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Linda Darnell


by George Cukorreply 19412/10/2014


by George Cukorreply 109/24/2010

She possessed a fire rarely found in other actresses of the time.

by George Cukorreply 209/24/2010

Fire. Ha! Funny.

by George Cukorreply 309/24/2010

Miss Linda Darnell on What's My Line?

by George Cukorreply 409/24/2010

She was beautiful and I loved her in A Letter to Three Wives.

by George Cukorreply 509/24/2010

A Letter to Three Wives - one of my all time favorite movies. It's like comfort food.

Everyone in it is wonderful.

by George Cukorreply 609/24/2010

i think she fucked errol flynn. i read his bio years ago and think she was in it.

by George Cukorreply 709/24/2010

Gorgeous, interesting, usually not given good enough material, and absolutely fabulous in A Letter to Three Wives.

by George Cukorreply 809/24/2010

One of the most beautiful women ever in films. As others have already said, too bad she didn't get better material.

by George Cukorreply 909/24/2010

I think of her, Dorothy Lamour, Hedy Lamarr, and a few other stars of their day as being voluptuous, classy but high-octane sexpot glamour girl that really doesn't quite exist any more.

Note, I am not one of those people saying that there aren't gorgeous actresses working today, I'm just saying that certain of the stars of that era, epitomized for me by these three, had a kind of allure that one rarely sees anymore in pop entertainment.

OK, maybe Lena Olin and Marion Cotillard have it, but I can think of few others.

by George Cukorreply 1009/24/2010

She would have lead a much happier life had she not been an actress.

by George Cukorreply 1109/24/2010

Linda was gorgeous, wasn't she considered the most beautiful woman on film at a certain point? Who was the sexpot actress that committed suicide because of Rex Harrison?

by George Cukorreply 1209/24/2010

r12: Carole Landis

by George Cukorreply 1309/24/2010

gorgeous! a letter to three wives is excellent.

by George Cukorreply 1409/24/2010

Thanks, R13. I alkways get my Mysteries and scandals episodes mixed up.

by George Cukorreply 1509/24/2010

Bit of A Letter to three Wives, when she got and the other wives got the letter from Addie Ross, a photo of Otto Preminger was pasted onto the paper...this is because the director ( forgot his name) wanted a reaction from Linda...she was perceived as cold....and Linda hated Otto with a passion because he bullied her on a prior movie she was in ( forgot the name of the getting old)

by George Cukorreply 1609/24/2010

r 16:, Preminger's picture was in a frame in a scene with Jeanne Crain (seen from the was supposed to be a picture of Addie Ross). As Crain also hated working with Preminger and was supposed to glare at the picture with loathing, the same 'trick' worked for her.

by George Cukorreply 1709/24/2010

Linda was just as beautiful as Rita Hayworth in Blood and Sand, I wonder why Rita got to be the biggest star of the two, since both were average actresses (with beautiful faces and spectacular bodies, of course).

by George Cukorreply 1809/24/2010


by George Cukorreply 1909/24/2010

Her kiss with Dana Andrews at 1:41 is still pretty hot.

by George Cukorreply 2009/24/2010

Very beautiful. Marilyn Monroe said that standing next to Linda Darnell at a party made her (Monroe) feel "dowdy"

Joan Collins said that Darnell kept an unlined skin by keeping her face immobile and free from expression.

In Darnell's later years she was involved with Rudy Sieber, Marlene Dietrich's husband. Dietrich said that she was glad her husband had "that pretty Darnell woman" to keep him company.

by George Cukorreply 2109/25/2010

The Darnell Preminger movie was Forever Amber.

by George Cukorreply 2209/26/2010

agree r10 and Gene Tierney, Lena Horne and Ava Gardner need to be added to your list.

by George Cukorreply 2309/26/2010

She was have Native American half Irish American.

by George Cukorreply 2409/26/2010

Forever Amber is an excellent movie. The sort of thing that could never get made today. Love George Sanders and his King Charles Spaniels.

by George Cukorreply 2509/26/2010

Gorgeous woman. Period.

by George Cukorreply 2609/26/2010

She seemed to be a tough dame in "Three Wives" whereas Jeann Craine appeared as though she'd faint if you looked at her funny.

by George Cukorreply 2709/26/2010

Anybody see last season's episode of "The Simpsons" that was a parody of "Three Wives?"

by George Cukorreply 2809/26/2010

She died in a fire.

by George Cukorreply 2909/26/2010

One of the most gorgeous actresses ever, but sadly developed a severe booze problem and was awfully bloated looking in her last years.

by George Cukorreply 3009/26/2010

I love her in FALLEN ANGEL and A LETTER TO THREE WIVES. She was one of those like Betty Grable who was so young when she started that she had to lie about her age.

I have been trying forever to see a John Stahl film with her called WALLS OF JERICHO.

by George Cukorreply 3109/26/2010

Most of "Hollywood Beauty: Linda Darnell and the American Dream" is on google books.

by George Cukorreply 3209/26/2010

Her mother brought her to Hollywood from Texas along with a pet rooster that she would take everywhere, even to movie sets.

by George Cukorreply 3309/26/2010

The rooster's name was Tweedles.

by George Cukorreply 3409/26/2010

R18, in Blood and Sand, Darnell had the dull part of the virtuous wife while Hayworth got to play the vamp which is why Hayworth's career got a boost from Blood and Sand. I don't think Darnell's career really took off until she played a femme fatale in Fallen Angel.

by George Cukorreply 3509/26/2010

Kenneth Anger included a small section on her in "Hollywood Babylon" including a picture of a burned-out house captioned "Linda Darnell's inferno" but with no details on the circumstances surrounding her death.

by George Cukorreply 3609/26/2010


by George Cukorreply 3709/26/2010

1949 wardrobe test for "No Way Out" dressed in Travilla.

by George Cukorreply 3809/26/2010

I'm shocked no one has mentioned her finest film performance, in Douglas Sirk's SUMMER STORM opposite George Sanders. Run, don't walk to pick that one up, girls! It's too good to miss!

SUMMER STORM is based on one of Chekhov's best short stories. They don't make melodramas like this anymore - it's Sirk, after all!

by George Cukorreply 3909/26/2010

Poor, tragic Linda!

by George Cukorreply 4009/26/2010

what a terrible way to die.

by George Cukorreply 4109/27/2010

Gloria Dickson died in a fire. Darnell the next day. They both had so much potential.

by George Cukorreply 4209/27/2010


Just watched "Hangover Square" for the first time. Linda is at her most luscious. After Laird Kreiger (big queen in real life) kills her, he carries her body through the streets of London and deposits it on top of a Guy Fawkes bonfire. (Foreshadowing her real death?) See clip.

The score is by Bernard Herrmann, and in an interview Sondheim said the film was a major influence on "Sweeney Todd."

by George Cukorreply 4309/27/2010

Linda (as TupTim) also gets burned at the stake in ANNA AND THE KING OF SIAM (very underrated movie)

by George Cukorreply 4409/28/2010

Is the average DL reader around 85 these days?!

by George Cukorreply 4509/28/2010

I'm not 85, but it's a hoot to learn about old stars and their scandals. It's like nothing has changed, in fact, it's seems like there was more drama and intrigue in those days. And some of these women were so damned pretty!

by George Cukorreply 4609/28/2010

No R45 I have to disagree. By reading your comment there are many 10 year olds who still bed wet, and who think anything that is 3-D with a lot of sound effects is an intellectual, stimulating film.

by George Cukorreply 4709/28/2010

R46 don't bother with R45. He can't comprehend quality films and films that based on good scripts verses cheap sound effects. He is very delusional and has an obsessive compulsive disorder watching Access Hollywood and Extra. Anyone who is not talked about on Access Hollywood or Extra at the present time, is just too much for his lack of mental capacity to contemplate.

by George Cukorreply 4809/28/2010

Who were her husbands and big affairs?

I had always thought she'd been discovered as an unknown to play the lead in Forever Amber (much like the nation-wide search for Scarlett O'Hara) but perhaps that isn't true?

And I think she was blonde as Amber in spite of eventually becoming one of the most gorgeous sultry brunettes in Hollywood history.

How old would she be in that WML clip? She looks to be 45 by today's standards but is probably ten years younger.

by George Cukorreply 4909/28/2010

Forever Ember

by George Cukorreply 5009/28/2010

r 49: She was signed by Fox in 1939 when she was 15...and played Tyrone Power's wife (!!!) in DAYTIME WIFE the same year.

Her first film that year is ELSA MAXWELL'S HOTEL FOR WOMEN about the cut-throat world of Manhattan fashion models. Sweet Linda is a threat to top VOGUE model Lynn Bari (playing as always a deliciously evil bitch) in winning a major cigarette ad campaign. But the film is stolen by 'Den Mother' Ann Sothern (who would work with Linda ten years later in A LETTER TO THREE WIVES)

Of course, it is a must see.

by George Cukorreply 5109/28/2010

Linda was Zanuck's second choice for AMBER. He wanted Lana Turner (who, coincidentally, was one of Linda's best friends. Linda's other best bud was Ann Miller).

by George Cukorreply 5209/28/2010

Linda Darnell was not just the second choice for FOREVER AMBER but she was also the second actress filmed in the movie. They actually began the production with another actress, Peggy Cummins, who filmed a ton of scenes. Fox saw it was not working and they re-cast it with Linda.

The original ending to the film is around but not available on the vhs. Sadly, Fox never released it on DVD.

by George Cukorreply 5309/28/2010

Right you are, r 53. I forgot about Cummins. There was a much-publicized "multi-thousand dollar kiss" between Darnell & Cornel Wilde that supposedly proved too hot for the Hayes Office and was cut...but it might have just been canny publicity.

r 49: Her first marriage in 1943 was to the much-older distingished Fox cameraman Peverell Marley. She was unable to have children, and they adopted a girl whom they called Lola. Her honeymoon caused her to be taken off THE GANG'S ALL HERE - she was replaced by starlet Sheila Ryan.

She was originally scheduled for ORCHESTRA WIVES, where she would have been menaced (again) by Lynn Bari. She would have been far better than her dull replacement Ann Rutherford.

Like Judy Garland, Linda had an intense affair with Manckewiscz. (sp.?)

by George Cukorreply 5409/28/2010

Her real name was Monetta Eloyse Darnell.

by George Cukorreply 5509/28/2010

She plays the Blessed Virgin Mary in "The Song of Bernadette."

Yes, she really does.

Never gets a close-up, however.

Must have been in the BVM's contract.

by George Cukorreply 5609/28/2010

r 56: She said she was picked "because I was the only virgin on the lot".

by George Cukorreply 5709/28/2010

There's a great documentary on Linda, "Linda Darnell, Hollywood's Fallen Angel" that can be found on most torrent sites (use isohunt to search for it)

by George Cukorreply 5809/28/2010

Thanks for the link to the details of her sad death. I can understand her desperation to save her money. $1200 was still alot of money in 1965 as we all know from our Mad Men discussions and some of us from memory. %0D %0D Before the internet my mom used to be the one who'd tell me all these details about the old Hollywood and for some reason she knew a lot of it and it would usually turn out to be true decades later. She was sort of cynical about it though growing up in NYC she enjoyed some of it. She was the one who told me as a young girl not to be impressed with hype - that they paid girls to pretend to scream and faint at Frank Sinatra concerts. She didn't care for Sniatra or the Kennedys - she thought they were trash. %0D %0D My mom had told me about Darnell's death by fire but these details are even sadder. I thought she died in a drunken stupor passing out with a lit cigarette. %0D %0D it's a valuable lesson and makes me glad that I have a small fireproof safe in bedroom. It's about 15 inches tall by 13 inches and very heavy. Ever since 9/11 I keep sums of cash at home just in case ATMs go down and who knows when I'll have to buy my way out of the country. I've never had more than $2,000 tops but I would hate to lose it in a fire. Everything important is in that safe including some family pictures and important documents so if I have to leave in a fire I'm not worrying about it. If I had a minute to grab things I'd just grab my bag, some clothes for work and a coat and I'm gone.%0D %0D I keep meaning to get one of those fire proof ladders to escape out a window. Now that I am reminded of 9/11 I better lock the safe in case some fireman wants to examine inside. %0D %0D RIP poor hard working Linda. Damn the IRS.

by George Cukorreply 5909/29/2010

I can recall the news on the radio, the day she died. They said she went back in the house to retrieve her prized possession. A mink coat.

by George Cukorreply 6009/29/2010

Darnell's drinking aged her badly. By the time she left Fox in the early '50s, she looked bloated and matronly.

by George Cukorreply 6109/29/2010

R59, what a drama queen. I am all for being prepared but "who knows when I'll have to buy my way out of the country." Grow up.%0D %0D Anyway, back to Darnell. I heard she went back in to find out the status of her secretary's 2 children, both of whom she thought were still inside.

by George Cukorreply 6209/29/2010

The next door neighbor broke down the kitchen door with an axe, which created a huge backdraft and the fire basically exploded in the house. That's what got Linda Darnell...if the kitchen door hadn't been knocked down she probably would have made it out the front door and lived. Horrible story.

by George Cukorreply 6309/29/2010

Well r60, we know the truth now... Darnell had a very seductive voice IMO. I fall into a daze when listening to her. She's very cute on WML too.

by George Cukorreply 6409/29/2010

She is so adorably earthy and natural in that WML clip that her imminent tragic death is even sadder to ponder.

by George Cukorreply 6509/29/2010

I'm glad R43 mentioned Hangover Square - Linda was luscious but she was also a nasty little bitch in it and the ending with Laird is hysterical and ludicrous, but I love this movie anyhow and the score is lovely.

by George Cukorreply 6609/30/2010

It was a joke, 62. Chill. %0D %0D And where did you hear that version?

by George Cukorreply 6709/30/2010

God! Now i discovered that thread. It's nice that it exists! I'm glad that many of you posted for her. She's absolutely worth it. Yes, she was bitchy in 'Hangover Square' but an angel to 'Blood and Sand'. A very beautiful woman and a moving actress. She often described as the "girl with the perfect face".

The way that beautiful woman died was horrible. According to Wiki:

Darnell died on April 10, 1965 from burns she received in a house fire in Glenview, Illinois. She had been staying there with friends while preparing for a stage role in the Chicago area. Her 1940 film, Star Dust, had played on television the night of the fire, and it was widely reported that Darnell had fallen asleep with a lit cigarette while watching it. Some more sensational reports claimed she was intoxicated and despondent over her career. But biographer Ronald L. Davis, in his book Hollywood Beauty, wrote that there was no evidence that any of these stories were true, or that Darnell was in any way responsible for the blaze. By his account, Darnell was burned over 90 percent of her body because rather than jump from the window as her friend's daughter had already done, Darnell tried to make it to the front door. She reached the door but the doorknob was too hot to touch.

She was only 41 years old.

In IMDb it is written about her death: Died in a fire of unknown source while visiting friends. While sleeping upstairs and awakened by smoke, she tried to exit through the downstairs door, but was trapped. Badly burned over 90% of her body she died the following day in the hospital. Source: "Hollywood Beauty" by Ronald L. Davis University of Oklahoma Press.

by George Cukorreply 6812/11/2012

Everyone who hasn't seen Linda in a movie yet and they want to discover her i recommend them to start by 'Hangover Square', 'Blood and Sand' and 'Unfaithfully Yours'.

She played in many interesting and good movies. I will also mention the 'Mask of Zoro' 'No Way Out', 'A Letter to Three Wives' and 'Fallen Angel'.

by George Cukorreply 6912/11/2012

She and Ann Miller were close friends by the way.

by George Cukorreply 7012/11/2012

Another photo with the two of them.

by George Cukorreply 7112/11/2012

Sensational eyes covered her beautiful face

by George Cukorreply 7212/11/2012

One of the most gorgeous film stars ever (and yes, that voice!), but sadly became puffy- and bloated-looking in later years from heavy drinking.

by George Cukorreply 7312/11/2012

She as very kind to a relative of mine back in the forties. She was an unspoiled, down to earth, gracious woman who didn't rely on her beauty to get ahead but by exercising her good will.

by George Cukorreply 7412/11/2012

I wonder what made her drinking so heavily? I read that her story with Howard Hughes cost her a lot emotionally. Maybe that was one of the reasons among many others of course...It's never only a reason that can destroy someone. It is a chain of experiences and hidden feelings next to the other ones.

Yep, in the forties Linda looked exquisite and she was a blend of innocence and sensuality.

R74 very interesting your description. Yes, looking at Linda in the forties, she seemed to have a very friendly and pleasant air, so what you wrote confirms somehow the impression i have for her. It's a positive one. I'm glad that she was indeed friendly and it didn't only seem so.

by George Cukorreply 7512/11/2012

What made her incredibly beautiful were in her eyes. Her stare could be very expressive. Her dark brown eyes made her face shine. She was alluring and sweet, what a strange combination.

by George Cukorreply 7612/11/2012

I loved her in Dark Angel. She's one of the best truly evil femmes fatales in film noir in that movie.

by George Cukorreply 7712/11/2012

R77, yes Linda could be a very convincing femme fatale, she had the looks to be that too!

Below, there is a photo of Linda Darnell with her first husband J.Peverell Marley. He was a cinematographer. Together, they adapted one child, a daughter. It was the only child of Linda. Linda married three times and she also divorced three times. I wonder why she got unlucky in love. Anyway...i guess many women of her era who were actresses didn't get lucky in their marriages. Being a Hollywood actress was tricky,full of smoke and mirrors and men i guess had not really much understanding.

by George Cukorreply 7812/11/2012

I read somewhere that 'One account claims Ms Darnell was burned over 90 percent of her body when she ran into a burning area trying to save her friend’s child, not knowing that the young girl had already escaped.'

Well, i guess we'll never know the truth, Linda took it with her to her grave and the evidence that there is about what exactly happened is not clear. Strange, eh?

by George Cukorreply 7912/11/2012

One more photo of magnetic Linda. My kiss for goodnight to you...

by George Cukorreply 8012/11/2012

I love her in the sophisticated and daffy "Unfaithfully Yours". Such great entertainment.

by George Cukorreply 8112/11/2012

Yeah, she was a sensation in 'Unfaithfully Yours'


by George Cukorreply 8212/12/2012

She ruined Alice Faye's career.

by George Cukorreply 8312/12/2012

She began very early as a teenager and was supporting her family then.

Mankiewicz fucked her over royally in the early 50s, they had been "dating" since 3 WIVES and NO WAY OUT (where she is sensationally good in this race drama by Mank), and he was preparing THE BAREFOOT CONTESSA for her in Europe in 1954, but by then Linda was getting past her peak and Ava Gardner was the hot new girl, so Mank gave the part to Ava. Linda had apparantly left her husband for him.

She is marvellous though in that year's THIS IS MY LOVE, a good melodrama by Stuart Heisler, and she is lovely with young Tab Hunter (in his cut-off jeans like a go-go boy) in ISLAND OF DESIRE, where they are cast adrift on a desert island ... she had one good last western DAKOTA STATION in '56, with Dale Robertson.

Sad now though to see her being burnt at the stake in ANNA AND THE KING OF SIAM.

by George Cukorreply 8412/12/2012

It's tragic to see her being burnt also in 'Hangover Square'.

by George Cukorreply 8512/12/2012

I wish i knew from what film is this picture. It seems very interesting.

by George Cukorreply 8612/12/2012

Oh, i find it out. It's from 'Forever Amber', an Otto Preminger film. Her co-star in this is Cornel Wilde.

If i could find this film...

by George Cukorreply 8712/12/2012

R84 then Mankiewicz was possibly a grand bitch! He maybe was one of the best directors of his generation but the way he treated practically implied that he favoured another woman (Ava Gardner) over her. Cheap behavior if he promised Linda that role and then he changed up his mind by seeing Ava.

On the other hand the way Linda treated her husband...well maybe he was not a good hubby... Otherwise, i can't believe that Linda would be so amorous with another man.

by George Cukorreply 8812/12/2012

How could you not love someone who played The Virgin Mary, an 18th century courtesan, and a blue-collar wife from the wrong side of the tracks - all done wonderfully.

by George Cukorreply 8912/12/2012

I read that she actually ran back into the burning house to retrieve an amount of cash she had placed in a desk drawer . . . Linda was experiencing money problems at the time of her death.

by George Cukorreply 9012/12/2012

In the photo below it is Linda Darnell. She is being burnt at the stake(as R84 aptly noticed) in the movie 'Anna and the King of Siam'

by George Cukorreply 9112/12/2012

R90, i don't know, a lot of assumptions have been made about Linda's death, however is there any solid fact that confirms what really happened that day? From another source i read that Linda tried to save her friend's child from the fire without knowing that the child managed to escape from the fire herself. Someone else i read that Linda was too drunk too be safe...

In Wiki it is written: She had been staying there with friends while preparing for a stage role in the Chicago area. Her 1940 film, Star Dust, had played on television the night of the fire, and it was widely reported that Darnell had fallen asleep with a lit cigarette while watching it. Some more sensational reports claimed she was intoxicated and despondent over her career. But biographer Ronald L. Davis, in his book Hollywood Beauty, wrote that there was no evidence that any of these stories were true, or that Darnell was in any way responsible for the blaze. By his account, Darnell was burned over 90 percent of her body because rather than jump from the window as her friend's daughter had already done, Darnell tried to make it to the front door. She reached the door but the doorknob was too hot to touch.

R90, this is the first time i read that she ran back into the burning house to retrieve an amount of cash she had placed in a desk drawer . It is interesting and i wonder if it could have happened too. Who knows...

by George Cukorreply 9212/12/2012

Yes, she was fantastic with Rex Harrison in 'Unfaithfully Yours' Hehe...all this caprice

by George Cukorreply 9312/12/2012


by George Cukorreply 9412/12/2012

R90, according to, Darnell ran back downstairs to retrieve $1200 that she had left there while working on her taxes. As she made her way to the bottom of the stairs, a neighbor boy took a snow shovel to the back door to save the occupants, causing a backdraft that scorched her good. She was found alive and cursed up a storm on her way to the hospital.

by George Cukorreply 9512/12/2012

R95 if that is definite and true, it is so goddamn sad and ironic. Anyway,she has been gracious in many movies and she seemed friendly and lovely...things just don't turn out always as we expect them to be...and in some cases terrible things happen like in Linda's case.

However, i'm sure that Linda's life was not only a series of tragedies. She experienced success and i'm pretty sure that she had been loved.

by George Cukorreply 9612/12/2012

Equally good as blowsy sexpot characters and angelic good-girl ones. Rare in her generation to be allowed that freedom.

by George Cukorreply 9712/12/2012

For Linda.

by George Cukorreply 9812/12/2012

Linda may have been replaced by Ava Gardner on The Barefoot Contessa but Ava was the bigger star by then. It's not like she was some hot new unknown who only got the role cause Mank was fucking her.

by George Cukorreply 9912/12/2012

I can't believe DL has a Linda Darnell thread with 100 posts.

by George Cukorreply 10012/12/2012

R99, i didn't say that Ava opened her legs to Mankiewicz in order to take that role. I just said that it was cheap of Mankiewicz to give that role to Ava if he had promised that role to Linda first. He could put Ava in another movie, anyway...

By the way Linda was a year younger than Ava. Ava was born in 1922 and Linda in 1923

by George Cukorreply 10112/14/2012

Linda Darnell was a very beautiful actress

by George Cukorreply 10212/20/2012

Yes, beautiful and inviting

by George Cukorreply 10312/20/2012

She was enchanting. She deserves to be remembered.

by George Cukorreply 10412/20/2012

You can't imagine how much i want to see 'Forever Amber'.

by George Cukorreply 10512/20/2012

Linda Darnell... what a terrible death she met.

Such beauty!

by George Cukorreply 10612/20/2012

Linda! I wish that didn't happen. However, a lot of bad bad bad things happen!

by George Cukorreply 10712/20/2012

Linda in 'Hangover Square'

by George Cukorreply 10812/20/2012

On the set of Forever Amber, Andre Kostelanetz shows Linda Darnell one of his proudest achievements

Tags: 1947, Andre Kostelanetz, Forever Amber, Linda Darnell, They Were Called Records

by George Cukorreply 10912/20/2012

The 'femme fatale' look

by George Cukorreply 11012/20/2012

Cough cough...

by George Cukorreply 11112/20/2012


by George Cukorreply 11212/20/2012

Either troll-dar is broken, or the preceding twelve posts were all by the same person.

by George Cukorreply 11312/20/2012

R113 can i ask you a question sugar? You troll-dar all the time? That's sad...

Read the context insted and don't be foolish...

You like Linda Darnell or not? That's what it matters in this thread, after all.

by George Cukorreply 11412/20/2012


by George Cukorreply 11512/20/2012

Tab: I don't fuck women

Linda:Oh, don't say such things!

by George Cukorreply 11612/20/2012

Tab: I'll try to kiss you passionately

Linda: I swoon...

by George Cukorreply 11712/20/2012

R101-12 and 114-17, the answer to the question that you fatuously requested permission to ask is no; I troll-darred only once, at R101. It automatically showed me that the same person (you) had written all of the successive postings. That's what troll-dar does. Curiously, it does NOT show that you wrote the one that 101 implied that you did, about Mankiewicz.

by George Cukorreply 11812/20/2012

Linda:Come in here macho man. I'm frustrated...Keep me some company

by George Cukorreply 11912/20/2012

R118 blah blah, take it easy boy, you disturb me

Be more essential, please...

By the way Linda was more beautiful than Ava. Ava was just more notorious...

by George Cukorreply 12012/20/2012

I recently saw a rare Linda film, RISE AND SHINE, which starred a 39-year old Jack Oakie playing an obnoxious college football hero for the umpteenth time.

Linda plays a cute co-ed and of course she is breathtaking. But I wasn't expecting to see her so laid-back and funny, even taking a few pratfalls. She had a real gift for physical comedy I had not suspected.

I remember reading somewhere that around this time Mickey Rooney was hot to fuck her.

In 1941, MGM wanted to borrow Linda and Carole Landis for inclusion in one of their all-star Technicolor shorts, but asshole Zanuck refused to loan them.

by George Cukorreply 12112/20/2012

r75, I do remember that awful AJ Benza doing a story on Linda. He said that she became very depressed when she found out that she was unable to bear children. She eventually adopted a daughter, but I think she really wanted to give birth. This put a strain on her marriage as well, and she turned to booze for comfort.

by George Cukorreply 12212/20/2012

Candid footage of gorgeous Linda and Ann Miller at the Hollywood Canteen.

by George Cukorreply 12312/20/2012

Guys, i enjoyed your three last messages. It was news to me and i found them very interesting.

By the way, women shouldn't not feel that kind of desperation if they can't have their own children. It's society's fault actually and i bet back that time it must have been awful for a woman to be unable to have children. All this is actually a show-off, 'I can have my children, i can flaunt my children.' A woman can be a good mother to anybody if she needs to be maternal...

Linda maybe needed more support and probably she didn't have it.

by George Cukorreply 12412/20/2012

Interesting film by any standard, and at 12:13 is a snippet of Linda at the canteen.

by George Cukorreply 12512/20/2012

I'd like to thank the poster who has contributed so many great photos to this thread, and I suspect it's the same poster who did the same for the Stanwyck/Crawford thread.

It makes these threads far more interesting.

by George Cukorreply 12612/20/2012

R126, thanks for your appreciation. You are welcome! I also want to thank all of you who keep threads like this alive. I read your comments and i watch your links with much delight.


In the photo below

1946: Slave girl Tuptim, played by Linda Darnell is punished for attempting to escape in a scene from 'Anna and the King of Siam', directed by John Cromwell.

by George Cukorreply 12712/21/2012

Sorry the link as i can see now didn't work. Well, here is another photo from the same movie.

The end is near for slave girl Tuptim, played by Linda Darnell...

by George Cukorreply 12812/21/2012

A very kind person uploaded a month ago 'Forever Amber' and now we have the opportunity to download it. God, that's sooooo cool. Thank you, whoever you are! I wanted so badly to see that movie! Yeah! I'm soooooo happy now! I'm downloading it now.


by George Cukorreply 12901/29/2013

She was gorgeous in 'Forever Amber'.

Absolutely ravishing!

by George Cukorreply 13002/11/2013

Alice Faye got jealous of her obviously...

According to Wade Williams in Biography: Alice Faye: The Star Next Door, when Alice Faye saw a rough cut of the film and realized that Otto Preminger's editing had diminished the impact of her performance in favor of newcomer Linda Darnell, she got up from the screening, drove off the 20th Century Fox lot, threw her dressing room key to the security guard, and vowed never to work for the studio again.

by George Cukorreply 13102/20/2013

Linda Darnell was the first to hire a black secretary that she had travel openly with her. Marguerite Lecense Justice, who became the first black woman on the LAPD, was the secretary to Linda Darnell. She gave an interview in the 70's, and she talked affectionately about Linda. She said one of Linda's favorite quotes was "it takes the white and black keys on the piano to play the star spangled banner."

by George Cukorreply 13202/20/2013

A luscious woman with a golden heart.

At the end she confronted a lot of problems but she was a really really nice woman. Sje just collapsed...

We love her always.

by George Cukorreply 13302/20/2013

With Anne Miller, one of her closest friends (1940s)

War bonds

by George Cukorreply 13402/20/2013

Linda was desperate for a comeback in the 1950's and even screen tested for a part in a film but Zanuck gave the role to Joan Collins. The footage was released in a documentary maybe 10-12 years ago but when Twilight Time released the film it wad not included as an extra.

by George Cukorreply 13502/20/2013

post 134

by George Cukorreply 13602/20/2013

R136 meaning...?


by George Cukorreply 13702/20/2013

The film in referenced in r135 is THE RUNAWAY BUS, based on a John Steinbeck novel.

by George Cukorreply 13802/20/2013

I will never forget her as well. She was a classic figure of film noirs and an amazing beauty.

by George Cukorreply 13902/20/2013

Guys, i also loved that kiss in 'Fallen Angel'.

R20 had the kindness to post that wonderful moment of that film. Really, it is one of the most beautiful kisses that have been given behind the silver screen. 'Fallen Angel' is a 1945 film and this kiss is soooo intense, it's almost unbelievable that they filmed this kind of a kiss that era!

A gorgeous moment...

by George Cukorreply 14002/20/2013

She was a half-breed Indian gal from the great state of Texas!

by George Cukorreply 14102/20/2013



by George Cukorreply 14202/20/2013

r131: I'm a huge Alice Faye fan as well, and agree with Wade Williams that it was a dumb choice of Alice to take the bland "good girl" role in FALLEN ANGEL. Even without the cuts in Faye's role, Linda had the juicier part from the start.

by George Cukorreply 14302/20/2013

r141: And Linda (like Ann Sheridan, another favorite of mine) never hid her Native-American ancestry.

by George Cukorreply 14402/20/2013

Ann Sheridan-- who new! Now, Ava Gardner, you could tell right off.

by George Cukorreply 14502/20/2013

R143, in 'Fallen Angel' i discovered Alice Faye and i think that she was very distinctive even in that role. And Yes, Linda Darnell was the striking beauty of that film, the dark dream, it was as Linda represented the vitality of desire...however i believe that Alice Faye shouldn't feel betrayed by the studio. She really delivered a great performance, her face is not by any chance common or boring, she seemed witty and mysterious even as a good girl that falls in love with the first man that wants to deceive her.

They both gave their stigma to this film. I mean it's impossible someone to mention 'Fallen Angel' and not remember Alice Faye! In addition, her name appeared first in this movie. She shouldn't be bothered! Ah...these stars!


by George Cukorreply 14602/20/2013


by George Cukorreply 14702/21/2013

You are so enchanting, people just stare...

by George Cukorreply 14802/21/2013

With Robert Mitchum

by George Cukorreply 14902/21/2013

Instead of monopolizing the conversation, R146, why not spend some time learning the definition and usage of "stigma"?

by George Cukorreply 15002/21/2013

R150, you are so constipated and foolish. Ok, maybe in English stigma has a negative meaning (i confess i didn't know that in English its meaning is only negative), but obviously you are the ignorant here. Darling, i'm Greek and the world stigma is a Greek word. Obviously you didn't know that but 'stigma' is derived from Greek stigma, stigmat- "tattoo mark".

Anyway,I'm not sending for people like you in here. I'm sending for others, who can appreciate some things and people and they can find beauty and not only faults and drawbacks in life and in others. I bet you are very miserable and stingy in your personal life, and i'm convinced that i don't really want to know about it anymore.

Below there is a photo of sweet and beautiful Linda Darnell with her mother Margaret.

by George Cukorreply 15102/21/2013

Oh, yes that kiss in Fallen Angel is so darn hot! That Linda Darnell was a doll indeed.

by George Cukorreply 15202/22/2013

I think the Hays office forbade open-mouthed kidding, but Preminger got around it by showing it in darkness except when Andrews pulls away.

by George Cukorreply 15302/22/2013

R153 yes, your observation is correct.

Clever and sly Otto Preminger!

by George Cukorreply 15402/22/2013

She was one of the most beautiful actresses of Hollywwod. She still is.

by George Cukorreply 15503/01/2013


by George Cukorreply 15603/01/2013

I'd only seen her in Forever Amber and I have to say, I didn't think she was all that. She was a knockout with dark hair, though, sultry as hell.

by George Cukorreply 15703/01/2013

R157 you got that right SULTRY as hell!


by George Cukorreply 15803/01/2013

Producer-director Otto Preminger noted in his Preminger: An Autobiography (1977) that Hughes was extremely successful with women, partly because of his quiet charm, partly because of his money, and mostly because of his persistence.

Preminger recalled that Hughes expressed an interest in meeting Darnell, the striking actress who at the time was married, and whose contract at Twentieth Century Fox had several years to run. “I don’t need to know him,” said a dismissive Darnell.

As Preminger tells it, the Howard Hughes seduction machine then kicked into high gear.

Although he was an accomplished golfer, Hughes enrolled in the same golf lessons that Darnell was taking at the time.

When she saw him there she naturally felt flattered. Hughes introduced himself to the actress, asking her ‘What harm could there be in the two of us having lunch together?’ Darnell said, yes, providing her agent could come along.

Hughes arrived at the appointed hour, picked up Darnell and agent in an old Chevrolet, and drove to his private airfield. Warming up on the landing strip was a Constellation, one of the biggest planes then in use. ‘What’s going on?, asked an alarmed Linda Darnell. ‘We are going to lunch,’ Hughes answered.

The three of them boarded the plane, with Hughes taking the controls. Destination – San Francisco.

There a car was waiting for them. They were driven to the Fairmont Hotel, which had a spectacular view of the city and the bay. Hughes had taken an entire floor of the hotel. A small orchestra played, a delicious buffet was laid out, and waiters served them with great solicitude, Preminger wrote in his memoir.

I don’t exactly know what happened except that Linda got a divorce from her cameraman husband a few months later.

She never married Hughes, though. It was Preminger’s view that at the time marriage was one human condition Hughes wanted to avoid at any price. (He did, however, wed actress Jean Peters in 1957. The couple divorced in 1971.)

SEE:The Ann Miller thread in Datalounge. There, it is written about the end of the affair of Howard Hughes with Linda Darnell.

by George Cukorreply 15903/01/2013

Passion, beauty, fire...

by George Cukorreply 16003/02/2013

It's so easy to fall in love with her in 'Unfaithfully Yours'

One of the most beautiful women ever

by George Cukorreply 16103/08/2013

i see her movies with so much pleasure. She was so easy on the eye and capable of delivering really nice and memorable performances.

by George Cukorreply 16203/08/2013

As much i like Gene Tierney, I would like Linda Darnell to play the lead role to Otto Preminger's 'Laura'. Maybe, the film would be less frigid then...

by George Cukorreply 16303/08/2013


by George Cukorreply 16404/07/2013

A very interesting link about Linda and her personal life and career.

Bravo to the guys who sent all this intriguing info. Thank you.

by George Cukorreply 16504/07/2013

I used to think she was biracial and hiding it, but now finding out her real first name, I'm convinced she is.

by George Cukorreply 16604/07/2013

R166, i don't believe that Linda was hiding her roots from anyone. By the way R166, read R132.

by George Cukorreply 16704/07/2013

Linda Darnell, the little Texan girl was being cast in films opposite her crush Tyrone Power: 'Daytime Wife', 'Brigham Young', 'The Mark of Zorro', and 'Blood and Sand'.

In most of her early roles, she portrayed the young, virginal figure-- American as apple pie and sweet as candy. Yet, the flash was not enough to alter her sensibilities. Linda did not become a party girl, but preferred to stay at home and read or prep for the next day's work. Still a teen, Linda may have been intoxicated by the freedom-- something that she had never experienced under Pearl's(Linda's mother) control-- but she was still impressionable and uncertain on her own.

Since her parents' marriage was long since one in name only, and Calvin(her father) had preferred life outside the home, Linda too was longing for the paternal figure she'd never really had. For this reason, she quickly fell under the spell of the attentive cinematographer, Pev Marley. With a 22 year age difference, few in the community saw it coming when they eloped on April 18, 1943.

by George Cukorreply 16804/07/2013

Zanuck(the notorious producer) fired Pev Marley and put Linda on suspension because she wasn't a sweet virgin anymore.

Pev provided the shoulder Linda needed to cry on, the support system that bulked up her confidence, and the sounding board that advised her in her career. Despite this, the marriage was a rocky one. With Linda's insecurity and tender age, arguments and misunderstandings were imminent, and Linda's personal pain was only deepened when she discovered that she could not bear children. The result, adopting daughter Lola, brought some light into her life, but constant threats of divorce and reconciliations made her private life a hazard, especially after she moved her entire family out to California and had to contend with Pearl's jealousy and constant implications of ingratitude. Ironically, Linda's career was soaring. Growing sick of her sweet girl roles, she turned the tables by showing up as grown woman with an edge in films like Summer Storm and her greatest triumph A Letter to Three Wives-- which incidentally ignited a passionate affair between herself and director Joseph L. Manckiewicz.

She hoped the hot and heavy film adaptation Forever Amber would be her true star-making turn, but it failed to draw in the expected business. A success it was; a legend of filmmaking it was not. The experience nearly killed her, as she was on a strenuous diet that induced multiple collapses on the set. Her unfortunate crutch during times of woe was the bottle, a habit taught her by her husband. Under the influence, the normally kind and sweet-natured Linda became angry, unmanageable, and filthy of tongue. As her marriage finally crumbled, Linda found herself on her own once again, especially after her contract with Fox was cancelled-- a result of the new-fangled invention known as television that was picking off stars one by one. Suddenly, the phone stopped ringing, parts were few and far between, and Linda was left to face herself for the first time.

by George Cukorreply 16904/07/2013

Having grown up on dreams of film and then later on film sets, life outside the movies was unfathomable. Suffering too much too soon, Linda had developed into a lost child of sorts. She was raised as an adult and had matured into a disconcerted infant.

Once a star, she was already out of work at 28. Linda took jobs in television and found herself to be a natural actress on the stage-- an experience she found more gratifying than any of her film work-- and she too sought comfort in love, marrying twice more to Phillip Liebmann and Merle Roy Robertson-- both unsuccessful. To cleanse her soul, she devoted herself to charity, opening up "The Girls Town of Italy" and working with "The Kidney Foundation," but it did not salve the pain of her own disintegrating relationship with her daughter Lola nor the pain of discovery that her long time lover's latest film-- The Barefoot Contessa, which Mankiewicz had penned for her-- had gone to Ava Gardner and not herself.

Darnell had a torrid affair with Mankiewicz, which ruined her marriage. He wouldn’t leave his wife and when he wrote the “Barefoot Contessa” while with Linda then cast Ava Gardner in the role. Darnell was humiliated in front of all her peers.

Below Linda Darnell and Sidney Poitier listen to 'No Way Out' director Joseph L. Mankiewicz

by George Cukorreply 17004/07/2013

Linda Darnell & Edith Piaf

by George Cukorreply 17104/07/2013

Linda Darnell & Carole Landis

by George Cukorreply 17204/07/2013

Linda in 'No Way Out', a title that also could characterize the terrible way this troubled beauty died.

by George Cukorreply 17304/07/2013

That's a one-of-a-kind photo. Both Linda and Edith were 'brooding' type souls, very sensitive and vulnerable, and loyal to a Tee.

Two wonderful women, thank you so much R171.

by George Cukorreply 17404/07/2013

R174, you are in!I also think that they were both like that. I'm glad you noticed. I love comments.


Linda in 'No Way Out', sorry for the previous error in R173.

by George Cukorreply 17504/07/2013

Linda star with Gary Merrill in 'Night Without Sleep'(1952)

You remember Gary Merrill? That period he was the husband of Bette Davis. Actually he was also the fourth and last husband of Bette. So with husband number 4, Bette stayed longer than she did with her other marriages. They got married in 1950 and got a divorce in 1960.

by George Cukorreply 17604/07/2013

The R162 photo really illustrates how kind her face was, and illumintes her thoughtfulness.

Oh, and thanks for the kind words @ R175.

by George Cukorreply 17704/07/2013

R177, you are right, She certainly looked that way.

by George Cukorreply 17804/08/2013

A femme fatale in this photo...

by George Cukorreply 17904/08/2013

Ravishing and natural once more

by George Cukorreply 18004/08/2013

November 29 1951, Jet Magazine

by George Cukorreply 18104/08/2013

Wow, I never thought she was "all that" either until I saw r160's picture. Possibly I was going blind and not knowing it. She was "all that" indeed and much more. What a beauty!

by George Cukorreply 18204/08/2013

Her voice was so deep and sexy. Yesterday, I saw 'Three Secrets' again. Linda is so wonderful in it.

by George Cukorreply 18305/22/2013

Sorry, i saw 'A Letter to Three Wives' and not Three Secrets. LINDA, WONDERFUL LINDA!

by George Cukorreply 18405/22/2013

I want to see 'Summer Storm' with Linda so much.

If i could find subtitles to it...

by George Cukorreply 18505/22/2013

The one I want to see is THE WALLS OF JERICHO. Sounds like a great picture but it's been unavailable forever.

by George Cukorreply 18605/22/2013

R186, yes, a lot of interesting old movies are out of reach nowadays, while other new born garbage is piling up dangerously to the market and it's easily accessible.

by George Cukorreply 18705/22/2013

If she wasn't a heavy drinker, maybe she would be alive right now. What a pity. She was incredibly beautiful, i'm so sorry that she got carried away by her misfortunes.

by George Cukorreply 18805/24/2013

She also made bad choices as it comes to men. That didn't help at all.

by George Cukorreply 18905/24/2013

A biopic of Linda Darnell would be very interesting. That's for sure.

by George Cukorreply 19005/24/2013

She is sooooooooooooooooo sexy in this. Her voice is also very it.

by George Cukorreply 19105/07/2014

Best kisser ever.


Poor Veronica Lake!

by George Cukorreply 19212/10/2014

What a passionate woman she seemed. The way one kisses says a lot. She was a great kisser indeed.

by George Cukorreply 19312/10/2014

When she was thin, no one could reach her. Ava Gardner was a joke in comparison with a thin Linda Darnell.

by George Cukorreply 19412/10/2014
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