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Gale Harold on Hellcats

Hot or not?

by Brian Kinneyreply 33401/28/2013


by Brian Kinneyreply 109/25/2010


by Brian Kinneyreply 209/25/2010

I forgot to watch, but will check next week when he is on again. I saw some pictures, and he is definitely looking his age. But then again, I thought he was losing his hotness around S4 of QAF.

by Brian Kinneyreply 309/25/2010

I thought they were going to bring him back to Desperate Housewives?

by Brian Kinneyreply 409/25/2010

I agree R1 and no they shipped his character off to Canada R4.

by Brian Kinneyreply 509/25/2010

He's still hot, but obviously his career is NOT!

by Brian Kinneyreply 609/25/2010

I never thought Gale was hot in QAF. Too butch for me.

by Brian Kinneyreply 709/25/2010

Loved him in QAF.

by Brian Kinneyreply 809/25/2010

what is hellcats?

by Brian Kinneyreply 909/25/2010

His moobs are EN FUEGO!

by Brian Kinneyreply 1009/25/2010


by Brian Kinneyreply 1109/26/2010

Too thin, he had a nice ass years ago, now he's assless

by Brian Kinneyreply 1209/27/2010

I thought he looked quite hot. Yeah, he's older than when he first played Brian Kinney but I still want him in me quite deeply.

by Brian Kinneyreply 1309/27/2010

The way he talked and presented himself in the classroom scenes was too much. There are subtle ways of portraying a pompous ass, but I don't think he knows any of them. It's like he's whacking the viewer on the head with a rolled up newspaper and calls it serious acting.

by Brian Kinneyreply 1409/27/2010

I agree the classroom scene was not subtle but then I think he is still figuring out who the character is, we'll see. It's good to see him on screen again.

by Brian Kinneyreply 1509/27/2010

r12, his ass is still great, I'd love to lick it all

by Brian Kinneyreply 1609/27/2010

Mmmmm me too

by Brian Kinneyreply 1709/27/2010

[quote]then I think he is still figuring out who the character is

Honey, it's the CW. It ain't that deep.

by Brian Kinneyreply 1809/27/2010

I know the show ain't deep but I was talking about his approach to his acting, honey.

by Brian Kinneyreply 1909/27/2010

His fans are moronic enough to actually believe he fucked that ratty blond fug-faced coworker, so I can see this show working out quite well for him.

by Brian Kinneyreply 2009/27/2010

Do you mean Randy Harrison r20 or that chick in Hellcats?

by Brian Kinneyreply 2109/27/2010


by Brian Kinneyreply 2209/27/2010

[quote]I know the show ain't deep but I was talking about his approach to his acting, honey.

And what I was saying is that since a show on the CW is by default a shallow piece of eye candy crap, none of the actors on any of them has a need to 'approach' to their role. They stand in front of the camera, say their lines and collect a check...honey. Gale is a smart guy, no doubt not wasting his energy on taking his character seriously in any way.

by Brian Kinneyreply 2309/27/2010

I saw a little scene that he was in. He was stiff and awful. The dialogue was horrible.

At least he was more entertaining on Desperate Housewives.

by Brian Kinneyreply 2409/27/2010

Gsle Harold is an awful actor. Sorry, but it's true.

by Brian Kinneyreply 2509/27/2010

A friend once said he plays thoughtful as if the directions are to play constipated. After she said it, that was all I saw.

by Brian Kinneyreply 2609/28/2010

If he was a smart guy R23 he wouldn't have taken a role in this lame CW show + he wouldn't be promoting it as heavily has he has, and he wouldn't be telling interviewers that he read the script and it sounded interesting which is why he went for the audition. His acting has sucked since Queer as Folk. Maybe he was essentially playing himself in that, which is why he has sucked at everything else.

by Brian Kinneyreply 2709/28/2010

I've never got the hate for him, unless it was directed at Brian Kinney, the character. Anyway, I think he is smart in that he needs to pay his bills so taking something that offers a low commitment while making the mortgage would seem to be astute.

I don't think he is a bad actor and I want to see if he can do something with this role.

by Brian Kinneyreply 2809/28/2010

I get that he needs to pay his bills R28 - who doesn't? I don't hate him either - it's just frustrating that his acting isn't up to much, which kind of limits him to the creepy character he's playing on Hellcats rather than something infinitely better.

by Brian Kinneyreply 2909/28/2010

Actually, I've seen him in some things and really enjoyed his performance but cringed watching him in other projects. He was great as Brian Kinney, in my opinion, and I think he has talent to develop but I find the inconsistencies frustrating.

by Brian Kinneyreply 3009/28/2010

[quote]From Showtime, to ABC, to...CW??

I believe "Hellcats" is now the highest-rated show on The CW besides "Gossip Girl."

by Brian Kinneyreply 3109/28/2010

Big deal R31 - you're talking about the CW. What did you see him in that you really enjoyed R30? Last thing I saw him in was CSI New York and that was totally embarrassing.

by Brian Kinneyreply 3209/28/2010

Top Model is ranking higher than Hellcats, R31.

by Brian Kinneyreply 3309/28/2010

I actually saw him onstage in LA in a production of Orpheus Descending at the start of the year. That CSI NY thing was dreadful, I agree.

by Brian Kinneyreply 3409/28/2010

R26's friend nailed it. Actually, Gale has a few annoying tics that he falls back on over and over, like the fluttering eyelids and sucked in lips he employed often in QAF.%0D %0D I'm almost embarrassed to try to catch him in the Hellcats show because it's aimed at those under 22. Outside of his fans, I have a feeling that most people watching Hellcats are too young to know who the hell he is.%0D %0D He's really promoting the show? Too bad he thought he was above it all when he actually was the star of a show in his QAF days.%0D %0D %0D

by Brian Kinneyreply 3509/28/2010

Is his house still on the market, or was it finally sold, and if so, for how much? Did he make a profit or lose money in this economy?

by Brian Kinneyreply 3609/28/2010

r27, I totally agree. He was a God in making out with guys, hope Julian is gay too so we'll have another amazing performance.

by Brian Kinneyreply 3709/29/2010

He took it off the market, r36. I think what he was asking for it was just too much with the economy the way it is.

by Brian Kinneyreply 3809/29/2010

So is he in the show as a regular?

by Brian Kinneyreply 3909/29/2010

I read that he is only on for a certain number of episodes.

by Brian Kinneyreply 4009/29/2010

A girl's gotta eat.

by Brian Kinneyreply 4109/29/2010

I thought Gale was going to be on tonight's episode, so I turned it on, half paying attention. Well, he wasn't on. But after seeing one episode, there is no way he didn't take that gig for a buck. I mean seriously, I don't think it would keep the attention of a 12 year old.%0D %0D Nothing wrong with getting himself a paycheck, but it's kind of sad if he is really going around saying he was attracted to that role and that's why he auditioned. On the plus side, there are so many bad, wooden actors on the show, he doesn't have to worry about standing out if he gives a bad performance.

by Brian Kinneyreply 4209/29/2010

Didn't know he was trying to sell his house R36 and R38. What was it like?

by Brian Kinneyreply 4309/30/2010

He put it on the market in Oct of 2009, r43. It's a 2 family house. I guess that's why he was asking a bit more for it. I believe he was asking 1.3 million. I don't remember exactly when he took it off the market. It was maybe 5 or 6 months ago.%0D %0D It's not that big of a place. There's the one bedroom and a room where he has weights set up and another room that's an office. I have a pic of the outside and a pic of his bedroom from when it was listed online on the real estate site.

by Brian Kinneyreply 4409/30/2010

You guys are unbelievable; why are you bashing the poor guy for??? At least he has a job how many actors in this economic climate can claim the same?

by Brian Kinneyreply 4509/30/2010

He might not have a job much longer; the ratings keep going down on the show. It doesn't matter because he is only a guest star anyway.%0D %0D I quit wasting time at Gale's IMDB board, but I 'm tempted because knowing that crowd they are probably jumping through hoops of fire talking about how Gale's 5 minutes every other show is the most important part of the show and what a magnificant performance he's giving.

by Brian Kinneyreply 4609/30/2010

It's magnificent.

by Brian Kinneyreply 4709/30/2010

[quote]You guys are unbelievable; why are you bashing the poor guy for??? At least he has a job how many actors in this economic climate can claim the same?

I'm guessing you wandered in from some kinder, gentler site, because no veteran DLer would ask such questions. This is Datalounge; we bash, therefore we are.

[quote]I quit wasting time at Gale's IMDB board, but I 'm tempted because knowing that crowd they are probably jumping through hoops of fire talking about how Gale's 5 minutes every other show is the most important part of the show and what a magnificant performance he's giving.

Ducdebrabant leading the charge, no doubt. Some of the biggest freaks I've ever encountered on the internet make their home on that board.

by Brian Kinneyreply 4810/01/2010

You must have been there then R46 because that's exactly what they're doing on his IMDB board. He's the hottest most talented actor that ever walked on water and they're all madly promoting the hell out of the show hoping that he'll continue to be in it.

by Brian Kinneyreply 4910/01/2010

They probably think he's going to start making out with one of his fellow male actors. Wouldn't even be hot if he did -- the sell-by date has long been expired.

by Brian Kinneyreply 5010/01/2010

Yeah, I doubt even delusional fraus on IMDb think that Gale Harold will be making out with men on the CW. At least he has a job. I'd like to see him in an actual show.

by Brian Kinneyreply 5110/01/2010

r49 LOL , nothing more true.

by Brian Kinneyreply 5210/03/2010

Apparently he's in Hellcats again tonight. I didn't actually think he was too bad so we'll see...

by Brian Kinneyreply 5310/05/2010

Er, I meant tomorrow...

by Brian Kinneyreply 5410/05/2010

Hard for me to say because I've one of those guys who have never found the guy remotely appealing.

by Brian Kinneyreply 5510/05/2010

Finally caught a scene that Gale was in tonight(btw, the show is about as exciting as watching paint dry), and alas, the bloom is off the rose.

by Brian Kinneyreply 5610/06/2010

Totally agree R56 - the show is laughable at best. He must really need the money, and yes alas the bloom is definitely gone.

by Brian Kinneyreply 5710/07/2010

The show is pap but Gale looks good. In fact, I'd say he looks a lot better than the last season of QAF when the bloat was on his face. He's not a bad actor either, I think it is good that he's working.

by Brian Kinneyreply 5810/11/2010

I watched Gale's episodes last night... He's going to hook up with his cheerleader student, right?

by Brian Kinneyreply 5910/11/2010

He's older hot. %0D %0D "Yesterhot".

by Brian Kinneyreply 6010/11/2010

I like the term "yesterhot".%0D %0D Gale did look like crap in the last season of QAF. Glad someone finally acknowledged it.%0D %0D He's a handsome older guy. But face it, if this was most of his fans' first exposure to him, his fanclub would be significantly less.

by Brian Kinneyreply 6110/11/2010

"I think he has talent to develop but I find the inconsistencies frustrating."

Yeah, I agree. I don't get it either. What exactly goes on in his mind that leads him to be sooo bad at times and quite good at others? That inconsistency probably has hurt his career more than anything. If I was a producer i would be nervous about hiring him.

by Brian Kinneyreply 6210/11/2010

His trainer had tried to add some muscle bulk, and it made his body look great, but it made his face look bloated. That haircut was hideous as well.

by Brian Kinneyreply 6310/11/2010

I agree his face did look bloated but why would that happen just from weight training R63. Hair was really bad season 5 but gorgeous in seasons 1-3, but then so was he - now not so much.

by Brian Kinneyreply 6410/11/2010

He looked like walking death in a candid photo taken sometime this summer.

by Brian Kinneyreply 6510/11/2010

Post the photo then R63

by Brian Kinneyreply 6610/11/2010

My guess is that the face bloat came from just eating more to put on overall bulk. He's so thin he would definitely have to up his caloric intake to build muscle. he probably lost it all in a matter of months too.

by Brian Kinneyreply 6710/11/2010

Weight training doesn't cause bloat. Something happened in S4. I know they probably tried to make him look bad for that ridiculous cancer storyline, but he didn't revert back to hot in S5. He actually became thinner than ever at the beginning of S3 than in the first 2 seasons, but the face was still beautiful.%0D %0D

by Brian Kinneyreply 6810/11/2010

This thread is teetering perilously close to fangurldom. Let's face facts - the man can't act. Brian Kinney was nothing more than a smirk and a blow job, and that's all he's capable of. He got Desperate Housewives because Marc Cherry had a hard-on for him, and then the motorcycle accident ended that gig. Now he takes whatever job he can get - you don't see him in movies or starring in another series, do you?

by Brian Kinneyreply 6910/11/2010

Not a fangirl but I've actually seen him act on stage and he was very good. I think it's a case of the right role and he had one in Brian Kinney and needs another.

The role in QAF was more than a smirk and a blowjob if you had ever watched it. It's so easy to dismiss, like saying Don Draper is a cigarette and glass of whisky.

He's one of my under the radar actors.

by Brian Kinneyreply 7010/11/2010

Check this stud out. You're welcome!

by Brian Kinneyreply 7110/11/2010

I agree with most of what R69 says. I don't think Gale will be starring in movies or television, but he will be a guest star on various shows, and he will continue in independent movies, like he always has. Except for his short lived FOX show all his roles have been guest star since QAF. He probably will also have more theater roles, as he still can bring in his fanbase to see him.%0D %0D Someone who can really act can make something of any role he's given. Gale can't do that, that's why I don't consider him a good actor. Look at Robert Downey Jr.. When he was trying to make a comeback he had to take all kinds of roles, and he was good in all of them.

by Brian Kinneyreply 7210/12/2010

I didn't say weight training caused the bloat idiot. I said eating more to put on weight did.

by Brian Kinneyreply 7310/12/2010

Someone who eats more to put on muscle bulk is not going to get a bloated face, o.k.? Now stop being such a grumpy bitch.

by Brian Kinneyreply 7410/12/2010

Still haven't got to the bottom of the face bloat then? He was on Hellcats again last night - for all of 1 minute or so. No face bloat, but really stiff and self-conscious acting. I think it's all over for him.

by Brian Kinneyreply 7510/14/2010

The bloating and physical issues could well be caused by whatever drugs he's taking to manage the problems he has from his motorcycle accident, which was much worse than he and his people let on.

And yeah, he's just collecting a check on this show and probably also trying to prove to industry doubters that he's in good enough shape to work.

by Brian Kinneyreply 7610/14/2010

The conversation was about how bloated his face looked in the last season of QAF which was five years ago! He doesn't look anything like that now.

Oh, r76 you sound like a real insider just how much worse was Gale's accident than he and his people let on?

by Brian Kinneyreply 7710/14/2010

Face bloat is from booze.

by Brian Kinneyreply 7810/14/2010

Gale is much more of a pothead than a boozer.%0D %0D His motorcycle accident was serious, but he seemed to bounce back pretty fast. He was back on DH before the end of the season in which he had the accident. He was in a play where he was one of the leads, something that would seem fairly impossible if he wasn't in good health. %0D

by Brian Kinneyreply 7910/14/2010

Face bloat is from weight gain. He was heavier overall the last year on QAF. He's very small boned. The extra weight didn't suit his face.

by Brian Kinneyreply 8010/15/2010

Hot. Was that the original question?

by Brian Kinneyreply 8110/15/2010

You know what GH needs? To go on the Vampire Diaries

by Brian Kinneyreply 8210/15/2010

Gale starred in a 99-seat theater run of Tennessee Williams' Orpheus Descending last January. The play was a 2 hour+ live performance with rapid-fire dialogue. It was a physically- demanding role that involved two choreographed fight scenes, one where he jumped up on furniture and a bar counter-top. If he has any lingering issues from his accident, they sure weren't evident in speech, memory or agility nine months ago.

by Brian Kinneyreply 8310/15/2010

r83 - one of the crazy fangurls from the IMBD board. Get a life.

by Brian Kinneyreply 8410/15/2010

He doesn't look that small boned to me R80. Agree he needs to go the vampire diaries R82.

by Brian Kinneyreply 8510/15/2010

I think he's hot, no matter what or who he's in.

by Brian Kinneyreply 8610/15/2010

Vampire Diaries? Pfft. You can't look older than 25 year to be on that show.%0D %0D He could be on True Blood if he could act.

by Brian Kinneyreply 8710/15/2010

He's a bit long in the fangs for True Blood, also.

by Brian Kinneyreply 8810/15/2010

Stephen Moyer is almost the same age as Gale.

by Brian Kinneyreply 8910/15/2010

And so much hotter...........

by Brian Kinneyreply 9010/16/2010

R87 He could be Caroline's gay dad.

by Brian Kinneyreply 9110/16/2010

Gale is gorgeous.%0D The hate usually comes from the same pack of overweight basement dwellers who'd fall to their knees if Gale walked in. Hell, they'd fall on their knees for any man since they've never had one.

by Brian Kinneyreply 9210/16/2010

Really R92? Sounds more like his fanbase, especially those at IMDB which is where you %0D should trot back to right now.%0D %0D %0D

by Brian Kinneyreply 9310/16/2010

Is he still on this show? Is the show still on? Yeah, I know, google it...

by Brian Kinneyreply 9411/07/2010

Caught a rerun of this the other day. Gale Harold was a. good (in terms of acting) and b. very hot, I was surprised at how good he looks, mmmmm

by Brian Kinneyreply 9512/13/2010

Gale Harold is very hot. Don't understand the hate; think it must be his denial that he is gay.

by Brian Kinneyreply 9612/13/2010

I wish he was gay. I just watched the eps he was in before they had the seasonal break. Grrrrr none of that bloated face from S5 of QAF and hot squad bod. Plus, he was funny. Looks like he'll be on this show as a guest into the new year from the promo.

by Brian Kinneyreply 9712/28/2010

He's gorgeous. Thought so watching him on QAF and think the same now.

by Brian Kinneyreply 9812/28/2010

He's living with that Yara girl.

by Brian Kinneyreply 9912/29/2010

Who r99? What?

by Brian Kinneyreply 10012/29/2010

Yara Martinez, r100. She's an actress and was in Vanished with Gale. She played his ex-wife on the show. And I do think they live together now, like r99 said.

by Brian Kinneyreply 10112/29/2010

How would anyone know that?

by Brian Kinneyreply 10212/29/2010

I think Yara is common knowledge to Gale fans. There's no confirmation that they live together. Gale was going to sell his house last year (October 2009) and then he took it off the market about 6 or 7 months ago. I don't remember when exactly. He might've decided not to sell it and asked Yara to move in with him instead.

by Brian Kinneyreply 10312/29/2010

I'm shocked the show is making into the new year. The ratings are awful and going down by the week.%0D %0D Gale is only a guest star on the show, and one of the old guys. It must be weird going from the hot young star of one show for five years to the "old man" surrounded by a bunch of cheerleaders.

by Brian Kinneyreply 10412/30/2010

Have they done publicity about dating each other or something? He used to never talk about his personal life.

by Brian Kinneyreply 10512/30/2010

No publicity that I've heard. It's only known because there are pictures of them together at various events in the last couple of years.

by Brian Kinneyreply 10612/30/2010

I fell for GH watching QAF because of his aloofness. He just happened to look hot, too,

by Brian Kinneyreply 10712/31/2010

R69 right on point and what's with the gorgeous shit he will NEVER be with any one of you I'm sure he don't want you unless you are Asian it seem these days, and where are all the movies he made?

by Brian Kinneyreply 10812/31/2010

Asian? Are you referring to Yara? If so, she's not Asian.

by Brian Kinneyreply 10901/01/2011

She is CUBAN, bitch! Actually, she is the WASPiest looking Cuban I've ever seen.

by Brian Kinneyreply 11001/01/2011

I see he is still appearing on this for a few minutes every now and then. At least it might pay his insurance/pension dues or whatever.

by Brian Kinneyreply 11102/13/2011

He's actually got a big part coming up where he makes out with that blonde bimbo student.%0D %0D I saw an episode the other night and it was so laughable I was expecting all the actors to burst into fits of giggles whilst attempting their lines.%0D %0D Why the hell is gale acting in this? Is he that desperate for cash?

by Brian Kinneyreply 11202/18/2011

From Showtime to the CW...his career is cleary going places.

by Brian Kinneyreply 11302/18/2011

Gale and Yara haven't been seen together R106 since that play he did in LA in January 2010. She's not been present at a number of events he's been seen at since then, including the last GLEH event. %0D %0D Hellcats is such a lame ass show - he's not hot in that he's just embarrassing and even looks embarrassed - particularly in that last episode where he was playing the guitar. How the mighty have fallen. He must be really desperate for cash. Perhaps that's why he was trying to sell his house.

by Brian Kinneyreply 11402/18/2011

Money has to be the only reason he's in this rubbish. I feel sorry for him, because I'm sure he knows it's rubbish,too.

by Brian Kinneyreply 11502/18/2011

Was the latest episode the last one (where they all sat together and sang this folk song together) from the series/season? It's mildly amusing at times. I like the female coach love triangle with the sports coach and the doctor best somehow.

by Brian Kinneyreply 11602/18/2011

Yes that's the one R116. It was really cringeworthy - terrible lines, badly delivered by all. Total drivel. Shame really, he could have done better things, but can't see that happening now. I feel sorry for him too.

by Brian Kinneyreply 11702/19/2011

Watch this E!News interview with Gale; is he trying to convince the viewers that Hellcats is a good show? Or himself?

by Brian Kinneyreply 11802/19/2011

Himself!%0D He sounds like he doesn't believe half the stuff he's saying. Love the 'attractive people' part....your publicist told you to say 'attractive women' Gale. Make it gender specific,we need to believe you totally fancy all those cheerleaders!%0D So sad.

by Brian Kinneyreply 11902/19/2011

OOps! Here's the link

by Brian Kinneyreply 12002/19/2011

Gale has a movie out now in very limited release, "Fertile Ground". He co-stars with the woman who played Alice on The L Word.%0D %0D Hellcats ratings continue to be in the toilet. It's only chance for survival from what I've read is that it does slightly better than whatever bomb that was in its place last year on the CW, and that now that Smallville is ending the network is hard pressed for new shows.%0D %0D His career is what it, and is what it's going to be. He probably will continue as an ensemble player on television, appear in some indie films and act in plays at theaters that will hire him to put asses in the seats of shows that would otherwise go half empty.%0D %0D I couldn't find the non existing link at R118, but came across this. Are we sure that Gale recovered from his head accident or is he just drunk?

by Brian Kinneyreply 12102/19/2011

R118 here - Does this link work?%0D %0D Sometimes I think he's playing around with his interviewers...other times I think he's just stoned.

by Brian Kinneyreply 12202/19/2011

It works. %0D 'It's always good to be on a successful show'%0D Not always, Gale!

by Brian Kinneyreply 12302/20/2011

Why is everyone so harsh on Gale around here?

by Brian Kinneyreply 12402/20/2011

Have you not been reading the previous posts R124?

by Brian Kinneyreply 12502/20/2011

God that's sad! He's pretending to like cheerleaders half his age in an effort to boost ratings for his craptastic show.

by Brian Kinneyreply 12602/20/2011

OTOH, being on a show with a bunch of hot young women might have other compensations for Gale.

by Brian Kinneyreply 12702/20/2011

I hope besides the need of money, that a bunch of young women , and men ;) are compensations for Gale, because from QAF and Vanished he collects craps roles ...Why ? he is not a so bad actor , he just needs a good role in a good show.

by Brian Kinneyreply 12802/20/2011

His Jackson character on DH was starting to pick up steam and then he had that motorcycle accident. That could have been his big comeback.

by Brian Kinneyreply 12902/20/2011

The QAF residuals must amount to a tidy sum.

by Brian Kinneyreply 13002/20/2011

The Jackson character was never going to be permanent, but obviously he lost what time he was going to have on that show when he had the motorcycle accident.

by Brian Kinneyreply 13102/21/2011

Jackson was the most stupid character of DH ! please you really think he could get something great after that ?%0D

by Brian Kinneyreply 13202/21/2011

The Jackson character was giving him a higher profile because it was the new love interest for the main character on a top 10 show. So what if it was stupid? It was a stepping stone to bigger things and he was getting a lot of attention then. I remember the buzz in the media over how hot Gale as Jackson was especially from the women reporters.

I'm amazed with these stupid moronic QAF fans who objected to him being on DH. Move along, the guy can't be Brian Kinney forever. It's a matter of timing, folks. The golden ring was there at a critical time but unfortunately, he got in this accident. Now look where he's landed. On a fucking show no one watches.

by Brian Kinneyreply 13302/21/2011

After QAF he had a very good role on a very good show , Vanished . We 'll never know what happened ...for DH he was not expected to stay permanently, his accident was not the cause . Now it's getting worse and worse.%0D

by Brian Kinneyreply 13402/21/2011

I thought he was terrible as Jackson on DH! He had zero chemistry with Teri Hatcher and his acting was laughable. In QAF he was good tho.

by Brian Kinneyreply 13502/21/2011

I hope R112 (and R113, R115, 118, 119, 120, 122-126 and 130) are having fun, both with their multiple personalities answering each other and their complete ignorance of troll-dar.

by Brian Kinneyreply 13602/21/2011

Actually, I was poster #126 and I am most def. not a troll. And I still don't get what the big deal about GH is. He was hot on qaf but that was 10 years ago now.

by Brian Kinneyreply 13702/22/2011

Good news for Gale fans. It looks like this show is being renewed after all.

by Brian Kinneyreply 13802/23/2011

Gale Harold at Elton John's Oscar bash the other night looking decidedly g-a-y. No beard either.

by Brian Kinneyreply 13903/02/2011

He doesn't look gay, but all the other male guests do.

by Brian Kinneyreply 14003/02/2011

Here he is looking cozy with some guy at Elton's party.

by Brian Kinneyreply 14103/02/2011

Who is that guy Gale is with, and more importantly, how did Gale get into Elton John's party in the first place?

by Brian Kinneyreply 14203/02/2011

Yeah, that must be his boyfriend. *eye roll* Honestly, you don't think he'd go for someone hotter than that?

by Brian Kinneyreply 14303/02/2011

Brian sure didn't.

by Brian Kinneyreply 14403/02/2011

Aww! I think that guy would make a nice boyfriend, but then my standards are kinda low right now....

by Brian Kinneyreply 14503/03/2011

I think you have to pay to get into Elton's party 'cos it's for charity...

by Brian Kinneyreply 14603/03/2011

R144 made me laugh. %0D %0D That guy kind of looks like that twink who is currently Calvin Klein's boyfriend.

by Brian Kinneyreply 14703/03/2011

Well, if the other pic wasn't g-a-y enough here's another one of him snuggling up to a blond twink1

by Brian Kinneyreply 14803/04/2011

That's the same picture R141 posted.

by Brian Kinneyreply 14903/04/2011

Apologies! It looks like Gale is about to come out the closet, finally. Bravo!

by Brian Kinneyreply 15003/04/2011

You're an idiot R150.

by Brian Kinneyreply 15103/04/2011

Such a witty risposte! Let me guess r151, you're an imdb fangfrau who believes Gale Harold lives with some D-List actress, am I right?

by Brian Kinneyreply 15203/04/2011

You're crazy if you think this is anything other than another dose of gay friendly (with a touch of gay baiting) behavior from Mr. Harold.

by Brian Kinneyreply 15303/04/2011

Wow, such amazing powers of insight you have R152! Why don't you release the choke hold you have on your dick long enough to let some blood flow back to your brain? Gale's pics will still be there for you to cum on another day, I promise.

by Brian Kinneyreply 15403/04/2011

Why would Gale come out? He's not gay!

by Brian Kinneyreply 15503/04/2011

r154 I think I was right on the money with my assessment of you. Go back to imdb and talk about how Gale is wearing his hair these days.

r155 - really?

by Brian Kinneyreply 15603/05/2011

You're an idiot as well, R156.

by Brian Kinneyreply 15703/05/2011

Really, 155! He's said he's straight, what more do you want? He can't 'come out' if he's straight can he?

by Brian Kinneyreply 15803/05/2011

Gale straight ???

by Brian Kinneyreply 15903/05/2011

Well, do you have any proof that he's anything other than hetero, R156?

by Brian Kinneyreply 16003/06/2011


by Brian Kinneyreply 16103/07/2011

Thank god you authenticated, R155. DL can't have too many brain-dead, homophobic, cunty straight girls joining.

by Brian Kinneyreply 16203/07/2011

Sorry to disappoint, but I'm neither brain-dead nor am I homophobic. I'm simply asking why you're so convinced Gale is gay when he has always stated otherwise. That is all.

by Brian Kinneyreply 16303/08/2011

Yeah R163 and people never lie, do they? They always speak the truth. In fact, we don't even know why the words lying or hypocrisy appear in the dictionary.

by Brian Kinneyreply 16403/08/2011

The question of Gale's sexuality has not been definitively answered since he came to public attention in 1999 or whatever year QAF started.%0D %0D If it needs to be rehashed for the 100th time, at least don't get all pissed and angry about it.

by Brian Kinneyreply 16503/08/2011

Back in 2002 Gale said, 'I'm straight.I'm begrudgingly revealing it'. I'd say that's pretty damn definitive!

by Brian Kinneyreply 16603/09/2011

Straight - LMFAO! He's bi at best. You're obviously a total fangurl/IMDB troll who doesn't want to believe that the object of your obsession could possibly like cock. Begrudgingly revealing his supposed straightness was probably a response to constantly being asked about his sexuality and also I suspect it wasn't actually true. Like R163 pointed out, people never lie do they? Especially aspiring actors who don't want to hurt their potential careers. Not that his ever came to much.

by Brian Kinneyreply 16703/09/2011

Exactly! Begrudgingly revealing he was straight whilst high during an interview. He's probably bi or just not ready to commit to cock.

by Brian Kinneyreply 16803/09/2011

Just to put it in context: Gale "begrudgingly" revealed he was straight in the early days of QAF. Apparently either he and/or the producers wanted to keep the sexuality of the actor who played Brian on the QT.

by Brian Kinneyreply 16903/09/2011

R137 I'm not a fangurl or an IMDB troll. Just because Gale played a gay character doesn't mean he's gay in real life - no matter how much you want him to be!

by Brian Kinneyreply 17003/10/2011

And yet you sound exactly like one R170 - and I'm not R137, but R167 - however that slip is understandable as you were obviously in a fangurly sweat trying to defend your idol's sexuality. Frankly I couldn't care less if he's gay or not given that I'm never likely to meet him, nor would I even want to. Still don't think he's straight though - sorry, and it's nothing to do with the fact that he played a gay character.

by Brian Kinneyreply 17103/10/2011

This is the line Gale's publicist fed afterelton a few years back:%0D %0D "Gale never responds to inquiries about his sexual orientation, he finds it very offensive to even be asked if he's straight or gay. It has no bearing on the work he's doing." %0D %0D

by Brian Kinneyreply 17203/11/2011

There was a link about this in another post:%0D %0D

by Brian Kinneyreply 17303/11/2011

That link doesn't work for me.

by Brian Kinneyreply 17403/12/2011

This was from that other thread when Gale "revealed" he was straight.

'So the first real question I ask the rising star, when we met on a brisk afternoon at a quaint wine bar in the West Village, was, appropriately, "Gay or straight?" He takes a bite of his goat cheese panini and points to my tape recorder, motioning me to shut it off. We sit in silence. He turns his head away, rests his square-toed brown boots on the window ledge, and contemplates.

"I can't figure out what to do with this question. Most of the gay men I work with assume I'm straight, so..." More silence. He sips his merlot and eventually continues. "It's funny. No, it's just...trying to answer this question is hilarious." "But you didn't answer," I probe. More silence. "I'm straight. I'm begrudgingly revealing it. I guess it's just that I was thinking which publication I should reveal this to," he finally admits, as if being straight is a crime. He's also single.'

by Brian Kinneyreply 17503/12/2011

He may say his straight but his actions and photos scream gay.

by Brian Kinneyreply 17603/12/2011

I never thought Gale was particularly gay or "gay acting" when he was playing Brian Kinney. However, in the years since I think he comes off as gay when he is being interviewed or posing. Strange.

by Brian Kinneyreply 17703/12/2011

I don't know if he's gay or straight, but the scenario at R175 certainly indicates he is a drama queen.

by Brian Kinneyreply 17803/12/2011

Your options are setting up a logical fallacy, r178; Gale is either bi or straight.

by Brian Kinneyreply 17903/12/2011

Yeah he definitely is that R178.

I lean towards bi, rather than gay. But he's one of those guys where it's: if he isn't gay, he [italic]should[/italic] be. If that makes any sense.

by Brian Kinneyreply 18003/12/2011

I was just trying to have a little fun R179.

by Brian Kinneyreply 18103/12/2011

LMAO R178!! He's a total drama queen - 'Turn the tape recorder off!' 'I can't figure out what to do with your question!'%0D %0D I read somewhere else that he'd already given an interview saying he was straight 6 months before the 'I'm begrudgingly revealing I'm straight' interview....maybe he changed his mind in the ensuing months?;)

by Brian Kinneyreply 18203/13/2011

Or he was high and forgot what he said in the previous interview! Whether or not he is gay or bi or straight is his business after all. I just wish he'd be in some better projects.

by Brian Kinneyreply 18303/13/2011

You don't think Hellcats is a good project?! lol

by Brian Kinneyreply 18403/14/2011


by Brian Kinneyreply 18503/25/2011

certainly not! and the next neither !poor Gale , but he always 'll have fans ( fanatic)

by Brian Kinneyreply 18603/26/2011

Well he's sticking with the CW - he's just been cast in a supporting role (sigh) in Kevin Williamson's new pilot.

by Brian Kinneyreply 18703/26/2011

what's the pilot about?

by Brian Kinneyreply 18803/26/2011

It's about teen witches R188. He plays the father of one of them and is a warlock apparently. Guess this means that his career is officially in the toilet - relegated to playing minor roles in teen shows on the CW. Poor guy.

by Brian Kinneyreply 18903/27/2011

Only Gale knows his true sexual orientation -- or he doesn't. Yeah, it's that simple and that complicated. Sophie, do you always believe everything at face value? As others pointed out, in those interviews, Gale first tried to avoid the question then said he's "begrudgingly revealing I'm straight."

Does this even somewhat remind you of Brian Kinney's line "It's not a lie if they make you lie"? Now answer me this, what is a person who is not out supposed to reply when asked the "are you gay or straight?" question. And, while we're at it how is a person who is confused or bi supposed to answer it if they don't think it's anybody's business? (Which, in reality it isn't!!!)

I'm so sick of reading all the "Gale is straight because he said so in interviews" crap. Read between the lines and think about WHY someone is possibly saying something without jumping to conclusions or making assumptions!

I remember the Larry King interview and having to make myself keep watching it when Larry was being such an assclown by demanding in a barking voice of all the male cast members "Are you gay or straight" before he even asked them anything else. It was comical though when he mixed everyone's answers and names up because at the time Bobby Gant was not out, and sadly was forced like Gale and how many other celebs to say he was straight.

But then when Larry got mixed up after prefacing every question to them still -- "Youre gay right? What did you think of this scene..." or "Youre straight. Did you find this scene with another man difficult...?" Bobby came up with what I think he must have spent some time thinking when Larry said "You're gay right?" when Gant had just minutes ago had to say he was straight. Now he was being asked point blank. I loved his answer and I think Gale did too -- if you watch the interview you can see Gale's look of recognition when Gant replied "Actually the jury's not out on that yet."

Great answer! (It's funny because when I saw Gale's expression my take was that Gale was thinking, hey, that's a good one, I wish I would have thought of that instead of all the crap answers I've tried to spit out) LOL

by Brian Kinneyreply 19004/18/2011

Stop bashing Gale! At least he's working. And he's still gorgeous -- beyond gorgeous. Yeah, he's getting older -- we all are. The guy's doing what he can in rough times. I wish too that he was on something else -- even the name, "Hellcats" is well, embarrassing IMHO. And I wish he would have a gay part, but he doesn't write the stuff, although maybe he should LOL:

If we're talking interviews, how about where he actually wishes he could have played Brian Kinney even "dirtier"? LOL -- Come on, you gotta love the guy. He is different and beautiful still! Here's the quote:

"There was an attraction," Harold concedes, when asked if the chance to play a sexual hunter-gatherer like Brian Kinney--as far from the 'gay upstairs neighbor' as possible--appealed to him. "Another attraction was that it was an interesting story. It wasn't West Hollywood 90210, which I never would have been called in for. I'm not that 'type.'"

Harold's initial take was that the character would best be played as "a cross between Lou Reed and Oscar Wilde, with a gold tooth, and go completely over the top with it. Now we know that I can't do that," he says mischievously, "though I still think that's how it should be done. It would be a lot dirtier. But he's not allowed to be that." Nor does he buy into the notion that Brian is a pure predator. "You have to like your character, because if you don't, no one else will either. And if the point of the show is to create a character that nobody likes and everybody hates, that would be the way to go. Make him a predator. But I liked Stuart [the character upon whom Brian is based]! I liked the guy."

Hmmmm, see Sophie -- "Lou Reed, Oscar Wilde and wanting to play Kinney "a lot dirtier."

Okay, I really love the guy! Gale Harold is still hot at 40+

by Brian Kinneyreply 19104/18/2011

R190 - I've watched that Larry King interview many times (mainly for that beautiful smile Gale gives after Randy whispers ILY;)and I have no idea what 'look of recognition' you're talking about....Gale isn't on screen at all when bobby's being interviewed...I've attached the link for you.%0D %0D Perhaps you're thinking of someone/something else?

by Brian Kinneyreply 19204/19/2011

Hate to break it to you, but you're not seeing the whole interview. That's You Tube for ya! Did you ever see the whole interview on TV when it originally aired? Cuz I did and taped it on my VCR (back in the day LOL!) to watch many times too -- the whole interview. And I loved Randy's "I love you" to Gale. I had to turn up my old TV soooo loud to hear what Randy was whispering offstage to Gale onstage that I thought my neighbor was going to complain. LOL

by Brian Kinneyreply 19304/19/2011

I didn't watch it at the time, R193, but I did order a DVD of the episode from CNN a year later, and it's exactly the same as what's on YouTube. In the version I've got Larry doesn't ask Bobby 'are you gay?' and there's no pan to Gale - he doesn't feature at all after Larry's finished interviewing him.%0D %0D Larry does ask Bobby about what it's like for him to play a gay man and he replies that 'the jury's still out on that' it before or after that? I wish I knew what you were talking about! I wonder why they cut it out, and what other stuff my DVD is missing?!

by Brian Kinneyreply 19404/20/2011

Okay, well like I said, what I thought Gale was thinking by his expression was totally "my take" as I said. I would never assume to know what anyone was actually thinking -- especially someone like Gale lol.

This was so long ago now and I no longer have the tape etc. so maybe I just wasn't seeing things straight -- pun intended! (;

by Brian Kinneyreply 19504/20/2011

And... just my opinion, but I agree with others on here who think Gale is gay and think that the interviews and photos support this.

I also think Gale is hot and agree that there wouldn't be as many "haters" if he was out and/or making out with guys instead of cheerleaders on Hell Cats. (Oh why do I cringe in embarrassment at the show title Hell Cats? STILL I admire Gale's work ethic A LOT -- you gotta get what you can for jobs sometimes.)

My neighbor spent so much time and money to earn a great degree in criminal justice with super high marks, but he's finally had to take some laborer work. He won't give up though and neither should the uniquely hot Gale Harold!

by Brian Kinneyreply 19604/20/2011

Gale Harold will always be my "Hellcat." He can fuck like a tiger, baby, and do me any time (as long as this bf never finds out) -- I lose sooo many that way as I can't "resist" Gale whenever he wants me!

by Brian Kinneyreply 19704/20/2011

Fouryou - why do you think Gale is gay? What has he said or done to make you think that?%0D %0D As far as I know he dated a Canadian singer by the name of Kim Bingham during the folk years, and he's currently rumored to be dating Yara Martinez....perhaps he's bi?

by Brian Kinneyreply 19804/25/2011

Hate to say this but he's looking kinda old in this latest pic

by Brian Kinneyreply 19904/25/2011

That's a pretty awful picture - and what's with the hideous bandana?

by Brian Kinneyreply 20004/26/2011

Well duh he *IS* getting older -- but is still hot IMHO. He's morphing a bit into sort of a Richard Dean Anderson look -- who btw, I also find hot.

by Brian Kinneyreply 20104/26/2011

Richard Dean Anderson?? No way!

by Brian Kinneyreply 20204/29/2011

Gale has a warmth to him I like better than the chilliness of Richard Dean Anderson but both are attractive older guys.

by Brian Kinneyreply 20304/29/2011

Well I finally got around to watching Hell Cats. It's a horrid teen thing, but Gale is okay in it. The problem, I think, is he has to play this stuffy, straight law professor with badly written lines and a cliched storyline. Gales's doing the best he can with what is there. As the other thread said, it's his agent who needs his ass kicked!

by Brian Kinneyreply 20404/29/2011

This guy is Gale's boyfriend. %0D %0D Apparently Gale is the "twink" in this relationship. This is the guy who attended Randy's play with Gale and who sat in the back corner of the dark theater.%0D %0D As for Gale begrudgingly admitting he's straight. That could mean he's begrudgingly admitting he's straight. Do you know what I mean?

by Brian Kinneyreply 20504/30/2011

Poor guy. Anyone M or F he stands next to in a photo or is seen with more than twice is an assumed significant other in Frauville.

by Brian Kinneyreply 20604/30/2011

No way will I ever believe that guy is Gale's boyfriend!

by Brian Kinneyreply 20704/30/2011

This is crazy, but for some reason I actually do believe it!

by Brian Kinneyreply 20804/30/2011

Actually R208, so do I. Stephen Kijak, the tall guy that was with him in the back corner of a dark theatre, whoever..... I've never thought he was straight - begrudgingly admitting it is right, it's because it's not true.

by Brian Kinneyreply 20904/30/2011


by Brian Kinneyreply 21004/30/2011

ITA 209 - begrudgingly revealing you're straight doesn't exactly sound like you're confident about it - it sounds like you're being forced to say it or something, know what I mean?

by Brian Kinneyreply 21105/01/2011

I have to agree, r206. People are so quick to assume that this guy and Gale are together just because they were seen at two separate places together. This is how rumors start and it's just ridiculous in my opinion. I mean, does anyone have any actual proof that they're a couple? I didn't think so.

by Brian Kinneyreply 21205/01/2011

No, the "begrudgingly admitting he's straight" comment from Gale could mean that he begrudgingly admitting it because he's not really straight...that he's only "admitting" it because that's what he's SUPPOSED to do.

I always thought that if Gale were gay, he would admit it because he doesn't seem to buy into the fakeness of the Hollywood world. He doesn't seem to care all that much what others think... and that goes for whether he's gay or straight. In addition, he pays a lot of attention to the political landscape and has no problem voicing his opinions on that matter.

But, you never know. He could've rationalized that by claiming he is straight, he's contributing even more to the evolution of gay rights because if a straight guy can fuck another guy like there is no tomorrow and lick a guy's asshole, claiming it tastes like cumin, the line between homosexuality and heterosexuality is, indeed, very thin.

This way, he can live with himself and at the same time, hope for a decent career.

by Brian Kinneyreply 21305/01/2011

... or he could really be straight.

by Brian Kinneyreply 21405/01/2011

Don't forget that before he "begrudgingly" admitted he was straight, he first asked for the tape recorder to be turned off before saying he never knew how to answer the question.

No one should ever have to answer nosy questions like that. So whatever he had to do he had to do.

by Brian Kinneyreply 21505/01/2011

But he'd already said he was straight in two previous interviews before the infamous interview where he "begrudgingly" revealed he was straight and said that "most of the gay men I work with assume I'm straight"....sounds to me like he is/was a teensy bit confused about his sexuality....

by Brian Kinneyreply 21605/02/2011

Here's an excerpt from the 2002 interview:%0D %0D So the first real question I ask [Gale Harold] when we met on a brisk afternoon at a quaint wine bar in the West Village, was, appropriately, "Gay or straight?" He takes a bite of his goat cheese panini and points to my tape recorder, motioning me to shut it off. We sit in silence. He turns his head away, rests his square-toed brown boots on the window ledge, and contemplates. %0D %0D "I can't figure out what to do with this question. Most of the gay men I work with assume I'm straight, so..." More silence. He sips his merlot and eventually continues. "It's funny. No, it's just...trying to answer this question is hilarious." "But you didn't answer," I probe. More silence. "I'm straight. I'm begrudgingly revealing it. %0D

by Brian Kinneyreply 21705/03/2011

When he told him to shut off the tape recorder and they sat in silence is when he told the interviewer that he's actually bi.

by Brian Kinneyreply 21805/03/2011

Interesting excerpt R217 - I think the guy's a total moron.

by Brian Kinneyreply 21905/03/2011

You're welcome 219! Why do you think he's a moron? Sorry, Total moron!

by Brian Kinneyreply 22005/03/2011

Gale is not a moron!

by Brian Kinneyreply 22105/04/2011

This thread is hilarious.

Some public person found a way to deal with the nosy media and computer/mobile/cameras/internet equipped fanatics, somehow keeping his well deserved privacy intact. Here you can see, why he must act this way. Some random guy, very likely one of his (SF) gay friends or Kijak's partner or a collegue he's developing some film or art project with is seen with him twice during a film festival and voil%C3%A0 it becomes an undisputed fact for some that he is his partner.

I highly respect Gale Harold for withstanding the public pressure and not revealing more private information. And who gives a shit whether he is gay or straight? None of our f*ing business.

by Brian Kinneyreply 22205/04/2011

No one here said that it was "an undisputed fact" that the guy in the picture is Gale's boyfriend, so relax. Some said they "think" that it could be the case while others said they don't believe it's true.

And, yes, I think Gale's really cool too!

by Brian Kinneyreply 22305/04/2011

R205 states that the guy is his boyfriend and that Gale is the twink in the relationship. Sounds matter of fact to me.

But I am relaxed. Thx for caring. :)

by Brian Kinneyreply 22405/04/2011

218 Are you making that up?!

by Brian Kinneyreply 22505/04/2011

No, r225. I was friends with the interviewer at the time and I stated to him once that I thought Gale is bi and that's when he told me what I said in my previous comment. I of course thanked him for confirming what I'd thought all along. lol

by Brian Kinneyreply 22605/04/2011

Yes 218 is making it up.

The interview reveal was reluctant because all the main cast members initially agreed not to answer questions about their own orientation. They didn't want to distract media attention from the groundbreaking nature of the show by fielding the "how hard is it for you to simulate gay sex?" questions. Then Hal Sparks, probably terrified he'd not be getting any Canadian trim if thought to be gay, became first to proclaim his heterosexuality in all interviews given, even when the question wasn't explicitly asked.

by Brian Kinneyreply 22705/04/2011

R226 makes no sense to me. Why should Gale out himself to a reporter of all the people who than would go and print an outright lie? And why would the reporter lie for Gale in the first place?

by Brian Kinneyreply 22805/04/2011

In journalism they don't call it 'lying' but 'on the record' or 'off the record.'

by Brian Kinneyreply 22905/05/2011

226 - the reporter was a female not a male so clearly you are lying!!

by Brian Kinneyreply 23005/05/2011

R230 -- What? R226 doesn't mention whether the reporter is male or female...

by Brian Kinneyreply 23105/05/2011

Of course he was male. R 226 says 'I stated to him' and 'he told me'. If that's not male I know nothing about guys. ;)

by Brian Kinneyreply 23205/06/2011

The interview where Gale asked the journo to turn off the tape recorder was counducted by a *female* called Karen Rabinovitz for Flaunt magazine, so unless your friend has had a sex change in the intervening years I don't think *he* told you anything and you made that story up!%0D %0D Here's a link:

by Brian Kinneyreply 23305/06/2011

We're talking about different interviews. My friend (who is male) did interview Gale. But the interview never made it to the press for some reason. He did record Gale and that is what Gale said to him. So there's the explanation.

by Brian Kinneyreply 23405/06/2011

Sorry! But it sounded like you were talking about the other interview...don't suppose you can give any more goss about the interiview your friend did with Gale? What publication it was for etc?

by Brian Kinneyreply 23505/08/2011

That's okay. I should be the one apologizing since I did make it sound like I was referring to the interview that was mentioned. The interview was done in Toronto during the second season of Queer as Folk.

by Brian Kinneyreply 23605/08/2011

R234 and R236 And how should we all be here discussing an interview, that never made it to the press in the first place? Sorry, but this sounds like the weak cover-up for a made-up story. We are supposed to believe, that a man so intend on keeping up his privacy will confess his sexuality to a journo? And this juicy detail never sees the light of the day or becomes a Blind Item? Nah!

Change of topic. Gale's starmeter upped 111% this week on imdb. Seems The Secret Circle creates some waves.

by Brian Kinneyreply 23705/08/2011

Yeah sounds dodgy to me - and you still didn't mention the publication your journo friend supposedly worked for...

by Brian Kinneyreply 23805/08/2011

He worked for the Toronto based magazine called Now.

by Brian Kinneyreply 23905/09/2011

WTF is a star meter R237?

by Brian Kinneyreply 24005/09/2011

R240 imdb's starmeter reflects the search pattern of the imdb users. Roughly it shows the popularity of people over time and which events attract the publics interest. Check any actor and you'll find it, when you scroll down the page. :)

by Brian Kinneyreply 24105/09/2011

Not 240 here, but thanks for the info R241. So it took Gale being in a teen witch show to get his star meter so high? Sheesh and we wonder why his career has to go so "low" -- it's what the people want I guess. I'd rather see him in something else.

by Brian Kinneyreply 24205/09/2011

Any more info you can provide,R239? %0D %0D I want to believe you, but I find it very hard to believe that the oh so private Gale would spill his guts to a journo like that....what made your friend so special?! lol%0D %0D And why did the article never make it to print?

by Brian Kinneyreply 24305/10/2011

YES! He is is still hot. But unfortunately the show is boring. Looking forward to see him an "The secret circle"

by Brian Kinneyreply 24405/10/2011

What? No response!!

by Brian Kinneyreply 24505/11/2011

The Secret Circle will be just as bad as Hellcats!

by Brian Kinneyreply 24605/12/2011

as usual ! if Gale was a good actor everybody'll know it even the creators .But Gale was very good as Brian Kinney , because he is one sort of BK. Being naked having sex is the only role where he is good ! not very wide possiblities...

by Brian Kinneyreply 24705/13/2011

Being naked having sex is the only role where he is good ! not very wide possibilities. I SO agree,also if he was a good actor why did dh fuck him over his part on the show was of unimportant. and all these B movie the guy made where are they now????? what gale need to do is get tips in acting from his formal QAF cast mate.

by Brian Kinneyreply 24805/13/2011

Hi 267

His fans are moronic enough to actually believe he fucked that ratty blond fug-faced coworker, so I can see this show working out quite well for him.

stop talking about your mother like that?

by Brian Kinneyreply 24905/13/2011

Stats 101: Randy is not fugly -- he was #32 on the Top 100 Most Beautiful Gay Men list voted by gay men on After -- Gale was #4.

And a supposed QAF crew member (who does sound legit) posted on another thread on DL that Gale and Randy were lovers from about the middle of Season 1 to somewhere in Season 3, even when Randy had a boyfriend. The crew member also said a male cast member told him that he, the cast member, was asked by G and R to join them one time... And come on, how hot was that chemistry?

Kristen Stewart and Robert Patinson had the same rumors as like G & R had the too hot chemistry, all the touch feely stuff and their rumors turned out to be true.

So believe it or don't, but you can't really say it's that far fetched to think that Gale and Randy hooked up!

All signs point to "Yes"

by Brian Kinneyreply 25005/14/2011

Oh correction, it wasn't a "Gay men list" just a "men list"! lol

by Brian Kinneyreply 25105/14/2011

"Kristen Stewart and Robert Patinson had the same rumors as like G & R had the too hot chemistry, all the touch feely stuff and their rumors turned out to be true."%0D %0D LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!%0D %0D

by Brian Kinneyreply 25205/14/2011

the last few posts r252 excepted sound bat.shit.insane.

Go join the fanfraus at imdb psychotic poster. Some of them even think Gale is having an offscreen affair with that blonde chick from Hellcats.

by Brian Kinneyreply 25305/14/2011

question (1) why is gale still single if he is so hot and all that bullshit why can't he kept a girlfriend ?

(2) wasn't gale at Joe pub in ny last month with a guy to see randy perform?

(3) why is randy still single and kept a boyfriend?

(4)honesty randy and gale had great chemistry when they were(acting) togather more so than any woman gale has work with so far?

(5) gale can't act for shit and his whack ass fan base aren't being honest all they want to believe is that gale is the greatest man on earth to woman since shit, realistic they could give a flying fuck about QAF or the life of a gay man.

by Brian Kinneyreply 25405/14/2011

Well they're wrong about that one! You know, there are actually some people who tend to analyze events and use critical thinking skills rather than dismissing one side of a question as crazy and defending another despite the possibilities. You can suggest that something MAY or MAY NOT be the case without bringing a totally DIFFERENT argument into the picture.

by Brian Kinneyreply 25505/14/2011

I'm R255 -- seeing the post that got in before mine, I'm clarifying that no I'm not replying to that one, but the one before about some of Gale's fans apparently thinking he's hooked up with the female star of Hellcats. I'm saying if there are people saying that, they're wrong. And also lol lol lol...

by Brian Kinneyreply 25605/14/2011

Just to address a couple of your questions, r254 -%0D %0D 1. Gale has a steady girlfriend he's been with for a few years now. Her name is Yara. They possibly live together although there's no actual proof of that. Well, not to my knowledge anyway. %0D %0D 2. Yes, Gale was at Joe's Pub last month and saw Randy perform there. He was with a friend and yes he was a guy. Notice I said friend and not boyfriend.

by Brian Kinneyreply 25705/14/2011

Gale is gay only maybe even he still doesn't know it yet.

by Brian Kinneyreply 25805/14/2011

R257 I'm not R254 but since there *is* absolutely no evidence that Gale and Yara were ever BF/GF -- living together or otherwise -- don't say that "he has a steady girlfriend he's been with for a few years now." Didn't you ever her of all the people who met her in theaters and one time she would say they were and the next minute she was saying they were only friends. She could be a beard only.

Also, you say "notice I said friend and not boyfriend" but again you do not know the facts, so why are you assuming once again? it has not been proven that the guy in the pic with Gale at the soccer field, who was also seen with Gale at Randy's pub performance was Gales friend or boyfriend.

Really any of these things could be the ACTUAL TRUTH:

1. The tall balding guy in the pic is Gale's boyfriend. 2. The tall balding guy in the pic is Gale's friend. 3. Yara was/is Gale's girlfriend 4. Gale and Yara were never bf/gf 5. Gale and Randy never hooked up offscreen 6. Gale and Randy did hook up offscreen

(and there could be more possibilities of course but these are the ones being discussed here) So -- as a law and philosophy major -- EVERYONE stop assuming and go on EVIDENCE or at least EVENTS THAT SUGGEST one or more of these are true before ASSUMING one or more true and one or more false!

I don't have a vested interest either way, but I guess like many people I like da gossip and wanna know. But I don't make up my own answers when there aren't any real ones and no one else should either.

*There has been no info so far about #1 or #2 *Re: #3 and #4 -- stuff is posted everywhere by different people saying that Yara had said both that she and Gale were bf/gf and also that they weren't. *Re: #5 and #6 -- there is a poster on DL saying that Gale and Randy were "lovers" from about halfway through QAF Season 1 to somewhere in season 3 -- even when Randy had a boyfriend.

by Brian Kinneyreply 25905/14/2011

oh to clarify the poster is claiming to have been a QAF crew member and does sound legitimate, but again we don't know the actual truth.

by Brian Kinneyreply 26005/14/2011

259, nearly every Gale fan now acknowledges that Yara is his GF.%0D Why do you think she's seen everywhere with him?%0D Why did she see Orpheus Descending 4 times, including the opening night where she brought him flowers?%0D Why did she tell fans that Gale was her bf?%0D If you don't believe me look at the picture of the two of them together....

by Brian Kinneyreply 26105/15/2011

being in pictures with Gale means she is his girlfriend ???%0D so , not seeing them together from months ,we can make the deduction that she is not anymore ...

by Brian Kinneyreply 26205/15/2011

On the other hand, r259 there is no evidence that the guy Gale was seen with at Joe's Pub IS his boyfriend. But you're right, without knowing Gale personally (which none of us do) anything is possible. But people are so quick to just assume that he's Gale's boyfriend and that's how rumors start. %0D %0D And I agree with r261 who makes all valid points. Even Gale's fans acknowlege that Yara is his GF. And she did tell someone at Orpheus Descending that she was there to see her "boyfriend Gale." I don't know how much more plain it could be.

by Brian Kinneyreply 26305/15/2011

who in this day and age give a fuck who gale is dating? no one date only one person now days where have you all been.?

by Brian Kinneyreply 26405/15/2011

I totally agree r264 ! besides , I never understood what it brings to some people who absolutely want that Gale has a girlfriend, (now Yara) or dream for him, a wife, even children ... it is inconceivable that he can be happy, single with " friends" ? or they transfer to him their own desires ... it's pathetic!

by Brian Kinneyreply 26505/15/2011

Interesting picture R261 - he looks stiff but not in a good way, and although she's leaning into him, he's leaning away from her. Orpheus Descending was ages ago and incidentally so was the GLEH event that that picture was from. There's been another GLEH event since then, a whole year later although that was 7 months ago now, and no sign of her there. No sign of her anywhere in fact, with him anyway, since OD. I'd say she's history.

by Brian Kinneyreply 26605/15/2011

I wouldn't say as much as he's leaning away from her but I would say that they look like to strangers.

by Brian Kinneyreply 26705/15/2011

Stangers? Why do you think that?

by Brian Kinneyreply 26805/15/2011

R261 You're delusional! The picture you've shown is from October 2009 which is almost a whole year and a half ago.

When you say "nearly every Gale fan now acknowledges that Yara is his GF" you are only ASSUMING just as you have been in all your posts. You don't know all of Gale's fans -- maybe some on a board. Plus all that means is more people who don't really know the actual truth are simply ASSUMING.

When you say "Why is she seen everywhere with him... etc." you've been pointed out as being WRONG. Again, she has not been seen with him and your picture is old. The tall guy is the one being spotted with Gale RECENTLY at Randy's performance at a pub and at the soccer event NOT YARA.

HOWEVER -- that STILL doesn't mean the guy is his boyfriend just as it never meant Yara was his girlfriend. "Acknowledging" something when you don't know the real truth is assuming.

People have also said that Yara had also told people at the theater that they were just friends. Maybe when she said they were something more like they were bf/gf it was to shut up the hoards of fangirls like you?

And friends send flowers too btw... I pitched in for flowers for Randy Harrison once and none of us who did that were dating him lol.

And you said to look at the (old!) picture of them together -- as my opinion I see no chemistry at all. In the photo with the tall guy I saw chemistry BUT again that is just my opinion AND I DON'T KNOW THE ACTUAL TRUTH AND NEITHER DO YOU! We can, or should!, be able to speculate without jumping to conclusions about Gale. Thanks.

by Brian Kinneyreply 26905/15/2011

Not delusional me - just facing the facts:)%0D %0D Yara *did* go and see Gale 4 times at OD and she was seen giving him a bunch of flowers - hardly something a friend would do!%0D %0D Here's a link to more pics of her and Gale looking couply....

by Brian Kinneyreply 27005/16/2011

R268 there doesn't seem to be any emotional connection between them

by Brian Kinneyreply 27105/16/2011

if it's so important for you, they were a couple ...but we didn't see them together for more than one year, so now's history ;%0D cry or take a breath because that is a fact! %0D %0D

by Brian Kinneyreply 27205/16/2011

How is the rating on hellcats will they be back or will gale be looking for a new job?

by Brian Kinneyreply 27305/16/2011

Gale has a new job - the Secret Circle

by Brian Kinneyreply 27405/16/2011

Thanks for the pics, but I still think you're delusional about this Gale and Yara as a real couple thing and agree with 272 and others.

Gale shows no "emotional connection" to Yara at all in those photos IMHO, and rather seems closer in that way to Thea and Scott to me. I will say that for Yara's part she seems into Gale, but I don't think the feeling was ever that mutual. That's just my opinion.

And let's not overlook the fact that Yara could be/have been Gale's close friend not a girlfriend. Like Randy, Gale's been known to have close friends who are girls -- like the one who encouraged him to get into acting -- can't think of her name now -- Susan Landau?

The thing is it doesn't really matter as long as Gale is enjoying who he's with as friends or something more right? No need to paint him as a complete hetero, because that's obviously NOT who he is. He's at least bi and I wish him all the best!

He's hot and sweet I think!

by Brian Kinneyreply 27505/16/2011

Yes, 274 is right. Gale will next be in another CW network show called The Secret Circle. It's another youth oriented show about a teen coven of witches (sigh!) and Gale will be playing the head witch's father.

It seems the CW is happy with Gale. I read somewhere that Gale was chosen because he was seen as a "seducer" type that they wanted for Julian the law teacher on Hellcats.

The CW is a network considered to be struggling in the ratings a lot of the time. Surprisingly, from what I can gather, Hellcats didn't do so badly.

The pilot aired on 8 Sept. 2010 and (according to Wikipedia) it "became the first premiere to ever match or build on an America's Next Top Model lead in since the CW began in 2006." The CW initially ordered 13 shows, but after getting those results, it ordered a full season of Hellcats.

Despite mixed reviews by critics, Hellcats did actually get nominated for a 2011 People's Choice Award. As a side note, apparently this show also had/or has? a gay cheerleader.

by Brian Kinneyreply 27605/16/2011

I love when the poster who doesn't speak English very well finds her way back to the Gale threads.

by Brian Kinneyreply 27705/16/2011

R277 -- Which poster?

by Brian Kinneyreply 27805/16/2011

It seems that gale has a thing for the Canadians did he not at one time around QAF want to live in Canada? close enough to NY.?

by Brian Kinneyreply 27905/17/2011

Here's a report from nonspecific1 on IMDb who attended the GLEH Garden party way back in 2009:%0D %0D Gale, Robert, Thea and Scott were all at the Garden Party. Gale wore a brownish colored button down shirt with dark jeans and boots. He was there with someone, a very pretty woman. She has long wavy dark brown hair, petite figure (of course). Gale wasn't necessarily very affectionate with her, it seemed more that they are friends. She was there at his side for all the photo ops, but not really any other time though, from what I saw. At first I thought she was his manager or 'handler' who actors will sometimes bring to things like this. I don't know. ??? Gale's hair was the same as in the photos from earlier in the summer, short, he had a bit of a 5 o'clock shadow. Whenever I saw him he was wearing sunglasses, but smiling. He seemed comfortable being there. %0D %0D Robert was gorgeous in a white shirt and brown blazer. He did a great job announcing Sharon's award, though she couldn't be there to accept it. :( %0D Scott was very handsome as well, and Thea looked better than she did when on QAF, in my opinion. Tall, fit. I think Gale was the only one of them who came with a 'date' if that is what you could call her. Great event overall, I think they raised a lot of $$, which is what matters. I saw lots of professionals taking photos, so hopefully some will be on the net at some point for you guys. I didn't want to take pics myself, didn't think it was kosher.%0D %0D EDIT:%0D nonspecific1 later reports that the woman he was with was "the actress playing his wife in Vanished", which is Yara Martinez, who he has been seen with occasionally before. Hopefully there will be more pictures with her in them, so we can get a confirmation if that really was the case. :)%0D

by Brian Kinneyreply 28005/17/2011

what it means r280?

by Brian Kinneyreply 28105/17/2011

It means Yara probably never was his gf. Remember when Gale was on QAF -- there were rumors that he and Michelle (Melanie) were a couple. Yet later she had said several times that Gale was like a brother to her.

by Brian Kinneyreply 28205/17/2011

rumors are convenient ! everyone hears what he wants to hear ... (lol)

by Brian Kinneyreply 28305/17/2011

You are SOooooooo right R283!

by Brian Kinneyreply 28405/17/2011

When are you fucking fangurls going to move on? This guy is old news and you just reveal how pathetic you are by still fussing over him and arguing about his sexuality so many years after his relevance, slight as it was, ended.

by Brian Kinneyreply 28505/17/2011

R285, it takes one to know one. Gay guys do the same or worse. You spend your time pining over guys that are obviously straight and repulsed by you and hating/envying straight women who -let's face it-, have and will always have access to all the interesting straight, bisexual and undecided guys you lust after.

by Brian Kinneyreply 28605/17/2011

When are you fucking fangurls going to move on?

you know why they (fangurls) can't move on and kept Binging up shit that's unimportant which is gale is because they have no life no man and look like shit.

by Brian Kinneyreply 28705/17/2011

R287, straight chicks will fuss over whoever they want, as you fuss over the long list of guys who have been proven NOT to be GAY. R287, as to how straight girls look, nevermind, they may look like shit but having tits and ass trumps dick most of the times.

by Brian Kinneyreply 28805/17/2011

R86 and R287 isn't this suppose to be a gay lounge or not? you really sound raciest.

by Brian Kinneyreply 28905/17/2011

I see hellcats is cancel thanks a lot gale! should have had randy appear in at least one episode

by Brian Kinneyreply 29005/17/2011

R288, "fangurls" [italic]are[/italic] men. At least on datalounge. A he is a she here.

by Brian Kinneyreply 29105/17/2011

"I'm not dumb but I can't understand Why she walked like a woman and talked like a man. Oh my Lola lo-lo-lo-lo- Lola...."

by Brian Kinneyreply 29205/17/2011

[quote]Remember when Gale was on QAF -- there were rumors that he and Michelle (Melanie) were a couple. Yet later she had said several times that Gale was like a brother to her.

Because everyone knows celebs always tell the truth, especially when it comes to their personal lives.

by Brian Kinneyreply 29305/17/2011

[270] ah ah! Randy *did* go and see Gale 4 or 5 times at "SLS" Make this is boyfriend????%0D *LOL!* Come on!!!

by Brian Kinneyreply 29405/18/2011

Good point!

by Brian Kinneyreply 29505/19/2011

He's not on Hellcats anymore! He is now in another CW show called The Secret Circle. At the CW upfronts in NY yesterday he had an interesting encounter with a giggly, giddy "journalist".

by Brian Kinneyreply 29605/20/2011

Thanks for that R296 mmmm Gale still looks great!

by Brian Kinneyreply 29705/20/2011

Yeah, he looks fuckable. Shame he was a bit of an ass in the interview.

by Brian Kinneyreply 29805/20/2011

I'm not really interested in him but he looks so young all of a sudden. I wonder how he does it.

by Brian Kinneyreply 29905/20/2011

He actually look his age and older! why do people always want to fuck someone that they can't and never will have, only dream of fucking them, kind of feel sorry for them.

by Brian Kinneyreply 30005/20/2011

I love Gale but he was really rude and weird in this interview

by Brian Kinneyreply 30105/20/2011

Gale's interviews are always special. He obviously hates this PR stuff and likes to make fun. He's got a very fast mind and if the interviewer is not able to keep up, well it's her problem. She could have made a lot more out of this. There were open doors to hilarious moments. Mars? Please, it should have been Uranus. ;)

Smart brain - sexy as hell.

by Brian Kinneyreply 30205/20/2011

I don't think he's smart at all. If he was, he'd be a little bit more charming and nice to this interviewer. Who in the hell does he think he is? Rumours? Is he still that paranoid? He's just another failed actor.%0D %0D He's not witty or fast so he ended up "trying" to be witty and crashed....or he was stoned.%0D %0D Not his best interview, certainly would turn off people.

by Brian Kinneyreply 30305/21/2011

I agree. The interviewer was absolutely terrible but I suspect it could be because she is a fangirl. However, there was no need for him to be such a total ass. He does himself no favours with this sort of shit.

by Brian Kinneyreply 30405/21/2011

Well I'm somewhere in the middle between the last 3 comments, yeah okay he was a bit of an ass, but he's still damn hot, and yes smart cuz man how would you like to have to put up with interviewers like her all the time -- I know I'd have a bit of an attitude as well and try to have my fun...

by Brian Kinneyreply 30505/21/2011

'You heard this. You heard that....'%0D He was either really rude or really stoned

by Brian Kinneyreply 30605/21/2011

I'm not defending him, but don't blow it totally out of proportion though. The interviewer still said he had "Southern charm." He's always been pretty much like this in interviews.

by Brian Kinneyreply 30705/21/2011

Hey R300 -- this is R297. You're dissing me and others for saying we want to fuck Gale and that you feel sorry for people who "dream of fucking" people they'll never have? Where did you wander in from dumbfuck? This is DL -- Have you *read* the "News Reporters I Want to Rim" thread????

by Brian Kinneyreply 30805/21/2011

Other reporters on the red carpet said [Gale Harold] was weird, crazy & a reporter from E!Online called him, %E2%80%9Cquasi-incoherent, prickly, unable to make eye contact and just generally weird.%E2%80%9D

by Brian Kinneyreply 30905/23/2011

Where's your source for this? Where are the links?

by Brian Kinneyreply 31005/23/2011

Oh grow up you bullshitter R309 -- We all know you're on you're own immature agenda to dis Gale for some reason and you're doing it like you're 12 or even younger! NO reporter "on the red carpet" are going to report that Gale is "weird and crazy" -- for one thing THIS NEVER HAPPENED, and for another they don't want a FRICKING LAWSUIT.

You are an idiot who is totally full of shit R309 and your many immature posts are nothing but lies.

by Brian Kinneyreply 31105/23/2011

Who is Jennifer Arrow?!/JenniferArrow/status/71300352770715648

by Brian Kinneyreply 31205/23/2011

311 - go here. Jennifer Arrow is an E! online reporter and the quote was from her twitter account.

by Brian Kinneyreply 31305/24/2011

Gale's new play Dogs in Space.It's on next week

by Brian Kinneyreply 31405/25/2011

ummm no.. that's Like A Dog In Space R314.

By the way, the play was written by a 19 year old for a youth playwright contest.

Scott Lowell will be playing a dog! :)

by Brian Kinneyreply 31505/27/2011

And now we know why Gale brought up the stuff about the Russians and dogs in rockets in space:

Gale to interviewer: "You know the Russians used to put mannequins in their rockets so the dogs wouldn't freak out thinking their were no people in their with them."

Interviewer: "Is this a conspiracy theory?"

Gale: "Nope."

Interviewer: "It's all facts?"

Gale: "Look it up -- Soviet space developments."

And yes, Gale's right. It's true.

BTW, a little off topic, but interesting: In April 2011, A Soviet rocket from 1961 that carried a mannequin and dog sold at Sotheby's auction for 2.9 million.

by Brian Kinneyreply 31605/27/2011

ha ha ha ha ha ha there's are lot of sick fucks on this thread gale friend whoever she or he is, would most likely laugh at your dumb asses if they ever read this shit.

by Brian Kinneyreply 31705/30/2011

Not, the hellcats script really just requires Gale to recite the lines and nothing else.

by Brian Kinneyreply 31806/23/2011

I used to be such a fan of Gale's but now I realize what he's become, what all these useless yet good-looking people eventually become and that is a loser.%0D %0D Since qaf, Gale has never found another decent job.

by Brian Kinneyreply 31909/14/2011

He's got a new show starting in a day or two. Secret Circle? Some teen thing on the CW but it pays the bills. I don't think a loser is someone who consistently works in their chosen profession.

Are you pissed cos Gale didn't offer to sleep with you or something?

by Brian Kinneyreply 32009/14/2011

r320 he's playing a minor role in that series. He was hardly making much on qaf, would hate to see his what he's making nowadays.

by Brian Kinneyreply 32109/14/2011

LOL R320!

What's it to you how much money Gale makes or doesn't? he's not fated to being a "useless" person because he's "good looking" either. That's all in your mind. (How much money do you make and are you fugly?) He's used his looks to become an actor and make more money than what he did before -- painting, waiting tables, etc.

There's nothing wrong with that and it's good on him. He's also used his QAF money wisely and bought a modest house in California that is worth quite a bit more than what he originally paid for it. Gale seems to be very careful with his money and be preparing for the "what ifs" like what if he doesn't get another TV show or whatever. That's smart!

The only reason Gale didn't make more on QAF is that he was classy and asked to be paid like the rest of the cast even though he became the clear breakout star of the show. He could have have been arrogant and demanded more, but didn't.

Especially after the motorcycle accident, I think he's done all right. Many critics are saying Gale is amazing in The Secret Circle. They sale he "steals the show" in the pilot. TSC premiers tomorrow night (Thursday).

by Brian Kinneyreply 32209/14/2011

I meant the whole rest of the "what's it to you.." to R321 NOT R320 (I was LOL at/withR320)!!!

by Brian Kinneyreply 32309/14/2011

r322 if Gale was so *eye roll* "classy" and so *double eye roll* smart, then why isn't he unable to get another major role?%0D %0D Talented people such Kirsten Dunst eventually did go on to more major roles.%0D %0D I always like to say if you can't repeat it, well then consider it luck.

by Brian Kinneyreply 32409/15/2011

r322 stop worshipping him just because he's got good looks.%0D %0D They will eventually be gone.

by Brian Kinneyreply 32509/15/2011

[quote]Talented people such Kirsten Dunst eventually did go on to more major roles.

What a poorly written non-sequitur that was!

by Brian Kinneyreply 32609/15/2011

I have to bump this thread for the benefit of the freaks discussing Gale Harold's decline in the What is Gale Harold doing at a GLEH party thread.

Have at it ladies.

by Brian Kinneyreply 32701/19/2013

So far: Gale is in a not so super-secret star-crossed lovers relationship with Randy Harrison

Gale is no longer dating Yara his former 'beard'

Gale is dating a tranny called Danny er Danielle and he took her to a gay love hotel

Gale is looking like a total druggie

Gale has no work to speak of and is reduced to attending fan conventions where fat fraus fawn over him and pay good money for the privilege

by Brian Kinneyreply 32801/19/2013


by Brian Kinneyreply 32901/19/2013

People are having problems with DL today (including myself) but Gale threads keep on going.

In the last one, upset fans wanted to stage an intervention for our dear Gale who now is a druggie. Maybe Randy and his love can save him.

by Brian Kinneyreply 33001/19/2013

Someone pretend to be Gale and post because that sounds like a fucking BLAST!

by Brian Kinneyreply 33101/19/2013

I'm not Gale, but I am Danielle. PLEASE NOTICE ME!!

by Brian Kinneyreply 33201/25/2013

So, the last thread was closed after 43 posts. WTF!!! Since when does datalounge close threads! Or is the DL webmaster secertly a GH fan and can't handle comments about his failing career?

by Brian Kinneyreply 33301/28/2013

Well there is another new thread with only 7 posts.

by Brian Kinneyreply 33401/28/2013
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