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Any other boxers here on DL?

by Punch Drunkreply 2911/22/2012

I was a boxer briefly.

by Punch Drunkreply 109/26/2010


by Punch Drunkreply 209/26/2010

I work out on a heavy bag sometimes. Along woth rope skipping, it's a good workout.

by Punch Drunkreply 309/26/2010

Sparring 2-3 times a week plus bag and conditioning workouts 4 x week.

The occasional black eye, bloody nose, bruised rib but a great workout :-)

by Punch Drunkreply 409/26/2010

I never boxed, but used to enjoy watching matches on TV. My all-time favorite boxer was Alexis Arguello. His technique was so nearly flawless that watching one of his matches was almost like watching a "How to Box Correctly" tutorial. He fought and won against some damn tough opponents, and retired with a record of 82 wins, 8 losses, 65 KOs. Plus, he always came across as a real class act, a real gentleman, and never stooped to behaving like an arrogant vicious thug like too many other boxers I could name.

by Punch Drunkreply 509/26/2010

Hayden Panettiere is a fan.

by Punch Drunkreply 601/19/2011

Boxing is fucking sexy. I'd love to get violently fucked by a boxer. Not raped just very aggressive.

by Punch Drunkreply 701/19/2011

I was in the best shape of my life when I boxed, but, my current gym doesn't have the facilities. Love a nice shiner.

by Punch Drunkreply 801/19/2011

Boxing is barbaric! Any time I see someone doing this "sport", I can't help by think of neurological problems, and a million other brain-related injuries. How fucking stupid!

by Punch Drunkreply 901/19/2011

The UFC is a blood match and beyond barbaric. It should be banned. It's fucking insane.

by Punch Drunkreply 1001/19/2011

This thread is hilarious. Sparring at the gym is NOT the same as being areal boxer. Let's be honest: Most gay men wouldn't want to mess up their looks by getting hit repeatedly in the face. That's a fact.

by Punch Drunkreply 1101/19/2011

I want to violently fuck Amir Khan. As long as Hayden keeps her hands off him, she will be ok!

by Punch Drunkreply 1201/19/2011

It's like the masculine version of ballet to me. And I kind of think broken noses are sexy. Not so much the brain damage. And I like rough sex.

by Punch Drunkreply 1301/19/2011

kudos to R1

i guess the remainder of posters were too brain damaged by head blows to catch your joke!

by Punch Drunkreply 1401/19/2011

I boxed for a couple of years and I have never been so fit - I'd work out, practice and spar about 4 times a week. There's a great sense of camraderie in the boxing gym as well. It did make me a bit more aggressive though - although I never started any trouble I was always happy when someone else did.

by Punch Drunkreply 1501/19/2011

I did some white collar boxing about 20 years ago. I sparred once with this priest who was very experienced, but was only throwing punches to my body and not my head. The bastard still battered me and I said no mas after 2 rounds.

by Punch Drunkreply 1601/19/2011

I really have mixed feelings about it. Boxers are certainly in incredible condition, and have the bodies to show for it. But it's an incredibly rough and dangerous sport.

Related: how do we feel about FX's Lights Out?

by Punch Drunkreply 1701/19/2011

R13 That is a great way to explain boxing. I agree with everything you said. I would love to have a boxer as a lover. There is film noir kind of quality about them. They are violent and can be gentle as well. That is why "Rocky" is such a great film. Rocky is boxer sexy.

by Punch Drunkreply 1801/19/2011


by Punch Drunkreply 1901/19/2011


by Punch Drunkreply 2001/19/2011

Anyone else used to jerk off to Hector Comacho back in the day?

by Punch Drunkreply 2101/19/2011

Sorry, better link here. Should have spelled it Camacho.

by Punch Drunkreply 2201/19/2011

R11 yes, a professional bout lasting 12 rounds isnt the same as sparring at the gym, but even when sparring you're taking hits to the face and head. I've had plenty of black eyes and bloody noses this way.

Boxing is probably much less dangerous than American football which involves the full force of 250+ lb players slamming into each other repeatedly over 90 minutes. At least in boxing there's a referee and at least one doctor watching the bout, ready to end it the moment they think a serious injury is about to occur.

by Punch Drunkreply 2301/19/2011

Can't believe there hasn't been a single "Ay Papi!" for that Camacho link. Look at that oiled up ass.

by Punch Drunkreply 2401/20/2011

Victor Ortiz is yummy!

by Punch Drunkreply 2508/29/2011

Pink boxing gloves? Gayest boxing fight ever.

by Punch Drunkreply 2611/19/2012

r9, I would MARY you, but I rather agree with you too. I never quite understood the idea behind 2 people, usually men, trying to batter each other. It is a rare movie that doesn't have some annoying, very trite, fight scene between 2 men. What is the reasoning behind it? Is it to divide and conquer the male population? If you want to do something like that to someone, especially if he's a cute guy, use spanking, it's alot sexier.

by Punch Drunkreply 2711/19/2012

Hottest fuckers on the planet. You want hotter than US boxing? Easy. Check out a few matches anywhere in Latin America (though I'd advise you to start in Argentina sooner than Guatemala, given the crowds).

I don't need boxers explained, I just need to have sex with them. Gain a boxer's trust, and you will get the tough/tender fucking of your life.

by Punch Drunkreply 2811/19/2012

Poor Macho Camacho is brain dead. He was hot in his day.

by Punch Drunkreply 2911/22/2012
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