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Jim Parsons Won An Emmy - But Got A Rude Message From Loser Alec Baldwin

"It's the thought that counts." That's what Jim Parsons is telling himself, at least. 'The Big Bang Theory's' funniest (and nerdiest) star recently took home the Emmy award for best actor in a comedy series. On 'Late Show' (11:35PM ET on CBS), Parsons talked with David Letterman about the highs and lows of winning such a major prize.

On the plus side, Jim's mom was there to witness the event, which is nice. But on the minus side, his mother felt like she was going to "vomit" after the ceremony. ... That's less fun. Also in the "less good" category was this -- Jim received an angry message from Alec Baldwin.

In winning his Emmy, Parson beat a number of better-known stars, including Steve Carell, Larry David and ... Alec Baldwin. But Baldwin was nice enough to send him a congratulatory gift. Jim was impressed by the politeness. "How classy," he said. But there was a dark side to Mr. Baldwin's present. Alec sent Jim a "wine and cheese basket." However, the tasteful gift was accompanied by a note where Alec called Jim ... "a bastard."

We're sure that Mr. Baldwin was just kidding about the "bastard" thing ... probably. Although this was the second time that Parsons has defeated the '30 Rock' star. Previously, Jim beat Alec for another best acting in comedy award. So it's possible that Baldwin's pent-up annoyance spilled over into his message. Well, at least Jim got some free wine and cheese out of the deal. And, as he said, it's the thought that counts. Just not the particular "thought" where Alec called Jim a bad name, hopefully.

by Miareply 5405/04/2012

At least Alec didn't call him a selfish little pig.

by Miareply 110/12/2010

How can anyone not read that as irony?

by Miareply 210/12/2010

Keep it up Jim - between this and how you fucked your castmates over during salary renegotiations, you're well on your way to Heigl country.

by Miareply 310/12/2010

That's the Irish sense of humor. Gift was well-intentioned.

by Miareply 410/12/2010

How did he fuck over his castmates, R3?

by Miareply 510/12/2010

Baldwin was joking. Are people really that dense? Unbelievable.

by Miareply 610/12/2010

%0D You mean starring in romcoms and earning millions for about three weeks' work?%0D %0D Oh no, anything but that! LOL

by Miareply 710/12/2010

Yes. And my dad was also joking when he referred to me as a little pig.

by Miareply 810/12/2010

I love Alec Baldwin and while Parsons might be being a BIT sensitive, I wouldn't doubt Baldwin would intentionally send a pissy message.

Alec Baldwin is notoriously temperamental and becomes verbally violent pretty easily. He really needs some counseling. But I can't help it, I love his crazy ass.

by Miareply 910/12/2010

This years Emmy for Best Actor In A Comedy goes to... the guy without a sense of humor.

by Miareply 1010/12/2010

Upset about a free meal ....and he calls himself an actor? %0D %0D Turn in your SAG card, sir!

by Miareply 1110/12/2010

UH, Parsons told this story last night on Letterman.

He laughed.

Dave laughed.

The audience laughed.

It's a joke. Credit to Baldwin very clearly given.

Only the internet doesn't get the joke. And yes that includes DL.

by Miareply 1210/12/2010

Will the role drown him? He could be the next Urkel.

by Miareply 1310/12/2010

Talk about making a mountain out of a molehill. I bet some assholes who read this really would think Baldwin was sending him something akin to a death threat.

Celebrity journalism has really gone to hell in the past decade.

by Miareply 1410/12/2010

R12 has it right. I saw Letterman last night too, and it was clear that everyone including Jim knew it was a joke.

by Miareply 1510/12/2010

He thinks it's a Gee, why IS he making the rounds of the shows today? Damage control?

by Miareply 1610/12/2010

[R16] Are you a moron, or just being an ass?

Click the link in OP's post. TV Squad is covering the Letterman clip.

It's not damage control for TV Squad's "journalism."

Jesus, you people are stupid.

by Miareply 1710/12/2010

I would have thought he was just promoting the new season of the show, especially since it changed to Thursdays.

I usually liked watching it later in the evening - I've been struggling to get home from the office in time to see it at 8pm instead of when it was on later on Mondays.

by Miareply 1810/12/2010

Did he come out on Letterman?

by Miareply 1910/12/2010

R17, you're so stupid I can't believe you don't fall down more.%0D %0D In the cast renegotiations, they attempted to present a united front - guess who ran around their backs trying to make his own deal?%0D %0D The cast was pissed. The set was unworkable. Parsons has a HUGE ego - he did get pissed at Baldwin, until that story got out as well on the blog.%0D %0D Suddenly there are stories everywhere about how much they love one another. Suddenly he's everywhere promoting the show. Draw the dots yourself, genius. Oh, and fuck off.

by Miareply 2010/12/2010

I watched the show for the first time last week and Blossom was his girlfriend. Is this guy gay in real life because he sure played the character like a mo.

by Miareply 2110/12/2010

[R20] keep it up. Your stupidity is hilarious. The cast have been doing these interviews last year and the year before that. Before his Emmy, before his salary negotiations... And Parsons is on one CBS show, promoting another CBS show -- AGAIN which he has done before Again, not damage control. It's called how the industry works. What a nasty little shit you are.

by Miareply 2210/12/2010

Girls, you're both pretty.

R19, no, he didn't come out on Letterman, but people here at DL have met him, his partner and their dog Otis a few times. His partner was also featured in some of the red carpet photos from the Emmys standing next to Jim.

by Miareply 2310/12/2010

R20, you don't have a full command of the facts.

First, Parsons has always been paid less than Kuoco and Galecki. People always compare this situation to 'Friends.' The difference is that on 'Friends' all the cast members were paid the same from the very beginning. Why did Kuoco and Galecki demand more than Parsons when the show started?

Second, please notice that Kuoco and Galecki only asked Parsons to renegotiate with them, knowing that his star was rising and he was now the most valuable player on the show. They never asked Helberg or Nayyar to renegotiate with them.

by Miareply 2410/12/2010

His neck is so long, I do believe he could suck his own dick with little difficulty.

by Miareply 2510/12/2010

R24, that's how I heard it played out as well.

by Miareply 2610/12/2010

This is dumb. I watched it. The story was told, and received, jokingly. Baldwin was being funny.

by Miareply 2710/12/2010

Exactly, R27. It was probably something funny like "Congratulations, you lucky bastard!"

by Miareply 2810/12/2010

That is how it was.

Baldwin has already won. He's fine. He sent him a gift to congratulate him. The bastard part makes it funny.

Everybody gets it except for tvsquad and a few DL posters.

It's all about posting shit out of context and then writing a screed about it like hysterics and internet banshees.

by Miareply 2910/12/2010

R29, he was on Letterman on National Coming Out day. I don't care about Alec Baldwin. I wanted to hear about Jim Parsons' gay sex life and perhaps his pets. In that order.

by Miareply 3010/12/2010

I've met and interviewed Parsons and he couldn't be nicer. and believe me, I've met and interviewed some nasty ones. %0D %0D He's the big star on that show; Galecki and Cuoco probably started with higher rates b/c of Roseanne and 8 Simple Rules.%0D %0D None of them will ever have to work again after this show is over.%0D %0D

by Miareply 3110/12/2010

The really funny part will be when it comes out Baldwin re-gifted a basket he got as awards show swag.

by Miareply 3210/12/2010

Where's the item on this?%0D %0D I can't find it.

by Miareply 3310/12/2010

So many people here are so well informed about the private lives and experiences of television actors that I can't believe how lucky we are that they take the time to drop by here and abuse each other for the rest of us. Without them it would just be, like, you know, people sharing opinions and being pleasantly silly.

by Miareply 3410/12/2010

Here is the clip. Clearly a joke.

by Miareply 3510/12/2010

Well, it's good to know what you want, R30. But he said nothing on those subjects.

See the clip. The one that's been posted and talked about over and over -- with his story about the Alec Baldwin gift basket. He also talked about his bad auditions and his mother, that's it.

But thanks for sharing.

by Miareply 3610/12/2010

Jim blogged about it. People on the internet really have no sense of humor.

by Miareply 3710/14/2010

Jeez. You queens and creating drama out of nothing.

by Miareply 3810/14/2010

whatever. Jim Parsons is amazing, and people have to get over it. Sour grapes or jesting, so what? Jim Parsons has won twice. Nyaaaaa

by Miareply 3902/22/2012

Jim is hot. I bet he has sizemeat.

by Miareply 4002/22/2012

Actually, the FRIENDS were not all paid the same at the beginning. Kudrow got them all together to convince them they'd make more if they'd present a unified front...the rest is history. 1 million per episode for each of them.

by Miareply 4102/22/2012

[quote] "Baldwin was joking. Are people really that dense? Unbelievable."

See: Flyover @ R3. (Posting out of her ass).

by Miareply 4202/22/2012

I'm curious as to where R22 lives. I'm guessing a breathtaking view of corn silos are on the horizon.

by Miareply 4302/22/2012

I love Jim Parsons as much as the next guy but I have no idea why this fairly boring thread got bumped after 16 months.

by Miareply 4402/22/2012

Some queens are such dizzy twats. If you read this entire thread it becomes clear that there is a humorless bunch out there clogging up the humor on this site dedicated to "pointless bitchery" which used to be fun AND Funny!

by Miareply 4502/22/2012

I think Parsons a good funny actor I watch the big bang theory alot its funny ..anyways let's get back to the story about the comment that crazy Alec Baldwin said u crazy enough u do need cousling u shouldn't get mad over some Parsons a good actor he has it all look at it everyone they pick him alot cause his sence of humor that's funny that remark he called him a bastard Baldwin u the bastard ..u a good actor I like Parsons he's not gay he's from Texas Houston me I from Texas ..Dallas ..peace out. PS quit judging people if u don't know


by Miareply 4604/21/2012

Friends is a study in nepotism and Hollywood connections. The characters were shallowly developed and could have been played by anybody, but each cast member was connected to the biz through family or well-placed friends.

by Miareply 4704/21/2012

[quote]Friends is a study in nepotism and Hollywood connections. The characters were shallowly developed and could have been played by anybody, but each cast member was connected to the biz through family or well-placed friends.

Lisa Kudrow had just been fired from Frasier (she was the original Roz but was fired and replaced while filming the first episode). Her other gig was a recurring but not regular role on Mad About You. She said in the recent Vanity Fair article about Friends that she was terrified because the same guy who fired her from MAY was directing the first ep of Friends.

by Miareply 4804/21/2012

Yes, but she is still connected to the industry. Jon Lovitz was a personal friend and got her in the biz when she was planning on going in to medicine.

by Miareply 4904/21/2012

Alec was the hot of gayness but now is older and much large. Very hairy and maybe not bath daily? Parsons is very gayness on TV but pretend to like Blossom for ratings. Alec is the jealousy of younger gayness, so he send much bad note and pretend it is riddled with joke.

by Miareply 5004/21/2012

Is Jim uncut?

by Miareply 5104/22/2012

Realize this thread started two years ago. But just recently, I read in Vanity Fair that (a) the cast did not get paid the same at the beginning (according to Schwimmer - and it sounds like Matt LeBlanc was paid the least; this from something they quote Dick WOlf (Law and Order(s) as saying...??!); (b) - and like a poster above, I too, had always thought/read that Kudrow got everyone together, in the VF recent article, Schwimmer is credited with, and mentions himself, with coming up with the everyone negotiate as one idea.

Realize this thread is about Jim Parsons, but since someone mentioned Friends, I think you would all like the VF article re them; also, is interesting that only half the cast is interviewed: not Aniston, Fox or Perry.

by Miareply 5204/22/2012

Fox? O u mean Cox.

by Miareply 5304/22/2012

[R 17]"Are you a moron, or just being an ass?

Click the link in OP's post. TV Squad is covering the Letterman clip.

It's not damage control for TV Squad's "journalism."

Jesus, you people are stupid."

Haha, and you know all this because you were there, right? Or you just consider yourself exceptionally informed because you read all the celebrity gossip blogs on the internets? Hah. Stupid indeed.

by Miareply 5405/04/2012
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