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The amazing Italian hunk on ''Jerseylicious'' named Filippo

Has anyone had this gorgeous man? My puss-he quivers whenever I catch a glimpse of him sweeping up hair in the background. I want him to stretch my hole out like a rubber band.

by 2703/22/2013

Durrrrr I'm so distracted by his ass I put the link in the wrong box.

by 109/12/2010


by 209/12/2010

You have a lot of problems, OP.

by 309/12/2010

he posed for playgirl


by 403/04/2013

What a tease.

by 503/04/2013

He's a good looking guy, but you can see 100 of him any day in NJ and Staten Island.

by 603/04/2013

Cute guy. No neck.

by 703/04/2013

Off to flog the dolphin.

by 803/04/2013

Adorable man. Precious!

by 903/04/2013

that's a big dick

by 1003/04/2013

Thank you R10 - off to flog the dolphin again!

by 1103/04/2013

I would say 7.5 cut

by 1203/04/2013

Olivia's ex-boyfriend doesn't look like he's Italian. He looks like an Iranian racoon.

by 1303/04/2013

His manties are stuffed.

by 1403/04/2013

Is the bald guy who owns the salon on Jerseylicious gay? I've only seen a few snippets of the show.

by 1503/04/2013

No, Anthony is straight, married, with at least 1 kid.

by 1603/04/2013


by 1703/04/2013

[quote]Olivia's ex-boyfriend doesn't look like he's Italian.

Pretty sure he's Iranian.

by 1803/04/2013

Nice guy but he's poorly bred. He's redundant of peasants who stayed in their village and then mixed with like types on these shores. If your ancestors didn't mix it up in recent generations this is what you get.

by 1903/04/2013

Mix with Italian with Irish/Scottish/German either one of those and that makes a nice man.

by 2003/04/2013

A few episodes ago he flashed his ass in a jock during a photo shoot. All I can find online is this thumbnail. :(

by 2103/04/2013

I agree twenty. They mix beautifully. They all met in church back in the day. Staten Island is a different breed altogether. Predominately Italian.

by 2203/04/2013

He's about 5 feet tall.

by 2303/04/2013

"He's redundant of peasants"

Explain please.

by 2403/04/2013


by 2503/22/2013

pusshe? get out of here dude!

by 2603/22/2013

she looks tiny. and those tweezed eyebrows are atrocious and VERY femme

by 2703/22/2013
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