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Why does Oprah love John Travolta so much?

It wouldn't be because of all the gay rumors about them, would it?

by Stedmanreply 4607/21/2013

Oh, Stedman, stop being such a fag.

by Stedmanreply 109/13/2010

Oprah has strong connections to Scientology too.

by Stedmanreply 209/13/2010

Because they're both fake, and closet homosexuals. Oh, and because Oprah's also a closet $cientologist.

by Stedmanreply 309/13/2010

Southpark should do a show where Oprah has all the Hollywood non-gays as guests.

by Stedmanreply 409/13/2010

She also loves Tammy Cruise and Huge Ackman.

by Stedmanreply 509/13/2010

Can't wait to read what historians have to say about all these people in 40 years. I think they will all be outed by then and look like fools.

by Stedmanreply 609/13/2010

Travolta has a reputation for being the nicest, sweetest guy in Hwood. He probably fawns all over Oprah since she has universal access. That plus the Hwood glam factor (he is Tony from SNFever and Danny from Grease, after all) don't hurt.

by Stedmanreply 709/13/2010

Has that book about him in gay spas come out yet?

by Stedmanreply 809/13/2010

The real question is: what does Scientology have on Oprah, that she is such a big shrill for them and their zombies, like Travolta and Cruise?

by Stedmanreply 909/13/2010

When her shows ends this year, she'll be forgotten like Johnny Carson was when he left The Tonight Show. %0D %0D Talk show hosts don't have TV reruns or broadcasts of old movies to keep them fresh in the public's eye. Rosie tried to warn her last year, but Oprah didn't listen. Not sure how she's going to handle not being the most beloved and famous woman in the world anymore.

by Stedmanreply 1009/13/2010

Combine r3 and r9 to get at the truth.

by Stedmanreply 1109/15/2010

Yes, R10. And after her new network bombs, she'll be back. Then we'll remember her again, but on a much smaller scale -- she'll be on Lifetime or A&E only once a week.

by Stedmanreply 1209/15/2010

Oprah doesn't bomb!

by Stedmanreply 1309/15/2010

Don't know what you've got till it's gone, bitches!

by Stedmanreply 1409/15/2010

Oprah love the gays! Especially if she figures they can do each other favors.

by Stedmanreply 1509/15/2010

[quote]Oprah doesn't bomb!

Uh, Hello!

by Stedmanreply 1609/15/2010

South Park should take Oprah on...or did they already?

by Stedmanreply 1709/15/2010

Because he's a nice guy, OP. Say what you will about his personal life, but he's been known to be extremely personable with fans and I'm sure he's the same way with his friends.

by Stedmanreply 1809/15/2010

This may be boring but could it be he is just a kind and decent person? They've been friends for a very long time and I think that is just all it is.

by Stedmanreply 1909/15/2010

No member of Scientology is a nice person. If they are being nice to you, they are just trying to recruit you. Beware of "Friendly Scientologists" or friendly people from any other cult. Trojan Horse friendly.

by Stedmanreply 2009/15/2010

They both don't do stairs.

by Stedmanreply 2109/15/2010

I remember when Rosie warned Oprah. I remember she told her that basically celebrities are out of touch with reality at their peak because of sycophants & ass kissers. Oprah shook her head proclaiming 'not me'. To which Rosie assured, 'you'll see'. Loved it!

by Stedmanreply 2209/15/2010

Mmmm hmmmm.

by Stedmanreply 2309/15/2010

I think Oprah is just going to re-start her show on her own network.

by Stedmanreply 2409/15/2010

They're both Aquarians. If they're anything like me and my Aquarius friends, they get shitfaced together, cause mayhem and commit small crimes and have really bizarre conversations together as the acid is wearing off.

by Stedmanreply 2509/15/2010

Oh shut the fuck up, Mia. Seriously. You're a moron.%0D %0D This "man" kept his kid hidden his whole life because his disability was an embarrassment to Scientology. It's possible that the boy died because they hadn't adequately protected him. Oh yeah...he's a saint.%0D %0D Scientology is evil. He promotes it.%0D %0D Go away.

by Stedmanreply 2609/15/2010

[quote]he's been known to be extremely personable with fans %0D %0D He's a fake and a fraud. Is that how you define "personable"?

by Stedmanreply 2709/15/2010

I bet Rosie's comment is more from her experience with Madonna than herself.

by Stedmanreply 2809/15/2010

I don't think so, r28. I remember that interview well and I believe that is one of the reasons why she left her talk show. I could be wrong...

by Stedmanreply 2909/15/2010

Coming soon to a video near you: Closet Cases United - JT and O!

by Stedmanreply 3009/16/2010

Dear #26:

Take your meds. Then, kiss my ass.



by Stedmanreply 3109/16/2010

They have a lot in common; both major celebrities, both closeted.%0D %0D After his death it was finally revealed that poor Jett Travolta did indeed have autism. Did his loving parents get him help for that? NO! Scientologists have utter contempt for psychiatry, so his autism went untreated. They tried to keep him hidden from the public, due to the fact it was obvious from looking at him that he was deeply disturbed. He was also quite overweight from inactivity and junk food. That kid needed HELP. He died alone, by hitting his head while having a seizure, or something like that. It was hours before anyone checked on him. His parents could have gotten him the best care available, but didn't, because they belong to a crazy cult. Fuck John Travolta and his fucking beard!

by Stedmanreply 3209/16/2010

Dear Mia,%0D %0D Dear, if anyone should "take their meds" hon, it's a silly little addle-brained fangirl like yourself.%0D %0D Do us both a favor...go find a board where the opinions of ugly little troll girls are delighted in!

by Stedmanreply 3309/16/2010

Oh and Mia...lose a few pounds hon, okay? I can feel your fatness through cyberspace.

by Stedmanreply 3409/16/2010

Just because you've had a dick up your ass doesn't mean you're gay...

by Stedmanreply 3509/17/2010

Dear 33 & 34

I'm not going anywhere. Deal.

Very Truly Yours,


by Stedmanreply 3609/17/2010

Oprah is Scientology's most powerful member, not Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise is only Scientology's most visible member.

by Stedmanreply 3709/17/2010

Tom Cruise wishes his member was that visible!

by Stedmanreply 3801/05/2013

Fat girls always invent fantasy boyfriends, usually from the list of People magazine's Sexiest Men Alive.

by Stedmanreply 3901/05/2013

[quote]Oprah is Scientology's most powerful member, not Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise is only Scientology's most visible member.

Maybe. She certainly supports the people in that cult.

by Stedmanreply 4007/19/2013

The people who get the most attention from Oprah all have gay rumors swirling around them, beginning with Gayle and Stedman.

by Stedmanreply 4107/20/2013

Oprah fell in love with Edna Turnblad. Imagine her shock when she found out Edna was not real and played by Travolta.

by Stedmanreply 4207/20/2013

If Oprah was a cult member, wouldn't there be some proof after all these years? Are people on her staff Scienos too?

How did Oprah really meat Stedman?

by Stedmanreply 4307/20/2013

Right after hurricane Katrina, Oprah showed John Travolta with members of her "Angel Network" assisting the victims. They were all Scientologists wearing the identical color-coded Oxford coth shirts.

Just another clue, but I think she's another example of hiding on plain site.

by Stedmanreply 4407/20/2013

[all posts by right wing shit-stain # a removed.]

by Stedmanreply 4507/21/2013

Oprah is a Scientology promoter.

by Stedmanreply 4607/21/2013
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