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Stephanie Zimbalist IS Katherine Hepburn

in "Tea at Five"

by Oh, dearreply 5004/24/2016

The Falcon Theatre presents the hit one-woman show"


by Oh, dearreply 109/22/2010

In Beautiful Downtown Burbank.

by Oh, dearreply 209/22/2010

[quote] In Beautiful Downtown Burbank.

Actually it's nowhere near downtown Burbank.

This is Garry Marshall's theatre that is Toluca Lake adjacent.

by Oh, dearreply 309/22/2010

Stephanie Zimbalist is a gutsy lady. I saw a story on the "Remingston Steele" actors who worked a lot of their own stunts. In one scene she was in a huge tank of water that had nearly a hundred sea snakes. They showed her getting out of the tank and shaking her long hair as a snake fell out. Another one was under her blouse.

by Oh, dearreply 409/22/2010

I saw her play Desiree in "A Little Night Music" at South Coast Rep a few years ago.

It was done as a "small" production set wise ala the current Broadway production yet they still managed to have a dinner table for the dining room scene.

And Zimbalist was a fantastic Desiree.

by Oh, dearreply 509/22/2010

Sorry..R3 and R5 is me, OP

by Oh, dearreply 609/22/2010

Stephanie Zimbalist keeps the cure for HIV tucked in her right sock, but she refuses to share it with anybody.

by Oh, dearreply 709/22/2010

She's Julie?

by Oh, dearreply 809/22/2010

Loved her in "Centennial" but she got killed off too soon.

by Oh, dearreply 909/22/2010

Julie recorded every episode of RS and St. Elsewhere on VHS and still has them tucked away in a worn dingy box in her hall closet.

by Oh, dearreply 1009/22/2010

Stephanie Zimbalist broke the Nazi Enigma code in WWII.

by Oh, dearreply 1109/22/2010

There is never gossip about Stephanie Zimbalist because liars get cancer and die violent sudden deaths.

by Oh, dearreply 1209/22/2010

Maybe Stephanie Zimbalist can take over from Bernadette Peters in A Little Night Music On Broadway. And Pierce Brosnan can play Frederik.

by Oh, dearreply 1309/22/2010

Zymbalist is, for those who care, from a very illustrious family. Not only was her father a well known actor, but she comes from a long line of very famous classical musicians, including Efraim Zymbalist Sr. and Alma Gluck.

by Oh, dearreply 1409/22/2010

[quote]Zymbalist is, for those who care, from a very illustrious family. Not only was her father a well known actor, but she comes from a long line of very famous classical musicians, including Efraim Zymbalist Sr. and Alma Gluck.

And despite all that, you still can't spell her name right.

by Oh, dearreply 1509/22/2010

I went to school with Stephanie Cymabalist and that broad is driven with a capital 'V'.

by Oh, dearreply 1609/22/2010

Stephanie was especially close to her favorite cousin, Diana Canova. Look for her in crowd shots of Diana's sitcom, THROB.

by Oh, dearreply 1709/22/2010

R16, what does that mean?

by Oh, dearreply 1809/22/2010

Stephanie and Pierce Brosnan have matching tattoos on their left buttcheek from their Remmington Steele days.

by Oh, dearreply 1909/22/2010

I had such a crush on her during her RS days. I will have to go and see her in it just for old times.

by Oh, dearreply 2009/22/2010

I've always liked her.

She was supposed to be the big star on "Remington Steele" but Brosnan's fame eclipsed hers. I think she handled it well.

And she did a fantastic Made-for-TV movie called "Caroline?"

by Oh, dearreply 2109/22/2010

In case anyone cares, her name in KathArine Hepburn.

by Oh, dearreply 2209/22/2010

Stephanie, like KH, has a distinctive and commanding voice.

by Oh, dearreply 2303/29/2012

Has anyone seen SZ's movie "The Babysitter" costarring DL legends Patty Duke & Quinn Cummings? The entire movie's on Youtube & I wondered if it's worth watching.

by Oh, dearreply 2403/29/2012

I saw it a long time ago, R24. It has camp value.

by Oh, dearreply 2503/29/2012

OMG! What has happened to her face in those stills at the OP's website?

She looks like she's transitioned FTM, then let the male hormones sink in for about twenty years, and then transitioned back MTF!

She's become a female-impersonator impersonator!

by Oh, dearreply 2603/29/2012

I have always gotten a gay vibe from her. Anyone know if she is a lesbian?

by Oh, dearreply 2703/29/2012

Def dyke wiff from her

by Oh, dearreply 2803/29/2012

r24 YES!! and don't forget the William Shatner is in it too.

by Oh, dearreply 2903/29/2012


by Oh, dearreply 3003/29/2012

They really shafted Stephanie with the scheduling of the final season of RS.

by Oh, dearreply 3109/16/2013

The Babysitter is fantastic.

by Oh, dearreply 3209/16/2013

[quote]This is Garry Marshall's theatre that is Toluca Lake adjacent.

Is that like being next to, or near, Toluca Lake?

by Oh, dearreply 3309/16/2013

Has she come out of the closet YET?

by Oh, dearreply 3409/16/2013

If you look closely at the link op posted over two years ago you will see that her partner is obviously the lady who produced this one woman show. So obvious.

by Oh, dearreply 3509/16/2013

R35 How did you find the old link? Is there a feature for this?

by Oh, dearreply 3609/16/2013

Actually, Stephanie WILL be starring in a play in Beautiful Downtown Burbank later this year. The play is "Sex & Education"; it runs from 11/9 to 12/15 at the Colony Theatre.

by Oh, dearreply 3709/16/2013

Saw SZ and Tommy Tune years ago, in a touring production of "My One and Only." Afterward, she and Tommy came in to the same restaurant where my (now ex) partner and I were having a late dinner. They were both very friendly, and invited us to join them. Very cool.

by Oh, dearreply 3809/16/2013

Does The Falcon do good work?

by Oh, dearreply 3909/16/2013

Only recently found out that Stephanie wrote one of the episodes of Remington Steele. It was the one about the cookie with zero calories.

by Oh, dearreply 4009/22/2013

" I DON'T EVEN KNOW HIS REAL NAME!!!!!" still is one of our house sayings.

by Oh, dearreply 4109/22/2013

I love Stephanie Zimbalist. She was one of my first big baby dyke crushes, dating back to the TV movie "Long Journey Back." (Cloris Leachman, Mike Conners, 1978).

I actually met her once -- in the ladies' room of Bullock's department store in Sherman Oaks, in 1983, when I was 16. She caught me staring at her in the mirror as we washed our hands, and smiled at me. I blurted out, like a complete fucking dweeb, "Remington Steele is my favorite show! I think you're a great actress!" She chuckled and asked my name....and then thanked me, by name, for the nice compliment, it's always nice to meet a fan, etc. She dried her hands, wished me a good day, and left. I floated out afterward, like, did that just really happen?

She's always pinged to me (including that encounter). Never married, no kids. She is extremely private. There is almost nothing about her personal life on the web. The only " boyfriend" I ever remember hearing about, 12-15 (?) years ago,'was a much older guy,15-20 yrs her senior:....very suspect.

Anyway...... I.can absolutely see SZ playing Hepburn.

by Oh, dearreply 4209/22/2013

R42 - Was she as gorgeous as she seemed?

by Oh, dearreply 4309/22/2013

R21 I loved that TV movie "Caroline?" Stephanie's sister just passed away and Stephanie considered living in her house, but she said while she could picture herself living there, she couldn't picture herself living there alone, so she's selling it.

by Oh, dearreply 4409/23/2013

One early role I enjoyed of Stephanie's was when she played a teen who had to overcome many injuries after an accident.

by Oh, dearreply 4509/23/2013

As Efram has just passed, I want to remember the family. I was very young when I met Stephanie. She was just starting Remington Steele, if I remember. Completely star struck. The first celebrity that I met in real life, I think.

My grandfather and Efram were I would imagine, drinking buddies. They sang with Dolph, the owner of the Fife and Drum at Dolph's place in Kent, CT.

Driving this morning, and hearing of his passing (AT 95) I had assumed that Efram had died years ago.

by Oh, dearreply 4605/03/2014

Is Stephanie Zimbalist a fucking LESBO?

by Oh, dearreply 4704/24/2016

For the blind DLers.

by Oh, dearreply 4804/24/2016


by Oh, dearreply 4904/24/2016

Good for her...

by Oh, dearreply 5004/24/2016
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