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Conspiracy Theories III - No 9/11 please

All the other conspiracy threads are like 95% about 9/11.

I want to hear about other conspiracies too!

by Thanksreply 20409/12/2013

Nothing? What about this Clinton murders thing someone mentioned on another thread? An attempted murder of the Clintons? The Clintons tried to murder someone?

by Thanksreply 108/13/2010

Where do I start?

by Thanksreply 208/13/2010

That there is a secret organization of people that actually run things. If you compare political trends and issues in both the US and the UK you'll note that they are almost identical.

by Thanksreply 308/13/2010

9/11 was an inside job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Thanksreply 408/13/2010

What is the Bilderberger conspiracy theory about?

by Thanksreply 508/13/2010

It's a conspiracy that all the other conspiracy threads are about 9/11.

by Thanksreply 608/13/2010

Building 7 was pulled!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Thanksreply 708/13/2010

9/11 happened exactly the way the government told us!

You conspiracy guys have no unifying theory!

All your points have been debunked by government-paid professionals!

I'll stamp my feet and post as many times as I want! I may be crazy obsessed with making people believe the official story but at least I'm not a tinhat "conspiracy theorist"!!

by Thanksreply 808/13/2010

shhhhhh, r8- he'll hear you. you don't want him to come here and ruin this thread too, do you?

by Thanksreply 908/13/2010

why were the bin ladens flown out of the country?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Thanksreply 1008/13/2010

Gary Devore was kill ed by the CIA to stop him talking about the situation in Panama

by Thanksreply 1108/13/2010

Sen. Paul Wellstone's plane crash was arranged by the Bush Administration.

by Thanksreply 1208/13/2010

Ted Stevens plane was sabotaged by Todd Palin.

by Thanksreply 1308/13/2010

Jared and Jensen got married to cover-up the gay rumors.

by Thanksreply 1408/14/2010


by Thanksreply 1508/15/2010

I believe Tag Adams was framed so he wouldn't be available for an Aaron Schock porn spoof.

by Thanksreply 1608/18/2010

The Denver Airport is housing spaceships.

by Thanksreply 1708/18/2010

Why would Todd Palin sabotage Steven's plane?

I love the Denver Airport conspiracy!

by Thanksreply 1808/18/2010

How did the whole Lizard People thing start?

by Thanksreply 1908/18/2010

To me, the weirdest thing about the Denver airport is the seriously wacked-out art which could have been inspired by Dr. Jack Kevorkian's nightmarish stuff.

by Thanksreply 2008/19/2010

That terrifying mural, r20?

by Thanksreply 2108/19/2010

Dina Lohan shot JFK.

by Thanksreply 2208/19/2010

Sat night bump

by Thanksreply 2308/21/2010

Marisa Tomei's Oscar.

by Thanksreply 2408/21/2010

Mel Carnahan death in a plane crash was no accident.

by Thanksreply 2508/21/2010

Hey, conspiracy theorists.

Do any of you post at Godlike Productions?

I was just banned there yesterday for speaking out against the owner's request for donations.

Pissed off, I did some digging and found out that GLP could be connected to intelligence. That pissed me off even more and I'm going to be very careful about where I post in the future. Found this interesting thread about GLP and how it is possible some kind of data mining/research site behind the scenes.

by Thanksreply 2608/21/2010

Does anyone have a link to the terrifying mural at the Denver airport? Aren't there a lot of underground tunnels there also?%0D %0D Watched a show on History Channel other day that focused on Bilderberg Group which meets once a year, all the powerful people in the world.

by Thanksreply 2708/21/2010

Best Ground Zero mosque post of the decade from Wonkette's Josh whateverhisnameis

[quote]...tourists with fanny packs, who only got there after asking a dozen New Yorkers %C3%A2%C2%80%C2%9Cwhere 9/11 is,%C3%A2%C2%80%C2%9D

by Thanksreply 2808/21/2010

LOL @ R28.

by Thanksreply 2908/21/2010

This is a great site about the DIA.

Also, interesting that they had an Egyptian god of death on display in front of the airport this summer.

by Thanksreply 3008/21/2010

Google Images has a lot of hits of the DIA mural:

by Thanksreply 3108/21/2010

I think several billionaires participated in the scheme to destroy democracy by fixed electronic voting.%0D

by Thanksreply 3208/22/2010

[quote]Pissed off, I did some digging and found out that GLP could be connected to intelligence.

Fair enough, but be aware that there really isn't much privacy anywhere on the internet. It's best to assume that Google, NSA or any internet forum may collect data for any purpose they see fit.

by Thanksreply 3308/22/2010

mole people.

by Thanksreply 3408/22/2010

The Construction of DIA%0D %0D %0D Many have questioned the unorthodox approach to the construction of the airport. %0D Usually, a main contractor will run a construction project from start to finish, with sub-contractors being hired in to complete specialised packages of work (steelwork, electrics, plumbing). On DIA however, main contractors and sub contractors were hired to carry out small packages of works only, then dismissed from the site.%0D %0D %0D %0D Many have speculated that this was a tactic to ensure that no construction worker saw the full scale of the construction.%0D %0D %0D Five large buildings were fully constructed and subsequently deemed to have been positioned incorrectly %C3%A2%C2%80%C2%93 unusually, they were buried and the current airport constructed on top of the %C3%A2%C2%80%C2%9Cincorrect%C3%A2%C2%80%C2%9D structures.%0D %0D %0D The cost of the project over-ran significantly, from $1.5 billion to $5.3 billion.%0D %0D %0D The layout of the airport from an aerial view, appears to have been designed in a shape resembling a swastika %C3%A2%C2%80%C2%93 synonymous with the Nazi party %C3%A2%C2%80%C2%93 it should be noted however that the swastika symbol may not necessarily be sinister, the symbol is over three thousand years old and has been used by many cultures to represent life, the sun, power, strength and good luck.%0D %0D The swastika shape may have also been a fluke, based upon an optimum airport / runway design.%0D %0D

by Thanksreply 3508/23/2010

Article on DIA. Some really odd stuff going on there

by Thanksreply 3608/23/2010

What is the Bilderberg Group?

by Thanksreply 3708/23/2010

Loved the shit on the Denver International Airport. Those murals are fucked up.

by Thanksreply 3808/23/2010

From the DIA website:Luis Jimenez, an American sculptor was working on the sculpture of a rearing Mustang (Mesteno) intended for Denver International Airport , he was killed on 13/06/06, in his studio when the eight foot high piece, fell on him severing an artery in his leg. The scary blue rearing horse with glowing eyes has caused controversy due to its sinister appearance %C3%A2%C2%80%C2%93 hardly an inviting and reassuring welcome to the airport. Many have dubbed the sculpture %C3%A2%C2%80%C2%9CBlue Devils Horse%C3%A2%C2%80%C2%9D, %C3%A2%C2%80%C2%9CSatans Steed%C3%A2%C2%80%C2%9D or %C3%A2%C2%80%C2%9CBluecifer%C3%A2%C2%80%C2%9D

Have you guys seen that sculpture? It is huge and scary as fuck. The fact that the sculptor was killed by the work makes it that much creepier.

by Thanksreply 3908/24/2010

[quote]You conspiracy guys have no unifying theory

Not to rehash an entire thread, but you don't.

The rest of the world has moved on, but there you are again, trying to resurrect your silly little theories without a shred of irrefutable evidence.

But I am glad you have a nice little hobby...

by Thanksreply 4008/24/2010

DIA bump.

by Thanksreply 4108/24/2010

The Clinton murders are a series of mysterious deaths surronding the Clinton's. Some we're murdered, some committed suicide but the sheer amount of dead people around them was pretty crazy, especially considering they we're still relativly young at the time a list was compiled. Pretty spooky.

The link attached is not the best page but mysteriously, I cannot find the page I read on this topic from years ago. Maybe its publisher was murdered.

by Thanksreply 4208/24/2010


by Thanksreply 4308/24/2010

I think that there are old families with a lot of concentrated wealth that are addicted to power. I think some of them might even think that they're being benevolent but a lot more of them look at us as ticks on a dog. They'd like the world's population to be lower and are genuinely fearful of a class war b/c face it, those fuckers are outnumbered.

I think the meat of the "Lizard People" stories is fact. I don't think they're actually lizard people from outer space but I think they "poisoned the well" by attaching the Lizard People" meme to any type of talk of a secret cabal of powerful families.

by Thanksreply 4408/24/2010

I think Ken Lay faked his death.

by Thanksreply 4508/24/2010

I'm with r45 on this. I think Lay is living in a nice oceanfront McMansion in Punta del Este.

by Thanksreply 4608/24/2010

What evidence or theory do you have about Ken Lay? What stories have you guys heard that gives you that impression?

by Thanksreply 4708/24/2010

Nobody really saw the body. He was cremated in record time. When he died, I said that guy didn't die.

by Thanksreply 4808/24/2010

The Illuminati exist and is using the music industry to spread their propoganda.

by Thanksreply 4908/24/2010

The U.S. and other governments have been in direct contact with extraterrestrial beings.

Organized religions are terrified that this discovery will destroy their faiths.

by Thanksreply 5008/24/2010

Moon bases. Anyone believe in them?

by Thanksreply 5108/24/2010

Redken sabotaged Jhirmack!

by Thanksreply 5208/24/2010

Snopes is run exclusively by a couple of middle-aged nobodies out in California who have no particular claim as experts or authorities of any kind. %0D %0D Only a fool would link to Snopes as though it were the last word on any topic. You might just as well consult your Aunt Minnie.

by Thanksreply 5308/24/2010

R40 is still trolling and desperate to shut people up. Desperate. Keep trying pal, ain't happening. %0D %0D I believe human technology is far more advanced than they let on and that many of the 'UFOs' seen an assumed to be 'alien craft from another world' are actually government projects. There are just too many of these things now for there to be no government meddling in it and many western governments nonchalent attitudes reinforce this imo. I don't know HOW this knowledge came about, either through alien contact or simply secretive Earth-based science techniques.%0D %0D Nick Berg has always bothered me because the whole 'beheading' phenomena appeared to literally take off almost commercially from this one episode. Plus the sounds on the video don't match the actions. Very creepy but weird. Was he dead already? Was it a dummy? %0D %0D The HIV - AIDs link does not exist and is being flogged to death to get funding. %0D %0D

by Thanksreply 5408/24/2010

Oh and moon landings were faked.

by Thanksreply 5508/24/2010

Elvis is alive and well and living with Jim Morrison.

by Thanksreply 5608/24/2010

I think Elvis is very dead.%0D %0D But I think Glen Miller's death was faked, or at least the cover story was.

by Thanksreply 5708/24/2010

The Denver Airport is just an off the shelf copy of an airport in Saudi Arabia. The tents resembling mountains were designed to look like actual tents in Saudi Arabia.%0D %0D New York's pre-eminence in American finance is due to its preferred access to British capital, symbolized by the agreement between the Bank of England and New York Fed in 1916. But New York only had preferred access to British capital because it had been mostly tory in the Revolution. New York's treason made its fortune. Even today while shrilly proclaiming their own centrality in global finance, they do whatever the British tell them to.%0D The Fed, when it was started, immediately sought to control the money supply by sucking up all the nation's gold, and then forbidding the export of gold, coins, and currency in 1917, even though this concern with money supplies was no feature of the original act. How funny that today's Fed claims that the money supply cannot be controlled by them when that was their very first function.%0D %0D %0D %0D %0D

by Thanksreply 5808/24/2010

[quote]Nick Berg has always bothered me because the whole 'beheading' phenomena appeared to literally take off almost commercially from this one episode. Plus the sounds on the video don't match the actions. Very creepy but weird. Was he dead already? Was it a dummy?

I'd never seen the Nick Berg beheading video before and because of your post I decided to look for it. I really wish I hadn't. I now feel ill.

by Thanksreply 5908/24/2010

The Nick Berg video has always creeped me out because it looks like he's glowing. Why is he glowing?

by Thanksreply 6008/24/2010

Don't worry r59, that's my point. I think it was totally faked.%0D %0D Was like a badly-made movie but it helped kickstart the 'war on terror'.

by Thanksreply 6108/24/2010

There are some oddities in the video, but I think it was real. Sickening stuff.

R61 do you think he was already dead when they cut his head off? Tell me why you think it's fake and I might feel less queasy.

by Thanksreply 6208/24/2010

Does it look anything like this, r62 and r61?

by Thanksreply 6308/24/2010

They killed r63 before he could post the link.

by Thanksreply 6408/25/2010

Sorry, r64.

by Thanksreply 6508/25/2010

[quote][R40] is still trolling and desperate to shut people up. Desperate. Keep trying pal, ain't happening.

Christ, you're tiresome.

It's enough to read the rest of your posts to know that you are a complete nutter.

Beheadings "took off" after Nick Berg? What a fucking idiot. Beheading is a sanctioned punishment in Islamic justice for infidels. It is a preferred execution method under Sharia law. There were several executions before Berg, notably Daniel Pearl in 2002.

That you can't even get your facts straight on this simple point is sufficient evidence for me to dismiss you as a wingnut.

Try to get out of the basement today. Some fresh air will do you good.

And pick up those Hot Pockets wrappers. The place is beginning to reek.

by Thanksreply 6608/25/2010

R66, this is a thread in which we offer up conspiracy theories for discussion.%0D %0D If you disapprove of our discussion may we politely suggest you avoid this thread and amuse yourself elsewhere. %0D %0D %0D

by Thanksreply 6708/25/2010

[quote]this is a thread in which we offer up conspiracy theories for discussion.

God forbid that the discussion include any critical analysis or fact-checking. That would be awful.

I do not disapprove of discussions; I disapprove of morons.

And I love your criticism of Snopes. It fits in so neatly with your complete inability to accept the debunking of easily disproven theories.

You are the embodiment of what cultural critics, as the New York Times noted, "have bemoaned for years: the rejection of nuance and facts that run contrary to one%C3%A2%C2%80%C2%99s point of view."

Why is it important to shoot down folks like you and your ilk? Simply because you parrot everything you read on the internet taking it as gospel without doing any fundamental research or critical thinking of your own.

You represent the dumbing-down of the general populace. Your attempts to infect others with your ignorance should be shot down at every turn.

It's idiots like you who are the backbone of the HIV-AIDS denialists. Their ridiculous assertions led to a resurgence of barebacking and the death of many who refused treatment because of their bullshit.

Have all the "discussions" that you want, but don't think for a second that you won't be called out on complete bullshit.

by Thanksreply 6808/25/2010

Great example:

[quote]What evidence or theory do you have about Ken Lay?

[quote]When he died, I said that guy didn't die.

Oh, dear.

by Thanksreply 6908/25/2010

R68, Snopes is run by a pair of Zionist Jews. Much like the NY Times, everything they report comes through a filter of what they think is good for Zionist Jews. %0D %0D Debunk that if you can, asshole.

by Thanksreply 7008/25/2010

Beheadings didn't take off after Berg. However, the propaganda machine revved up in anticipation of continuing with an unpopular war. The civilized world versus the savages.

Whether it was staged or not (and I think it was staged but real), it's interesting that the snuff video was allowed to propagate all over the web when it could have just as easily been blocked from view. Not to mention the audio being played ad nauseum for weeks on major media outlets.

by Thanksreply 7108/25/2010

Thanks for proving my points, r70.

Now take your meds.

And don't forget that it's your turn to bring dessert to the Gibson's on Sunday following your weekly rant about the Zionist-controlled mainstream media.

by Thanksreply 7208/25/2010

The Koch brothers and the Tea Party: the latest iteration of the Birchers. Discuss.

by Thanksreply 7308/25/2010

R72, if you believe that Jews do not play a dominant role in Mainstream US Media then you are so uninformned that there is no point in listening to anything you to have to say.%0D %0D Play the Mel Gibson card all you like. It is immaterial. %0D %0D

by Thanksreply 7408/25/2010

[quote]it's interesting that the snuff video was allowed to propagate all over the web when it could have just as easily been blocked from view

The video originated in Malaysia and was widely disseminated in short order to websites around the world.

It would have been very, very difficult to block once released.

by Thanksreply 7508/25/2010

This thread sucks.

by Thanksreply 7608/25/2010

"Full-Body Scan Technology Deployed In Street-Roving Vans"%0D %0D Read it for yourself at link. %0D %0D Vans roving American streets zapping you and your home and seeing everything.%0D %0D It gets better. Look up "backscatter x-ray" and you find out it's terahertz waves.%0D %0D The very technology the US says it dosent have and dosent use.%0D %0D T-Waves are what the HAARP station in Alaska is ultimately working with.%0D %0D T-waves trigger earthquakes and volcanoes.%0D %0D Look also for "Trillion in minerals found deep underground in Afghanistan".%0D %0D Then look up the DNA-chain terminating effects of T-waves on the human body.%0D %0D We've entered hell.%0D %0D %0D

by Thanksreply 7708/25/2010

The myth of a Zionist-controlled MSM is just another paranoid fantasy of the "uninformned" antisemitic conspiracy set.

by Thanksreply 7808/25/2010

Powerful people never seem to die of cancer.

by Thanksreply 7908/25/2010

Didn't Gerald Ford die of cancer?

by Thanksreply 8008/25/2010

Arteriosclerosis, R80.

by Thanksreply 8108/25/2010

"headings "took off" after Nick Berg? What a fucking idiot. Beheading is a sanctioned punishment in Islamic justice for infidels. It is a preferred execution method under Sharia law. There were several executions before Berg, notably Daniel Pearl in 2002."%0D %0D ---------------------------------------%0D %0D I was going to mention Pearl but declined since I don't think there was any publicly available video evidence. Nick Berg was a lightning rod to the west. %0D %0D By 'beheadings took off' what I basically meant was - from the west's POV beheading became very much into the public psyche after the video footage of Nick Berg - in apparent real time.%0D %0D And I really can't understand why you are so upset and bellicose with me. Perhaps because I won't buy your 9/11 government toeline but hey, different strokes for different folks. You'r anger is comical because it's really irrational. %0D %0D Beheadings were a great way for US propoganda to filter 'nasty muslim practices' out there to fan the fear already as if such practices were commonplace among all muslims. After Berg there was a beheading a week so it seemed in Iraq. And yet it had never made the news before. %0D %0D Funny that ain't it?%0D %0D Try not to pee your pants again in anger. %0D %0D

by Thanksreply 8208/25/2010

Thanks for the correction, r81. Do you have any theories on the relative lack of cancer deaths among the powerful? I have to admit, I am trying to come up with some names off the top of my head, and drawing a blank.

by Thanksreply 8308/25/2010

Next thing you know, R78 will be telling us there are no Zionist Jews among the Neo-Cons.

by Thanksreply 8408/25/2010

I don't remember any autistic kids when I was growing up. Plenty of kids had Downs Syndrome but it seems like every other kid I see nowadays is autistic. Were they just warehoused in institutions? Our 4-H group often volunteered at one such institution but I only remember microcephalics and people with Downs. Now I rarely see anyone with Downs Syndrome.

by Thanksreply 8508/25/2010

When I was growing up, no kid in school had peanut allergies. How did peanut allergies turn into an epidemic?

by Thanksreply 8608/25/2010

[quote]And I really can't understand why you are so upset and bellicose with me.

Here's why...

[quote]The HIV - AIDs link does not exist

You're a fucking idiot.

by Thanksreply 8708/25/2010

[quote] When I was growing up, no kid in school had peanut allergies. How did peanut allergies turn into an epidemic?

Maybe peanuts were one of the first frankenfoods attempted?

by Thanksreply 8808/25/2010

To the debunking 'experts', are there any conspiracies that you do believe? Are there any theories that even the most skeptical among us believe?%0D %0D Some of them have to be true, at least partially.%0D %0D If the Nixon administration would have never been caught, that would have gone down as just another theory. But, it turns out that the paronoia and illegal activites were indeed fact.

by Thanksreply 8908/27/2010

[quote]To the debunking 'experts', are there any conspiracies that you do believe? Are there any theories that even the most skeptical among us believe?

With absolutely no rational basis, I do believe United 93 was shot down.

by Thanksreply 9008/27/2010

I think the right wing habitually murders opponents so it looks like natural causes (e.g., the amyloidosis plague that struck Western PA's three most important liberals in the 1980s). The Governor and the Mayors of Pittsburgh and Erie were all brought low by it.%0D %0D Looking at the DIA I wonder if it represented the NORAD's updated Cheyenne Mountain, since supposedly they have closed that facility.%0D %0D I don't read much into the Queen's landholdings. Her companies own much of the kaolin land of central Georgia too.%0D %0D %0D %0D %0D %0D

by Thanksreply 9108/27/2010

I think the GOP let Obama win. Anyone could see that the economy was headed for the toilet, so they didn't want to be in there to take the fall. Further evidence is the fact that they didn't field any serious candidates. They pretty much run the voting machines too.

by Thanksreply 9208/27/2010

[quote]To the debunking 'experts', are there any conspiracies that you do believe? Are there any theories that even the most skeptical among us believe?


The assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

L'affaire Dreyfus.

Nazi gold. Never solved, but that loot went somewhere.

Gulf of Tonkin incident.

by Thanksreply 9308/27/2010

Going back to the Denver Airport business, here is a link to an article that debunks some of the claims.%0D %0D This website also discusses 9/11 and some of the other conspiracy theories talked about on this thread and the others.

by Thanksreply 9408/27/2010

Pope John Paul I, Albino Luciani or Venice, was murdered.

by Thanksreply 9508/27/2010

Love this from r94's link...

[quote]Of course, if we don't uncritically accept all this, we're "sheeple" who have had the wool pulled over our eyes by the Illuminati overlords, and I'm merely a shill paid to spread misinformation (but you knew that about me already). The truth is that the Apocalypse is coming, and the New World Order has chosen to publicly announce their plans in an airport; but only the specially gifted "Patriots" are enlightened enough to see it.


by Thanksreply 9608/27/2010

Somebody from DL definitely works for skeptoid.

by Thanksreply 9708/27/2010

Does anyone have an idea who Bernie Madoff is protecting? He didn't do it alone.

by Thanksreply 9808/27/2010

The American people chose Richard Nixon to be their president in 1960. But the Daley machine stole the vote in Chicago which gave JFK the state of Illinois and with it victory in the electoral college.

by Thanksreply 9908/27/2010

[quote]The American people chose Richard Nixon to be their president in 1960. But the Daley machine stole the vote in Chicago which gave JFK the state of Illinois and with it victory in the electoral college.

That cleverly ignores the fact that Kennedy would have won without Illinois. Illinois had 27 EV. Subtract it from Kennedy's total, and he'd have ended up with 276.

by Thanksreply 10008/28/2010

Ohmigod September eleventh what was that all about?????

by Thanksreply 10108/28/2010

[quote]Ohmigod September eleventh what was that all about?????

A bunch of pissed-off Muslims flew aircraft into the World Trader Center and the Pentagon.

A few thousand people died.

And now the weather...Tiffany?

by Thanksreply 10208/28/2010


by Thanksreply 10308/31/2010

AIDS was developed as part of a Catholic Church/US Military bio weapons program. It was introduced via a Polish hepatitis researcher in NYC, with strong connections to the Polish Pope, in 1978. The African strain was introduced to the population via the WHO.

The retro-virus was designed to eliminate those the Catholic Church and the Evangelical Christian run US Pentagon thought were threats to humanity.

by Thanksreply 10408/31/2010

R53/70, what's wrong with their research? Explain, point by point, what's wrong with the Clinton Death List debunking. "The authors are Jewish" and "the authors are nobodies" are not arguments.

by Thanksreply 10508/31/2010

D'Accord R104, But I also guess it may have been developed at NCI by Dr. Robert Gallo's team and the order to kill homosexuals was probably given by NATO Supreme Commander General Alexander Haig, who also likely had two popes killed in order to install the Polish pope and his German fanatic comrade, both of whom were likely part of Hitler's intelligence service and survived after the war on the orders of Gehlen, the Federal Republic of Germany's intelligence chief, who had been Hitler's chief of anticommunist intelligence. Wojtyla, of course, probably worked for both the west and the soviets or else they never would have let him become cardinal. It wasn't that they thought gays a threat to humanity but as a cause of the lower birthrate in developed nations. All these people looked at the exploding populations of the Third World with horror and fear.%0D

by Thanksreply 10608/31/2010

So your theory is that their theory was that the first world gays were recruiting, and that's why the first world wasn't producing as many kids as the third world?

by Thanksreply 10708/31/2010

The Clinton Death List is like 9/11 in that if you want to believe that 9/11 was not an inside job and if you want to believe that no one was ever murdered to protect the Clintons you have believe a long list of incredible coincidences.

by Thanksreply 10808/31/2010

R107, that was the point of Hitler's bureau against abortion and homosexuality, because it interfered with the demographic power of soldier making. And since Wojtyla and Ratzinger were presumably followers, it is hardly a stretch to think that they pulled this mentality into the seventies.%0D

by Thanksreply 10908/31/2010

[quote]Do you have any theories on the relative lack of cancer deaths among the powerful? I have to admit, I am trying to come up with some names off the top of my head, and drawing a blank.


Teddy Kennedy, Jack Kemp, and way back Hubert Humphrey in politics. Not many with name recognition beyond that.

by Thanksreply 11009/01/2010

[quote]AIDS was developed as part of a Catholic Church/US Military bio weapons program. The African strain was introduced to the population via the WHO.

Pete Townshend has a lot to answer for.

by Thanksreply 11109/01/2010

R44, I'd like the world's population to be lower as well, and my family is neither old nor rich. The proven best way to reduce the population is to educate women and improve living conditions. Then they don't need to have 15 kids apiece just so 2 can live to adulthood.

by Thanksreply 11209/01/2010

[quote]Then they don't need to have 15 kids apiece just so 2 can live to adulthood.%0D %0D At least 18 of the 19 Duggar kids will probably reach adulthood. That certainly helps to build their church congregation.

by Thanksreply 11309/01/2010

"A bunch of pissed-off Muslims flew aircraft into the World Trader Center and the Pentagon."%0D %0D Sigh.

by Thanksreply 11409/01/2010

Assuming that each and every one of those kids becomes a fundie, r113--and ask some of the Quiverfull types how easy to insure that. One big reason they have so many is because they know deep inside that they will lose at least a few to the big, bad, secular world.

by Thanksreply 11509/01/2010

Just my opinion:%0D %0D The US did NOT go to the Moon and it will come out eventually.%0D %0D But, the US WILL be at the cutting edge forefront of exploration (along with Europe mainly) of Mars and beyond, which will eclipse and obliterate all past deceipts.

by Thanksreply 11609/01/2010

I also got the feeling that the right was almost handing the election to Obama. Every step of the way the McCain campaign was just so ridiculous and everything just kept getting worse. i guess now it's easy to see why they would have done that, but I sort of wonder if there's more.

by Thanksreply 11709/04/2010

Adam Walsh murdered his son.

by Thanksreply 11809/04/2010

To get a Tv show, r118?

by Thanksreply 11909/04/2010

That backscatter THz. imaging radar thingie is trippy R77, but rest assured that HAARP as presently configured can't produce anything as high in frequency as TerraHertz waves.

HAARP's shortwave band wavelength antennas are simply orders of magnitude too large to radiate any sort of microwave signal (think very, very small.)

by Thanksreply 12009/04/2010

the strange deaths of the world's microbiologists and disease experts.

by Thanksreply 12109/04/2010

It hasn't stopped R121. They are still being picked off one by one.%0D Somebody doesn't want the public to know something.%0D

by Thanksreply 12209/04/2010

I suspect that the microbios had identify the man made origin of HIV, and perhaps prion diseases as well.%0D

by Thanksreply 12309/04/2010

I don't think that he killed his son to get a t.v. show, r118. He got involved in crime fighting after the fact. It's a good way to appear innocent, much like murderers who assist the search team for their loved ones. %0D %0D I heard this rumor along time ago and it could be totally untrue.%0D %0D Whoever killed the young Walsh should be brought to justice.

by Thanksreply 12409/04/2010

I also thing that the American population is much closer to 150,000,000 than to the 300,000,000 that is reported. I believe that hispanics make up at least 35% of the U.S. population and as much as 50%%0D %0D I believe that whites make up about 30%.%0D %0D I don't believe census reports for one second. I believe my own eyes.

by Thanksreply 12509/04/2010

I'm intrigued, R125. Exactly why is the population being reported as twice the size you believe it is by the Census Bureau?

by Thanksreply 12609/04/2010

[quote]I don't believe census reports for one second. I believe my own eyes.%0D %0D Employing your logic I can see with my own eyes that the population of the USA is 97% white.

by Thanksreply 12709/04/2010

r126,%0D %0D Well I'm not exactly sure why the census is so off. It could be because of the fact that it is in the favor of municipalies to inflate their numbers (they get more money and perks, there is also political reasons because the more people you have, the more representitivies you get in congress, and a larger electoral college). %0D %0D Also, a former teacher of mine was in charge of the last 2 censuses for my state (and of this current one). He says that they are consistantly wrong and that at best, the are a good guess, even with all the research that goes on. There is just no way to know for sure and he outright says that there has been pressure in the past to inflate the numbers.%0D %0D There could be a number of resons but I believe that it is a combination of pressure and incompetency. There is just no way to know for sure.%0D

by Thanksreply 12809/04/2010

r127,%0D %0D Your "logic" is all wrong. You are assuming that I never leave my state. I have been in most states in the U.S. If I said that I belive what I stated upthread about Maine, then you would be right. Even though there are minorities to be found in Maine. But I get that you were exagerating.%0D %0D And I made a bit of a typo in my last post, I actually believe that anglo whites make up about 35-40% (at the very most). I meant to say that hispanics make up about 30% of the population. I got the numbers in my head backwards.%0D %0D I am not saying that I believe these demographics because I drive to work and back. I am saying this because I spend a lot of time across the country and there is no way that we have 300,000,000 people living here. %0D %0D Even the 2000 census admits that only 2/3 of the 'estimated' households returned their census information. The rest is "field research" which my teacher told me is notoriously inaccurate. My guess is a much higher percentage returned their census and combined with field research, there is a lot of overlap. %0D %0D

by Thanksreply 12909/04/2010

We may as well accept the fact that all our state primaries and elections for national-level offices are rigged and will continue to be rigged as long as any state in the union uses electronic voting machines. %0D %0D It is entirely possible to use paper ballots that are marked by hand and publicly counted by hand. We will never have such a system because our ruling class doesn't want honest elections whose results can't be manipulated.

by Thanksreply 13009/05/2010

R125, were you going by the people you saw on the street, or what? Did you remember to include children, housewives, and homebound elderly? Could you look at an apartment building and just know how many kids lived in it, and how many single people? Did you remember to check the suburbs? How did you immunize yourself against confirmation bias?

If 2/3 of the households returned their forms, wouldn't that account for roughly 200 million right there?

It's not like there isn't hard data out there: students in public schools, live births, deaths, number of taxpayers. In 2005, BTW, roughly 135 million individual tax returns were filed. I am pretty sure that the IRS is serious about reporting real numbers.

by Thanksreply 13109/05/2010

My amazing conspiracy for Sunday morning: I truly believe the makers of Monster Inc. might have worried that Mike and Sully would have been viewed as a couple. Add an adopted kid to the inter-species mix and it's a given. %0D %0D So they had Celia as convinient beard. %0D %0D Mike is supposed to looove Celia but when the chips are down and he and Sully are in trouble he says 'we could start a new life somewhere...!' Then spends a large chunk of the movie dropping her name whilst dropping her to follow Sully EVERYwhere.%0D %0D Classic beard situation. That's why I love this film.

by Thanksreply 13209/05/2010

Gary Webb was murdered by the CIA because he was right.

by Thanksreply 13309/05/2010

Yes, R133, we are supposed to believe that Gary Webb shot himself in the head twice. If you think that sounds suspicious, well, you must be one of those kooky conspiracy theorists. %0D %0D And people wonder why newspaper readership is down.

by Thanksreply 13409/05/2010

I believe the right conspired to put Obama in the WH. They knew they could not get away with a 3rd stolen election. They also knew people would be likely to want to fight back more if it were a republican doing things like destroying Social Security, Food Stamps, Medicaid and Medicare and all programs that help the middle class and the poor. They also wanted to make sure to finish off the Democrats once and for all in case someday some real Democrat like FDR or LBJ tried to be in power. Obama was perfect. They must have known he was willing to do anything for the job and would allow himself to go down in history as having been the one to finally destroy the middle class and the poor after 3 decades of trying by the right and almost getting there by 2008. They knew how easily most Americans could be manipulated since they are the ones that dumbed them down to dumber than dirt. That Obama was black and with a Muslim sounding name was their coup de grace. They could not have found a more perfect stooge willing to sell out 98% of Americans to get what he wanted. They found in Obama one of the world's greatest actors. He could give a speech and make people believe him. He could lie with the look of genuine sincerity in his eyes. Even Bill Clinton could never pull that off. His eyes always gave away his lies. %0D %0D Think about the McCain campaign. Could it have been any more geared to failure? It was obvious those behind him, with our without his consent, wanted him to lose. It was a given that Obama would win.%0D %0D Now everything that's going to happen and what has already happened, like the insurance and drug companies getting trillions of tax payer money funneled into them without them giving up much at all, and the financial "reform" going all Wall Streets way and Democrats clearly getting blamed for it all is pure genius for the right, the Rove machine, whatever. %0D %0D Plenty money is still going to BOTH wars and there will probably be a third in Iran. Every day more of our food supply goes into the hands of Monsanto, a young corporate friendly judge has a long career ahead of her on The SCOTUS. The prison and military industrial complex are raking it in more than ever, Wall Street and Banking CEOs are doing cartwheels over every decision has made. Obama's team is a team of 100% thieves. The Republicans, a party that had lost almost all their support is back on top and the middle class is joining the poor more each day and more each day the poor are getting poorer and the rich VERY, VERY much richer, even more under Obama than under Reagan %C3%A2%C2%80%C2%93 W and gay people have no more and probably fewer rights than before. Homelessness and hunger has grown greatly since Obama has been in office. These are all things that make Republicans rub their greedy hands in glee. Could there be any doubt which side Obama and most of the Democrats in Congress and the Senate are on?%0D %0D Obama is the right's Trojan horse. There is no way he could have made the decisions he's made from his inauguration to this day, every move the wrong move, every member of his team saying the wrong thing, by accident. How incredibly stupid would Obama have to be to not have done all this deliberately? No matter what else anyone here thinks of Obama, I think we can all agree he is not stupid. %0D %0D Obama will bring the evil that Reagan began to fruition. He and the Democrats in Congress and the Senate have made sure that the Republicans will be back in power. Well I should say back in power where we all know they are in power as they have never stopped being in power since the late 70s when they pulled that hostage crap to make sure Carter never got a second term. But that's another conspiracy. %0D %0D You asked for not much about 9/11 in this thread so I'll only add, follow the money and power that was gotten from 9/11 and it will take you right to the feet of Bush and Cheney and the Bush family being buddy, buddy with the Bin Ladens and no real attempt EVER to go after Bin Laden. Just a little food for thought for the next 9/11 conspiracy thread.%0D %0D %0D

by Thanksreply 13509/05/2010

Hmmm, Alaskas former Senator, Ted Stevens (but still a political powerhouse), dies in a mysterious plane crash the week before Alaska's CURRENT GOP Senator loses in a close primary to a tea party candidate.

Do you think future Senator Palin might be planning on using this as a springboard to give herself some legitimacy?

by Thanksreply 13609/05/2010

Nick Berg's beheading video was a fake made as a "black ops" operation. Berg was either: sympathetic to the Iraqi muslims, an agent for the mossad, a double-agent for the US/mossad, or an innocent patsy murdered by the US military to deflect attention away for the violations done to prisoners at the Abu Ghirab prison.

by Thanksreply 13709/05/2010

The guy who killed Adam Walsh is dead. He confessed before he died. I want to say it was Henry Lucas but I'm too lazy to google it. Feel free to look it up.

by Thanksreply 13809/05/2010

It was Ottis Toole, r138 (Lucas' former boyfriend).

by Thanksreply 13909/05/2010


by Thanksreply 14009/05/2010

Ah yes 139, two satan-spawned mind controlled slaves. Frightening to think people like that are out among us.

by Thanksreply 14109/05/2010

The moon landing was a hoax.

by Thanksreply 14209/05/2010

"Nick Berg's beheading video was a fake made as a "black ops" operation. Berg was either: sympathetic to the Iraqi muslims, an agent for the mossad, a double-agent for the US/mossad, or an innocent patsy murdered by the US military to deflect attention away for the violations done to prisoners at the Abu Ghirab prison."%0D %0D %0D %0D I am the person who originally posted that I thought the Berg vid was somehow faked. %0D %0D Do YOU think he was really killed or it was acting/effects?

by Thanksreply 14309/05/2010

I think Berg was murdered just because it's cheaper and easier and fewer people need to be involved in that sort of conspiracy but he was also probably heavily drugged.

The other theory is, these conspiracy theories are generated on purpose. So Berg was placed in the orange jumpsuit precisely because it would raise questions about the legitimacy of the videos and spur a bunch of conspiracy theories around it (black ops people aren't really that careless).

I actually that's far more likely and insidious. And perhaps by creating conspiracy doubt, it legitimizes the cover up because you basically create a fringe -the conspiracy theorist - that really don't have any legitimacy in the eyes of the media and genral public.

by Thanksreply 14409/05/2010

R114 weren't all the assassins wearing almost matching white/ish sneakers too? %0D %0D Kinda strange for ideological muslims?

by Thanksreply 14509/05/2010

Obama is a real alien. Not of this earth. seriously.

by Thanksreply 14609/05/2010

Berg was a genius, and had skills that would be useful to the military/government. If he was killed by our militaryt, it was either because he knew too much/was a liability, or he was a sympathizer/conspirator with the muslims in some way.

by Thanksreply 14709/05/2010

So... who was the REAL Nick Berg?

by Thanksreply 14809/05/2010

Oh...and I don't think Berg was killed in the video...As has been stated many times, there is a great deal of blood splatter if someone's throat is slit/beheaded while they are still alive. Either an already dead body was propped up, or editing/special effects were used.

by Thanksreply 14909/05/2010

r104, I would like to hear more about yours and other AIDS conspiracy theories.

by Thanksreply 15009/05/2010

There was no innocent/simple reason that Berg went to 4 different colleges, and never got a degree from any of them. It is interesting that the president of the Unbiversity of Oklahoma had been in the CIA.

by Thanksreply 15109/05/2010

Saw the documentary about Pat Tillman yesterday and though the movie doesn't go there, my mind wandered in the direction of conspiracy:%0D %0D Tillman was killed by friendly fire in April 2004, in an election year and when support for the wars was starting to flag. Tillman had never publically spoken about his reasons for joining the service (and leaving his millions-paying NFL career), but he HAD indicated to his family that he no longer supported the war and had also said as much to his fellow soldiers.%0D %0D Is it possible that the military and the Bush-Chaney government had Tillman killed so that a) it could provide a nice piece of propaganda - hero leaves NFL career, dies in war - during an election and b) silences a potential high-profile nay-sayer...?

by Thanksreply 15209/05/2010

r138, there was a recent article on Adam Walsh, alleging that authorities are looking into a famous serial killer. The name escapes me...

by Thanksreply 15309/05/2010

There's a conspiracy theory about the HAARP. I never understood it. Anyone know about it?

by Thanksreply 15409/05/2010

I said 2/3 of households. In other words, there is no was to say how many people are in each household, so it's impossible to deduce that is close to 200,000,000 people. Also, how do you estimate number of households? You use the last census. The census people are estimating based on already flawed numbers. %0D %0D I noticed how finite the U.S. population was years ago, and while returning to school as an adult, had some of my previous suspicions confirmed by a geography professor. No, I don't know the exact number, but anyone who has traveled a lot can tell you that you see the same people over and over.%0D %0D The IRS figures are interesting. I don't have a theory on that but I still believe that 300,000,000 is way inflated. I wonder if the tax number includes visa workers, dependents, etc...%0D %0D Take NYC for example. It is supposed to have 8,000,000 people. And such-and-such many households. Well, Many people have more than one house. The live in the city during the week and on Long Island on the weekends. Or maybe they have a house in NYC and one in Aspen. Maybe the have a condo in Miami. %0D %0D Do you really think NYC has 8,000,000 people? No fucking way. I feel like I know everybody in Manhattan and Brooklyn and most of the people who weekend in Long Island. (I don't mean that I know them all well, and of course I don't know every single person. I am just trying to give an example). %0D %0D Once one starts to travel, you realize you see the same people over and over, and many of them are in more places than one. %0D %0D Haven't any of you ever had the feeling that it is a very small world? Well, I believe it is a lot smaller than the numbers suggest.%0D %0D I have not counted every single person, but the math just doesn't add up. %0D

by Thanksreply 15509/05/2010

Take your meds, 129/155.

by Thanksreply 15609/05/2010

You'd be amazed the lengths the census goes to in order to verify household information, and that includes people with multiple homes, illegal immigrants, etc.

by Thanksreply 15709/05/2010

Can someone please describe the Berg beheading video? I'm to scared to watch it. Was he hooded? What kind of tool did they use? Did he scream? How long does it take to decapitate him?

by Thanksreply 15809/05/2010

156,157 and other skeptics:%0D %0D Serious question: Are you not the slightest bit curious that it is even a possibility that the census is inflated? Are you that sure?%0D %0D This is what I always wonder about things we cannot prove - Why are people so sure that they know. I admit, most of these conspiracies I just have a little fun with. But, I'm genuinely curious. How are you so sure that the numbers are accurate. %0D %0D

by Thanksreply 15909/05/2010

I'm not a skeptic. I know.

by Thanksreply 16009/05/2010

You'd be surprised at the lengths they don't go to. I have no doubt that census numbers in Texas are inflated. But a national population half what is said? That's a lot. What probably has happened is that the population was undercounted in olden days and while some places inflate their numbers, in other places some of the missing people are showing up.%0D

by Thanksreply 16109/05/2010

The place to check would be death records.%0D

by Thanksreply 16209/05/2010

"Starting May 2, 2008 some 130 million U.S. families and individuals will be getting tax rebate checks" %0D %0D Add the people who have to pay taxes and the people who don't have and it's not hard to believe there are over 300 million people in tihs country.%0D %0D Some people aren't good at guessing numbers. I think you're one of these people.

by Thanksreply 16309/05/2010

r158, MAry! I watched it when it surfaced, but I wont watch it again. The screaming is not dramatic or shrieking like it would be in a movie. Its very quick. I cant remember if he was hooded or not, they did use a knife. The masked terrorists were the most disturbing and creepy part about it, that people like that exist in the world.

by Thanksreply 16409/05/2010

r157,%0D %0D My profesor, in detail, explained how that process worked. He said that a majority of the information collected in the field surveys/research is done by low-wage, temporary employees who many times fill out the surveys with bogus information (think about it, it's a lot easier to just fill out the surveys themselves then actually doing the work. Not all of them, of course), cutting corners, overlapping and other inaccuracies.%0D %0D This comes from the head of the census for an entire state. I believe he knows what he is talking about. %0D %0D And for the 130 million tax rebates, you are saying that you think that 170 million people didn't qualify? Everyone was pretty much eligible for the refunds, even seniors and people who were not employed. And also, there was so much fraud with those refunds. %0D %0D I want someone to answer my question. How are you so sure that the numbers are not inflated?%0D I am genuinely curious. What gives you your sense of confidence in your knowledge of the about of people in the U.S.%0D %0D I am at least willing to admit that I am not sure. %0D %0D

by Thanksreply 16509/05/2010

R158 I posted earlier in this thread about how I felt sick after watching the Berg beheading video.

He wasn't hooded. They use a knife, and it takes awhile to cut his head off. There is screaming, but the sound is totally out of sync with the picture.

I had a somewhat empty feeling after I'd watched it. I know I'm a huge Mary, but it really bothered me.

by Thanksreply 16609/05/2010


by Thanksreply 16709/05/2010

r165, all of the information gathered by the census workers is checked, both randomly and also by those in quality control who look for certain signs that the information turned in by them has been falsified. Any information which is found to be falsified results in that census worker being fired and ALL of their assignment area is re-interviewed. If anything, the census is ridiculously redundant and overly meticulous.%0D %0D Jesus, look this shit up. It's not a big secret.

by Thanksreply 16809/05/2010

R165, I was in a hurry and put up the wrong link. %0D %0D "In 2009, roughly 47% of households, or 71 million, will not owe any federal income tax"%0D %0D Throw in a spouse for what, half the 71 milliion, then throw in a couple of kids for those households, then roughly double the number you get to account for the 53% of households that did have to pay income taxes, and it's not hard to imagine 300 million.

by Thanksreply 16909/05/2010

And yes I know my estimates go way over 300 million.

by Thanksreply 17009/05/2010

I have spent most of the day reading about the Denver International Airport. Some of the theories are way out there, but a lot of it seems extremely creepy and weird.

by Thanksreply 17109/05/2010

r169, R170%0D %0D The CNN data at your link is "according to estimates by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center."%0D %0D Guess where they get their estimates? Just take a wild guess...%0D %0D THE U.S. CENSUS!!!%0D %0D

by Thanksreply 17209/05/2010

link to Cnn's source

by Thanksreply 17309/05/2010

This is for the guy/girl who has the lying professor:

by Thanksreply 17409/05/2010

I think the population is actually larger, due to undocumented people. In all Western countries.

by Thanksreply 17509/05/2010

R172, stop trying to ruin my drunken fun tonigth.

by Thanksreply 17609/05/2010

r174,%0D %0D That's like the fox guarding the henhouse. But nonetheless, you should read your own link.%0D %0D For example:%0D %0D "Discrepant results are errors that do not include honest mistakes made by the interviewers or respondents and could be falsification but the amount is uncertain. A person is classified as discrepant during the person interview quality assurance reinterview or during the coding of the person followup interview."%0D %0D I rest my case.%0D %0D Next conspiracy please.

by Thanksreply 17709/05/2010

Okay, basement-dwelling troll who prefers his land of fantasies to the troublesome truth. Mamma's got some chicken pot pie upstairs. Go fetch.

by Thanksreply 17809/05/2010

Jeez, 178. Sore loser much?%0D %0D Anyway, next conspiracy please.

by Thanksreply 17909/05/2010

r179, the only one who's lost is you. Pesky little facts present themselves and you cry "NUH-UH! That don't count, do it mommy?"%0D %0D

by Thanksreply 18009/05/2010

You can check the census totals against the vote totals. In the last presidential election, you have better than 50% participation in Michigan, and only 33% participation in Texas, where a TEXAN was running for president. Both in 2004 and 2008 Florida cast more votes in the presidential race than Texas, although the Census claims Texas has 5 and 6 million more people depending on the year. Demographic differences of course play a part, but cannot explain the size of the difference. I believe there has been a consistent effort to defraud the nation by exaggerating Texas' population over the Bush and Clinton administrations.%0D

by Thanksreply 18109/05/2010

I think the "count is double" troll is just trying to discredit in advance what is obvious to the rest of us, that Texas has been cheating on the Census. It's a psyops disinformation tactic.%0D %0D

by Thanksreply 18209/05/2010

I think the Bushes had Lee Atwater killed. He probably blackmailed them about something. Certainly the technologies needed to cause various cancers is well known and well understood in the US security agencies.

by Thanksreply 18309/05/2010

Apparently, none of you have ever been stuck in a traffic jam in Dallas.

by Thanksreply 18409/05/2010

[quote]There was no innocent/simple reason that Berg went to 4 different colleges, and never got a degree from any of them. It is interesting that the president of the Unbiversity of Oklahoma had been in the CIA.%0D %0D Wait, now David Boren is involved in this conspiracy? That's interesting. So is he gay?

by Thanksreply 18509/05/2010

[quote]There was no innocent/simple reason that Berg went to 4 different colleges, and never got a degree from any of them.

Does this mean Palin is CIA?

by Thanksreply 18609/05/2010

What about Ron Brown's plane crash?

by Thanksreply 18709/05/2010

I like the fat that r106 believes that Ratzinger was "part of Hitler's intelligence service" when he was 17.

by Thanksreply 18809/05/2010


by Thanksreply 18909/05/2010

Hardly a stretch. My father was part of our intelligence service in the same war at age 19.%0D

by Thanksreply 19009/05/2010

I'm curious if anyone knows about the theory that our current universe is a phony one and that the Earth was annihilated by nuclear war in the early 80s?

by Thanksreply 19109/07/2010


by Thanksreply 19209/07/2010

R191, are you joking?%0D %0D But what about the theory that Earth is actually GROWING? I've only seen this once but it's pretty interesting and worth a look.

by Thanksreply 19309/07/2010

Oswald was not alone. Look up Umbrella Man.

by Thanksreply 19409/07/2010

r181, population of LEGAL citizens are supposed to vote. Yes we have a lot of illegals.

by Thanksreply 19509/07/2010

I read somewhere that when Obama was a new senator, he visited the Bilderberg meeting. I wouldn't be surprised if he was a complete setup.

by Thanksreply 19609/07/2010

r196, now that I can believe. Just think he comes into office kicks off "his" agenda then starts taking vacation.

by Thanksreply 19709/07/2010

Who is Rose Cherami?

She was mentioned in a conversation I had today, but all I know is she was arrested a few days before the Kennedy assassination and told- I guess the officer- that John F. Kennedy would shortly be killed.

What's her story?

by Thanksreply 19809/07/2010


by Thanksreply 19909/10/2010


by Thanksreply 20009/12/2010

I just watched the documentary on Sabina and Ursula Eriksson. They don't explain why they were carrying only one passport and 3 cell phones nor do they report that the twins went to the police station upon arriving in the UK to tell the cops they were being chased and, upon not being taken seriously, leaped up on the counter causing a scene. Why did Sabina's husband not come to her trial? Why was Ursula never charged? Who did they believe was trying to take their organs? And how on earth did they have that kind of strength after being hit several times by oncoming traffic without anything coming up on the tox screen?

by Thanksreply 20109/12/2010

R201 was there ever a follow up on them?

by Thanksreply 20208/21/2012

For the moron

by Thanksreply 20309/22/2012

bump for the idiots who think corporate-owned news is "news."


by Thanksreply 20409/12/2013
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