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Jennifer Aniston Rejected by Cougar Town''s Josh Hopkins

Jennifer Aniston wanted to take it to the next level -- but actor Josh Hopkins didn't!

A source tells the new Us Weekly (out now) that Aniston, 41, and the Cougar Town star, 40, began casually dating in May after meeting through Courteney Cox, her BFF and his costar on the ABC comedy. Before long, Aniston "wanted a relationship. And he was like, 'No, thank you,'" the source says.

Hopkins is "a player and is into meeting younger girls," the insider adds. "He definitely lies to girls."

The actor (who romances Cox on the series) even has a raunchy nickname for Aniston, with whom he was spotted sharing a flirty meal at West Hollywood's Madeo Sept. 2. "Josh calls Jennifer his 'sport f--k,'" a Hopkins pal tells Us, adding that the duo were simply "friends with benefits."

Hopkins has been careful to publicly deny a romance with Brad Pitt's ex-wife. Asked about his dinner at Madeo with Aniston, he told Us, "We were just friends having dinner." (That talked-about meal turned out to be their "final date," the source adds.)

Aniston, who famously dated John Mayer, isn't crying.

She "likes her life the way it is," a source tells Us. Her type? "Really good-looking a--holes."

by Miareply 5412/28/2012

He's gross. She has bad taste in men for the most part.

by Miareply 109/29/2010

I'll never understand women like Aniston as long as I live. If she valued things like decency and character, she could surely be in a respectful, honest relationship or marriage by now. What grown woman over 40 is still turned on by the "bad boy" thing? It's so high school.

by Miareply 209/29/2010

Sport fuck? That's cold.

by Miareply 309/29/2010

"What grown woman over 40 is still turned on by the "bad boy" thing? It's so high school."%0D %0D Actally, a rich older woman like her is in a very good position to enjoy the hot fucks you can get from the bad boys. Getting enmeshed with them is a horrible idea, but she has her money and independence, and won't be dumb enough to try to change or trap one with a pregnancy. %0D %0D

by Miareply 409/29/2010

You people taking this made-up publicity seriously and debating its intricacies and implications SLAY me.

by Miareply 509/29/2010

Exactly R5; in fact I thought Josh Hopkins was identifie as gay quite a long time ago. Somebody here even mentioned his long-time boyfriend's name.

by Miareply 609/29/2010

[quote]You people taking this made-up publicity seriously and debating its intricacies and implications SLAY me.

Exactly, yes he's going to dump and humiliate his bosse's best friend publicly.

by Miareply 709/29/2010

R5, my thoughts exactly. I 've never even heard of Josh Hopkins, so I have no doubt his people were trying to create something.

You really have to be mentally ill to be in such a business.

by Miareply 809/29/2010

i feel sorry for aniston, but she's either looking for men who are wrong for her, or she's trying to dodge a marriage. i wonder if she's infertile, or if she won't get pregnant to preserve her figure. she was a bit plump before she hooked up with brad pitt, and i think she may be obsessed with her weight now.

by Miareply 909/29/2010

Looking for love in all the wrong places.

by Miareply 1009/29/2010

This means he's gay, right?

by Miareply 1109/29/2010

Anything to get America's Sweetheart on the cover of the tabloids.

by Miareply 1209/29/2010

jennifer aniston=long running pity party

by Miareply 1309/29/2010

[quote]Hopkins is "a player and is into meeting younger girls," the insider adds.

Welcome to the rest of your life, Jen. You're old and men are only going to want to date you for (a) sport or (b) your money.

by Miareply 1409/29/2010

Jennifer Aniston will die alone.

by Miareply 1509/29/2010

classy guy

by Miareply 1609/29/2010

Her luck (or choice) with/of men sucks. No wonder she's such a pothead.

by Miareply 1709/29/2010

She just comes across as completely Hollywood. What else does she do besides smoke pot and come up with movie roles for herself?%0D %0D If she wants a serious relationship with someone, then she needs to become a more grounded person.

by Miareply 1809/29/2010

This strikes me as a planted news item to make Josh seem like his character on the show cause the sistah PINGS to high heaven!!

by Miareply 1909/29/2010

I feel so sorry for her. The time period between dusk and dawn leaves a relatively short period for her to stalk all the guys who dump her.

by Miareply 2009/29/2010

Aniston is only "beloved" in the UK, where they absolutely worship the ground on which she walks. Aniston is on her last leg in Hollywood. She can't open a film, and she does the same character in everything she's in.

by Miareply 2109/29/2010

I was surprised when The New York Times' television critic took the opportunity to pan Jennifer's guest stints on "30 Rock" and "Cougar Town." She was noted for being particularly unfunny in both appearances!

by Miareply 2209/29/2010

they shoot horses don't they?

by Miareply 2309/29/2010

This news will do wonders for my career! But it doesn;t even matter, because "Cougar Town" will run forever!

by Miareply 2409/29/2010

Just as Paris Hilton is Our National Skank, Jennifer Aniston has carefully cultivated her role as Our National Reject.

by Miareply 2509/29/2010

Josh Hopkins seems like kind of guy who prefers cum facials.

by Miareply 2609/29/2010

Cougar Town "star"????? After one season, he's a star? "Dancing with the Stars" has really ruined that word.

by Miareply 2709/29/2010

Wasn't this Lainey's blind item from yesterday?

by Miareply 2809/29/2010

Gawker already outed Jennifer Aniston as a lesbian a month after brad and Jen announced their separation....

by Miareply 2909/29/2010

they're both queers, i suppose.

by Miareply 3009/30/2010

r29 it's all falling into place for me now. i seeeeeee the light! boy brad pulls some merkin duty. hmmm, or are his brides beards?

by Miareply 3110/02/2010

Aniston made $80 million from FRIENDS alone. If that's a last leg, I'd cut both of mine off for it.

by Miareply 3210/02/2010

So if a woman isn't married and had children she is a reject? %0D %0D Maybe she is unmarried by choice. She is rich and famous and if she wanted to be in a marriage/relationship, she would have no problem finding someone.%0D %0D The problem might not be with her, but with our country's traditional views of what being a woman means = having a husband and having children.

by Miareply 3310/02/2010

Thank you, r33. It's threads like these that make me believe the Datalounge has been taken over by Christian fraus.

I see nothing wrong with a woman who doesn't want marriage or children. And whether this story is real or not, I honestly do feel sorry for her because of the double standard. Men are allowed to get older, women are not.

by Miareply 3410/02/2010

I have a "six degrees of separation" thing with Josh Hopkins. His dad is a former Kentucky congressman and the family is well known in Lexington. I worked for a public policy archive the past couple of years and there's been an ongoing series of interviews conducted with the elder Hopkins. I think if Josh were gay it would be well-known in Lexington as everyone knows everyone else's business--I haven't heard a whisper about Josh being queer. Sorry, girls!

by Miareply 3510/02/2010

The reason no man puts up with her for long is that she's a shallow, mean-spirited, self-obsessed bitch. And she's not a good enough actress to pretend otherwise. Ask anyone who's ever worked on one of her productions.

by Miareply 3610/02/2010

Well Star magazine seems to think she's a lesbian too and that she asked her longtime gf to move in with her.

by Miareply 3710/02/2010

La Aniston can't give good head, like La Berry, which is why men leave them

by Miareply 3810/02/2010

Interesting comment on Jen and John Mayer:

"Adrienne darling,

Stop buying into the Jennifer Aniston PR machine.

They never WERE a real couple.

Jennifer Aniston is a lesbian. That's right. An actual L-E-S-B-I-A-N. A "power" lesbian, with access to money and enough people spinning stories about her to populate the entire island of Lesbos 2x over.

Why the game, then?

To keep an average actress relevant and rich, using the old moldy theory that America can't handle gay celebrities, that it's "bad for business".

Sorry to puncture your quaint, dime-store romance novel dreams, Adrienne (and others).

P.S. There are others. Ssssshhhh! It's a big secret!"

by Miareply 3910/02/2010

I doubt it means he's not gay, R35. Christ - he has gay-face from space.

by Miareply 4010/02/2010

With all due respect, R40, gayface notwithstanding, I can't see Hopkins being in the closet and everyone in Lex not knowing about it. And the Lexington queens are up on everyone's personal life, trust me. No one is gossiping about Josh being gay, because if he were, I'm positive every Kentucky queen would be trying to get next to him.

by Miareply 4110/02/2010

Then you should have also come across dozens of stories about his hetero conquests, R41. If he's such a pussyhound, that is, especially if he's after young pussy.

by Miareply 4210/02/2010

Why would I "come across dozens of stories about his hetero conquests" when I'm a gay man, R41? It's not like I have a lot of straight contacts in Lexington who would be in the know.

by Miareply 4310/02/2010

Nice backtrack, R43. It's because you said 'everyone knows everyone's business'. You didn't specify 'gay'. And he's lived a lot of his life outside of Bumfucke Kentucky, so how would anyone know what he's been up to all the way out in Hollywood?

by Miareply 4410/02/2010

"Backtrack"--what the fuck are you talking about? His immediate family still lives in Lexington, and for your information he comes back to Kentucky quite a bit. In fact, Hopkins comes back to Lexington on a fairly frequent basis. I'm fairly certain that any dirt about Hopkins fucking around with men would have made it back here to lil' old Bumfucke Kentucky. I don't know why you're trying to pick a fight--particularly over a guy YOU probably wouldn't have a chance in hell of sleeping with even if he were gay.

Peace out, jerk. I won't be back to see your response.

by Miareply 4510/02/2010

Oooh, R45. Peace out to you too, asshole.

by Miareply 4610/02/2010

Shit. If I were her, I'd kick back and have fun. Lots of sexy times but no marriage. She doing the right thing. Why should every woman want to be married? A lot of women don't. They're just being harassed into it by society, friends and family.

by Miareply 4710/02/2010

[quote]Well Star magazine seems to think she's a lesbian too and that she asked her longtime gf to move in with her.

Honey, she got to sit on Brad Pitt's cock. So if she is, I want to be a Lesbian too.

by Miareply 4810/02/2010

Welcome to the club Josh.

by Miareply 4910/02/2010


by Miareply 5010/02/2010

I've never watched this show, but I think this clip pretty much sums it up:

by Miareply 5110/02/2010

r33 = Helen Reddy

by Miareply 5210/03/2010

It's cute of Josh to squire Octavia Spencer around town (they're "BFFs" and he was at the GGs and SAG awards with her); however, I'm convinced now more than ever that he's...


by Miareply 5301/30/2012

I don't care what anybody says about him wanting to date young girls. That man is clearly gay or at the very least, bi. He is hiding his loathing of women and desire for men the best way he can. By victimizing women. So sad.

by Miareply 5412/28/2012
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