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Ryan Seacrest''s body

What do we think?

by Simon Cowellreply 8504/19/2014

Who cares about the body (which, while definitely not bad, is just decent) with such a hideous personality? The fact that he needed to post that photo just screams of insecurity. Pass.

by Simon Cowellreply 109/09/2010

Better than the moobfest he sported a few years ago while vacationing.

by Simon Cowellreply 209/09/2010

It's like an Olsen twin's.

by Simon Cowellreply 309/09/2010

Is he into watersports?

by Simon Cowellreply 409/09/2010

He looks like he scored at the wet T-shirt competition using only a paper cup.

by Simon Cowellreply 509/09/2010

I still can't get past the fact that she's a former fattie. MOOOOOOO!!!

by Simon Cowellreply 609/10/2010

There's no reason for her to look like that. With all her money she could afford a personal trainer and some proper sports nutrition.%0D %0D She looks like the fat, sloppy bottom that she is.

by Simon Cowellreply 709/10/2010

Momma like.

by Simon Cowellreply 809/10/2010

[quote]I still can't get past the fact that she's a former fattie. MOOOOOOO!!!

And he had to wear a Speedo on the swim team. No wonder he's so insecure.

[quote]There's no reason for her to look like that. With all her money she could afford a personal trainer and some proper sports nutrition.

When? He has eight jobs!

by Simon Cowellreply 909/10/2010

He's also a hobbit.

by Simon Cowellreply 1009/10/2010

for a guy his age, sorry gents, but his body is "eh". Nothing special, and looks really wide.

by Simon Cowellreply 1109/10/2010

There is nothing Ryan Seacrest could ever do to convince me he's remotely attractive to anyone anywhere. Except maybe Simon Cowell.

by Simon Cowellreply 1209/10/2010

R7, the ironic part is that he is always tweeting/talking about the 2 hour workouts he does and all the Sugar-free, low carb stuff he eats.

by Simon Cowellreply 1309/10/2010

his body is girly...and so is he.

by Simon Cowellreply 1409/10/2010

I've always liked his big nips though. Ever since he wore some revealing shirt on AI years ago. They look like they'd be fun to work on - suck, lick, tug.

by Simon Cowellreply 1509/10/2010

Yuck, he is all yours Simon

by Simon Cowellreply 1609/10/2010

It's summer and we're runnin' outta ice.

by Simon Cowellreply 1709/10/2010

nothing says bossy bottom boi like that pix.

by Simon Cowellreply 1809/10/2010

Why is he posting all of these sweaty, postworkout photos lately? Is it a new kind of Craigslist thing?

by Simon Cowellreply 1909/10/2010

Oh, and how could his body look "really wide," r11? He's such a wee thing.

by Simon Cowellreply 2009/10/2010

Ryan Shitcrest--another example of this country's insatiable taste for shit.

by Simon Cowellreply 2109/10/2010

The best thing I can think to say about his body is "average". He's a handsome lad, but his body is too mediocre for someone who wants to be a celebrity. He'd get a lot more fans if he'd work out and get some muscle.

by Simon Cowellreply 2209/11/2010

Is he a Mormon??

by Simon Cowellreply 2309/11/2010

He is like a 15 year old girl.

by Simon Cowellreply 2409/11/2010

Are you serious r22?

by Simon Cowellreply 2509/11/2010

r20, look below his chest. He's wide man. And doughy.

by Simon Cowellreply 2609/11/2010

Well look at it this way you petty malicious queens. While his body might not be overly muscled, I'm quite sure he looks far better than most of you fatassed turds who sit at your computers hour after hour, day after day. And it eats you alive, doesn't it.

by Simon Cowellreply 2709/11/2010

Either that, R27, or the majority of the bitches on this thread are sinewy, anorexic queens, which I suspect is more the case.

by Simon Cowellreply 2809/11/2010

I think he looks fine - what do people expect? I wouldn't mind looking like him.

by Simon Cowellreply 2909/11/2010


by Simon Cowellreply 3009/11/2010

r26, do you have some sort of body dysmorphic disorder yourself? Because I'm just not seeing it.

by Simon Cowellreply 3109/11/2010


by Simon Cowellreply 3209/11/2010

FORBES magazine seems to say that Ryan is a VERY wealthy woman.

by Simon Cowellreply 3309/11/2010

Is he a celebrity top or bottom?

by Simon Cowellreply 3409/11/2010

What do I think?%0D %0D I think my undserwear modeling career is quite safe, that's what I think.

by Simon Cowellreply 3509/11/2010

He look too girly to be a top

by Simon Cowellreply 3609/11/2010

he tries just a little bit too hard.

by Simon Cowellreply 3709/13/2010

the problem is that it is an average body on an ugly face. If he had a more handsome face or a kick ass body it would balance each other out, but those bug eyes and that so so body do not make a hot man.

by Simon Cowellreply 3809/13/2010

I can imagine she was quite the full-figured gal in her youth. %0D %0D I'm also imagining a plump butt that could take a good hard ride now and then.

by Simon Cowellreply 3909/13/2010

Somebody must like him. He is paid millions, not for acting, but basically for showing up and talking.

by Simon Cowellreply 4009/13/2010

FWIW, there is a strong, persistent rumor in LA gossip circles that he's submissive and rather masochistic.

He's apparently flipped out some young partners he'd picked up by taking them to his house, handing them a wooden paddle, and requesting a hard spanking. For a 19 year-old kid with no background in BDSM, that's a bizarre situation.

One might think, with his money, he'd hire professionals for this service.

by Simon Cowellreply 4109/13/2010

Don't be silly, r41; Ryan would never cheat on his one true love.

by Simon Cowellreply 4209/13/2010

d'Arcy, the real gossip queen. More dish on more people please.

by Simon Cowellreply 4309/13/2010

Thank you R43 !

I've been away from DL so long I didn't think anyone would remember me.

But I'll be around more, and I'll post a good BI soon.

by Simon Cowellreply 4409/13/2010

There are certain intimations in the air that Ryan and his ladylove are engaged to be married!

by Simon Cowellreply 4509/26/2010

So did he and simon breakup?

by Simon Cowellreply 4609/26/2010

When were they ever together?

by Simon Cowellreply 4709/26/2010

Does anyone here actually find him physically attractive? If so, why?

by Simon Cowellreply 4809/26/2010

If he wasn't RS, I'd let him fuck me.

by Simon Cowellreply 4909/26/2010

More gossip R43. He's gay yes? And that Julianne girl is bearding?

by Simon Cowellreply 5009/26/2010

Did he dump Simon for Julianne's fey little dancer brother?

by Simon Cowellreply 5109/26/2010


by Simon Cowellreply 5211/08/2010

The biggest news on this thread is that d'Arcy is back.


Post more often, girl.

by Simon Cowellreply 5311/08/2010

A young Ryan Seacrest.

by Simon Cowellreply 5411/08/2010

He ain't got no alibi; he ______.

by Simon Cowellreply 5511/09/2010

Ryan Seacrest's body ... I don't think about it at all. I don't think about Ryan Seacrest at all. He is a non-entity, a cypher, he and I meet at no point of the compass. Have I made my position clear. The man is nothing. Thank you for listening.

by Simon Cowellreply 5611/10/2010

Has he married that chick yet?

by Simon Cowellreply 5711/10/2010

"his body is girly...and so is he."

In what ways is his body girly?

by Simon Cowellreply 5811/13/2010

His hole is really tight though.

by Simon Cowellreply 5911/13/2010

Not when I finish with it.

by Simon Cowellreply 6011/13/2010

Sorry bitches, but I'd suck his cock, lick his balls and eat his ass in a red hot minute.

by Simon Cowellreply 6111/24/2010

Seacrest in high school -

by Simon Cowellreply 6211/27/2010

Gross. His face is hideous, who cares about his ken doll body (perfectly tubular). Glad I'm a lesbo.

by Simon Cowellreply 6311/27/2010

No thanks, he is not good looking and his body put me off

by Simon Cowellreply 6411/27/2010

I'll admit to popping a woody over his feet a few years ago. *hangs head in shame*

by Simon Cowellreply 6511/27/2010


by Simon Cowellreply 6611/28/2010

Sorry, didn't see the link at 62. Don't subject yourselves.

by Simon Cowellreply 6711/28/2010

He is so dreamy. Rotating in my gay wet dreams right now.

by Simon Cowellreply 6810/19/2013

One famous person told me, he doesnt care what is said about him on this gay site, and he is right, what gays gossip here never reflects the real truth, this guy is straight and engaged for crying out loud.

by Simon Cowellreply 6910/19/2013

That could have been mine?


by Simon Cowellreply 7010/19/2013

He was probably fucked by Diesel.

by Simon Cowellreply 7110/19/2013

he's short and scrawny.

by Simon Cowellreply 7204/03/2014

[all posts by childish idiot removed]

by Simon Cowellreply 7304/03/2014

Seacrest is a nice guy who worked to get what he has.

People used to say that about Dick Clark. They'd be all like, "He is just good looking and doesn't have any talent."

Well as Jan Brady said, "They're just jealous."

by Simon Cowellreply 7404/04/2014

You're right R74.

by Simon Cowellreply 7504/05/2014

He's not getting the media attention he had a dozen years ago. Is he getting lazy or was he over-exposed so they're ignoring him?

by Simon Cowellreply 7604/06/2014

WEHT Ryan?

by Simon Cowellreply 7704/08/2014

[quote]He's not getting the media attention he had a dozen years ago. Is he getting lazy or was he over-exposed so they're ignoring him?

It's because his only TV gig where he gets camera time (American Idol) hasn't been relevant in years. This season has it's worst ratings ever. If he's smart, he will finally leave after his contract ends and jump the sinking ship.

by Simon Cowellreply 7804/08/2014

[all posts by childish idiot removed]

by Simon Cowellreply 7904/08/2014

Maybe he made a pledge to Merv Griffin to always stay in the closet.

by Simon Cowellreply 8004/08/2014

Merv definitely told him to stay closeted but that was a different time. He'll probably stay in until his Georgia Mama dies.

I don't mind Seacrest, other than the closet. Hardest working gay in show business and he's good at what he does. The fact that he will burn in hell for eternity because of the Kardashians is unfortunate.

by Simon Cowellreply 8104/08/2014

I don't understand why a HOST would need to be in the closet. Nobody gives a shit about a hosts' sexuality. It's not like he's an actor and has to worry about being convincing for roles or anything like that. Makes no sense.

Do you think he'll ever come out?

by Simon Cowellreply 8204/08/2014

No, he'll never come out. He wants to "save face" in relation to his business tycoon cronies.

by Simon Cowellreply 8304/08/2014

I'm in the 5% that thinks he's actually straight. Or maybe better said, I don't think he's gay. He strikes me as asexual.

by Simon Cowellreply 8404/08/2014

based on how nasty his feets are he is not gay

he's probably asexual

by Simon Cowellreply 8504/19/2014
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