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Let''s talk about "Knots Landing"

It deserves a thread all its own.

by Capricorn Crudereply 12710/03/2015

As long as nobody links that dire 'homage' on youtube. 9 minutes of sheer unoriginality.

by Capricorn Crudereply 108/24/2010

Joan and Michele really know how to ruin a sweet moment. Shrieking harpies.

by Capricorn Crudereply 208/24/2010

Michael Fairgate should have been gay.

by Capricorn Crudereply 408/24/2010

I would have licked the chests of Don Murray, Ted Shackleford, William Devane, Kevin Dobson, John Pleshette, Doug Sheehan, and introducing Alec Baldwin.%0D %0D I beat off a LOT to those chests.

by Capricorn Crudereply 508/24/2010

Let's not.

by Capricorn Crudereply 608/24/2010

I got my Screen Actors Guild card doing a one liner in one of the latter seasons. I was opposite Michelle Phillips and William DeVane in the scene.%0D %0D DeVane ruled the roost - you could tell the crew was very much beholden to him. But he was very kind to me and made sure I knew where I needed to be for my line. The extras were horrific. All of them clamored to try and get my one line and shunned me for having it.%0D %0D Michelle Phillips was very beautiful and a little aloof but not unkind.%0D %0D I had fun wandering around the soundstage between takes - seeing the disassembled sets of the Mackenzie living room and Mack's office, etc. I had been a huge fan of the show.

by Capricorn Crudereply 708/24/2010

How sad that Julie Harris is most well known for that shit.

by Capricorn Crudereply 808/24/2010

I had an enormous crush on Ted Shackleford in the 80s. I was about 15.

by Capricorn Crudereply 908/24/2010

Met Michelle Lee at a benefit party and had a great 15 minutes talking Knots with her. She was funny and warm and much amused by my fandom.

When I told her I did her famous Pollyanna speech for college theatre auditions and got in to NYU with it she screamed with laughter and hugged me. She was great.

R5- you need to add Chip to the list of lickable chests. He was my 2nd choice after Alec Baldwin!

by Capricorn Crudereply 1008/24/2010

Donna Mills was probably every white man's fantasy the whole time she was on the show.

by Capricorn Crudereply 1208/24/2010

Why just white men?%0D %0D What strange phrasing.

by Capricorn Crudereply 1308/24/2010

r14 No.

by Capricorn Crudereply 1508/24/2010

Donna used to hook up with Leslie Charleson when they were on Love is a Many Splendored Thing. It wasn't a regular thing, but Donna is no stranger to the gash.

by Capricorn Crudereply 1608/24/2010

Dear God, R12, no. Just no. There's not a market segment on earth that likes Donna Mills.

by Capricorn Crudereply 1708/24/2010

KNOTS LANDING - the best prime time soap ever. It was the best written and best acted. My God, even the kids were great actors.

Karen and Valene - best friendship ever Gary and Valene - one of the best love stories ever Abby - best, and in some ways, most realistic bitch ever Greg Sumner - one of the most complex and realistic villains ever

Alec Baldwin owes his career to KL

I love this show and watched every last originally broadcast episode.

by Capricorn Crudereply 1808/24/2010

*ahem* R18. I died of fucking CANCER you know. An emotionally wrenching performance.

by Capricorn Crudereply 1908/24/2010

[quote]Alec Baldwin owes his career to KL

You obviously forgot about a little show called "The Doctors".

by Capricorn Crudereply 2008/24/2010

Oh I remember THE DOCTORS r20 but let's get real here. Alec Baldwin owe Julie Harris' character Lillie Mae for talking him to death off that roof. ;-)

by Capricorn Crudereply 2108/24/2010

Oh please accept my humble apologies r19. Laura was my girl. She told it like it is, kept Greg in check unlike any other, and yes that includes hoochie in training Paige, and went off to die with class and dignity.

by Capricorn Crudereply 2208/24/2010

Apology accepted, R18/R22. How can I not forgive someone with such exquisite taste in actresses?

You must hate Claudia Lonow, non?

by Capricorn Crudereply 2308/24/2010

Michele Lee was the best. Soulful, relatable, and convincing. Very all-American character in Karen Fairgate McKenzie - with strength, honesty, and integrity. A remarkable performance. %0D %0D %0D I'm sorry that "Knots Landing" didn't receive anywhere near the Emmy nominations for which it is worthy. Lee and Julie Harris were nominated for its third season, 1981-82, with Lee in best actress and Harris in supporting actress. (I bring that up, because the Emmys are on this coming Sunday night.)

by Capricorn Crudereply 2408/24/2010

I was late to the party, didn't start watching the show until around 1989. Still I became hooked and watched faithfully until the end. I still have so many fond memories of it. Loved Michelle Phillips, Michelle Lee, Joan, Ted and even Nicollete Sheridan was good in it. CBS only cancelled it due to finances, I think the show had another 5 years in it at least.

by Capricorn Crudereply 2508/25/2010

Did Donna Mills tried to come on to Joan Van Ark? Michele Lee?

by Capricorn Crudereply 2608/25/2010

"Swallow. SWALLOW!"


by Capricorn Crudereply 2708/25/2010

Whatever happened to Tonya Crowe?

by Capricorn Crudereply 2808/25/2010

I didn't watch the show except for the tail end of one season. I found it delightfully demented. That was about the time that Twin Peaks was on and i couldn't help but wonder whether the success of Twin Peaks had somehow provoked the creators of Knots Landing into taking it in the same crazy direction. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

by Capricorn Crudereply 2908/25/2010

To me, one of the most beautiful men who ever lived was James Houghton, who played Kenny in the early seasons. As I recall, he got his start playing David Hasselhoff's brother on Y&R.

by Capricorn Crudereply 3008/25/2010


by Capricorn Crudereply 3108/25/2010

Old thread, but who cares?

Knots is always worth more discussion

by Capricorn Crudereply 3207/06/2011

Indeed it is. Let's pose this question. If the new Dallas reboot get greenlit what will that mean for Knots? Will Gary and Valene drop by for a visit? When they consider rebooting Knots if its a success?

by Capricorn Crudereply 3307/06/2011

Below is a post with the concept of a KL spin-off...

OK, count me in as a big fan of KL, but I think the show jumped the shark when they recast Linda as a blond who cheated on Eric and became a vilianess of some sort. I was glad when she turned up dead.

Of all the night time soaps, I think KL had the best chance for a spin-off with younger characters away from the cul-de-sac and their parents (except as guest stars).

Personally (and I know this sounds insane), I wish they had moved the show to Seattle or Portland where Olivia and Harold lived (Harold as private investigator), Laura's two sons could have been in town too (a real blast from the past) - at least one should have been a cop. Karen's son Michael could live there too, working in the software industry. Of course you need a place for them to meet and hang out and fight and plot and such, so that's why Cathy lives in town too, owning a bar/restaurant (the return of Lisa Hartman!).

It would have run for many seasons, with an occasional visits from Abbey (she never liked Harold), Valene (she and Olivia were close), Mac (he and Michael were friendly), etc...

There were enough secondary characters to take the show somewhere else and fold in at least some of the parents.

by Capricorn Crudereply 3407/06/2011

I missed it in its original run but fell in love with it in syndication. It was really well written, especially next to the other night time soaps of the era. The actresses were uniformly excellent, they had compelling storylines and I wanted to be fucked by almost every man on that show.

by Capricorn Crudereply 3507/06/2011

Tonya Crowe is married and lives in LA

by Capricorn Crudereply 3607/06/2011

Donna Mills is to Tonya Crowe, as Martina Navratilova is to Gabriela Sabatini.

The password is...


by Capricorn Crudereply 3707/06/2011

Nicolette Sheridan ruined the show.

by Capricorn Crudereply 3807/06/2011

[italic]Knots Landing[/italic] is the greatest series in the history of American television!

by Capricorn Crudereply 3907/06/2011

Speaking of Sabatini, how about Michael Sabatini? Really hot guy in a long list of hot men on KL.

by Capricorn Crudereply 4007/06/2011

They added some dark humor to Laura's 'death' by having her body not show up; Greg got a letter from the funeral home or the hospice where she died apologizing for it, saying it would never happen again. (as if.)%0D %0D I thought they were leaving a door open to bring her back.%0D %0D The show was never the same after Laura left; despite the popularity of strip coquet (sp?) with Greg and Paige, that was a ridiculous relationship; he was old enough to be her father and she looked bored throughout it all; even more bored than he did.

by Capricorn Crudereply 4107/06/2011

[quote]The show was never the same after Laura left;

You know it, bitches!

by Capricorn Crudereply 4207/06/2011

I lreally like the Laura/Greg relationship because Laura wouldn't take shit from him (or anyone else). And that chemistry between the two actors was special and missed after Laura was out. But let's not forget that Laura otherwise was a bore. Her storylines before Greg were horrible cliche stuff that was later woven into standard Lifetime movies. And even during the Laura/Greg relationship, that character never had its own major storyline. That's why she was probably deemed dispensible. MacCashin just didn't add more to the show than being the perfect sparring partner for Greg Sumner. %0D %0D

by Capricorn Crudereply 4307/06/2011

R43, there was the time Richard accused me of having a lesbian relationship with Ciji. That wasn't boring! And that Lisa Hartman could muff-dive like she was in the LPGA!

by Capricorn Crudereply 4407/06/2011

Karen uttered one of the all-time great soap lines in her "Pollyanna" speech-"I don't want to see the world through rose-colored glasses, I want the world to BE rose-colored!"

by Capricorn Crudereply 4507/06/2011

R32, who wouldn't have taken advantage of Gabriela Sabatini??? Bet she got hit in the lockers by EVERY lezzie/bi tennis player, assitant,etc back then.

by Capricorn Crudereply 4607/19/2011

Is there any chance it could get a relaunch now it's sister show is back?

by Capricorn Crudereply 4706/16/2012

Connie, can I interest you in a 1-pound bag of fun-size Twix and a 2-liter Mello Yello?

by Capricorn Crudereply 4806/16/2012

Back in the day when you didn't have internet spoilers, I remember being blown away by the end of this episode!

by Capricorn Crudereply 4906/18/2012

Great clip [R49], That was the year "Knots Landing" really became a great show. I hope they start releasing DVDs again. I am a huge "Knots" fan and I haven't bought any yet because the shows after "Sid's death" got out of the way and "Abby" became a major vixen made up the "Knots Landing" I want to see again.

I wonder why they got rid of Kim Lankford and James Houghton, they were so attractive, good actor and were unique in that their age difference with the other couples was significant.

Like all soaps, I suppose, "Knots Landing" fired as many good actors as they hired. I was so in love with Michael Sabatino and his georgeous eyes, although his death was a key part in the greatest primetime soap story ever told, the intricately plotted "Wolfbridge" mystery that lead to the best cliffhanger of all time, "Negotiations."

So many great memories. Now that I've seen TNT's fantastic take on "Dallas", I honk I would like to see a "Knots Landing" relaunch, as long as "Abby", "Karen", "Val" and "Gary" were included and given prominent roles. I wonder if Patrick Peterson is still as georgeous as he was on the show.

by Capricorn Crudereply 5006/19/2012

WEHT to Hunt Block? I jerked off to him more than a couple of times.

by Capricorn Crudereply 5106/19/2012


What's the story with Donna Mills? She must have a significant girlfriend or two over the years, but you never hear gossip on her partners.

I preferred the earlier, quieter years of Knots when it was about the neighborhood. It was all right in later years, but it became like any other nighttime soap opera with the powerful business men and women, instead of just about the friends in the cul-de-sac.

by Capricorn Crudereply 5211/18/2012

Shackleford (who's been trapped on Y and R for awhile) and Van Ark are going to pay a visit to the Dallas reboot.

by Capricorn Crudereply 5311/18/2012

I thought Falcon Crest was better.

by Capricorn Crudereply 5411/18/2012

Ted's still a good looking man, but Joan Van Ark is a horror show of plastic surgery and whatever else she does to freeze her face in place.

Keep her off the Dallas re-boot.

If Gary needs to visit Southfork, fine, make it an appearance, have him leave.

BUT, wouldn't it be more interesting and a good link between KL and Dallas if Bobby and Betsy, Gary and Val's children, made their way to Dallas?

Nice generational crossover.

by Capricorn Crudereply 5511/19/2012

Let's talk about Ted's third leg? Length and girth, please.

by Capricorn Crudereply 5611/19/2012

Okay, I'm missing something but why are Constance McCashin's bad eating habits funny?

by Capricorn Crudereply 5711/19/2012

Ciji and Laura had a lesbian relationship

by Capricorn Crudereply 5811/19/2012

No, Let's talk about my eye make-up!

by Capricorn Crudereply 5911/19/2012

What is the deal with Ted?

by Capricorn Crudereply 6011/19/2012

I wonder if Ted gifted gorgeous twink Patrick Peterson with his "third leg" when the kid turned 18?

by Capricorn Crudereply 6111/19/2012

I loved that show - especially James Houghton in the early episodes and, later, Alec Baldwin. Umph.

by Capricorn Crudereply 6211/19/2012

Donna Mills was way ahead of her time. Her performance as Abby is so contemporary.

by Capricorn Crudereply 6309/18/2013

All the Knots Landing season finales in one clip. If you'll notice, I was in more than anyone else, including that McCushion creature.

by Capricorn Crudereply 6410/06/2013


by Capricorn Crudereply 6506/19/2014

Joan Van Ark's 71st birthday was yesterday.

by Capricorn Crudereply 6606/19/2014

never heard of this show or people except baldwin and I knew Julie Harris had been a Broadway star, from listening to my gay older brother ramble

by Capricorn Crudereply 6706/19/2014


by Capricorn Crudereply 6811/09/2014

Home & Family had a reunion with the Knots Landing cast today!!

They even recreated the theme song!

by Capricorn Crudereply 6912/11/2014

I really wish a distributor like ShoutFactory would by the rights.

I'm dying to re-watch Season Three, when Julie Harris joined the cast as a regular.

by Capricorn Crudereply 7012/11/2014

I ran into Pat Peterson, the hottie youngest son, about twelve years ago at the Samuel French bookstore in Hollywood . He could not have been sweeter, said hello and held the door for me (I'm a male, and had never seen him before).

by Capricorn Crudereply 7112/12/2014

The early seasons were the best and the shows peak was season 4-7

It fell hard in Season 8, especially with that TERRIBLE Jean Hackney storyline, the only good thing to come out of that SL was when Ben put Lillimae in a chokhold

Got better with seasons 9 and 10

Started to decline when Donna Mills left and the show became the insufferable Great and Paine show those last 4 seasons.

by Capricorn Crudereply 7212/17/2014

Michele Lee had one of the worst nose jobs in Hollywood, and Joan Van Ark was right behind her.

by Capricorn Crudereply 7312/17/2014

Alec Baldwin's butt was incredible when he was on KL.

One of my fave episodes was "Poor Val", when lunatic Jill held Val hostage in her own home.

by Capricorn Crudereply 7412/17/2014

The show was almost like an Eight is Enough type of show during its first 3 or 4 seasons

Not the glam nighttime soap that it became in the mid 80s

Those early 80s ep's still had a 70s family feel to them as well

I also loved the Ginger character, not only was she the most gorgeous cast member, but she was far and away the best actress as well!

She had class

They should of never fired her

by Capricorn Crudereply 7512/17/2014

I remember being about 13 and there was a Knots Landing "bulletin board" on Prodigy. We'd just started using online services and I'd go on there and yack with a combination of nice older ladies and gay men. This was in the last season or so of the show's run, most of it I caught on TNT from 1994-95. Alas, my tapes are fading along with my youth.

by Capricorn Crudereply 7612/17/2014

Hi, Kim/R75!

She got better with time and Kenny was dead weight, he pulled the Ginger character down in all of this cliches. Ginger had that cold bitch of a mother and a sort of gothic paperback backstory never fully developed and those creepy sisters of hers who both existed solely to get Eric Fairgate in trouble. She also seemed strangely wise to Abby and didn't seem very scared or intimidated by her. And I liked crazed jealous "I wanna sang" Ginger from Season 4!

by Capricorn Crudereply 7712/17/2014

I loved the sliding boxes style they used. Many a time I imagined myself appearing in the main credits, ha ha ha.

by Capricorn Crudereply 7912/17/2014

Jill Bennett should have been black. And played by Jackee with her 227 Sandra voice.

by Capricorn Crudereply 8112/17/2014

Swallow the pills Marrryyyyy

by Capricorn Crudereply 8212/17/2014

Very good, R82!

by Capricorn Crudereply 8412/17/2014

R83, Larry Riley already did that.

by Capricorn Crudereply 8512/17/2014

Who was the hot guy in the rain when Paige was standing there looking between him and Sumner?

by Capricorn Crudereply 8612/17/2014

[quote]They should of never fired her

Oh dear!

by Capricorn Crudereply 8712/17/2014

Swallow the pills Marrry Lestahismine.

by Capricorn Crudereply 8812/17/2014

The kids were great actors? Only if you have selective amnesia regarding the wretchedness of Claudia Lonow.

by Capricorn Crudereply 8912/17/2014

Contrary to popular belief, the later seasons were really bad and boring as well

I hated that damn, jazzy Kenny G sax bullshit they used to score the show with

The last good season was season 10 aka. Abby'S last season

I LOVE the first 7 seasons of the show though, but as soon as Latham and Lechowick became show runners in Season 8 and slowly turned it into the Paine Matheson show and began slowly writing out Laura Avery the show began to loose it's "Knots" identity

And what the he'll was up with that gauzy, pastel cinematography and look that Knots had the last 7 years?

Look at the earlier years and then the latter and you'll know what I'm talking about

by Capricorn Crudereply 9012/30/2014

R90, you're smart and make great points. I agree with all of them.

by Capricorn Crudereply 9112/30/2014

I came late to Knots and always really loved Michelle Phillips as Anne, scheming mother of Nicolette Sheridan's Paige.

The time she tried to seduce Mack while playing (her own Mamas & Papas song) "Dedicated to the One I Love" on the record player was some damn good television.

It only would have been better if she had ripped a Michele Lee record off the turntable first.

by Capricorn Crudereply 9212/31/2014

The Anne character could have also carried Knots a few more years if they'd gotten her into another orbit. Once she was married to Greg, it felt like a dead end. I would have rather seen Val and Greg have an affair on Gary and Paige.

by Capricorn Crudereply 9301/01/2015

[quote]and began slowly writing out Laura Avery the show began to loose it's "Knots" identity

Come sit by me, R90. We can dish.

by Capricorn Crudereply 9401/01/2015

Donna Mills eye make-up was to die for! Oh, and Ted Shackleford was soooooo yummy! I recall one episode where he was lifting weights; I nearly fainted.

by Capricorn Crudereply 9501/01/2015

I LOVE talking about Knots! My fave scene from the show.

by Capricorn Crudereply 9601/01/2015

I never liked the Paige character, NS just came across as too cold and remote in that role to be the so called new heroine of the show.

Too much time of the shows later years revolved around the Greg and Paige mess

Greg had GREAT chemistry with Laura and even Abby however

And did anyone else think that James Houghton (Kenny) was the hottest guy on the show?

by Capricorn Crudereply 9701/02/2015

Joan Van Ark looking totally unrecognizable in senior photo from 1961.

by Capricorn Crudereply 9801/05/2015

Michele Lee in her senior photo from 1960. She is somewhat recognizable.

by Capricorn Crudereply 9901/05/2015

WHET Pat Petersen (Michael Fairgate)? That boy pinged to high heaven! Did anyone really buy him going after Paige? Too bad TPTB didn't have the guts to make Michael gay.

by Capricorn Crudereply 10001/05/2015

SHUT UP with these threads about old shit that hasn't been on the air for 30 years! Goddamn you are one annoying queen.

by Capricorn Crudereply 10101/05/2015

Donna Mills, Joan Van Ark and Michelle Lee all had Broadway. That training really shows on screen on Knots

by Capricorn Crudereply 10201/05/2015

Sheridan ruined the show. It became all about her and that lover of her's that was old enough to be her grandfather.

by Capricorn Crudereply 10301/05/2015

R101 is Claudia Lonow's blood-soaked tampon.

by Capricorn Crudereply 10401/05/2015

I'm still waiting for KL Season 3. Don't you hear me, Shout Factory !?!

Just listen, Shout Factory:

by Capricorn Crudereply 10501/05/2015

Josh-u-ah! JOSH-U-AH!!

by Capricorn Crudereply 10601/05/2015

I heard somewhere that the actor who played Karen and Sid 's oldest son Eric died in real life, while still on the show

Details please...

by Capricorn Crudereply 10701/07/2015

Motorcycle accident!

by Capricorn Crudereply 10801/07/2015

Connie McCashin found time to put down the ho ho's and oreo's last week to go have dinner with Bill Devane.

by Capricorn Crudereply 10902/16/2015

I'd watch a show about cranky elderly Greg and Laura, reunited through some ridiculous contrivance involving Gary, Val, and Karen (I'm not paying Kevin Dobson, Mack's dead) on an island. We can get an Ava Gardner look-alike or Kathleen Noone in there. It'll be great.

by Capricorn Crudereply 11002/16/2015

R105, Season 3 was so damn good. I only suffer through the first two seasons to get to the affair drama in 3 and everything after but by that time, the episodes have been taken off YouTube and I don't want to dig out my VHS tapes from TNT in the 90s.

Season 3 was weird, though. Dark and sort of suburban noiry. Val is kind of sinister in her own way all season, too. She's shady. Ann Marcus was head writing that year and she really got away from the cheesiness of the first two seasons (although I liked Season 1, Season 2 was too "made for TV"). Season 3 aims higher and usually succeeds. There were some bad episodes in that lot, though. Loved Abby trying to get old Lew Ayres' money in "Silver Shadows." Yes, sadly, I know the episode titles.

Did you ever see "The Three Sisters" ghost house episode? That was an oddity.

by Capricorn Crudereply 11102/16/2015

I remember reading R10's story when it was first posted back in 2010. For some reason it always stayed with me. When I saw this thread had been bumped, it was the first thing I thought of.

God, I love Michelle Lee and her Pollyanna speech.

by Capricorn Crudereply 11202/16/2015

Loved that show. It was my favorite nighttime soap by far.

by Capricorn Crudereply 11302/16/2015

I wish they'd kept the short-lived Pam Grier/Herb Edelmen cop duo from season 12. The two had great chemistry. I remember reading years back that the producers wanted to make Grier a regular, but she wanted more money than they wanted to offer.

by Capricorn Crudereply 11402/16/2015

There was supposedly a very dishy tv guide interview with the actors when the show was ending. I don't remember all the details because I wasn't born until 1989. But I did hear about it. I can't remember the details but I know it was dishy. This was a pretty good old show from the little Iv'e seen of it.

by Capricorn Crudereply 11502/16/2015

Sadly, R115, I was 14 when that TV Guide issue came out and I was right there to buy it and the interview was, indeed, dishy and unexpectedly so. I still have it somewhere.

Here's some of what I remember 20+ years later:

Bill Devane says something like "Joan's not neurotic, she's an actress" in defense of her process.

One of the women writers from the show's past said that the camera loves a craggy older male face but how harsh it was for the lead actresses and the pressure on them to look young as the show aged.

Nicolette Sheridan was... Nicolette Sheridan.

There's something muttered about "the bimbettes" added to the cast.

JVA basically said that when Donna Mills was cast in 1980, she was taken aback to hear about another blonde and asked if there were any brunettes left. It was a good article. I have an old soap gossip book that had some really dishy stuff in it, pertaining to Michele Lee's contract renewal in 1986. It explained much.

by Capricorn Crudereply 11602/16/2015

Ted really turned me on as a kid. I wanted to suck his toes.

by Capricorn Crudereply 11702/16/2015

I loved that whole Laura and Ciji lesbo-flirt back in the third season. That was really scandalous for TV back then.

by Capricorn Crudereply 11802/16/2015

Fun fact: producers wanted David Ackroyd back to play Gary for the spin-off, but Ackroyd wasn't interested. Among those who auditioned for Gary before it went to Ted Shackelford were David Selby and Michael Nader, both of whom later became famous in their own right on prime time soaps.

For those who don't know, Donna Mills has had a recurring role on the daytime soap opera General Hospital. Rumours are Michele Lee is being considered for another role.

by Capricorn Crudereply 11902/16/2015

Michele Lee as Pat, I'm hoping.

I would die.

by Capricorn Crudereply 12002/17/2015

I'm glad to know that I wasn't the only guy who fantasizes about young blond twink Patrick Peterson. He was really hot.

by Capricorn Crudereply 12102/17/2015

I loved the scenes when Gary Ewing was barefoot. There is one in particular when he is in bed with Cathy Geary and you see his soles rubbing against her feet. Lisa Hartman has an admitted foot fetish and loved Ted's feet and also loved Alec Baldwin's feet too. I remember being 12 years old and taping Gary's feet in bed with Cathy, seeing his soles all wrinkled and sexy long toes and jerking off and cumming for the first time. Ahh the great childhood memories.

by Capricorn Crudereply 12203/13/2015


by Capricorn Crudereply 12303/13/2015

I remember Patrick Petersen running around in some very short shorts around 1982-84. I was a young'n and remember noticing.

The university library has a film studies-type book on Knots Landing. I checked it out last week and it's quite good. On the way out of the library, I opened the book to a random page and saw screenshots of a murderous bewigged Jill Bennett and silently screamed with delight.

by Capricorn Crudereply 12410/02/2015

R97- James really was the hottest actor. I still don't get why they got rid of James and Kim. They also should have kept Bruce Greenwood.

by Capricorn Crudereply 12510/03/2015

U all do know that Patty Duke was originally considered for the Laura role.

by Capricorn Crudereply 12610/03/2015

They wanted Lucille Ball to play Abby, playing against her sweetheart image, but Gary Morton talked her out of it.

by Capricorn Crudereply 12710/03/2015
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