?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 4911/02/2010


PLEASE F&F R46&49.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 5011/02/2010

[quote]Not really trash. Are you having pull-poke tonight? You know, the one with your extra special vinegar sauce?

Cunt? Jesus. What fucking ignorant trash comes here now.


Stupidity rarely makes me laugh, but you, Maryfrau, have outdone yourself. It's called "Pulled PORK



by Gloryhole Garyreply 5111/02/2010

The Unicorn is good in the evenings (22/8).

by Gloryhole Garyreply 5211/02/2010

poor r51 just doesn't get it.%0D %0D sigh

by Gloryhole Garyreply 5311/02/2010

Wow, 53.... you didn't call anyone a cunt like your responses at 46 & 49.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 5411/02/2010

OK...I went over there today because you sluts got me interested. I don't get it. It smelled and there was NOBODY there expect the Paki guys. I did notice something going on downstairs, was I supposed to go THERE? It looked really scary. What's down there? Booths, I know, but what do you watch?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 5511/02/2010

"Wow, 53"%0D %0D cunt? happy now.%0D %0D "EDITOR - %0D %0D PLEASE F&F [R46]&49."%0D %0D Are you an eight year old tattle-tailing to Mommy?%0D %0D You really are an insufferable twat.%0D %0D

by Gloryhole Garyreply 5611/02/2010

okay. i'm going tomorrow at lunch. one of you guys show up to service me.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 5711/02/2010

What is considered lunch hours there? I usually take lunch around 2:30-3. Is that too late for this place?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 5811/02/2010

Yes R58. r57, I can be there between 12:45 and 1:30.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 5911/02/2010

Who's going??

by Gloryhole Garyreply 6011/03/2010

[quote] I did notice something going on downstairs, was I supposed to go THERE? It looked really scary. What's down there? Booths, I know, but what do you watch?

I watch episodes of Upstairs Downstairs. What the f do you think?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 6111/03/2010

Sorry for being dumb, but if you are in a booth, alone, how do you even know when or if the hot suit guys are even in the building? Are there peep hole that allows you to see the clientele?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 6211/03/2010

I usually stand outside and wait for someone to come in that I'd want to hook up with. Then we enter adjoining booths.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 6311/03/2010

anyone going tomorrow? what time?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 6411/03/2010

I gave French movie star Alain Delon a blowjob a few years ago there. He was once one of the most beautiful looking men on earth. He'd put on a few pounds and had white hair by then but he was still handsome. I sucked him for a while and then jerked him off. He hardly looked at me. I still thought it was cool to have had some sort of sex with Alain Delon, a man who I jerked off fantasizing about since I was 13.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 6511/03/2010

R62, there are sometimes guys who just go in a booth and will suck (or be sucked by) anyone who enters next to them. But that is rare. Usually, it is the way R63 describes. The guys stand around outside the booths and eye each other, then go into adjoining booths if it's a match. No words spoken. Sometimes you think you are matched with someone and you go into the booth expecting him to go in next door, and when he doesn't, it is kind of embarassing. The bigger issue is trying to figure out who wants to suck (bottom) and who is the top. You often just have to go into the booths and find out.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 6611/03/2010

R46/R49 clearly hasn't been laid since the Johnson administration. Sad.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 6711/03/2010

I was there the other day. There was this hot Indian guy. I sucked his hot uncut cock until he dropped a nice juicy load in my mouth. HOT!

I then met a nice banker guy who let me blow a nice one deep in his throat.

Damn....I love being gay!

by Gloryhole Garyreply 6811/03/2010

Agree, R68 - diverse crowd in there.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 6911/04/2010

Whose going down there today?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 7011/04/2010

I'll go... what time? How will we know each other?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 7111/04/2010

I just got back. The weather is nasty, but there were some hot guys there on the lunchtime prowl. I sucked off two guys. One was a cute guy in a suit. Early 30s maybe. Average size cock, but a very full and musky bush. The scent was heavenly. I caught a glimpse of a wedding ring. The other guy was probably late 20s, wearing jeans and a hoodie. Nice large one, uncut and thick. I'm glad I sucked the smaller cock first, since that stretched my mouth just enough in preparation to work over the larger one.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 7211/04/2010

what were you wearing, r72? I was there as well.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 7311/04/2010

You guys are too funny. %0D %0D I guess it takes the promises of a glory hole for DLers to actaully come from behind their computers and meet each other in person.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 7411/04/2010

But what if the two guys entering adjoining booths are bottoms and simultaneously drop to their knees and put their mouths to the hole? Do they kiss, is there tongue action?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 7511/04/2010

Brown hair, late 30s. I had on a brown leather sport coat with a black zip-up sweater underneath. Also jeans and black loafers. What were you wearing, r73? You may have been one of the guys I sucked.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 7611/04/2010

"He's wearing plaid pants, red shoes and a tan overcoat. What? No, he most certainly is not retarded!"

by Gloryhole Garyreply 7711/04/2010

R75, the top will remain standing, the bottom sits or kneels. If both are bottoms, once one sees the other guy sit/kneel, he knows it's no good and will probably exit before even putting any cash in the machine.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 7811/04/2010

You guys are making this way more complicated than it has to be.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 7911/04/2010

Anyone going there after work?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 8011/05/2010

I had some fun at Expressions on Wednesday. I woke up this morning with a really painful sore on my lip. Could it be hepres?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 8111/05/2010

Is it open 24 hrs?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 8211/07/2010

Yes R82.%0D %0D So R81, did you really get a herpes infection?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 8311/07/2010

yes, I was diagnosed at a clinic yesterday. My bf gets home from business in Boston on Wednesday. Not sure how I'm going to explain this to him. We DON'T have an open relationship, but I play around from time to time. Just some innocent stuff for the most part. Never picked anything up...until now.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 8411/07/2010

R18 that black cock looks yummy.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 8511/07/2010

Never heard of it. Is this a restaurant?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 8611/07/2010

Was there on Friday afternoon. There was this decent looking black guy. He was casually dressed. Probably around 40. I had the chance to suck on his thick fat fuck tube. This was porn star quality cock. I would guess around 8" and pretty thick. He didn't actually blow down my throat, but damn.....I loved sucking on that hot man meat.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 8711/08/2010

r68 / R87, I want to go when you go.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 8811/08/2010

Any tales today on the cold and rainy day?%0D %0D Work up on 66th and 3rd, and so curious to go and check it out.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 8911/08/2010

here's a question for you guys, I love glory hole porn, but when I try to find some online it's all these private at home holes. How its that fun to watch? It's not. Is there a way to search for real glory hole porn?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 9011/08/2010

[R87] here. By the way, I forgot to mention that my black stallion was wearing a wedding ring. HOT!

by Gloryhole Garyreply 9111/08/2010

I went today around 6ish. Saw two guys I've seen there before. Both are sort of average looking but have beautiful dicks, one played with my ass and sucked me, then I sucked his massively thick dick and came.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 9211/08/2010

Geez, you could seroconvert just reading this thread!

by Gloryhole Garyreply 9311/08/2010

Can't go-due to this red, swollen, draining blister on my lips. Want to do lunch?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 9411/08/2010

to the "this is why they hate us" trolls, have you considered the sordid, widely known things that straight people do?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 9511/09/2010

r94 that's why I usually avoid black man at these places

by Gloryhole Garyreply 9611/09/2010

r95, straight people do shit like this, if they do this at all, in their 20s. They're just having fun. Most eventually grow up. Forty-year-old straight men DO NOT do stuff like this. Gay men do immature shit like this there entire lives. Why do gay men refuse to grow up?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 9711/09/2010

So all of the high end strip clubs (Scores) and low end strip clubs (Badda Bing) are kept in business by guys in their twenties? %0D %0D Or do you think men just go and watch the topless girls when their buddy has a bachelor party? Are you a frau?%0D %0D How self-loathing, ignorant of the real world and fucked-up CAN YOU BE R97?%0D

by Gloryhole Garyreply 9811/09/2010

You're comparing a straight guy's innocent trip to a strip bar with a gay man's compulsive need to have sex with strangers? Sorry, doesn't wash. Despite your need to view everything hetero as bad, most straight guys of a certain age don't do shit like that.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 9911/09/2010

I used to do boothstores lunch hours in the 80s & 90s, my therapist said I was a sex addict. I went to a few meetings, ridiculous. But since late 90s, I haven't had the urge to go to these places, too many diseases.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 10011/09/2010

I've known a good number of straight men, well into their forties, who enjoy as much sex with strangers as they can get. And I would say half of them are married.

And you know what else? Just go onto any chatline or phone sex line on the female side, and begin to count how many of those straight guys are into young girls, or have stories about their niece or their step-daughter they want to jo telling you.

I hate some of you self-loathing queens.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 10111/09/2010

I understand that a blow job is usually included in private dances at strip clubs. So what's safer? Getting a blow job from a stripper who's blown 30 guys that night OR getting a blow job from a closet case banker on your way home...

by Gloryhole Garyreply 10211/09/2010

Which NYC abs would you recommend if I'm looking for older black men who want head? That's what I'm into these days.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 10311/09/2010

Hey R103, there is a ABS over on 6th ave and 24th St. A lot of older black guys hang out there in the evening.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 10411/09/2010

I'm going tomorrow! Can't wait to slob some knob! Now, dat's da suckjob!

by Gloryhole Garyreply 10511/09/2010

what fucking riffraff trash

by Gloryhole Garyreply 10611/10/2010

Yeah.....I'm gay. I love sex. I love to suck cock. I love to get slam fucked. I enjoy hot daddies. I also enjoy young twinks. Adult book stores are hot. Sex clubs rock. Life is Awesome!

Reading some of the pearl clutching remarks from all the sad fags from coast to coast on this thread simply makes me laugh.


by Gloryhole Garyreply 10711/10/2010

What's the best time to go? People say lunchtime, but what time is that for most people? 12:30-1:30?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 10811/11/2010

I grew up during the sexual revolution. If someone told me in my youth that in 2010 there would be a host of gay men condemning other gay men for being into sexual freedom, the way we defined it back then, I wouldn't have believed them.

then again, I wouldn't have believed how conservative the country has become over all.

What the fuck happened?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 10911/11/2010

r84, I think you need to be honest. I know it's hard. I don't have herpes but I've had std scares before in relationships at least somewhat like yours - not explicitly open but not exactly air tight closed - on both sides of the equation. Good luck.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 11011/11/2010

R103 Try the one on 8'th Ave around 28th St. I think it is named Unicorn. There are many black and PR hustlers mixed in but also many just looking for head. I was there a few weeks ago and there were only a few guys standing around. In walks a very and I mean very hot Latino. I was sure he was hustling. I got board and went into a booth to watch a movie and kill time until more people showed up. To my surprise the hottie entered the booth next to me, took off his shirt (body to die for), took a hit of poppers and stuck his big uncut dick through the hole. I went to town on it and he shot a multi spurt load. He let me keep on sucking until I got every last drop.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 11111/11/2010

I went to Expressions today. Must say was not that impressed. Although I can imagine if you happen to have soemwhat attractive there, it can be hot, because the GH booths are set up nicely.%0D %0D Most of th guys there when I went, 12:30-1pm, were unattractive granddaddy types who look like they might give you a nickle to go get a piece of hard candy down at the corner store.%0D %0D I have different standards when it comes to video booth play. The guy doesn't have to be drop dead gorgeous, he doesn't even have to be exactly my type. But you do have to have something about you that you can wrap a little fantasy around - horny dad, straight business type, something. These guys were just gross.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 11211/11/2010

Hi R112. Congrats for giving Expressions a try. In my experience, which is substantial, timing and luck is everything. Sometimes you can walk in and find a hottie right away and sometimes you have to stand and wait. The more time you spend the better your chances of wrapping your lips around a luscious dick.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 11311/11/2010

It is like playing the lottery. Sometimes you may go and absolutely nothing. Other times you may go and meet a hottie in less than a minute. If you hit the jackpot, you may get multiple cocks and multiple loads.

Like any ABS, every visit holds new possibilities!

by Gloryhole Garyreply 11411/11/2010

I want R114/R107 as my friend.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 11511/12/2010

One other thing about Expressions. It is great to try mid week around 1-2am in the morning. You get some frustrated straight guys pop in looking for blow jobs. They struck out at the bars or with their GF's and just need some easy no strings attached attention given to their horney dicks.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 11611/12/2010

Mama is quite intrigued w/ this venue, but if I'm going to venture all the way cross town to the *shudder* East Side.

I definitely expect to be rewarded.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 11711/12/2010

r116, you are delusional, hon. You honestly think that straight guys seek out other guys for sexual release after they strike out with chicks? And in such a disgusting, loathesome environment as an adult video store? Um, no. They rather walk barefoot on broken glass than have any sexual contact with another man.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 11811/12/2010

anyone been to les hommes on uws lately? used to hit that place a lot about 10 years ago, had some hot times. thinking about checking it out again.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 11911/12/2010

What is going on downstairs? Are there booths?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 12011/12/2010

FYI: A movie theater/booth store in Brooklyn had a death when a man in his 60's had a heart attack and died in a booth. Just saying.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 12111/13/2010

r121, curious what place it was and how it was reported. Do you have a link to that story?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 12211/13/2010

how come i don't see this place on google street view?


This never happened, thread closed, gavel down, etc etc

by Gloryhole Garyreply 12311/13/2010

No r118. YOU are the one who's delusional. After hours, and after alcohol has been consumed, straight guys do go there to get off. And your stupidwalk on glass rhetoric might as well apply to the charred glass of the pearls you are clutching so hard that they have shattered.%0D %0D I'm not even talking about men I've encountered there. I will just limit my argument to the straight men (friends and strangers) that I have TAKEN there so they can get their jollies after striking out at the bar with chicks yet still buzzed enough.%0D %0D Not once, not twice, but 6 times I've done that - in a period of 2 years. Stop judging and clutching, get that stick out of your ass. Maybe you'll fit my dick in there afterwards.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 12411/13/2010

My lips have been pulsating/tingling today, does that mean I got herpes?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 12511/13/2010

oh, it's:

Xpressions. 230 E 53rd St., New York, NY 10022

by Gloryhole Garyreply 12611/13/2010

I'm really horny and only live a few train stops away. Any good cock there on the weekends?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 12711/14/2010

Straight cock on the hoof is the BEST!

by Gloryhole Garyreply 12811/14/2010

r122, it was told to me by the cleaning staff as I awaited by next BJ. I don't think it was reported in the news. Supposedly he was in the booth with a guy and when he said he was having chest pains, the guy bolted.

Closeted straight men are so fearful of being discovered.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 12911/14/2010

Hot construction guy there today. Thick meat. Frothy load.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 13011/15/2010

Ooooh, lucky R130!!

by Gloryhole Garyreply 13111/15/2010

I believe downstairs they have porn playing on a big tv w/ folding chairs set up everywhere. Costs $5 to go down there. There are also private booths down there just like the ones upstairs (you pay by the minute for the video). While I don't think there's anyone down there, they probably monitor via camera and stop anything too crazy from happening.%0D %0D Sounds similar to the set up at Vishara on 8th ave.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 13211/15/2010

[quote] Sounds similar to the set up at Vishara on 8th ave.

It is, but I've never seen anyone worthwhile go downstairs.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 13311/15/2010

there are a TON of construction workers on 56th between 2nd and 3rd putting up some new building.

Not that I have any reason to believe they frequent Xpressions but there really are a shit-ton of them.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 13411/15/2010

I just remembered a great X-Pressions personal experience! %0D %0D Back in the 90's, when the downstairs was the male video shop, I cruised this guy at lunch time. He had - I kid you not - one of those maintenance uniforms with the sewn name tag with his name in cursive (which I'll be damned if I remember). His look was reddish face, dirty blond hair, cherubic (sort of like the guy in that sitcom set in Staten Island - Grounded For Life).%0D %0D He rubbed his dick, I rubbed mine back, shortly thereafter he was asking if I had a place. I said no, even though I did. Bringing the Maytag Repairman to my office would have been highly suspect, since I was out at work.%0D %0D He then told me to follow him. We went outside, where I found myself following him to one of the highrises - near the Lipstick Building as a matter of fact. I thought he knew of one of those floor bathrooms or something. I followed him to one of the elevators (this is before 9/11 high security) where, to my dismay, he tells the lunch time crowd waiting for an elevator that ours was now out of service. %0D %0D This is when he unfastens the big-ass key ring dangling on the side of his pants (I know, it sounds like a seventies porn outfit and fantasy but I swear on my mother's life this happened). He then singles out a key which he inserts into some key hole in the elevator panel. Now the damn thing is at his mercy (and so am I). He stops the elevator at some point, and we have sex between floors. %0D %0D It turns out he was an elevator serviceman who had keys to the elevators of several buildings in the city. He knew this one did not have security cameras, etc. Again in 1994, that was very common.%0D %0D Needless to say the whole experience was very hot. So much so, that I came as soon as he lay on the floor asking me to shoot all over him. I did as he ordered, and at the end there was cum on him as well as the elevator rug. We buckled up, without any wiping, and headed back down to the lobby, where I went my way, he went his, and the lunchtime crowd stepped in all over what they did not know was my cum.%0D %0D Hot.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 13511/15/2010

I stop at a deli on 56th and second for lunch sometimes and it's always packed with key swinging maintanence men, supers, construction workers, etc. So I believe R135.

I wonder if anyone I work with frequents Xpressions. I'm pretty sure they do.

Has anyone ever run into anyone they know there?

What's it look like on the inside? describe it to me!

by Gloryhole Garyreply 13611/15/2010

I'm sorry but I find it VERY hard to believe that sexually frustrated STRAIGHT men are stopping in Xpressions for blowjobs. I mean, it's just not part of our culture. Either jerk off to high-quality porn, hire an escort, or find a gf, but i just don't think straight men do that in the year 2010. Maybe latino guys do, and maybe "straight" working class guys did, say, 100 years ago, but your typical new york white-collar worker doesn't.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 13711/15/2010

I really think that straight horny men would rather jerk off to straight porn then get a blowjob from a man.

Who here disagrees? i could be convinced, but I don't think it's likely.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 13811/15/2010

Could it be that the "straight married guys" are just ordinary gay dudes pretending to be married 40-something business straight guys?

I think of all the gay guys at my work in their 40s. Slip a ring on their finger and they look pretty damn good playing "straight married daddy" type.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 13911/15/2010

Am currently reading George Chauncey's "Gay New York" about gay New Yorkers in the early 20th century.

What is fascinating is that gay men at the turn of the century were often thought to be -- and thought of themselves as being -- a kind of third sex, or a sort of womanly creature.

And "straight men," or men that otherwise had sex with women, often from the working classes, would have sex with them as a form of release.

it wasn't considered gay to do that back then. It was only as the 20th century wore on that any form of sex with a male was considered "gay."

Which is why I doubt that "straight men" are hitting up Xpressions. I just don't think they'd be comfortable with that.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 14011/15/2010

this is the way I think about the idea of straight men getting sex from gay men. If Edna Garrett and Elena Kagan were giving out free blowjobs in the local Starbucks bathroom, would you want one?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 14111/15/2010

I don't think that's the same thing r141. It's much easier for a gay guy to find another gay guy to blow him.%0D %0D Straight men have to jump through many hoops to get that from a woman.%0D %0D That said, I think many men who identify as straight but have homosexual tendancies use ABSs, perhaps more than men that identify as gay.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 14211/15/2010

R141, if you are going with that analogy, why not use Angelina Jolie or the latest Playboy playmate as an example? We're gay guys here so were not sexually attracted to women. So why hot use hot women to make your point? Or turn it around, how many gay guys would want a blow job from Barny Frank if he was in the Starbucks bathroom?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 14311/15/2010

R143, I am saying that the same revulsion you feel at the thought of Edna Garrett blowing you is likely similar to the thought that straight men feel at thought of some random average guy blowing them.

If they feel excited, it is likely that they aren't exclusively heterosexual.

And you can replace Edna and Elena with, say, a random smattering of the office women you see walking around Midtown east. If they were waiting to blow you, and you hadn't had sex in months, would you give it a whirl? Or would you rather jerk off to sean cody or corbin fisher?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 14411/15/2010

Or put another way, ask a gay man if he wants free blowjobs being given out at the starbucks bathroom by a bunch of drunk soccer / PTA moms.

I think the reaction of a gay man would be akin to the reaction of a straight man to saying that he could get free blowjobs from some dude at Xpressions.

I think the gay guy would rather go home and watch porn than hook up with soccer moms. Same thing with a straight guy for Xpressions.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 14511/15/2010

You guys with your examples are completely off. Gay guys are not going to go for blowjobs from women because it is too easy to get a guy to come over, suck your cock, and leave without ever asking you your name, or making him buy you dinner.

For straight guys to get a simple, poorly given, blowjob from a woman, they have to go through so much. So the idea of just sticking your dick in a hole while someone gives you a great blowjob while you watch porn, letting you just cum and go, is not that far fetched.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 14611/15/2010

When's the best time to go?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 14711/15/2010

"So the idea of just sticking your dick in a hole while someone gives you a great blowjob while you watch porn, letting you just cum and go, is not that far fetched."

True. But what about STDs? Don't these straight guys worry about bringing home herpes, gonorrhea, the syph?

I could see, like, a drunken straight janitor with little sense of STDs doing this, but your average desk jockey?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 14811/15/2010

If Elena Kagan was furtively squatting in her pantsuit behind a glory hole at Xpressions, and gave awesome blow jobs, would you go?

You wouldn't have to see her face or body, but you'd know it was her.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 14911/15/2010

For those who wonder what the booths are like, here is an illustration.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 15011/15/2010

"True. But what about STDs? Don't these straight guys worry about bringing home herpes, gonorrhea, the syph?"

Just because their straight, doesn't mean they are married. Single straight men can go weeks, months without ever having any kind of sex with anyone. That is one thing if it is by choice, but I can't imagine wanting to have sex with someone and NOT being able to get it. That is another MAJOR reason GHs are populated by straight guys.

Not necessarily expressions, but other GHs in the city are good to go to right near last call, or around 3am if you happen to be up on a Friday or Saturday. You get a lot of horny frustrated guys, who didn't hook up, stumbling in.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 15111/15/2010

"Or turn it around, how many gay guys would want a blow job from Barny Frank if he was in the Starbucks bathroom?"%0D %0D More than you think, believe me. And since many of the guys who frequent those places LOOK like Barney Frank though definitely not all of them) you can be sure they won't mind.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 15211/16/2010

I stopped by last night around 9. Was horned up after my workout, so thought I'd try to score some cock. I hung around for around 15 minutes. It was dead. I was about to leave until this cute guy in suit and tie came in. Probably working late and wanted some release before going home to his bf, wife, or an empty apartment. We shot each other looks. He went into a booth, and I quickly went into an adjoining booth. He put his average size cock (I'm not a size queen, so avg is fine with me). First I started stroking it, and then I put it in my mouth. Even though we both had some loud, obnoxious porn playing in both booths, I could hear his soft moans as I sucked and stroked him. I let him cum in my mouth. He shot a lot, and the lining of my mouth was covered with warm jizz. He zipped up, and I could hear him quickly run out,probably so that he couldn't face me. Sounds like a closet case. I'm going back tonight.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 15311/16/2010

I don't understand you people.

I get horny sometimes and I go to Xpressions or similar places. I don't care if the person I meet there is gay, bi, trans, white, black, construction worker, banker, Republican, Democrat, married, single. I don't think about how my getting/giving head impacts gay-straight relationships.

If I'm attracted to them I go for it and have fun. And I've had fun with some kinds of people I'd never interact with at a bar or a party. And that's hot. You're over thinking this.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 15411/16/2010

We like Xpressions. It's fun for the Hole Family.%0D %0D Daddy Harry, Mom Kay, Aunt Gloria, Uncle Red, Brother Bud, & Sister Rosie.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 15511/16/2010

Some hotties there today. No joke!

by Gloryhole Garyreply 15611/16/2010

The owners should compensate us for all the business we're giving them.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 15711/16/2010

OP = owner of this sleaze palace. If you're relying on boothstores as your method of sexual expression, you've got psychological problems. Seek help. Even with internet hookups, you're at least dealing with a person, not just a random dick through a hole.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 15811/16/2010

Projection issues much, R158?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 15911/16/2010

r158, if you left your basement and went to one of these places, you'd see that it's not some guy sucking a random dick with no face. Most of the time, you cruise the person you like and then take the booths. For most, there's got to be some sexual chem before sealing the deal.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 16011/16/2010

But it's not healthy, physically or psychologically. And even an in-person quickie is more satisfying than these germ infested places. I know the thrill is fun, I used to crave it, but something happened. Maybe getting older, how old are you OP?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 16111/16/2010

getting a mouth full of hot str8 cock and jizz is totally healthy, "physically and psychologically"!!

by Gloryhole Garyreply 16211/16/2010

Straight cock and jizz just tastes better than the gay variety. Straight cock smells like musk and testosterone. It's been my experience that gay cock has the aroma of rose petals scattered over an appletini. Who'd want that? I want a man, not a woman. It's just different.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 16311/16/2010

I think I'll go today.


31 y/o

8c thick

Who is gonna suck me?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 16411/16/2010

r164, is your wife a physician's assistant?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 16511/16/2010

No, she's not a Physician's Asst.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 16611/16/2010

There's no better feeling in the world than a straight cock fucking your mouth.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 16711/16/2010

I can go after work.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 16811/16/2010

R164, if you're wearing a suit, there will be plenty of takers...

by Gloryhole Garyreply 16911/16/2010

I've commented on this thread before in support of going to these places, though I usually go to other places but I decided to check it out because there's been so much talk on here about it.

I went tonight. I was there for about 25-30 minutes after work. I didn't think the caliber of guys there were particularly great and certainly no better then any other place I frequent in Manhattan.

I've been there before probably a few years ago, and tonight the place seemed much dirtier, grungier, and broken down then it used to be. They also had replaced (since I last went) the glass windows with wood and glory holes.

During the 25-30 minutes I was there I noticed two very aggressive white-haired old men; a tall black guy who was peering into each booth and a very loud guy working there who kept shouting unintelligible directives to people hanging out. I never once saw him clean the place and the one booth I entered had piles of dirty paper towels, condoms and small puddles of cum. I'm not naive enough to say that it surprised me, but there are a number of cleaner places in Manhattan for sure.

I decided to leave when the worker grabbed open a door on some guy giving head because apparently he hadn't put in enough money. The worker would not shut the door and the guy had to throw his pants on and leave. The worker kept yelling "no free time" I believe. I had expected that the guy would be a drug dealer or some unsavory sort of guy but he was just an average guy giving head. They exchanged some yells and he was kicked out. I've NEVER seen that before at an ABS and was pretty shocked. I was a little concerned that the altercation would become violent and since it took place on the steps, we were all sort of trapped.

I don't think this place is that great, and I think horny NYers can do MUCH better, but that's just my opinion.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 17011/16/2010

"I've NEVER seen that before at an ABS and was pretty shocked"

Well la-dee-da, your majesty.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 17111/16/2010

R170 what places do you recommend.

ADDRESS please. So I can google street view it.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 17211/16/2010

Anyone remember that two-story ABS on 34th & 8th next to McDonalds? One hot black cock after another. So many well built black guys. I can't even count how many black cocks I sucked off there. What did they call those stairs leading to the top floor...Stairway to Heaven, right?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 17311/16/2010

No one answered the question.

What if Elena Kagan was scholar in residence at Xpressions on 53rd, giving out amazing BJs?

Would you take one?

Also who would you prefer a bj from -- Barney Frank or Scarlett Johansson?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 17411/16/2010

[quote] ADDRESS please. So I can google street view it.

Really? R170 is correct, that place is nasty and going downhill, but it is really the only place in that neighborhood.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 17511/16/2010

R174 I'd let you blow me, but first you gotta move out of mom and dad's basement.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 17611/16/2010

[quote] "There's no better feeling in the world than a straight cock fucking your mouth."

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. So true. So true.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 17711/16/2010

R158 sounds like she would be a real BLAST at parties.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 17811/16/2010

I am praying for each and every one of you.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 17911/16/2010

[quote] I don't think this place is that great, and I think horny NYers can do MUCH better, but that's just my opinion.

Self respecting horny NYers DO MUCH better by avoiding these places.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 18011/17/2010

"Self respecting horny NYers DO MUCH better by avoiding these places."%0D %0D Oh please, how, by Craig's list and bar hook-ups?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 18111/17/2010

I had to brother who has been married for 20 years.

I asked him if he could put his dick through a hole in the wall and not have any idea who was sucking on the other side, man or woman, but would get a great blow job would he do it?

His answer...I might. But if I saw the guy go in the other side I couldn't do it.

Unfortunately there are no such places in the flyover state in which he lives.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 18211/17/2010

That's a really HOT conversation to have with your brother r182. Is he cute?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 18311/17/2010

funny r174, I am definitely gay, but I think I would rather have a bj from ScarJo than Mr. Frank as long as I got to fuck her tits too.

Then I'd have a t-shirt made - "I fucked ScarJo's Tits"

For any of you curious types out there, the best way to get really hot GH action is to start off by going to Bed Bath and Beyond over on 6th. Check out the the Clearance shelf for dark sheets or curtains. Run home, cut a hole out, tape or nail it to an available door, post an ad on Craigslist, and wait.

A buddy of mine did this and I used to post ads for him on CL just for kicks. He was very specific about the types he was looking for. You would not believe the amount of primo NYU cock he would get.

Most guys, str8, bi, gay, married, whatever, feel more comfortable going to a private GH then being seen entering a video store.

Check out some of the dick this guy gets, and he is right in the village.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 18411/17/2010

BTW, I did it myself a couple of times and that is how I got to suck off Roger Bart's beautiful thick piece of horny meat.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 18511/17/2010

r184m interesting how your "buddy's" "different" visitors all have exactly identical dicks with the same cockring. We know how those straight men have cockrings handy just for the occasion. %0D %0D Please start your own thread.%0D %0D Love x-tube, but not into people who just film sex with their boyfriends and then just label them with an assortment of faux-occupations/types

by Gloryhole Garyreply 18611/17/2010

"... and that is how I got to suck off Roger Bart's beautiful thick piece of horny meat."

You're telling me that ROGER BART, the crazy pharmacist husband from Desperate Housewives circa '05, showed up at your DIY, strung-up-a-vinyl-Bed, Bath, & Beyond-shower-curtain, glory hole?

Tell us more.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 18711/17/2010

I've posted about it several times on here R187 over the years, including a pic of his cock that he sent me. He came to my GH once and then he set up an impromptu one at his place that I went to once. He likes it very slow and very wet. He is about 8 thick cut inches.

R186, the guy in the video is not my "buddy." He is just a guy who posts videos of himself sucking cock through a GH, and he happens to live in the village. If you've ever actually watched the videos, he puts the cockring on the guys, they don't come with it on. That is why it's always the same cockring, and all the cocks don't look a like. I recognized him on XTUBE because he has been posting ads on CL for years advertising his services. It's only recently in the last 6 months that he started filming it.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 18811/18/2010

Straight guys will use the glory hole. When I was in college I went to one of these ABS a lot. It was in CT near UCONN. The ABS was right next door to a straight strip joint. Around midnight, I guess after seeing a lot of tit and enough beer, you could see guys walking from the strip joint into the ABS. Right downstairs to one of the booths to get sucked off while watching some porn.

In the booths you could actually hear the thumping music from the club next door.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 18911/18/2010

Slightly off-topic:%0D %0D SF Dlers: any of bitches go to the Nob Hill booths? Been there off and on - it';s hit or miss - but eveyone once in a while you get some good suits...

by Gloryhole Garyreply 19011/18/2010

Any bad experiences? Ever tasted ass or vagine on a dick? %0D %0D I so want to go, but am afraid of what I might taste.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 19111/18/2010

R173 That place on 8th by 34th was the best ABS ever! Like you I enjoyed many black cocks there. Many of the boys were just beautiful muscle men with big cocks. The place rocked almost non stop 44/7. A lot of beautiful PR thug boys went there also and of course I sucked many of them.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 19211/18/2010

Actually went by this evening. I think that a lot of people are reading this thread because it was more busy than I have ever seen it. It was a little too busy for the size of the space. It made cruising very difficult, so I just bailed.

Too bad....I really wanted to choke on some fat cock....

by Gloryhole Garyreply 19311/18/2010

Are the weekends ever good at this place or pretty much dead?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 19411/19/2010

r194 You never know. It is all about random timing. I find that the off hours are best for finding a hot guy who just wants to get sucked off.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 19511/19/2010

The place on Bush in SF has gotten MUCH more popular since all the other places began to charge 10 bucks to get to the booths.

Folsom Gulch is now dead due to the overcharging.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 19611/19/2010

How is Les Hommes on the UWS?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 19711/21/2010

R196 DEAD most of the time.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 19811/21/2010

Any information on Les Hommes? W81st St?

Any hot married, UWS guys in there?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 19911/22/2010

R199 just like I told R197 NO, a thousand times no.

It is dead most of the time and when it is not there are a few diseased trolls.

The hot married men on the UWS are at NYSC getting taken care of in the steam room.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 20011/22/2010

I've gone to Les Hommes a few times. Yes, it can be dead often, but once in awhile there's a hot masculine guy there. Hit and miss like anywhere. You cna share a booth, so it's better than just a glory hole. The thing I don't like about Les Hommes, though is it's very dirty and badly lit with bright spotlights in parts of the hall.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 20111/22/2010

Nice crop of hot guys there today at lunch!!

by Gloryhole Garyreply 20211/23/2010

Anyone know what the legal status of these places are in NYC? Can you get arrested if you interact through a glory hole? What about those place that allow you to share booths?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 20311/23/2010

One question to the patrons of such places: doesn't the smell of disinfectant/Dettol give you a headache? it would negate any sexual desire for me.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 20411/23/2010

That's the power of Pine-Sol baby!%0D %0D

by Gloryhole Garyreply 20511/23/2010

Will they be open on Thanksgiving?%0D %0D Somehow I can imagine gay guys leaving tense dinners with their families looking for some quick relief.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 20611/24/2010

I'll be all alone tomorrow since my family rejected me for being a gay, and I have no friends to speak of to my extreme social awkwardness, so I'll take a trip over tomorrow. looking forward to seeing some of you hotties there.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 20711/24/2010

R207, you make yourself sound like quite the catch.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 20811/24/2010

I'll be there, R207. Ima fill you up, Buttercup.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 20911/24/2010

So did anybody go today? I imagine lots of single straight cock there without any family to share the holiday with.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 21011/25/2010

Go late at night or early morning mid-week. The boys then have time to save up their loads for their week-end bitches. Had some very nice cock there between 1 and 3 am on a Wednesday.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 21111/27/2010

I went there today and sucked off a cute guy. He was adorable and definitely very nervous. We chatted beforehand, and I learned that he's a tourist. Didn't ask if he was married, but I got a married vibe. He was nervous, possibly his first time doing this. He ran out of his booth right after he came in my mouth. He was probably a bit weirded out. I'm going back tomorrow at the same time to see if he shows up again. I like this place a lot!

by Gloryhole Garyreply 21211/29/2010

r212 What time did you go today? Might want to go tomorrow and compete with you for that hottie tourist cock.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 21311/30/2010

Anyone going today at lunch?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 21412/03/2010

Which one of you cocksuckers posted this on Craigslist?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 21512/03/2010

Any action there today?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 21612/03/2010

Any SF Dlers going to Nob Hill Cinema today? Anybody hear about action in the Embarcadero Center bathrooms?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 21712/03/2010

Lets keep this to the GH on 53rd please...!!

by Gloryhole Garyreply 21812/03/2010

Anyone going today?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 21912/06/2010

I'll be there. I've heard so much about here at DL and work nearby. Gotta load I need to drop. Look for me:

MWM 6'2" bl/bl HWP blue pinstripe suit, red tie.

How will I know you, R219?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 22012/06/2010

Did you go, r220?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 22112/06/2010

Heading over to Xpressions this afternoon....Let's see if we can get a party rounded up! C'mon guys...

by Gloryhole Garyreply 22212/06/2010

anyone go today?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 22312/07/2010

I did go yesterday and got sucked off by a hot papi.

Well worth the visit.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 22412/07/2010

tell us r220/224. suit guy? how old? hot?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 22512/07/2010

Nothing new at Xpressions?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 22612/13/2010


I remembered reading this thread - I was in the area today - and looked for it - I was on 53rd and Lex. One more block over and I could have had some fun.


by Gloryhole Garyreply 22712/13/2010

Suited married straight cock on the hoof is the BEST!!

by Gloryhole Garyreply 22812/13/2010

lets go after work

by Gloryhole Garyreply 22912/14/2010

Here's someone you'll meet at Xpressions...

by Gloryhole Garyreply 23012/15/2010

Is that Kelsey Grammer R230?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 23112/15/2010

Gross R230 just gross.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 23212/16/2010

And not at all representative of the their client base R230.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 23312/17/2010

He'll meet you there around 7 tonight....

by Gloryhole Garyreply 23412/17/2010

Is it bad to go during Christmas week?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 23512/20/2010

The hotties were there today looking to get blown before the holidays!

Yum, I got two Xmas loads!

by Gloryhole Garyreply 23612/23/2010

Here's what you all missed today...

by Gloryhole Garyreply 23712/23/2010

Is xpressions open Christmas day? I need some yuletide cum.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 23812/24/2010

Anyone going on Sunday? Any action there today?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 23912/25/2010

I went today. What else is there for a lonely Jewish guy to do on Christmas. I hooked up with a hot married guy. I knew he was married because he went in right after him and I saw him removing his wedding ring before he entered. Very cute and a decent bod for a straight guy. We took adjoining booths and we sucked each other off. After that he stuck his ass up against the window. I didn't know if he wanted me to fuck him or finger him. I didn't have any condoms on me and I always play safe, so I actually wound up fingering him. He moaned like a chick. He's probably back home now with the wife and kids.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 24012/25/2010

Has the street by Expressions been plowed? %0D Is anybody heading over there today?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 24112/29/2010

The only thing plowed at Xpressions is the asses of the willing participants.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 24212/29/2010

does anyone know of any booths downtown? in the financial district?

i have been to unicorn on 26th and 8th once, but that was my only GH experience. it was really hot and i loved it. I was extremely nervous going in there, i have a GF, consider myself straight, but have hooked up with one guy before (many times over the course of 5 years). When he moved out of town i started looking for something else. Booths are great, i just get scared of stds...

my one time at unicorn i blew this PR guy, uncut.. was weird for me, i blew him for a while but he didnt cum, then i put my dick through and got the BEST bj of my life, by far. i came in about 4 seconds

i want to go back soon, but i prefer white guys, suits, like me.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 24312/29/2010

Could some nice DL member start a similar thread about GHs in San Fran? TIA

by Gloryhole Garyreply 24412/29/2010

the best bj of your life only lasted 4 seconds? god, i feel bad for the bitches who nearly got TMJ after sucking you for 1/2 hour.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 24512/29/2010

yeah, unfortunately i couldnt hold out for longer... those blacks and PRs have big lips and hot mouths, unlike most of the skinny white chicks i hook up with

by Gloryhole Garyreply 24612/29/2010

the clientele there has gotten younger and hotter recently.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 24701/08/2011

Now that that nasty place on Ann Street has been demolished and I hear the bathhouse on the top floor of that business building is closed, there must be some horny businessmen on Wall Street.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 24801/10/2011

Add to that 9/11, r248. The Trade Center had about 4 cruisy bathrooms in it. Plus building bathrooms in general were more accessible pre-terrorism.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 24901/19/2011

anyone going today at lunch?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 25001/20/2011

I actually followed a guy from the Ann Street place to the WTC on a Saturday morning a few years ago. Good sex.

I've never had a good time at Expressions.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 25101/21/2011

I went after work yesterday and it was depressing. Fat gross guys and rude attendants

by Gloryhole Garyreply 25201/26/2011

As the title of this thread clearly states, the time to find hot suited cock at Xpressions is lunchtime.

All the hot guys go HOME after work, they don't hang around midtown looking for sex - they go to their neighborhood bars and such for that action after work.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 25301/26/2011

There was this great place near 37th Street and Broadway on the second floor that used to be great for dicks in suits. Whatever happened to that place?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 25401/29/2011

I will be going over to the unicorn on 26th and 8th tonight at around 5-6... will anyone be around then?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 25502/01/2011

When will the drunk dudes be lined up after the big game at the gloryholes for a suck job? Please post according to EST.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 25602/06/2011

[quote] Now that that nasty place on Ann Street has been demolished and I hear the bathhouse on the top floor of that business building is closed, there must be some horny businessmen on Wall Street.

That makes sense. I walked by there a few days ago trying to remember where it was for memories sake and I couldn't find it.

That place was sketchy, but I used to have a lot of fun there.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 25702/06/2011

I used to hang out and wait and wait and wait at Xpression Video for hot times, for about 3 years. Then I joined the gym. No need for that disgusting place anymore. Dinnertime at NYSC beats lunchtime at Xpression any day of the week.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 25802/06/2011

I stayed a block from Xpressions at the beginning of January and it was dire. Dire at lunch time, dire after work. Previous visits had been a blast but the energy was low and the guys just hanging around until the Obligatory Surly Clerk threw them out.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 25902/06/2011

I think the winter blahs have set in at Xpressions. With all the snow and slush, nobody has the energy to leave their desks at lunchtime for a little action; they'd rather eat lunch at their desk and leave early to get their action at home.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 26002/06/2011

Anyone meeting for lunch?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 26102/07/2011

I went there twice last week and it was dead both times. I think this place is over.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 26202/07/2011

Don't worry, it is just the winter. Business will "pick-up" again in the spring. %0D %0D That being said they do need to change the middle eastern flunky behind the counter; he is so rude!

by Gloryhole Garyreply 26302/07/2011

They're all Sri Lankan, I was told. Which one do you mean? The troll who works nights is the worst. Total idiot.

The one in the afternoons who says "Use da bills, that's good that's good that's good!" is actually all right as long as you're not a prick. Also he identifies as bi and will check out your dick if you open your booth's door to get change.

The tallest one who comes down to do maintenance during the day and doesn't talk to customers at all is the proprietor.

There's a newish guy, very young, very attractive, dark-skinned, with a lot of swagger. He works nights too and doesn't bother anyone,

by Gloryhole Garyreply 26402/07/2011

Sri Lankan? Oh dear!

by Gloryhole Garyreply 26502/11/2011

I can't find love, so I'm looking for sex in all the wrong places.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 26603/03/2011


by Gloryhole Garyreply 26703/06/2011

Warm temps may mean more suits at the Ex.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 26803/17/2011

The moment fresh meat comes into the booth area always cracks me up. And when the poor newbie picks a booth, it's like a sprint who can reach the door to the next door booth. It's the best cardio workout in town.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 26903/26/2011

Well, I was coming home from a late party this morning, so I stopped over at Xpressions. This is only the second time I did something like this, but after waiting a bit, this totally hot daddy in his late 40s/early 50s walks into a stall. I immediately walked over to his stall and boy am I glad I did. One of the most amazing cocks I have ever seen. Totally made him cum, too, Same scenario last time I went. Daddy-type, which is something I like and cute. The other time was early in the morning, too.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 27003/28/2011

When you say Daddy-type, do you mean Grandfather type? Because that's who I always see there.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 27103/29/2011

God! Never knew this place existed. Thanks guys!

by Gloryhole Garyreply 27203/31/2011

R271 nailed it.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 27304/02/2011

Just did a hot blonde (dyed, but you can't have everything) coming back from the gym so I knew he was freshly showered. That made for a hot BJ (his dick angles to the side but HOT) and a better rim job.

He seemed to like and so did I.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 27404/02/2011

Has anyone ever found a steady fuck buddy there?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 27504/23/2011

Has anyone ever gone downstairs in this place? Whats the deal?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 27605/02/2011

I'm curious about downstairs too. I think it's sorta like the upstairs at vishara. You pay like $5 or $10 and get to go down there and watch porn on a big screen tv (or projector) and maybe jo or fool around w/ whoever else is down there. i guess it could be easier to get some group action down there.%0D %0D anyone know for sure.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 27705/04/2011

The downstairs has a large screen for porn, several booths... they let guys fuck around down there without being bothered with feeding the machines upstairs in the booths.

$10 to go downstairs... worth it for hot suited cock.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 27805/04/2011

Do you just ask to go downstairs? How does that work?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 27905/05/2011

Anyone know what bar this guy is talking about?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 28005/08/2011

Probably the cock.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 28105/09/2011

Forget Expressions, I need to get myself to the Cock, Dang, I miss backrooms.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 28205/11/2011

Xpressions is for sale. You can buy it for $1! Actually, appears to be a bidding process. You have to buy the whole bldg and xpressions comes with it.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 28305/14/2011

18K per month rent. Wonder how long they can make it. That's a lot of loads

by Gloryhole Garyreply 28405/14/2011

Any action lately?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 28506/12/2011

I gather the "use the bills" guy is already pursuing a career in voice-overs.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 28606/12/2011

lol. Is that he is saying, "use the bills"? I always thought he was saying "use the booths". ("ooze da boozz").

by Gloryhole Garyreply 28706/13/2011

people really scare me.

i wish you all good health.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 28806/14/2011

I fucked a guy with a condom, and afterward he said it hurt and didn't like it at all.

Oh, while I was in him, he came. Yeah, you didn't like it.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 28906/19/2011

Woohoo!! So I just moved to the area, and now you guys have given me something to do after work. Nice to know there are also a couple of places near Penn Station to check out too. Too bad, R25, I didn't check out this thread earlier...I actually just moved to that town myself and you sound like my type!

by Gloryhole Garyreply 29006/20/2011

Years ago I saw a cute guy checking out my crotch when I was downstairs looking at some videos. I smiled and met his gaze with my usual response in these situations. "See something you like?"

by Gloryhole Garyreply 29106/20/2011

you guys sure know how to spoil a good thing

by Gloryhole Garyreply 29206/20/2011

I was pretty horned up after the gym, so I went there last night to see what action I could scrounge up for myself. I live just a couple of blocks away. I wound up hooking up with a gorgeous PR, couldn't have been more than 22 or 23. I tipped the attendant, and we went into one of the booths, where he fucked my mouth and then came in it. I'm still tasting his cum :) This is a great place.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 29306/28/2011

What an Exciting Sensuous Time you must have had, R293. Every Single Time I go to Expressions, Eventually Some Tall gorgeous man Expects Something Totally hot and sexy from me. Exciting, Some Think. I agree. Expressions Seems To be the best place in NY to have an Extra Sexy Time.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 29406/28/2011

[quote]I wound up hooking up with a gorgeous PR, couldn't have been more than 22 or 23%0D %0D %0D That sounds hot. Was he a blondy with blue eyes? Or a spicy latin meat or latin twink, R293?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 29506/28/2011

That's so very, very clever R294. It just cries out for an F&F alert to the Webmaster.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 29606/29/2011

R294's use of capital letters is even creepier than the trolls who hang out there.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 29706/29/2011

I stopped by during lunch and there were a couple of creepy older guys there. When is the best time to go to get the cock-hungry businss men on their way home to their wives and kids in Westchester and CT?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 29806/30/2011

How much did you tip the attendant?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 29906/30/2011

Love your style, R294

by Gloryhole Garyreply 30006/30/2011

53rd & 3rd? Isn't that where the Omni Hotel is? Or is that somewhere else?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 30106/30/2011

Despite the title to this thread, Expressions is really closer to 53rd and 2nd. And while we're at it, the real name is "Xpressions".

by Gloryhole Garyreply 30206/30/2011

R293, what was he!?!? Was he a blond or what!?!?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 30307/01/2011

R293, answer!!!

by Gloryhole Garyreply 30407/03/2011


by Gloryhole Garyreply 30507/03/2011

Are there booths downstairs?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 30607/04/2011

R293! Where are you at!?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 30707/04/2011

Go tomorrow, all the str8 guys will have big loads saved up from the long weekend.


by Gloryhole Garyreply 30807/04/2011

Anyone want to meet me there tonight to get the blow job of his life? My name is Brian and I'll be there around 8. I'm a little overweight. Could definitely exercise more and eat better, but I'm cute. I'm one of those guys that people describe as "he would be so handsome if he lost some weight." My dick is under 5 inches, but I am an expert cocksucker. You'll be promised the deluxe treatment. No need to reciprocate.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 30907/08/2011

R309, let me help you out. If you want some prime beef, this is how your posting should have read:%0D %0D My name is Brian and I'll be there around 8. I'm a 20-yr old model/bodybuilder with thick pouty lips. My dick is over 9 inches, but I am an expert cocksucker. You'll be promised the deluxe treatment. I'll be in Booth #9 with the door closed.%0D %0D %0D %0D %0D

by Gloryhole Garyreply 31007/08/2011

So which one of you bitches posted this?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 31107/15/2011

On Monday August 1st I will be going to Xpressions at aroun 12 or 1230. I will be wearing shorts and a shirt and will have a blue shoulder bag... I am going into a booth for a few minutes and hope to attract a little attention so I can suck some cock. Then I will pay the $10 to go downstairs. I will most likely get naked immediately and anyone who would like to come down to meet me is welcome to fuck my mouth until you cum on my face or in my mouth.. And yes.. I will have condoms and lube for anyone who wants to fuck my ass. I will be leaving at 2pm sharp. I have done this once before here and it was great fun... And I am excited to do it again. I am for real ... If you can't make it this time then maybe we can do it another time. The manager never bothers downstairs. Only $10 to go down there and movies on screen down there... Email me at if you are interested in joining.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 31207/29/2011

Oh, I forgot to mention: I am 58 yrs old and 256 lbs.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 31307/29/2011

So, how was it on August 1?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 31408/02/2011

"Where are you at!?"

Are you black?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 31508/02/2011

This place is always hit and miss, but when it's's pretty damn decent. I went twice last week.

The first time it was relatively quiet. I was really in the mood to dump a load. I was totally horned up after a long weekend. After about 30 minutes, a decent looking guy wandered in and immediately entered a booth. I went in the adjoining booth, inserted my hard cock through the glory hole, and soon after he was sucking me off like a mad man. It felt in-fucking incredible. It didn't take long before I shot a thick, creamy load down his throat. Very nice....

Having had such a great time, I returned a few days later. Again, the pickings were slim. However, after about 15 minutes, a relatively hot middle eastern guy (6', 160lbs, jet black hair, dark eyes, olive skin, well dressed, sexy, etc.) came in. He smiled at me, and I entered a booth. He soon entered the adjoining booth. I dropped to my knees and took his 7" uncut cock into my mouth. His cock was dark, and nicely plump. He fucked my hungry mouth until he exploded deep down my throat. SERIOUSLY HOT!

Just wanted to share...

by Gloryhole Garyreply 31608/08/2011

I like the black hustler cock at the place on 8th and 39th

by Gloryhole Garyreply 31708/09/2011

[quote]I dropped to my knees and took his 7" uncut cock into my mouth. %0D %0D Do you kneel on a newspaper or something that keeps your trousers from getting stained by big gobs of cum on the floor?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 31808/09/2011

It's not pitch black in the booth. You can see if there is a mess or not on the floor. My God.....I'm talking about sucking some prime Arab cock, and all you queens can think about is.....will my "trousers" get dirty???

Sad, sad, sad......

by Gloryhole Garyreply 31908/17/2011

Any hurricane stories? Did anyone opt to be blown opposed to being blown away. I need more sordid stories, please.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 32009/05/2011


by Gloryhole Garyreply 32110/11/2011

I'm think of expressing myself at Expressions this afternoon. Anyone want a hot guy to blow on, leave him for me. It's been dry for a while now.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 32201/28/2012

I got turned on other day while a guy was watching my cock in the sauna of my gym the other I started to stroke a little for him but got scared of being caught....I've never played with a guy and I'mnot into touching....anyone want to host me in manhattan and watch me stroke? 36M 6"4 avg body white...6.5 inches

by Gloryhole Garyreply 32302/03/2012

Nobody out there likes to watch 36M yr old men stroke? looking for place in manhattan to be watched....looking for tonight

by Gloryhole Garyreply 32402/03/2012


by Gloryhole Garyreply 32502/03/2012

boy this thread really degenerated.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 32602/15/2012

Well it doesn't help that some people think they're on craigslist.

Expressions is over. Off to the Unicorn.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 32702/25/2012

Just walked past, Unicorn is closed.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 32802/25/2012

Unicorn was a dump.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 32902/25/2012

Unicorn had thieves, both in the booths as well as in the cash register. The nelly boys that stole your wallet were backed by the house.

Profits were split

by Gloryhole Garyreply 33002/25/2012

Just blew a guy with a cross necklace. That ain't good, right?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 33104/14/2012

R331, I don't see a problem with that. Although... was he Latino?

Xpressions is Loserville.

Unicorn is most definitely still open, and yesterday there was the queeniest fucking "boi" behind the counter listening to some of the worst music I've ever heard. I left during a pointless cover Coldplay's "Fix You." I didn't go to the booths in the back to see what delicacies were on offer; it was definitely past peak hour.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 33204/14/2012

It probably seems like the staff there are Pakistani, but in fact Sri Lankans have cornered the adult video booth store/sex toy store market. They are of the Singhalese variety, the ethnic majority in Sri Lanka. My ex was a Tamil, the ethnic minority in Sri Lanka. He despised the Singhalese, considered them all low-class (he was a high-caste Hindu) and considered them especially untouchable for being in the adult store business. Granted, he was obviously gay and was no sex prude. It was just a nationalistic thing. But at any rate, after 13 years with him, I grew to know the difference between the Singhalese and Tamil languages, and I've been in many of them in NYC and hear what them speak, these adult shops are almost all run by Singhalese Sri Lankans.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 33304/14/2012

The Pakistani staff are abusive assholes. Do not give this place your money.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 33406/07/2012

hey im young and new and really want to suck some and i just dont know where to begin anybody want to help

by Gloryhole Garyreply 33506/12/2012


by Gloryhole Garyreply 33606/12/2012

I went today during lunch and blew a nice suit and tie cock/ i am definitely going to hit it up again this week and try to suck some more cock

by Gloryhole Garyreply 33706/12/2012

anyone want to meet today? i give amazing blowjobs

by Gloryhole Garyreply 33806/13/2012

Are does pakis packing?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 33906/13/2012

I go to Xpressions every once and a while - the action downstairs can get pretty hot. The guys that work there are always on yelling at you to put money in the machine if you are using the booths upstairs -- but if you pay $15.00 and go downstairs they leave you totally alone. I have had some HOT sessions down there. Once I stripped completely naked and got sucked off by 3 guys. One time there was this AMAZING bodybuilder who was a total exhibitionist - he got naked - sucked my dick for an hour and then let me cum on his time I ever had there...BUT...sometimes it is just a bunch of old dudes that I don't want to mess with. You take your chances.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 34007/09/2012

What's the best time to go nowadays?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 34107/15/2012

"One time there was this AMAZING bodybuilder who was a total exhibitionist - he got naked - sucked my dick for an hour and then let me cum on his tits"

Who the hell has this kind of time for this?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 34207/15/2012

This thread keeps popping back again. It must be sending a few people to Expressions.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 34307/16/2012

So, the security guys never go downstairs?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 34407/22/2012

There aren't security guys, R344. Just a South Asian tub of lard.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 34507/22/2012

Indian or Paki - they all look alike.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 34607/22/2012

the security guys never go downstairs...if you pay your 15$ you can do whatever you want...and it can get pretty fun.

Anyone been lately?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 34707/24/2012

I go for the hot mouths...always a bevy of willing cocksuckers to get me off.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 34807/24/2012

I'm going to be in the area tomorrow, I can't wait to check it out!

by Gloryhole Garyreply 34907/24/2012

does anyone know the best times to go there...

I have found it to be sort of busy at lunch - 12:30 - 1:30...but wonder if it is busy at night...after work? later at night? 11pm? Friday and Saturday nights?

Anyone have any info?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 35007/25/2012

I want to get a blowjob there. But I'm wearing a condom.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 35107/25/2012

(I'm R349)I went there yesterday for the first time. At the booths the paki did not stop yelling the entire time. There was me and 2 or 3 other people in the booths. The guy seriously did not stop yelling. YELLING. NON STOP. At one point one of the other guys must have said something, which is when his YELLING got even louder and included cursing. Terrible experience. This I tolerated for maybe 5 mins. So I said fk-it, let me pay the $15 and check out downstairs. I must have hit the place at a bad time, there was only one other guy in a chair beating off. I didnt have much time, so I stayed down there for a few minutes and split. I was hoping for a good place. But with this obnoxious yelling and cursing, there's no way I could enjoy myself. I know it's a business and I have no problem feeding the machine. But this was bad. I will not be going back.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 35207/26/2012

that experience stinks...that is the problem with Xpressions - it can be really "hit" or "miss". I have had some awesome times and then sometimes I go there and there is one ugly dude jacking off in the basement.

I think the guy that works there has started yelling more because he wants people to go downstairs - he makes more money that way - right?

I remember when I first moved to NYC - I used to go to the Unicorn on 22nd btw 8th and 7th - and they had a downstairs and it was fucking amazing. Tons of hot guys - no one really bothered you....and now no one goes there anymore - that place kind of sucks. Oh well.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 35307/26/2012

You gals need to get some rest.


by Gloryhole Garyreply 35407/26/2012

I hope no one gets raped.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 35507/26/2012

"I go for the hot mouths...always a bevy of willing cocksuckers to get me off.

Ugh. [bold] MARY! [/bold]

by Gloryhole Garyreply 35607/26/2012

Guys who go for NSA sex kind of disgust me.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 35707/26/2012

One man's trash R357. Personally - R340 got me a little heated up.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 35807/26/2012

I don't understand how the two parties can see each other.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 35907/26/2012

R358 this is R340 It was hot...I wish it was like that every time I went...but it isn't.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 36007/27/2012

Can be super hot.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 36107/27/2012

I think the security paki guy is bumping this thread to drum up business

by Gloryhole Garyreply 36207/27/2012

I used to go to this place above Macy's, like Broadway and 38th. It was upstairs and had a row of booths before you take one step up to another like 6 booths. There were glory holes in some of the booths. I remember sucking off a gorgeous businessman and it was the first time I rimmed a guy because he had just showered and was hot.

Then in closed. Does anyone remember the name of that one? Some of best times in a place like that.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 36307/27/2012

has anyone been at night? friday or saturday night?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 36408/01/2012

I went once on a Friday around 3 am. and the place was packed.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 36508/01/2012

R365 - was that recently? were the dudes hot?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 36608/01/2012

Love it.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 36708/01/2012

R366 yes recently. Many of them were in booths but the guy who sucked my dick was hot.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 36808/01/2012

google streetview

by Gloryhole Garyreply 36908/01/2012

19 yr old here. been wanting to go to check it out there. you guys recommend it? about 5'8, 135, 8c.

should i go to the booths or downstairs? whens best time to go?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 37008/01/2012

R370 - the booths are good - depends on day/time - and the downstairs can be good (but again - depends on day/time).

by Gloryhole Garyreply 37108/03/2012

How about a Saturday afternoon? You may call it cock heaven, but at my age, I'll just call it a cooling center with that damn heat.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 37208/03/2012

headed over there today...if you are a HOT dude that likes to suck big dick and get your throat me there.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 37308/07/2012

damn. i went today at 12:30 and fucked a hot, short, muscle dude with an amazing ass. no one else was there, but it only takes one hot dude to get me off.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 37408/08/2012

Many of the other spots have turned into hustler's dens.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 37508/08/2012

How very interesting. The audience is quite split. Personally I don't like such places; too much disease and trash. It's interesting how scares of herpes are often ignored in favour of vague stories of cock. This kind of frowned upon gay culture is quite explainable. And let's not pretend its equal to the straight community. I've yet to find such equal threads on straight forums. Men are hard wired to want lots of sex but women aren't. To be the most successful a man mates with many women but a woman needs only sex up one man. Put two men together and you have two people crazy for sex. And thus sordid culture emerges. The straights learn that women don't put out as easily and thus grow out of their sex fuelled youth. Gays do not. Alas, the revered trait of restraint and moral fibre is never found.

And to those who will accuse me of pearl clutching, let good your ducks, wipe the cum from your eyes and see the obvious truth.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 37608/13/2012

anybody been lately? any good sessions?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 37708/24/2012

this thread was really hot 4 a little bit but now nothing. I went on tuesday at 5pm and there were a bunch of guys there. a hot asian dude sucked me off.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 37808/29/2012

I went yesterday at about 6PM and there were four or five guys in the basement and we had fun. It was very warm down there, I don't think it's air conditioned, but I still had a good time.

It is very hit and miss. I've had some amazing times there and sometimes it's empty.

I've never been during the day and I believe the basement is only open till 8ish? I don't think the basement is open on the weekends.

I don't mind the $15 charge because odds are if I meet someone I'm into, I will probably feed the machine $15 or close to and down there you can do anything.

I've been there very late at night at times (usually on my way home) and had some fun. In general I think it's best around work hours as a lot of the clientele are people that work in that area.

The aggressive Paki guy has told me he's hooked up with guys there, but never me.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 37908/29/2012

dude - what did the security guard tell you about hooking up -- details please.

he is definitely interested in what is going on - but I have never seen him hook up with anyone.

I went last night and it sucked. Like you said - it is "hit or miss".

by Gloryhole Garyreply 38008/31/2012

ok. i had an f'ing awesome time there last week. It was an orgy downstairs. A couple of super hot dudes. lots of sucking. The paki guy came down and checked out the action. I ended up coming while this one cocksucker worked me and two other guys big dicks - then we all shot our loads -- and we all got really loud when we came -- it was awesome. Like it has been said before - sometimes this place sucks but sometimes it can be really amaazing.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 38109/06/2012

Is the downstairs just a nasty basement? Or is it like a lounge? Where is it? I know where the booths in the back are.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 38209/08/2012

it is pretty much just a basement - definitely not a lounge -- you pay 15 bucks and you go down and you can do whatever you want down don't have to stay inside the booths. It is hit or miss.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 38309/10/2012

[quote]And I've never gotten AIDS at Expressions.

If you don't mind me asking, where did you get it?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 38409/10/2012

Awesome answer!!!

by Gloryhole Garyreply 38509/10/2012

Bump for more yum yum stories!

by Gloryhole Garyreply 38609/10/2012

Any hookup stories from Main Street Video in Somerville, Massachusetts?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 38709/10/2012

I was at xpressions on monday and it was just ok - some guys downstairs - a couple hot ones - but nothing major.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 38809/12/2012

went today - boring

by Gloryhole Garyreply 38909/12/2012

I am going on Friday - Fridays are usually pretty good.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 39009/13/2012

I am going today around 5:30pm. Anyone going to be there??? Looking for some hot juicy cock to suck before getting sucked myself.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 39109/13/2012

Are Fridays usually good? I always assumed people in that area where anxious to start their weekend plans (with their wives, etc), so I've never been on a Friday.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 39209/13/2012

I find this type of behavior incredibly disgusting. Don't you guys worry about picking up STDs? Why would you put yourself at risk? I don't even comprehend the thrill of having sex in these places. I couldn't live with myself if I contracted HIV from sucking off one anonymous cock after the other through a glory hole.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 39309/13/2012

[quote] I don't even comprehend the thrill of having sex in these places.

I don't see how this is any of your business and I'm not sure why you care if people are doing this.

I can't comprehend the thrill of football, but some people do.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 39409/13/2012

Anyone been there today? Is 5:30 pm a good time for booth action?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 39509/13/2012

I am going at lunchtime today. Lookin to get my dick sucked. Anyone else going?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 39609/17/2012

i can go at lunch time today. i love sucking. what time should i be there

by Gloryhole Garyreply 39709/17/2012

The guys at Expressions want to know if Aaron Schock is gay.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 39809/17/2012

r387, many reports from that place as well as the occasional Xpressions advanture.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 39909/17/2012

I may have to try the basement, but I have a feeling it will stink (literally and figuratively).

by Gloryhole Garyreply 40009/17/2012

Can anyone tell me about Expressions on East 33rd? Do you have to pay an entrance fee? Or do you just go into a both a pay for a video? Is it just gay or do women go there too?

I'm heading to NY tomorrow and would love to find a glory hole for some give and take fun. I'm quite new to this whole thing, but I really like it. So any advice would be apreciated.


Curious Ray

by Gloryhole Garyreply 40109/18/2012

ThaT was supposed to say East 53rd.

By the way I'm married and straight. But I like glory holes. Guys seem to give Breyer blow jobs. The feeling is amazing!

Curious Ray

by Gloryhole Garyreply 40209/18/2012

Fridays are usually pretty good - I am headed there soon

by Gloryhole Garyreply 40309/21/2012

I'm going to HEAD there after work. Want to nab some hot straight suit dick before they train it back to the burbs to play happy hubby and daddy for the weekend. Is Fri around 5:30 a good time to catch these types?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 40409/21/2012

I had an amazing time there on Friday afternoon - mind blowing - the hottest fucking guy was there -- truly --- fucking amazing

by Gloryhole Garyreply 40509/25/2012

r401, this whole post is any answer to your question. What else does your OCD brain need to know except you'll get blown and probably an STD when you go.

Have fun.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 40609/30/2012

I just want to go and jerk off with guys. Will I get an STD doing that? Is the place that nasty?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 40709/30/2012

hooked up with the hottest dude there last week - sucked my dick so good.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 40810/09/2012

Troll-dar is NOT your friend, R393/R404...

by Gloryhole Garyreply 40910/09/2012

Any others in the area?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 41010/10/2012

yes - do people go any place else in the city - i have tried the Unicorn on 22nd and 8th but I think it is pretty lame...anyone go any place else?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 41110/10/2012

I am going to xpressions today at lunch time - if you like to suck hot cock then you should go too. If you are a pumped up muscle stud and want to suck my cock - then you should DEFINITELY go 'cause that makes me shoot buckets of cum. :)

by Gloryhole Garyreply 41210/10/2012

Don't forget to post a report r412

by Gloryhole Garyreply 41310/10/2012

report: yesterday was pretty hot. I got sucked off by a dude with a hot chest and big arms and then this other guy showed up dressed in a suit and tie and when he took off his shirt he had an amazing bod (talking 6 pak abs - woof) and I shot a huge load while about 4 guys watched. I am a bit of a show off. Not the hottest time I have had there - but not a total bust either.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 41410/11/2012

Anyone going to be there at lunch time todau?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 41510/15/2012

I have no desire to set foot in that place, so I'll just imagine it's like Xanadu, with lots of queens rollerskating and shit.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 41610/15/2012

going today at lunchtime

by Gloryhole Garyreply 41710/15/2012

I think it would help if you posted WHAT time you were going to .... "lunch", non?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 41810/15/2012

[quote] "By the way I'm married and straight. But I like glory holes. Guys seem to give Breyer blow jobs. The feeling is amazing!"

You mean like the ice cream?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 41910/15/2012

[quote] "Troll-dar is NOT your friend, [R393]/[R404]..."

LOL!! Miss Thang got SERVED!

by Gloryhole Garyreply 42010/15/2012

I am going today at 12:30.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 42110/17/2012

are wednesdays any good? hump day?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 42210/17/2012

hottest guy there today - he goes there everyone once in awhile - huge bodybuilder dude with blonde hair - amazing f'ing body.

he sucked me off and I blew on his chest. Very hot.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 42310/17/2012

Good catch R420. You gave me a great laugh. That poster was busted, indeed.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 42410/17/2012

does anyone know if this place is any good late nights - on friday nights and saturday nights?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 42510/19/2012

Hit or miss. Once it hits, you keep going back hoping it hits again.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 42610/19/2012

muscle stud fucked my hole good for lunch yesterday

by Gloryhole Garyreply 42710/19/2012

426 - you are so right.

427 - can we get more details...

by Gloryhole Garyreply 42810/19/2012

ok I feel like things might be getting a bit hotter at this place I went yesterday and there were some hot dudes. One muscle stud who sucked my cock and another hot guy who licked my balls at the same time until I shot a nice load It was hot

by Gloryhole Garyreply 42910/23/2012

today was no good. oh well.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 43010/24/2012

are there any place downtown around worth and broadway to give head????

by Gloryhole Garyreply 43110/25/2012

let me know if anyone has any spots for downtown as well I love giving hand jobs and blowjobs

by Gloryhole Garyreply 43210/25/2012

the Blue Store on 8th and 20th. It is only booths. The guys can be hot sometimes.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 43310/25/2012

Does anyone go to Les Hommes on the upper west side anymore?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 43410/25/2012

What are the hours? When do they close?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 43510/25/2012

nothing further downtown towards financial district my office is close to worth and broadway thats why I'm looking for some spots close for anyone needing head

by Gloryhole Garyreply 43610/25/2012

Craving hustler cock this afternoon. Just started working in the W40s near 8th. I noticed there are so many places to choose from. Anyone know which place gets the most black/latino hustler traffic? Do these places allow PnP? Also any recommendations as to which are the cleaner places? Trying to avoid the really seedy video stores.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 43710/25/2012

are there any place downtown around worth and broadway to give head????

I left this earlier and had no replies I work around this area

6'1' brown hair 175lbs I am bi curious and never gave head before looking to try either blowing or giving a good hand job to start

let me know if any spots around close maybe to meet up for a quickie at lunch

by Gloryhole Garyreply 43810/25/2012

I am looking for a place that is NOT just glory holes - places that let you go inside the same booth with the guy or have a space where you can be with the other guy (like downstairs at Xpressions). Any clue?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 43910/25/2012

r439, I know what you mean. Sometimes you need some privacy with a trick. There's an abandoned outdoor parking lot on 48th between Park and Lex. The attendant booth is not locked. I can't even count how many guys I picked up off the street and took there over the past 2 years. The booth is more than enough space to accommodate 2, even 3 people wink wink. And it's well-insulated to prevent anyone on the outside from hearing screaming and moaning. Shit, I fucking love being young and gay and beautifull in nyc.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 44010/25/2012

[quote]You guys who frequent these places are disgusting and only fuel the right wing's negative beliefs about the gays. You should be ashamed of yourselfs.

Bullshit. I am in a long term monogamous relationship and places like Expressions are not somewhere I would ever go. However, some guys are into it. Plenty of straights do the same, only it's usually straight guys cheating on their wives. At least it's less bullshit in a place like Expressions.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 44110/25/2012

R438, here you go.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 44210/26/2012

Is Expressions open during the Frankenstorm? There must be a lot of hot cock stranded in the city and needing to bust a nut.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 44310/29/2012

OMG! The basement is flooded. Hot suits get wet pants if they want a blowjob.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 44410/29/2012

It may be a week before they can use the orgy area.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 44510/30/2012

Have they begun to pump out the basement?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 44610/31/2012

anyone know if xpressions is open for business today?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 44711/01/2012

went there today - operational - the basement was rockin' - there was a super hot muscle dude with tatoos that was sucking dick and a bunch of other guys. One dude said to me "is it always like this?" and I said "no".

by Gloryhole Garyreply 44811/01/2012

Is this place still open?? Is it good after 5pm and on sundays??

by Gloryhole Garyreply 44911/01/2012

so - several times I have gone to this place (Xpressions) and had a super hot blonde body builder suck my dick. He is about 6'3 white/blonde hair - might be about 40 - has an incredible body - huge pecs - amazing ass - smooth all over. If you are him and/or anyone knows anything about this dude - let me know - I would like to be able to find out when he is going to Xpressions so I can hook up with him. My dick is ROCK HARD just thinking about it.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 45011/06/2012

That's me, R450. I'm usually there Tuesdays and Thursdays. Which dick were you again?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 45111/06/2012

Did they get the water out of the basement?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 45211/07/2012

451 what time do you usually go. I am the dude that likes to show off with you.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 45311/07/2012

Noreaster coming! Oh noes!

Will the next storm disrupt the flow of hawtness at Expressions?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 45411/07/2012

[442] thanks I am going to check it out see if I can come up with something will post and let you know, I owe you one

by Gloryhole Garyreply 45511/07/2012

there was no water in the basement.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 45611/07/2012

it was actually cum r456

by Gloryhole Garyreply 45711/07/2012

fuck - it is raining/snowing -I was going to go to Xpressions today - but not now...damn

by Gloryhole Garyreply 45811/07/2012

[442] I looked through the site (nice) have you been to any of the downtown spots before and had any luck, not looking into any of the gyms or the parks maybe a few of the other spots are any good


by Gloryhole Garyreply 45911/07/2012

I'm having lunch at Obao now. Should I go afterward?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 46011/07/2012

OK, my dick is hard

by Gloryhole Garyreply 46111/07/2012

[461]Can I help you with that!!!!

by Gloryhole Garyreply 46211/07/2012

Why is the UNICORN on 22nd so terrible for the last few used to be great. I want to find a place more like that...does anyone remember when they used to have the downstairs open with those sort of cave-like rooms...

by Gloryhole Garyreply 46311/07/2012

this snow is making me horny

by Gloryhole Garyreply 46411/07/2012

really horny today - going to xpressions at lunch time...who wants to suck my dick?????

by Gloryhole Garyreply 46511/08/2012

451 Did you go today?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 46611/08/2012

[QUOTE] Why is the UNICORN on 22nd so terrible for the last few used to be great. I want to find a place more like that...does anyone remember when they used to have the downstairs open with those sort of cave-like rooms...

I don't know. I'd imagine Grindr has something to do with it, but it really is awful the last few times I went. Just the absolute most frightening people imaginable. They really should allow re-entry like the place in midtown. I don't want to watch those horrible films or sit on those nasty couches when I'm cruising.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 46711/09/2012

what place midtown place are you talking about??

by Gloryhole Garyreply 46811/09/2012

Anyone going to be there at around 12:45 today? Verstaile guy here looking to suck and get sucked.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 46911/12/2012

I think it's called Vishara. It's 8th and something, across from the fire department. It has an upstairs that's pretty much a free for all.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 47011/13/2012

OK, people. When you post and reference another post you must include a capital R before the response number. Then the readers will not have to scroll back and forth to see who you're referencing.


451 Did you go today?


R451 Did you go today?

It's not that hard so get it right.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 47111/13/2012

R470 on the west side? or east side?

R471 thank you - I actually didn't know how to do that

by Gloryhole Garyreply 47211/13/2012

i know i'll be treated like the plague around here :) but are there ever any girls there? i'm looking for my 1st experience.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 47311/14/2012

Ok, lets do some actual thinking about this mystery place, because apparently you people are really dumb.

R467 says it's in midtown

R470 says its on 8th

So if you've ever been to Manhattan you'd know that 8th street is not in midtown AND so it must be on 8th avenue which is only on the West Side.

So there. You could also just Google it.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 47411/14/2012

what are you talking about R474?

People are talking about three different places. It's a shame I know where all of them are.

Expressions is on 53rd between 2nd and 3rd.

Unicorn is on 22nd St. off of 8th ave, and they have a downstairs as well.

Vishara is up on 8th ave in the 40s somewhere (46th, 47th).

I am surprised no one has mentioned the Blue Door in the east village or BIJOU theater on E. 4th St.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 47511/14/2012

I'm working close to this place unicorn tonight. I get off at 3am. What do they have going on there? Is it anything goes?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 47611/14/2012

R475 I thought the Bijou had closed. Is it still open? Is it any good?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 47711/19/2012

I got invited to a sex party at the Blue Door basement and I went. It was pretty cool. The weird thing was the next time I got the email it was at Vlada, which is a gay bar I've been to political fundraisers at. Didn't exactly understand it.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 47811/19/2012

Hey this is the first time I am hearin about this place !!! Sounds promising !! Me suit an tie hit nice package and I will be going today for some give an take

by Gloryhole Garyreply 47911/21/2012

What time will you be there? Versatile guy here looking to suck and get sucked.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 48011/21/2012

Anyone there today?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 48111/22/2012

I won't go there anymore. We're not even allowed to stand around now, that janitor makes us go into the booths-"Into the booths, sit down, use the bills!" I told him to go fuck himself as I walked out the door.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 48211/22/2012

I went today at lunch - I thought it would be packed after the holiday break - no dice - it was empty....

by Gloryhole Garyreply 48311/26/2012

You mean there are OTHER shirt and tie addicts (besides me)???

by Gloryhole Garyreply 48411/26/2012

The asshole who works the front desk there is the biggest prick I've ever met. He hates gays, and I won't spend another dime there that can go in his pocket.

DVD Explosion s of Penn Station and Blue DVD on 40th btwn 7/8th aves are run by decent guys who know that cocksuckers keep their doors open.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 48511/26/2012

can anyone tell me more about the place on 8th Avenue (across from the fire station - around 46th?/47th?) What is it like? When is the best time to go? What are the guys like?


by Gloryhole Garyreply 48611/28/2012

where is the closest spot to 35th and 8th and near soho?

just stumbled on this site and boy, am i glad i did.

appreciate any help fellas, maybe i'll see you soon...

by Gloryhole Garyreply 48711/30/2012

R487 The Blue Store on 8th and 21st is pretty good. You can't be in the same booth as another guy - but you can get your dick sucked or suck dick glory hole style. It is hit or miss...but there can sometimes be hot guys. I think that is probably the best place that is close to you...

others may disagree.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 48812/05/2012

anyone going to XPRESSIONS today at lunchtime (12:30pm)???? I need my fat dick sucked.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 48912/05/2012

R486 not sure about the guys there (vishara) but I did go there about a year and a half ago to meet up with a transgirl I know. It was pretty cool, it's on the second floor. They charged $10 to get in but the place was packed. And seemed pretty much to be a free-for-all. One large room with a bunch of creepy guys, then individual, but large, booths with all kinds of action going down - threesomes etc. I found my friend (the transgirl) and went in a booth with her and fucked her good. Nobody bothered us or said anything about multiple people in the booth, or made us pay for any videos - probably because I'd already paid to get in.

by Gloryhole Garyreply 49012/06/2012

R490 thanks for the info - why did I not know that this place was so busy - I am going to have to check it out. thanks

by Gloryhole Garyreply 49112/11/2012

anyone going to xpressions today!

by Gloryhole Garyreply 49212/12/2012

I went by a place on 14th between 6th ave and 7th ave. Has anyone been there? Any good?

by Gloryhole Garyreply 49312/13/2012
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