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Matt Muenster, of BathCrashers

Interior Design degree, with wife and children, cum contractor.

What do we know?

by Matt''s New Fanreply 1911/28/2013

He looks a little like Scott Evans

by Matt''s New Fanreply 110/16/2010

Cute, setting DVR for BathCrashers.

by Matt''s New Fanreply 210/16/2010

[quote]cum contractor%0D %0D Where can I get a job like that?

by Matt''s New Fanreply 310/16/2010


by Matt''s New Fanreply 410/17/2010

I smell cookies, too, but oh so protests when even a joke is being make about him & another man being in the shower together.

1/2 cookies, 1/2 cream?

by Matt''s New Fanreply 510/17/2010


He does that ALL the time. I can't tell if it's just "normal" straight man paranoia, or if the lady doth protest too much. In either case it gets annoying real fast.

And he has really crappy taste in bath design, so it might be more likely that he is straight and paranoid.

by Matt''s New Fanreply 610/17/2010


by Matt''s New Fanreply 710/17/2010

Matt, Matt, Matt, Gooooo, Matt!

by Matt''s New Fanreply 810/18/2010

dear matt %0D we need our bathroom remodeled %0D %0D thanks

by Matt''s New Fanreply 902/27/2011

He may have been given a gift certificate to Rent A Family. They do a brisk business here in LA. You get all the fringe benefits from the perception of being married without having to that "consumate" thing.

by Matt''s New Fanreply 1002/27/2011

BathCrashers is the worst makeover show on TV. The reveals are always worse than the befores.

Matt has to be straight. No gay man would ever consent to be a part of the "designs" he constructs.

by Matt''s New Fanreply 1102/27/2011

The thing with bath crashers (and the other crasher shows) is the design is based on what freebies they can get for a given episode.And they've got a very fast turnaround for each "transformation." I doubt he has much control over the designs.%0D %0D And yes, Muenster seems a bit homophobic. I think they did one bathroom for a gay couple, maybe? House Crashers has had a couple of gay episodes. And the host is very flirtatious with men, but only the straight ones it seems. He must post on Datalounge.

by Matt''s New Fanreply 1202/27/2011

i got that homophobe vibe from himm too...just saying

by Matt''s New Fanreply 1311/14/2011

Grow uP people! Matt has done many great remodels of bathrooms. Some we may not like but to each his own. We have the right to our own likes and dislikes but we don't deserve to be beaten up over it! U people need to stop being negative! GROW UP!

by Matt''s New Fanreply 1412/07/2011

Nope, he is not homophobic. He tweeted this before.

by Matt''s New Fanreply 1505/16/2013

His Twitter pic is much more appealing:

by Matt''s New Fanreply 1605/16/2013

Very sexy voice. He should have a second career in voice-over work.

by Matt''s New Fanreply 1705/16/2013

I can not believe that there are so many people concerned about MATT'S preference in companionship. Honestly he probably has a best friend that he's afraid to be seen in pubic with. You people should be ashamed of yourself. However it happens he has a lot to do with it and that has nothing to do with his private life, which should be exactly that 'PRIVATE'. In the meantime I hate this laptop,my fingers always end up on the wrong keys and it takes me forever,Anyway we seriously need a bathroom. I always want of the ones they throw out. That's how bad our bathroom is. We bought this house from my husband's family after his Grandparents passed away. It was built in the 60's and the bathroom's still have the original tile and size, which also has NO room at all. There are two bathrooms back/back, also three bedrooms that Matt can use anyway he want's. I would like a half bath at beginning of the hall for guest. and at least a master and a small guest room. I appreciate your consideration and I could do the renovation myself but we've had some health issues the past couple years and my husband is progressive, so we will need 'under-cover' handy cap assessable necessaries. I'm hoping to return to work this January, I've had three back surgeries,last one due to a bone infection, anyway I plan to get better unfortunately my husband is progressive. I really hate to beg, but I'm pretty sure that's what I'm doing . Sorry so long.......

Annette Williams 21984 Deep Creek Lane Avenue ,MD. 20609 301-769-2351

by Matt''s New Fanreply 1811/28/2013

Annette, you're posting all that shit to absolutely, positively, indisputably the wrong website. Seriously.

R14, you are also on the wrong website, dear. Ignore all future notifications that Matt's name has been mentioned here.

I like Matt and I've liked some of his remodels. He seems like a typical straight guy to me but my gaydar's never been reliable so what do I know?

by Matt''s New Fanreply 1911/28/2013
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