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Joan Bennett

I wanted her for Scarlett!

by George Cukorreply 3709/02/2013

So did I!

by George Cukorreply 109/26/2010

Didn't happen, George.

by George Cukorreply 209/26/2010

LOVE her with Barbara Stanwyck in one of Sirk's most likable melodramas, THERE'S ALWAYS TOMORROW. It's a great film that could even be remade today, though why would you? It's worth watching if you haven't seen it (and even if you have).

by George Cukorreply 309/26/2010

Just watched her in "Suspiria" last night, she was awesome!

by George Cukorreply 409/26/2010

I don't see how anyone could think of what Vivian Leigh did as "good acting."

by George Cukorreply 509/26/2010

In drag, I look exactly like her.

by George Cukorreply 609/26/2010

Ah, the ViviEn Leigh troll invades spaces where he/she/it is not wanted, convinced that their mere presence will convince us that generations of moviegoers are wrong and that ViviEn Leigh was horrible in GWTW.

by George Cukorreply 709/26/2010

You've been very busy posting these last few days, Gyorgyike.

by George Cukorreply 809/26/2010

What's with the E troll at r7?

by George Cukorreply 909/27/2010

Reminding the Vivien Leigh troll that Vivien has an "e" and not an "a." If you're going to go where you're not wanted, spell the name right. It's common courtesy.

by George Cukorreply 1009/27/2010

I watched a [italic]GWTW[/italic] documentary on TCM recently and JB's screen test is pretty bad.

by George Cukorreply 1109/27/2010

I don't think she was any worse than Goddard or Turner, r11.

by George Cukorreply 1209/27/2010

Constance Bennett was so fabulous that I think she outshines her sister, even if she isn't as well remembered today.

by George Cukorreply 1309/27/2010

I loved Joan Bennett too. I remember a story told about gossip columnist Hedda Hopper and all the stars she feuded with - Joan was one of them.

Apparently, Hedda wrote something tacky and unkind about Joan who promptly sent Hedda a large, beautifully-wrapped package. Inside the box was a skunk.

Hedda said that she donated the skunk to the Children's Zoo with the proviso that the skunk's cage at the zoo be equipped with large signs that clearly stated the skunk's name was "Joan."

by George Cukorreply 1409/27/2010

R14 - Hedda gave the skunk to some friends, however she did ask them to name the skunk Joan.

by George Cukorreply 1509/28/2010

Joan why was your sister such a bitch to Garbo? Did Constance want to test the waters and Garbo refused to be an experiment? Jealousy? Why? Why?

by George Cukorreply 1609/28/2010

Suspiria was awful.

by George Cukorreply 1710/01/2010

Loved Joan in later years on that camp classic, "Dark Shadows"!!

by George Cukorreply 1810/01/2010

The details behind the Joan/Hedda feud:%0D %0D In the early 30s before Hedda was a gossip columnist she made ends meet playing small character bits in films and one of these was as Joan's mother. Joan was the leading lady, of course. Hedda was shabbily treated though it wasn't so unusual for a 3rd tier actor of her kind.%0D %0D Many years later Joan played Elizabeth Taylor's mother in Father of the Bride and Hedda asked Joan in her column how it felt to play mother roles and wait all day for her closeup?%0D %0D All very petty, actually.

by George Cukorreply 1910/01/2010

At least now Joan is thought of as a lady and Hedda Hophead as a harpie without a redeeming quality.

by George Cukorreply 2010/01/2010

Viv in "GWTW" gave one of the greatest performances in Hollywood history. She followed it up later with "A Streetcar Named Desire." She was unjustly overshadowed by the over-praised Larry Olivier.

by George Cukorreply 2110/01/2010

Paulette Goddard.

by George Cukorreply 2210/02/2010

Bennett was great in The Woman in the Window.

by George Cukorreply 2310/04/2010

Bennett was fabulous!!

by George Cukorreply 2411/03/2010

joanie bump

by George Cukorreply 2512/23/2010

[R19], that was "Vogues of 1938", which is one of my favorite guilty pleasures. AMC used to show it quite a bit back in the day, and TCM has shown it at least once that I know of.

by George Cukorreply 2612/23/2010

Joan Bennett with her Cocker Spaniel Bessie and puppies Sister, Lux, Buzz and Gilly

by George Cukorreply 2702/20/2013

Of course she was Elizabeth Collins on Dark Shadows. Also can someone direct me to clips of her as "Alice" as in Wonderland? What name was that movie commercially released as?

by George Cukorreply 2802/20/2013

I'm sorry Danny, personally i don't know. Hey guys, be nice and answer to Danny if you know! Don't be stingy with your knowledge.

Be patient Danny.


by George Cukorreply 2902/20/2013

[quote]At least now Joan is thought of as a lady and Hedda Hophead as a harpie without a redeeming quality.

Not to mention the fact that Joan was a good actress and Hedda was a terrible one.

by George Cukorreply 3002/20/2013

Love the 1950 drama that happened with Joan - she had been married for years to big time producer Walter Wanger. That year, she signed with a new agent, Jennings Lang, of MCA. They began an affair . One night, outside the agency office in Beverly Hills, Wanger walked up to Joan & Jennings together , and shot Lang in the balls twice. One bullet missed, and hit Lang in the inner thigh , the other in the groin. Amazingly, Wanger got Hollywood's best lawyer at the time ( he repped Monrore in her divorce, Lana Turner, in the mob BF's stabbing) and the guy only spent 4 months in jail. Joan, and he remained married till 1965 - Wanger died soon after. Lang went on to make movies like "Play Misty For Me", & lots of schlock - "Airport's 75 ,77, 79", "Earthquake",& that POS "Rollercoaster" - outlived Joan too, died at 81 by his pool, in Palm Desert.

by George Cukorreply 3102/20/2013

R31 you are terribly sweet in a nasty way and entertaining. Lolz!


by George Cukorreply 3202/20/2013

[bold]Constance Bennett Calls on You[/bold]

Constance Bennett calls on you each Monday through Friday at this same time, to talk over things that interest her, and things that interest you... and they're pretty apt to turn out to be the same. For while Constance Bennett is a moving picture and stage star, it is not her idea to devote her time to motion picture gossip. As a Hollywood personality, some facts about Hollywood will enter naturally into her conversation with you. But she's just as interested in families, friends, world events, books, home, new hats, funny little things that happen to her and to you... the thousands of things that you care about, that [italic]she[/italic] cares about.

And so, now, Constance Bennett calls on you.

by George Cukorreply 3309/02/2013

Actually, it was Paulette Goddard who Cukor wanted to play Scarlett, as confirmed in the documentary, "The Making of a Legend: GWTW".

by George Cukorreply 3409/02/2013

R28/Danny, sounds like you're describing "Puttin' On The Ritz" (1930). There's a YouTube clip of the Alice In Wonderland bit at the link.

If you're still checking in here over 6 months later, hope this helps.

by George Cukorreply 3509/02/2013

Terrible actress. That accent alone would put anyone off of sex -- or watching a film -- with her.

by George Cukorreply 3609/02/2013

George should've gotten NORMA to play Scarlett!

by George Cukorreply 3709/02/2013
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