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Covert Affairs

Piper Perabo stars in the new tv series for the USA network called "Covert Affiars." She plays Annie Walker on the show. Christopher Gorham, Kari Matchett, Anne Dudek, Sendhil Ramamurthy, and Peter Gallagher also star in the show.%0D %0D The show seems to be very popular right now because it's getting great reviews. Let's talk about the show on here.%0D %0D Any gossip information? Behind the scenes stuff, etc.

by Original Posterreply 20702/04/2015

Anybody home?

by Original Posterreply 108/18/2010

It's not bad, but for a show that supposedly takes place in DC it's hilarious that they never bother to disguise the Toronto shooting location better.

by Original Posterreply 208/18/2010

Cheap production, OK scripts, terrific cast. Par for the USA course.

by Original Posterreply 308/18/2010

It looks like an Alias ripoff.

by Original Posterreply 408/18/2010

Good cast terrible dialogue = painful viewing.

by Original Posterreply 508/18/2010

Were you saying something, OP? I was too busy watching Oded Fehr.%0D %0D Why isn't HE the star of this series?

by Original Posterreply 608/18/2010

Will Anne Dudek ever have any scenes that are not in the kitchen making breakfast?

Will Christopher Gorham's character ever be revealed not to be really blind?

by Original Posterreply 708/18/2010

I wish I knew, r7.

by Original Posterreply 808/18/2010

I hope not. I hate Ann Dudek. Christopher Gorham is very attractive and I'm glad he's been featured more in later episodes. So is the guy who was on Heroes. He's a looker as well.

The initial scripts were weak, but they are improving fast.

by Original Posterreply 908/18/2010

Piper Perabo has been a DL punching bag for years. Glad to see she's finally found some success.

by Original Posterreply 1008/18/2010

Once you get past the gaping thematic hole of a unit of the CIA doing domestic reconnaissance (which the CIA *does not do ever*), it's not bad.

It's obviously produced in Canada; maybe it's written by Canadians who don't realize this.

by Original Posterreply 1108/18/2010

It's a decent show.

by Original Posterreply 1208/18/2010

How long before Piper goes 'undercover lesbian'? That episode I'll watch.

by Original Posterreply 1308/18/2010

I don't think the show will ever go that route, r13.

by Original Posterreply 1408/18/2010

I wish the show was more interesting. I like Piper.

by Original Posterreply 1508/18/2010

I do believe the show will get better in time.

by Original Posterreply 1608/18/2010

Anyone else?

by Original Posterreply 1708/18/2010

Really cheap looking. I think it was last week when they were supposed to be in Switzerland, and they didn't even try to make it look European, much less Swiss.

by Original Posterreply 1808/18/2010

[quote]which the CIA *does not do ever*%0D %0D So they say.

by Original Posterreply 1908/18/2010

I think Piper Perabo made the right choice at the right time to star in a tv show. For such a very long time Piper was an indie actress. Does anyone think that Covert Affairs will turn her into a mainstream actress?

by Original Posterreply 2008/18/2010

She was very effective in the little-seen horror flick "Carriers" last year, and also very good in "The Prestige."%0D %0D I've nearly forgiven her for "Coyote Ugly."

by Original Posterreply 2108/18/2010

I loved her in "Imagine Me & You."

by Original Posterreply 2208/18/2010

OP: Just curious--are you also the "Castle" troll? Fess up!

by Original Posterreply 2308/18/2010

Who's her gf?

by Original Posterreply 2408/18/2010

No, I'm not the "Castle" troll, r23. Why did you ask?

by Original Posterreply 2508/18/2010

Just a similar writing style, the graciousness to acknowledge the entire supporting cast, and an ovearll upbeat tone. Reminded me of the "Castle" thread.

by Original Posterreply 2608/18/2010

I love the show, never miss it. I've always like Piper as well. Hope it sticks around.

Not sure if they are still together but her gf used to be I think her manager.

I thought the same thing about Auggie, wondered if it would be found out that he wasn't really blind and that he's undercover himself there but I don't think so.

They've tried to cover that about CIA vs. FBI and their jurisdictions a couple of times so they are aware of it and work in an explanation as to why they are doing it.

Who do you think is leaking the information to the newspaper reporter? I was thinking it's the head of the agency, he seemed to have a lot of chemistry with the reporter and seemed to be flirting with her and visa versa. Of course he might have just been trying to be charming so she would reveal her source.

I kept going through motives - Auggie because of what happened to him. He's working with the agent who went rogue. The son of the former agency head because of how his father conducted his business. The wife, still working on her motive.

by Original Posterreply 2708/18/2010

It's getting better. I watch it for Piper because she is so damn adorable and I love her hair and how she looks in suits. But the older blonde woman (the one who plays Peter Gallagher's wife) is hot!!! %0D %0D I would love it if Lena Headey did a guest appearance!

by Original Posterreply 2808/18/2010

This thread reads like a media focus group.

by Original Posterreply 2908/18/2010

I watched the first episode because I generally like the shows on USA. I am also in love with Chris Gorham (from his "Popular" days, natch), but I just couldn't get past his character's blindness. Call me shallow, but his eyes are half of his appeal. Anyway, the show itself wasn't good enough to merit a second viewing.

I kept thinking Piper Perabo was an Olympic athlete at one time. I'm pretty sure I was thinking of Picabo Street, though.

by Original Posterreply 3008/18/2010

The director must love Gorham's crotch. Every episode I've seen has had at least one lingering close-up of his package.

by Original Posterreply 3108/18/2010

Gorham also doesn't play blind very well. I am hoping somewhere down the line his character gets his sight back. Piper's mouth is fun to watch.

by Original Posterreply 3208/18/2010

Piper Perabo is not gay just because she has played gay in the movies. That is all.

by Original Posterreply 3308/18/2010

She was with Tina Thor for like a decade.

by Original Posterreply 3408/18/2010

[quote] In 2008 Anjelah was caught by paparazzi at an LA women-only bar with longtime companion Piper Perabo. Piper who was apparently very drunk, was photographed passionately kissing Johnson, and then proceeded to tell photographers that Anjelah, "is my partner, my lover, my soul mate." Johnson quickly hustled Piper into a waiting limo and the next day publicists for both women issued press reports indicating that the whole thing was a "silly joke at the expense of the paparazzi." However, the two women continue to be seen together almost exclusively, and according to reports frequently stay at the others home.

by Original Posterreply 3508/18/2010

"However, the two women continue to be seen together almost exclusively, and according to reports frequently stay at the others home."

Piper lives in NYC. Never has lived in LA.

by Original Posterreply 3608/19/2010


by Original Posterreply 3708/19/2010

Maybe they have a long distance relationship?

by Original Posterreply 3808/19/2010

That's a possibility, r38.%0D %0D In the meantime, here's the trailer for the show.%0D %0D

by Original Posterreply 3908/19/2010

Personally I find the show a bit dull, but still watch it because of Gorham. I liked that the latest one mentioned his military unit he belonged to before he got blind. Wonder if the show will have flashbacks?

Apart from SiFi's Haven (with delish Eric Balfour) and ACB's The Gates I didn't stuck with any of the new shows this year.

by Original Posterreply 4008/19/2010

[quote]It's not bad, but for a show that supposedly takes place in DC it's hilarious that they never bother to disguise the Toronto shooting location better.

They appear to be rectifying that to some extent. I know they had sent a second unit to film in D.C., but this week's ep had actual scenes shot near the Capitol and along the Potomac. But yes, obviously most of it is still done in Toronto.

[quote]Once you get past the gaping thematic hole of a unit of the CIA doing domestic reconnaissance (which the CIA *does not do ever*), it's not bad.

I don't have a problem with this premise. There's been interagency tension between the FBI and CIA for decades, and in today's post-9/11 world with the real likelihood of foreign attacks on U.S. soil (which has happened only once since the Revolutionary War, at Pearl Harbor), I can see the CIA setting up a Domestic Protection Division to follow-up within the U.S. on terrorist activity initially taking place overseas. This also allows for the FBI to get pissy and insist on sending Dr. Suresh in to monitor them.

Btw no comment on the previews for next week? Chris Gorham has a fucking SMOKIN' bod (which we get to see shirtless and wet, emerging from the shower), and next week is all about him getting it on with his ex. Also, the comment upthread about this being a cheap "Alias" ripoff aren't entirely unfounded. The weakest part of "Alias" was its insistence the first couple of seasons of focusing on Sydney's boring home life. Now, if "Covert Affairs" can pull an "Alias" and off Annie's sister, then replace her with one genetically identical (as they did on "Alias" with Francie, leading to one of the most memorable bitchfights in television history), then things could get interesting!

by Original Posterreply 4108/19/2010

OP, Piper was introduced to the public as a mainstream actress and 'The Next Julia Roberts" when COYOTE UGLY was released 10 years ago.%0D %0D However, Piper is not good enough to be a leading actress in films. She's even the weakest link on COVERT AFFAIRS.%0D %0D

by Original Posterreply 4208/19/2010

I think she does a good job at playing vulnerable but tough. I would love it if she was gay.

by Original Posterreply 4308/19/2010

I like this better than White Collar, but not as much as the Angie Harmon show.

And Chris is great! I think his character and Piper's character, would be really cute together.

by Original Posterreply 4408/19/2010

I haven't watched the show but they were filming next door to where I live in The Distillery the other week. Apparently it was a scene set in London and the production was using a number of right hand drive cars.

by Original Posterreply 4508/19/2010

[quote] and in today's post-9/11 world with the real likelihood of foreign attacks on U.S. soil (which has happened only once since the Revolutionary War, at Pearl Harbor)

Just off the top of my head: the British burned down the White House once, and the World Trade Center was bombed almost a decade before 9/11.

by Original Posterreply 4608/19/2010

R45, I auditioned for 'chimney sweep #3'; it's low budget.

by Original Posterreply 4708/19/2010

I think Chris does a good job of being blind. I too think they make a cute couple.

by Original Posterreply 4808/19/2010

I just read on TMZ that Piper was hurt on the set of Covert Affairs (knee injury) but that she'll make a full recovery.

by Original Posterreply 4908/19/2010

[quote]Just off the top of my head: the British burned down the White House once, and the World Trade Center was bombed almost a decade before 9/11.

I believe the British burned the White House long before then, and the '93 WTC attack was a failure.

by Original Posterreply 5008/20/2010

Thanks for the info, r42.

by Original Posterreply 5108/20/2010

Here's an interview video with Piper Perabo & Chris Gorham promoting the show.

by Original Posterreply 5208/20/2010

Peter Gallagher and Kari Matchett work well together.

by Original Posterreply 5308/21/2010

I agree r53 and what a complicated relationship their characters have.

by Original Posterreply 5408/21/2010

Piper and Chris work well together also.

by Original Posterreply 5508/21/2010


by Original Posterreply 5608/21/2010

Will anybody be watching the next episode on Tuesday night?

by Original Posterreply 5708/22/2010

I plan on it, I will watch it till it goes off the air. Love the show, love Piper.

by Original Posterreply 5808/22/2010

[quote]Peter Gallagher and Kari Matchett work well together.

Agreed, but I'm wondering why he has Special Guest Star status and isn't a series regular. Particularly given that his mentor is none other than former "24" President Charles Logan, quite possibly the most despicable character in that series' history (and I think it's already clear that he's going to be a baddie on this show, too), I'm wondering if some scandalous shit is in the works for him later this season.

by Original Posterreply 5908/23/2010


by Original Posterreply 6008/24/2010

Who watched last night's episode?

by Original Posterreply 6108/25/2010

I watched it. I thought it was the best one yet despite the plot holes and lack of Piper. I think Auggie is faking being blind.

by Original Posterreply 6208/25/2010

I thought it was a great episode too, r62.%0D %0D Why do you think he's faking being blind?

by Original Posterreply 6308/25/2010

I heard her name before but I never knew who the heck Piper Perabo was. I saw a bit of the marathon and I just don't find her atractive enough to carry the show.%0D %0D I like everyone else in the cast but her.

by Original Posterreply 6408/25/2010

[quote] Why do you think he's faking being blind?

We saw him run two ops during the episode, I don't think it's stretch that he's running an op on the CIA. And I felt like he really looked at Nadia on the train. Also, how would a blind guy be able to pull someone out of the way of a speeding car coming right at them?

by Original Posterreply 6508/25/2010

Good point, r65.

by Original Posterreply 6608/26/2010

Like the latest Auggie centric episode very much. I, too hope that Auggie gets his eye sight back (either being revealed he never was blind in the first place or through some medical procedure).

by Original Posterreply 6708/26/2010

Another great point, r67.

by Original Posterreply 6808/26/2010

Looks like many of us are on the same page about Auggie.

I missed most of the first episode, and didn't even know he was blind until I watched a few more shows!

by Original Posterreply 6908/26/2010

Piper has gotten better with her character since the show started. Annie Walker is a great character for her to play.

by Original Posterreply 7008/26/2010

[quote]Also, how would a blind guy be able to pull someone out of the way of a speeding car coming right at them?

The other senses of blind people are invariably heightened to compensate for a lack of sight. If you watch that scene closely, you'll notice that Auggie didn't see the car, but rather heard its squealing wheels behind him and knew it was headed right towards them. I seriously doubt he's "faking it," but I too wouldn't mind a future ep where he gets his sight back through some miracle new procedure.

by Original Posterreply 7108/27/2010


by Original Posterreply 7208/28/2010

Did anyone get to see that picture, R35? I did a quick google search and couldn't find it.%0D %0D I could believe kissing your friend just to rile up the paparazzi, but doing so in a lesbian bar? Why would two "straight" women even go in there?

by Original Posterreply 7308/28/2010

I wish I knew, r73.

by Original Posterreply 7408/28/2010

I can't wait for the next episode. I believe that would be a great one.

by Original Posterreply 7508/28/2010

Anybody home?

by Original Posterreply 7608/30/2010


by Original Posterreply 7709/01/2010

They're trying to pair Piper up with the super queeny guy and the lack of chemistry is ridiculous.

by Original Posterreply 7809/01/2010

R78, I don't think Sendhil Ramamurthy comes off as "queeny" in the least. He's Indian sex on a stick! I think it's stupider that they're trying to pass him off as biracial/half-white, actually. He comes off as a last-minute add being inserted into a role designed for a white actor (which is almost certainly true - he wasn't in the pilot, and he couldn't have been formally added to the show until NBC canceled "Heroes" in May and released him from his contract).

by Original Posterreply 7909/01/2010

The last two episodes have been really good.%0D %0D I hope that Annie/Auggie is endgame.

by Original Posterreply 8009/01/2010

Rewatch his scene with Piper early in the episode when they're walking together outside the house. He's flaming. And she's whatever the lesbian equivalent of that is. They're a ridiculous pairing.

by Original Posterreply 8109/02/2010

Anyone watching the new season? I thought the first episode was very well done.

by Original Posterreply 8207/17/2013

I saw it...the spy vs spy vs spy thing gets confusing sometimes.

I like Annie...but the relationship with Augie leaves me cold.

by Original Posterreply 8307/17/2013

"Once you get past the gaping thematic hole of a unit of the CIA doing domestic reconnaissance (which the CIA *does not do ever*...

The CIA has been working with the NYPD for years.

This is is illegal and wrong, but when has that stopped the government?

by Original Posterreply 8407/17/2013

So I take it that Arthur really didn't have an affair but needs to resign for another reason? The actor who plays Henry Wilcox does a great job in playing the menace.

by Original Posterreply 8507/17/2013

I don't buy the Auggie-Annie relationship.

by Original Posterreply 8607/17/2013

Me neither (wink, wink).

by Original Posterreply 8707/17/2013

So who's Piper's gf???

by Original Posterreply 8807/17/2013

I think Wilcox is targeting Arthur's secret son because he wants "a son for a son" as retribution for Jai's death.

by Original Posterreply 8907/17/2013

with Sendhil off the show, I stopped watching. He was my only reason to watch as he's just so gorgeous and hot.

by Original Posterreply 9007/17/2013

First 2 seasons was that ridiculous no gun policy. She's always too far to be hit by bullets and able to get away...or so close that she incapacitates the bad guy(s) then simply leaves the gun lying on the ground. Sometimes the bad guy gets a 2nd wind, gets the gun again and shoots at her.

I said FINALLY, she's armed. Then they start in teasing the Auggie relationship. Because you must force a romance on these law enforcement/spy shows. It's Olivia/Elliot all over again. Now the couple who really had the chemistry got zilch. It's corny and predictable. The Simon thing was cool but then they kill him off and double down on the Auggie flirtation. They make it seem like she has no judgment when it comes to men. There's more drama now than actual suspense and twists. They have 3 more episodes to impress me, then I'm jumping ship.

by Original Posterreply 9107/18/2013

Typically, Annie's character would have gone right to Joan and Arthur with anything like this. Instead, they have her traipsing to Columbia with Auggie who knew that the Puma was Arthur's son. Why not just tell Annie beforehand like he's always done? Suspense is one thing, but silly drama is another. This show better improve.

by Original Posterreply 9207/18/2013

The whole, "I am a CIA op and don't have a gun" thing was so stupid.

And why make Joan pregnant? Why not show her as a strong 40-year old woman and put her out in the field with Annie on a few episodes?

by Original Posterreply 9307/19/2013

I think the Annie and Auggie relationship lacks chemistry. They should have had them sleep together one night and then go back to being just friends.

by Original Posterreply 9407/20/2013

I've seen Piper in person and her ass......... Holy shit it's a work of art.

by Original Posterreply 9507/20/2013

R95... More please

by Original Posterreply 9607/20/2013

Really, R95? I have to say I'm jealous because she is gorgeous. I hope the rumors of her being gay are correct.

by Original Posterreply 9707/20/2013

so glad they got rid of the theme song, it was horrible.

by Original Posterreply 9807/20/2013

"And she's whatever the lesbian equivalent of that is."

Why isn't there a term for this?

by Original Posterreply 9907/20/2013

It's interesting that Kari Matchett is pregnant in real life (no mention of a partner).

by Original Posterreply 10007/20/2013

R97 Her ass was made for sitting on faces good god

by Original Posterreply 10107/20/2013

I just don't want the writers to make Annie's character too dependent upon Auggie. I hope they keep her kick ass attitude.

by Original Posterreply 10207/20/2013

Gorham has a body to die for - any chance he plays for our team?

by Original Posterreply 10307/20/2013

Nope, he's married to a woman, R103.

by Original Posterreply 10407/20/2013

Yeah, he's popping out a lot of kids, but damn he is great eye candy.

by Original Posterreply 10507/21/2013

Great episode last night! I loved how Annie kicked that guy's ass. But I feel that Henry knows that she followed him and that he's playing her. On another note, I think Piper Perabo has great hair.

by Original Posterreply 10607/24/2013


by Original Posterreply 10707/24/2013

Did anyone else think that it was weird that the guy who fell into the water actually died? It didn't look that much of a distance from where he was hanging on to the water.

by Original Posterreply 10807/25/2013

THanks to whomever bumped this thread from 2010! I am SO happy to find posters who agree with me that the Annie/Auggie pairing is dull. Chris Gorham is cute but WAY too skinny, I think. I'm a straight chick but I tell ya, I have a girl crush on Kari Matchett! And also had on Sarah Clarke when she played...Nina? something like that; evil character who killed Simon.

Love Gregory Itzin; wonder what his character is really up to, though...every so often I wonder (with nothing to back it up)if HE had his own son, Jai, killed...

by Original Posterreply 10907/25/2013

I do like how they're making Arthur's character more human. But they have to get the Auggie character out of the field. It's ridiculous.

by Original Posterreply 11007/26/2013

Anyone see this week's episode? The previews for next week are interesting as they show Auggie and Teo talking to each other.

by Original Posterreply 11108/01/2013

R108, I don't think he died.

I like Auggie, I hope he gets his sight back somehow!

by Original Posterreply 11208/01/2013

I would love to know what was in those pictures that Joan slipped to the older woman senator (Pearson, was it?) at the hearing for her confirmation. It seemed to be something nudie/porno-esque, which truly boggles the mind, considering her age!

by Original Posterreply 11308/01/2013

R 113, I think they were photos of her and Henry Wilcox.

I agree, R 112, I don't think he's dead, either.

I wish Annie's sister would make an appearance. I liked her character.

by Original Posterreply 11408/01/2013

Is there a reason why they are writing Kari Matchett's pregnancy into the show? Couldn't they have just shot her at different angles?

by Original Posterreply 11508/01/2013

I wish Piper Perabo would just come out of the closet. Enough already! And for anyone who doubts that she's gay, why isn't she married or at least dating someone by this point? I will give her credit, however, for not bearding with anyone.

by Original Posterreply 11608/02/2013

She's not coming out of the closet any time soon since she's on a hit show and she's one of the producers now.

by Original Posterreply 11708/02/2013

Piper was asked on WWHL if she ever dipped in the lady pond. She didn't answer.

by Original Posterreply 11808/02/2013

Peter Gallagher is so hot.

by Original Posterreply 11908/02/2013

R118 what is wwhl? Link?

by Original Posterreply 12008/03/2013

I'm pretty sure Piper is gay. But get why she's not coming out. At least she's from the Jodie Foster school and doesn't seem to beard. Just is "private".

by Original Posterreply 12108/03/2013

She's almost 40, she's gorgeous, and she isn't already dating a guy....soooo gay!

by Original Posterreply 12208/03/2013

I loved her in "Imagine You and Me." Very sweet film.

by Original Posterreply 12308/03/2013


by Original Posterreply 12408/04/2013

I wonder how she felt watching Mandy Moore and Lauren Graham in underwear.

by Original Posterreply 12508/04/2013

Not as good as they felt seeing Piper in her undies.

by Original Posterreply 12608/04/2013

Here's the scene btw.

by Original Posterreply 12708/04/2013

Odd that they would cast Piper next to the more amazoninan Lauren and Mandy.

by Original Posterreply 12808/04/2013

I agree...they look nothing like each other if they're supposed to be sisters.

by Original Posterreply 12908/05/2013

Nor can I see Piper being Dianne's daughter.

by Original Posterreply 13008/05/2013

It was terrible casting.

by Original Posterreply 13108/05/2013

It was a not so great movie, but Piper looked gorgeous in it.

by Original Posterreply 13208/07/2013

(109) You're a straight woman on a gay site with crushes on women discussing a lesbian actress....okay, if you say so.

by Original Posterreply 13308/07/2013

R120 Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Bravo. You can look at old episodes on their site. I think Piper was on the show around 3 weeks ago or so.

by Original Posterreply 13408/07/2013

Aren't they so cute together???

by Original Posterreply 13508/07/2013

[quote]I think Wilcox is targeting Arthur's secret son because he wants "a son for a son" as retribution for Jai's death.

R89, who wrote that on 7/18, is quite the perceptive prophet.

I agree re. those who don't see much romantic chemistry between Annie and Auggie. IMO, Annie has always had the most chemistry on the show with Ayal, as far as romantic pairings go. I'm disappointed not to see him on this season so far, even though I guess it doesn't really fit with their storyline.

[quote]And why make Joan pregnant?

As others have mentioned, the actress was/is pregnant in real life. I can see why they decided to write it in if they wanted to keep the character on the show as her pregnancy progresses. It gets increasingly difficult to 'shoot around' a pregnant actress if you are going to keep her filming into the second and third trimesters. I find it far less distracting for it to be part of the storyline like this. And the pregnancy storyline isn't bothering me in this instance; they're not making it too much of a big thing.

by Original Posterreply 13608/08/2013

I think Teo is working with Henry and that is how Henry found out about the safehouse and killed those people.

And what did he do to Joan that made her tell Arthur that it was time to come home?

by Original Posterreply 13708/08/2013

I've never actually watched the show but maybe I should start. They're constantly filming scenes in my neighbourhood.

by Original Posterreply 13808/08/2013

138 how close do you live to lakeshore? I remember seeing signs around when they were filming in Port Credit, but I've seen every episode of the show this far, and I can't tell wtf they were filming there!

I live in etobicoke, spending my summer in cookstown though.

by Original Posterreply 13908/08/2013

I live in The Distillery and they were filming here last week. Also today along The Esplanade.

by Original Posterreply 14008/08/2013

Do they also film quite a lot of scenes on location, including in DC, or just have the best CGI ever?

by Original Posterreply 14108/09/2013

It seems as if they shoot in Vancouver and just use exteriors of DC. I think they do a good job of blending the two.

by Original Posterreply 14208/09/2013

I'm pretty sure it's shot entirely in Toronto.

by Original Posterreply 14308/09/2013

Is Piper gay or bi?

by Original Posterreply 14408/09/2013

I think she's gay.

by Original Posterreply 14508/09/2013

Piper and Jessica Pare in Lost and Delierous

by Original Posterreply 14608/09/2013

I wonder how many more seasons does the show have.

by Original Posterreply 14708/10/2013

The show is getting good ratings so I imagine it could go on for another couple of years. And if she's now a producer, that means more money for her.

by Original Posterreply 14808/10/2013

Fourth episode in and I just don't buy the Auggie-Annie thing. And Hill Harper's teeth are annoying.

by Original Posterreply 14908/16/2013

Glad the episode was shot on location in Vienna and not on some sound stage in Toronto.

by Original Posterreply 15008/16/2013

So Piper Perabo is now engaged to a producer of Covert Affairs, Steven Kay? Who is she fooling???

by Original Posterreply 15109/06/2013


by Original Posterreply 15209/06/2013

Is Piper Perabo in Convert Affairs or am I thinking of a different show? Who was in Alias? I think Jenny Garner was in Nikita and then Piper Perabo was also in Alias. Yep, that's it. Is it a great show or what?

by Original Posterreply 15309/06/2013

Piper is on Covert Affairs and is gay as the day is long regardless of who she's engaged to.

by Original Posterreply 15409/06/2013

I have no respect for anyone who is still in the closet and who has to beard.

by Original Posterreply 15509/06/2013

I didn't know Anne Dudek was in this.

by Original Posterreply 15611/29/2013

Just watched the pilot. Seems rather unbelievable but fun.

by Original Posterreply 15711/30/2013

Seasons 3 and 4 are the best so keep watching, R157. It'll be worth it.

by Original Posterreply 15811/30/2013

I always thought she was gay. She's not? Really?

by Original Posterreply 15911/30/2013

She has great presence.

by Original Posterreply 16011/30/2013

Loved her since Coyote Ugly. She has great facial expressions.

by Original Posterreply 16112/01/2013

Yes, she does R161

by Original Posterreply 16212/01/2013

And that caboose...if I ever considered trying women, she might be the one to make me do it!

by Original Posterreply 16312/01/2013

Recent interview

by Original Posterreply 16412/01/2013

And on Chelsea Lately

by Original Posterreply 16512/01/2013

Went from a spy/LE thriller to a bad soap opera (I love good soap operas). I have no further interest in watching this crap. I used to be a big fan.

by Original Posterreply 16612/01/2013

Is Michelle Ryan, the ex-EastEnder now on Covert Affairs, gay too?

by Original Posterreply 16712/01/2013

Piper has gotten even gayer this season! Since she's gotten engaged to that dude, she's letting all that pent up lezzz out!

And yes, her ass is amazing. It's even better (and gayer) in person.

by Original Posterreply 16812/01/2013

I predict that it will be a looong engagement and then they will "amicably separate" but still work together. She will pull a Maria Bello when she gets older.

by Original Posterreply 16912/02/2013

They will definitely break up. Have you seen the fiance? He's as gay as the day is long.

by Original Posterreply 17012/03/2013

Do you think she's had cosmetic work since Coyote Ugly? She looks much older now even though she's only 37.

by Original Posterreply 17112/05/2013

No, I don't think she's had much work.

by Original Posterreply 17212/05/2013

I think she's just grown into her looks. She's pushing 40 but she looks good.

by Original Posterreply 17312/06/2013

Do you guys really think her fiancé looks gay? Really? I believe Pipers gay 100%, but him, idk. That guy is ugly as hell to me. Not a good beard.

by Original Posterreply 17403/08/2014

And he's old! Same poster from above. lol

by Original Posterreply 17503/08/2014

[quote]They will definitely break up. Have you seen the fiance? He's as gay as the day is long.

He used to play Reginald, the Butler on General Hospital back in the day. I only know him from that character, but most butlers do seem a little gay, don't they? He had a great, dry sense of snark, too. He was always a bachelor, but for some weird reason, they suddenly had him dating another family's nanny and it always came off as rather implausible and forced to me. So, maybe life is imitating art...

by Original Posterreply 17603/09/2014

Stephen Kaye was on a soap?? Didn't he date Terry Hatcher for a while? Piper will come out, it'll just take some time.

Love this photo. Their body language screams beard!

by Original Posterreply 17703/09/2014

Can you guys please tell me how do you think/know if Pipers "fiancé" is gay? Just curious that's all. Please don't bash me. I'm not a troll. I believe piper is gay as all outdoors lol

by Original Posterreply 17803/10/2014


by Original Posterreply 17903/27/2014

Piper is one of the most dishonest people I have ever seen.

by Original Posterreply 18004/04/2014

Does anyone wanna talk? Where did everyone go??

by Original Posterreply 18106/10/2014

Any new gossip?

by Original Posterreply 18206/10/2014

when is this show starting?

by Original Posterreply 18306/10/2014


by Original Posterreply 18406/10/2014

Her show airs June 24 I think.

by Original Posterreply 18506/10/2014

I love Christopher Gorham.

But bitch joins Sam Trammell, Joel McHale and Jesse Metcalfe in the Obvious Pec Implant Club.

by Original Posterreply 18606/10/2014

Wow, thanks for the gossip R186, I had no idea and dunno what to look for in terms of real vs fake. I trust DLers with this kind of expertise, this plus hair weaves etc.

by Original Posterreply 18706/10/2014

Why did this thread die?? No one posted here in months.

by Original Posterreply 18806/10/2014

Hasn't the show been off for months?

by Original Posterreply 18906/10/2014

this show is only on in the summer on USA. I am looking forward to all the USA shows starting this month.

by Original Posterreply 19006/10/2014

I don't think I'm going to watch it this season.

by Original Posterreply 19106/10/2014

Is it just me or does her "fiancé" look kinda....queeny :-/

by Original Posterreply 19206/16/2014

Gorham has a very nice chest, but it's not so huge that it screams "pec implants" to me. But who knows?

by Original Posterreply 19306/17/2014

The 5th season of the show is good so far. The writers have done a good job in writing Piper's character as more jaded and not so doe-eyed. Piper's acting has improved. But no way is she engaged to that producer guy. She's way too gay.

by Original Posterreply 19407/04/2014

I was watching Imagine Me and You the other day and it seems as if Piper hasn't aged very well or has had some work that makes her appear older.

by Original Posterreply 19507/04/2014

Her fiancé is ugly.

by Original Posterreply 19607/23/2014

She still looks good. I am enjoying this season. The blind guy is getting lots of action between the sheets.

Don't really like the angle of caulder falling in love with a whore. I'm sure she's stealing his secrets somehow, I can just tell.

by Original Posterreply 19707/23/2014

I can't believe this bitch married this clown. Is she really that desperate to hide her gayness?

by Original Posterreply 19807/26/2014

I've fallen way behind.

Amy Jo Johnson is recurring. How is she doing?

by Original Posterreply 19907/26/2014

[quote]I trust DLers with this kind of expertise, this plus hair weaves etc.

Big mistake. There is virtually no way of knowing for sure whether someone has had pec implants, unlike tittie implants. Pecs are comparatively easy to define, and you can have big ones even if you're a bit flabby in other areas -- or, on the flip side, a bit scrawny in other areas.

Hair weaves are easier to detect though, particularly bad ones (although the technology behind them is getting better and better). McBongo has one of the more obvious ones, but I think it's a safe assumption that a significant percentage of actors over 35 have them.

by Original Posterreply 20007/26/2014

piper got married to the producer of this show!

by Original Posterreply 20107/28/2014

I enjoy this show, has it been renewed?

by Original Posterreply 20212/19/2014

I hope so. The HOT Hill Harper is on it.

by Original Posterreply 20312/19/2014

I like him too but I noticed he bought himself a new nose this season. I prefer his old nose.

by Original Posterreply 20412/19/2014

'Covert Affairs' creators talk that season 5 finale ending

Spoiler alert: The Covert Affairs season 5 finale, “Gold Soundz,” brought about big changes for Annie (Piper Perabo) and Auggie (Chris Gorham). After almost being killed, again, the latter decided he wants to leave the agency and travel the world with Natasha (Liane Balaban). If/when the show gets an order for a sixth season, would Auggie be in it? “Oh, he’ll be in it,” co-creator Matt Corman assures us. “It’s a slightly different dynamic for him at the outset. I think for now he’s trying this, trying something different. It’s interesting, he’s been so defined by his job. He has the CIA so dialed that for him, maybe more than any of our other characters, stepping out of that workplace is gonna be a real shift.”

With Arthur (Peter Gallagher) considering a run for Senate, Joan (Kari Matchett) heading up a new task force, and Annie debating whom to work for, whether to accept that mid-action sequence proposal from McQuaid (Nic Bishop), and what to do about her heart, season 6 could look a lot different. “It’s like any family, right, people go off in different directions, but they’re all still a family. There will always be things that unify them,” co-creator Chris Ord says. “And,” adds Corman, “pull them back together.”

The finale ended with Auggie telling Annie to close her eyes and trust her instinct about what to do next. Her final words, “Got it,” mean she knows the answer. Corman and Ord have it as well and hope they get the chance to write it. What they will say: They knew going into season 5 where they wanted to end up with Annie and McQuaid. “For us, he’s such an engaging character and fun guy to be around, and so important in Annie’s life right now, that it’s hard to imagine that he would not be a part of a season 6,” Ord says. We could also see Belenko (Shawn Doyle) again: “He’s now motivated against Russia,” Corman says, “and as dangerous and unpredictable as he’s been, could represent a really terrific asset for Annie.”

by Original Posterreply 20512/20/2014

I enjoy this show and saw the finale but Annie has zero chemistry with McQuaid.

by Original Posterreply 20612/20/2014

Is this show over for good? was it the last season?

by Original Posterreply 20702/04/2015
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