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Gay celebs: Which ones are faithful and which ones are whores?

Faithful (good guys):%0D NPH%0D Anderson%0D John Barrowman%0D %0D Whores:%0D Ricky Martin%0D Adam Lambert

by IMHOreply 12301/29/2017

Neil Patrick Harris doesn't seem at all like a whore. Ricky is a whore? Too bad. Have no clue who John Barrowman is so can't comment there. %0D %0D And, I'm not a whore either.%0D %0D

by IMHOreply 109/11/2010

Ricky seems like a good boy, but he is a documented whore! Don't let the sweet exterior fool you.

by IMHOreply 209/11/2010

Luke Macfarlane and Wentworth are probably Faithful. I don't think Ricky would be a whore, he seems almost "deep" and a a man who has a strong sense of family.

I doubt John Barrowman is faithful, maybe he an Scot have an open relationship. I don't think Robert Gant would be the kind to believe in monogamy.

I can't think of anyone else who is gay.

by IMHOreply 309/11/2010

OP knew that Barrowman was a whore, but he put him in the 'faithful' category to spur discussion.%0D %0D Anderson Cooper is also on the whorish side.

by IMHOreply 409/11/2010

Anderson is one of the biggest sluts around.

by IMHOreply 509/11/2010

Lena Horne was a whore in the 1970's-80's.

by IMHOreply 609/11/2010

[quote] Anderson Cooper is also on the whorish side.%0D %0D cue the flying monkeys

by IMHOreply 709/11/2010

Jake G slept with Heath

by IMHOreply 809/11/2010

{quote]I don't think Ricky would be a whore, he seems almost "deep" and a a man who has a strong sense of family.

He likes to get deep fucked. By several men at the same time. When he has a babysitter.

by IMHOreply 909/11/2010

Whores take money (or something else of value) for having sex with others.

Sluts do it for free.

Whore: Jesse Metcalfe (doing anything for a role in a movie or TV show).

Faithful: Ricky Martin (now being faithful or wholesome for his kids' and public image's sake). Luke MacFarlane (isn't he Canadian? aw, bless!)

Slut: John Barrowman (too flirty to be faitful), George Michael (drug addict with no self control), Lance Bass (still "new" at being openly gay and gets hit on way too many times to stay wholesome or faithful), Elton John (rumor has it that he likes or liked to book BelAmi boys for very private parties with only him and the BelAmi boys as guests - there even was a hilarious claim that some BelAmi clips were filmed in one of his mansions).

I would dare to claim that most gay men had one slutty phase (or more) at one point in their lives. Therefore I do not judge sluttyness (as long nobody gets hurt and it involves consenting adults).

by IMHOreply 1009/11/2010

Don't know him but I'd be willing to bet Jim Parsons is faithful to his partner.

by IMHOreply 1109/11/2010

Ellen is a faithful whore

by IMHOreply 1209/11/2010

John Barrowman and his bf have an open relationship. He is a huge whore.

by IMHOreply 1309/11/2010

Why does being faithfull equate to being a "good guy", OP?

by IMHOreply 1409/11/2010

[quote] OP knew that Barrowman was a whore, but he put him in the 'faithful' category to spur discussion.%0D %0D Yes and no. I made the list in MY opinion. In know most of you think he belongs on the whore list but I just get a feeling he isn't. I think he's a huge flirt who talks a lot, but when it comes down to it he's faithful to Scott.%0D %0D %0D %0D

by IMHOreply 1509/11/2010

NPH will go with this image unless and until he sees his career will work better with another one. Then look for either his being the "hurt by lover's cheating ways and seeking comfort in other arms" or "caught with another man - proving he's a normal dog still hot for the sex."

He's a construction.

by IMHOreply 1609/11/2010

Jeffrey Kofman (ABC News) Faithful (good guys). Been with his partner for over 20 years.

by IMHOreply 1709/11/2010

Anderson was considered a manwhore in the past, and that may have even been an exaggeration, but he has clearly found real love and I doubt very much he cheats on his French bf.

by IMHOreply 1809/11/2010

R18, I believe the same thing about Barrowman.

by IMHOreply 1909/11/2010

No, Barrowman was putting out personal ads looking for sex when he was with his partner

by IMHOreply 2009/11/2010

Well, some couples have "arrangements".

by IMHOreply 2109/11/2010

Yeah R20, I'm sure that is from a reliable source. Besides, he's famous and really freakin hot. I don't think he'd need personal ads. *sheesh*

by IMHOreply 2209/11/2010

The personal ads were from before he was really well-known (btw, I know of other semi-celebs who've hooked up with guys on fuckin' CRAIGSLIST, it's not as uncommon as you might think)

by IMHOreply 2309/11/2010

I know some people who said that Ellen, in the past, was a cheater.

by IMHOreply 2409/11/2010

I have had some business dealings (Realestate) with Enrique (Ricky) Martin and he is a very pleasant, polite warm guy.%0D %0D Everyone I know that has worked with has nothing but good things to say.%0D %0D Very down to earth and a huge mama's boy.%0D %0D I know for a fact that he has been with the same guy for 5 years and I beleive they have a monogumous relationship.%0D %0D

by IMHOreply 2509/11/2010

"monogumous"%0D %0D Seriously?

by IMHOreply 2609/11/2010

Barrowman is a raging narcissist so of course he's just as big a whore now as he was in his youth. The only difference now is he's not whoring with BBC executives to get jobs anymore. He probably has to "have drinks" with Russell T. Davies every so often, though.

by IMHOreply 2709/11/2010

I don't really buy the whole NPH is monogamous story.

by IMHOreply 2809/11/2010

David Hyde Pearce is faithful, he's been with his husband forever.

by IMHOreply 2909/11/2010

Anderson has no reason to be monagomous. This is a man who should enjoy life to the fullest.

by IMHOreply 3009/11/2010

"Luke Macfarlane and Wentworth are probably Faithful."

They're still together?

by IMHOreply 3109/12/2010

Marc jacobs: Whore Tom Ford: Whore (discreet)

by IMHOreply 3209/12/2010

Barrowman said that he and Scott are faithful, but that there used to be some messing around in the earlier days of their relationship.

by IMHOreply 3309/12/2010

I really think NPH & David Burtka are monogamous. Don't you think somebody would have come forward by now if it wasn't true?

by IMHOreply 3409/12/2010

R30, AC is living life to the fullest because he's found someone he loves to share it with.

by IMHOreply 3509/12/2010

R34, there isn't always someone to "come forward". If there was, we would know the details of every single celebrity and politician's personal life, which we don't.

by IMHOreply 3609/12/2010

R36 yeah but NPH always talks about how normal his & David relationship is and that they're faithful. I think someone would want to expose the hypocrisy if it wasn't true?

by IMHOreply 3709/12/2010

[quote]I know some people who said that Ellen, in the past, was a cheater.%0D %0D You don't even have to know some people to realize that this is true. Just look at how her last relationship ended. She was still with her ex when she started hooking up with Portia. Until she moved Portia into her home without telling her ex. What a surprise.

by IMHOreply 3809/12/2010

I can't imagine Ricky being a big slut, maybe he played the field, Had casual flings, a few one night stands and some deeper more important relationships with guys, but that to me sounds perfectly normal and they way most people act.

by IMHOreply 3909/12/2010

Simon Hall and Matt Bomer probably faithful. With as many bullseyes on Simon's back you'd hear about it if they weren't.

by IMHOreply 4009/12/2010

[quote]Tom Ford: Whore (discreet)

Well honey, is it any wonder? Come on, now.

by IMHOreply 4109/12/2010

Lee Pace, I'd say not too slutty.

Wenty, not slutty at all.

Matt Bomer, not slutty.

by IMHOreply 4209/12/2010

Is Matt Bomer gay?

by IMHOreply 4309/12/2010

"Whores take money (or something else of value) for having sex with others. Sluts do it for free."%0D %0D That's completely true.%0D %0D I revise my post to: Lena Horne was a whore with powerful men (especially white men) in the 1930s-1940s to get ahead in her career.%0D %0D In the 1970s and 80s, Lena Horne was a slut with women (especially white women fans) she slept with. %0D %0D She had VD to prove it.

by IMHOreply 4409/12/2010

They're ALL whores, darlin'!

by IMHOreply 4509/12/2010

Neil Patrick Harris: Used to slut around in the NYC Broadway world, but his new celebrity status has made him quite the role model for commitment and marriage and he is keeping to it.

Jake Gylenhaal: Slutted around big time until the tabloids started to catch up with him - call it post Austin withdrawals. Now he sluts around very, very quietly.

Zac Efron: Has the tightest leash in showbiz. If Zac even makes eye contact with another guy, his agency slaps him. The Hollywood system is power.

Hayden Christensen: Is still dealing with heart break fallout. He should be married and as a Canadian, he is able to get married. But he goes on and on about being dumped, etc. etc.

Johnny Weir: Could slut around big time, but he insists that his tricks kiss his ring first. The ones that do, are not his type.

Kevin Spacey: Is still twinking but it is costing increasingly more money now. Plus, Kevin is getting sexually weird, which freaks out the Twinks.

Brian Singer: Is still trying to be the slut he always wanted to be. It is ego.

David Geffen: Is too old for sex, so it is safer for the street kids.

Elton John: Is post sex. It surprises me that he still is against equal marriage.

Dominic Monaghan: Is still playing the "game", but nobody is watching it anymore. He doesn't see that. Elijah does.

Kenney Chesney: Still sings for sex, as much as he can get.

by IMHOreply 4609/12/2010

We're speculating about people who probably aren't even gay. Sorry but I don't think Matt Bomer or Jake G. are gay.

by IMHOreply 4709/12/2010

I loved that one girl's white trash mom (Catelynn or something...the one who gave her baby away).%0D %0D Her mom was probably 40 but looked a good 75. Total meth face. They showed her sitting in her car smoking and drinking Mountain Dew. All she was missing was a hit of meth to score the White Trash Trifecta.%0D %0D

by IMHOreply 4809/12/2010

John Barrowman is the dictionary definition of "open relationship".

I still think he's alright.

by IMHOreply 4909/12/2010

Is being in an "open relationship" the same as being a whore?

by IMHOreply 5009/12/2010

Yes, R50. Those are not relationships either.

by IMHOreply 5109/12/2010

What about Cheyenne?

by IMHOreply 5209/12/2010

A "Whore" is being paid for it. A slut/slag/whatever you want to call it does it for free.

by IMHOreply 5309/12/2010

R47, did you know that many of us post info from our own personal experiences? Hmm?

by IMHOreply 5409/12/2010

The difference between an open relationship and being a whore, is all in your mind.

by IMHOreply 5509/12/2010

I don't agree R55. "Whore" is technically just a synonym for "prostitute".

Having an open relationship does not necessarily extend to being a hooker.

by IMHOreply 5609/12/2010

"Sorry but I don't think Matt Bomer or Jake G. are gay."%0D %0D %0D %0D %0D Yeah, you're right. Matt Bomer isn't gay. He and Simon Halls are just roommates and good buddies.%0D %0D %0D %0D Seriously, though...I heard that Matt was kind of slutty in the past but he might have settled down.%0D %0D %0D

by IMHOreply 5709/12/2010

The majority of Liberace's females fans, truly believed he was 100% straight and hadn't found the right women yet.

It is amazing people like this still exist today.

by IMHOreply 5809/12/2010

Anderson, before he was famous, used to go to the Roxy every Saturday night. (His gray hair made him stand out)... and yes, he was a whore and a slut.

by IMHOreply 5909/12/2010

Here is a tidbit about Anderson making out with a cute Latin guy at a club, way back in 1999.

by IMHOreply 6009/12/2010

[quote]Hayden Christensen: Is still dealing with heart break fallout. He should be married and as a Canadian, he is able to get married. But he goes on and on about being dumped, etc. etc

You mean Rachel Bilson r46? Did she dump him, they seemed so unhappy all the time. Can't beleive he was that upset of the break-up.

by IMHOreply 6109/12/2010

R61 has a weird sense of humor.

I think Hayden is over his bearding days and might actually find the right guy and be one of the first major gay male celebrities to get married.

by IMHOreply 6209/12/2010

Well who s the person he broke up with, did he break up with this person at the same time he and Rachel quit it? Or was the reason he looked so unhappy b/c of the break-up mwith this behind the scenes person?

by IMHOreply 6309/12/2010

Taylor Lautner wants to be a whore so badly -- and he could totally get as much as he wanted with whomever he chose -- but he's afraid of derailing his tenuous grasp on fame.

by IMHOreply 6409/12/2010

Jake Gylenhaal: Slutted around big time until the tabloids started to catch up with him - call it post Austin withdrawals. Now he sluts around very, very quietly."

Did he ever really mess around with that guy from One Tree Hill? Or was that Ted C's fiction?

Who does Jake slut around with? Details.

by IMHOreply 6509/12/2010

My pussy stinks!

by IMHOreply 6609/12/2010

Bryan Singer is the ultimate whore.%0D %0D %0D %0D Will he ever settling down, or will he still be chasing twinks at 50?

by IMHOreply 6709/12/2010

I remember that R60, later they said the guy was actually Italian. No way Anderson would behave like that now.%0D %0D [quote]Anderson, before he was famous, used to go to the Roxy every Saturday night. (His gray hair made him stand out)... and yes, he was a whore and a slut.%0D %0D I saw a comment on another site from someone who said that AC was called the "silver cruiser" when he'd turn up at one of those clubs. Aren't all gay guys a little slutty? You can have sex whenever the hell you want. Not a bad thing really.%0D %0D There are rumors that Anderson is hooking up with Andy Cohen. But I doubt it.

by IMHOreply 6809/12/2010

Ellen *is* a slut. And to think she tried to portray *me* as a crazy whore!

Actually, most gay stars are sluts. The closet isn't exactly conducive to stable relationships.

by IMHOreply 6909/12/2010

Ricky Martin - it must be hard not to be slut when boys like this one are after him!

Pic is NSFWish:

by IMHOreply 7009/13/2010


by IMHOreply 7109/13/2010

I don't care if someone's slutty as long as they treat the people they're fucking with a basic level of decency and aren't cheating or lying. But if the slutty period never ends it does start to get a bit sad.

OP, you gave your reasons for putting Barrowman in the nice guy column, but what was your reasoning for the others?

by IMHOreply 7209/13/2010


by IMHOreply 7309/16/2010

I always thought geeky guys were decent but I was proven wrong the other night. It sucks.%0D %0D I think that deep inside Barrowman is a giant nerd (in a really hot exterior!) so I would have put him in the faithful category. Now, not so sure...

by IMHOreply 7409/16/2010

Cheyenne Jackson and John Barrowman.

Cheyenne: Just finished sampling some of John Barrowman's sticky toffee.

by IMHOreply 7509/25/2010

R75 I hope they had a foursome and made a tape for all of use to, hot, hot!

by IMHOreply 7609/25/2010

Fingers crossed!

by IMHOreply 7709/25/2010

"Jake Gylenhaal: Slutted around big time until the tabloids started to catch up with him - call it post Austin withdrawals. Now he sluts around very, very quietly."

Does this now include getting the purse-inducing Adam Levine to say Jake is 'not gay, waah! Stop calling him Gaaay you guys!' in the glossies?

by IMHOreply 7809/25/2010

what about Van Hansis and Tyler Hanes? They seem like the faithful monogamous types.

by IMHOreply 7909/25/2010

r79, they do seem very happy with each other and really down to earth. I think they are my favorite gay couple right now.

r25, that Enrique is a whore!

by IMHOreply 8009/25/2010

R79 - a propos, what happened to the Van Hansis-thread? It's his birthday today...


by IMHOreply 8109/25/2010

R80, how do you know about Ricky Enrique Martín Morales being a whore?

by IMHOreply 8209/25/2010

Ricky Martin besides being gay is a devoutCatholic; I doubt very much he is a "whore."

by IMHOreply 8309/25/2010

Can gay men who don't obey the Church be devoted Roman Catholics?

by IMHOreply 8409/25/2010

Clay...? Is that what caused the split with RK?

by IMHOreply 8509/26/2010

Good point R84. Being a gay Catholic is on the same lines as being a gay republican. It si being part of an institution that hates you.

by IMHOreply 8609/26/2010

Someone mentioned NPH being a "construction". Do you ever suspect he might go "bi" at some point if his current relationshp broke up? Like he happened to find just this "one woman". Kind of a reverse Cynthia Nixon. Not that it would necessarily be totally sincere.

by IMHOreply 8709/26/2010

R83, you must not know many Catholics!

They will do whatever they damn well please (lie, cheat, steal, whore around) and consider it okay because they go to confession.

by IMHOreply 8809/26/2010

r87, don't see it ever going to happen.

But NPH should be thankful for the outing, otherwise he is probably still locked up in the closet, miserable and definitely not expecting twins with a gorgeous hubby that he truly loves.

by IMHOreply 8909/26/2010

[quote]Sorry but I don't think Matt Bomer or Jake G. are gay.

Sorry, but I don't think R47 is smart. Or gay. Or belongs here.

by IMHOreply 9009/26/2010

Anderson Cooper is completely faithful to his bf Ben. They are probably in some kind of civil partnership, he's never with any other man.

by IMHOreply 9109/26/2010

R87, he seems so happy in his current situation that I doubt he'd ever make himself miserable by going for some woman.

by IMHOreply 9209/26/2010

Even if he were unhappy, he's gay and not interested in women you know.....

by IMHOreply 9309/26/2010

[quote]he's gay and not interested in women you know.....

Riight. I know 6, formally gay men, who are now bisexual and dating or, in relationships, with WOMEN!

by IMHOreply 9409/26/2010

NPH doesn't have to [italic]go[/italic] bi, because he already [italic]is[/italic] bi. According to interviews he's done with Howard Stern, the guy has had more pussy than a toilet seat.

by IMHOreply 9509/26/2010

NPH is far from bi, R95. Plenty of gay men have had sex with women before accepting their homosexuality. He's no different. In fact, he told HS in that interview that he's known he was gay since he was about 13.

by IMHOreply 9609/26/2010

Sure has a funny way of showing his gayness, r96, poking all that puss.

by IMHOreply 9709/26/2010

'*formally** gay men'! LOL of the day! No, really, I'm cracking up. Thank you, R94! That's even better than Shia's epitome.

by IMHOreply 9809/27/2010

Ricky is not a devout Catholic, r83. He's said several times 'there's one God, but several messengers'. He meditates rather than prays, he makes 'namaste' gesture, he goes to India regularly to local ashrams etc.

I'm not a Catholic, but I assume that's not what a devout C. does. He's rather ecclectic, choosing whatever suits him best at particular time. Too superficial to stick to one doctrine.

by IMHOreply 9909/27/2010

I was surprised to see Ricky wearing a cross (@ 0:15). It's a song dedicated to 9/11 victims, but still ...

by IMHOreply 10009/27/2010

Matt bomer looks like a slut. With those slutty pictures on the web and being a couple with a powerful man, he looks like he wants money and would rather sleep with anyone.

by IMHOreply 10109/04/2012

OK, Adam Lambert was mentioned by the OP. Any proof or stories of his whorishness?

by IMHOreply 10209/04/2012

All gay men are whores. (See AIDS epidemic.)

by IMHOreply 10309/04/2012

I rather like it when old threads like this get bumped and you read posters saying "So-and-so is absolutely not gay" and in the intevening time, the person has come out.

by IMHOreply 10409/04/2012

Who is next 100% straight to come out?

by IMHOreply 10509/05/2012

When Ricky Martin had a condo at the Time Warner Building NYC he was a whore! Known Time Warner staff took turns fucking him for money!!!!

by IMHOreply 10609/05/2012

[quote]We're speculating about people who probably aren't even gay. Sorry but I don't think Matt Bomer or Jake G. are Anonymous reply 47 09/12/2010

Well that's a little awkward is'nt it.

I wonder which of the other one we got wrong too?

by IMHOreply 10709/05/2012

[quote]All gay men are whores. (See AIDS epidemic.)

I thought that was spread by Republicans.

by IMHOreply 10809/05/2012

Foster for a slut, Jorja for faithful.

by IMHOreply 10909/05/2012

Matt Bomer has rich parents. And he can get any role he's suited for now. I votem not a slut, not a whore. Very decent guy.

by IMHOreply 11009/05/2012

Ricky Martin is no whore. He is one of the most decent men alive today.

by IMHOreply 11109/05/2012

Truth needs her meds.

by IMHOreply 11209/05/2012

Matt Bomer === WHORE

by IMHOreply 11309/06/2012

How is Matt Bomer a whore? There are no slutty pics of him on the web like someone mentioned, there is just this one with one of his ex boyfriends and that too is FAR from slutty, its just a kiss. Other than that I've only seen pics of him with his bf and kids.

by IMHOreply 11411/11/2012

Gay celeb and cancer warrior, Tig Notaro,was faithful to her GF for three years.

She mentions the heartwrenching breakup on her comedy tape "Live." It is pronounced Liv. LOL.

Now available on Itunes. Stars like Sarah Silverman and other greats are fans and friends!

by IMHOreply 11511/11/2012

r115,so glad you mentioned her in a positive way. Her tape made me laugh so hard snot came out my nose. LOL. She is my hero.

by IMHOreply 11611/11/2012


by IMHOreply 11711/11/2014


by IMHOreply 11811/11/2014

Olivia Newton-John cheated on her ugly ass husband.

by IMHOreply 11901/24/2017

Lucille Bald

by IMHOreply 12001/24/2017

Ricky Martin's a shit whore.

by IMHOreply 12101/24/2017

Shit whore as in a whore for shit or a whore that is terrible at whoring?

by IMHOreply 12201/29/2017

Actually, I read Ricky was a piss-whore.

by IMHOreply 12301/29/2017
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