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Since 1995 announces the "Top 50 Favorite Gay Films"

Here are the top ten: 1. Brokeback Mountain 2. Milk 3. Shelter 4. Beautiful Thing 5. Latter Days 6. A Single Man 7. Maurice 8. Were the World Mine 9. Big Eden 10. Get Real

by Screen Gemreply 3006/20/2013


by Screen Gemreply 109/20/2010

The fact that "Maurice" is on that list, gives a certain validity to it.

by Screen Gemreply 209/20/2010

All that list does is show how there are so few good gay films.

I'm surprised they could come up with 50 and keep a straight face.

by Screen Gemreply 309/20/2010

I actually thought that Bareback Mountain sucked!;)Maurice on the other hand was a gem for the ages.....

by Screen Gemreply 409/20/2010

"Jeffrey" plummets from #18 to #44.

by Screen Gemreply 509/20/2010

The list is pretty good imho, but some choices like Scott Pilmgrim at #45 seem a bit odd since I don't think it's a 100 % gay themed movie per se (haven't seen it yet though).

by Screen Gemreply 609/20/2010

Ok, let me try to digest this one.

Eating Out? I Love You Philip Morris?

Two of the worst movies ever made, gay or straight.

but not Law of Desire, Capote, Farewell, My Concubine, The Kids Are All Right, Death in Venice, or Mala Educacion?

W.H.A.T. T.H.E. F.U.C.K.!!!!

by Screen Gemreply 709/20/2010

I can't even believe "Burnt Money" isn't on that list. The most fan-fucking-tastic gay-themed movie, with two of the most gorgeous actors ever. Go figure.

by Screen Gemreply 809/20/2010

Casper Andreas must be having a meltdown about now.

by Screen Gemreply 909/20/2010

#9, jokes aside I think Between Love and Goodbye is a pretty good movie.

And I prefer the sequel of Eating Out over the first one even though Ryan Carnes isn't in it. Trashy fun entertainment.

Another one I like and didn't make it on the list is Make the Yuletide Gay with Canadian Italian twink Adamo Ruggiero.

Still I like the list, because it has a fair amount of foreign releases (like the German Summer Storm, or the Frensh Love Songs or Just a Question of Love).

by Screen Gemreply 1009/20/2010

"Big Eden" wins just for shirtless Tim DeKay playing gay in his pre-White Collar days. But, "Were the World Mine," really?

by Screen Gemreply 1109/20/2010

ANOTHER COUNTRY should be on that list

by Screen Gemreply 1209/20/2010

That fact Brokeback is in the top ten makes this list very suspect. It was a horrible movie.

by Screen Gemreply 1309/20/2010

"Brokeback Mountain" was # 1 three years in a row.

by Screen Gemreply 1409/20/2010

Shelter and Latter Days may belong in the Top 50 -- but they certainly aren't Top 10 material.

by Screen Gemreply 1509/20/2010

Why don't just call it the "Gay People's Choice Favorite Gay Films" because that's what it is. What a joke list! Oh how the young forget their gay history. LOL!

by Screen Gemreply 1609/20/2010

Total joke of a list.... I agree.

by Screen Gemreply 1709/20/2010

It does say "favorite" in the title, R16, not "the best" or "greatest." Now unclench your sphincter before you break your buttplug.

by Screen Gemreply 1809/20/2010

Props for including Rocky Horror Picture Show.

But, no Showgirls?

No Soapdish?

No Clue? No Steel Magnolias?

Gay movies have to be *about* being gay? They can't be films beloved by gays that capture their humor, voices and obsessions? How literal.

by Screen Gemreply 1909/20/2010

It's a reader's poll, which explains the emphasis on recent films and the inconsistency of what's classified as "gay."

by Screen Gemreply 2009/20/2010

I loved Soapdish! I also liked Big Business (gay theme in that film, a well)

by Screen Gemreply 2109/20/2010




by Screen Gemreply 2209/20/2010

Good to see Dawson's 50 Load Weekend made the list!

by Screen Gemreply 2309/20/2010

There are no PRON movies on the list.

by Screen Gemreply 2409/21/2010

No "Come undone" or "Broken Sky"?

by Screen Gemreply 2509/22/2010

"I can't even believe "Burnt Money" isn't on that list. The most fan-fucking-tastic gay-themed movie..."


by Screen Gemreply 2609/22/2010

The problem with Burnt Money is that despite having two of the most beautiful men in history playing lovers, we never see them making love. But we sure as hell see a lot of het sex.

Do agree that Broken Sky should be in the top 5.

by Screen Gemreply 2709/22/2010

We do never see them making love in "Burnt Money." Except for that scene near the end when they are cradled in each others arms, shirtless on the floor, and Noriega kisses Sbaraglia and then reaches up and starts rubbing Sbaraglia's peen.

That doesn't count in your book, I know, but it should be just enough to rate somewhere on the list. Or at least be enough to knock some low quality crap like any of those "Eating Out" movies off the list. Just saying.

by Screen Gemreply 2809/22/2010 lists "50 Essential LGBT Films":

by Screen Gemreply 2906/20/2013

I almost thought Weekend wasn't going to be on r29's list and I was prepared to go into a rage.

by Screen Gemreply 3006/20/2013
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