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Let''s talk about "Knots Landing"

It deserves a thread all its own.

by Capricorn Crudereply 35805/05/2017

As long as nobody links that dire 'homage' on youtube. 9 minutes of sheer unoriginality.

by Capricorn Crudereply 108/24/2010

Joan and Michele really know how to ruin a sweet moment. Shrieking harpies.

by Capricorn Crudereply 208/24/2010

Ted Shackelford was rumored to possess a "third leg"

by Capricorn Crudereply 308/24/2010

Michael Fairgate should have been gay.

by Capricorn Crudereply 408/24/2010

I would have licked the chests of Don Murray, Ted Shackleford, William Devane, Kevin Dobson, John Pleshette, Doug Sheehan, and introducing Alec Baldwin.%0D %0D I beat off a LOT to those chests.

by Capricorn Crudereply 508/24/2010

Let's not.

by Capricorn Crudereply 608/24/2010

I got my Screen Actors Guild card doing a one liner in one of the latter seasons. I was opposite Michelle Phillips and William DeVane in the scene.%0D %0D DeVane ruled the roost - you could tell the crew was very much beholden to him. But he was very kind to me and made sure I knew where I needed to be for my line. The extras were horrific. All of them clamored to try and get my one line and shunned me for having it.%0D %0D Michelle Phillips was very beautiful and a little aloof but not unkind.%0D %0D I had fun wandering around the soundstage between takes - seeing the disassembled sets of the Mackenzie living room and Mack's office, etc. I had been a huge fan of the show.

by Capricorn Crudereply 708/24/2010

How sad that Julie Harris is most well known for that shit.

by Capricorn Crudereply 808/24/2010

I had an enormous crush on Ted Shackleford in the 80s. I was about 15.

by Capricorn Crudereply 908/24/2010

Met Michelle Lee at a benefit party and had a great 15 minutes talking Knots with her. She was funny and warm and much amused by my fandom.

When I told her I did her famous Pollyanna speech for college theatre auditions and got in to NYU with it she screamed with laughter and hugged me. She was great.

R5- you need to add Chip to the list of lickable chests. He was my 2nd choice after Alec Baldwin!

by Capricorn Crudereply 1008/24/2010

I thought that Hunt Block and Paul Carofotes had the best bodies. Both of them helped me through hard times in puberty.

by Capricorn Crudereply 1108/24/2010

Donna Mills was probably every white man's fantasy the whole time she was on the show.

by Capricorn Crudereply 1208/24/2010

Why just white men?%0D %0D What strange phrasing.

by Capricorn Crudereply 1308/24/2010

I'm sure it's been discussed (and based on previous threads - I think she's on DL) - but once and for all - is Donna Mills a lesbian?

by Capricorn Crudereply 1408/24/2010

r14 No.

by Capricorn Crudereply 1508/24/2010

Donna used to hook up with Leslie Charleson when they were on Love is a Many Splendored Thing. It wasn't a regular thing, but Donna is no stranger to the gash.

by Capricorn Crudereply 1608/24/2010

Dear God, R12, no. Just no. There's not a market segment on earth that likes Donna Mills.

by Capricorn Crudereply 1708/24/2010

KNOTS LANDING - the best prime time soap ever. It was the best written and best acted. My God, even the kids were great actors.

Karen and Valene - best friendship ever Gary and Valene - one of the best love stories ever Abby - best, and in some ways, most realistic bitch ever Greg Sumner - one of the most complex and realistic villains ever

Alec Baldwin owes his career to KL

I love this show and watched every last originally broadcast episode.

by Capricorn Crudereply 1808/24/2010

*ahem* R18. I died of fucking CANCER you know. An emotionally wrenching performance.

by Capricorn Crudereply 1908/24/2010

[quote]Alec Baldwin owes his career to KL

You obviously forgot about a little show called "The Doctors".

by Capricorn Crudereply 2008/24/2010

Oh I remember THE DOCTORS r20 but let's get real here. Alec Baldwin owe Julie Harris' character Lillie Mae for talking him to death off that roof. ;-)

by Capricorn Crudereply 2108/24/2010

Oh please accept my humble apologies r19. Laura was my girl. She told it like it is, kept Greg in check unlike any other, and yes that includes hoochie in training Paige, and went off to die with class and dignity.

by Capricorn Crudereply 2208/24/2010

Apology accepted, R18/R22. How can I not forgive someone with such exquisite taste in actresses?

You must hate Claudia Lonow, non?

by Capricorn Crudereply 2308/24/2010

Michele Lee was the best. Soulful, relatable, and convincing. Very all-American character in Karen Fairgate McKenzie - with strength, honesty, and integrity. A remarkable performance. %0D %0D %0D I'm sorry that "Knots Landing" didn't receive anywhere near the Emmy nominations for which it is worthy. Lee and Julie Harris were nominated for its third season, 1981-82, with Lee in best actress and Harris in supporting actress. (I bring that up, because the Emmys are on this coming Sunday night.)

by Capricorn Crudereply 2408/24/2010

I was late to the party, didn't start watching the show until around 1989. Still I became hooked and watched faithfully until the end. I still have so many fond memories of it. Loved Michelle Phillips, Michelle Lee, Joan, Ted and even Nicollete Sheridan was good in it. CBS only cancelled it due to finances, I think the show had another 5 years in it at least.

by Capricorn Crudereply 2508/24/2010

Did Donna Mills tried to come on to Joan Van Ark? Michele Lee?

by Capricorn Crudereply 2608/25/2010

"Swallow. SWALLOW!"


by Capricorn Crudereply 2708/25/2010

Whatever happened to Tonya Crowe?

by Capricorn Crudereply 2808/25/2010

I didn't watch the show except for the tail end of one season. I found it delightfully demented. That was about the time that Twin Peaks was on and i couldn't help but wonder whether the success of Twin Peaks had somehow provoked the creators of Knots Landing into taking it in the same crazy direction. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

by Capricorn Crudereply 2908/25/2010

To me, one of the most beautiful men who ever lived was James Houghton, who played Kenny in the early seasons. As I recall, he got his start playing David Hasselhoff's brother on Y&R.

by Capricorn Crudereply 3008/25/2010


by Capricorn Crudereply 3108/25/2010

Old thread, but who cares?

Knots is always worth more discussion

by Capricorn Crudereply 3207/06/2011

Indeed it is. Let's pose this question. If the new Dallas reboot get greenlit what will that mean for Knots? Will Gary and Valene drop by for a visit? When they consider rebooting Knots if its a success?

by Capricorn Crudereply 3307/06/2011

Below is a post with the concept of a KL spin-off...

OK, count me in as a big fan of KL, but I think the show jumped the shark when they recast Linda as a blond who cheated on Eric and became a vilianess of some sort. I was glad when she turned up dead.

Of all the night time soaps, I think KL had the best chance for a spin-off with younger characters away from the cul-de-sac and their parents (except as guest stars).

Personally (and I know this sounds insane), I wish they had moved the show to Seattle or Portland where Olivia and Harold lived (Harold as private investigator), Laura's two sons could have been in town too (a real blast from the past) - at least one should have been a cop. Karen's son Michael could live there too, working in the software industry. Of course you need a place for them to meet and hang out and fight and plot and such, so that's why Cathy lives in town too, owning a bar/restaurant (the return of Lisa Hartman!).

It would have run for many seasons, with an occasional visits from Abbey (she never liked Harold), Valene (she and Olivia were close), Mac (he and Michael were friendly), etc...

There were enough secondary characters to take the show somewhere else and fold in at least some of the parents.

by Capricorn Crudereply 3407/06/2011

I missed it in its original run but fell in love with it in syndication. It was really well written, especially next to the other night time soaps of the era. The actresses were uniformly excellent, they had compelling storylines and I wanted to be fucked by almost every man on that show.

by Capricorn Crudereply 3507/06/2011

Tonya Crowe is married and lives in LA

by Capricorn Crudereply 3607/06/2011

Donna Mills is to Tonya Crowe, as Martina Navratilova is to Gabriela Sabatini.

The password is...


by Capricorn Crudereply 3707/06/2011

Nicolette Sheridan ruined the show.

by Capricorn Crudereply 3807/06/2011

[italic]Knots Landing[/italic] is the greatest series in the history of American television!

by Capricorn Crudereply 3907/06/2011

Speaking of Sabatini, how about Michael Sabatini? Really hot guy in a long list of hot men on KL.

by Capricorn Crudereply 4007/06/2011

They added some dark humor to Laura's 'death' by having her body not show up; Greg got a letter from the funeral home or the hospice where she died apologizing for it, saying it would never happen again. (as if.)%0D %0D I thought they were leaving a door open to bring her back.%0D %0D The show was never the same after Laura left; despite the popularity of strip coquet (sp?) with Greg and Paige, that was a ridiculous relationship; he was old enough to be her father and she looked bored throughout it all; even more bored than he did.

by Capricorn Crudereply 4107/06/2011

[quote]The show was never the same after Laura left;

You know it, bitches!

by Capricorn Crudereply 4207/06/2011

I lreally like the Laura/Greg relationship because Laura wouldn't take shit from him (or anyone else). And that chemistry between the two actors was special and missed after Laura was out. But let's not forget that Laura otherwise was a bore. Her storylines before Greg were horrible cliche stuff that was later woven into standard Lifetime movies. And even during the Laura/Greg relationship, that character never had its own major storyline. That's why she was probably deemed dispensible. MacCashin just didn't add more to the show than being the perfect sparring partner for Greg Sumner. %0D %0D

by Capricorn Crudereply 4307/06/2011

R43, there was the time Richard accused me of having a lesbian relationship with Ciji. That wasn't boring! And that Lisa Hartman could muff-dive like she was in the LPGA!

by Capricorn Crudereply 4407/06/2011

Karen uttered one of the all-time great soap lines in her "Pollyanna" speech-"I don't want to see the world through rose-colored glasses, I want the world to BE rose-colored!"

by Capricorn Crudereply 4507/06/2011

R32, who wouldn't have taken advantage of Gabriela Sabatini??? Bet she got hit in the lockers by EVERY lezzie/bi tennis player, assitant,etc back then.

by Capricorn Crudereply 4607/19/2011

Is there any chance it could get a relaunch now it's sister show is back?

by Capricorn Crudereply 4706/16/2012

Connie, can I interest you in a 1-pound bag of fun-size Twix and a 2-liter Mello Yello?

by Capricorn Crudereply 4806/16/2012

Back in the day when you didn't have internet spoilers, I remember being blown away by the end of this episode!

by Capricorn Crudereply 4906/18/2012

Great clip [R49], That was the year "Knots Landing" really became a great show. I hope they start releasing DVDs again. I am a huge "Knots" fan and I haven't bought any yet because the shows after "Sid's death" got out of the way and "Abby" became a major vixen made up the "Knots Landing" I want to see again.

I wonder why they got rid of Kim Lankford and James Houghton, they were so attractive, good actor and were unique in that their age difference with the other couples was significant.

Like all soaps, I suppose, "Knots Landing" fired as many good actors as they hired. I was so in love with Michael Sabatino and his georgeous eyes, although his death was a key part in the greatest primetime soap story ever told, the intricately plotted "Wolfbridge" mystery that lead to the best cliffhanger of all time, "Negotiations."

So many great memories. Now that I've seen TNT's fantastic take on "Dallas", I honk I would like to see a "Knots Landing" relaunch, as long as "Abby", "Karen", "Val" and "Gary" were included and given prominent roles. I wonder if Patrick Peterson is still as georgeous as he was on the show.

by Capricorn Crudereply 5006/19/2012

WEHT to Hunt Block? I jerked off to him more than a couple of times.

by Capricorn Crudereply 5106/19/2012


What's the story with Donna Mills? She must have a significant girlfriend or two over the years, but you never hear gossip on her partners.

I preferred the earlier, quieter years of Knots when it was about the neighborhood. It was all right in later years, but it became like any other nighttime soap opera with the powerful business men and women, instead of just about the friends in the cul-de-sac.

by Capricorn Crudereply 5211/18/2012

Shackleford (who's been trapped on Y and R for awhile) and Van Ark are going to pay a visit to the Dallas reboot.

by Capricorn Crudereply 5311/18/2012

I thought Falcon Crest was better.

by Capricorn Crudereply 5411/18/2012

Ted's still a good looking man, but Joan Van Ark is a horror show of plastic surgery and whatever else she does to freeze her face in place.

Keep her off the Dallas re-boot.

If Gary needs to visit Southfork, fine, make it an appearance, have him leave.

BUT, wouldn't it be more interesting and a good link between KL and Dallas if Bobby and Betsy, Gary and Val's children, made their way to Dallas?

Nice generational crossover.

by Capricorn Crudereply 5511/19/2012

Let's talk about Ted's third leg? Length and girth, please.

by Capricorn Crudereply 5611/19/2012

Okay, I'm missing something but why are Constance McCashin's bad eating habits funny?

by Capricorn Crudereply 5711/19/2012

Ciji and Laura had a lesbian relationship

by Capricorn Crudereply 5811/19/2012

No, Let's talk about my eye make-up!

by Capricorn Crudereply 5911/19/2012

What is the deal with Ted?

by Capricorn Crudereply 6011/19/2012

I wonder if Ted gifted gorgeous twink Patrick Peterson with his "third leg" when the kid turned 18?

by Capricorn Crudereply 6111/19/2012

I loved that show - especially James Houghton in the early episodes and, later, Alec Baldwin. Umph.

by Capricorn Crudereply 6211/19/2012

Donna Mills was way ahead of her time. Her performance as Abby is so contemporary.

by Capricorn Crudereply 6309/18/2013

All the Knots Landing season finales in one clip. If you'll notice, I was in more than anyone else, including that McCushion creature.

by Capricorn Crudereply 6410/06/2013


by Capricorn Crudereply 6506/19/2014

Joan Van Ark's 71st birthday was yesterday.

by Capricorn Crudereply 6606/19/2014

never heard of this show or people except baldwin and I knew Julie Harris had been a Broadway star, from listening to my gay older brother ramble

by Capricorn Crudereply 6706/19/2014


by Capricorn Crudereply 6811/09/2014

Home & Family had a reunion with the Knots Landing cast today!!

They even recreated the theme song!

by Capricorn Crudereply 6912/11/2014

I really wish a distributor like ShoutFactory would by the rights.

I'm dying to re-watch Season Three, when Julie Harris joined the cast as a regular.

by Capricorn Crudereply 7012/11/2014

I ran into Pat Peterson, the hottie youngest son, about twelve years ago at the Samuel French bookstore in Hollywood . He could not have been sweeter, said hello and held the door for me (I'm a male, and had never seen him before).

by Capricorn Crudereply 7112/11/2014

The early seasons were the best and the shows peak was season 4-7

It fell hard in Season 8, especially with that TERRIBLE Jean Hackney storyline, the only good thing to come out of that SL was when Ben put Lillimae in a chokhold

Got better with seasons 9 and 10

Started to decline when Donna Mills left and the show became the insufferable Great and Paine show those last 4 seasons.

by Capricorn Crudereply 7212/17/2014

Michele Lee had one of the worst nose jobs in Hollywood, and Joan Van Ark was right behind her.

by Capricorn Crudereply 7312/17/2014

Alec Baldwin's butt was incredible when he was on KL.

One of my fave episodes was "Poor Val", when lunatic Jill held Val hostage in her own home.

by Capricorn Crudereply 7412/17/2014

The show was almost like an Eight is Enough type of show during its first 3 or 4 seasons

Not the glam nighttime soap that it became in the mid 80s

Those early 80s ep's still had a 70s family feel to them as well

I also loved the Ginger character, not only was she the most gorgeous cast member, but she was far and away the best actress as well!

She had class

They should of never fired her

by Capricorn Crudereply 7512/17/2014

I remember being about 13 and there was a Knots Landing "bulletin board" on Prodigy. We'd just started using online services and I'd go on there and yack with a combination of nice older ladies and gay men. This was in the last season or so of the show's run, most of it I caught on TNT from 1994-95. Alas, my tapes are fading along with my youth.

by Capricorn Crudereply 7612/17/2014

Hi, Kim/R75!

She got better with time and Kenny was dead weight, he pulled the Ginger character down in all of this cliches. Ginger had that cold bitch of a mother and a sort of gothic paperback backstory never fully developed and those creepy sisters of hers who both existed solely to get Eric Fairgate in trouble. She also seemed strangely wise to Abby and didn't seem very scared or intimidated by her. And I liked crazed jealous "I wanna sang" Ginger from Season 4!

by Capricorn Crudereply 7712/17/2014

I loved how they gave the theme song a different "vibe" from season to season. Slowing it down to a jazz ballad feel, to the uptempo surge of the original.

by Capricorn Crudereply 7812/17/2014

I loved the sliding boxes style they used. Many a time I imagined myself appearing in the main credits, ha ha ha.

by Capricorn Crudereply 7912/17/2014

The gratuitous colored family was a real show killer whenever they were on.

by Capricorn Crudereply 8012/17/2014

Jill Bennett should have been black. And played by Jackee with her 227 Sandra voice.

by Capricorn Crudereply 8112/17/2014

Swallow the pills Marrryyyyy

by Capricorn Crudereply 8212/17/2014

Get AIDS and DIE R81.

by Capricorn Crudereply 8312/17/2014

Very good, R82!

by Capricorn Crudereply 8412/17/2014

R83, Larry Riley already did that.

by Capricorn Crudereply 8512/17/2014

Who was the hot guy in the rain when Paige was standing there looking between him and Sumner?

by Capricorn Crudereply 8612/17/2014

[quote]They should of never fired her

Oh dear!

by Capricorn Crudereply 8712/17/2014

Swallow the pills Marrry Lestahismine.

by Capricorn Crudereply 8812/17/2014

The kids were great actors? Only if you have selective amnesia regarding the wretchedness of Claudia Lonow.

by Capricorn Crudereply 8912/17/2014

Contrary to popular belief, the later seasons were really bad and boring as well

I hated that damn, jazzy Kenny G sax bullshit they used to score the show with

The last good season was season 10 aka. Abby'S last season

I LOVE the first 7 seasons of the show though, but as soon as Latham and Lechowick became show runners in Season 8 and slowly turned it into the Paine Matheson show and began slowly writing out Laura Avery the show began to loose it's "Knots" identity

And what the he'll was up with that gauzy, pastel cinematography and look that Knots had the last 7 years?

Look at the earlier years and then the latter and you'll know what I'm talking about

by Capricorn Crudereply 9012/30/2014

R90, you're smart and make great points. I agree with all of them.

by Capricorn Crudereply 9112/30/2014

I came late to Knots and always really loved Michelle Phillips as Anne, scheming mother of Nicolette Sheridan's Paige.

The time she tried to seduce Mack while playing (her own Mamas & Papas song) "Dedicated to the One I Love" on the record player was some damn good television.

It only would have been better if she had ripped a Michele Lee record off the turntable first.

by Capricorn Crudereply 9212/31/2014

The Anne character could have also carried Knots a few more years if they'd gotten her into another orbit. Once she was married to Greg, it felt like a dead end. I would have rather seen Val and Greg have an affair on Gary and Paige.

by Capricorn Crudereply 9301/01/2015

[quote]and began slowly writing out Laura Avery the show began to loose it's "Knots" identity

Come sit by me, R90. We can dish.

by Capricorn Crudereply 9401/01/2015

Donna Mills eye make-up was to die for! Oh, and Ted Shackleford was soooooo yummy! I recall one episode where he was lifting weights; I nearly fainted.

by Capricorn Crudereply 9501/01/2015

I LOVE talking about Knots! My fave scene from the show.

by Capricorn Crudereply 9601/01/2015

I never liked the Paige character, NS just came across as too cold and remote in that role to be the so called new heroine of the show.

Too much time of the shows later years revolved around the Greg and Paige mess

Greg had GREAT chemistry with Laura and even Abby however

And did anyone else think that James Houghton (Kenny) was the hottest guy on the show?

by Capricorn Crudereply 9701/02/2015

Joan Van Ark looking totally unrecognizable in senior photo from 1961.

by Capricorn Crudereply 9801/04/2015

Michele Lee in her senior photo from 1960. She is somewhat recognizable.

by Capricorn Crudereply 9901/04/2015

WHET Pat Petersen (Michael Fairgate)? That boy pinged to high heaven! Did anyone really buy him going after Paige? Too bad TPTB didn't have the guts to make Michael gay.

by Capricorn Crudereply 10001/04/2015

SHUT UP with these threads about old shit that hasn't been on the air for 30 years! Goddamn you are one annoying queen.

by Capricorn Crudereply 10101/05/2015

Donna Mills, Joan Van Ark and Michelle Lee all had Broadway. That training really shows on screen on Knots

by Capricorn Crudereply 10201/05/2015

Sheridan ruined the show. It became all about her and that lover of her's that was old enough to be her grandfather.

by Capricorn Crudereply 10301/05/2015

R101 is Claudia Lonow's blood-soaked tampon.

by Capricorn Crudereply 10401/05/2015

I'm still waiting for KL Season 3. Don't you hear me, Shout Factory !?!

Just listen, Shout Factory:

by Capricorn Crudereply 10501/05/2015

Josh-u-ah! JOSH-U-AH!!

by Capricorn Crudereply 10601/05/2015

I heard somewhere that the actor who played Karen and Sid 's oldest son Eric died in real life, while still on the show

Details please...

by Capricorn Crudereply 10701/07/2015

Motorcycle accident!

by Capricorn Crudereply 10801/07/2015

Connie McCashin found time to put down the ho ho's and oreo's last week to go have dinner with Bill Devane.

by Capricorn Crudereply 10902/16/2015

I'd watch a show about cranky elderly Greg and Laura, reunited through some ridiculous contrivance involving Gary, Val, and Karen (I'm not paying Kevin Dobson, Mack's dead) on an island. We can get an Ava Gardner look-alike or Kathleen Noone in there. It'll be great.

by Capricorn Crudereply 11002/16/2015

R105, Season 3 was so damn good. I only suffer through the first two seasons to get to the affair drama in 3 and everything after but by that time, the episodes have been taken off YouTube and I don't want to dig out my VHS tapes from TNT in the 90s.

Season 3 was weird, though. Dark and sort of suburban noiry. Val is kind of sinister in her own way all season, too. She's shady. Ann Marcus was head writing that year and she really got away from the cheesiness of the first two seasons (although I liked Season 1, Season 2 was too "made for TV"). Season 3 aims higher and usually succeeds. There were some bad episodes in that lot, though. Loved Abby trying to get old Lew Ayres' money in "Silver Shadows." Yes, sadly, I know the episode titles.

Did you ever see "The Three Sisters" ghost house episode? That was an oddity.

by Capricorn Crudereply 11102/16/2015

I remember reading R10's story when it was first posted back in 2010. For some reason it always stayed with me. When I saw this thread had been bumped, it was the first thing I thought of.

God, I love Michelle Lee and her Pollyanna speech.

by Capricorn Crudereply 11202/16/2015

Loved that show. It was my favorite nighttime soap by far.

by Capricorn Crudereply 11302/16/2015

I wish they'd kept the short-lived Pam Grier/Herb Edelmen cop duo from season 12. The two had great chemistry. I remember reading years back that the producers wanted to make Grier a regular, but she wanted more money than they wanted to offer.

by Capricorn Crudereply 11402/16/2015

There was supposedly a very dishy tv guide interview with the actors when the show was ending. I don't remember all the details because I wasn't born until 1989. But I did hear about it. I can't remember the details but I know it was dishy. This was a pretty good old show from the little Iv'e seen of it.

by Capricorn Crudereply 11502/16/2015

Sadly, R115, I was 14 when that TV Guide issue came out and I was right there to buy it and the interview was, indeed, dishy and unexpectedly so. I still have it somewhere.

Here's some of what I remember 20+ years later:

Bill Devane says something like "Joan's not neurotic, she's an actress" in defense of her process.

One of the women writers from the show's past said that the camera loves a craggy older male face but how harsh it was for the lead actresses and the pressure on them to look young as the show aged.

Nicolette Sheridan was... Nicolette Sheridan.

There's something muttered about "the bimbettes" added to the cast.

JVA basically said that when Donna Mills was cast in 1980, she was taken aback to hear about another blonde and asked if there were any brunettes left. It was a good article. I have an old soap gossip book that had some really dishy stuff in it, pertaining to Michele Lee's contract renewal in 1986. It explained much.

by Capricorn Crudereply 11602/16/2015

Ted really turned me on as a kid. I wanted to suck his toes.

by Capricorn Crudereply 11702/16/2015

I loved that whole Laura and Ciji lesbo-flirt back in the third season. That was really scandalous for TV back then.

by Capricorn Crudereply 11802/16/2015

Fun fact: producers wanted David Ackroyd back to play Gary for the spin-off, but Ackroyd wasn't interested. Among those who auditioned for Gary before it went to Ted Shackelford were David Selby and Michael Nader, both of whom later became famous in their own right on prime time soaps.

For those who don't know, Donna Mills has had a recurring role on the daytime soap opera General Hospital. Rumours are Michele Lee is being considered for another role.

by Capricorn Crudereply 11902/16/2015

Michele Lee as Pat, I'm hoping.

I would die.

by Capricorn Crudereply 12002/16/2015

I'm glad to know that I wasn't the only guy who fantasizes about young blond twink Patrick Peterson. He was really hot.

by Capricorn Crudereply 12102/17/2015

I loved the scenes when Gary Ewing was barefoot. There is one in particular when he is in bed with Cathy Geary and you see his soles rubbing against her feet. Lisa Hartman has an admitted foot fetish and loved Ted's feet and also loved Alec Baldwin's feet too. I remember being 12 years old and taping Gary's feet in bed with Cathy, seeing his soles all wrinkled and sexy long toes and jerking off and cumming for the first time. Ahh the great childhood memories.

by Capricorn Crudereply 12203/13/2015


by Capricorn Crudereply 12303/13/2015

I remember Patrick Petersen running around in some very short shorts around 1982-84. I was a young'n and remember noticing.

The university library has a film studies-type book on Knots Landing. I checked it out last week and it's quite good. On the way out of the library, I opened the book to a random page and saw screenshots of a murderous bewigged Jill Bennett and silently screamed with delight.

by Capricorn Crudereply 12410/02/2015

R97- James really was the hottest actor. I still don't get why they got rid of James and Kim. They also should have kept Bruce Greenwood.

by Capricorn Crudereply 12510/02/2015

U all do know that Patty Duke was originally considered for the Laura role.

by Capricorn Crudereply 12610/02/2015

They wanted Lucille Ball to play Abby, playing against her sweetheart image, but Gary Morton talked her out of it.

by Capricorn Crudereply 12710/03/2015

I finally bought some VHS-to-DVD conversion software, allowing me to take my tapes from the 1994-95 TNT airing of Knots and get the unreleased seasons before the tapes go completely (they are in pretty bad shape as it is).

Watching it again after twenty years, this was a damn fine show. You really see it all click in the episode where Ciji is murdered. It really hits its stride.

by Capricorn Crudereply 12804/15/2016


by Capricorn Crudereply 12904/15/2016

Agree R128. I remember as a kid I would stay at my Grandparents when my parents were both working nights, and they always worked the night Knots was on (Thursday?). They'd let me stay up late, but I'd have to watch what they were watching - Knots Landing - so I kind of knew what was happening on Knots. But the night Ciji washed up on shore I was hooked.

It was good after that too, but in my opinion that one scene was the pinnacle of Knots, and it never quite reached that height again. But it was fun watching them try.

by Capricorn Crudereply 13004/15/2016

Oh, r122, will you marry me? We can have sex thinking about Gary Ewing's feet!

Loved those scenes where he was just lounging around the house with his feet up ... Abby came home from work and he was just lying around looking hot, bothered and stupid. My kind of guy. There was another scene where Lillimae burst into Gary and Abby's bedroom on the ranch while they were making love and his big sexy feet were sprawled over the bed with the satin sheet barely covering his lean muscular body.

I have to see that Gary-Cathy scene!

by Capricorn Crudereply 13104/20/2016

This is from a 1978 episode of Wonder Woman !!!!

by Capricorn Crudereply 13204/20/2016

Gary's feet:

by Capricorn Crudereply 13304/20/2016

I love how Gary just walks into Abby's house all sexed up and barefoot:

by Capricorn Crudereply 13404/20/2016

Rumor has always been Ted likes the dick.

by Capricorn Crudereply 13504/20/2016

If I am remembering correctly, I read in a gossip mag years and years ago (in the early 80s) that Ted said he and his wife at the time liked to walk around their house naked all the time.

Did he leave his wife for his co-star at the time, Teri Austin?

by Capricorn Crudereply 13604/21/2016

If I recall correctly, Ted and his first wife were already split and Ted and Teri started hanging out because everyone else was married. That was the "official" version, I'm guessing.

I love JVA, but Ted always seemed so much more relaxed and natural with Donna.

by Capricorn Crudereply 13704/21/2016

Not to mention Ted and Donna just oozed sexuality in a scene together - they were stunningly beautiful together.

by Capricorn Crudereply 13804/21/2016

Van Ark and Shackelford would have co-starred once again after Knots Landing - but didn't. She joined the cast of The Young & The Restless in 2004 to create the role of Michael Baldwin's mother Gloria, but left in 2005, being replaced by soap opera vet Judith Chapman. Soon after Chapman came aboard, Shackelford joined Y&R in 2006 and his character ended up being paired with Gloria. He's still on the soap to this day (and still paired with Chapman).

Other Knots stars tried their hand at daytime soap operas in the last decade. Donna Mills had a recurring role on General Hospital last year, and Kevin Dobson was ill-matched in his forgettable run as lawyer Mickey Horton on Days Of Our Lives, lasting for a few months before being written out with no explanation to his character's disappearance. Mickey was later killed off onscreen. Dobson had recurring roles on both B&B and One Life to Live.

I find it interesting how many Lorimar people did end up on daytime soap operas after their primetime glory. Linda Gray, Patrick Duffy and Lorenzo Lamas had long-running roles on Bold and the Beautiful, and Hunt Block made a name for himself on Guiding Light and As The World Turns post-KNOTS, but Aaron Spelling Hall of Famer Joan Collins apparently couldn't hack the fast pace of daytime and cut short her intended six month engagement as Alexandra on Guiding Light just after three months.

Her onscreen daughter Emma Samms returned to GH post-DYNASTY for a few guest appearances, but never found her way back to daytime permanently. Gordon Thomson did have a long successful run as Mason on Santa Barbara after DYNASTY ended, as did Michael Nader on All My Children as Dimitri.

by Capricorn Crudereply 13904/21/2016

Loved this show. It got me through my teen years in the 1980s. Every Thurs night I could escape to the cul-de-sac and leave my worries behind. My brother was given strict instructions that if anyone called me, he was to say I was not available. My friends caught on and would say, "OK, just have him call me back when Knots is over."

I loved Gary and Val. When they broke them up, I longed to see them back together. The writers would tease and have them circle each other, only to have some twist of fate keep them apart. I remember a great scene when Gary was dating Jill (before she went totally crazy and tried to kill Val). I think Jill and Gary had just gotten engaged. Jill is talking to Abby and Abby says something like: "Let the second Mrs. Ewing give the soon-to-be third Mrs. Ewing a piece of advice. The first Mrs. Ewing never goes away." Ha! Loved that line.

I always thought Donna Mills played her relationship with Gary as if she knew deep down, Val was who Gary really loved. It was interesting to me that after Gary and Abby divorced, they never really had them come back together, whereas Gary and Val were forever finding reasons to be around each other even when divorced.

The show stayed good for such a long time. I started out watching Dallas and jumped on board with Knots when it was spun off from Dallas. After a couple years, Knots became more of my favorite and that lasted for years. Dallas was pretty good up until Bobby died then came back with the Dream Season excuse, which kind of forever killed Dallas for me. Knots basically divorced itself from Dallas after that because they had dealt with Bobby's death, so the shows never crossed over again. Knots continued to stay strong and the new characters it introduced (Paige, Nick, Tom, etc.) were fresh and helped the show whereas other nighttime soaps failed miserably at trying the same thing.

by Capricorn Crudereply 14004/21/2016

Gary and Abby were spectacular together, but it was sex. Sex, sex, sex. Val and Gary had a bond that went beyond the mere physical. Abby was his Whore, Val was his Virgin.

That said, I never enjoyed Gary and Val together again after they divorced. It was better to have them apart until the end of the show, when a reconciliation was just a fitting closure.

It is too bad DALLAS screwed up the timeline with their ridiculous self-destructive Dream Season. It didn't make sense that Gary and Val cut off all ties to Lucy and the rest of the Ewings. And it would have been great to see Barbara Bel Geddes and Julie Harris in some scenes together.

by Capricorn Crudereply 14104/21/2016

For r140 ...

by Capricorn Crudereply 14204/21/2016

Awesome, R142! Many thanks!

by Capricorn Crudereply 14304/21/2016

As a poster mentioned above - Alec Baldwin was in his PRIME during his tenure on Knots. It is really hard to imagine today (and most Millennials would never have a clue), but Alec used to be one of the sexiest men on the planet. And he definitely used to possess an ass that only a young Paul Mercurio could rival. I wanted to bend him over so bad back in his heyday. He was so hot that he took your breath away when he showed up on the screen. "Beetlejuice" was probably his last performance where he looked really good - and he wasn't even close to the Adonis that he was in Knots.. Ted Shackelford was almost as hot. I have heard many, many stories from many men a few years my senior that he was no stranger to gay clubs in WEHO and no stranger to cock in his ass.

by Capricorn Crudereply 14404/21/2016

I love the moment Joshua pushes Laura to the ground ... it's all very badly edited. McCashin is very bad in this scene.

by Capricorn Crudereply 14504/21/2016

Joshua threatens his sister Valene:

by Capricorn Crudereply 14604/21/2016

This is what made Knots Landing so very different from the camp of DYNASTY:

by Capricorn Crudereply 14704/21/2016

I found a few entire episodes from season 1 under the German title "Unter der Sonne Kaliforniens" ... this is Julie Harris' first episode ... Lillimae was initially quite creepy ...

(it's still in English, only subtitled)

by Capricorn Crudereply 14804/21/2016

Here's the full episode of Lucy's one and only visit to Knots Landing:

by Capricorn Crudereply 14904/21/2016

This is the infamous "Laura's rape" episode (with its brilliant - but very strange - ending ):

by Capricorn Crudereply 15004/21/2016

This is J.R.'s first visit to Knots Landing .. unfortunately it is in German dub ... but I never knew J.R. tried to seduce Karen?

by Capricorn Crudereply 15104/21/2016

Val slaps Abby! (Knots Landing season 3 scene)

by Capricorn Crudereply 15204/21/2016

Over the years here at DL, in Knots Landing threads, I've posted this and I still believe it... of all the night-time soaps, this was the show that could easily have a spin-off. Karen's children were adults, so were Laura's and Abby's. Personally, I would have moved the show up to Seattle or Portland where Michael moves to work in the computer/software industry. There he re-connects with his first-cousin Olivia and her husband Harold - I envisioned Harold as a private investigator. Laura's children from her marriage to Richard - two sons, Jason and Daniel are also in Seattle - why not? It's a spin-off and you've got create reasons for Karen, Abby, Valene, Richard and others to visit. All of those second generation characters can start their own storylines. Finally, I'd have the 'children' from KL hang out, get re-acquainted, etc at the bar/music venue run by Cathy Geary (nee Ciji) where Ben plays piano every once in a while.

I think it would have worked - in a previous century.

by Capricorn Crudereply 15304/21/2016

It is stupid that they never explained whatever happened to Ben Gibson. He just disappeared.

Whatever happened to Doug Sheehan, btw? He was adorable in a hangdog way.

by Capricorn Crudereply 15404/21/2016

My babies!

by Capricorn Crudereply 15504/21/2016

"You have become a MUNSTAH!"

by Capricorn Crudereply 15604/21/2016

The one thing that set Abby apart from your typical soap bitch was that she was inherently a class act person with very strong principles. She may have done reprehensible things in the name of securing power, but she was, at heart, a woman with a heart. And she worked for her power. Alexis inherited billions after sleeping with an oil giant and then played Joan Crawford ... Abby would have found her ridiculous.

by Capricorn Crudereply 15704/21/2016

I hate it when assholes like r157 try to turn it into a competition between shows. If any one of those shows was good enough for you to watch then the different takes on the satisfying moments should be endless.

by Capricorn Crudereply 15804/21/2016

And I hate when assholes like R158 try to censor, control and terminate otherwise interesting discussions.

Begone, school mark.

by Capricorn Crudereply 15904/21/2016

Really? How did I try to censor anything? I expressed an opinion. I did nothing more to censor you than you have to me. Get over yourself. You're a troublemaker who feeds off dissent.

by Capricorn Crudereply 16004/21/2016

I personally loved Donna Mills way more than I loved Joan Collins. She was far sexier and more complex. Yes, her "eyes" video was laughable for sure - but she made that character one of the all time greatest and without Abby, the show would have plummeted like Black Tuesday. She really made Knots in my estimation. That said, both were excellent actors and both played wonderful characters. How could you dislike either? 1980's power bitches - the two created and then inhabited the genre. Annoying Victoria Principal, Linda Gray and Linda Evans were all lovely to looks at but paled in comparison.

by Capricorn Crudereply 16104/21/2016

That wasn't my intention, r159 ... you have some issues. I was trying to make a point to the depth of Abby as compared to more cartoonish villains (and J.R. is included in that ... he went from a complex insecure bully to just heights of grinning campiness). I liked DYNASTY on its own merits. But I liked how KNOTS writers/producers/actors kept their characters on a more even keel regardless of the melodrama they were plunged into.

Before you attack someone, think if it really is necessary.

by Capricorn Crudereply 16204/21/2016

I've seen your other posts r162.

by Capricorn Crudereply 16304/21/2016

KNOTS wouldn't have been the show it was without Donna Mills - she was the last missing link to a struggling show. The quartet of the Ewings and Fairgates/MacKenzies were the staples, but she set them all in motion. That was very clear with the very last scene of the series, when Gary and Val and Karen and Mack were back on the cul-de-sac ready to spend eternity in suburban giddiness ... then Abby drove back in to announce she was moving back into her old house. It was the shot of adrenalin the concluding scene needed, symbolic of the indispensable contribution the character and actress made to the show over the years.

by Capricorn Crudereply 16404/21/2016

I don't know what that means, r163.

by Capricorn Crudereply 16504/21/2016

R164 - I couldn't have said it better! Beautiful explanation.

by Capricorn Crudereply 16604/21/2016

Needs to be on Netflix or something.

by Capricorn Crudereply 16704/21/2016

R167 - couldn't agree more - what happened to Soapnet? That was the first place that I saw it in syndication and became addicted. This was 2000 or so. The ability to watch every episode back-to-back was amazing for someone who had always heard about it but never seen it in the first place (I was way too young when it was on prime time). I have to say that the first two seasons were a bit painful to get through - maybe the last two also. Abby made the show no doubt (hence liking her seasons best), but like many of these prime time soaps = they really struggled toward the end. How Knots ever was picked up after season 1 I will never know. But by season 4 it was addictive.

by Capricorn Crudereply 16804/21/2016

It wasn't my era so to speak - but Donna had the looks that would have driven the men wild. She pretty much is the living form of what all men find HOT - perfect body, face, hair, eyes, tits, etc. Am I right?

by Capricorn Crudereply 16904/21/2016

I'm converting old VHS tapes from 1994-95 (when KL ran on TNT) and holy shit, this show is even better than I remembered. Up to Season 5 and despite having seen it all before, I look forward to each episode. Gary just slept with Val and then married Abby. God, I love it.

I was raised by a singly, blond, beautiful mother who wore tons of eye makeup. Abby was a heroine at our house but we loved Val, too.

Thank you for the "Ted S. cruising for dick" stories. You made my millennium. Love all the stories on here.

by Capricorn Crudereply 17004/21/2016

So many articles in TV Guide and US magazine were written by women who couldn't contain their lust for Alec Baldwin. It was similar to Brad Pitt in "Thelma and Louise."

He and Lisa Hartman were the hottest couple on TV for awhile.

by Capricorn Crudereply 17104/21/2016

Single, not singly.

by Capricorn Crudereply 17204/21/2016

R171 - Alec's booty was massive and gravity-defying. His muscled frame was lean and solid, his eyes stunning and he was so handsomely gorgeous. Had he died a tragic death during the "Knots" era (God forbid of course), he would have become an 80's iconic James Dean. He was that hot. Of course - now that we have lived with huge, beached-whale, funny guy Alec Baldwin for many decades.. The sex symbols always die young for a reason. Just ask Marilyn and Dean. James Dean wouldn't be James Dean if we had to see him now - bald, huge gut, bad wrinkled skin and liver spots..

by Capricorn Crudereply 17304/21/2016

That Lisa Hartman could sing a fucking song.

by Capricorn Crudereply 17404/21/2016

Sorry if I missed this, but why did Lucy only show up once in the whole history of KNOTS? It was like she didn't even exist.

by Capricorn Crudereply 17504/21/2016

R175 = I don't get the feeling that the Knots production wanted all that much to do with Dallas after their own show launched and gained momentum. Charlene Tilton was on a hit show already and in the very early 1980s - her's was a much bigger show than Knots (later, the opposite was true when it came to ratings and advertising). I can't see why she would want to jump ship and due to their incestuous link - the Knots producers could not cast a "different" Lucy and act like Dallas the show didn't exist. Val had already appeared on Dallas many times too. The viewers were fickle then - think of all the cast changes that killed Dynasty. I think that it was too hard to bridge the gap on this character. But you are completely correct that it was really weird how after a period of time they acted like Lucy never even existed...

by Capricorn Crudereply 17604/21/2016

R175, it's a good question. Over the years, I heard a few different things, including that it would have made Val look "old" with Lucy around. But the show had taken care of that by making Val 15 when Lucy was born, so it wouldn't have been an issue. I know David Jacobs said that her presence there just didn't work and was out of scale.

In the 1983 season premiere, Val admits that she and Lucy haven't talked in 7-8 months. This makes me wonder if, somewhere offscreen, Lucy cut off contact with Valene during the divorce, possibly after her "BOOZE AND WOMEN MADE MY LIFE HELL" stolen diary chapters were published, leading to Gary going off the wagon. For some reason, I always thought that Lucy blamed Val for the split somehow and they were estranged until much later. All fanwank but it does explain some of the distance.

by Capricorn Crudereply 17704/21/2016

Ted Shackelford was rumored to possess a "third leg"

Wouldn't surprise me....Ted has BDF for days!

by Capricorn Crudereply 17804/21/2016

Very few blond men fuel fantasies for me....Ted is definitely one of them.

by Capricorn Crudereply 17904/21/2016

Ted was so delicious!!

by Capricorn Crudereply 18004/21/2016

Watching an old episode on tape. Gary bounces from Abby to Val and then back to Abby and marries her in the space of one episode. And the added touch of Val calling Gary and finding out from Olivia that Gary had married Abby.

Seeing this on a Thursday night makes me miss my mom, so she and I are planning to rewatch most of the show when she comes over to visit. As a kid, many of my parent's fights would end with my mother declaring "fine, I'll just go in the other room and watch Knots Landing with the kids" (we'd tape it and watch it on Fridays back then). And the Jill Bennett tries to kill Val story was a big deal at our house and my brother still remembers Jill Bennett sneaking into Val's house. That was a very suspenseful episode.

For me, I'm fine with bailing on the show once Jill's murder is solved. The last four years were fine, it just felt like a different show and it was on its own terms. 1989-92/93 Valene was not my Valene. Something sharp changes in that characterization in 1987. Once Ben leaves and she gets that awful hair and starts playing games with Gary, it's just not the same Val. Maybe it's the accent finally being gone. Despite this, I still consider Val one of the most entertaining characters in television melodrama.

by Capricorn Crudereply 18104/21/2016

It is hard not to like Val (or Joan for that matter). I used to see her often at my local Ralphs, Trader Joes, Gelsons, etc. She is tiny and looks beautiful for her age. Lots of cosmetic surgery - but beautiful nonetheless. I assume that she lives in or near Studio City because I saw her quite a bit.

by Capricorn Crudereply 18204/21/2016

I adore JVA, thank you for saying that she's "beautiful nonetheless." People make so much of the surgery, but there is an essential beauty about Joan, always was. Something "in the bones." It made me very happy to hear that.

If I rebooted the show for 2016, I'd have Val divorced from Gary (they split them up on the TNT Dallas revival!) and Karen widowed by Mack. Make them the wise old women to the new generation of neighbors. Knots could be rebooted very, very easily. Christ, they could hire Claudia Lonow to write it.

If CBS put a rebooted Knots back on Thursdays, they'd have a staple hit that could run another 6-7 years. Pair a slow burn love triangle with a mystery and avoid the arch camp crap that made Desperate Housewives so far from KL in terms of genre, I just never understood the comparisons.

by Capricorn Crudereply 18304/21/2016

[quote]Personally, I would have moved the show up to Seattle or Portland where Michael moves to work in the computer/software industry.

Ugh! What a terrible idea. Sunny Southern California was as much a character in KL as any actor.

by Capricorn Crudereply 18404/21/2016

Nobody has mentioned this. But I loved the episode where Greg Sumner's daughter, now played by Stacy Galina, comes back and is murdered at the end. It's made to look like it was an assassination attempt on Greg, but we later learn she was the intended victim all along. I thought it was a great stand-alone episode. And obviously, Galina was so impressive they created the "niece" character for her to come back.

by Capricorn Crudereply 18504/21/2016

R185, I remember that storyline and man did I hate it. Yes, it was nice that the brought Galina back, but she arrived with her mother (damn, the actress's name escapes me - she had been on All My Children) and man did I hate Greg's sister! Not hate in a good way, just didn't care for her at all... it wasn't the actress it was just that for me, it seemed like the writers were trying too hard to create an Abbey replacement.

by Capricorn Crudereply 18604/22/2016

R179, I'm the same as you in that blond men rarely interest me. But damn did I have a crush on Ted! I loved how the producers had him with his shirt off half the time.

R175-177, I remember in the early seasons Lucy coming to visit and it not going well. You got the sense that Lucy's home was indeed Southfork in Dallas where she had been raised by her grandparents, aunts and uncles. Plus Gary and Val were newly married. I think throwing Lucy in the mix would have messed with the marriage. In any event, I remember thinking that the character of Lucy was just never going to fit in Knots and it was almost as if the episode was trying to convey that.

I seem to remember when Charlene Tilton left Dallas, she tried to get the producers of Knots to hire her, but they had so many great storylines at the time and Tilton just would not have fit in to any of them. Plus Tilton is just not that great an actress. She got very lucky with her Dallas gig.

by Capricorn Crudereply 18704/22/2016

Charlene Tilton became a devout Christian after she left Dallas.

by Capricorn Crudereply 18804/22/2016

Poor Val.

by Capricorn Crudereply 18904/22/2016

I enjoyed how, by later in the series, Val and Abby seemed to have detente and Val seemed at times to be somewhat awed by Abby.

by Capricorn Crudereply 19004/22/2016

I understand the lusting for Gary - he was definitely a stud on the show, but man did I LOVE the chest hair that Mac would should when his shirt had one button undone - w o o f for Mac McKenzie.

by Capricorn Crudereply 19104/22/2016

That was when Alec Baldwin had a buoyant butt you could eat breakfast off of.

by Capricorn Crudereply 19204/22/2016

My babies!

by Capricorn Crudereply 19304/22/2016

Speaking of hot blonds, Pat Peterson in his prime - yum.

by Capricorn Crudereply 19404/22/2016

[quote] Ted Shackelford was rumored to possess a "third leg"

photos please

by Capricorn Crudereply 19504/22/2016

R192 - ;-)!!!! Back then Alec's ass was the 8th Wonder of the World. I get hard every time I watch any episodes with him in them. I just have to block his current looks out of my mind.

by Capricorn Crudereply 19604/22/2016

I found a bunch of full episodes on Daily Motion on this user's page ... a few from season 5 surrounding Chip's death - great stuff.

This episode at the link is the one following Sid's death in season 3 ... Michele Lee does a wonderful job and the last scene where she holds Ginger and Kenny's new baby is heart wrenching:

by Capricorn Crudereply 19704/23/2016

Gary's barefeet at mark 5:00 ... imagine coming home to find that on the sofa every day

by Capricorn Crudereply 19804/23/2016

[quote][R192] - ;-)!!!! Back then Alec's ass was the 8th Wonder of the World. I get hard every time I watch any episodes with him in them. I just have to block his current looks out of my mind.

This is true. He had the best ass of all the Baldwin bros. From Knots to Beetlejuice and everything in between, his bubble butt was supreme.

by Capricorn Crudereply 19904/23/2016

A frustrated Richard asks Ciji what exactly is going on between her and his wife with the infamous line: "Which one gets to be the man?"

by Capricorn Crudereply 20004/23/2016

I'd love to have this wake up in my bed every morning ...

by Capricorn Crudereply 20104/23/2016

r175 r177 r187, the Lucy episode was posted up above in its entirety ... I thought she fit in nicely. She definitely would have dug her claws in Kenny:

by Capricorn Crudereply 20204/23/2016

Laura gets to tell her story ... Constance McCashin is quite heartbreaking in this:

by Capricorn Crudereply 20304/23/2016

Karen's Pollyanna Speech to Gary

by Capricorn Crudereply 20404/23/2016

What I never really appreciated about the Ciji Dunne story was how utterly clever it was on the part of Peter Dunne and the writers. It was the first story to really engage the entire cast as an ensemble, bringing in an outsider and using her to expose the depths of dysfunction that was seething underneath the seemingly simple domestic dramas of our little suburban group. As a kid, I hated Ciji and was glad when she died, but watching these old clips and episodes online, I see now how brilliant the whole thing really is (and how "appealing" Lisa Hartman really was - I guess I needed adult eyes to understand the cynicism that underlined the story). Ciji was genuine and honest, a kind of flower in the dirt and she became an obsession for everybody - instead of bringing out their best qualities, she inadvertently brought out their worst, a scapegoat for everyone's insecurities, jealousies, resentments and jaded frustrations. Even Val ended up pushing her to the ground and hitting her head against a table. It was a way to show just how damaged the denizens of Seaview Circle really had become. Today, that damage is first-most in telling a story - we expect flawed cynical ennui in our heroes and heroines (the 21st century Superman kills people), and occasionally we get a glimpse of something good in them peeping up from time to time as ironic twists, but the regular characters of KL were good first and their edges were subtly displayed. The ironic twist in season 4 was good girl Ciji Dunne sharpened all those edges to the point of they cut her up, inspiring unbridled hatred and unharnessed anger from the regular cast of characters we came to know and love. And despite the fact that all these characters were supposed to be "good", they used her, corrupted her, lashed out at her and threw her to the wolves - a sacrificial lamb to be put on a pedestal and then torn down. I never really got how sad and tragic that story really was.

by Capricorn Crudereply 20504/23/2016

Most t.v.series that use different recordings of its theme song throughout their respective runs usually have ONE version that far outshines the others. Dallas, Hart to Hart, Brady Bunch etc. all come to mind.

In Knot's Landing case the season one arrangement is, IMO, the best of the series.

by Capricorn Crudereply 20604/23/2016

R199 With all the praise of Alec's ass back in the 80s, I would still eat it thoroughly for hours as it is today.

by Capricorn Crudereply 20704/23/2016

[quote]With all the praise of Alec's ass back in the 80s, I would still eat it thoroughly for hours as it is today.


by Capricorn Crudereply 20804/23/2016

R208 Yum!

by Capricorn Crudereply 20904/23/2016

[quote]With all the praise of Alec's ass back in the 80s, I would still eat it thoroughly for hours as it is today.

So would I.

by Capricorn Crudereply 21004/24/2016

Alec's hot butt on Knots...

by Capricorn Crudereply 21104/24/2016

I loved how all the relationships were based on some kind of damage. Karen and Val were bffs because Karen felt guilty for Abbey ruining Val's marriage. Oh and the whole twin thing...

by Capricorn Crudereply 21204/24/2016

If I live to be a hundred, I always will hear Julie Harris yelling in that southern accent "Valene!"

by Capricorn Crudereply 21304/24/2016

r212, I think Karen and Val established an instinctive bond from the beginning - before Abby came into their lives. Karen was an upper middle-class college grad married to a blue collar car mechanic, passionate about environmental and social causes. Val was an uneducated hick from the back woods of Texas who still had a naïve and youthful idealism, believing the best of everyone - especially the jaded husband she was giving another chance to. I think Val almost idolized the slightly older Karen as the big sister she never had, and Karen was almost maternal in her protectiveness of the younger woman. Karen admired Val's pure idealism and Val admired Karen's strength and confidence. The damage came later (Gary playing an inadvertent part in Sid's death, Sid's sister taking Gary away from Val), but the bond was genuine between the two women, and the friendship survived in the face of those challenges that a lesser friendship would not have been able to withstand.

by Capricorn Crudereply 21404/24/2016

Just wanted to add that Sid and Karen also represented to Val the close family model (mother, father with 3 healthy happy kids) that Val at one time could only dream of one day having. Karen was who Val wanted to be.

by Capricorn Crudereply 21504/24/2016

I loved the first season theme over them all as well - I loved the brief echo of the DALLAS theme at the beginning and the end. It was obrtrusive, just a link to an ongoing saga that linked two shows. When KNOTS had no choice but to cut its ties to DALLAS (because of the former's disastrous DREAM season fiasco), the theme reflected that and there was no longer any familiar echo of the Mother Show. It also signaled that KNOTS was a show that could stand on its own without any help of the show that spawned it.

by Capricorn Crudereply 21604/24/2016

Sorry I meant to say "it wasn't obtrusive ..."

by Capricorn Crudereply 21704/24/2016

With this talk about the opening credit sequences, I just remember thinking that Tonya Crowe must have been really pissed. Her final season, 1989/90, she finally gets put into the opening credits, gets first billing because it's alphabetical, and it's the one and only time they don't show the characters' pictures in the credits. LOL

by Capricorn Crudereply 21804/24/2016

Tonya Crowe today:

by Capricorn Crudereply 21904/24/2016

Another modern day Tonya Crowe: (she's the one with the flower)

by Capricorn Crudereply 22004/24/2016

Pat Peterson today

by Capricorn Crudereply 22104/24/2016

My babies!

by Capricorn Crudereply 22204/24/2016

Val, please ... put some shoes on, for God's sake - your feet are filthy.

by Capricorn Crudereply 22304/24/2016

Who in holy hay-ell is this Valeeen Yoowin gal that's got y'all hot n' bothered, and what's so dang special 'bout her l'il babies?

by Capricorn Crudereply 22404/24/2016

Why doesn't anyone care about me?!

by Capricorn Crudereply 22504/24/2016

I wanted Alec Baldwin in the worst way. Damn he was hot back then.

by Capricorn Crudereply 22604/24/2016

Why hasn't anyone mentioned how utterly delicious I was in my guest appearances?

by Capricorn Crudereply 22704/24/2016

So Val and Gary's house is the second on the left, then the Fairgates, the Averys, Abby's house and the Wards ... so who lived beside the Ewings in the first house on the left? And why did we never see Gary lounging in that pool behind their house ... or the Fairgates playing Marco Polo in theirs?

by Capricorn Crudereply 22804/24/2016

I used to fantasize Alec bubble booty Baldwin getting his gravity defying buns eaten out by Mac McKenzie. ;-)~

by Capricorn Crudereply 22904/24/2016

Ooh, now that's a hot fantasy.

by Capricorn Crudereply 23004/24/2016

R228 - If memory serves, the homes on the show were actually physically in Granada Hills - which any Angelian knows is not only nowhere near the ocean, but is frankly in the "middle of nowhere". It's a cute, nice town/LA hood that is ALL the way on the other side of the valley. The midcentury homes in one neighborhood in particular put it on the map for the film community and are used often for period films. I bet that the opening shot you are referencing has nothing to do with the actual homes at all and was an entirely different part of California. It almost seems like Laguna Beach or Palos Verdes to me.

by Capricorn Crudereply 23104/24/2016

no knots here

by Capricorn Crudereply 23204/24/2016

I dreamed of Alec Baldwin fucking me as a kid.

by Capricorn Crudereply 23304/24/2016

As a kid I always wanted to live on a cul de sac.

Now that I do I hate it and will be putting my house up for sale this summer.

by Capricorn Crudereply 23404/25/2016

Lol, r234 - same here. I thought it would be a cozy and homey and a rich life, but I actually hate the neighbours I have in my cul-de-sac ... the ones I have anything to do with are superficial relationships that are exhausting to maintain. And no hot guys ... none at all :(

by Capricorn Crudereply 23504/25/2016

The Granada Hills aerial footage was spliced in with aerial footage from over the PCH in Malibu, but KNOTS was technically supposed to be based on Palos Verdes, which is why for many years the closing credits came over aerial footage from the PV peninsula. Of course, over time, the perceived locale of KL changed depending on the needs of the story. Gary's Ranch, Westfork and Sumner's Ranch were both in Hidden Hills, out near Calabasas - which are nowhere near Palos Verdes. The Sumner Group offices were clearly downtown LA, Abby's beach house was obviously in Malibu, etc., but middle America was supposed to be under the assumptions that all these locations were close to each other and somehow tied to this fictional suburb.

Fun fact: the neighbors in the cup-de-sac received $3,000 per day, per house, for each shooting day. The owners of Val's house made more, because the crew was allowed to stay inside.

by Capricorn Crudereply 23604/25/2016

R236 - THANK YOU for the wonderful info!!!! More please :)

by Capricorn Crudereply 23704/25/2016

DL : 'on the cutting edge of popular culture' claimed a recent poster. How we laughed and laughed!

by Capricorn Crudereply 23804/25/2016

Wasn't there an issue with booze or drugs with Steve Shaw, and that's why he was dropped? I wonder if his death had to do with drunken driving.

by Capricorn Crudereply 23904/25/2016

Don Murray has been included on the official new Twin Peaks cast list.

by Capricorn Crudereply 24004/25/2016

I found this - a lot of posters claiming to know Steve Shaw ... they all deny his death was a DUI or even a suicide, which was a rumour that spun around ...

I always wondered why KNOTS didn't give a proper tribute to Shaw and killed Eric off too within an appropriate wait-time ... or would that have been too macabre and bad-taste?

by Capricorn Crudereply 24104/25/2016

[quote]Don Murray has been included on the official new Twin Peaks cast list.

Don Murray is still alive? I honestly have always thought the reason they killed off his character is because he had died in real life.

Glad to hear he's still kicking and not looking too bad for pushing 90.

by Capricorn Crudereply 24204/25/2016

I liked how blonde and sexy Michael Fairgate was taking more after his wild Aunt Abby than his sanctimonious mother.

Although he shared his mother's dark looks, Eric took after his boring father; Diana got her looks from her father, but took after her self-righteous mother.

by Capricorn Crudereply 24304/25/2016

Claudia Lonow today

by Capricorn Crudereply 24404/25/2016

Yikes ... this is pretty bad stuff:

by Capricorn Crudereply 24504/25/2016

I remember being distracted by Donna Mills' makeup.

She wore more makeup than anyone else on TV, including Dynasty, and practically transformed into a Warhol portrait of herself.

by Capricorn Crudereply 24604/25/2016

I always thought it was odd that Knots wrote off all its kids once they became adults, whereas most other shows would promote them to major characters. Diana, Eric and Michael Fairgate, Olivia and Brian, Mary Frances Sumner, even Mack's adopted son were all written off. Only Paige stayed, but she came on as an adult.

by Capricorn Crudereply 24704/25/2016

R247 - That is a great observation. Very true! In all honesty though - were any of them worth keeping? No offense - perhaps the writers were to blame, but they were all dead weight for the most part. Paige should have been written off too. She headlined the worst years of the show. Pretty - yes. A great character - not so much. Abby was the key to the series. Of course, I never could get enough of Val either.

by Capricorn Crudereply 24804/25/2016

One of my favorite characters was Linda Fairgate - went from earthy granola wife of Eric to sexing up Michael to being a Paige wannabe. She was built up to be a pretty important character one season and the next, after a new creative team came on, she was killed off after the third or fourth episode.

by Capricorn Crudereply 24904/25/2016

And then Gary, Joshua and Mac to a lesser degree were the jack-off fodder :-)

by Capricorn Crudereply 25004/25/2016

KNOTS Insider, do you have any dish on why Lar Park Lincoln was do abruptly (and shockingly) killed off?

by Capricorn Crudereply 25104/25/2016

Man, I hated that Linda Fairgate character and R249 is right that the show runners or producers or writers decided that the character would be re-cast (don't know why), and then completely 'sexed-up'. And then killed off when the revamp didn't work out as they hoped?

And why they killed off Eric - he was somewhere in the Middle East I think? Why couldn't they just let him become an adult, marry, leave Knots? Hell, they did that with Diana. Toward the end of Knots there was actually a very storyline where Karen and Mac had split up, Karen traveled out to NYC (I think) and visited her daughter. I liked that they used the same actress to ply Diana for those scenes. That kind of story telling is what Knots excelled at.

by Capricorn Crudereply 25204/26/2016

They didn't replace Lar Park Lincoln. But when they brought the character back, they made her look so different I also thought it was a different actress but it wasn't. I thought she was annoying as hell when she was first introduced, and couldn't understand why they would bring her back. But then I thought they did a really great job developing her character and she became a perfect foil for both Karen and Paige. I ended up becoming a big fan of LP Lincoln. Then yes, new writers abruptly killed her off, and the storyline made no sense. Poorly, poorly written. It was the first truly horrible season marking the decline.

I don't they killed off Eric. Soon after the actor died in an accident, there was a dedication to him at the end of an episode that I saw again when it aired on TNT years later. I believe it was mentioned that Eric was in the Middle East, but that was it.

by Capricorn Crudereply 25304/26/2016

Lar Park Lincoln was so boring to me. I don't understand why so many Knots fans are such fans of her character.

by Capricorn Crudereply 25404/26/2016

The character of Curious George the monkey's caretaker is named Ted Shackelford.

by Capricorn Crudereply 25504/27/2016

So was Gary Ewing gay? Hypersexual, alcoholic, insecure, mama's boy intimidated by his more macho brothers, his love of horses ...

by Capricorn Crudereply 25604/27/2016

I don't think KNOTS knew how to write for younger people - it was primarily a 40-something show. Their younger characters always came across as token kids (the first few seasons) and none of them were fleshed out into complex characters (Diana and Olivia only serving to be antagonists for their more complex mothers). Of course, it is the complete opposite today.

by Capricorn Crudereply 25704/27/2016

R256 - "his love of horses ..." LMFAO!!!!!

by Capricorn Crudereply 25804/27/2016

R257 - So true. "Dynasty" made them into real characters. "Dallas" was hit or miss. In "Knots" they were like accessories for the actresses.

by Capricorn Crudereply 25904/27/2016

Not much was done with most of the children accept Diana and Olvia, each becoming fully developed. I think Diana was written off because Claudia Lonow developed a major drug problem - (which she later become very vocal about). Olvia had at least two terrific storylines and Tonya Crowe really showed some acting chops, but once Abby was written off, they wrote Olivia into a corner and probably felt there was no place else to go. Olivia's major purpose was to serve as Abby's conscious. And despite all of Abby's self-serving manipulations, she did show on occasion she had one.

by Capricorn Crudereply 26004/27/2016

Except, not accept. My bad.

by Capricorn Crudereply 26104/27/2016

Conscience, not conscious. Your other bad.

by Capricorn Crudereply 26204/27/2016

Does anyone think Olivia lived happily ever after with that hunky, young, not-in-the-mob Italian Harold? I sure hope so. And what of Bobby and Betsy Ewing, Gary and Val's twins? We know they didn't head back to Dallas for the re-boot. And little red-headed Meg, Laura and Greg's spawn (oops, daughter)? Did she turn out normal because she was raised by Mac and Karen or did she learn who her real parents were and completely freak out and melt down and become a horror of epic proportions? Perhaps her half-brothers returned to the cul-de-sac and rescued her...

Oh, the questions! I want answers! Let's do a re-boot for TNT like Dallas... it will be huge! Huge, I say!

by Capricorn Crudereply 26304/27/2016

Abby wasn't "written off" - Donna left the series of course. Yet her lifetime (or similar) movies went nowhere and Knots suffered greatly in her absence.

by Capricorn Crudereply 26404/27/2016

LORIMAR was always a more traditional outfit stuck in the 70s. DALLAS was also about 30 and 40-somethings. They just never knew how to properly write for Lucy except as the token spoiled wild child who would run away, experiment with marijuana, and have copious amounts of sex with her teacher, uncle and J.R.'s associates. When they gave her anything of substance, it was as Val and Gary's wounded calf, and even then the story was really about Val and Gary.

FALCON CREST was again about 40-something parents and 60ish grandparents; the grandchildren were either pawns or victims in their elder's power struggles (Lance the stereotypical Dark Prince and Cole the stereotypical golden farm boy) or completely non-existent (Vicki Gioberti) or comic relief (Emma Channing). The exception was Ana-Alicia's Melissa - that character could have easily been token if it wasn't for the force of an irresistible personality that took her material up a notch. They did try and make Lance and Cole interesting characters, but they were more interested in the conflicts of Angela, Chase, Maggie and Richard (hell, even over-the-hill Julia ended up to be more fascinating than her son was ever given a chance to be).

DYNASTY gave us complex 20-somethings in Steven and Fallon (who were dimensions deeper than Cole and Vicki ever could be) and to a lesser extent Jeff, which was a nice generational complement to the more primary 40-50 somethings. Adam was OTT Shakespearian and chewed material Lorenzo Lamas could only wish he had been given a chance to play. Sammy Jo came on and carved out a more lasting personality than Lucy Ewing was ever allowed to do.

When we think of LORIMAR'S shows, we think of the parents and the grandparents. When we think of Aaron Spelling's, we think of an entire generational map.

Very strange to say that considering I was more of a LORIMAR watcher.

by Capricorn Crudereply 26504/27/2016

R265 - Excellent post! Well stated. And I preferred the Lorimar shows also (despite being in diapers when they were hits - God love syndication right?).

by Capricorn Crudereply 26604/27/2016

Ditto, R266. My discovery of Knots happened when the first seven years were shown weekday mornings on TNT in 1991-92. Hooked, absolutely hooked. I got up early this morning just to watch my most recently converted-from-VHS episode: Val caught pill addict Karen going through her medicine cabinet.

Watching it again in my mid-30s and realizing how much you can learn about writing for TV from the fifth season of Knots.

Does anyone notice that Knots has a more Melrose Place-like pace than Dallas or Dynasty? I enjoyed both of those shows but they feel glacial in their pacing now. Knots, after the fourth season, really zips along (for 1983-84, at least).

by Capricorn Crudereply 26704/28/2016

Interesting ... I just watched that very episode on Dailymotion, r267. The whole pill addiction story was handled quite maturely. The fifth season of Knots was its best, all stories and characters juggled brilliantly. They tried to replicate season 5 from then on, creating Wolfbridge Group-like situations every year, but they never matched up to year 5.

by Capricorn Crudereply 26804/28/2016

R268 season 4 is probably the best season

by Capricorn Crudereply 26904/28/2016

Lisa Hartman was considered pretty rebellious at the time.

Dressing like Cher and Apollonia in bathing-suit outfits at award shows and dating Paul Stanley - she became much tamer once she started dating Clint Black.

by Capricorn Crudereply 27004/28/2016

When an expensive show like Knot's stays on too long, it's production costs, stars' salaries and all-important licensing fees escalate to the point that the show no longer turns a profit. And not being a 30min sitcom, wouldn't necessarily do well in syndication. KL had done such a great job it's first 11 seasons continuing to develop it's core characters, adding interesting new ones and keeping it's storylines fresh, it could easily have lasted 11 more years upholding its quality. It was still in prime form long after Dallas and Dynasty were canceled. But because it's ratings were still top 20, CBS felt it couldn't respectfully bring it to a close. So instead the colluded to kill it. First they cut the budget causing a few popular but lesser characters to be written off - (Constance McCashin, Doug Sheehan). When that didn't work, they brought in new writers who had no clue to the show's history, no nuance of story sophistication and character development, and those writers did a pretty good job of destroying the quality that took all those years to build. Even diehard viewers like me got fed up and gave up. They even slashed the salaries of the major actors it's last season causing Joan Van Ark to defect for another show on another network that didn't get picked up, and cutting the episodes of Lee, Devane, Shackleford and Sheridan so they'd rotate and show up in one out of every three. They really made a mess. It got so bad they took the show off a few months, retooled, and the final episodes weren't that bad but the damage had already been done.

I always felt that if CBS had forked out the money and let the show continue in it's quality form, Karen and Val's younger kids would have been developed and there was even an occasional hint that Laura wasn't really dead and might have resurfaced. (and Shackleford as sex-addict Gary would have continued to take his short off while bedding other female characters). There was a major storyline being developed that ended up being a victim of the budget cuts. Gary was supposed to have an affair with the character played by Lynne Moody. A prime-time interracial romance at that time would have been a big deal. One of the reasons Lynne Moody signed on, and the major reason she decided to sign off.

It's been years since I saw episodes in syndication, but the quality really held up. Whereas old episodes of Dallas and Dynasty to me looked even more contrived, silly and dated.

by Capricorn Crudereply 27104/29/2016

R271 here. Sorry for the typos, especially mentioning Gary's short when I meant shirt. But Gary taking his shorts off would have been even better, right?

by Capricorn Crudereply 27204/29/2016

Gary and the Lynne Moody character would have been a good story.

by Capricorn Crudereply 27304/29/2016

Ted Shackelford did a TV-movie with John Wesley Shipp in which they both played hot-to-trot lifeguards called "Summer Fantasy"!

by Capricorn Crudereply 27404/29/2016

Was Millie Perkins ever back as Jane Sumner after her guest appearance in season 5?

by Capricorn Crudereply 27504/29/2016

She appeared briefly years later when Greg had to call her to let her know Mary Frances had been killed.

by Capricorn Crudereply 27604/29/2016

R271 - FASCINATING post! I would be thrilled to hear and everything else that you would divulge. You made my Friday! :)

by Capricorn Crudereply 27704/29/2016

Wow, totally forgot about that Ted/JWS lifeguard movie, it also starred (the former) Mrs. Bruce Springsteen... Blanking on her name at the moment... Julianne something? She also co-starred in the network drama "Sisters". I remember a Hollywood insider posting some dirt here at DL a few years ago, and several posters thought it was her.

Now back to KL. Remember when Karen took a bullet? Good times. Random trivia - Grace Zabriskie (Twin Peaks, Seinfeld) pulled the trigger.

by Capricorn Crudereply 27804/29/2016

It's a sad fact that every great show that I can think of at the moment has a sharp (if they are lucky) or steady decline to its final episode. Knots was no different. Like all of its prime time soap rivals of the day - the first season was scary (why did they pick these shows up due to their pilots - I swear), season 3 or 4 spectacular, last couple seasons painful. They all had the same demise - Knots just lasted a HELL of a lot longer. Excellent show.

by Capricorn Crudereply 27904/29/2016

As a teenage boy, I used to fantasize about Kevin Dobson seriously topping me. Once he got me really opened up, Ted Shackelford would take over. Both guys are reportedly VERY well hung.

by Capricorn Crudereply 28004/29/2016

Funny - I always fantasized Kevin topping Ted and Alec. He seemed the perfect top for their big, round, plump bottoms.

by Capricorn Crudereply 28104/29/2016

I think some of you guys are projecting the size of Alec's ass back then. He was pretty fit and lean in the 80s, much like his brother Billy.

His ass has gotten bigger and better in the last two decades.

by Capricorn Crudereply 28204/29/2016

R271 Actually it was season 13 where they shut down production about half way through the season to retool things. They got rid of most of the pointless new characters they introduced except for Bruce Greenwood who they finally got rid of at the beginning of season 14.

Season 14 was where they had actors rotate episodes. Michele Lee was in every episode because she offered to work scale for the episodes she wasn't originally intended to be in for the last season. She really wanted to be in every episode that bad.

I know there are some people who don't like the last 3 or 4 seasons, but I think they're plenty good stuff there still. I wasn't too thrilled about all the focus on Paige, especially when she was supposed to be sympatric heroine. That is not Sheridan's strength at all. And yes, they really messed up the character of Val.

by Capricorn Crudereply 28304/29/2016

Oh, I forgot to mention, the worst thing about the second half of season 13 and season 14 was, if not the worst character on the show certainly the worst actress ever on the show - Vanessa Hunt played by Felicity Waterman. God, she was awful. Even worse than Diana and Jean Hackney and the actresses that played them.

by Capricorn Crudereply 28404/29/2016

[quote]I think some of you guys are projecting the size of Alec's ass back then. He was pretty fit and lean in the 80s, much like his brother Billy.

He may have been fit and lean, but his ass has always been huge. Watch Beetlejuice. He wore those khaki pants WELL.

by Capricorn Crudereply 28504/30/2016

The only time I didn't like Knots was the first half of season 13 - when the new (overly serious) writers immediately came in and dismantled the potential of the intricately laid out season 12 finale and dropped the stories of Linda framing Paige, the return of Paige's cop boyfriend, and the mystery of why that blonde kid who was staying with Karen and Mac was in that car accident - with stories about green energy and Anne having to work. Uggghhh. The retool in mid-season got the show back on track for me, even if it was now featuring more sensational stories. And while Season 14 didn't bring out the full Knots quality, I think it was good enough to be pleased it ended there - unlike say, Dallas, that had spent a final season full of new characters and bad actors and horribly boring stories. Or Falcon Crest that spent the last three seasons going from full on camp to serious and humorless story lines to that weird gothic tone for the last season (the gothic was better than the super serious prior season - the one that killed off Melissa and introduced Pilar played by Kristian Alfonso). At least Dynasty had a resurgence in quality the last season too - adding a lot more humor and Sable - although it still didn't match the quality of the first few years of the show (2 - 4ish).

by Capricorn Crudereply 28604/30/2016

R286 Don't forget the totally random storyline of Val teaching the illiterate waitress how to read and the comedic antics of Benny Appleman. Ugh. Plus they totally wasted Marcia Cross and Halle Berry (who was too young and hot to be believable as Frank's love interest).

Oh and they finally did do an interracial storyline with Jason and Julie. They soon wrote out their characters too, just like all the other young characters.

by Capricorn Crudereply 28704/30/2016

One of the few good things they did in the first half of season 13, was soften the character of Claudia up some. They went too far with her (perhaps) inadvertently getting long-lost son killed. Kathleen Noone was one of the best actresses on the show, but she could only do so much the way the character was written. They wisely later did the Anne/Nick/Claudia triangle, and their various schemes, it was one of more entertaining storylines of the last few seasons. Noone and Michelle Phillips had a lot of chemistry together and their bitchiness towards each other was well written.

by Capricorn Crudereply 28804/30/2016

Some of Anne and Claudia bitchy scenes.

by Capricorn Crudereply 28904/30/2016

James Houghton (Kenny Ward) was by far the hottest male actor on Knots

by Capricorn Crudereply 29004/30/2016

We all have our tastes. Houghton was okay. But Shackleford and Alec Baldwin were at their stratospheric prime!! Also, there was an actor who came on in the last few seasons. I remember he was very hot. Played the young boy toy of Claudia, the Kathleen Noone character. Anyone recall who it was?

by Capricorn Crudereply 29104/30/2016

R291 That was Boyd Kestner who played Alex Barth, who showed up to blackmail Claudia. She slept with him to try to keep him away from her daughter Kate. He was very hot. Too bad they dropped his character early in season 14 yet kept that dreadful Vanessa.

Here's a clip of him trying to seduce Claudia in the tub and Claudia seducing him. Had to laugh while he's on top of her and called her a bitch and she responds back with "Yes Alex, I am."

by Capricorn Crudereply 29204/30/2016

And speaking of the Kate character, it's too bad they made her so bland. Stacy Galina was more interesting in one episode as Mary Frances than her three seasons as Kate. She was awkward with Gary in the last season.

by Capricorn Crudereply 29304/30/2016

Boyd Kestner was hot (and so was his twin brother Bryan, also an actor). I remember when he played Darry in The Outsiders TV show.

by Capricorn Crudereply 29405/01/2016

Donna Mills as Abby Cunningham during her sex kitten phase.

by Capricorn Crudereply 29505/01/2016

If you haven't seen it, you have GOT to watch it:

by Capricorn Crudereply 29605/01/2016

The secret to KNOTS' longevity was that, no matter how they ventured into the world of wealth and power, they always remained true to their roots and never really left middle-class suburbia (hence their brilliant last scene with the characters all returning to the cul-de-sac). They also managed to juggle drama with romantic comedy, which it did very well. The other prime-time powerhouses dabbled in comedy as brief drama relief or bitch-slap zingers (FALCON CREST went further into comedy in their later years with deliberate all-out camp), but KNOTS gave us real human idiocyncrasies and everyday eccentricities that made their characters more identifiable and familiar. Romantic comedy relies on both, so they were more successful in fleshing out their relationships which went beyond high melodrama and avoid the pitfalls of token staged couplings. Blake and Krystle became trapped into their own myth and eventually died of overexposure, but Karen and Mack were allowed to be their own separate personalities, again a necessary ingredient in romantic comedy.

by Capricorn Crudereply 29705/01/2016

Very well said, R271.

by Capricorn Crudereply 29805/03/2016


by Capricorn Crudereply 29905/06/2016

My babies!

by Capricorn Crudereply 30005/06/2016

Kathleen Noone -- IMHO -- did the impossible as Claudia; she didn't come on and 'replace' Abby (C'est impossible!); however, Claudia was a great character in her own right, scheming and plotting (getting Greg the kidney or liver, whatever it was) was chilling!

KNOTS would be ripe for a revival ala DALLAS, using a handful of vets plus all the kids all grown up: Bobby, Betsy, Meg, Daniel, Molly...

by Capricorn Crudereply 30105/06/2016

Is Joan Van Ark retired from acting these days?

by Capricorn Crudereply 30205/06/2016

R301 I agree, Noone was great. While Claudia and Abby were both cunning schemers, the similarities ended there.

E302 JVA is still acting.

by Capricorn Crudereply 30305/06/2016

Was there any animosity between Joan Van Ark, Donna Mills, and Michele Lee?

by Capricorn Crudereply 30405/07/2016

R304 - there always seemed to be some tension when they were on talk shows. Karen was the nicest character on the show but Michele seemed the bitchiest of the bunch in real life. It appeared that Joan was the most likeable and liked of the three. Donna and Michele seemed to have tension - mainly from Michele's side IMHO

by Capricorn Crudereply 30505/07/2016

I think they got along for the most part. Lee and Van Ark were always friends and still are today.

The Knots set was a relatively drama free set.

Lee didn't care much for Sheridan. That wasn't a secret at the time.

Van Ark sometimes got on peoples nerves with her being a perfectionist - on her own work, not others.

And Devane could be a pain at times. He had a rep for that prior to Knots but there were others in the business who were much worse and they felt he was worth being the occasional pain in the ass.

by Capricorn Crudereply 30605/07/2016

Donna and Ted were the hottest true cast members of the show and from what I have been told - they were a dream to work with.

by Capricorn Crudereply 30705/07/2016

Knot's Landing was known as a relatively well-run set with fewer ego clashes than most long-running shows.

But toward the end of the run of the show, KL was known for spending an inordinate amount of time and money on Lighting to flatter the aging stars Michelle Lee and Joan van Ark - it became an annoyance for some of their co-stars.

by Capricorn Crudereply 30805/07/2016

Joan Van Ark's worst behavior on the set of KL was the horrendous fake Southern accent that she felt into and out of during the course of a scene...

by Capricorn Crudereply 30905/07/2016

Glad it was drama free on the set of Knots Landing.

by Capricorn Crudereply 31005/08/2016

What about the drunken episode that changed the face of the show?

by Capricorn Crudereply 31105/08/2016

Wasn't Claudia Lonow who played Diana Fairgate a coke head who was fired in 1984 for not only drug use but also from stealing money from Queen Michele Lee's purse on set?

by Capricorn Crudereply 31205/08/2016

No one said there was no drama, just relatively little for such a long running show. I knew that Lonow had a coke habit but didn't know about her stealing from Lee. Diana had turned into a total unlikeable cunt so they probably knew that not many viewers would miss her anyway.

by Capricorn Crudereply 31305/08/2016

I really want the story of Claudia stealing from Michele's purse onset to be true. Please, please, please.

Devane once said of JVA: "Joan's not neurotic, she's an actress." He could give people a run for their money, so his praise of Joan always said much about both of them. FYI, I loved Val and Greg Sumner scenes and they were rare but did happen.

by Capricorn Crudereply 31405/10/2016

Devane and Van Ark would always deliver. Many people will look the other way if you're good at what you do and they were less trouble than a lot of other difficult actors.

Devane threatened to leave the show (and even said so in print) when he contract expired at the end of season 11. He didn't like that they fired Constance McCashin and that he didn't have much to do for a while after Greg handed Meg over the Mackenzie's. Laura's death gave him some great material to work with though. Greg's breakdown watching Laura's video was one of the best acted and biggest tearjerkers ever on the show. I can never watch that scene without crying. And I'm not even that much of a sentimental person.

by Capricorn Crudereply 31505/10/2016

Pat Petersen in his youth

by Capricorn Crudereply 31605/10/2016

I worked on the show.

Claudia Lonow did not get fired for stealing from Michele Lee's purse (she made about $15,000 a week back then and wouldn't' have to stoop to that, coke habit or not). The writers had done all they could with the character and the show needed the money for new additions like Alec Baldwin that season.

I love the gossip on this site, but I know many of the people discussed and the rumors about them here are false a good 80% of the time.

by Capricorn Crudereply 31705/11/2016

Tell us the REAL down and dirty from the KNOTS set, R317! Please????????

by Capricorn Crudereply 31805/11/2016

I worked on the show as well.

Lonow got fired for that atrocious hair-do. Or should I say, hair-don't.

by Capricorn Crudereply 31905/11/2016

R317, I'm teaching a university film/TV studies on Knots and prime time serials in September. Let us have it!

by Capricorn Crudereply 32005/12/2016

Jesus R320 do people actually pay to sit through a "university" level course on something such as "prime time serials"? What does this three credit (my assumption) course cost some undergrad in 2016?

Is this a requirement toward a degree or an elective?

What are the lecture topics? "Knots Landing or Falcon Crest which show better represented California?" "Eye make-up for the Queen Bitch - who wore it better, Donna Mills or Joan Collins?"

Fashion and Shoulder Pads, A Beginners Guide?

by Capricorn Crudereply 32105/12/2016

R321, it's a 4-credit "writing for TV" course, ha ha, I understand what you're saying, though. Elective in a film/TV production major and they should come away with a pitch and pilot script for something serial-related (if not a soap). The 5th season of Knots is a master class in writing for an ensemble drama and it's not bad for teaching narrative structure and the rest.

I like your ideas, though!

by Capricorn Crudereply 32205/12/2016

Sounds like a really fun class to me!

by Capricorn Crudereply 32305/12/2016

Never underestimate the appeal of an anthemic, orchestral theme song with a soaring crescendo.

by Capricorn Crudereply 32405/12/2016

Yes, r303, KNOTS knew how to differentiate their villianesses, instead of giving us token bitches for plot purposes. Abby was a self-made survivor in a man's world yet capable of using her feminine wiles to her full advantage only to balance out the patriarchal hypocrisy; Claudia was inherently greedy, yet you got the feeling she was a black sheep who languished in the shadow of her more favored brother and resorted to doing whatever she could to get her share; Anne was a spoiled and narcissistic brat whose selfishness was always self-destructive; likewise, daughter Paige was just an entitled little bitch who felt wounded by the world and distrustful. All very distinctly different ladies coming from their own unique starting points.

by Capricorn Crudereply 32505/28/2016

Ted Shackelford isn't looking very well these days.

by Capricorn Crudereply 32606/14/2016

R326, I choose to read that picture as evidence that somehow Gary and Abby got back together and Val stole Mack from Karen.

by Capricorn Crudereply 32706/14/2016

Kevin Dobson still looks good there but older men with curly hair should not poof it up with product like that. Just looks goofy. Short and neat is always better.

Donna looks great, as always.

Joan would not look so ridiculous if she didn't wear her hair in such a harsh way and eased up on the clownish makeup. Is there no one in her life willing to tell her the truth? She's not Joan Fucking Crawford.

by Capricorn Crudereply 32806/14/2016

Constance McCashin is a licensed psychotherapist nowadays. She has her own webpage and everything.

by Capricorn Crudereply 32906/14/2016

Kevin wears a hairpiece. He was majorly balding on Kojak, but started wearing the piece by the time he was on Knots. Not a bad looking one (the one he wore on Knots), considering how bad they can look sometimes.

Anyone know if Ted is ill? There were rumors he was around 5 years ago when Kin Shriner replaced him for a little while on The Young and the Restless. He hasn't been on Y&R much in the last few years. I think he was on once last year and none so far this year.

by Capricorn Crudereply 33006/14/2016


by Capricorn Crudereply 33106/14/2016

Ted looks like a walking zombie now :<

by Capricorn Crudereply 33206/14/2016

Kevin still looks fuckable - hair piece or not

by Capricorn Crudereply 33306/14/2016

Interesting Michele Lee wasn't there. She's usually at things like this where they have other Knots stars.

by Capricorn Crudereply 33406/15/2016

JVA did her make-up well enough so she doesn't look as scary as she sometimes can and doesn't look the worst in the line-up for a change. Ted's getting that sad "frail old man" look. It's quite the change from the strapping, fit guy he was for so long. Hopefully he's not ill.

by Capricorn Crudereply 33506/15/2016

Is Ted gay? I always wondered.

by Capricorn Crudereply 33606/15/2016

Look at their hands!!! God please let me die young!

by Capricorn Crudereply 33706/15/2016

Donna's face is icky looking. Fillers and Botox.

by Capricorn Crudereply 33806/15/2016

Donna is 100000x better looking than JVA

by Capricorn Crudereply 33906/15/2016

Does anyone think that Knots Landing could have been made into a movie?

by Capricorn Crudereply 34006/15/2016

R338 is a -12 on the Abby Scale.

by Capricorn Crudereply 34106/15/2016


by Capricorn Crudereply 34206/19/2016

If the thread title is "Let's talk about Knots Landing", then don't just "bump"... Talk about fucking Knots Landing!

by Capricorn Crudereply 34306/20/2016

There is no way that this show could be a remake because it is too good to be remade. Some shows do not deserve a remake.

by Capricorn Crudereply 34406/21/2016

Not a remake but a sequel is certainly possible. But I don't think the audience or the studios are open for a new version. It's hard to excite Americans for a drama show with a setting in suburbia. Even back then it took some major retooling of the show to make it a rating success. And studios are hesitant because this serialized format is a gamble in first runs which cannot succeed in syndication later. This kind of show needs to make money right away or it is a failure.

by Capricorn Crudereply 34506/21/2016

Why don't they start streaming this on netflix or amazon?

I need that lanky Gary back.

by Capricorn Crudereply 34606/21/2016

I wish they'd stream the show somewhere too. The sales for the season 2 dvd set wasn't that good so that's a big reason no more have been released. I've heard that the large amount music used in seasons 4-8 when Ciji and Cathy sang a lot covers could be very pricey (some writers want an insane amount of money for their songs being used) which could be another big reason those seasons haven't been released either on dvd or streaming.

by Capricorn Crudereply 34706/21/2016

It's about an alien invasion and all their ships look like dog's dicks.

by Capricorn Crudereply 34806/21/2016

Kevin Dobson back in 70s before he started wearing a hairpiece.

by Capricorn Crudereply 34906/23/2016

OP, thanks to your thread I started watching the show again. I start with season 5 though. Not a big fan of the early years. Michael Sabatino had a great ass too. Alec Baldwin wasn't the first great ass.

by Capricorn Crudereply 35006/23/2016

Dobson has plugs.

by Capricorn Crudereply 35106/23/2016

Michael Sabatino was hot. He could do some of the most intense glares.

I'm not crazy about the early years either. The first two seasons didn't have much focus, some episodes were really good though. I didn't care for the characters of Sid, Richard (hated him in the get him off my screen way), Kenny and Ginger and didn't care when they left. I'd say it started getting real good in season 4 though.

by Capricorn Crudereply 35206/23/2016

R351 Maybe now, but he wore a hairpiece on KL. Michele Lee mentioned he did in an interview, although she pointed out it was a good one.

by Capricorn Crudereply 35306/23/2016

Poor Val

by Capricorn Crudereply 35405/05/2017

My pivot put Barrie Youngfellow's to shame.

by Capricorn Crudereply 35505/05/2017


by Capricorn Crudereply 35605/05/2017

Poor Val

by Capricorn Crudereply 35705/05/2017

Block Party

by Capricorn Crudereply 35805/05/2017
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