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What is wrong with Taylor Swift''s face?

There is something 'off' about it, but I can't put my finger on it.

by Enquiring Mind.reply 4105/22/2013

it's the nose and the way it's so upturned that it pulls her upper lip with it.

by Enquiring Mind.reply 110/26/2010

Taylor Lautner's face is far more disturbing.

by Enquiring Mind.reply 210/26/2010

it's the eyes. She looks like a cat.

by Enquiring Mind.reply 310/26/2010

Yep, it's definitely the eyes. She kind of looks like a cartoon character.

by Enquiring Mind.reply 410/26/2010

When I blew my load on her face it dripped upward. Weird.

by Enquiring Mind.reply 510/26/2010

slice it horrizontal and you have two halfs that hold up beautifully.%0D %0D put them together and something goes wrong

by Enquiring Mind.reply 610/27/2010

I think I've found the answer op....

by Enquiring Mind.reply 710/27/2010

Another vote for her eyes. They're very small and she wears too much makeup which makes them appear even smaller.

by Enquiring Mind.reply 810/27/2010

There's nothing 'wrong' with her face. She's slightly prettier than average but not much different from other young women of her age.

by Enquiring Mind.reply 910/27/2010

She's the cutest little thing. Her hair is to die for. However, her eyes a really, really small.

by Enquiring Mind.reply 1010/27/2010

They don't call her squints for nothing.

by Enquiring Mind.reply 1110/27/2010

Hillbilly face.

by Enquiring Mind.reply 1210/27/2010

She's not a great beauty, just a cute kid. The problem is that awful exaggerated hair style that accentuates her plain face and her very youthful presence. That hair would work much better on a woman with secure sexual presence. It makes this kid just look very gawky.

by Enquiring Mind.reply 1310/27/2010

The area from the top of her cheeks to the bottom of her chin is more than 2x the size of the upper third of of face. Check out "ideal face proportions"; her face is simply disproportionate, in additon to squinty eyes. She has the face Rummer Willis will have when all of her surgeries are completed. Same squinty eyes and disproportionate lower face. Taylors face is a bit wider than Rummers.%0D %0D Side note: both Mariah Carey and Melissa Rivers have a simian look to their faces. Both of them have a larger skin area between the bottom of their noses and their skinny top lip, much like a chimp.%0D

by Enquiring Mind.reply 1410/27/2010

Taylor Swift without all that makeup

by Enquiring Mind.reply 1510/27/2010

I know what you're talking about, r14, regarding Carey and Rivers. I thought it was because of their nose jobs. Narrowing the nose seems to emphasize the upper lip space because it's not so pronounced on Carey in her earlier photos. As they get older, seems it will only be more apparent. Maybe that's why some of these women start blowing up their lips to mask that simian look but it makes them look worse.

BTW, I thought she looked great with the straight hair.

by Enquiring Mind.reply 1610/27/2010

[quote]it's the eyes. She looks like a cat.%0D %0D yeah that.

by Enquiring Mind.reply 1710/27/2010


by Enquiring Mind.reply 1810/27/2010

Her teeth are too big for her face too.

by Enquiring Mind.reply 1910/27/2010

I can. It's a number of things, hon, but the nose is what REALLY fucks up her face. It's a semi-pig nose. Taylor Lautner has a full-pig nose.

by Enquiring Mind.reply 2010/27/2010

She also always tilts her head to one side. Someone must have told her to do it, but it almost makes her look like she can't hold it up properly. (Paris Hilton always lets her head hang as well...possibly to disguise her wonky eye, or because she's really too weak to hold her head up).

by Enquiring Mind.reply 2110/27/2010

She has southern face. Patrick Swayze had it too. Sort of looks like an alleycat.

by Enquiring Mind.reply 2210/27/2010

R22, she isn't from the South

by Enquiring Mind.reply 2310/27/2010

She looks like Parker Schnavel (from Gold Rush) with a wig.

by Enquiring Mind.reply 2404/08/2013

Her photos in a recent Vanity Fair looked like she was about 12 years old. They were kiddie porn-ish, obviously on purpose.

Swift is such a scheming little twat, I figured she required that they shoot her that way.

by Enquiring Mind.reply 2504/08/2013

It's framed by the worst body wave I've ever seen.

by Enquiring Mind.reply 2604/08/2013

She looks like a rat in lipstick, I guess.

by Enquiring Mind.reply 2704/08/2013

Why does she have dowager's hump at such a young age? That is the real question.

Poor thing.

by Enquiring Mind.reply 2804/08/2013

It's too pointy.

by Enquiring Mind.reply 2904/08/2013

It is attached to a talent-free skank.

by Enquiring Mind.reply 3004/08/2013

I wanna see her sex tape lol

by Enquiring Mind.reply 3104/08/2013

She was born in and grew up in Pennsylvania.

She is not from the South.

She didn't move to Nashville, TN until age 14 or 15 or so because she was a song writer and wanted a career in country music.

She definitely is not a hillbilly.

They often showed the inside of her family home in Pennsylvania where she lived with her mom, dad, and brother, and it was very nicely appointed. Her Dad stayed in Pennsylvania while her Mom accompanied Taylor to Nashville.

by Enquiring Mind.reply 3204/08/2013

Pennsyl-Tucky Inbred-Amish Face

by Enquiring Mind.reply 3304/08/2013

Hot but she needs a blepharoplasty.

by Enquiring Mind.reply 3404/08/2013

R32 = Taylor Fanbot.

Taylor has a piggy nose. More like a snout. And her eyes are small. Without make - up she looks ordinary bordering on homely.

I saw a photo of her on the red carpet at the ACM awards in Vegas last night and she looked like shit. The most garish, cheap looking crap-assed dress in an evening full of them.

I can't stand the no talent skank. If I were her, I'd be embarrassed to be on any of these awards shows, but I think she lacks the capacity to feel embarrassed and after all, she's laughing all the way to the bank.

Some of those people are seriously talented. Shania Twain, Reba, Faith Hill, Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, and my favorite hot mess, the awesome Kelly Clarkson.

by Enquiring Mind.reply 3504/08/2013

She was nominated for Entertainer of the Year and also Album of the Year at the Academy of Country Music Awards last night.

So, of course, she is going to show up and be there.

She also sang a duet with Tim McGraw during the Awards show.

They give her a front row seat for the entire Awards show, sitting right next to Tim McGraw.

by Enquiring Mind.reply 3604/08/2013

OP i'm sure one of her many ex beards could tell you

by Enquiring Mind.reply 3704/08/2013

The bitchface she was giving Adele after losing the Golden Globe to her said everything. Phony little bitch, like AnnE. That's why people hate them and love Adele and Jennifer Lawrence - they come of as fake, manipulative little climbers.

by Enquiring Mind.reply 3804/08/2013

Please don't put AnnE Hathway in the same category with Taylor. AnnE is a genuine talent,who "trys" too hard to make people like her. She sucks after approval, and it's cloying and irritating and you want to just smack her. But I like AnnE.

Plus Anne is genuinely gay friendly, and has been an activist for Gay Rights for many years. Yes, I know she has a gay brother. But she has put herself out here a lot for her beliefs, and I have a twisted sort of affection for AnnE like I do for Gwyneth.

Taylor Swift's name shouldn't be uttered in the same breath. She is not sucking after approval, she is literally buying her way into everything, and in your face as much as possible. She saturates the media with her awesome marketing dollars and tries very hard to give the perception she is Prom Queen, when she never even made the cheerleading squad.

She has no friends and no cameraderie with others in the country music industry, she's a selfish, immature fake, and she gets front row seats because her PR team pays for front row seats and the canera goes to her because she pays for it, and makes every event about her.

She gets invited to the pro forma Industry sponsored parties, but none of the more private ones, and she definitely doesn't hang out with anyone of note. Everything is about photo ops for her. Everything.

If she sang a duet with Tim McGraw and Keith Urban, I can promise you she was added in because she begged someone to engineer it for her.

by Enquiring Mind.reply 3904/08/2013

Absolutely nothing!

by Enquiring Mind.reply 4004/23/2013

Taylor should have won the milestone award!

by Enquiring Mind.reply 4105/22/2013
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