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Jean Arthur

Great actress?


by George Cukorreply 9301/28/2013

OK, she's Dead!

by George Cukorreply 109/23/2010

Gay actress?

by George Cukorreply 209/23/2010

Could only be filmed or photographed from one side profile. Evidently, she looked like a horse from the other profile.

by George Cukorreply 309/23/2010

She was **FIRED** from 'Born Yesterday'

by George Cukorreply 409/23/2010

Fabulous comedienne.

by George Cukorreply 509/23/2010

R5 If she was such a 'Fabulous' (your word) comedienne, why was she **FIRED** from Born Yesterday, and replaced by a then unknown Judy Holiday?

by George Cukorreply 609/23/2010

I thought the story with "Born Yesterday" was she had paralyzing stage fright. Don't know if she could have done the kind of things that Davis, Crawford, and Hepburn did, but she was a gifted comedienne, as R5 said. "A Foreign Affair" is a good example. Been years since I've seen it, but I think she did pretty well as the mother in "Shane."

by George Cukorreply 709/23/2010

Jean Arthur was a Broadway Vet with Six Broadway shows to her credit up to that point. So she didn't have stage fright, she just sucked in the role of Billie Dawn, and replaced by an unknown.

by George Cukorreply 809/23/2010

Did she really suck or was she getting near 40 and wasn't photographing well?

by George Cukorreply 909/23/2010

It was the play 'Born Yesterday' that she was ***FIRED** from.

by George Cukorreply 1009/23/2010

She used to be one my favorites, but lately her voice just starts driving me crazy 20 minutes into the movie.

by George Cukorreply 1109/23/2010

Marlene Dietrich was a total bitch to her during the filming of "Foreign Affair." In her daughter's book, Dietrich referred to Arthur as "a plucked chicken."

by George Cukorreply 1209/23/2010

She's wonderful. Her voice is so great.

by George Cukorreply 1309/23/2010

Love her in everything she did. My favorite may be "The Talk Of The Town" with Cary Grant & Ronald Colman, which is an all-round excellent story with perfect casting -- but she was wonderful no matter the role or movie.

by George Cukorreply 1409/23/2010

Loved her in "Easy Living" with Ray Miland and Edward Arnold. She was charming!

by George Cukorreply 1509/23/2010

She was at one time one of Mary Martin's lovers. It's a Peter Pan drag kinda thing.

by George Cukorreply 1609/23/2010

I loved her in everything also. Anything with her in it that was on Netflix I've watched. She was her day's Sandra Bullock just a little funnier. Her performance in Shane was an act of subtlety that every actress should watch.

Here's one of my favorite clips. Her and Cary had great chemistry together. I find it amazing that she was such a big box office draw for so long and then was just forgotten.

by George Cukorreply 1709/23/2010

I can't believe she was tested (and apparently seriously considered) for the role of Scarlett O'Hara in GWTW.

by George Cukorreply 1809/23/2010

Dietrich absolutely HATED her. Always referred to her as "that ugly, UGLY Jean Arthur".

I'm a Dietrich fan, so that has always colored my view of Arthur.

by George Cukorreply 1909/23/2010

For my money, one of the sexiest scenes ever put on film:

With Joel McCrea in "The More the Merrier" where he can't keep is big beautiful hands off her.

by George Cukorreply 2009/23/2010

Why did Marlene hate her? Bad break up?

by George Cukorreply 2109/23/2010

Unfortunately, my late friend, Richard Chandler wrote her final stage appearance, "The Freaking Out of Stephanie Blake".

by George Cukorreply 2209/23/2010

Dietrich admired women who were either very beautiful (Dolores del Rio) or very secure (Hepburn). Arthur was neither, and I think Dietrich just had no use for her.

by George Cukorreply 2309/23/2010

Marlene Dietrich disliked almost all of her peers in Hollywood. If you read her daughter's bio, Marlene had a lot of bitchy and hilarous quotes about her fellow stars of the 30s and 40s. Mae West and Katharine Hepburn were apparently the only female stars Dietrich liked and had good things to say about.

Off the top of my head, she considered Charlie Chaplin "a low-class circus performer," Joan Crawford "a cheap tap dancer" and though Carole Lombard "is always copying me."

by George Cukorreply 2409/23/2010

I wish I could articulate why Jean Arthur bugs me. I'm a big TCM queen and love most of the actresses from that era, but whenever she shows up on the screen, I cringe. The only movie in which I can stand her is "You Can't Take It With You," and even then I think about how much better it would have been with anyone else in her role.

I admit it's an irrational feeling. Maybe she reminds me of someone I've forgotten.

by George Cukorreply 2509/23/2010

Those two clips are great.

And Joel McCrea is dreamier every time I see him.

by George Cukorreply 2609/23/2010

She did develop severe stage fright later in her career.

by George Cukorreply 2709/23/2010

She also vomited before going in front of the camera.

by George Cukorreply 2809/23/2010

Had her own TV show in the 60s. Didn't last.

"The Jean Arthur Show"

It actually doesn't look too bad.

by George Cukorreply 2909/23/2010

I'm with R25, I just don't love her and I'm not sure why. Perhaps she was just so one-note, every fucking movie she had the same little shy mannerisms.

by George Cukorreply 3009/23/2010

She felt that Billy Wilder was favoring Dietrich during the making of "A Foreign Affair" and was pretty miserable.

I think she's terrific in it.

by George Cukorreply 3109/23/2010

Ron Harper plays her HOT son in The JA Show, for which JA got her first face-lift!

by George Cukorreply 3209/23/2010

Fans have got to see HISTORY IS MADE AT NIGHT, with Charles Boyer. Difficult to fine but intoxicating.

by George Cukorreply 3309/23/2010

Love her. Yes, R20, all 3 leads were wonderful in "The More the Merrier".

I haven't seen Talk of the Town in years. I will have to request that on the TCM website.

by George Cukorreply 3409/23/2010


by George Cukorreply 3509/24/2010

R4 (and others) -- Arthur was *not* fired from Born Yesterday. During out of town try outs, she grew increasingly anxious about acting onstage and withdrew from the production -- much to the great distress of playwright Garson Kanin and the rest of the Born Yesterday tream.

Fortunately, though, Judy Holliday took over the part and was brilliant in it, and the play was a smash anyway, without Arthur.

Sadly for Arthur, though, her stage fright continued to get worse and the same thing that happened with Born Yesterday would happen with other plays. She opened on Broadway in Peter Pan to excellent reviews and strong box office, but left the production long before her contract was up, due to her emotional issues. And in subsequent years, in Broadway previews or out of town try-outs, she walked out on productions of Shaw's Saint Joan, an awful-sounding play called The Freaking Out of Stephanie Blake, and a play that eventually made it to Broadway, First Monday in October (Jane Alexander played the part that Arthur originated).

John Oller's biography Jean Arthur: The Actress Nobody Knew is the best source for info about this enigmatic woman. She was a wonderful actress who could be pure magic in romantic comedy.

by George Cukorreply 3609/24/2010

I liked her in Mr. Deeds Goes to Town, and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

I just realized how similar those titles are for the first time.

by George Cukorreply 3709/24/2010

I was going to post that awesome piano scene with Cary Grant. What a foxy dyke JA was. And I recommend the bio of her. She had terrible stage fright, as has been mentioned. She also, by the end of the bio, comes across as a pain in the ass, as much as I wanted to love her. A mess.

by George Cukorreply 3809/25/2010

I adore her. She's the best thing about Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

by George Cukorreply 3909/25/2010

I adore her, as well. One of the great screen comediennes; she shoulda won the Oscar for The More the Merrier.

But she was also great in drama; her performance in Shane has so many layers to it, simply heartbreaking.

by George Cukorreply 4009/25/2010

Jean Arthur was top-billed over Marlene in 1948 when A Foreign Affair was made. Jean was still an A list Hollywood star and Marlene was making a comeback, which because of her performance, was indeed a sensational comeback.

But when the film was shot, Jean was the nominal star....enough of a reason right there for Marlene (who NEVER took 2nd billing to ANY actress!) to hate her.

And they were about as different as two Hollywood actresses could be in every way, professionally and personally.

by George Cukorreply 4109/25/2010

Except that they both liked the gals.

by George Cukorreply 4209/25/2010

R36 fails to mention that the majority of reviews for her performance were pans. Leaving TOTB no choice but to replace her, as it was clear to all concerned that Jean Arthur was miscast in the part.

by George Cukorreply 4309/25/2010

Marlene also took second billing below Jane Wyman in Hitchcock's Stage Fright, and also had a catty comment about her:

"I did one film for Alfred Hitchcock. Jane Wyman was in it. I heard she'd only wanted to do it if she were billed above me, and she got her wish. Hitchcock didn't think much of her. She looks too much like a victim to play a heroine, and God knows she couldn't play a woman of mystery - that was MY part. Miss Wyman looks like a mystery nobody has bothered to solve."

by George Cukorreply 4409/25/2010

Jeez, Marlene sounds like a Grade A cunt. We would have got along fabulously.

by George Cukorreply 4509/25/2010

Marlene was far from a cunt. She was fabulous and her catty comments about other celebrities were pretty much on the mark.

by George Cukorreply 4609/25/2010

What is TOTB that r43 refers to? I'm sure I will be embarrassed that I couldn't figure it out when it is revealed.

by George Cukorreply 4709/25/2010

I'm guessing r43 meant to type TPTB (The Powers That Be) but mistakenly typed O instead of P (they are right next to each other on the keyboard).

by George Cukorreply 4809/25/2010

OK, I'll bite. What was The Powers That Be?

by George Cukorreply 4909/25/2010

Poor Jean.

by George Cukorreply 5009/25/2010

Ugly, boring, no charisma, no screen presence. Awful voice.

by George Cukorreply 5109/25/2010

Jean had an entirely different career as a screen star in late silent films as just sort of a run-of-the-mill ingenue.

It wasn't until she reinvented herself as a screwball comedienne with a raspy voice in the mid-30s in The Plainsman (as Calamity Jane) and Frank Capra's Mr. Deeds and Mr Smith that her career really took off as an audience favorite.

by George Cukorreply 5209/25/2010

Jean suffered from Horse-face.

by George Cukorreply 5309/26/2010

Joel McCrea was such a handsome guy. I find him much more appealing than other male stars of the era who were considered bigger stars.

by George Cukorreply 5409/26/2010

McRea was HOT!

by George Cukorreply 5509/26/2010

Great weekend zig-zagging between the Jean Arthur, Paulette Goddard and Mary Astor threads! Thanks to whoever started them and all those who've contributed so much insight and snark.

by George Cukorreply 5609/26/2010

Joel McCrea was gorgeous. I also find him more appealing than some of the bigger stars of his era.

by George Cukorreply 5709/26/2010

I want McCrea in me!!

by George Cukorreply 5809/27/2010

There is a wonderful long interview with McCrea in John Kobal's "People Will Talk.

by George Cukorreply 5909/27/2010

Did PG fuck McCrea?

by George Cukorreply 6009/27/2010

Love Jean Arthur. "The Devil and Miss Jones" is one of my favorites. It also stars a very young Robert Cummings. The beach scene is hysterical. You never see water, just people from the waist down.

by George Cukorreply 6109/27/2010

Wasn't Joel McCrea bi?

by George Cukorreply 6209/27/2010

r60 you'll have to return to the PG Thread to find the answer to that one!

by George Cukorreply 6309/27/2010

My favorite thing to tell people when they're in my way is "I'll mow ya down" but I just can't say it like Jean.

by George Cukorreply 6401/21/2011

Love Jean Arthur! One of my favorite old-time actresses.%0D I read somewhere that she taught acting in her later years and one of her students was Meryl Streep.

by George Cukorreply 6501/21/2011

Not true, R65 - Jean was never a teacher, and certainly never taught M.

Why is "A Foreign Affair" the ONLY Billy Wilder film not available on DVD???? Arthur is very funny in it, and Dietrich is just divine. Even "Fedora" can be had...

by George Cukorreply 6601/22/2011

Hey mister, check out her bio! She taught drama at Vassar and at North Carolina! And, yes, Meryl Streep was one of her students. Look it up if you don't believe me!

by George Cukorreply 6701/22/2011

Link, please, R67.

Put your proof where your mouth is.

by George Cukorreply 6801/22/2011

decent actress, comedic and otherwise, but that weird ass voice. oy.

by George Cukorreply 6901/22/2011

Joel McCrea was pure sex. His earlier movies especially feature a lot of gratuitous shirtlessness, clearly intended to get the female audience hot and bothered. He and Jean have fabulous chemistry in More the Merrier. Don't know if he was bi, but Connie Bennett and Dolores Del Rio were known to have partaken. Bright Lights Film Journal did a piece a few years ago about his sex appeal:

by George Cukorreply 7001/22/2011

Mary Martin was so captivated by Jean Arthur's speaking voice that she copied that girlish nasal honk for the rest of her career.

by George Cukorreply 7101/22/2011

nasal honk is right, it was soo unsexy and just icky.

by George Cukorreply 7201/22/2011

r66, are you being serious? Did you even try to google the information first? Lazy.

by George Cukorreply 7301/22/2011

Hey R66--%0D If you would just look at Wikipedia, for example, or any good online bio of Jean Arthur, you will find what she did after she retired from films--i.e., taught drama!

by George Cukorreply 7401/22/2011

I am a serious actress, well trained in my craft.

People who "teach drama" work in junior high schools.

I don't know who this Arthur Jean woman even is.

by George Cukorreply 7501/22/2011

Marlene Dietrich disliked Jean Arthur during the filming of "A Foreign Affair." Dietrich always referred to Arthur as "that ugly, ugly woman" behind her back.

by George Cukorreply 7601/22/2011

Jean Arthur commissioned Garson Kanin to write a play for her and was disapointed when he presented her with "Born Yesterday". Jean felt that the role was undignified and wanted out way before she finally dropped out of it. She said that Judy Holiday was much better and suited then she for the role. For you hags that said she wasn't much of an actress, Frank Capra said she was his favorite actress and George Stevens said that she was the best comedienne actress ever. Throughout the forties until the seventies she turned down several roles saying that the roles were just not good enough.%0D

by George Cukorreply 7702/20/2011

Jean didn't like being an actress - she would get very anxious and upset before filming. She had to cajoled into giving those performances. Capra knew how to get the best out of her. In later years, if I recall, she often dropped out of things after signing for them. She did do a sitcom in the 60s, which I think would be interesting to watch. I like her voice - it was distinctive and she knew how to use it to comic effect.

by George Cukorreply 7802/20/2011

Joel McCrea was a refuglican.

by George Cukorreply 7902/20/2011

Joel McCrea was fucking hot!

by George Cukorreply 8002/21/2011

I eat shit.

by George Cukorreply 8104/14/2011

Marlene was fab. She told Elizabeth Taylor that she was very courageous to appear next to "real" actors in "Who's afraid".


by George Cukorreply 8204/14/2011

Marlene was a no talent cunt.

by George Cukorreply 8304/15/2011

Jean Arthur claimed to not like making movies, not like being in Hollywood, not able to deal with her so called "stage fright' she'd go on and on and on about that shit yet she made movie after movie after movie. She was a fake bitch. Not an honest one either but a behind the back kind.

by George Cukorreply 8404/15/2011

BORN YESTERDAY is for an ingenue. Love Arthur, but why would she accept the ingenue role in her - what, 40s?

by George Cukorreply 8504/15/2011

She's magical with Herbert Marshall in "If You Could Only Cook" and any actress who can make Herbert Marshall likeable has got something on the ball.

If you want to see great comic acting, though, watch EASY LIVING. She plays against the hysteria and as a result, is hilarious and utterly enchanting.

And yes, she had issues, but who in Hollywood, other than Carole Lombard did not?

And why the fuck would Carole Lombard need to copy that kraut?

by George Cukorreply 8604/15/2011

[quote]Marlene was fab. She told Elizabeth Taylor that she was very courageous to appear next to "real" actors in "Who's afraid".

Marlene fell in love with Burton and she hated Elizabeth because she had him.

by George Cukorreply 8704/15/2011

Here's her house in the 70s.

I like it.

by George Cukorreply 8804/15/2011

Did Joel McCrea possess sizemeat?

by George Cukorreply 8904/15/2011

r84, please hush until you have experienced what she did. She obviously liked acting and kept at it. It IS possible to love to act and be extremely shy about exposing yourself in front of others.

by George Cukorreply 9004/15/2011

R86, Carole had issues too. Not as many as Jean Arthur but she had them.

by George Cukorreply 9104/15/2011

[quote]And why the fuck would Carole Lombard need to copy that kraut?

Best. line. ever.

by George Cukorreply 9201/10/2013

She's absolutely, unbelievably fantastic!!!!

by George Cukorreply 9301/28/2013
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