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Hawaii Five-O Remake Version ( CBS )

Does anyone on here think the remake of Hawaii Five-O will be a solid hit for CBS? If so, let's discuss about it on here.

by Original Posterreply 14107/21/2013


by Original Posterreply 109/05/2010

OP = Alex O'Loughlin

by Original Posterreply 209/05/2010


I don't.

by Original Posterreply 309/05/2010

I'm not Alex O'Loughlin, r2.

by Original Posterreply 409/05/2010

I don't want to discuss about it.

by Original Posterreply 509/05/2010

I hope they're not hanging any aspirations of success on that "Book'em Dano" delivery.

by Original Posterreply 609/05/2010

scott Caan needs to be on ChaosMen now!

by Original Posterreply 709/05/2010

Isn't Scott Caan gay? I will be tuning in to check out Scott's blonde hairy loins.

by Original Posterreply 809/05/2010

Alex McLoughlin's third series a charm?? Ha ha ha

by Original Posterreply 909/05/2010

Do you think the first episode will draw huge ratings on the 20th of September? It is going against Castle.

by Original Posterreply 1009/05/2010

It's NOT the "Book 'em, Dano" delivery that CBS is counting on.

by Original Posterreply 1109/05/2010

Against Castle? No. I've noticed that just about every re-run channel on the planet is showing the old Hawaii Five-O, though.

by Original Posterreply 1209/05/2010

I might tune in for Daniel Day Kim.

by Original Posterreply 1309/05/2010

Filmed against that teal background, the water looks like gobs of gelatinous sperm.

by Original Posterreply 1409/05/2010

The public is clamoring for more police procedurals set in vacation destinations.

by Original Posterreply 1509/05/2010

The ads don't give me any indication about the direction they're playing up, except some dickplay between McGarrett and Danno.....there's no real focus on Hawaii (although to be fair, it's probably a lot less "exotic" now than it was back in the day).%0D %0D There's hardly anything at all about Grace Park as Kano, or Daniel Kim as Chin.%0D %0D In fact, there's nothing that stands out at all.

by Original Posterreply 1609/05/2010

I saw bunch of episodes of the original "Hawaii Five-O" with Jack Lord. They were fabulous. They had a marathon of the old series on the Spike channel last week.

by Original Posterreply 1709/05/2010

Alex O'Loughlin = another boring aussie "actor". Aussie go home!

by Original Posterreply 1809/05/2010


by Original Posterreply 1909/05/2010


by Original Posterreply 2009/05/2010

"The public is clamoring for more police procedurals set in vacation destinations."%0D %0D %0D %0D %0D Amen!%0D %0D

by Original Posterreply 2109/05/2010

In one of the eps, McGarrett develops a triple split personality, one minute he thinks he's a vampire, then a doctor in Pittsburgh. Should be great stuff.

by Original Posterreply 2209/05/2010

Who cares about network TV?

by Original Posterreply 2309/05/2010

I plan to watch so I can see more Hawaiian scenery than just bamboo trees and a beach (Lost). I've visited Oahu twice and LOVED it.%0D

by Original Posterreply 2409/05/2010

I hope the remake does well for CBS. That's all.

by Original Posterreply 2509/05/2010

If they are smart, they will have Caan, O'Laughlin and Kim shirtless as often as possible

by Original Posterreply 2609/05/2010

As close to a sure thing as there is this fall.

by Original Posterreply 2709/05/2010

Why do you care about CBS so much, OP?%0D %0D And just how do you expect any of us to predict how well the show will do? It hasn't aired yet. It might be a total piece of crap for all we know.

by Original Posterreply 2809/05/2010

I hope it fails just to see those Moonlight fraus go nuts again. Good times.

by Original Posterreply 2909/05/2010

I was surprised that they featured 2 Asian leads, until I saw that they were 2 ex Lost actors. Saves a ton of money on relocating.

by Original Posterreply 3009/05/2010

I hope it's a big hit. But the original was the king of Saturday night shows, and there's no more Saturday night for TV.

What night is this going to be on?

by Original Posterreply 3109/05/2010

Focus groups have determined that the young demographic thinks the name "Hawaii Five 0" is confusing. So the network will rename the show "Hawaii Fifty" %0D

by Original Posterreply 3209/05/2010

Daniel Day Kim = Hot piece of ass!

by Original Posterreply 3309/05/2010

With that cast, they will save wardrobe money on shirts -- I'm sure they will find reasons in every show for at least one or more of the hot leads to be shirtless. Scott Caan will be first.

by Original Posterreply 3409/05/2010

I've seen it. Lots of explosions. Little to draw you back. Caan is good. Kim and Park are given nothing to do. It will open big and turn into an ordinary CBS prodecural. Castle will do better long term. H50 will beat Chase.

by Original Posterreply 3509/05/2010

Will they have sunglasses?

by Original Posterreply 3609/05/2010

[quote]I was surprised that they featured 2 Asian leads, until I saw that they were 2 ex Lost actors

Well, that, plus any depiction of contemporary Honolulu is going to need to have Asian(-American)s in the cast.

by Original Posterreply 3709/05/2010

[quote]Kim and Park are given nothing to do.

Pity. Daniel Dae Kim is one of the handsomest guys working in TV.

by Original Posterreply 3809/05/2010

CBS will have to be smart if they want to have a successful season with a remake on their hands, r28.%0D %0D That is all I want to say. Peace.

by Original Posterreply 3909/06/2010

It would have been hard for the original to be king of the Saturday night shows since it aired on Thursdays.

I will tune in if there are sex scenes between Daniel Kim and Scott Caan

by Original Posterreply 4009/06/2010

I don't think CBS will have two guys make out on a show like Hawaii Five-O, r40.%0D %0D CBS can't risk that. They still want to treat it like a family show.

by Original Posterreply 4109/06/2010

Are they keeping the original title theme song? It's the only thing I can remember about the series when I was a kid. Oh, that and Don Ho.

by Original Posterreply 4209/06/2010

DIdn't bother listening to it, but there's a new theme song to the show. The success of the show obviously depends on the writing (I guess). I've noticed that the last three shows set in contemporary Hawaii (they were on only for a few episodes so I can't even remember their names, one was about a fictional hotel & another was a a cop show) were just plain lousy and a pretty background really doesn't do anything to help when the writing is that bad.

by Original Posterreply 4309/06/2010

"It will open big and turn into an ordinary CBS prodecural. Castle will do better long term"%0D %0D %0D %0D %0D But the CBS procedurals are hits

by Original Posterreply 4409/06/2010

R42, it'll be an updated techno version of the original theme song (though I strongly suspect they won't play it again after the first few episodes and will instead cut to the credits displaying silently onscreen as the episode plays).

You can listen to the theme here:

by Original Posterreply 4509/06/2010


by Original Posterreply 4609/08/2010

I can't wait for it to come on. September the 20th.

by Original Posterreply 4709/08/2010

What's this about Scot being married to a guy?%0D He seems like a overgrown straight frat bro to me

by Original Posterreply 4809/08/2010

I saw the CBS fall preview on Monday. This show in particular seems really underwhelming. %0D %0D It's not 1969: Hawaii isn't inherently interesting or even exotic anymore to most younger viewers. The producers need to sell Hawaii more if this show is to stand out from the pack.

by Original Posterreply 4909/08/2010

%0D If he is married and this his husband with him?

by Original Posterreply 5009/08/2010

R42's clip is a fan-made mashup of the original and new credits. Here's the actual credits with the actual lame guitar version of the theme.

by Original Posterreply 5109/08/2010

The actors who played in the original one had an intelligence that is sadly lacking in the cast of the new version. From what I see it's a couple of hunks with 'witty repartee' and big explosions every 10 minutes. The blond one is such a ham ! A big flop it will be...

by Original Posterreply 5209/08/2010

Scott Caan was so very very bad in Entourage. I don't have much hope for this show !

by Original Posterreply 5309/08/2010

Who did Grace Park play on Lost again? I only remember her from Battlestar Galactica.

by Original Posterreply 5409/08/2010

"The actors who played in the original one had an intelligence that is sadly lacking in the cast of the new version"%0D %0D %0D %0D %0D Yeah, that Jack Lord was a real Einstein

by Original Posterreply 5509/08/2010

Were you there when they crucified Jack Lord?

Sometimes, it causes me to tremble, tremble....

by Original Posterreply 5609/08/2010

Poor Scott is so, so short - 5'5" they say.

by Original Posterreply 5709/08/2010

Wow! Scott's really hot in this picture

by Original Posterreply 5809/08/2010

it might be a hit

by Original Posterreply 5909/08/2010

Let's hope so, r59.

by Original Posterreply 6009/09/2010

Who has been watching the third season of Hawaii Five-O? I've been loving it. Anyone else?

by Original Posterreply 6111/06/2012

I think the stories have been ridiculous this year, and not the good ridiculous I usually enjoy from them. The death of McGarrett's mother was always portrayed as the trauma that defined his life and made him become a superhero, yet when he finds out she not only faked her death but was secretly[italic]a CIA assassin[/italic], he just says, "Huh. How 'bout that?" And they apparently haven't mentioned mom's resurrection to the sister yet. Anybody who's ever seen a TV show before figured out the mom was still alive ages ago, and somehow they think we'll be surprised when she turns out to be Wo Fat's mother, too.

Also, if Alex O'Louglin's tits get any bigger, he'll need a bikini top. I bet Scott Caan is always ducking so they won't hit him in the head.

by Original Posterreply 6211/06/2012

Loved the last scene in last night's episode. Danny brings his daughter over to McGarrett's house where he is having a date with his girlfriend for some late trick or treating. McGarrett's gf and Danny's daughter watch "The Notebook" on the sofa while Danny snuggles next to McGarrett while eating popcorn. The show really plays up the bromance angle.

by Original Posterreply 6311/06/2012

Not to mention, R63, that McGarrett was more interested in the cheesy horror movie than making out with his girlfriend. They're pretty consistent in portraying Danno and Steve as the love story, with occasional appearances by girlfriends to de-gay the situation.

by Original Posterreply 6411/06/2012

Same here, r63.

by Original Posterreply 6511/09/2012

Alex O'Loughlin just had a baby, and named it Lion. Yes, Lion.

by Original Posterreply 6611/11/2012

That's nice, r66.

by Original Posterreply 6711/11/2012


by Original Posterreply 6811/15/2012

Anyone else?

by Original Posterreply 6903/04/2013

I can't get into this show.

by Original Posterreply 7003/04/2013

A good idea, and O'Laughlin has great star power, but the writing has been pathetic.

by Original Posterreply 7103/04/2013

The whole Chinese supervillain mastermind thing and the parental issues: just weak uncreative garbage.

by Original Posterreply 7203/04/2013

The best episode was Ed Asner as the jewel thief who helps them solve a case and then kills the woman who took the jewels and makes off with them.

by Original Posterreply 7303/04/2013

Of the three CBS shows Alex O'Laughlin has starred in, Hawaii Five-0 is easily the worst. Naturally it would be Hawaii that would be the success!

by Original Posterreply 7403/04/2013

What about Grace Park as Kono on the show?

by Original Posterreply 7503/05/2013

People really dig that execrable CBS drama "writing," R74. I'd really like it if Alex O'Laughlin were on a well-written show, but not even he can get me to watch this piece of shit.

by Original Posterreply 7603/05/2013

I like it. Beautiful scenery and lots of eye candy for boys, girls, and gays, and little Scott is funny.

by Original Posterreply 7703/05/2013

I watch the original daily at noon (ME-TV).

I tried a few episodes of this version, but found them unbearable.

As an aside: I'm over the "Let's put a female in a traditional male role" trend (Hawaii 5-O, Bond's "M," last-gasp detectives on the original L&O, and now Dr. Watson!).

by Original Posterreply 7803/05/2013

R78 I agree - I prefer the original version.

by Original Posterreply 7903/05/2013

They need to have a special episode which takes place in a gay nudist colony on one of the islands.

by Original Posterreply 8003/05/2013

In your dreams, r80.

by Original Posterreply 8103/07/2013

Who watched Monday night's episode of Hawaii Five-O?

by Original Posterreply 8205/09/2013

This season has been pretty bad but last episode was good.

by Original Posterreply 8305/09/2013

Let's hope the next season will be even better.

by Original Posterreply 8405/10/2013

Anybody home? Hello?

by Original Posterreply 8505/12/2013

SPOILERS say a member of the 5-O dies on the season finale. Of course, the last time someone was supposed to die, it was some seldom seen character.

by Original Posterreply 8605/12/2013

Yes, R86, and I was certain this would be the same scenario this year. Like McGarrett's girlfriend or mother would be offed. But the preview for next week says the team of four will be down to three.

by Original Posterreply 8705/15/2013

It will be Steve's mother (thank God). Christine Lahti was cast in the Beverly Hills Cop pilot that CBS had committed to, yet cancelled at the last minute. The H50 producer spilled the beans on Twitter months ago, saying something to the effect that "it sucks when one of your actors gets another job, and you have to kill off their character."

The "team of 4 becomes 3" will refer to whichever of the four gets busted for their various crimes this year -- Steve helping his mother against the Coach guy this week, Danny torturing Henry Rollins two weeks ago, Chin murdering Billy Baldwin last fall, or Kono's gangster boyfriend's brother killing those people with her service pistol. I predict it'll be the one who's asking for more money next year.

Also saying too much on Twitter is Steve's girlfriend, who's been doing some Amy's Baking Company-level feuding with the McDanno fangirls recently. She tweeted in April:

[quote]in the not so distant future i predict fanatic fandom heads will be exploding.. I'm just gonna kick my feet up, smile and whisper "i win"

...which means Catherine and Steve are probably getting married. Also, speculation abounds that Gabby's return next week after a [italic]nine-month[/italic] absence means she will have Danny's heretofore unmentioned baby in tow. This would complete the de-gaying of Steve and Danno once and for all.

Does anyone else think next year's move from Monday to Friday spells final season? And that Alex continues to color his hair a shade too dark? At this rate, he'll look like David Gest by the end of season 4.

by Original Posterreply 8805/15/2013

[quote]Does anyone else think next year's move from Monday to Friday spells final season?

Looks pretty ominous.

by Original Posterreply 8905/15/2013

The writing on this season has been abysmal. McDanno has been my only reson to watch the show and if they're killing it off I won't bother coming back for next season.

[quote]Also saying too much on Twitter is Steve's girlfriend, who's been doing some Amy's Baking Company-level feuding with the McDanno fangirls recently.

That woman is nuts. Just a couple of days ago she announced on FB that one of the fangirls is stalking her. She gave her followers the girl's real name, her place of residence and even published one of her private photos (without permission of course). On Twitter Borth has been calling fans who dislike the Catherine character angry/bitter/jealous/filthy monkeys, bitches, cunts, losers who don't have a life and repeatedly told them to "suggit it". She tweeted a list of names saying that if you are friends with these people, she'll block you. I'm surprised that CBS allows her act like that.

Peter Lenkov, the executive producer, seems to be Borth's huge fan. So I'm predicting that H50 will turn into a Steve&Cath show next season.

by Original Posterreply 9005/16/2013

I wonder if people are forwarding her tweets directly to CBS. It would be a shame if something happened to her character...

by Original Posterreply 9105/16/2013

I think Michelle Borth is a great actress but she better be careful not to bite the hand that feeds her.

Grace Park is on maternity leave but she will return to the show at some point.

by Original Posterreply 9205/25/2013

The whole Lo Fat bullshit ruined it. Plus Alex wears too many clothes.

by Original Posterreply 9305/25/2013

I do wish that we knew some behind the scenes stuff that has been going on with the cast and crew of the show.

by Original Posterreply 9405/26/2013

What kind of person is Peter Lenkow?

by Original Posterreply 9505/27/2013

I meant Lenkov, excuse me.

Christine Lahti's character is pretty flat for my taste.

by Original Posterreply 9605/27/2013

Judging by the themes of his show, R95, he's desperate for the approval of his father while convinced that all the women in your life will eventually betray and/or abandon you.

by Original Posterreply 9705/27/2013

Dang man. That is sad, r97.

by Original Posterreply 9805/27/2013

I don't think the move to Fridays spells the end of the show. Blue Bloods is also on CBS Friday nights and it has been around for several seasons.

Their current timeslot on Monday is very competitive up against Castle and Revolution. The show is very popular, more than likely they wanted to give the show a little breathing room without so much intense competition.

by Original Posterreply 9905/27/2013

Dang r99

by Original Posterreply 10005/27/2013

Who will have a career after the show is over?

Alex O'Loughlin

Scott Caan

Daniel Dae-Kim

Grace Park

Michelle Borth

by Original Posterreply 10105/28/2013

Scott Caan will always be able to get work as a character actor.

Daniel Dae-Kim will land another series just like he did when Lost went off the air.

The other 3 I am not so sure.

by Original Posterreply 10205/28/2013

Thank you for the response, r102.

by Original Posterreply 10305/28/2013

Anyone else?

by Original Posterreply 10405/28/2013

At least that boring storyline involving Steve's mom is over with.

Dano is single again. There seemed to be a lack of Steve/Dano bickering these last few episodes.

WTF is going on with Michelle Borth? Is she a Steve/Dano hater or what?

Does she remember what show she was on for one episode? Those fans WROTE the book on extreme fan behavior.

by Original Posterreply 10505/28/2013

Has Michelle Borth's Twitter always been protected? Odd...

by Original Posterreply 10605/28/2013

No, R106; her Twitter page was unprotected as of last week. Wonder what brought that on?

by Original Posterreply 10705/28/2013

[quote]At least that boring storyline involving Steve's mom is over with.

Not so sure about that. Lenkov mentioned in some interview that Doris' story isn't over yet.

[quote]Dano is single again. There seemed to be a lack of Steve/Dano bickering these last few episodes.

Danno's girlfriend, who has been absent the whole season, returned in the season finale. But the actress who plays her has been picked up for another series, so maybe she'll leave again.

The McDanno has been sadly lacking in the recent episodes.

by Original Posterreply 10805/29/2013

Grace Park must be glad that she is on maternity leave to be away from the bullshit that has been happening behind the scenes on the show.

by Original Posterreply 10905/30/2013

r109 What has been happening behind the scenes?

by Original Posterreply 11005/30/2013

What has been going on behind the scenes?

Wasn't the last episode where Danny goes to the airport? They never showed any girl.

by Original Posterreply 11105/30/2013

There has been one episode after that one, R111.

Autumn Reese, the actress who plays Gabby, is also pregnant.

by Original Posterreply 11205/30/2013

Thanks for the info, r111.

by Original Posterreply 11305/30/2013

The show isn't too bad but Scott Caan ruins it! God what a pompous little ass!!

by Original Posterreply 11405/30/2013

Behind the scenes drama?

by Original Posterreply 11505/30/2013

I wish there were people on here who worked behind the scenes of Hawaii Five-0 remake during this season. Even if they were the people who work behind the scenes probably signed confidentiality agreements.

by Original Posterreply 11605/30/2013

There's probably little dirt on the show b/c it's filmed in Hawaii, isn't it? So not the usual California production.

by Original Posterreply 11705/30/2013

There needs to be an episode where Steve and Danny go undercover as a gay couple.

by Original Posterreply 11805/30/2013

[quote] Scott Caan ruins it! God what a pompous little ass!!

Scott's ass may be pompous, but it is definitely not little.

by Original Posterreply 11905/30/2013

Maybe Alex and Scott don't get along well.

by Original Posterreply 12005/31/2013

Are we referring to O'Loughlin's drug habit?

by Original Posterreply 12105/31/2013

I've read that Scott is a complete asshole on and off the set. Apparently he makes lewd comments to women in bars and also to Grace Park. There has to be something going on there but it is kept under wraps given that production is in Hawaii.

by Original Posterreply 12205/31/2013

From what little gossip I've read about Alex and Scott, they seem to be pretty fond of each other --- or, at least Alex is fond of Scott. Alex seems to take up Scott's interests readily -- getting a dog, learning to surf, martial arts, etc. When he brings up these things in interviews, Alex always seems to say, "yeah, Scotty got me into that" or "Scotty says...." Scott never seems to speak of Alex with the same level of warmth, though maybe that's just his disposition.

It would be interesting to know what their dynamic is actually like. Considering how open Scott has been about his unhappiness in Hawaii, the fear that he's going to get fed up and break his contract must live in the back of the others' minds, which must affect the way they all deal with him. On the other hand, if I had gotten myself stuck in a situation where I had to work at a job I hate and live somewhere I hated for seven years, I don't know how popular I'd be at the office.

by Original Posterreply 12305/31/2013

I believe that Scott Caan is an asshole. The fact that he made lewd comments to Grace Park who plays Kono on the show. I'm not shocked. Grace is too classy to be making lewd or rude comments about anybody. She doesn't have a web site or a Twitter page. Grace just loves to act.

Michelle Borth on the other hand who called the fans who don't like the Catherine character filthy little monkeys. She needs to stay off her Twitter page for a while.

by Original Posterreply 12406/01/2013

Anyone else?

by Original Posterreply 12506/02/2013

Scott is a pocket gay and Alex is a hot side of beef. Except for his tacky tatoos. Especially the tramp stamp.

by Original Posterreply 12606/02/2013

[quote]Apparently he makes lewd comments to women in bars and also to Grace Park.

Scotty is trying hard to keep up his womanizer reputation.

by Original Posterreply 12706/02/2013

So is Alex staying off the pills? He was freakishly thin at one point. Did he gain any weight back? I don't watch this show.

by Original Posterreply 12806/02/2013

Scott needs to be careful or he will find himself in hot water with someone who does not like to be messed with.

Just a thought, r127.

by Original Posterreply 12906/02/2013

Silly show, but Alex and Scott are hot, but I don't watch it.

by Original Posterreply 13006/02/2013

Posted this before. Watched them film in Waikiki near the Natatorium and when the scene at a fake "beach side" hut set was distrupted for a technical glitch, all the casts retreated to the tents set up for talent EXCEPT Scott Caan.

He just stood on his mark under the thatched hut, all by himself...... Just stood there alone with his thoughts. We watched and then after about 15 or 20 minutes, the rest of the scene's cast returned and they completed the set-up.

Don't know the reason but we all were laughing at first then thought it was sadly weird.

by Original Posterreply 13106/02/2013

Alex has been looking very good. He did gain some weight back and looks just as good as ever.

So Grace is pregnant in real life?

I'm thinking that Wo-Fat is Steve's brother.

It's also kind of ridic that the boyfriend has to go into hiding. Isn't he a millionaire? Can't he afford security? Weak plot point to get the actress to leave for a few months.

by Original Posterreply 13206/02/2013

Peter Lenkov must have something on his sleeves for the next season of Hawaii Five-0. He is probably trying to sell the Steve and Catherine storyline for the fall season.

by Original Posterreply 13306/03/2013

What does anyone think about the show being moved to Friday nights in the fall?

by Original Posterreply 13406/03/2013

Does anyone have any more stuff to share on here?

by Original Posterreply 13506/04/2013


by Original Posterreply 13607/16/2013

Is anybody home?

by Original Posterreply 13707/18/2013

Quality television on CBS.

by Original Posterreply 13807/18/2013

Apparently Scott rides around Honolulu with a gay surfers club sticker in the window of his car.

by Original Posterreply 13907/18/2013

R139 That's interesting!

by Original Posterreply 14007/18/2013

What does anyone think of the Dr. Max Bergman character played by Masi Oka?

by Original Posterreply 14107/21/2013
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