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Things hipsters eat

Balsamic this, free-range that... What do these trendsetters consume?

by Tiareply 12603/21/2013

Artisanal cheeses

by Tiareply 110/15/2010

Why, living in Portland, OR, I can easily tell you the answer to that question.

Black beans and rice. They eat that morning, noon and night. It is the way they get their protein and all other nutrients.

Sometimes, when they're feeling extravagant, they add a little melted Jack cheese. But that is it.

Oh, and PBR.

And heroin.

by Tiareply 210/15/2010

R2 has it right.%0D %0D Veggie Burgers%0D %0D Veggie/Tofu Stir Fry%0D %0D Dark Chocolate Bars from "Ritter Sport"%0D %0D All ironically, of course.

by Tiareply 310/15/2010

Henri Bergson

by Tiareply 410/15/2010

Siracha sauce on everything.

by Tiareply 510/15/2010

So they don't like KFC?

by Tiareply 610/15/2010

They eat?.The ones I see weight 90lbs.

by Tiareply 710/15/2010

You know, you have a point r7. I normally hate hipsters, but the one great thing about them is that they aren't fat and don't have orange skin or steroid boobs.

by Tiareply 810/15/2010

Around here all the hipster girls are pudgy, but they still wear skinny jeans 365 days of the year. %0D %0D Is that meant to be ironic, too?

by Tiareply 910/15/2010

Nan. I believe it's indian bread or some shit like that.

by Tiareply 1010/15/2010

Bacon Doughnuts

by Tiareply 1110/15/2010

In Los Angeles, they only eat "authentic" street tacos - carnitas or al pastor - from the sketchiest parts of town imaginable, or authentic Vietnamese pho with unidentifiable pig parts in the bowl.

by Tiareply 1210/15/2010

I believe hipsters are allowed to eat anything if they do it with enough irony.

by Tiareply 1310/15/2010

Cocoa Puffs, but only because they appreciate the campiness and/or the irony of eating them. (Lucky Charms just don't cut it, for some reason.)

by Tiareply 1410/15/2010

So for them, food is about ideology, not taste?

by Tiareply 1510/15/2010

I too live in Portland, and this is all true.

And they all smoke copious amounts of pot (silly!), which makes all food palatable.

by Tiareply 1610/15/2010

They have ruined entire sections of San Francisco, if not the whole City. They are young, white, upper middle class, and ridiculously judgmental in a superficial way.

Hipsters aren't just a trend, they are an entire generation.

by Tiareply 1710/15/2010

Are hipsters usually PC?

by Tiareply 1810/15/2010

Only if lets them be condescending and smug about it.

by Tiareply 1910/15/2010

I don't know about PC, but they are the most humorless, uninteresting, self-absorbed people on earth.

I suspect they're all clones of Gwyneth Paltrow.

by Tiareply 2010/15/2010

That berry called "miracle fruit" that changes all your taste buds, so you drink vinegar and it tastes like sugar, etc. They love that shit.

by Tiareply 2110/16/2010

OP, those aren't really hipsters. They seem like a 30 year old straight couple with jobs, coming home from the market, unironically.%0D %0D Here, let me help you...

by Tiareply 2210/16/2010


by Tiareply 2310/16/2010


by Tiareply 2410/16/2010


by Tiareply 2510/16/2010

look at this ironic food poster!

by Tiareply 2610/16/2010

Is that Natalie Portman in OP's picture?.

by Tiareply 2710/16/2010

Yeah thats Natalie Portman and her ex.

Hummus isnt hipster food, is it?

by Tiareply 2810/16/2010

The term "Hipster" describes a self involved egotist, from a privileged background.

These are the folks who keep Starbucks and Whole Foods (the fundie owned health food franchise) going.

by Tiareply 2910/16/2010

Devendra Banhart is the ex in the pic.

by Tiareply 3010/16/2010

Some might say that it's ironic how often the words "ironic" and "unironic" are misused.

by Tiareply 3110/16/2010

I'm not from the US, but I thought hipsters were semi-artsy, skinny indie kids in their late teens to mid-20s.

by Tiareply 3210/16/2010

add about 7 years and 50 lbs R32, but they all claim to be that.

by Tiareply 3310/16/2010

Hipsters are wonderful, caring people. They are liberal and friends to the gays. Of course you basement dwellers would make fun of them.

by Tiareply 3410/16/2010

"They are liberal and friends to the gays." Uh, like the hippies waaay before them (and unlike their spiritual progenitors -the beatniks), they are incredibly homophobic.

by Tiareply 3510/16/2010

since when is it wrong to have taste? to care about what one puts in one's mouth? to insist on good food? since when does it make sense to have the interest in eating well be belittled as merely trendy or hip?

by Tiareply 3610/16/2010

It's not about having taste or anything else -- they act as if they invented taste...

by Tiareply 3710/16/2010

When it's DL R36. We hate everything and everyone.

by Tiareply 3810/16/2010

Devendra Banhart is like Joanna Newsom and Cat Power, they are uber cool, but not hipsters. Most of us hate hipsters, they hang out in Williamsburg and listen to Vampire Weekend, Grizzly Bear and unsigned Brooklyn bands.

Hipsters are just transient trendies who move on from one commercial fashion and music phase to another.

by Tiareply 3910/16/2010

If they're truly talented and/or successful and/or wildly ambitious, they're no longer hipsters, I suppose.

by Tiareply 4010/16/2010

hipsters would eat dog shit if they thought it would make them seem ironic or avante garde.

And if Divine hadn't done it first.

by Tiareply 4110/16/2010

You bitches are just mad, because they won't fuck you and scratch your balls with their hipster beards.

by Tiareply 4210/16/2010

Ancient Aztec grains scooped into a small burlap bag.

by Tiareply 4310/16/2010

The really cool kids are the moment are big into the Alt Country and Americana scene. the Indie Kids or Hipsters are still wearing skinny jeans and baggy cardigans and listening to commercial chart indie bands YUcK!%0D %0D %0D As for me I am so bored with the major costal cities, they are so unauthentic and boring. I want to move to the heartlands, I was thinking maybe Kansas City, MO. It has a great music or Tucson, maybe Phoenix, AZ. Just somewhere kool and away from the trendys%0D %0D %0D I don't know what hipsters eat, probably some kinda vegan oat crap. Me, I like a lot of stuff with lemon at the moment, even if it's just water, I'll grate some lemon into it, it's really cool. I also like Orange blossom honey and white chocolate cookies, and a lot of stuff with cloves. if you boil cloves in water for like 5 mins, then strain them, you can use the water as a wonderful antiseptic mouthwash. I big into pineapple too at the moment and coffee serves in china tea cups.

by Tiareply 4410/16/2010

"Hipsters are just transient trendies who move on from one commercial fashion and music phase to another."

How is that different from any other group of Americans?

by Tiareply 4510/16/2010

Sorry for all the typing mistakes, I'm not really into computers, I much prefer using a pencil and paper.%0D %0D %0D and that's the thing r45, they are not, no matter how hard they try to be.

by Tiareply 4610/16/2010

"I big into pineapple too at the moment and coffee serves in china tea cups."

Get into proofreading, pumpkin.

by Tiareply 4710/16/2010

[quote]As for me I am so bored with the major costal cities, they are so unauthentic and boring. I want to move to the heartlands, I was thinking maybe Kansas City, MO.

I'm trying to make Missoula happen.

by Tiareply 4810/16/2010

Hey com'on r47, I said sorry, I don't even own a computer, this is a friends I'm using while I'm house setting for him.

by Tiareply 4910/16/2010

"I don't even own a computer"

And what does that have to do with proofreading?

by Tiareply 5010/16/2010

Turkey hot dogs.

by Tiareply 5110/16/2010

Kombucha tea that they brew at home in a big mason jar. Except for the freegans. They eat garbage.

by Tiareply 5210/16/2010

Flax crackers made in their dehydrator.

Raw cacao and goji berries.

And the guy on the right in R22's link probably stinks to high hell, but he's hot.

by Tiareply 5310/16/2010

[quote]The really cool kids are the moment are big into the Alt Country and Americana scene.

Oh, is it 1994 again already?

by Tiareply 5410/16/2010

[quote]since when is it wrong to have taste? to care about what one puts in one's mouth? to insist on good food? since when does it make sense to have the interest in eating well be belittled as merely trendy or hip?

Since when is the inability to use the shift key mistaken for style?

by Tiareply 5510/16/2010

Pickled rattlesnake. Pure protein.

by Tiareply 5610/16/2010

Oh, is it 1994 again already?

Wow! I was only 3 back then.

by Tiareply 5710/16/2010

Devendra Banhart, Joanna Newsom and Cat Power.

I don't think anyone here would know who those artists are.

by Tiareply 5810/16/2010

I don't think anyone cares, R58.

by Tiareply 5910/16/2010

"I don't think anyone here would know who those artists are."

Not this again! All three have been mentioned on DL, and there was a thread on Newsom recently. Are you the poster who thinks gay male taste in music begins and ends with Liza and Cher?

by Tiareply 6010/16/2010

Hipster at gay dive bar (because it's cool to 'hang' with the 'the gays'): "Hey man, you should have a PBR, it's cheaper!" Me, asshole gay who hates hipsters acting like tourists slumming it with 'the gays': "Yeah, and you should go find your own part of town and overdose there. Get a job or join the Army, you privileged, fake hippie fuck." Too mean? (I'm over 30. I don't vote Republican. I just don't like them in my bars.)

by Tiareply 6110/16/2010

I've never met a single homophobic hipster, and I used to live with them and hang out with them.%0D %0D AND I used to mock them all the time. They can't get mad at it, because I'm doing it 'ironically'. They are in on the joke, folks.%0D %0D That said, it's still fun to mock them.

by Tiareply 6210/16/2010

I live in Silverlake and I have never met a homophobic hipster either. The guys seem very open to bisexuality and experimentation, and the ones I know dance and make music and do art projects with gays all the time.

by Tiareply 6310/16/2010


by Tiareply 6411/03/2010

Tofu burgers anyone?

by Tiareply 6511/03/2010

Ritter Sport is hipster chocolate?

by Tiareply 6611/03/2010

Haven't you heard? The hispter is dead. Anyway, in my parts hipsters eat at McDonald's just like anyone else.

by Tiareply 6711/03/2010

R13 is right.

by Tiareply 6811/03/2010

From R67's link

[quote]The hipster is that person . . . who in fact aligns himself both with rebel subculture and with the dominant class, and thus opens up a poisonous conduit between the two.


by Tiareply 6911/03/2010

r47 you talked me up. i'm heeeeeere!%0D %0D xoxoxo

by Tiareply 7011/03/2010

falafel burgers. i love them. ironically, i'm not a hipster.

by Tiareply 7111/03/2010

Joanna Newsom is a sad retread of Bjork. She's as far from kool or original as can be imagined.

by Tiareply 7211/04/2010

DC hipsters totally love their falafal. And popsicles made from organic ingredients.

by Tiareply 7311/04/2010

I know they're not quite hipsters, but I miss going to the beloved Bear and Bee's tumblr blog to check out their latest musings about vegan this or that. Too bad they've password protected since DL invaded and mocked them here.%0D %0D

by Tiareply 7411/04/2010

Hipsters are middle class indie kids in skinny jeans, they are fake and shrill, listen to boring insipid chart indie and ring-tone R'n'B because they "like all types of music."

They follow fashion and do not go their own way, fashion and what is cool and trendy is very important to them, therefore making them anything but cool. They are sheep, just another easy demographic for the multinational corporations to exploit.

Hipsters are just try-hards, with zero sense of individuality or a sense of ones own culture or style. They simply follow pop cultrue trendy and what is hip today is over tomorrow.

A true Hipster would set trends they don't follow them, yet none of them do.

by Tiareply 7511/04/2010

Crap and the worse the better. It's like the 'Emperor's New Clothes' one likes deer brains or cow tongues but they pretend they do. Watch the gross food they cook on Top Chef.

by Tiareply 7611/04/2010

Old people's excrement?

by Tiareply 7711/04/2010

"Some might say that it's ironic how often the words "ironic" and "unironic" are misused."

If you need a label to define yourself or why you dress a certain way, I feel very sad for these young people who need to be defined.

The irony about all this, they are trying to be 'individuals', yet they love being labeled. Of course, it's ALL be done before, so they haven't got a shred of individuality. The Beatniks did it much better many years before.

I'm a native New Yorker, when the entire Williamsburg hipster takeover was starting, I was discussing this situation with an elderly uncle who had moved back to his old neighborhoood after many years in the suburbs, he wanted to be closer to his family, so he moved back.

At first, my uncle thought the gentrification was a good idea, I tried to explain to him that these wealthy trust fund kids playing at being artists, were going to drastically change the entire neighborhood, mostly by causing the prices on everything to be raised, because they all had unlimited funds. This would drive the original residents out.

Sure enough these interlopers changed nearly every aspect of Williamsburg. I also explained, once the hipsters were finished changing his neighborhood, they'd move on to their next city, move upstate NY (another hipster haven) or move back to their original states or countries.

All the old timers still around, would be left with inflated prices.

My uncle's fave deli closed to make way for some chi-chi 'cafe' which is probably now an indie clothing store. Hipsters dress as if they buy their clothes at Goodwill, but that's what they want others to think. They are probably wearing a torn $600 designer t-shirt!

My uncle finally saw how much his beloved neighborhood had changed, he then moved in with some relatives who own a three family house in Bushwick, which is now going through it's own hipster takeover!

by Tiareply 7811/04/2010

I love that a cheap-looking flannel shirt will run you about $100. Or that cut-off corduroy shorts from Save Khaki costs about $80.


by Tiareply 7911/04/2010

Bombas & Parr's "Artisanal Chewing Gum"

by Tiareply 8011/04/2010

Hipsters are simply another variation on a specific type of poseur which seems to come along every 10-20 years or so.

I went to art school in the late 70s, so I know what I'm talking about. There has always been a variation on this type of 'hip' person. The only difference with these hipsters, most seem to come from money. The Soho artists in the 50s, 60s and 70s, were actually real struggling artists, they were poor. A friend's parents lived illegally in a loft which only had cold water.

There was a sort or hipster nerd look during the Punk/New Wave era, lots of guys imitating Elvis Costello and the girls were dressing very 1950s, with Lucy dresses. Then there was the punk contingent and New Wavers wearing neon colors. While another type of hipster during that era were dressing like Beatniks.

by Tiareply 8111/04/2010


I'm not sure where YOU are, but in NYC, Hipsters don't go near Whole Foods; they're all about Trader Joe's.

I can't remember the last time I saw any hipsters in a Whole Foods.

by Tiareply 8211/04/2010

doubt it, #53. If he's a hipster, he's probably wearing something expensive and rare- yet natural earthy and animal-free- like patchouli mined by orphans in the Tibet.

by Tiareply 8311/04/2010

Thirty years ago a friend of mine went to a now non-existent artsy private college. While visiting, I saw they all ate brown rice they bought from a commune that worshipped a fat East Indian kid called Guru Mahara Ji, and they picked little flowers from the mountain sides and made tea that tasted like hot water with little flowers in it.

by Tiareply 8411/04/2010

Still not sure what hipsters eat, but a lot of DLs here have been drinking from the cup of superiority.

by Tiareply 8511/04/2010

bombas & parr's garlic & sage gum? no thank you.%0D %0D i did think about getting my little niece a "make your own natural gum" kit last christmas, but it was around $30. i got her a ballerina doll instead.

by Tiareply 8611/04/2010

I don't know what they eat but I know I love pho bo and have been eating it for 20 years since I first went to a Vietnamese restaurant in Boston. Best hangover cure ever. And I generally order the "pho bac diet", the one with the parts. %0D %0D My partner and I also get taco from the small little taco huts in parking lots. That's because they are the best and cheapest. And lengue (tongue) is one of my favorites.%0D %0D We also do a lot of shopping at the Asian marker and make Thai curry at home. Fast, easy and delicious.%0D %0D And if you've never tried a banh mi, you need to.%0D %0D I refuse to stop eating what I like because someone else has deemed it trendy.%0D %0D

by Tiareply 8711/04/2010

Don't they also go in for colonic irrigation? They love getting their assholes washed out.

by Tiareply 8811/04/2010

This thread is very educational. Carry on.

by Tiareply 8911/04/2010

I know many of these people, I used to live in an enclave of them.%0D %0D -They don't clean their apartments%0D %0D -All of them have some kind of grand cd or record collection%0D %0D -Many are vegan%0D %0D -Most of them indeed are living off money earned from their retail jobs and are not trustafarians (that's another species altogether)%0D %0D -Completely liberal, knee-jerk PC, and pro-gay%0D %0D -They go to a LOT of indie rock shows. Many of them work at the venues, since they usually know someone working there and therefore get free shows and drinks.%0D %0D -Each of them has a winter knit cap, that gets worn even when it isn't necessary.%0D %0D -They all have 'fixie' bikes, as in, fixed gear bikes.%0D %0D -Each of them have their own unique thing that they emphatically "don't do", like eat eggs, drink coffee, whatever. As long as you have some specific ideal about your health, and do one thing a specific way, you don't feel guilty about foregoing the gym like all the gymrats out there that you don't wish to associate with.%0D %0D -Ignore anyone who isn't also a hipster.

by Tiareply 9011/04/2010

All the hipsters I know stay thin by breakfasting on cock alone. The boys *and* the girls.

by Tiareply 9111/04/2010

[quote]-Completely liberal, knee-jerk PC, and pro-gay

And yet their scene is incredibly Caucasian.

by Tiareply 9211/04/2010

R92, there a bazillion Asian and Black hipsters.%0D %0D But I still don't get your point.

by Tiareply 9311/04/2010


by Tiareply 9411/05/2010

I once heard a hipster exclaim "I LOVE black beans!!" and I thought "I don't, sweeties, because I don't LOVE farting 24/7!

by Tiareply 9511/05/2010

I'm not a hipster, but I wish people would stop saying I am. I don't live or want to live in Brooklyn, I hate Vampire Weekend, I Hate Skinny Jeans and have no love of London. I don't even live n NY, I live in LA.

I do wear work boots and scruffy clothes, I do hate to shave, I do despise chart music, hip-hop and American Idol, if I do watch it sometimes, it's only because I'm trying to sympathize with ordinary run of the mill Americans, and try to get their perspective, to date I have failed.

I try to dress down, I hate when people judge me based on my good looks, yes I am hot, but I don't care that's why I try to dress down.

I hate MTV. I love the colors vintage plum, and lime honey.

I cut my own hair and listen to Del Shannon, Nick Drake, Cat Power , Mazzy Star and lots of indie folk and nocturnal urban blues/ indie.

I DO NOT DOWNLOAD MUSIC, and I don't associate with people who do, I still have a portable cd player, iPods are for the weak, dull and obtuse. I wear corduroy jackets, and have a collection of old bedside clocks. I DO NOT go into malls nor associate myself with people who do, but I don't judge anyone.

I think God is a woman - a Universal Mother. I think the night is more beautiful than the day, especially dusk, I take a lot of photos of trees and storm clouds.

I love ice-cream. I don't do jokes or think much of people who have stupid silly sense of humour.

by Tiareply 9611/05/2010

Um,[96]? I think the word you need is 'nerd'.

by Tiareply 9711/05/2010

R96, are you male or female?

by Tiareply 9811/05/2010

[R96]is the classic humorless lesbian

by Tiareply 9911/05/2010

R96 is pulling your leg, you moron autistics.

by Tiareply 10011/05/2010

I'm sure I know r96.

by Tiareply 10111/05/2010

Chocolate covered bacon listening to Perfume Genius?

by Tiareply 10211/05/2010

Since when is balsamic new or hip, OP? Are you still on cider vinegar?

by Tiareply 10311/05/2010

What was the Hipster?

by Tiareply 10411/05/2010

This is without a doubt the Elvis of Hip(sters).

by Tiareply 10511/05/2010

No, this is the Elvis of hipsters:

by Tiareply 10611/05/2010

These are hipsters.

by Tiareply 10711/05/2010

"I live in Silverlake and I have never met a homophobic hipster either. The guys seem very open to bisexuality and experimentation, and the ones I know dance and make music and do art projects with gays all the time."%0D %0D almost like a gay special olympics...%0D %0D

by Tiareply 10811/05/2010

I spent two weeks in Silverlake, the California sun cascading down my face....

by Tiareply 10911/05/2010

Silver LAKE.

by Tiareply 11011/05/2010

Death Cab for Cutie is for OC fake hipsters.

by Tiareply 11111/06/2010

{quote] Punk/New Wave era, lots of guys imitating Elvis Costello and the girls were dressing very 1950s, with Lucy dresses. %0D %0D I had a friend exactly like this. Her dry cleaner used to sell her 1950s coats and dresses that got dropped off and were never picked up (presumably because the owner died). She lived in Tribeca when it was dangerous and worked in the village. Super-duper hipster chick.%0D %0D Fast forward to today - she is married to a multimillionaire oncologist, lives in the largest house in her town (it's on the town Christmas tour!), has three kids in private school and one kid at NYU who is now a pretend hipster. %0D %0D She stopped speaking to her friends from "the olden days" more than 15 years ago and we found out all of this information about her from the internets.

by Tiareply 11211/06/2010

I am sorta beyond a hipster. I start the trends hipsters follow, I listen t music most Hipster have no idea about yet, but they'll all be listening to it in a years time. I am one of those people. Honestly I find Hipsters a little tragic. I wonder what that makes me?

by Tiareply 11311/06/2010

Tragically hip?

by Tiareply 11411/06/2010

Since much of the western world has been using balsamic vinegar for centuries, and even a wide range of Americans have been dousing it over salads for decades, and now everything at Olive Garden is soaked in it, OP, I think you need to revise your theory of what constitutes hipster fare.

Insisting on free range foul has a lot more to do with ethics than with hipness.

by Tiareply 11511/06/2010

Cereal with Kamut in it. Barley. The more "exotic" grains, mixed with everything.

by Tiareply 11611/06/2010

The payoff for being a hipster is making others feel bad about themselves.

by Tiareply 11711/06/2010


by Tiareply 11811/06/2010

"I'm not from the US, but I thought hipsters were semi-artsy, skinny indie kids in their late teens to mid-20s."%0D %0D You are right. It's the people who want to be hipsters trying to make the rules.%0D %0D

by Tiareply 11911/07/2010

Bump, because this thread was kind of fun.

by Tiareply 12012/09/2010

pickled eggs

by Tiareply 12103/21/2013

cous cous, anything with an organic label, hummus, etc. I'm picturing an emaciated raw vegan with sallow skin and an unfortunate asymmetrical hair cut.

by Tiareply 12203/21/2013

Hipsters prefer Thai food over Chinese food.

They also live for non-chain coffee shops.

by Tiareply 12303/21/2013

[quote] They are young, white, upper middle class, and ridiculously judgmental in a superficial way.

So were hippies.

by Tiareply 12403/21/2013


lemon fears

by Tiareply 12503/21/2013

Local chicken.

by Tiareply 12603/21/2013
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