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Are Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen an Item?

In addition to her impressive film resum%C3%A9, Rachel McAdams is also no slouch in the dating department. Among her exes: Josh Lucas and Ryan Gosling.

Now the Canadian actress, 33 %E2%80%93 who has starred in Mean Girls, The Wedding Crashers, The Notebook and more %E2%80%93 is again raising eyebrows for a possible romance. She was recently seen at a Toronto Film Festival afterparty with her Midnight in Paris costar Michael Sheen, 41, who last season memorably played Tina Fey's wannabe boyfriend on 30 Rock.

Besides the party, McAdams and Sheen also stepped out on the town %E2%80%93 hand-in-hand %E2%80%93 to take in art exhibits in the Canadian city. (Toronto happens to be her hometown.)

Describing the quality screen time he shared with McAdams in Midnight in Paris, Sheen gushed to Entertainment Tonight Canada last month: "All my scenes were with Rachel. Yeah, we had a great time in Paris. She's a genuinely lovely lady as well as being stunningly beautiful and very talented so, you know, she's got it all going on there."

Could the guy be smitten?

by Miareply 1502/28/2013

Do you work for Mediapolis/Datalounge?

by Miareply 110/05/2010

Since Rachel has been heavily rumored here to be a lesbian, Sheen would make a top quality beard for her.

by Miareply 210/05/2010


Are you the Topic monitor?

by Miareply 310/05/2010

Good for you, Mia!

by Miareply 410/05/2010

Josh Lucas and Ryan Gosling? ah....we know what that means....

by Miareply 510/05/2010

I've never heard any rumors about Sheen but I believe that Rachel is a lesbian. He's not very famous in the US so the relationship will probably mean good publicity for him.

by Miareply 610/05/2010

I read this as "Rachel McAdams and Martin Sheen"%0D %0D %0D %0D %0D Whoops!

by Miareply 710/05/2010

plus he is best known as Kate Beckinsale's cuckold so he does need to sex up his image

by Miareply 810/05/2010

Rachel beards up whenever she has movies to promote. "Morning Glory" comes out next month.

by Miareply 910/05/2010

I had heard that Rachel and Ryan Gosling didn't even get along during the Notebook shoot, but voila, became an item right around promotion time--and then became on-again, off- again, on-again according to the need for years thereafter.

by Miareply 1010/05/2010

Michael Sheen has a surprisingly hairy chest.

by Miareply 1110/05/2010

Still dating, but WTF is she wearing

by Miareply 1209/03/2012

Michael Sheen was the best thing about Underworld with his sexy werewolf ass he does a decent vampire in the Twilight movies as Aro but I like him best as a werewolf.

by Miareply 1309/11/2012

[all posts by ham-fisted troll a removed.]

by Miareply 1402/28/2013


by Miareply 1502/28/2013
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