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Adam Levine - "Jake Gyllenhaal Is Not Gay"

Jake Gyllenhaal dated Reese Witherspoon until earlier this year and was in a relationship with Kirsten Dunst when they were in their early 20s, and now Adam Levine, his good buddy and the frontman of Maroon 5, wants to put any gay rumors to rest.

Levine tells Out magazine:

Will everyone stop thinking that dude is gay? Seriously guys. How immature is it of the media to perceive this guy -- it has to be because of Brokeback, right? I've known this dude forever. He's one of my oldest friends, and it's very weird that they have this -- it's very immature and infantile the way they treat his whole situation. If him hanging out with his bros means he's gay, it's like further perpetuating that weird homophobia that exists in our culture, which is just stupid. So, yeah, he's my buddy. I fuckin' love the guy.

by Miareply 26407/17/2013

Adam : spoken like a true "bro" wink.. wink.. nudge nudge .. say no more.

by Miareply 109/23/2010

Jake is not gay but his twin Toothy is...

by Miareply 209/23/2010

What an odd thing to say.

by Miareply 309/23/2010

Things must be getting a bit hot for Jake if his friend is saying this.

by Miareply 409/23/2010

"If him hanging out with his bros means he's gay, it's like further perpetuating that weird homophobia that exists in our culture, which is just stupid."

Believing that someone is gay is homophobic?

Fuck off, Adam!

by Miareply 509/23/2010

Miss Levine doth protest too much.

Also: he's panicking. Why? What's the deal?

by Miareply 609/23/2010


by Miareply 709/23/2010

"How immature is it of the media to perceive this guy"

So the media thinks Jake is gay?

by Miareply 809/23/2010

LOL, yes, it's just the MEDIA that makes people think he's gay. Or Brokeback Mountain. Riiiiiiight.

I never thought Levine was gay before but now that I know how deceptive and cagey he is I'm rethinking it.

by Miareply 909/23/2010

"He's one of my oldest friends, and it's very weird that they have this -- it's very immature and infantile the way they treat his whole situation."

Very weird??? What situation?

by Miareply 1009/23/2010

"...and I'M the dame who can PROVE IT!!"

by Miareply 1109/23/2010

Lainey, Janet Charlton, buzzfoto and even Perez in the beginning have been saying over and over that Jake Gyllenhaal is not gay..

Toothy tile is probably someone else.

by Miareply 1209/23/2010

Levine doesn't like to put labels on things and belives sexuality is fluid, which is why he loves the women, but also loves kissing (John Mayer) and hugging (his bandmates) all the time.

by Miareply 1309/23/2010

Some of those folks have been threatened with lawsuits and paid, R12.

But he's over anyway. We've moved on.

What possessed Adam Levine to come to the press with this bullshit?

by Miareply 1409/23/2010

R12 - liar, Perez hinted 1.000 times that Jake is gay, even during his showmance with Reese Witherspoon:

by Miareply 1509/23/2010

[quote]I fuckin' love the guy.

But does he love fuckin' him?

by Miareply 1609/23/2010

[R13] has it right. Levine's probably bi and he and Jake don't want to say it so they just fight the gay label.


by Miareply 1709/23/2010

Levine was asked in an interview re: new release--"You’ve also gotten a lot of attention for hanging out with Jake Gyllenhaal." and that's how he responded.

He is also known for (DNA mag in 2007):

[telling] The Advocate magazine that he wishes he were gay.

Unfortunately, he's “not into dick.” But said, “It would be so much easier. Because, you know, men have a certain camaraderie with each other that’s easygoing and kind of simple, when you think about it.”

Hypothetically speaking, Adam mentioned who he’d have sex with if he had his choice.

"Antonio Banderas is gorgeous. Well, maybe not so much anymore. He peaked around Desperado. I mean, every male secretly wants to have sex with Brad Pitt, but that’s a given."

by Miareply 1809/23/2010

My cousin's friend who is a stylist for all the big names in Hollywood said that Maggie is the source of all the 'Jake Is Gay' rumors!

He was cutting maggie's greasy locks one day when Jake stormed into the salon.

Maggie asked,'What up, Faggo?'

Jake said, 'I'd appreciate it if you stopped telling everyone I'm gay.'

Maggie responded, 'That'll happen when you stop telling people my husband has a micro-dick!'

Jake stepped back and said, 'Maggie, I haven't said anything. People probably saw Kinsey.'

A light went on in Maggie's eyes, 'Yeah, I never saw that flick. Keep on playing that skin flute, Jackie!'

With that, Jake stormed out of Supercuts.

by Miareply 1909/23/2010


by Miareply 2009/23/2010

Why does "Out" magazine print this homophobic bullshit? Why do they even interview a complete douche like Adam Levine?

Levine is an imbecile. I watched an interview with him once, and I could literally hear the wind whistling through his ears. Just because he went to a Laker's game a couple of times, and Jakey was there, that doesn't make them "bros". Who even says "bro" anymore? Levine thinks he's some macho guy, and when he sings he sounds like stevie wonder's baby sister.

by Miareply 2109/23/2010

They've actually been "bros" since they were teenagers or even younger, R21. Jake and Adam's brother had their bar mitzvah together, if I recall correctly.

by Miareply 2209/23/2010

Anyone have pic of Levine shirtless?

I'm curious ... is he tatted up with Jewish boy tats? (Shhh, don't tell, they wash off and it would destroy his street cred if people knew.)

by Miareply 2309/23/2010

For starters wasn't there a blind item hinting dam Levine wasn't exactly straight himself?

And wtf, why the PR-esque RAGE over something that has nothing to do with him? What a strange thing to say.

Jeez, how much have Jake people promised this guy to play it safe?

Jake honey, we don't not go see your films because you might be gay but because you're an average actor!

by Miareply 2409/23/2010

[quote]I fuckin' love the guy.

Maybe he should have stopped before he got to that sentence.

by Miareply 2509/23/2010

R22- who gives a fuck? Seriously. Levine is a moron. Jakey could be fucking some guys ass right in front of him, and he'd be too drugged up to know it was going on.

by Miareply 2609/23/2010

I bet Jake meets up with him and whines 'Aaaaadam, they still call me gaaaay!' and Adam goes:

"Don't worry Jakey baby, my macho posturing all over err, OUT magazine will sort THEM out!"

Jake, thanks to this I think you're even more gay! Well done!

by Miareply 2709/23/2010

You know...Levine doth protest too much. There are pics of him online where he made himself up to look like Brad in Fight Club. He seems to only date professional models, the women most likely to beard. I'd bet a million bucks that he and Jake played doctor many times as kids.

by Miareply 2809/23/2010

It speaks volumes about Adam that he thinks that being considered to be gay is a terrible thing. He's the one with the homophobia.

by Miareply 2909/23/2010

You're not alone Adam. I never fell for Jake is gay BS from Ted C.

by Miareply 3009/23/2010

I guess someone figured Jake wasn't getting enough attention right now. And that their band wasn't getting enough attention right now! They use gullible gay magazines to PR-shill on behalf of someone else.

by Miareply 3109/23/2010

And yet here you find yourself r30. On a gay gossip site looking for Jake is Gay gossip.

Just stamp your card at the door like the rest of us, fangirl.

by Miareply 3209/23/2010

Adam Levine dated Maria Sharapova.

by Miareply 3309/23/2010

then what did he need our well-scripted fauxmance for?

by Miareply 3409/23/2010

I believe him. He's a douche but I don't think he'd put himself out like this if it wasn't true. All the cute actors we initially thought might be gay are coming out or being outed as straight. James Franco, Chace Crawford and now Jake Gyllenhaal. Is anybody really gay in Hollywood?

by Miareply 3509/24/2010

R35, it's all been a ploy to get our attention.

There are very few young cute gay actors. If you're desperate for a job, you'll play whatever role gets you one, but in actuality they're mostly straight, like 90 plus percent of any other group of guys you'll meet.

by Miareply 3609/24/2010

My sister has had sex with Adam. Seriously. They had a brief fling in 2006.

No real point to me writing this, but there it is.

by Miareply 3709/24/2010

Aw, that's what friends are for.

by Miareply 3809/24/2010

Adam, I never liked this guy. His music sucked donkey, it so MOR and insipid, and he is so vain and arrogant, in his appearance and his talent, but he simply doesn't have the goods to back either up.

by Miareply 3909/24/2010

So none of you are pissed that the idea of being gay is still so abhorrent in 2010 that this idiot felt he had to take the pages to "defend" a friend against such accusation?


by Miareply 4009/24/2010

#40, Jake Gyllenhall is gunning for heartthrob roles in blockbuster romcom movies. OF COURSE he needs every trick there is to establish and reassure the public (and the movie studio execs) of his hetero image.

I bet he gave his buddy a nice bouquet of flowers and a new additional Barbie playhouse playset (money would be just too vulgar between friends).

by Miareply 4109/24/2010

Obviously Jake has talked about it o his friends, "Jeez Adam, I'm fed up with everyone thing I'm a fucking faggot."

He obviously does find being called gay insulting, as the guy from the Big Bang said when why he never defend himself against gay rumours, "Why should I defend myself against something I don't find offensive."

by Miareply 4209/24/2010

R36 is an idiot.

by Miareply 4309/24/2010

R36 is a trolling idiot.

by Miareply 4409/24/2010

R43 and 444, why would you say that?

Are you privy to some knowledge the rest of us cannot access? Or are you speaking out of your asses?

by Miareply 4509/24/2010

R45, get a brain and then get back.

by Miareply 4609/24/2010

Newsflash Adam, like yourself, your bro Jake is over. His last film was a box office disaster peaking from week only at #3. No gives a fuck what his sexuality is or who he is banging.

by Miareply 4709/24/2010

Levine was on Howard Stern this week, and 5 Gucci bags fell out of his mouth every time he spoke.

by Miareply 4809/24/2010

In all honesty, I've never believed that Jake was gay. I thought it was the gays in a tizzy because he played a bottom in Brokeback. There are really no other clues that he's into the homosex and no one ever mentioned anything about him liking guys until Brokeback came out. We see this all the time with fans and actors. Everyone is gay. Everyone has a beard. No everyone isn't gay and everyone doesn't have a beard.

by Miareply 4909/24/2010

Jake bearded with Reese Witherspoon, Hayden Christensen bearded with Rachel Bilson, Bradley Cooper beards with Renee Zellweger.

They are actors, but can't pretend and hide the truth all the time - that they don't give a shit about their "girlfriends".

by Miareply 5009/24/2010

Christ! WHat is it with you bitches who keep up with the "Jake Gyllenhaal is gay" shit?

If he were 50lbs overweight, you'd never give him a mention.

by Miareply 5109/24/2010

R35 is cute. All three actors it mentioned are indeed gay. GLARINGLY gay.

R36 is cute. And a troll. Or deluded.

Anyone posting that Jake G is straight is cute, too. And doesn't know him or anyone who does. Or live in LA and see him out and about.

Jake and Adam Levine have a lot in common: The same age, rich, spoiled, arrogant Jews from Beverly Hills. But I doubt they see each other any more than anyone else sees high-shool friends, if they're living in the same city.

Jake has one life. Adam has a different life (and he's straight, by the way). They both know how to play the game, and Adam Levine is not about to say anything that might bother his old school chum, who might get him hired one day.

by Miareply 5209/24/2010

The I'm cute r52, I don't think he is gay. But you are right both him and Adam are BH asswipes.

by Miareply 5309/24/2010

[R50] Hayden and Bradley are gay. Jake is straight.

by Miareply 5409/24/2010

R54, Jake is gay.

Jake bearded for the same reasons as Hayden and Bradley.

by Miareply 5509/24/2010

[quote]If he were 50lbs overweight, you'd never give him a mention.


by Miareply 5609/24/2010

This entire thread is hysterical. Anyone who buys this Jake is straight after all! bullshit, I have some magic beans I'd like to sell you. Wow.

by Miareply 5709/24/2010

All we need now is that 'Gay Man' who 'met Jake at an art exhibition that 'my partner was putting on' and that Jake had 'no chemistry with men'. No no no, but had 'lots of chemistry with the women around him'.

Absolute total shills one and all and this place is infested with them.

A testament to how over Jake is is that I am the grand total of 58 replies to a thread that would have run to 600+ in its day, within days.

Jake G will try any trick in the manual not only to look ultra creepily straight but to make himself noticeable and it is for this reason that I will henceforth take much more care to totally ignore him.

by Miareply 5809/24/2010

I always thought Adam was at least bi, he pings hugely. I didnt think he was so cunty though.

by Miareply 5909/24/2010

Wasn't Kelly Preston in a Maroon 5 video? I wonder if AL has any insight on Miss Travolta.

by Miareply 6009/24/2010

R35, you don't know what you're talking about. James Franco is bi. He recently said in some article that he is "not gay" but he has never said that he's straight. I don't know whether Jake is gay, but why doesn't anyone ever point out the fact that Kirsten Dunst is gay and in a LTR with her personal assistant who was often photographed with Kirsten and Jake when they were "dating"?

by Miareply 6109/24/2010

[quote]I don't know whether Jake is gay, but why doesn't anyone ever point out the fact that Kirsten Dunst is gay and in a LTR with her personal assistant who was often photographed with Kirsten and Jake when they were "dating"?

I thought those personal assistant lesbian bis were about Justine and Biel. It is all so fucking confusing.

by Miareply 6209/24/2010

I don't understand how OUT let Levine get by with his obvious offense at Jake being thought of as gay, his obvious over-reaction to the question, because it was being asked by a gay magazine and his past remarks made to sister magazine about how he "wishes" he were gay.

by Miareply 6309/24/2010

I thought OUT did a perfect job of just letting him expose himself for the the douchebag he is. He certainly didn't need any coaxing.

by Miareply 6409/24/2010

I always thought Dunst was into women r61. She can actually get away with kissing a girlfriend in her car and her fans writing it off as 'just girls being girly'.

I wonder how they'd feel if they knew she was in a serious LTR with another woman?

The ONLY reason I have always thought Dunst was gay was not because she dated/bearded for Jake but because she was another one who used to have - and still does have - hordes of ludicrous heterosexual hookup stories planted about her every time she steps out of her house. Someone really wants everyone to believe she's the loosest chick on Earth.

How funny if exactly the opposite were true and that she was doing and Amber Van Ree.

by Miareply 6509/24/2010

That should be 'doing an Amber Van Ree, i.e. devoted ltr'.

by Miareply 6609/24/2010

[r64] point well taken

by Miareply 6709/24/2010

R62, I don't know about Biel and her assistant - but I certainly believe Biel could be gay or bi... My information didn't come from a BI. R65, at this point in history it seems not all actresses can be as cool and open as Amber Heard.

by Miareply 6809/24/2010

She can't be gay r68, because she dated Chris Evans for 5 years and he is a notorious homophobe, who refuses to be seen in public with his gay brother.

I'm sure though Evans seems like the kinda twat who wouldn't mind Biel bring home friend for a FFM 3some.

by Miareply 6909/24/2010

"I don't know whether Jake is gay, but why doesn't anyone ever point out the fact that Kirsten Dunst is gay and in a LTR with her personal assistant who was often photographed with Kirsten and Jake when they were "dating"?"

Maybe because fauxmance with Witherspoon is proof enough.

by Miareply 7009/24/2010

Whaa?? Chris Evans really hates his gay brother? More info please.

by Miareply 7109/24/2010

You don't have to be a homophobe to dislike Scott Evans. He is unfocused and just "doesn't care." If Chris won't hang out with him, it's not the gay thing.

by Miareply 7209/24/2010

Not to derail, but R37, did your friend give you any intimate details about her fling?

by Miareply 7309/24/2010

There really is no acceptable counter evidence for anyone who lusts after Jake and wants to think he's gay. If Adam Levine says Jake's straight, Jake's gay and so is Adam, according to you Toothy Tile nuts. Adam Levine is a pussyhound. Just a fact. Ask the club-tards in LA. Oh wait, I forgot. On Datalounge, celebrity males only have sex with women to hide their gayness.

by Miareply 7409/24/2010

Oh fuck off fangirl. You pull the same stunt every thread. Toothy Tle is dead and buried and hasn't fired anyone's interest in years.

You just don't get it and you never will. Especially not the stuff I've seen.

And post it just for you miss thing? Fuck off.

by Miareply 7509/24/2010

He doesn't like him bc he's not focused r72? On his career?

by Miareply 7609/24/2010

I don't think Jake is gay, and you can call me a "fan gurl" or say I'm full of shit all you want. Don't care. And who fucking cares, anyway? Jake is not that great, and his career is over.

by Miareply 7709/24/2010

But his new movie is great maybe he will have a comeback.

by Miareply 7809/24/2010

R77, you are an idiot who should fuck off and stop trolling DL.

by Miareply 7909/24/2010

What's with "everyone thinks he's gay because he was in 'Brokeback Mountain'"? I thought he was gay because he dated Anna Wintour's son.

by Miareply 8009/24/2010

I don't give a flying flip if Jake is gay, he is, he isn't, who gives a fuck? The guy is unattractive, irrelevant and annoying, why are we so desperate to have him on our team?

by Miareply 8109/24/2010

I love R80.

by Miareply 8209/24/2010

Jake dated Anna Wintour's son? Huh? What?

by Miareply 8309/24/2010

Shhhh, Frau's are about.

by Miareply 8409/24/2010

a self 'Oh My' for Frau's...are there non-possessive Fraus?

by Miareply 8509/24/2010

Only an idiot would believe that Toothy Tile crap. Baby Tile anyone?

by Miareply 8609/24/2010

He is right, i also think he is straight, unless i hear from his own mouth that he isn't

by Miareply 8709/24/2010

R86 & R87 = two brain-dead idiots.

by Miareply 8809/24/2010

"Jake G will try any trick in the manual not only to look ultra creepily straight"

You may be right. Remember earlier this summer before Prince of Persia came out there was that video of Jake released that supposedly showed him hitting on girls in a bar?

by Miareply 8909/24/2010

"In all honesty, I've never believed that Jake was gay"

I never believed he was gay...until now. If he is roping people in to "defend" his heterosexuality then he is not straight. No one who is truly straight is that insecure - that is closet case behavior

Why does OUT even give the time of day to fratboy douchebags like this?

by Miareply 9009/24/2010

I think most closet cases celebs identify themselves as bisexual and feel like they're telling the truth when they deny being gay...

I wish a reporter would ask if they were bi instead gay

by Miareply 9109/24/2010

Not to derail the thread, but does Adam Levine have what DL would call "ratface"?

by Miareply 9209/24/2010

Austin Nichols: Javier Bardem makes my ovaries quiver and vibrate.

Adam Levine: @AUS10NICHOLS it astonishes me when you talk like that...but yeah me too...

by Miareply 9309/25/2010

Can someone Twatter Adam Levine and call him a big closet 'mo and see how that makes his ovaries quiver?

Honestly, just because he slept with someone's sister a thousand years ago doesn't not make him a purse-spitter.

by Miareply 9409/25/2010

[quote]You don't have to be a homophobe to dislike Scott Evans. He is unfocused and just "doesn't care." If Chris won't hang out with him, it's not the gay thing.

Maybe it's the fat thing.

by Miareply 9509/26/2010

I agree with R94. I would love to see Adam Levine stomp his little feet in protest when someone asks him if he is gay.

by Miareply 9609/26/2010

Damnnn, I clicked on r93's link expecting it to be a parody twitter - the Fake Austin and Fake Adam, but no! It's real!

Verdict: gayer than Christmas.

by Miareply 9709/26/2010

Why would they post such gay stuff on twitter?

by Miareply 9809/26/2010

What really happened to Jake and Austin? After all these years no one came up and said they were really lovers ...

by Miareply 9909/26/2010

"Not to derail the thread, but does Adam Levine have what DL would call "ratface"?

He's a JEW!

by Miareply 10009/26/2010

Where do all the cunty straight girls get to DL from? And how can we kick them the fuck off?

I hate stupid, and I hate homophobic. They're both.

by Miareply 10109/26/2010

I saw the preview for Jake's new movie with Miss Hathaway, before my screening of Wall Street tonight. I gotta say...he looks absolutely adorable in it. Charming as HELL. Maybe rom com is the way he should go. Who knew?

by Miareply 10209/26/2010

Well if Jake is going to go "rom-com", I guess that might explain why he needs to come across as straight since his main audience will be women.

by Miareply 10309/26/2010

[quote]Toothy tile is probably someone else.

Teddy has eliminated virtually everyone BUT Jake at this point. Toothy = Jake is clearly his intention. The real question is whether the whole Toothy thing is based in reality or is merely an elaborate fiction.

by Miareply 10409/26/2010

R102, is Love and Other Drugs a good movie?

by Miareply 10509/27/2010

Jake is going to be 30 in a couple of months. If he doesn't get married within the next couple of years, people will begin to ask more questions.

by Miareply 10609/27/2010

Adam later qualified his remarks by noting, "He's never sucked MY dick!"

by Miareply 10709/27/2010

I don't know if Jake is gay or not, but as I have posted many times in here I know FOR A FACT the Jake/Reese romance was a PR stunt.

by Miareply 10809/27/2010

I believe you. I always thought it was a big scam.

The weird thing was, before it even started I posted on here 2+ years ago 'I bet Jake and Reese will be an 'item' once Rendition starts' and lo and behold of all the chicks his own age Jake could have dated he picked Ms Stony Face, because she was high-profile enough for them to be seen together and bat away the gay gozzips.

As for Austin Nichols, during the WC he was wetting himself to orgasm over the Brazilian soccer team and said as much, then backtracked by saying some oatmeal in Wholefoods turned him on. What a silly twat he can be.

I wish these people would just stop fronting. Kids are shooting themselves in this country for being bullied because they're gay and you have all these huge closet nancies parading around hiding behind these actresses and 'defending' one another in magazines. It's utterly pathetic.

by Miareply 10909/28/2010

Before he deleted his old blog Former celebrity publicist, Jonathan Jaxson posted 3 pics of guys with Jake and one was rumored to be his real life partner. Austin Nichols, best friend Chris Fischer and some other guy..who was the other guy?

by Miareply 11009/28/2010

Dunno, possible a friend called Katz-Frost who dabbles in music/produces videos. He Jake and Dunst go back a long way. He is British by birth but lives in France/LA I believe.

Jonathan Jaxson had some good gossip but he was an assholic PR man who blabbed too much and name dropped on his pages - bringing in the attention of the big guns who I have no doubt tried to shut him up. And he got so fangirl-esque hate mail over the Jake stuff he printed he gave up and went private onto Facebook then fizzled out.

Of the others gossips (a general rundown of who was who):

Ian Halperin was busy 'outing' 'Jake and older Hollywood producer' in his column a few years ago before all this Reese crap. Also ran a piece about Jake sleeping with an actress or wanabee shooting her mouth off. Ian thinks Jake is bisexual or gay. Nobody will touch unaffiliated wildcard Ian because he will stand up and make MUCH more noise than Jaxson - but his bag is Jolie and Pitt, obsessionally so - he gets a free pass in his little corner of the internet. Unless he decides to write a book which given his devotion to the 'truth' as he sees it, he may well do.

Ted C - built and burned his own bridges. Inital truthfulness crumbled to deep deep fantasy which the agencies can sit back and watch smugly because he ends up shooting himself in the foot. People lose interest when Toothy doesn't perform to order as per Ted's wishes. Clever move by CAA. They follow Ted, they advise to do the opposite of what he says will happen. Ted looks like an idiot and never learns. Everyone wins!

Lainey/Perez: bought paid for aboard the CAA shill express is my opinion and the less said about those two morons the better.

CDAN: thinks Jake is as gay as Christmas and makes thinky-veiled/outright digs at him, Austin Nichols and Reese Witherspoon. Doesn't appear to be affiliated with anyone so is another who is untouchable. Churns out so much stuff from an agencies pov he can be dismissed as another crackpot.

Gossip Boy: jebus, where does one START? Has some good blinds but who knows whether he/she lives in loon land blogging from her bedroom or is an industry insider.

Janet Charlton: probably on medication by now. Increasingly silly site and badly-written items.

by Miareply 11109/28/2010

R111, here is Ian Halperin list of gays and bis in H'town. It seems like a huge amount of wishful thinking to me, reading the list I don't think he is too worried about the truth.

by Miareply 11209/28/2010

"a friend called Katz-Frost"

Photo by Katz-Frost, photo of Austin Nichols with someone's legs in high heels around his neck.

Jake's legs?

by Miareply 11309/28/2010


by Miareply 11409/28/2010

I'm a black gay female and even I know Jake is gay... or at least, ahem, bi. lol

by Miareply 11509/28/2010

Jake Gyllenhaal is now a bear :/

by Miareply 11609/28/2010

Ian was absolutely right on the Joaquin Phoenix hoax. He said it back in 2009.

He also correctly predicted MJ's death.

His list of gay/bi actors are mostly accurate, I think. Which ones do you think are wishful thinking?

Ted is a liar. His toothy story is laughable.

by Miareply 11709/28/2010

According to that list at R112, Tom Welling is gay. That might be an interesting discussion point for the Tom Welling thread.

by Miareply 11809/28/2010

I don't know if Jake is gay or not, but I always find it weird what gay deniers think the gay believers are seizing upon.

Levine says "If him hanging out with his bros means he's gay ..."

Um, no, that's not the reason some of us think he's gay.

It's like when Tyler Perry denies he's gays and acts all frustrated and states, "Madea is a character. Just because I dress up as a woman for a role doesn't mean I'm gay. People just don't get it." Again, that's not why people think he's gay.

by Miareply 11909/28/2010

"Which ones do you think are wishful thinking?"

What about Colin Farrell? The list says he is bi. Isn't Colin totally into women?

by Miareply 12009/28/2010

Halperin is very direct and it's obvious the agencies just leave him alone because tackling him would set off a hornet's nest. He is a prolific writer/noise maker when people piss him off - with plenty of bona fide contacts - but surprisingly lowkey on internet gossip radar if left alone. His site just meanders along causing no real trouble, though if you go digging there there have always been plenty of threats to out people - including Jackson, the Jolie-Pitts and the Royals, virtually every week.%0D %0D He also claimed (as said) Jake slept with a female so he's clearly not out to massage the Toothy Tile followers egos and say the man is 100% gay gay gay. But he thinks he is more into guys and keeping up a cover, surviving on his Hollyweird wit$.%0D %0D He's probably right imo. Jake went from being a pretty super cool mystery to a pretty desperate bearding phenom overnight. It's not a good look for him. %0D %0D

by Miareply 12109/28/2010

Ian also claimed that the reason Joaquin Phoenix is doing this fake documentary is to get rid of this heartthrob statue roles and transition him into a more of a character actor when he decides to come out of the closet..According to Ian he doesn't find Ted Casablanca's toothy tile interesting ..what he's more into is Crisp Lisp aka Joaquin..I find it weird in the last couple of years Joaquin is with his mother or sister in the red carpet and award shows.

Here's Ian's report about Joaquin's sexuality..

by Miareply 12209/28/2010

Colin is into women but he used to tag along with his brother to gay clubs..I think there is a picture floating around in the internet or he admitted it in an article.. and Kevin Spacey was the one who discovered him and who introduced him to Joel Schumacher..

so he's prob not gay but used gay sex to advanced his career which is not rare in HW.

by Miareply 12309/28/2010

Why doesn't Levin just call his album Pussyhound or change the name of his band to the Pussyhounds, he has to be the most hetero-centric artist out there. Ever line in ever song beings with she and ends with her. Add to that he makes insipid, meaningless soft pop/rock. He is a pointless artist.

by Miareply 12409/29/2010

The list of actors at R112 doesn't come from Ian; it came from one of the people on his discussion board, "mooki". So who knows if this mooki is an insider or not.

by Miareply 12509/29/2010

He also has the sort of smug purseface even I wouldn't mind smacking, r124. There's something about him that's so prissy and irritating. Plus he sounds like he's on helium when he sings.

by Miareply 12609/29/2010

I read somewhere that Colin was seen at some HW party being serviced by a guy.

by Miareply 12709/29/2010

Why didn't Brangelina sue Halperin for his book if it's lies?%0D I buy his version of the story than what Jolie tries to sell to the public.

by Miareply 12809/29/2010

I'm sure the BBM fangurls will love this but according to Halperin, Jake had a "big crush" on Heath and cracked up when Heath died.

by Miareply 12909/29/2010

He also said Jake and Austin are not lovers and never were.

by Miareply 13009/29/2010

R130, you are a liar - post the link if you can.

by Miareply 13109/29/2010

I'm not 130 but he/she is correct.. Ian was doing a video chat with some insider lady and both of them came to the conclusion that Jake and Austin are not a couple...Ian asked his connections/sources and it all came out negative.

by Miareply 13209/29/2010

Agreed. I did the same. Negative.

Where is the video, r132?

by Miareply 13309/29/2010

It's hard to find the video but the date was Feb 17 2009..maybe you'll find might find it better?

by Miareply 13409/29/2010

I was there R134, still have MP3 files from that video chat - R130 is lying:

by Miareply 13509/29/2010

how is he lying when other people who was at the chat in your link repeated what he said?%0D Ian doesn't believe Jake and Austin were ever a couple despite sightings of them together and he had a crush on Heath

by Miareply 13609/29/2010

Here you go R136 - MP3 file from Feb 17 2009 with talk about gay Jake and his showmance with Reese Witherspoon, Jake and Heath.

And Jake making out with some director.

Ian said "I don't believe that" about Jake and Austin.

Starts at @13:50

by Miareply 13709/29/2010

R136, I see some of the Toothy fanatics are on this thread. But yes, I attended some of Ian's chats last year in which he discussed Jake/Toothy. He was talking to Dawn Olson (I think that's her name--she used to have a gossip blog-she used to cover Scientology among Hollywood's A-list very extensively) and Jake came up in the chat. Ian definitely thought he was gay--he talked about Jake having been seen at some gay burlesque club (I don't know the name of it) in Hollywood and how he was seen making out with some guys. He also had posted on his site his scoop of Toothy's affair with an older producer as well as some actress Toothy had slept with who thought Jake was "strange" when it came to sex and how one night they went to some club and she was very taken aback when she saw Jake getting hot and heavy with some guy who worked there. Jake confessed to her that he likes it both ways.

Anyway, in this particular chat, Ian said he did a lot of investigation about Jake/Austin and concluded that even though they both had a habit of showing up at the same places, they weren't lovers nor had they ever been.

He did say in that chat with Dawn and another chat that according to friends of Heath Ledger, Jake was in love with Heath and that he cracked up when Heath died.

Those were great chats. In one chat, some old gay psychic--I forgot his name--he showed up and he started talking about his encounters with old Hollywood (i.e. Natalie Wood, Tuesday Weld, Sandra Dee, etc.). He was great.

by Miareply 13809/29/2010

R138, I believe you. Ang Lee also said Jake revealed true hidden feelings in Brokeback Mountain. He didn't elaborate, but I found it to be an odd statement (but it makes sense in context).

by Miareply 13909/29/2010

Here's my question: Why did he stop his scoops on Jake and toothy tile?

by Miareply 14009/29/2010

r128.%0D %0D What were some of the juicier details in Halperin's Brangelina book?

by Miareply 14109/29/2010

Ted's Casablanca's 2005 toothy tile blind vice was simple and not as scandalous: An up and coming star who broke up with his perky gf is spotted making out with his bf in public..he will be coming out as bi when he promotes his new splashy film soon...that was basically it! How on earth did become such a internet gossip phenomenon?

by Miareply 14209/29/2010

Of all the bloggers Halperin is still more believable than Ted,Lainey,Perez and others.%0D

by Miareply 14309/29/2010


I think Ted knows stuff but chooses to write fake stories. Being employed by eonline prevents him from being truthful.

by Miareply 14409/29/2010

Well what I read on another forum and it kinda makes sense is, after BBM, Jake considered coming out as gay then bi. His pr team contacting Ted, to write some bis to ease Jake outing.

Ted made up Toothy Tile, and began writing bis, about Jake, all sorta credible, and pretty much outed him after the 06 Oscars, where are put up a picture of Jake with the caption "competition?" referring to a bi about another gay actor.

But somewhere along the line Jake's star took off, he was suppose to be the cool indie actor who would make more edgy movies, but as his celebrity rose, so did his potential to be marketed as a A-list leading man.

Coming out went out the window, and Ted was left with these TT items that all pointed at Jake being gay and it was gathering momentum on the net, so Ted had to make the TT items so ludicrous and absurd that people eventually wrote them off as bogus.

That could all be bullshit, and Jake could be straight.

by Miareply 14509/29/2010

There is no way Jake could be straight after showmancing with Mrs Witherspoon.

by Miareply 14609/29/2010

Actually Ted's early Toothy Tile BIs were before Brokeback Mountain hit the big screen..Jake wanted to come out as "bi" in a magazine while he promote the movie at the same time.. but his publicist talked him out it just like Leo's publicist was rumored to stop him from coming out in the press during "Total Eclipse"

by Miareply 14709/29/2010

Leo R147? Where on earth have I been to miss that?

by Miareply 14809/29/2010

Even if Jake is gay (which I think he is), after the heavy duty and naseating bearding with soul sucking Reese, he can't ever come out as bi or gay. Reese would never allow someone who posed as her devoted boyfriend who was desperate to marry her turn around and tell the world he likes boys-either full time or some time. Not only did the showmance kill anything interesting about Jake, but it also doomed him to be vanilla boring for the rest of his life. Reese is a vindictive bitch and would go out of her way and pull as many strings as possible to do as much damage as possible to Jake if she felt he was making her look bad. Look at the stories her PR put out after the showmance ended-Jake was to immature, Jake was to demanding, Jake was a pothead, etc. I just can't figure out why Jake still hasn't fired his PR people for giving him consistantly bad advice. I think that his people telling him to not come out as bi, do the showmance to sell his straightness and also sell his straightness to Disney to land Prince of Persia (talk about fail) could be a fatal hit to his once rising career.

by Miareply 14909/29/2010

" The fact that Leo is gay is one of the best kept secrets in Hollywood."

"A friend of mine used to work for the producer Scott Rudin. Rudin used to set up discreet dates for Leo dating all the way back to the Basketball Diaries.

Sorry, ladies, but I thought it was pretty obvious. As someone already said, he %E2%80%98dates%E2%80%99 out of a catalogue. And most people in Europe, where they%E2%80%99re not nearly as uptight about homosexuality, have known this for years. "

by Miareply 15009/29/2010

Leonardo Dicaprio - Leo's Gay Bar Escape

LEONARDO DiCAPRIO knows where to go when he wants a night off from his devoted lady fans - he hits a gay bar.

The movie hunk and pals were spotted in the VIP area of Montreal, Canada's LE PARKING club earlier this month (AUG03) quietly drinking and smoking.

DiCaprio is filming HOWARD HUGHES biopic THE AVIATOR in the Canadian city.

by Miareply 15109/29/2010

"LEONARDO DiCAPRIO knows where to go when he wants a night off from his devoted lady fans - he hits a gay bar."

That's an interesting excuse for going to a gay bar - I need to get away from women!

by Miareply 15209/29/2010

Huge Ackman used pretty much the same line last year, r152.%0D %0D It's standard PR-drabble.

by Miareply 15309/29/2010

"Here's my question: Why did he stop his scoops on Jake and toothy tile?"%0D %0D Yeah I wondered that. They just came to a grinding halt and he seemed to want to say so much more.%0D %0D I can't imagine Halperin being bullied into anything but perhaps Jake's folks asked him nicely, maybe giving him something else as compensation. Around this time though he was going Brangelina crazy and everything became about them. Maybe his Jake sources dried up, no more to say.%0D %0D He is still rabbiting on about Prince Charles not being Harry's father though. Which seems really weird since minus the Spencer ginger hair Harry is the one looking more and more like a slightly tubbier version of Charles every passing day.

by Miareply 15409/29/2010

I have this feeling he was supposed to come out as bi in Details magazine in 2005 but change his mind and kinda deny the bi "rumors" but not really

"If you believe the rumors in the blogosphere, Gyllenhaal might be looking for his own gay identity. In the month before I met him, two seemingly conflicting rumors circulated. The first claimed that Gyllenhaal gave way to a body double for Brokeback Mountain's nude scenes. The second said that he is bisexual and looking for an opportunity to come out.

Gyllenhaal flatly denies using a body double. As for his sexual orientation, he says this: "You know, it's flattering when there's a rumor that says I'm bisexual. It means I can play more kinds of roles. I'm open to whatever people want to call me. I've never really been attracted to men sexually, but I don't think I would be afraid of it if it happened."

by Miareply 15509/29/2010

Jake has always said he's ambitious and wants to be a big star. I don't think there would ever have been a point when he was considering coming out as bi because he expected to stay in small edgy films.

by Miareply 15609/30/2010

Has it been confirmed that Leo was in a gay bar in Montreal last week during filming? Or is this just a tabloid rumor?

by Miareply 15709/30/2010

September 4, 2003 - Globe magazine reports Leonardo DiCaprio and some pals showed up at a gay bar in the VIP room in Montreal while he was filming 'The Aviator'. "Leo clearly looked like he was having a good time," a witness said. "Even though he mostly stayed close to his posse. It didn't seem to bother him that gay guys were checking him out. His presence created a huge buzz, but the other patrons left him alone and respected his privacy."

by Miareply 15809/30/2010

So this was 7 years ago then.

by Miareply 15909/30/2010

"Reese is a vindictive bitch and would go out of her way and pull as many strings as possible to do as much damage as possible to Jake if she felt he was making her look bad."

Witherspoon is a nasty bitch, but there is nothing she could do - it's not like Jake is nobody in Hollywood. Hollywood is full of gays and it is not wise to piss them off.

by Miareply 16009/30/2010

Hasn't Reese jumped the shark now anyway? She hasn't done much since winning the Oscar and I don't think she's that popular with the public.

How much influence does she really have?

by Miareply 16109/30/2010

Tabloids Accuse Toby Maguire & Leonardo DiCaprio Of A Gay Affair

by Miareply 16209/30/2010

"Accuse".%0D %0D Wow, things just get better don't they? Better and more progressive.%0D %0D How 50 Cent of them.

by Miareply 16309/30/2010

Scorsese has some weird sexual obsession thing about Leo.

by Miareply 16409/30/2010

Well Ryan is still feeling the clutch of death isn't he?%0D %0D He had LOTS of really nasty things written about him after the split, and took it all with a dignity I've never seen in a man before, meaning it most likely had to have been spouted from her people.%0D %0D I dont think she's a massive threat but she would be the keeper of a bearding contract if it has occurred and could easily make life awkward for whoever. %0D %0D I recall after the Jake 'split' he had a couple of nasty little stories written about him, how pathetic he was trying to 'win' her back by buying her crockery or some shit story, implying he was a pothead and not fit to be around her kids. Again, likely more retaliatory rubbish from her camp to allow her to make a clean break and look the winner in the deal.%0D %0D I am not saying SHE instigates this stuff peronally but her people may just churn it out as a sort of damage control where the woman comes out looking the better party (as happened with her and Ryan who got totally trashed).

by Miareply 16509/30/2010

And I agree I think the initial early Toothy Tile stories were very likely - the subversive hand holding with the bf and maybe a few sexual encounters in public picked up on. Perhaps the police did catch them and that's how the story spread.%0D %0D But they increasingly became fantastical and people started to question them when (surprsingly?) Jake didn't DO what he was supposed to do...which was come out. It was war on DL for years over this.%0D %0D At the same time Toothy was boffing his alleged bf and people started to question the veracity of these claims there was an other current of Jake gossip in more random places that never made reference to TT, Nichols or Ted. People would say, for example, they had seen Jake and an older man kissing at a car valet area in WeHo years ago before his star took off, or that Jake had been spotted making out with a guy on the set of The Good Girl. Just little bits of gossip. %0D %0D Then you'd get people drownign everyone out screaming it was all based on Ted's 'fantasies' or because Jake played gay in BBM. Fucking bull.shit. There was lots of other bits of non-Toothy gay/bi Jake gossip which got dumped into the mix of the whole TT thing but were really nothing to do with it. Just observations from people who claimed to have seen things over the years. But they got trashed too in the melee and called 'tinhats'. It got so that even if you expressed that you thought Jake was bi you'd get screamed at as being a Ted fanboi. %0D %0D I look back on it and wonder why everyone fought over Jake. He comes off as so wimpish and indecisive. Not a bad guy by any means, just really stubborn and vain and too proud. And he thinks he still gonna be huge and hence the increasingly desperate attempts at bearding and now having pals singhis heterosexuality. I even feel sorry for him a bit. %0D %0D He was over ages ago. %0D %0D %0D %0D %0D %0D

by Miareply 16609/30/2010

I believed the TT items early on, of course not now, but yeah maybe that was the idea, make them so silly no one would believe them.

But I don't know, would they be that convoluted to think like that.

by Miareply 16709/30/2010

What is the nature of the relationship between Jake and Austin? Were they ever lovers?

by Miareply 16809/30/2010

I think Ted lost whatever credibility he had with the Toothy tiles when he concocted that INSANE story about Toothy having (and hiding) a baby with his bf.

by Miareply 16909/30/2010

"Scorsese has some weird sexual obsession thing about Leo."

Such as?

by Miareply 17009/30/2010

R170, Scorsese overly uses Leo in his films not only because he likes working with him BUT Leo's name guarantees immediate financing from investors.

by Miareply 17109/30/2010

This thread is a fucking mess.

by Miareply 17209/30/2010

Take your prissy ass somewhere else then Miss Thang.%0D %0D I had a dream that Adam Levine turned up at Details and started singing in his high-pitched nasally annoying whine that 'Jaaaa~aaake is not gaa~aay!'. Then a giant purse dropped out of nowhere and flattened him. %0D %0D %0D

by Miareply 17309/30/2010

Adam has been Twittering like a teenage girl lately.

by Miareply 17409/30/2010

*sigh* I wish a famous current movie actor would come out so gay teens will have someone to look up to instead of bearding and lieing to the public like they're ashamed of being gay..

by Miareply 17509/30/2010

And killing themselves, R175.

by Miareply 17610/01/2010

Adam Levin is such a twat, so are his friends, like Jake and Austin, a bunch of arrogant assholes.

by Miareply 17710/01/2010

Blind Vice: Toothy Tile Gets Fishy Again

Uh, oh. Looks like our handsome, beloved, sexually confused Blind Vice stud Toothy Tile is back to taking bad advice from his short-sighted, money-grubbing handlers. 'Cause T2's again trying to make it appear as if he's actually into bedding women. So gross.

Remember the last time T.T. tried this heterosexual nonsense, bedding women? Poor Toothy had to rely on not Viagra, but the white, powdery stuff, instead.

Hmm. Wonder if Lindsay Lohan's little helper is what Tooth is relying on this time around:

TWITTER: Follow Ted!

Desperate Tooth, who hasn't exactly had an easy time of it at the box-office (or on the home front, for that matter), has taken to lurking around out-of-town strips clubs, leaving these sleazy joints with chicks. Wonder what he does when the babes finally get him home? Do they tell Toothy their favorite films from his mostly impressive film repertoire, just to excite him, once they discover he's not exactly rarin' to rip their panties off?


Also, it's strange that this time around, Mr. Tile's opting to pull his ersatz straight-guy stuff outside of Hollywood. He knows perfectly well what he's been up to will eventually trickle back to T-Town. But it's almost as if Toothy's deciding as long as he's pullin' this fake babe-nailing crap outta town, it doesn't really count.

Or maybe it's that Toothy's put-upon partner (the male one) won't find out? Hey, gotta tip for ya, Tooth%E2%80%94it's doubtful Grey even cares anymore. He's over it.

Besides, Grey's learned from the best: he's on his own Toothy-like pretend romance that's beginning to make your past ones look like kid stuff. And It Ain't: Justin Bieber, Jason Ritter, Alec Baldwin

by Miareply 17810/01/2010

So is Ted saying Jake is bi and into fucking strippers?

by Miareply 17910/01/2010

God I read that twice and have no idea wtf he's saying, and also I have a headache now.

by Miareply 18010/01/2010

I want proof from Jake own mouth, then i will believe he is gay

by Miareply 18110/01/2010

I am gay.

by Miareply 18210/01/2010

me too r181.

by Miareply 18310/01/2010

Toothy Tile

Today 6:30 AM PDT by Ted Casablanca Blind vice 300 gay sex

You asked for it, you're getting it! The Awful Truth is putting together a series of archive pages packed with every bit of dirt on our biggest, filthiest Blind Vice all-stars.

And who better to start with than Toothy Tile? (Especially since we'll have a new chapter for you in a few hours!) Here is his whole sad horny story:


The Perp: Toothy Tile

Primary Vice: Closeted actor

Blind Bio: A-List actor, prevalent in the tabloids but not so much Hollywood clubs. Has been deep in the closet for quite sometime, but at one point was going to come out until his team of conniving lettuce-eaters convinced him it was a career kiss of death. Has been in a serious relationship with Grey Goose and the two have a kid together, Baby Tile. Will Toothy ever come out

by Miareply 18410/01/2010

No, R179, Ted is referring to Jake visiting his new beard, Isabel Lucas, who has been "outta town" shooting a film in Canada.

by Miareply 18510/01/2010

Isabel is not a stripper; she's an actress. Ted is making it seem from his latest BV that Jake is picking up strippers.

by Miareply 18610/01/2010

So Ian H once again was right about Tiger Woods sex tape...I totally believe him on all his Jake G/toothy tile reports

by Miareply 18710/02/2010

I believe Ian far more about his Jake G stories than Ted. But once Ian discovered that Brangelina could generate so many hits, he forgot about Toothy.

by Miareply 18810/02/2010

Ian's reports are more believable:

According to his sources

1. Jake is bi..he has relationship with both men and women.

2. Jake and Austin were never a couple

3.He was spotted in gay clubs and making out with guys

4.Two high up editors at major publishing houses revealed at least two books are in the works about Toothy Tile.

5.Was planning to come out but his handlers squash that idea.

6.Had a crush on Heath Ledger

7.Is aware of the toothy tile BI hoopla

by Miareply 18910/02/2010

r162 / r163 : Both of you rocket scientists do realize that McGuire/Decaprio story was written over 3 yesars ago and is dated May of 2007?

by Miareply 19010/02/2010

So Ted fabricated the Grey Goose (Austin) storyline to get more interests? There has to be something to back it up. While I don't believe they are in a LTR, something must have happened between the two.

I wonder who Jake have been linked to over the years.

by Miareply 19110/02/2010

Well, I'm now convinced Toothy Tile is a complete fabrication.

R178, that story is just absurd. So we're now to believe that TT, though in a long-term same-sex relationship with a turkey baster baby at home, is trolling skanky strip clubs out of town to bed wanton harlots?


Stupid, stupid, stupid. Anyone who buys this horseshit needs to be taken behind the barn and shot.

by Miareply 19210/02/2010

I think there's a major diff. between believing Jake is bi or gay and blindly believing every or even any of the Toothy Tile stories will nilly.%0D %0D I do know Jake and Nichols spent a LOT of private time together out of LA a few summers ago but that doesn't make them a 'couple' or even sexual partners. %0D %0D It would appear they slept in the same room - or bed - according to a friend. Beyond that I do not know. %0D %0D I have no idea if he and Nichols were ever involved or just good friends but I will surmise one thing: anyone that thinks Austin Nichols is 100% straight needs TO HAND THEIR CARD IN. That boy is fruitier than a smack in the face with a 450lb pineapple. %0D %0D

by Miareply 19310/03/2010

^ And Jake's not far behind.%0D %0D He just seems a silly parody now if these picking up chicks stories are true. %0D %0D Silly and desperate. But it is possible it is just PR and gossip and that he's lying low.%0D %0D I swear one day he'll leak a sex tape of himself with a woman to try nail the TT stuff tho'. %0D

by Miareply 19410/03/2010

If Jake is bi, then his relationship with Reese could have been real. But also like almost all bisexual men, by the time they hit 30 they put their bi days behind them and for all intents and purposes become straight men. I think it is true that the vast majority of bi men to end up living conventional hetero lives by the time they are 30. Jake, (if he was bi) seems to be doing the same. I think his bisexuality, like most men, is more a phase in their younger days.

by Miareply 19510/03/2010

but is says TT and the g/f had a baby together...Jake has no kids.

by Miareply 19610/03/2010

R189, you can LISTEN to Ian talking about GAY Jake:

MP3 file from Feb 17 2009 with talk about gay Jake and his showmance with Reese Witherspoon, Jake and Heath.

And Jake making out with some director.

Ian just said "I don't believe that" about Jake and Austin.

Starts at @13:50

by Miareply 19710/03/2010

Either way, Adam is telling the truth and being a good friend, Jake is not gay, he Never was gay, he use to be bi now he is at best bi but leaning straight, most likley straight that use to have a bi phase.

by Miareply 19810/03/2010

R198, you are an imbecil.

by Miareply 19910/03/2010

You know, I think it's more ancient that imbecilic, which is very Hollywood. Or scientologist.

This is what gay men did decades ago, "experimenting" then "settling down" because they were expected to. And it killed them, emotionally.

Now if they "go straight" it's all a sham, just like everything Hollywood does is a sham. The red carpet walks with the happy (straight) couples, the plastic surgery, fake tans, minimal grey hair ... all the planted publicist stories.

by Miareply 20010/03/2010

191, Keram said he was recently very hot and heavy with Henry Cavill until Jake visited him this past spring in Montreal where he was on location and discovered he was messing around with Stephen Dorff. Jake got upset, thinking they were exclusive and they broke up.

I have no idea if this is really true but the idea of Henry and Jake together is very hot.

by Miareply 20110/03/2010

imbecil? That means well dressed, like "oh your dressed imbecialblly?"

But what does that have to do with jake being straight?

by Miareply 20210/03/2010

But isn't Henry Cavill straight, R201?

by Miareply 20310/03/2010

"hey, P-Bitch! I live in LA to and I've heard LOTS of stuff about Jake-y and being gay (but really bisexual, as if theirs a diff).

A guy friend of mine that's str8 does valet parking for xtra $ sometimes, and he SWEARS ON HIS LIFE AND ON HIS MAMMA'S GRAVE that about 2 years ago he saw Jake kissing this older dude when the stopped the car and didn't think anyone had come up yet to get his keys. Hours later when they came out Jake signed an autograph for my friend but said no when he asked if he could take a picture with his cell. My friend kept saying that if he had had his cell out and could have gotten a pic of that man and Jake he wouldn't ever probably have to work again 'cause he would sell it. I told him that was wrong, but he would have done it anyway.

I totally believe my friend cause he doesn't have a problem with gay people and he didn't have a reason to make it up. He' isn't the kind to do that."

by Miareply 20410/03/2010

I wonder if Jake will regret Brokeback Mountain blaming the movie for his failures and being bitter at Heath Ledger.

by Miareply 20510/03/2010

DiCaprio - gay.

Gyllanhaal - not gay.

by Miareply 20610/03/2010

Isn't Adam Levine gay?

by Miareply 20710/03/2010

R205, Who says he's bitter at Heath Ledger? Nothing to be bitter about. Ledger is dead.

by Miareply 20810/03/2010

Jake is straight and will be bitter for doing BM, the gay rumours got worse because of that film

by Miareply 20910/04/2010

r209, nobody is saying he is gay because he was in BBM. You made up that because your ancient mind still believes people are still stupid enough to think that when an actor takes a gay role he must be gay.

by Miareply 21010/04/2010

R209 didn't say that either, R210.

He said it fueled the rumors. Are you high?

by Miareply 21110/04/2010

Admit it; it's those Dr. Seuss whoovian eyes that make you think he's gay.

by Miareply 21210/04/2010

R207 Word in Hollywood is that he's into dudes...but not completely. Adam said he was hooking up with a lot of girls, and he kind of is, but some of the girls are the actor/modely dudes he meets at these parts.

There are A LOT of bi/gay guys here in the industry.

by Miareply 21310/04/2010

Come on, ya'll.%0D %0D We all know why Adam's in Misery. His girlfriends found out he's into cock as well.

by Miareply 21410/27/2010

Any shirtless of AL? Can't find any ....

by Miareply 21510/27/2010


by Miareply 21610/29/2010


by Miareply 21710/29/2010

R203, no he is not. He was actually deep into the gay scene in Los Angeles before he got his big break. There are actually a lot of pictures of him in that scene that I'm sure you could find. Corey, his BFF, and gay scene extraordinaire swears up and down Henry isn't into men, but his friends don't believe him, and neither does I. Sadly, I've been told that's one of the reasons it's said he is having a hard time getting a decent career in Hollywood. He has a career, but it's mainly forgettable films that no one sees. The Tudors will also fade sooner than later.

R213, right on the money. Adam is projecting. He knows damn fucking well rumors about his friend Jake has been around for years. I don't recall of anyone in Hollywood is has been rumored to be gay or bi and come to find out it's completely wrong. Just because you can sleep with a woman, Adam, doesn't make you straight.

by Miareply 21811/17/2010

"He was actually deep into the gay scene in Los Angeles before he got his big break."

Henry was part of the Los Angeles scene? I thought he was from London.

by Miareply 21911/17/2010

No, he used to live here in L.A. he was born in the UK, yes, if I recall, but he used to live and work here.

You could find him at the Abbey and everything.

by Miareply 22011/18/2010

If Henry Cavill doesn't 'make it' in Hollyweird it'll not be because his alleged bi or gayness is at fault (no more than it is for nearly every other person out there), it's because the place is so godammn saturated with 6 billion actors going after one role.%0D %0D Too many damn actors and they all want to be A List.

by Miareply 22111/18/2010

Maybe if Hollywood would stop paying A-list actors millions of dollars, fewer actors would want to be A-list

by Miareply 22211/18/2010

R218, are you saying Cavill is gay? And that he regularly went to gay bars?

by Miareply 22311/18/2010

Without any proof wont convince us straights that Jake is gay

by Miareply 22411/18/2010

R224, who cares what you think, we know that Jake is gay and bearding.

by Miareply 22511/18/2010

R223, gay might be laying it on a bit thick, but he was at gay bars quite a bit. He's not a big star, so I'm not shocked this wasn't discussed, but he was there.

BTW, I don't think I have ever seen or heard of him with a girlfriend when he lived here.

by Miareply 22611/19/2010

"gay might be laying it on a bit thick"

Well then what is he? Bi? Or are you saying he is a straight guy who just likes to go to gay bars?

by Miareply 22711/20/2010

Thanks for the shirtless shots of Adam Levine, R216 & R217.

For some reason I always presumed Levine has a hairy chest.

Guess not, unless he's manscaping.

by Miareply 22811/20/2010

Jewish guys are usually hairy, so he probably shaves.

by Miareply 22911/20/2010

Yeah, it is a pretty juvenile rumor. There are tons of closet cases in Hollywood, but there are also straight men who haven't had to do a casting couch to get their jobs.

by Miareply 23006/13/2013

Does anyone notice that he never seems to know about most of the songs that are sung on The Voice? "Um, I don't know this version" or "I'm not familiar with that hit"?

by Miareply 23106/14/2013

What a stupid thing to say. His words tell more about his own feelings than the truth of the matter.

by Miareply 23206/14/2013

Hey, he didn't suck [italic]my[/italic] dick.

by Miareply 23306/14/2013

I still can't get over how dumb-looking his place looked.

by Miareply 23406/14/2013

Well, back to braying into the autotune device ...

by Miareply 23506/14/2013

Yeah brah, shit man, we're just buds man, yeah brah, shit. Just cause two dudes hang out doesn't mean they're gay, shit man.

by Miareply 23606/14/2013

They only experiment. It doesn't mean they are having sex on a regular basis.


by Miareply 23706/14/2013

I can't believe this thread is this long. Who CARES about this self important douchebag OR Jake Gyllenhaal in 2013? Really. Just.Shut.The.Fuck.Up. Oh yeah, I mean "dude."

by Miareply 23806/14/2013

Jake's sister is married with kids. He's never been. That's not a giveaway but I think it's an important hint. He's what? 45?

by Miareply 23906/14/2013

No, he's like 30 and supposedly dating an SI model. I hope he's not gay in that case, as she is super hot and it would be a waste for her to be with a gay guy.

by Miareply 24006/14/2013

[all posts by ham-fisted troll a removed.]

by Miareply 24106/14/2013

LOL, r242!

And, can Adam Levine explain the hot guy Jake was sitting with at the Tony Awards?

by Miareply 24206/14/2013

Don't worry r241 - she's not wasting her smoking hot bod on a gay guy. It's possible they've hardly even met. Gay or not, that hookup only happened in a publicist's press advisory, to the mutual benefit of both clients.

Jake fake dates celebs all the time, only on the pages of tabloids. He's either gay or his taste in women is more pedestrian and civilian than Hollywood, or he's a slut. All three options are distasteful to publicists so they create alternate narratives.

by Miareply 24306/14/2013

Who was the hot guy jake was sitting with at the tony awards?

I can't believe that William Morris would be ok with Jake bringing a male date to the Tony Awards when he has 2 Oscar-potential roles out in the next year. wME isn't as bad as CAA when it comes to aggressively closeting their clients, but everyone knows Jake isn't winning anything or going anywhere in Hollywood without his women fans and their fantasies. It is half his capital.

Just telling it like it is.

by Miareply 24406/14/2013

I remember being so obsessed with Jake Gyllenhaal/Toothy Tile a few years ago, but now who gives a fuck?

He's completely irrelevant and coming out would barely rate a tabloid cover at this stage in his career.

by Miareply 24506/14/2013

R246 are you the "Henry Cavill is happening!!!" DL poster?

Jake G has TWO huge roles coming out very soon. He will be on covers, and he will be very much in the closet.

by Miareply 24606/14/2013

'Gyllenhaal' in Swedish translates as 'golden hole'.

Just sayin

by Miareply 24706/15/2013

Jake and Adam have bee friends for years. The two of them having hot man sex would be hot to watch. Both handsome, sexy, great bodies and they care for each other, so there would be emotion in the fucking. Hot fantasy.

by Miareply 24806/15/2013

Yes, r249, but who would be the bottom?

by Miareply 24906/15/2013

they could always compromise and get a double head dildo

by Miareply 25006/15/2013

Two sexy jewish guys swapping cum out of their beautiful cut dicks.......yum

by Miareply 25106/15/2013

I was just watching Levine on some late night talk show I had DVRed, and I couldn't help but think that this guy is way too pretty to be straight.

by Miareply 25206/15/2013

He's not gay but his dick and ass are.

by Miareply 25306/15/2013

Was Jake the top or the bottom in his "relationship" with Henry Cavill?

by Miareply 25406/15/2013

[quote]He's completely irrelevant

[r246] If he is irrelevant, why are you discussing him?

by Miareply 25506/15/2013

Jake is quiet pathetic...I like it.

by Miareply 25606/16/2013

Adam reminds me of David Lee Roth, who was aggressively dating hot models in his young rocker years only to become a screaming queen in his later years. I give Adam 5-10 years of trying to fuck away his gayness with chicks until he's spent and gives in.

by Miareply 25706/16/2013

I saw Jake bicycling along the Hudson (NYC) this afternoon. Dark sunglasses, beard, nice build.

by Miareply 25806/16/2013

How does he know? Did he try fucking Jake and got rejected?

by Miareply 25907/02/2013


by Miareply 26007/03/2013

Jake with his beard.

by Miareply 26107/15/2013

Adam Levine wanted to get it on with Jake and couldn't becuase Jake is straight.

That's why Adam is telling everyone Jake is straight.

by Miareply 26207/15/2013

So now Adam has a fiancee' and Jake a new girlfriend. AAAHHHH, how sweet (how convenient)

by Miareply 26307/17/2013
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