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Hedy Lamarr or Ava Gardner?

Who was the most beautiful?

by Discuss!reply 18706/08/2017


by Discuss!reply 109/17/2010

Absolutely Ava

by Discuss!reply 209/17/2010


by Discuss!reply 309/17/2010

Ava. I've seen shots of Lamarr where she looks gorgeous and others where she looked blandly beautiful. Not so with Gardner.

by Discuss!reply 409/17/2010

That's HEADLEY LaMarr, OP!

by Discuss!reply 509/17/2010

Wow OP, that really is a tough one; both strikingly beautiful. I guess I'd say Hedy Lamarr isn't as sexy as Ava so maybe Ava has a slight edge with the added wow factor. Of course Hedy was brilliant so she brings that to the table too, and intelligence is very appealing.

by Discuss!reply 609/17/2010


by Discuss!reply 709/17/2010

Hedy was more beautiful, although Ava was much more attractive. Hedy projected no personality at all, Ava had tons and amazing sexual charisma. %0D %0D However, Hedy was actually a touch more beautiful. Hedy had a perfect face, while Ava did need a good cinematographer to make the most of her looks, from certain angles her face looked kind of flat and round. And she didn't have a spectacular profile. %0D %0D

by Discuss!reply 809/17/2010

Ava Gardner in her prime was breathtaking.

by Discuss!reply 909/17/2010

Ava without a doubt. She was extraordinarily beautiful.

by Discuss!reply 1009/17/2010

Hedy had a brief period (around "Algiers" when she was just jaw-droppingly lush and stunning), then got too Hollywoodized and angular.%0D %0D Ava had a much longer period of being the best-looking broad in Hollywood.

by Discuss!reply 1109/17/2010


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by Discuss!reply 1309/18/2010

Hollywoodized, R11?

by Discuss!reply 1409/18/2010

Hedy was beautiful, but it was a colder, less approachable beauty than Ava's.

Ava had the kind of beauty you couldn't get enough of.

by Discuss!reply 1509/18/2010

Tough call. Ava was warmer, Hedy had a classic, Greek beauty. I don't think I have ever seen a more gorgeous woman than Hedy Lamarr in Ziegfeld Girl, though. Standing there, surrounded by "stardust" in an Adrian gown? Lordy, that is something other worldly. So gorgeous you think if you stare too long you will turn into a pillar of salt.

Yet, as others have said, Ava was breathtaking, too. Her lush features and that sexy cleft in her chin made her a goddess. You couldn't, indeed, get enough of her. So easy to see how she rocked skinny little Frank Sinatra's clock. She could have bought and sold him ten times over. And pretty much did.

by Discuss!reply 1609/18/2010


by Discuss!reply 1709/18/2010

r1 in that pix of Hedy, she could pass as Joan Bennett.

by Discuss!reply 1809/18/2010

Ava, every time. And also she was much more interesting to look at on-screen. . .there was something going on in her head, while Hedy looked so wooden all the time.

by Discuss!reply 1909/18/2010

Ava was prettier, but Hedy didn't devalue her stock by sleeping with Mickey Rooney, so....

by Discuss!reply 2009/18/2010

Mickey pestered the hell out of Ava until she said "yes" to get him to shut up. Come to think of it Maureen O'Hara did the same thing (not with Mickey).

by Discuss!reply 2109/18/2010

For my money, it's Hedy.

by Discuss!reply 2209/18/2010

".there was something going on in her head, while Hedy looked so wooden all the time."

Funny you say that 'cause Hedy was actually a brainiac. She was a frequent inventor and I once read that she'd developed the original idea that led to cell phone technology.

BTW: I always thought that Hedy Lamarr and Vivien Leigh looked very similar.

by Discuss!reply 2309/19/2010

Yes, R23, I knew she had patented that invention during WWII, so I should have been more specific: I meant that when acting, there seemed to be some emotional life, some complexity and interest, to Gardner's performances that for me just weren't present in Lamarr's. (I think HL was just dreadful in almost every film--particularly Ziegfeld Girls.)

I know Gardner ended up as a rather sad old lush, but I think she'd have been fun as hell to hang out iwith.

by Discuss!reply 2409/19/2010

Check them both out on youtube as Mystery Guests on What's My Line?

No contest...Ava all the way!

Though I guess Hedy was about 10 years older than Ava.

by Discuss!reply 2509/19/2010

Ava all the way.

by Discuss!reply 2609/19/2010

Girls, girls, they're both pretty!

by Discuss!reply 2709/19/2010


by Discuss!reply 2801/20/2011

[quote]I know Gardner ended up as a rather sad old lush, but I think she'd have been fun as hell to hang out with.%0D %0D I dunno. Boosting items at the drug store with Lamarr might be good for a giggle or two. %0D %0D

by Discuss!reply 2901/20/2011

Both. Remember, Hedy had brains and beauty as well. %0D %0D "Lamarr was a scientist, inventor and mathematician who co-invented an early technique for spread spectrum communications, a key to many forms of wireless communication from the pre-computer age to the present day."%0D %0D

by Discuss!reply 3001/20/2011


by Discuss!reply 3101/20/2011

Both were stunning, but I'd go for Hedy.

I'd want to be at a party with Ava, though.

by Discuss!reply 3201/20/2011


by Discuss!reply 3303/04/2011

Based purely on physical beauty, just basing it on aesthetics, I'd give the edge to Hedy. But if you add in personality, Ava wins handily.

by Discuss!reply 3403/04/2011

Ava is in an early movie tonight at 10:30 CDT on TCM. Apparently it is derby day at the movies and the film is called She Went to the Races from 1945.

by Discuss!reply 3505/10/2011

GOTDAMMIT! They are both pretty. Stop this bullshit. I'd tap both.

by Discuss!reply 3605/10/2011

Ava gets my vote.

by Discuss!reply 3705/10/2011


by Discuss!reply 3805/10/2011


Ava was hot and certainly not ugly, but Hedy Lamarr was ridiculously gorgeous.

by Discuss!reply 3905/10/2011

Ava stole hearts.%0D %0D Hedy stole cosmetics.

by Discuss!reply 4005/10/2011

Hedy Lamarr or Ava Gardner? Well the answer is..Lana Turner! Lol. Lana Turner believed that the most beautiful woman that she ever saw was Hedy Lamarr. Lana also believed that Ava Gardner was more beautiful than herself. Well, i believe that Lana Turner was more beautiful than Hedy or Ava. Beauty is a matter of taste of course. Cheers!

by Discuss!reply 4111/07/2012

[quote]Who was the most beautiful?

Oh, dear.

by Discuss!reply 4211/07/2012

Lana Turner young looked like dryer lint with tits, and as a mature woman looked like the kind of slag you'd find sitting in a tavern hoping a grin will get her a drink, and it that failed a pathetic groan.

by Discuss!reply 4311/07/2012

Vivien Leigh beats both of them, hands down.

by Discuss!reply 4411/07/2012



by Discuss!reply 4511/07/2012

Both really beautiful, but I'd want to look like Ava at the height of her beauty, she was unbelievably stunning.

by Discuss!reply 4611/07/2012

Yes r24, Ziegfield Girls showed Hedy at her most beautiful. I've seen later pic of her though, and she had some horrible plastic surgery.

by Discuss!reply 4711/07/2012

Very different looks. Both of them perfection.

by Discuss!reply 4811/07/2012

Ava had it all - just look at stills of her in Pandora and the Flying Dutchman. She had the attitude too.

by Discuss!reply 4911/07/2012

R43 are you serious about Lana Turner? Lol. Of course you can't be serious! Lana Turner was one of the most beautiful Hollywood actresses that have ever appeared in the celluloid. Are you blind to beauty? Obviously, that must be! The young Lana Turner was one of the most beautiful and sweet creatures of this planet,she seemed so fresh, so innocent and so sweet despite her personal adventures. Google 'Lana Turner and Steven Crane at a Los Angeles Air Base during World War II', and when you see her if you find it in your stoney heart, slander her again.

As Lana grew older she didn't look pathetic at all as you claim that she looked. Her performances became more solid and her face more mature. She didn't become ugly at all! Of course, you don't expect from a person who reaches 65 or 70 to look like the epitome of beauty, nobody is then! PLEASE do me a favour and show a little respect for that woman. Despite her personal mishaps and bad choices, Lana Turner was always trying to make herself beautiful for others and her many insecurities didn't make her aloof until she grew old and got sick. To expose your beauty and trying to retain that beauty is not easy in this fucking, indifferent world we live in, so PLEASE be less vulgar the next time you choose to write or say something.

by Discuss!reply 5011/09/2012

[quote]Yes [R24], Ziegfield Girls showed Hedy at her most beautiful.

How timely! "Ziegfeld Girls" was on TCM this morning!

by Discuss!reply 5111/09/2012

Hedy: regal, perfect, an intellectual giant as well as "the most beautiful girl in the world". And a nice Jewish girl from Vienna!

Ava: the sexiest woman of the her time.

Comparisons are odious.

by Discuss!reply 5211/09/2012

Elizabeth Taylor told Larry King, when he asked her who she thought was the most beautiful woman in Hollywood immediately said "Ava."

Taylor went on to describe how she would never forget seeing Ava for the first time and that itliterally took her breath away.

I'll go along with Taylor.

by Discuss!reply 5311/09/2012

Ava Gardner has more of a recognizable look, and nobody looked like her. Hedy Lamarr was beautiful frequently looks like Vivien Leigh.

by Discuss!reply 5411/09/2012

Ava and Hedy had something dykish and inconsistent in their face features. Lana hadn't that so i vote too for Lana Turner. I like all these ladies a lot, however i explain what led me to my choice. TO EACH THEIR OWN, after all!

by Discuss!reply 5511/10/2012

Ava Gardner in her youth was a goddess, and I've read accounts from people that she was apparently even more stunning in person, if you can imagine. When she walked into a room she turned heads. Ava aged quickly from all the booze and smoking (which eventually killed her at a relatively young age) but in her prime she was exquisite.

by Discuss!reply 5611/10/2012

They were both great beauties. It's a matter of taste as to who's the most beautiful.

I go for Ava. I think her looks were more sensual, and that does it for me.

by Discuss!reply 5711/10/2012

Ava and Lana= Great chemistry They were close friends and they had a lot in common and a similar taste in things and men and...whatever else one God knows only! In Cheryl Crane's (daughter of Lana Turner)biography of Lana, Cheryl mentions that Ava Gardner had given pieces of her personal jewelry to Lana as a gift and Cheryl said that she was sure that her mother had done the same for Ava.

by Discuss!reply 5811/10/2012

[quote]They were close friends and they had a lot in common

They both loved to party, drink, smoke and fuck hot guys with enormous cocks. My kind of gals.

by Discuss!reply 5911/10/2012

This article is for Ava Gardner fans and others...Enjoy!

by Discuss!reply 6011/10/2012

HEDY LAMARR. She was enchanting as a woman. She could devour you!

by Discuss!reply 6111/10/2012

As a Lesbian...

Ava had an earthiness within her beauty which had hedonistic undercurrents. You just knew that she lived a full life. The way she moved was sex. The was she spoke was sex. She just dripped sex in a raw and sometimes almost dangerously feral fashion without even trying.

Hedy Lamarr was classically beautiful and had a great intellect. Those two things do not lend themselves to the type of balanced sexiness of Ava Gardner but they do make Hedy Lamarr quite the feminine ideal in just as classical a fashion as her own beauty.

Ultimately, they are both equally as beautiful, just in really wildly different fashions.

by Discuss!reply 6211/10/2012

Everybody suspects that Ava had lesbian affairs among her romances but not all know that Hedy had lesbian affairs too! She was as bisexual as Ava was. Actually, Hedy Lamarr was a bisexual nymphomaniac!

by Discuss!reply 6311/10/2012

So many of those classic stars have been outed as bisexual after their deaths...Cary Grant, Claudette Colbert, Spencer Tracy...the list goes on and on and on. I wonder how their fans from back in the day would have reacted to this kind of news if it had come out when they were all young and at their peak.

by Discuss!reply 6411/10/2012

Lana was pretty, but didn't come close to Hedy or Ava. Between the latter two, I'd say it was a draw. Both were exquisitely lovely in their own way.

Lana doesn't belong in their company lookswise. Being blonde, of course, it hides a multitude of flaws, from her short neck to her barrel chest and flat buttocks. But Lana had a relentlessly photogenic face and a great pair of tits.

by Discuss!reply 6511/10/2012

Buttocks? Oh gosh lol...

by Discuss!reply 6611/10/2012

Lana was more than pretty; in her 20s she was a total knockout.

by Discuss!reply 6711/10/2012

This topic is about Hedy and Ava. Let the brunettes have their moment.

by Discuss!reply 6811/10/2012

The Golden Era was a different period. The Golden Era of Hollywood was a dream factory and a rose garden...Studios were protecting their stars from bad publicity and homosexuality or bisexuality was a taboo back then. However, most of the actors or actresses had and have been bisexual,or had and have still these tendencies. It's just pure logic, think about it! Art is vanity. Vanity needs mirrors and mirrors are both men and women.

R64 to answer your question, i believe that the fans of these stars would have not the same reaction. Each person has a mind of their own and their personal experiences or needs. One could like it and approve it, one other could dislike it and disapprove it.Anyway, I believe that even back then, the press couldn't alter so easily a fan's opinion. If the fan was fan indeed they would remain a fan of an artist after the spicy details of a story, don't you think?

by Discuss!reply 6911/10/2012

Ava had street smarts and was color-blind when it wasn't cool. Her choice of men is the classic "beauty and the beast" story. Opposites do attract. But as much as I love her, my vote goes to Hedy. Then too, there's Linda Darnell, Gene Tierney and Elizabeth Taylor.

by Discuss!reply 7011/10/2012

Is that Joan Fontaine smirking there in between Lana and Ava?

by Discuss!reply 7111/10/2012

R71 you are in! It's Joan Fontaine. Lol.

by Discuss!reply 7211/10/2012

Both actresses were at the top! The men were beautiful, as well. Read an oldtimer's recollection that early in their careers, Errol Flynn and Tyrone Power attended a party together, and those who were there already, just couldn't help but stare! John Derek had the same effect on me, when I saw the old movie, "Knock On Any Door".

by Discuss!reply 7311/10/2012

When Hedy Lamarr was first brought to Hollywood by MGM it was with the hope of creating another Garbo, whose career was waning. So Hedy was cast in similar exotic roles that had an aura of foreign mystery and cool aloof sex appeal. She didn't even speak much in her early Holywood films. She was very still.

OTOH Ava Gardner was just the opposite. Very earthy, fleshy with an All-American warm naughty sense of humor.

Though they were both gorgeous brunette products of MGM (albeit with a 10 year age difference), they couldn't have been more different and I would guess they never competed for the same roles.

And then MGM had Elizabeth Taylor, another gorgeous brunette but also not really comparable to Hedy or Ava.

by Discuss!reply 7411/10/2012

Below, there is a photo with the three of them (Ava, Lana and Joan). I confirm R71's suspicions by posting that obvious photo! Look at them!

by Discuss!reply 7511/10/2012

Joan to Lana and Ava:

"But Olivia told me it was a masquerade party!"

by Discuss!reply 7611/10/2012

R70, you did well and you mentioned LINDA DARNELL AND GENE TIERNEY. People should not forget them and those who don't know them yet, they should discover them if they love classic cinema. Both of them were ravishing beauties and had starred in excellent film noirs and movies in general. They both had tragic lives. Beautiful, beautiful women.

by Discuss!reply 7711/10/2012


by Discuss!reply 7811/10/2012

r69 their careers would have been over in a second if any of those stars' bisexuality was discovered by the public in their heydays.

by Discuss!reply 7911/10/2012

R79, maybe you are right. However, i believe that their careers would be over, not because of their fan's reaction but because of the frailty of the manufactured American Dream.

by Discuss!reply 8011/10/2012

"So many of those classic stars have been outed as bisexual after their deaths...Cary Grant, Claudette Colbert, Spencer Tracy"

Cary Grant? Could be. He had a "close" relationship with the handsome Randolph Scott. But he was also really into women.

Claudette Colbert? Well, in Hollywood Babylon Kenneth Anger says that she and Marlene Dietrich got it on. Maybe they did. I don't know about Colbert, but Dietrich fucked anything, male or female.

Spencer Tracy? I don't think so. He seems incredibly un-gay to me and the books that claim he was have no proof to it up. I don't think he was.

It's fashionable these days to label long dead classic film stars gay. I expect that when Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty die there will be books about them claiming that despite being raging pussyhounds they were, in fact, raging closet queens.

by Discuss!reply 8111/10/2012

R81 everything is possible. I mean what you say is possible, but there is also the possibility that you are wrong.

by Discuss!reply 8211/10/2012

Have to throw in Jennifer Jones and Merle Oberon as true brunette beauties.

by Discuss!reply 8311/10/2012

High five R83! Lusty brunettes the stars you mentioned and great actresses.

by Discuss!reply 8411/10/2012

Thanks R84. I've always preferred the brunette leading ladies.

by Discuss!reply 8511/10/2012

Jennifer Jones lusty? Wait, I missed something...

by Discuss!reply 8611/10/2012


by Discuss!reply 8711/10/2012

Both are stunningly gorgeous women, but I have to give it to Hedy. The dimensions of her face were virtually perfect.

by Discuss!reply 8811/10/2012

I bet Hedy wanted to seduce both Judy and Lana.

by Discuss!reply 8911/11/2012

Yes Jennifer Jones lusty too!

by Discuss!reply 9011/11/2012

That's [bold]HEDLEY![/bold]

by Discuss!reply 9111/11/2012

I love this pic of Ava in her later years. She was a fun broad to the end.

by Discuss!reply 9211/11/2012

R92, yes Ava was so SPECIAL either when she was young or old. After her death in 1990, Ava's longtime housekeeper, Carmen Vargas, and her dog, a Welsh Corgi named Morgan, were taken in by her former co-star Gregory Peck.

by Discuss!reply 9311/11/2012

Ava must have been a riot to go out bar-hopping and get absolutely shitfaced with.

by Discuss!reply 9411/11/2012

Ava: I love passion and drinking so what? Please, let me finish my cup of coffee now. I'll get wild later, you know that i will honey. Fix my hair now, i want to be enchanting again.

by Discuss!reply 9511/11/2012

I give more than a fuck for Gloria Grahame. Please comment on the post 'What do you guys know about Gloria Grahame'. What are you waiting for?

by Discuss!reply 9611/11/2012

When I lose my temper, you can't find it ANYWHERE.

Ask Howard Hughes.

by Discuss!reply 9711/12/2012

Hedy is more beautiful but Ava is sexier.

by Discuss!reply 9811/12/2012

r89, that picture hits the spot.

by Discuss!reply 9911/12/2012

I wonder if Hedy had bad teeth or some kind of dental problem because her lips made an unflattering kind of purse as she aged. Or maybe it was just bad plastic surgery around the mouth area.

by Discuss!reply 10011/12/2012

R100, what a sweetheart you must be. LOL

by Discuss!reply 10111/13/2012

Here is a photo with beautiful and sexy Hedy. I love her hands...

by Discuss!reply 10211/13/2012


by Discuss!reply 10311/14/2012

Ava Gardner with Artie Shaw...

I can't imagine them as husband and wife, lol!

by Discuss!reply 10403/01/2013

i want Hedy.

by Discuss!reply 10503/05/2013

Neither. It's Cilian Murphy!

by Discuss!reply 10603/05/2013


by Discuss!reply 10703/05/2013

Lamarr was more beautiful than Gardner. Ava's face was sexy but she had a big head, it was asymmetrical.

Hedy Lamarr was stunning!

by Discuss!reply 10803/05/2013

Nobody can question her striking beauty

by Discuss!reply 10903/05/2013

I bet Ava found Hedy SEXY AND HOT!

by Discuss!reply 11003/05/2013

“American men, as a group, seem to be interested in only two things, money and breasts. It seems a very narrow outlook.” -Hedy Lamarr

by Discuss!reply 11103/05/2013

'DeMille's theory of sexual difference was that marriage is an artificial state for women. The want to be taken, ruled, raped. That was his theory.'-Hedy Lamarr

by Discuss!reply 11203/05/2013

'The ladder of success in Hollywood is usually a press agent, actor, director, producer, leading man; and you are a star if you sleep with each of them in that order. Crude, but true.'-Hedy Lamarr

by Discuss!reply 11303/05/2013

'I am a very good shot. I have hunted for every kind of animal. But I would never kill an animal during mating season.'-Hedy Lamarr

by Discuss!reply 11403/05/2013

'I appreciate subtlety. I have never enjoyed a kiss in front of the camera. There's nothing to it except not getting your lipstick smeared.'-Hedy Lamarr

by Discuss!reply 11503/05/2013

'I have always felt that if a man gives you a solid gold key to his door he is entitled to the courtesy of a visit.'-Hedy Lamarr

by Discuss!reply 11603/05/2013

Strange to me that such a wise and witty woman as Hedy didn't make a better final marriage and enjoy a happier old age. Wasn't she arrested for shoplifting as a senior citizen?

by Discuss!reply 11703/05/2013

'If you use your imagination, you can look at any actress and see her nude... I hope to make you use your imagination'-Hedy Lamarr

by Discuss!reply 11803/05/2013

Lol R117. Yes i think she was kleptomaniac at some period of her life. I don't know if that's a fact though or just a rumor.

'All my six husbands married me for different reasons'-Hedy Lamarr


by Discuss!reply 11903/05/2013

Beauty truly can't buy you happiness. Did any of these stunning creatures, male or female, have happy lives and relationships?

by Discuss!reply 12003/05/2013

Except that Hedy had so much more than beauty, as evidenced by the wit in those quotes, not to mention her invention and patent of the WWII gizmo.

She was a smart Jewish girl who should have known better what would make her happy.

by Discuss!reply 12103/05/2013

Lana Turner or Ava Gardner was more naughty?

I think Lana wins on that too.

by Discuss!reply 12205/07/2013

It's idiotic if Lana and Ava didn't sleep together at least once.

by Discuss!reply 12305/07/2013

We hadn't sex, but we had all that you can name 'preliminaries' and it was more than friendship

by Discuss!reply 12405/07/2013

There may be women as beautiful Ava Gardner (18 year old Elizabeth Taylor, 25 year old Grace Kelly), but no woman more beautiful that Garden was in 1953-54 when she starred in Mogombo and The Barefood Contessa

by Discuss!reply 12505/07/2013

I was stuck in traffic in the 80s when I noticed Lana in her silver Cadillac Seville in front of me. She looked very chic, with a hip blonde hairdo, collar up, smoking. This was long before she passed away and she still had that MGM glamour.

Ava was gorgeous at her best, haggard at her worst. Ava and Lana used to fool around at Frank's place in Palm Springs. They really liked each other.

Hedy Lamarr had the brains and the beauty. She could look like Vivien Leigh. She could be sophisticated and sultry. But Ava wins in the beauty dept.

by Discuss!reply 12605/07/2013

In "Ecstasy and Me" there was a lot about Hedy's sex life in Hollywood. But she claimed her ghost writers made it all up to sell books.

I sometimes wonder if she just got cold feet after it was published.

by Discuss!reply 12705/07/2013

R108 It's funny that that photo is so heavily retouched but they neglected to fix her lip line. She is still beautiful but you can clearly see the demarcation between her natural lip and her make-up.

by Discuss!reply 12805/07/2013

During filming 'Mogambo' Ava Gardner flew to London to have an abortion after she became pregnant with Frank Sinatra's child.

Maureen O'Hara was the first choice for Honey Bear Kelly, but MGM needed Ava Gardner in a movie and made John Ford cast Gardner instead, which is one of the reasons for Ford's vicious treatment towards Gardner while filming 'Mogambo'.

by Discuss!reply 12905/09/2013

[quote]Mickey pestered the hell out of Ava until she said "yes" to get him to shut up. Come to think of it Maureen O'Hara did the same thing (not with Mickey).

[quote]Maureen O'Hara was the first choice for Honey Bear Kelly, but MGM needed Ava Gardner in a movie and made John Ford cast Gardner instead, which is one of the reasons for Ford's vicious treatment towards Gardner while filming 'Mogambo'.

Was that before or after their affair?

by Discuss!reply 13005/09/2013

Cillian Murphy is prettier than either Hedy or Ava.

by Discuss!reply 13105/09/2013

Let's be honest, Ava married that half of a man Mickey Rooney because she needed a more solid connection in Hollywood...


by Discuss!reply 13205/09/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Discuss!reply 13305/09/2013

If you were Clark Gable in 'Mogambo' would you choose Ava or Grace?

by Discuss!reply 13405/09/2013

Dorothy Dandridge stops by the Ride, Vaquero! set and chats with Ava Gardner and director John Farrow

by Discuss!reply 13505/09/2013

Ava: We are both sluts Grace

Grace:Tell me something i'm not aware of Ava

by Discuss!reply 13605/09/2013

[QUOTE]If you were Clark Gable in 'Mogambo' would you choose Ava or Grace?

I can't imagine being Gable in [italic]Mogambo[/italic], but I'll say Grace, as she was better looking than Ava.

by Discuss!reply 13705/09/2013

My quoting failed, darned CAP LOCKS!

by Discuss!reply 13805/09/2013

Yeah i would choose Grace too, but Ava was a pleasure too.

In the photo below:Bitches Grace and Ava in Monaco

by Discuss!reply 13905/09/2013

Ava and Grace become friends. Ava was in Kelly's marriage to that non-erotic man Prince Rainier

Photo below: Adding to the glamour of the occassion was Grace's friend Ava Gardner

by Discuss!reply 14005/09/2013

*became friends

by Discuss!reply 14105/09/2013

I will be more sarcastic though and pensively whisper the name 'Frank Sinatra' as it comes to the friendship of these two women...

by Discuss!reply 14205/09/2013


Vivien Leigh vs. Merle Oberon vs. Cyd Charisse vs. Hedy Lamarr vs. Ava Gardner?

by Discuss!reply 14305/11/2013


Hedy Lamarr was more seductive

by Discuss!reply 14405/15/2013

Ava was the one. Earthy, sexy, beautiful.

by Discuss!reply 14505/15/2013

If their Mystery Guest appearances on What's My Line? in the 1950s are a barometer, I don't think anyone would doubt that Ava was more beautiful, glamorous and witty than Hedy.

First up, here's Ava (1953).

She was currently married to Sinatra and about to shoot Mogambo.

by Discuss!reply 14605/15/2013

Awww, I mixed them up!

Here's Hedy on What's My Line? in 1957.

To be fair, Hedy was a few years older than Ava and this appearance is 4 years later than Ava's.

by Discuss!reply 14705/15/2013

That's HEDLEY.

by Discuss!reply 14805/15/2013

They were both beautiful, but Ava Gardner was out of this world beautiful, SO gorgeous at the height of her beauty.

by Discuss!reply 14905/15/2013

I suspect that Ava had a crush on Lana. Of course, she knew how to stand, she was a fucking movie star and a femme fatale, so she probably didn't make a serious move on Lana. They remained very good friends and they teased each other and had a lot of laughs together. Maybe they even got undressed in front of each other, but i doubt that they slept together.

On the other hand, you never can tell...

by Discuss!reply 15005/18/2013


by Discuss!reply 15105/29/2013

They both were obviously bisexual.

by Discuss!reply 15205/30/2013

Rhonda Fleming was the real beauty.

by Discuss!reply 15306/01/2013

Just so you guys know, Ava on the record about your favorite line she supposedly said about Sinatra - it was bullshit.

"Evans’s agent wanted him to verify with Ava a ribald line attributed to her about Frank Sinatra’s being a bantamweight but not where it counted. Asked about it, she dismisses the line as “vile” and “smut.”

by Discuss!reply 15407/13/2013

Hedy Lammar hands down, she was the most beautiful creature I have ever seen in 52 yrs on this planet

by Discuss!reply 15507/29/2013

In terms of pure beauty I think it is a three way tie among Hedy, Ava and Liz---each breathtakingly beautiful in their prime---- although I must say Ava is by far the sexiest.

by Discuss!reply 15608/07/2013

If we're talking most beautiful brunettes ever on the screen, then we have to include:

Vivien Leigh

Joan Bennett

Linda Darnell

Gene Tierney

by Discuss!reply 15708/07/2013

What R20 says ... Horrible taste in men somehow diminishes a woman's beauty and sexuality and AVA sure had lousy taste in men. HEDY was gorgeous and, as far as I can remember, had an OK collection of men in her life. For just beauty alone --it's a tie. For a certain amount of mystery to go with the beauty ---Hedy.

by Discuss!reply 15808/07/2013

How about Ava's taste in women? Not bad.

by Discuss!reply 15908/07/2013

Neither is the most beautiful actress ever. That title goes to Miss Cillian Murphy.

by Discuss!reply 16008/08/2013

Hedy, her features were more defined. Ava was more the "Earth Mother" type. I know, I know...... Hedy was Tondelayo, but still.

by Discuss!reply 16108/08/2013

Hedy looking fabulous on "To Tell the Truth" in 1968.

by Discuss!reply 16208/08/2013


by Discuss!reply 16308/08/2013

It seems to me that as they aged, Hedy's delicate face became more pinched and pursed due to bad plastic surgery, whereas Ava's voluptuous face and features hardened and coarsened due to excessive drinking and smoking and god knows what else.

by Discuss!reply 16408/08/2013

Ava never had plastic surgery.

by Discuss!reply 16508/08/2013

That shot with Lena would have been taken backstage after her one woman show at the Winter Garden in 1981-1982 . . . Ava died in 1990.

Ava suffered a stroke in the years before she died, leaving her left side somewhat paralyzed.

by Discuss!reply 16608/08/2013

Sometimes this need to rank and compare is truly idiotic.

by Discuss!reply 16708/08/2013

It's interesting how this thread has been mostly about brunettes.

The only blondes mentioned have been Lana and Grace.

The other great blondes...Dietrich, Lombard, Harlow, Monroe were sexy but not truly beautiful?

Redheads? Rhonda Fleming, Arlene Dahl, Maureen O'Hara??

by Discuss!reply 16808/09/2013

The majority of the blondes and redheads in Hollywood were not genuine.

Lana's hair couldn't have been any darker when she was first starting out.

Same with Rita Hayworth . . .

by Discuss!reply 16908/09/2013

R167, the shot with Lena was taken in London in 1984 where her show The Lady & Her Music played for a month. Lena spent a lot of time in London even when she wasn't working. To see Ava? Don't know, but Lena had her gf there in 1984 for some of the run.

Btw, The Lady & Her Music opened on Broadway in 1981 at the Nederlander. Not the Winter Garden (???). Her other Broadway show, Jamaica, played at the Imperial in 1957-58.

by Discuss!reply 17008/09/2013


by Discuss!reply 17108/09/2013

Ava had personality on top of her exotic beauty, which made her walking steamy sex.

Hedy was beautiful.

by Discuss!reply 17208/09/2013

AVA of course.

by Discuss!reply 17308/09/2013

Have you read 'Ava Gardner: The Secret Conversations: An Indiscreet Memoir'? It came out in July. I certainly want to read it. Here are some excerpt from the book:

Lana Turner was Ava's idol. Lana had had an affair with Mickey Rooney and had married Artie Shaw. 'First Mick, then Artie...she beat me to both of them. And Frank too', Ava said. 'Even so, i liked her.'

Humphrey Bogart was Ava's costar in The Barefoot Contessa. Their working relationship was not a happy one. 'He knew every trick in the book to fuck up a scene and get a retake if he felt a scene wasn't going his way...i just didn't like him very much as a man-and he had no respect for me at all.'

Ava about Mickey Rooney: 'He went through the ladies like a hot knife through fudge. Lana Turner nicknamed him 'Andy Hard-on'.'

Ava married star bandleader Artie Shaw in 1945. She admired his intellect, but he bullied her emotionally:'He was always putting me down. I was afraid of his mind. He was a dominating son of a bitch.'

'Howard Hughes was in my life on and off, for more than twenty years, but i never loved him', said Ava. 'Till death us do part would have been a whole lot sooner than later if we had tied the knot.'

by Discuss!reply 17410/23/2013

Oh! I just found the ebook in torrents and i'm downloading it for free!

Below there is the link you can use if you want to do the same.

Kisses to your cheeks my naughty ones!

by Discuss!reply 17510/23/2013

I don't blame Ava for having a crush on Lana. Lana was very sensational. Actually in that book Ava said that Lana was the reason she started smoking, because Lana was smoking too and because Ava found Lana...sophisticated and she wanted to be like her.

According to the book, Ava once asked Mickey Rooney if Lana was a good lay. She also asked Artie Shaw what did he like in Lana...

by Discuss!reply 17610/24/2013

What's the connection between ava and lena horne?

by Discuss!reply 17712/05/2013

In terms of beauty they really are a toss up. Hedy classic and cool, Ava earthy and warm.

In the book previously mentioned there is some discussion about Ava's affair with a woman - don't recall her name - a Brit aristo/actress perhaps?

In Stephanie Power's memoir she describes Ava as the most sensuous individual she has ever known. She writes about the way Ava moved, held a cigarette, etc. They became good friends.

Well, in the final analysis, Hedy was a breeder so I'd have to vote for Ava.

by Discuss!reply 17812/05/2013

?If we're talking most beautiful brunettes ever on the screen, then we have to include:

Vivien Leigh

Joan Bennett

Linda Darnell

Gene Tierney"

I believe Capucine trumped them all - we just didn't see enough of her in film.

by Discuss!reply 17912/06/2013

Yes R178, i always believed too that Ava was a bit infatuated with Lana.

by Discuss!reply 18012/08/2013

Did ava fuck lena Horne?

by Discuss!reply 18101/09/2014

Ava Gardner

by Discuss!reply 18201/09/2014

Ava Gardner and sister Beatrice at Del Mar racetrack in California. Ava with glasses!

by Discuss!reply 18301/15/2014

A stylist assists Ava Gardner during filming of Pandora and the Flying Dutchman

Sexy Ava...

by Discuss!reply 18401/15/2014

Ava had the better body but Hedy had the most magnificent face in the history of cinema. Ava had the better personality but Hedy was more intelligent. If I was going to a MENSA meeting I would take Hedy but since Hedy didn't drink and I do Ava would be my date for bar hopping. Maybe Howard Hughes would have the answer since he dated both of them? Decisions, decisions: I guess I'm a face man so I'll go with Hedy.

by Discuss!reply 18506/08/2017
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