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The show that aired on CBS had a great run for six seasons in five years. It went off the air at the end of the 2009-2010 season. What was unique about the show when it first came on? What was the downfall of the show in the later seasons? The cast seemed to be tighter in the first few seasons but in the later seasons there were too many cast members. Anyone want to discuss about the show on here. Feel free to start right now.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 13607/16/2013

What were your favorite actors and actresses on the show?%0D %0D Diane Farr?%0D %0D Judd Hirsch?%0D %0D Rob Morrow?%0D %0D Alimi Ballard?%0D %0D David Krumholtz?%0D %0D Navi Rawat?%0D %0D Peter MacNicol?%0D %0D Aya Sumika?%0D %0D Dylan Bruno?%0D %0D

by NUMB3RS FANreply 108/20/2010

I started losing interest when Larry stopped being smarter than Charlie and got his own story lines. An astronaut? Really? And then he hooks up with Megan? Then, Charlie stopped being the lovable nerd and became Amita's stud. In short, characters lost their geekiness . Also, there was only so far they could go with using math to solve the crimes. One weakness of the show I loved, however, was that David was always the cop doing the conventional police work: going over arrest reports, pulling files, checking data bases. Without David they never would have solved a crime, yet the others got so much more attention.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 208/20/2010

I liked Diane Farr, and the quirkiness the show had in its first couple of seasons.

I also love the Craftsman house and furnishings where Charlie and his dad lived.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 308/20/2010

What is/are numb 3rs??? how is it pronounced?

by NUMB3RS FANreply 408/20/2010

What about the relationship between Don and Liz?

by NUMB3RS FANreply 508/20/2010


by NUMB3RS FANreply 608/20/2010

Diane Farr just did an episode of White Collar.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 708/20/2010

I wish they'd had the guts to make Colby Granger gay. It would have made the episodes with Shawn Hatosy much more interesting. I remember in one episode Charlie got flowers or a gift from an anonymous admirer and I always thought it was Colby. I don't think that was ever revealed.

I loved the characters that made occasional appearances, like Oswald Kittner, LAPD Lt. Walker and FBI Agent Edgerton. I always wished that Christina Ricci had done a guest appearance for a mini Addams Family Values reunion.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 808/20/2010

I went on Internet Movie Database web site and some of the posters on there said when they added Sophina Brown, who played Nikki Betancourt on the show, was the downfall of the show.%0D %0D They didn't like her character because the writers didn't really know what to do with her.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 908/21/2010

I love Diane Farr. Diane Farr is the greatest!

by NUMB3RS FANreply 1008/21/2010

I loved the show and hated to see it go, since there is so little on TV that engages the brain.

My SO and I both agreed that it was the first and only TV show we had ever watched in which we wanted to nail every one of the male actors/characters, including Judd HIrsch. Well, that's not totally true; the only one we weren't interested in was Dylan Bruno, the planted eye candy.

Diane Farr was a loss. I agree with OP that the addition of Sophina Brown dragged it way down, as she was a zero character dropped in a mix of complex characters.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 1108/21/2010

David has made a pilot for Fox called "Tax Man": "comedy about an irs agent trying hard to believe that his job is good and noble and provides a very important, vital service." in development for 2010-2011 season, which sounds like it might be a mid-season replacement.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 1208/21/2010

And Rob's in a new show on ABC with Maura Tierney called "The Whole Truth": "The new drama series from Jerry Bruckheimer Television will air Wednesdays from 10:00-11:00 p.m., ET this fall on ABC. With a unique alternative narrative structure that chronicles the way a case is built from the perspectives of both the defense and prosecution, "The Whole Truth" shows each side equally and keeps its audience guessing, shifting allegiances of guilt or innocence until the very final scene. Kathryn Peale (Tierney), the product of a New England background and a sheriff father, is a deputy bureau chief in the Manhattan District Attorney's office. Jimmy Brogan (Rob Morrow, "Numb3rs"), born and raised in Hell's Kitchen and a friend of Kathryn's since their days at Yale Law School, is one of New York's rising criminal attorney stars. These two evenly matched legal masters will square off each week as the central characters of the series."

by NUMB3RS FANreply 1308/21/2010


by NUMB3RS FANreply 1408/21/2010

Rob Morrow is 90% hotter now than he was in his Northern Exposure days.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 1508/21/2010

That's what good plastic surgery will buy you.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 1608/21/2010

I don't think it's plastic surgery. Don't care.%0D He's just now all grown up; mature, MORE manly. Note I didn't say "manly".

by NUMB3RS FANreply 1708/21/2010

Rob Morrow had both ANOTHER nose job and a chin implant. Possibly good cheek implants, too.%0D %0D (He already had a nose job prior to NORTHERN EXPOSURE.)

by NUMB3RS FANreply 1808/21/2010

Does anyone on here know if there were some friction between the cast members, the creators, and the writers of the show?

by NUMB3RS FANreply 1908/21/2010

Never heard of it. And it was on five years?! Either I'm totally out of it or network TV is now irrelevant.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 2008/21/2010

Numb3rs on Friday night. You might have had other things to do then.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 2108/21/2010

It's on Mon-Thurs at 4AM & 5AM on TNT.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 2208/21/2010

Thanks for the info, r22.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 2308/21/2010


There was a thread a while back based on a blind item about a prima donna star of a series, and the consensus was the it was Rob Morrow.

Since then I've wondered how that works since Morrow had a number of very well established and well regarded co-stars in 'Numb3rs' - how and why they would put up with him.

So i would also be interested in any info from that set.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 2408/21/2010

Definently, r24.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 2508/21/2010

They should have made the Liz character a lesbian.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 2608/21/2010

Aya Sumika interview. Enjoy it.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 2708/22/2010

Sophia Brown interview. Enjoy it.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 2808/22/2010

Does anyone on here have a favorite Numb3rs episode?

by NUMB3RS FANreply 2908/22/2010

I watched a couple of episodes while on a plane to Seattle. Probably a good show, but I was shocked at the size of Rob Morrow's ass. Seriously huge and shaped like a woman's.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 3008/22/2010

I watched a few episodes but it was one of those shows, like The Mentalist where you like most/all the actors but something is not working. The guy who played Charlie was adorable though. He was in one of those Santa Claus movies and I thought he was terribly annoying in that.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 3108/22/2010

I thought Aya Sumkia did a great job playing Liz Warner.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 3208/22/2010


by NUMB3RS FANreply 3308/22/2010

Diane Farr did a wonderful job playing Megan on the show.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 3408/23/2010

The first season was pretty good, but it did seem to be a bit of a one trick pony.

And it always seemed as if there were only 3 or 4 FBI agents in all of LA.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 3508/23/2010

Great point, r35.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 3608/23/2010

Anybody home?

by NUMB3RS FANreply 3708/24/2010

Come on R35 - you could say that about all procedurals.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 3808/24/2010

I wish that it could have been around for one more season to finish up all of the loose ends.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 3908/24/2010

Judd Hirsch always did a great job on the show.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 4008/24/2010

I saw something on DL awhile ago about Rob Morrow getting a blow job in a limo. Anybody have any info?

by NUMB3RS FANreply 4108/24/2010

Oh, and I meant, from a guy.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 4208/24/2010

I would be great to see Navi Rawat and Aya Sumika in something else. Even if they don't work together anymore. It would be nice. Sophina Brown just got married not too long ago. I believe she will go back to doing theater.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 4308/25/2010


by NUMB3RS FANreply 4408/25/2010

Who watches the show in syndication?%0D %0D TBS is rerunning the show now. I think it's great.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 4508/26/2010

Oops, I meant TNT.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 4608/26/2010

I would rim David Krumholtz!

by NUMB3RS FANreply 4708/26/2010

What are the cast members from the show doing now?%0D %0D What other shows are they on?

by NUMB3RS FANreply 4808/26/2010

Here is a scene from the show.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 4908/27/2010

I thought this show was cancelled after one season?

by NUMB3RS FANreply 5008/27/2010

The show was on for six seasons, r50.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 5108/27/2010

Charlie killed Lucy and stabbed Carter. It was had to get past that during the first season.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 5208/27/2010

I believe you, r52.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 5308/27/2010

Alimi Ballard interview.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 5408/28/2010


by NUMB3RS FANreply 5508/28/2010

I loved this show and thought it was an intriguing idea. Actually, I think there is a lot of case solving that could be done with math. And I always like the quirkiness of Diane Farr. The Oswald Kittner character was one of my favorites.

I can't really say what happened to make it less good for me, but I started out glued to my set on Friday evening for the show and ended up not caring whether I missed an episode later in the series. The stuff involving the professors was always better for me than the stuff involving shoot-em-up FBI chases, which made it like every other show, except for Larry's nonsense the last couple of seasons. One math guy who had a NUMB3RS blog said that after the first few seasons they got away from the math, which was the downfall.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 5608/28/2010

I agree with you, r56.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 5708/28/2010

Don's guilt over killing Crystal Hoyle and letting Edgerton interrogate Buck Winters (from the Spree"/"Two Daughters" two-parter) seemed to knock the show off kilter, as did Granger's seemingly traitorous behavior. Don lost his edge and David and Colby's interpersonal dynamic was changed. While that may have been good drama, it still might have been too much change for the viewer.

Also, the show's repeated devices (e.g. Charlie's analogies for his equations) probably got annoying for the average viewer who'd rather see car chases and gunfights.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 5808/28/2010

Great point, r58.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 5908/29/2010

[quote]What are the cast members from the show doing now? What other shows are they on?

You can check the IMDb just as easily as we can, OP.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 6008/29/2010

Thanks, r60.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 6108/29/2010

Not surprised to hear that Morrow was still being a diva. The cast of "Northern Exposure" apparently couldn't stand him for his prima donna act.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 6208/29/2010

So true, r62.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 6308/29/2010


by NUMB3RS FANreply 6408/30/2010

Who watches the show on TNT?

by NUMB3RS FANreply 6508/30/2010


by NUMB3RS FANreply 6609/01/2010

Somebody come on here. Let's keep this conversation going.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 6709/01/2010

I wish one day in about five years from now there will be Numb3rs conventions.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 6809/03/2010

David Krumholtz has a nice thick peen and hot hairy ass on display in "Slums of Beverly Hills."

by NUMB3RS FANreply 6909/03/2010

Navi Rawat is a very sexy woman. Aya Sumika is beautiful but she doesn't have an ass.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 7009/03/2010

Rob is hot.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 7109/03/2010

Diane Farr was pretty. Sophina Brown was atrractive even though I don't think that the public cared for her look too much.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 7209/03/2010


by NUMB3RS FANreply 7309/04/2010

Alimi Ballard did a great job on the show. I hope he keeps on acting for many years to come.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 7409/05/2010

Diane Farr should have never left the show.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 7509/08/2010

A scene from the very last season of Numb3rs.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 7609/09/2010

I want to see Krumholtz's peen.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 7709/09/2010

What was your favorite season of Numb3rs?%0D %0D First Season?%0D %0D Second Season?%0D %0D Third Season?%0D %0D Fourth Season?%0D %0D Fifth Season?%0D %0D Sixth and Last Season?

by NUMB3RS FANreply 7809/12/2010

it was on last night.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 7909/12/2010


by NUMB3RS FANreply 8009/12/2010

I dream of David Krumholtz huge thick dick!


by NUMB3RS FANreply 8109/12/2010

Chuck Lorre should get Krumholtz to appear on "The Big Bang Theory" as Charlie Epps and have some sort of feud going with Sheldon.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 8209/12/2010

I would love to see Sophina Brown playing a lesbian in a Tyler Perry movie.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 8309/12/2010

I would love to see more of Navi Rawat.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 8409/13/2010

Dylan Bruno's going to be on the season premiere of "Bones"!

by NUMB3RS FANreply 8509/13/2010

Thanks, r85.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 8609/14/2010


by NUMB3RS FANreply 8709/14/2010

Nicolas Falacci and Cheryl Heuton created a wonderful show for CBS. I will totally miss it. I am glad it's on TNT in reruns. I felt they could have had at least one more season of the show.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 8809/14/2010

Is anybody home? I'm trying to keep this thread going on for a long time.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 8909/15/2010

Shirtless Dylan Bruno (not from the show):

by NUMB3RS FANreply 9009/15/2010

Another shirtless Dylan:

by NUMB3RS FANreply 9109/15/2010

Alimi Ballard is going to be in the Fast & the Furious 5 movie.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 9209/17/2010

Discuss "about"?

by NUMB3RS FANreply 9309/17/2010

R88, I started losing interest when the show began to veer away from the math and more toward the shoot-em-up on every other law and order-type show. When the show began the primary focus was on the university and the math approach to crime solving. We saw some of the FBI but it was a lot less. The show started out more focused on Charlie and his alternative approach. It moved to focusing on Don's crime solving with only a bit of Charlie toward the end. Add Larry's increased silliness and, basically, the show lost its way.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 9409/17/2010

I could never decide who I wanted to fuck more: David K or Alimi B. They were both so fucking hot. The others were meh.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 9509/17/2010

I think the writers missed the opportunity of keeping Don Eppes and Liz Warner together. Then again, they preferred Don with Robin in the end.%0D %0D At least Charlie and Amita got married in the end.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 9609/17/2010

What did anyone thought of Peter MacNicol's performance on NUMB3RS?

by NUMB3RS FANreply 9709/17/2010

I thought he was great until they started with the space shit.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 9809/17/2010

What about Judd Hirsch?

by NUMB3RS FANreply 9909/17/2010


by NUMB3RS FANreply 10009/18/2010

I wish I knew who had beef with certain cast members on the show. I don't think we will ever know what went on the set behind the scenes.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 10109/19/2010

We thought it would be a good plot twist for David Sinclair and Colby Granger to end up in bed together. It was obvious they were in "bro love"; the only thing they hadn't done (as far as we knew) was have a few six packs together on a lonely night and some "I was so drunk blowjobs".

by NUMB3RS FANreply 10209/19/2010

Very funny, r102.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 10309/19/2010


by NUMB3RS FANreply 10409/20/2010

I am positive it was Colby who sent Charlie the anonymous gift.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 10509/20/2010

David Sinclair was probably the best character for Rob Morrow at the time of his life.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 10609/20/2010

Anyone here?

by NUMB3RS FANreply 10709/28/2010

Navi Rawat played a lesbian restaurateur on "Flash Forward."

by NUMB3RS FANreply 10809/28/2010

That's right, r108.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 10909/29/2010

If anyone is interested, the pilot episode is running tonight on TNT at 4AM (ET). Set your DVRs.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 11010/21/2010

Alimi Ballard appeared in "Fast Five" last year.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 11101/08/2012

Sophina Brown is gorgeous. Sometimes I wonder if people don't like black characters/actors on their fav shows, as opposed to if the same character/actor was not black...

by NUMB3RS FANreply 11201/08/2012

I see David Krumholtz is currently being treated for thyroid cancer. Hope he does well, I loved him as Charlie.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 11301/08/2012

"Sophina Brown is gorgeous. Sometimes I wonder if people don't like black characters/actors on their fav shows, as opposed to if the same character/actor was not black..."

That is so true, 112.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 11401/08/2012

On the tp of all of that r112. Sophina Brown is a Christian and married to Henry Simmons. He appeared in "Shark" with her. He had also done NYPD Blue.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 11506/12/2012

I wanna like Krumholtz's hairy hole for hours!

by NUMB3RS FANreply 11606/12/2012

Aya Sumika who played Liz Warner on the show is running a ribbon company called Midori Ribbon.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 11706/17/2012

I had never heard of this show until now, it shows up on ion. I do not like Rob Morrow's character at all, he's disconnected to his 'family', is arrogant, just isn't believable as a tough cop, and sexy man. He's too old, great plastic surgery though. No one really seems connected to one another, Judd Hearsh (sp?) seems like an after thought , he kinda show's up from time to time, no wise 'Taxi' musings :/ the kid from "10 Things I Hate about you" looks amazing ;) his character is the most enjoyable. The writing is weak and the math.... well, really is that the angle? using math to solve murder? oh well, I guess it didn't work too well

by NUMB3RS FANreply 11810/20/2012


by NUMB3RS FANreply 11910/26/2012

I watched it DESPITE Rob Morrow, who I cannot stand.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 12010/26/2012

It ran for 6 seasons, R118: by what criteria does that translate as not working so well?

by NUMB3RS FANreply 12110/26/2012

Diane Farr did a great job for three seasons on the show. She was on there from the second season to the fourth season.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 12210/26/2012

This is now on ION.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 12301/28/2013

People who don't like Rob Morrow are just anti-Semitic.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 12401/28/2013

Anyone have any gossip about the show?

by NUMB3RS FANreply 12503/11/2013

I'm late to the party, am enjoying the first season.

Why did Sabrina leave?

by NUMB3RS FANreply 12603/11/2013

never saw it.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 12703/11/2013

Sabrina Lloyd left because she didn't feel she was being employed adequately. She left on her own accord.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 12803/14/2013


by NUMB3RS FANreply 12903/14/2013

Rob Morrow displays an impressively large and full buttocks in his tight jeans in this show.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 13003/14/2013

Krumholtz has always been up and down with his weight. Ever see him in "Slums of Beverly Hills"?

by NUMB3RS FANreply 13103/14/2013

Yeah, R128, they didn't use her well. I loved her on Sports Night.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 13203/14/2013

I find Krumholtz very attractive - much more than Morrow.

What is Krumholtz's status? Married, kids?

by NUMB3RS FANreply 13303/22/2013

Here's a little dish from guest actor D.J. Qualls, posted yesterday:

"There are two times when I didn't have a good time on a show. I didn't have fun on Big Bang Theory. I liked the people, but a sitcom format was something I'd never done before. I'm from the single camera world. It was tough to adjust to it. Im a perfectionist and I white knuckled that whole experience. If I did it again, I'd probably have a different outlook. The other was Numbers. I did an episode of that show. I cant remember why I did it. I didn't like the character. I must have been bored and ready to work. That happens sometimes. There was also an actor on that show that made it less fun. It wasn't David Krumholtz."

Doesn't Rob Morrow have quite the diva rep?

by NUMB3RS FANreply 13403/22/2013

R134 - I can't stand Morrow. Krumholtz seems much more down to earth from what I've seen of him.

by NUMB3RS FANreply 13503/23/2013

Judd Hirsch?

by NUMB3RS FANreply 13607/16/2013
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