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Sylvia Browne

Let's discuss everyone's favorite psychic!

Most of you know by now the story of her telling a family on television that their son was dead, (she came up with some elaborate story about how this came to be), and the kid was found alive two years later.

Anderson Cooper, has kept up with the Sylvia Browne saga for a number of years now.

Anyway, I found this little nugget on Wikipedia. Pretty interesting.

"She was married to Gary Dufresne from April 1959 until 1972. in that time she moved to Kansas City, Missouri. Dufresne said in a February 10, 2007 interview that he does not think Sylvia has any paranormal abilities, and that she admitted it, saying that the gullible deserve to be taken advantage of. Dufresne again called Browne a "fraud" in a 2010 interview with KMOV-TV."

"In 1992, Browne and her estranged husband, Kenzil Dalzell Brown, were indicted on several charges of investment fraud and grand theft. The Superior Court of Santa Clara County, California, found that Browne and her husband had sold securities in a gold-mining venture under false pretenses. In at least one instance, they told a couple their $20,000 investment was to be used for immediate operating costs. Instead, the money was transferred to an account for their Nirvana Foundation for Psychic Research. Browne pleaded no contest to securities fraud and was indicted on grand larceny in Santa Clara County, California on May 26, 1992. Browne and Brown received one year probation each. Dalzell's disposition included "County Jail 4 months with credit for time served of 21 days," while Sylvia's included 200 hours of community service."

Try to find good videos of Sylvia on Youtube and post them! The funnier, the better!

by He was shot!reply 17011/21/2013

I had clients in Colorado who were very close with Sylvia Browne. They had made alot of money in gold mines and I wonder if they were wrapped up in this. They gave her a fortune and even paid her 25K to select the perfect spot to bury a massive crystal on the property. I think that they bought the crystal from her as well. They took her on vacations aboard the private jet, bought her artifacts, the whole bit.

by He was shot!reply 110/18/2010

Back when Montel Williams had his old talk show he started having that charlatan Browne on what seemed like 4 times a week. She'd take questions from the idiots in the audience and then croak out some scenario in that obvious alcoholic voice of hers while Montel ooohed and ahhhed about her magnificent pronouncements. It's too bad she never had the ability to tell that dumb ass Montel his stupid chat show was going down the tubes and he would soon be hawking Ginsu knives and crap insurance on infomercials.

All these psychics are frauds. James Van Praagh and John Edward are two of the biggest frauds ever, yet there are otherwise intelligent people who will believe every word that comes out of their mouths.

by He was shot!reply 210/18/2010

Sniping from an ex? How rare and shocking.

Sylvia Browne is a beloved gay icon, adored by lesbians and especially gay men throughout the US, and abroad.

Of course, DL is a world onto itself. If you mentioned Mother Teresa, someone would say "That old cunt??!!".

by He was shot!reply 310/18/2010

good ole' Syl is a carnie and a con artist.%0D %0D GAVEL DOWN

by He was shot!reply 410/18/2010

It's not that impossible her fireman bf was "in water". Manhattan is an island. The towers were built on "slurry", that sluicy shit made of water and pulverized rock. Maybe a lot of the bodies never made it to that Staten Island sorting place, but were dumped into the ocean so no one would go looking for kamikaze Al Qaedas who never existed.%0D %0D Anyway, I'm sure there were a number of people who used the tragedy to fake their deaths and "disappear". Maybe he died in a Mexico scuba diving accident? Etc. etc...

by He was shot!reply 510/18/2010

Charlatans all!

by He was shot!reply 610/18/2010

good lord, gullible, retarded twat r5.%0D %0D stop trying to give this charlatain credibility.

by He was shot!reply 710/18/2010

She doesn't get much right does she.

by He was shot!reply 810/18/2010

That closeted albino turd AC is the bitchiest queen on TV. No one cares what he thinks.

And many of the "incorrect" predictions in R8's link are highly debatable.

by He was shot!reply 910/18/2010

[quote]GAVEL DOWN Stop. Just stop.

by He was shot!reply 1010/18/2010

I don't believe her. I have been "psychic" or "intuitive" my entire life. I never talk about, everyone tells me. I can not turn it on or off. I just know things. I have been called weird all my life and can't tell you how many times in my entire life someone has said to me "How did you know?". I don't know how I knew. Can I prove it? Probably not, but I have no interest in proving it. It's just a part of me like my blue eyes. I would never ever set up a table and read people for money, that's who I deem phoneys especially when they bring God into it like Sylvia does to prey on the weak minded, which I don't happen to believe in, by the way.

by He was shot!reply 1110/18/2010

"Stop. Just stop."%0D %0D Fuck off. Just fuck right off.%0D %0D

by He was shot!reply 1210/19/2010

R11, are you more intuitive during certain seasons? Could you tell us more about your experiences? I'm very interested to hear about your psychic abilities. Have you found a way to improve them or tap into them? Are they a blessing or a curse?

by He was shot!reply 1310/19/2010


by He was shot!reply 1410/19/2010

When I was a teenager, Montel would have Sylvia Browne Wednesdays. I would watch in the summer and loved it. At about 20 yrs old, I read about that story OP posted and did some research... I then threw out every book I ever bought of hers. Good thing I never gave that bitch money. I always thought it was weird that one of her spiritual guides told her that people don't need sleep. Can't remember which book, but she actually tried to convince readers that sleep is not necessary.

by He was shot!reply 1510/19/2010

If you think Sylvia Browne might be real, just read the website at the link.%0D %0D I can not imagine anyone could read that site and still think she is anything but a complete charlatan.

by He was shot!reply 1610/19/2010

R16 the person who created that website is seriously disturbed. No one in his or her right mind would devote so much energy toward promoting hatred of someone who has brought so much joy to the world.

Both human being and living Goddess, Sylvia has stunned the Earth with her miraculous soothsaying--and the healing power of her angelic aura is like nothing the world of man has known since St. Bernadette of Lourdes. Her Heaven-sent telepathic and clairvoyant gifts continue to leave witnesses awestruck, and any contact with her preternatural presence will forever change the spiritual lives of those so blessed.

by He was shot!reply 1710/19/2010

John Edward seems like the real deal to me. If you watch his show, the details he gives are too specific to ignore.

by He was shot!reply 1810/19/2010

[quote]John Edward seems like the real deal to me. If you watch his show, the details he gives are too specific to ignore.

Google "Cold Reading" and see if you still think so.

by He was shot!reply 1910/19/2010

I know all about cold readings, but Edward gives specifics that can't be explained by tricks.

by He was shot!reply 2010/19/2010

Wasn't it revealed that A) some of the people in Edward's audience were plants, and B) they used microphones to pick up on conversation between audience members?

I'll admit, he's very good at cold reading (James Van Praagh is so bad at it, I wondered why anyone believed him in the first place), but it doesn't give him magic powers.

by He was shot!reply 2110/19/2010

I saw her on Montel years ago and she was getting messages from an "Aztec Inca"%0D %0D Well, which is it, Syl? An Aztec or an Inca? Can't be both, you shrivelled up old charlatan.

by He was shot!reply 2210/19/2010

Full disclosure: I went through a period in my life (mostly when I was in college) where I was a big-time Sylvia fan. I even read one of her books, and she described the process of reincarnation as that which a soul looks over a list of choices on a bulletin board, and makes its selection.

If you ever wonder why I am such a vocal skeptic now, it is because I am actively embarrassed by some of the stuff that was related, at least by proxy, to things in which I did believe.

by He was shot!reply 2310/19/2010

R17, you're not funny.

R20, awaiting your proof.

by He was shot!reply 2410/19/2010

IIRC, our brother Van Praagh charges $300 for a reading.

by He was shot!reply 2510/19/2010

She looks like a madam who buys her girls from the Marianas Islands.

by He was shot!reply 2610/19/2010

There are definitely authentic psychics. That is a fact. But Sylvia Browne is not one of them.

by He was shot!reply 2710/19/2010

R27, no that is not a fact, but as long as people want it to be true there will be others happy to fulfill the need.

by He was shot!reply 2810/19/2010

A private phone reading from Sylvia is $850 per half-hour. Steep, yes. But do you honestly think anyone would pay that if she were full of shit?

by He was shot!reply 2910/19/2010

Yes R29, I do. There are stupid, gullible people with plenty of money to throw away all over the planet. Hell, Ronald Reagan ran the damn country partially based on what that scam artist psychic friend of Nancy's told him.

As the old saying goes, there's a sucker born every day.

by He was shot!reply 3010/19/2010

The Amazing Randy was on a show with her and he was basically calling her a fraud and she got angry and she said, "You're going to have a problem with the left ventrical of your heart." This wa like 4 or years ago and she was basically gambling that an old man would develop heart problems, which to my knowledge he hasn't. I've considered her a fraud ever since then. The other thing that bothered me as that one time I saw her on Montel say to a black women, "This is your last life." How the fuck would she know?%0D %0D I don't discount psychics entirely. If you watch those shows like "Psychic Detectives", it does seem that there are a number of cases where psychics have helped the police in ways that are impossible to understand. That and twins seem to have a psychic connection.

by He was shot!reply 3110/19/2010

R31, don't get sucked in. It's all bogus.

by He was shot!reply 3210/19/2010

Howard Stern would not let up on Sylvia Browne. He would constantly play clips of her, and do entire monologues. It was hilarious!

by He was shot!reply 3310/19/2010

Okay, this is the scariest video of Sylvia. Try sleeping after this one!

by He was shot!reply 3410/19/2010

"'Anonymous' Message To Sylvia Browne"

by He was shot!reply 3510/19/2010

[quote]it does seem that there are a number of cases where psychics have helped the police in ways that are impossible to understand.

And yet that isn't true.

Just as an example, Allison DuBois, the woman upon whom "Medium" is/was based, flat-out lies when she says she's solved cases and been consulted by law enforcement.

And of course, there was Sylvia Browne's extremely useful advice in the Shawn Hornbeck kidnapping as mentioned by the OP. And her retroactive realization that she'd predicted 9/11.

I know people will give me crap because I'm using such an "obviously biased" source as SkepDic, but have it it.

by He was shot!reply 3610/20/2010

Maybe the F.B.I. doesn't use psychics, but sometimes local police departments do.

by He was shot!reply 3710/20/2010

I loved watching her on Montel Williams' show because she always looked so completely bored and was clearly not paying much attention to the audience's questions. She'd tap her teeth with those ridiculous fake nails and croak out some random "vision" which you could tell meant nothing to the audience member.

Too bad she doesn't have that weekly pulpit anymore. Joel McHale could edit a ious croak-off between her and Ma from "Ma's Road House" on "The Soup."

by He was shot!reply 3810/20/2010

[quote]Maybe the F.B.I. doesn't use psychics, but sometimes local police departments do.

Using a psychic and having a psychic actually provide information that leads to the successful prosecution of the guilty are two vastly different things.

I know it sounds impressive that the woman found this dead body in such a small area, but what you don't always get is what's actually happening. Taking her claim at face value, she apparently drew a circle on the map that was about 1/8 mile across. It sounds small, but that's actually about the length of a city block. If you spin both ends 180 degrees, you'd get a pretty decently sized circle. Just as a reference, I kind of roughly drew that size circle around the Empire State Building. Going east, it goes clear across Fifth Avenue. West goes halfway to Broadway. North is about halfway to 35th Street, and South is almost all the way to 32nd Street. So there's that. Then consider that she said he was going to be within ten feet of a trail. If he disappeared while he was hiking, isn't that kind of a safe bet?

by He was shot!reply 3910/20/2010

Sylvia Browne is as psychic as a pile of dog dookie.


-best thread ever-

by He was shot!reply 4010/20/2010

r16, thank you for the link. Not because I thought this crook was for real (even as a kid watching Montel I thought it was to clear to anyone with working eyes and ears that she was a complete fraud) but for revealing the sheer magnitude of her scams. I just thought she was some harmless scam artist. I had no idea she was making millions of dollars and starting her own freaking church. And she already has her son doing the same family business of preying on vulnerable people. Unbelievable, I just thought of her as some funny woman spouting garbage on Montel, I had no idea about the extent of her crimes.

by He was shot!reply 4110/20/2010

Never heard of her.%0D %0D She looks like a guy in drag (and sounds like a guy) in R34's clip.%0D %0D Psychics are pure bullshit.

by He was shot!reply 4210/20/2010

I went to this 'psychic' once who tried to convince me that I was sexually abused as a child and was repressing the memories (pure bullshit). When she was done, she hands me her card and under her name it says something like "specializing in childhood regression therapy". And then she explains she charges 150 bucks an hour to help you through your repressed childhood memories, especially ones where you have been - wait for it, wait for it - SEXUALLY ABUSED! What a coincidence! I've seen about 4 psychics, all on the advice of friends who thought they were brilliant, and none told me anything about my life or my future that I'm sure none of you couldn't tell me. Do I think some people have a sharpened sense of what's going on around them? Yes, I do - call it psychic ability or intuition or whatever - I think we can all sharpen our intuition to a large extent if we want to. Do I believe in hacks like Sylvia Browne? Hell, no.

by He was shot!reply 4310/20/2010

[quote]The Amazing Randy was on a show with her and he was basically calling her a fraud and she got angry and she said, "You're going to have a problem with the left ventrical of your heart." This wa like 4 or years ago and she was basically gambling that an old man would develop heart problems, which to my knowledge he hasn't.

He actually did have bypass surgery, which Sylvia claimed as a hit...even though it happened five years after her warning to him on Larry King (BTW, that show aired on 9/3/01, and you'd think old Bloody Talons would have taken the opportunity to warn us of the terrible disaster that we were soon going to endure). Randi saw a cardiac surgeon immediately after she threw her curse at him, and was told he was fine.

After Shawn Hornbeck was found, and AC360 found the footage of Sylvia telling his parents he was dead, Anderson invited both Sylvia and Randi to appear on the show to discuss it. Guess who didn't take him up on the offer? He also told viewers that Sylvia had a standing invitation to appear on his show to discuss the issue, and to my knowledge (although I watch as little CNN as humanly possible), she's never taken him up on it.

by He was shot!reply 4410/20/2010

There's nothing I can say about Sylvia Browne which she hasn't told me I would say one day anyway.

by He was shot!reply 4510/20/2010

What's the point of of a "Spirit Guide' if they stand and watch their "client" walk into a Nazi oven or a baby be raped and tortured? Never got the concept.

by He was shot!reply 4610/20/2010

That's funny that the Amazing Randi, Sylvia Browne appearance on Larry King was on around the time of 9/11. I remembered it being more recent. Here's an old clip. I somehow doubt she ever answered the million dollar challenge.

by He was shot!reply 4710/20/2010

[quote]She looks like a guy in drag (and sounds like a guy) in [R34]'s clip.

Has anyone ever seen Sylvia and Chip Coffey in a room together?

by He was shot!reply 4810/23/2010

How dare you! I'm nowhere near her age!

by He was shot!reply 4910/23/2010

[quote]Let's discuss everyone's favorite psychic!


by He was shot!reply 5010/23/2010

[quote]How dare you! I'm nowhere near her age!

Girl, please!

by He was shot!reply 5110/23/2010

i think Chip is the real deal

by He was shot!reply 5210/23/2010

Chip is a turban and caftan away from being Madame Arcati.

by He was shot!reply 5310/23/2010

I will admit I was wrong about Kay and that baby swipe.

by He was shot!reply 5410/23/2010

Amanda Berry’s mother traveled to New York to tell her story to Psychic Sylvia Browne on the Montel Williams Show.

The show was a shot at getting her daughter's picture before the eyes of millions of Americans.

“On April 21st 2003, 16-year-old Amanda Berry left her part-time job never to be seen again,” the show began.

With that, TV viewers across America now know a girl from Cleveland is missing. But Amanda Berry’s mom wanted more than her daughter’s picture on national TV. She wants answers.

“Can you tell me…Is she out there?” Berry’s mother Louwana Miller asked.

“I hate when they’re in the water,” Browne said. “She’s not alive honey.”

It was bad news from the world-renowned psychic. It’s what Miller didn’t want to hear.

“So you don’t think I’ll ever see her again,” Miller said.

“Yeah in Heaven on the other side,” Browne responded. “I’m sorry.”


Cleveland police found Amanda Berry alive in Cleveland today.

by He was shot!reply 5505/06/2013

I thought I was Sylvia Browne and I could read all your predictions.

by He was shot!reply 5605/06/2013

(James Van Praagh has upped his personal, over the phone or Skype, 45 minute reading to $700 per his site.

by He was shot!reply 5705/06/2013

I think she and Harvey Fierstein should book Radio City together for 10 nights of duets.

by He was shot!reply 5805/06/2013

Look how poorly her eye make up is in this video when she closes her eyes and blinks. It is completely uneven and mismatched, and what about the erection that left eyebrow has?

by He was shot!reply 5905/06/2013

I always got a kick out of the fact that she was so lazy she didn't even make an attempt to look like she was making contact with anyone/anything. She clearly just said the first shit that her wet brain could think.

by He was shot!reply 6005/07/2013

Amanda Berry's mother passed before the girl was found too.

by He was shot!reply 6105/07/2013

There was a series few years ago where psychics helped solve cases. One was a woman with large black wig. Anyone remember the show or her name?

by He was shot!reply 6205/07/2013

Sylvia must have had a premonition on May 3rd!

[quote]RED BANK: The Sylvia Browne event scheduled for tonight at the Count Basie Theatre has been postponed due to an unforeseen illness...

by He was shot!reply 6305/07/2013

Randi came out late in life. We're still waiting for Van Praagh.

by He was shot!reply 6405/07/2013

I keep an open mind about psychics, but Browne screams con artist.

by He was shot!reply 6505/07/2013

I worked at a bookstore and flipped through her book "Afterlives of the Rich & Famous". If you ever see it in a bargain bin for $1 pick it up. I swear it will keep you entertained and laughing.

by He was shot!reply 6605/07/2013

What about that Long Island Medium woman?

by He was shot!reply 6705/07/2013

The one from Long Island is another fake. "Who has a brother with the name starting in S"? In a room of 10+ people odds are someone does.

Although, I do find her personality amusing.

by He was shot!reply 6805/07/2013

Cunt is a word that is too mild for Sylvia Browne.

Poor Louwanna Miller so desperate and heartbroken over her daughter's kidnapping that she was willing to do anything for information.

Can you imagine how a day of such relief and joy of being released from captivity to see your family turns into immediate mourning for your dead mother?

So is Sylvia Browne in jail? I hope not. That way she'd have all of her nursing care needs taken care of by the tax payer.

by He was shot!reply 6905/07/2013

I know someone who knows Syl painfully well. She is a nightmare to work with. Completely bonkers.

by He was shot!reply 7005/07/2013

"i hate when they're in the water"?! "she's not alive honey"... omg FUCK this cunt

by He was shot!reply 7105/07/2013

I remember watching an ep of Montel probably 11 years ago, and this woman asked Sylvia if her missing brother was alive. Interestingly enough, Syl used the same line as this Amanda Berry example - he's underwater somewhere, drowned. Sorry.

The woman's face immediately registers WTF? She explains that her brother has been missing since 9/11, he was working in one of the towers.

Bitch was totally busted.

So Montel steps in to avoid further embarrassment and suggests that was Sylvia was "sensing" (get this shit) is that the brother was trapped in all the rubble, and the water that firefighters had used to extinguish flames had filled his lungs.

These people are scum of the earth.

by He was shot!reply 7205/07/2013

The Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo has people defending her quite a bit. I found this interesting LI board where people say she is the real deal.

I think she is more likable and amusing than Sylvia Browne. It seems Theresa's main focus is "talking" to the dead. I haven't heard or read anything about her going around telling missing persons' families whether they are dead or not.

by He was shot!reply 7305/07/2013

Anybody here watches The Dead Files on the travel channel were the medium trys to solve paranormal events with a detective? That program is so scripted and fake. That crazy looking medium or psychic does the worst acting.

by He was shot!reply 7405/07/2013

Here's Sylvia failing comically back in 1989, on TV.

by He was shot!reply 7505/07/2013

Psychic = I make shit up

by He was shot!reply 7605/07/2013

The "Amazing" Randi is a far bigger fraud than any of the psychics he purports to expose. Since he doesn't have a million dollars, it's a sure bet he'll never pay it out.

These examples of Sylvia's failures would be hilarious if they weren't so pathetic.

Every time her name comes up, the rabid atheist trolls crawl out to spew the same half-dozen examples, conveniently ignoring her thousands of spot- on readings. You're really a bunch of sick fucks.

by He was shot!reply 7705/07/2013

[quote]The "Amazing" Randi is a far bigger fraud than any of the psychics he purports to expose.

If you're an empiricist, spill.

by He was shot!reply 7805/07/2013

My father is missing. Years ago, my mother tried to talk me into getting a reading by Sylvia Browne to find out what happened to him. Glad I saved my money and didn't go. Having a missing family member is bad enough without forking money over to people like her.

by He was shot!reply 7905/07/2013

All psychics are charlatans and frauds. They prey on the grieving. Can't get much lower than that. R77...P.T. Barnum was right.

by He was shot!reply 8005/08/2013

Sure she's a fraud, but it's interesting that she (rightly?) assumes most missing people won't be found. She could just as easily have said, "I feel she's being held against her will somewhere, honey. Like in a house. She's hoping you don't ever stop looking. Good luck".

by He was shot!reply 8105/08/2013

[quote]The Sylvia Browne event scheduled for tonight at the Count Basie Theatre has been postponed due to an unforeseen illness...'

Someone needs to ask her how a psychic can have an unforeseen illness.

by He was shot!reply 8205/08/2013

I'm not psychic, but I see oxygen tanks in Sylvia's future. Emphysema. Painful death. God I hope it comes soon!

by He was shot!reply 8305/08/2013

Thanks for bumping this old thread, as I wasn't on DL when it originated. Recovering from a very serious injury I watched Montell regularly, except when this fraud was on his show. I've always wondered why talk show hosts push some books, concepts, personalities, etc. The vulnerable should not be taken advantage of by con artists.

by He was shot!reply 8405/08/2013

R80, it is perfectly fine for you to deny the interesting and useful expansiveness in perception and understanding that exists through non-sensory means.

But you really need to get that back tooth that you've been in denial over checked. The infection is spreading.

by He was shot!reply 8505/08/2013

True psychics don't charge outrageous fees. They give extremely specific information that would only be applicable to one person, don't talk to the subject beforehand or listen in to private conversations, and are very, very observant but not "cold readers." I've been privileged to encounter such specialists several times. I was never allowed to say more than just my name, nor was I allowed to make comments during the reading. Also I was not charged anything, nor were donations accepted.

by He was shot!reply 8605/08/2013

I'm so grateful that there are people like Sylvia around that enable us to be able to speak to our dear, departed loved ones.

by He was shot!reply 8705/08/2013

[quote] Amanda Berry's mother passed before the girl was found too

That's probably why her mother died. She thought her daughter was dead because of what that evil bitch Sylvia told her and her body just couldn't take it

by He was shot!reply 8805/08/2013

She looks like a man in a dress and she's still pumping out the books. Looks like she needs a little nip and tuck on the latest book flap photo.

The ah ha moment for me was when Shawn Hornbeck popped up and they showed her telling the parents, who were in the Montel audience that day, that her son was dead. She said it rather coldly. Final. That's it. The way his folks looked as they sat down was heartbreaking to me and I didn't go as far as to burn her books but I lost all respect for her. Even if she doesn't feel any responsibility for her awful miscalculations she should still step up and say the force wasn't with her that day, or something.

by He was shot!reply 8905/08/2013

She has disabled commenting on all of her YouTube vids now...priceless! I used to slam her in those comment sections.

by He was shot!reply 9005/08/2013

[quote]I've always wondered why talk show hosts push some books, concepts, personalities, etc. The vulnerable should not be taken advantage of by con artists.

Ricki Lake is constantly having "psychics" on her new show. Just the other day she had this woman on who bombed BIG TIME. Every fucking person she attempted to read, she failed at. I was so amused by this I actually Googled her after the show and found her website. On it she admitted that her Ricki performance was "less than stellar" and then went on to blame it on being tired.

by He was shot!reply 9105/08/2013

[quote]Ricki Lake is constantly having "psychics" on her new show.

Ricki no longer has a show.

You should see Sylvia's Facebook. Go look up Yotuube vids of her, non-official of course. It's hilarious.

Anonymous has her on their hit list.

I love how Miss Browne is back in the news.

by He was shot!reply 9205/08/2013

Can someone please post the link to her FB page? I can't seem to find her "official" page.

by He was shot!reply 9305/08/2013

If it's Sylvia Browne, flush it down.

by He was shot!reply 9405/08/2013

Silva is so last millennium.

The Long Island Medium is the newest if the frauds. A cross between Real House Wives of Jersey and a Jerseylicious.

She only dose dead people because hey, how can you prove that wrong.

She gets her premonitions spontaneously everywhere she goes. Even more amazing is the film crews which happens to be right there when it happens.

She is hiding microphones in the beehive, just saying.

by He was shot!reply 9505/08/2013

Oh I "speak to the dead" but I have to ask random questions and say letters because the dead will not just tell me.

I guess the dead are all DL bitches.

by He was shot!reply 9605/08/2013

Give me a hug from heaven!

by He was shot!reply 9705/09/2013

Browne was wrong about the girl's death but when the mother asked Sylvia who kidnapped her, she did say it was a short, stocky-built, Cuban fellow. Is she a complete fraud, idk?

by He was shot!reply 9805/09/2013

Ms. Browne simply meant the death of the child's innocence!

by He was shot!reply 9905/09/2013

R99, So typical of publicity hound Gloria Allred to interject herself in this thread, and to defend the wrong party.

by He was shot!reply 10005/09/2013

A must-read:

Sylvia Browne: is she for real?

Sylvia Browne is famous for telling distraught parents where their missing children are – but as in the case of Amanda Berry, she gets it wrong. A lot. So why does she still have such a massive following? Jon Ronson took a cruise with America's most controversial psychic to find out

by He was shot!reply 10105/09/2013

A funny thing happened several years ago, when Larry King still had a show and Sylvia Browne was his guest.

One caller told Sylvia that she was concerned about her mother, who had recently moved to another state, apparently because she was extremely unhappy before the move. The caller wanted to know, and asked Sylvia, if her mother would be happier in her new home.

Sylvia said, "She's dead. Your mother's DEAD, honey!"

To which the caller replied, "Oh! Well, thank you, I'll be sure to tell her that the next time she calls."

Never mind psychic powers, she doesn't even get it right when she's been handed the facts.

by He was shot!reply 10205/09/2013

That reminds me that not only Montel liked her, Larry King also did. I think she got a couple of hits off of him that impressed him enough to have her on a few times. He'd square her off against the Amusing Randi.

Frankly, Sylvia always came off as a grifter to me.

by He was shot!reply 10305/09/2013

Howard Stern was the funniest when it came to her. She's an ex-felon you know.

by He was shot!reply 10405/09/2013

Where do you find them, R86?

by He was shot!reply 10505/09/2013

She is a goddamed pig who deserves to be shot. Disgusting cunt.

by He was shot!reply 10605/09/2013

[quote]Browne was wrong about the girl's death but when the mother asked Sylvia who kidnapped her, she did say it was a short, stocky-built, Cuban fellow. Is she a complete fraud, idk?

She also denied there were three abductors (despite there being eye witnesses saying otherwise) and claimed that the abductor was 20 or 21 years old. YES, she is a fucking fraud.

by He was shot!reply 10705/10/2013

Wow r101 she comes across as a major bitch (most people already know her as a fraud)

by He was shot!reply 10805/10/2013

She's a fake, you stupid queens!

by He was shot!reply 10905/10/2013

Amanda Berry's mother gave up hope and drank herself to death after that bitch told Louwanna Miller her daughter Amanda Berry was dead.

by He was shot!reply 11005/10/2013

Marc Klass calls psychics the "second wave of predators".

[quote]Marc was inundated with offers from psychics. "I was insulated from most of them by family and police," he said, "but there had to be at least a dozen I personally dealt with. They hope you'll pay them and they hope they'll get really, really lucky and make a guess so close to the truth, they can say they solved it."

by He was shot!reply 11105/10/2013

My god, that voice!!!! Where could you find an actress who could portray her? She makes Mercedes McCambridge sound like a wispy soprano. Harvey Fierstein is the only vocal match I can think of.

by He was shot!reply 11205/10/2013

From what I gather, she idolized her "psychic" Grandma, and has deluded herself into thinking she has great talent, when she doesn't. She does enough cold reading well to fake it, but I don't think she's an outright fraud. Personally, I don't like her much.

by He was shot!reply 11305/10/2013

If anyone didn't think this woman was mentally ill before, the recent Amanda Perry backlash has got to convince them that anyone who looks at a frightened desperate mother in the face and tells her point blank that her daughter is dead just for the sake of keeping up her own appearences is deeply deeply unbalanced and needs professional help.

by He was shot!reply 11405/10/2013

And the fat fraus literally line up around the corner to give her their money...

by He was shot!reply 11505/10/2013

[quote]From what I gather, she idolized her "psychic" Grandma, and has deluded herself into thinking she has great talent, when she doesn't.

Yeah, she said her grandmother was her idol and after she died she appeared to Sylvia telling her to continue the psychic legacy. Sylvia also said in her books that her granddaughter was the reincarnation of her grandmother, and she even brought her on Montel a couple times. The granddaughter was so different from how Sylvia described her. In the books, the granddaughter was very precocious and psychic and could make lights and the fax machine turn on and off at will, but the little girl on the Montel shows was just your average, shy tot.

I used to read Sylvia's books about ten years ago when I was a young twenty. I was going through a difficult time and it was comforting to think that we choose our lives and that the suffering was not for naught but to purify the soul. It was also nice to think of having our own personal spirit guide to whom we could seek advice if we really listened.

But I became a skeptic while reading her book about past life regressions. In one chapter she discussed a young woman who thought she was the reincarnation of Joan of Arc because she often had vivid dreams of being burned at the stake. Sylvia told her she wasn't Jeanne d'Arc, but a witch... in Salem! I remember thinking, doesn't anyone proof read this? No witches were burned in Salem. 19 were hanged and one was crushed to death. Up to that point, I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, but come on the myth of witches being burned at Salem has been debunked long ago.

by He was shot!reply 11605/10/2013

R105, I have been very fortunate to encounter several true "psychics." None of them charged or even accepted donations. Compare old-style match makers to the newer and totally phony shills on TV as an example. True "psychics" are not only extremely visual and observant but excellent judges of character, and can deduce very, very specific information without ever even talking to the person.

A key to their skill is if you argue that what they're saying is totally wrong, they stick to their guns, and it soon comes true. I'm not talking about general info either. That's totally different from professional cold readers or magicians/illusionists.

Some psychics meet jointly to discuss and develop their abilities. If they don't charge, I would go and observe to determine the most talented. It's comparable to going to a music recital and picking out the truly gifted. Also every true "psychic" that I thought was worth listening to was extremely modest when complimented on his/her abilities.

by He was shot!reply 11705/10/2013

I remember some of her appearances on Larry King. I recall that on one of her appearances (about 10 years ago), Larry asked her about celebrities and she responded that questions regarding Sharon Stone were off limits because she is friends with her. Does anyone know more about that?

by He was shot!reply 11805/10/2013

Forget Sylvia's phone readings, she'll be in your area soon.

by He was shot!reply 11905/10/2013

^ I hope some DLers go tell her off in person!

by He was shot!reply 12005/10/2013

I'm still waiting for someone to post her FB page so that I can attack her. TIA

by He was shot!reply 12105/10/2013

AC burned her to a cinder with just one line on Wednesday.

by He was shot!reply 12205/10/2013

Thats hilarious r119. Who would be asking about Sharon Stone 10 years ago? Talk about name dropping.

by He was shot!reply 12305/10/2013

R123, what did he say.

When he had that Long Island psychic last year he said afterward (not to her, but in his dressing room) that he didn't believe in psychics and that she was just using cold reading.

by He was shot!reply 12405/10/2013

R86...There are no true psychics. Sensitive and empathetic perhaps, but magic powers? Nope!

by He was shot!reply 12505/10/2013

I paid a psychic here in NYC. He is "famous" in that he's read everyone from Yoko Ono to Princess Grace. I had a friend who developed prostate cancer. "Oh, he won't be with us much longer," the guy said.

I remember bursting into tears because I love this friend so much. It was embarrassing.

But the psychic was wrong.

My friend is still here. And healthy.

by He was shot!reply 12605/10/2013

I lived in Hawaii the same time she did and she would appear on tv...we laughed when she told someone their stolen car was "near water". That really pins it down when you are on an island in the middle of the Pacific.

She had some boy toy at the time. I think he was Portuguese.

by He was shot!reply 12705/10/2013

R125 At the end of the show he read a statment by Browne, a pseudo appology, and added: "She could have put out a statement saying, 'I have no shame whatsoever.'" Then twitter exploded. It was glorious.

I know he loves a good burn but you rarely get to see him do it on AC360 in this manner.

by He was shot!reply 12805/10/2013

R126, The "psychics" I've met laugh at the idea of "magic powers." Some might attribute their talents as a gift from God but then compare it to artistic or musical abilities.

Now how do you account for very sensitive and empathetic cold readers who also make very, very specific predictions that would only be true of just one individual? In all cases, I wasn't allowed to say anything in the room besides my name.

by He was shot!reply 12905/10/2013

R130...I can't figure out most magic tricks. Most "Psychics" are magicians. Gift from God? Aren't they special! Bullshit!

by He was shot!reply 13005/10/2013

R131, No. There is a clear difference between magicians that "cold read," phony psychics like Sylvia Brown, and those that are beyond intuitive. When I say that the ones I've encountered claim that they have :a gift from God," that would be comparable to a brilliant artist or singer saying the same thing. They do not consider themselves special in any way, shape or form. The reference to God, if the person is spiritual or religious, means that they also don't believe in "channelling," "psychic guides," or any other "spirit connections." In other words, being "a sensitive," is just another special skill or ability.

by He was shot!reply 13105/10/2013

I have met two people that I ever felt were actually psychic in my life. Neither was super rich. One was actually a teacher and the second one I met through a semi-celeb friend who even offered to pay my fee.

1. The first one was a substitute teacher who I helped out at school back when I was in middle school. Her reward to me was to read me which was probably not the smartest thing to do. She did. I forgot all about it until 15 years later when I realized everything she said happened. (She added I'd get married late in life and have one child.)

2. The second I met through a friend. I said nothing more than my name and she rocked my world. She keyed on exactly what the specific issue I was having trouble with was. She nailed a very specific issue with a friend ("A friend, female, tried to commit suicide in the past few days. Don't worry about her, she'll be fine.") She nailed my career issue which was my real question ("You were choosing between two people professionally, you chose the second one. You chose the right one. I think that's your question.") and since I wasn't thinking about my life or relationships she only spoke for about two minutes on that and said the same thing as the first years ago I'd get married late in life and have one child. (I totally think she picked up on the me being gay and used person instead of woman or female.)

The second one told me it's just something she can do. She sort of explained it's a combination of being highly observational and some divine force that intervenes. She said she can't tell you if you're going to die. She can tell you if something your doing may lead you to it. She doesn't see ghosts or talk to spirits.

She told me an angel approached me at Christmas when I first moved to NYC. She said he spoke to me on a train by myself about Christmas & wanted me not to be scared. She added I still see him from time to time.

I never told anyone that period but when I moved to NYC in Christmas of 04 I made the dumb mistake of getting on a completely empty train car LATE at night fresh off the bus. A man, from some other country, sat next to me and asked me about "Christmas [in this] country." I really scared of him at first then I wasn't scared of anything after it turned out he was just a nice guy. It was a private moment which I have never forgotten.

by He was shot!reply 13205/10/2013

This old hag even started her own church! Tax fraud, anyone?

by He was shot!reply 13305/11/2013

R134, Thanks for the link. I would never believe it if I hadn't read it. So why did Monel Williams et al stoop so low as to promote her regularly on his show? I think she would be more appropriate for Jerry Springer, if anyone.

by He was shot!reply 13405/11/2013

There are genuine ones out there, buried amidst the outright fakes, and folks who have less psychic ability than they believe they do.

Once upon a time, a psychic asked me "Who is Barbara? Who was Jewish in your family?" I openly scoffed at the time, years later finding out that was my great-great-great grandmother. Another helped me locate a lost object in a place where there was NO WAY I put it there.

As for Sylvia, she's not a fraud, although I'd say she has a whopping sense of self-importance and an entitlement complex.

by He was shot!reply 13505/11/2013

R136 - If Sylvia isn't a fraud how do you explain her NEVER BEING CORRECT. If you have read the website linked below and still think "Sylvia" is anything more then a complete fraud, you are a moron.

by He was shot!reply 13605/16/2013

A "fraud" to me is someone who is consciously, knowingly, bilking people. My understanding is that Sylvia believes she has psychic powers.

by He was shot!reply 13705/17/2013

[quote]So why did Monel Williams et al stoop so low as to promote her regularly on his show? I think she would be more appropriate for Jerry Springer, if anyone.

I can only assume Montel's show was going down the tubes. It was cancelled six months after she told Amanda Berry's mother that her daughter was dead.

I'm not sure how stable Montel himself is. Isn't he estranged from his kids?

by He was shot!reply 13805/17/2013

She was a regular guest on Montel's show for a LONG time. It wasn't just a "going down the tubes" thing.

by He was shot!reply 13905/17/2013

R138, If Syvlia Browne is not a "fraud," then she most certainly is extremely mentally ill and totally delusional, in addition to being 100% cruel and heartless and lacking any sense of humanity. Those who are gifted with special insights, extreme powers of observation, and possible "psychic ability" do not abuse their abilities to emotionally abuse the vulnerable.

by He was shot!reply 14005/17/2013

She knows she's a fraud, otherwise she would have taken the $1 million challenge to prove her psychic abilities.


by He was shot!reply 14105/17/2013

R140, Much of Montel's audience, like those of other talk shows, define themselves as Christian or believing in a mainstream religion. Why would Montel, or any other guest host, promote anyone that his followers consider a crackpot, preying on the elderly, sick, or needy? Some would even claim that phony psychics that charge outrageous fees for general info are even "of the devil."

Before his talk show became a schlock fest, Jerry Springer used to host popular charlatans with crackpot views. Of course he also invited specialists to give the opposing side, and then instructed the viewing audience on how to evaluate the validity of phony claims. It was funny and informative at the same time. Does anyone remember the AZ based cult where members stated that you never had to die?

by He was shot!reply 14205/17/2013

As Sylvia has correctly pointed out, she has been correct more often than not.

And if that albino turd hates her, that makes me like her even more. Why, oh why couldn't he and Ben have picked uo Kai the Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker for a threesome?

by He was shot!reply 14305/17/2013

[quote]Some would even claim that phony psychics that charge outrageous fees for general info are even "of the devil."

by He was shot!reply 14405/17/2013

R144, When has Sylvia Browne ever been correct? Some of her "reveals" have been so extremely general that it's beyond laughable garbage.

by He was shot!reply 14505/17/2013

[quote]Once upon a time, a psychic asked me "Who is Barbara? Who was Jewish in your family?"

She saw you coming, and figured some fannish attachment to Streisand was more than a lucky guess.

by He was shot!reply 14605/17/2013

You don't need to be Sylvia Browne to see that there are some extremely disturbed individuals here.

No one in his or her right mind would devote so much energy toward promoting hatred of someone who has brought so much joy to the world.

Both human being and living Goddess, Sylvia has stunned the Earth with her miraculous soothsaying--and the healing power of her angelic aura is like nothing the world of man has known since St. Bernadette of Lourdes. Her Heaven-sent telepathic and clairvoyant gifts continue to leave witnesses awestruck, and any contact with her preternatural presence will forever change the spiritual lives of those so blessed.

by He was shot!reply 14705/17/2013

[quote]No one in his or her right mind would devote so much energy toward promoting hatred of someone who has brought so much joy to the world.

My sentiments exactly NOT.

by He was shot!reply 14805/17/2013

R148, If you see me as "extremely disturbed" for hating someone who takes extreme financial and emotional advantage of the weak, then you are missing a heart and a brain, as is Montel Williams and anyone else that promotes her. She is the epitome of vile.

by He was shot!reply 14905/17/2013

R148 isn't being serious. Fuck there are some 'tards here.

by He was shot!reply 15005/17/2013

Sylvia will be taking your questions in An Intimate Evening of Insights and Live Readings at the Resort World Casino near JFK Airport in Jamaica, Queens on May 31st.


I wonder if anyone will bring up Berry and Hornbeck?

by He was shot!reply 15105/17/2013

I'd like to see a picture of her house.

by He was shot!reply 15205/17/2013

Resort World near JFK is a five minute walk from the Aqueduct station on the "A" train.

by He was shot!reply 15305/17/2013

Last year Sylvia and Montel were "touring" together. I saw an ad for their visit to Toronto. I don't know what Montel's role was going to be in this other than perhaps get some of the cash?

by He was shot!reply 15405/17/2013

There is hope!

by He was shot!reply 15505/17/2013

Montel Williams is the biggest sellout I've ever seen. He should be embarrassed of himself.

by He was shot!reply 15605/17/2013

r143, it is like cotton candy for the juding Amys and bible-thumpers. They can sit back and tsk-tsk, thinking Browne and her followers represents the downfall of civilization; it's all at a distance, in "magical TV land" so it's safe to watch and learn all about the Big Bad World where all those sinners and sodomites live. The other half of the audience are the people who believe Browne and will help them transcend the Christian fundamentalism they live in.

by He was shot!reply 15705/17/2013

R158, Thanks for your brilliant analysis. It's one time I identify with "bible-thumpers." I don't believe in The Devil but if I did I'd accuse abusers like Sylvia Brown of being too close a copycat.

by He was shot!reply 15805/17/2013

I agree, I want to see a photo of her house. I read somewhere she owns real estate throughout California. I'm sure she does, I'm sure she does.

by He was shot!reply 15905/17/2013

Ricki's been having psychics on her show every other day lately. I watch for the LOL's. I guess this is what talk show hosts stoop to after they know their shows have been cancelled.

by He was shot!reply 16005/17/2013

I spent some time with Sylvia on a project that was in development. A few of us "tested" her and while I won't say I believe in psychics one way or another, the information she gave all of us was pretty accurate. It seemed interesting to all of us that while she could give pretty good specifics one on one, when we'd see her do group things, she'd fail miserably.

Part of our research had us review her Celeb predictions. She used to post these on her site, don't know if she still does. They were always terribly inaccurate and she'd basically get 0 out of 100 right.

Anyway, like I said, it was interesting that one on one she could give insight that was more specific (and by that I mean, non-fishing/non-generic) statements, but in group settings she was awful. She did tell one of the Execs that she was going to have two kids. The Exec said it was impossible as, she was pregnant, but her husband had recently had a vasectomy. Sylvia told her she'd have twins. She did end up having twins.

Now, Sylvia's son, Christopher, who is supposed to be just as psychic as his mother, was the one that really seemed to be faking his way through readings.

by He was shot!reply 16105/17/2013

Sylvia: "I see a male father figure around you whose name starts with a D."

Victim: "Um, my dad???"

Sylvia: "Yes, that's what I just said. He's passed on, right?"

Victim: "Yes."

Sylvia: "Yeah, he's always with you in spirit. Buy my new book to find out how."

by He was shot!reply 16205/17/2013

R163, That's called "fishing," a trait of phony psychics. The "other kind" give very, very specific info and don't ever allow you to say one word besides your name. They'll even argue with you if you disagree; then watch it all come true later on.

by He was shot!reply 16305/17/2013

Don't panic, but CNN just announced that Sylvia Browne died at the age of 77!

by He was shot!reply 16411/20/2013

Correct link!

by He was shot!reply 16511/20/2013

One more link about this:

by He was shot!reply 16611/20/2013

OH God! No God! Oh no no no God!

by He was shot!reply 16711/20/2013

Montel Williams will be delivering the eulogy.

by He was shot!reply 16811/21/2013

Harvey Fierstein will portray Sylvia in her biographic film.

by He was shot!reply 16911/21/2013
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