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Johnathon Schaech & Jana Kramer SPLIT: Divorcing after ONE MONTH of marriage.

Actor Johnathon Schaech, best known for 'That Thing You Do,' is single again just a month after marriage, reports Life & Style. Schaech proposed to his fiancee Jana in an elaborate ice rink proposal, which he posted on Facebook last December. They married in Michigan over the Fourth of July.

He was previously married to Christina Applegate.

From Life & Style:

Actor Johnathon Schaech and One Tree Hill actress Jana Kramer have split after only a little more than a month of marriage.

The couple got engaged in 2009 and were married Fourth of July weekend in Michigan.

Jana's rep Janice Lee tells Life & Style, "Jana and Johnathon have agreed to dissolve their marriage. Jana is humbled by the outpouring of support from her fans, friends and family, and appreciates the respect of her privacy."

Why did the couple call it quits so quickly?

A source close to Jana tells Life & Style exclusively, "Jana is a good 14 years younger than Johnathon. She moved in with him within six months or less of dating. She really didn't like living there. It was his bachelor pad and just not enough space for the both of them."

This is the second failed marriage for Johnathon. In 2007 he divorced Samantha Who star Christina Applegate, who recently announced that she is expecting her first child with fianc%C3%83%C2%A9 Martyn Lenoble.

by Miareply 3305/06/2013

So I guess Christina wasn't the problem in the first marriage.

by Miareply 108/10/2010

Bearding gone wrong?

by Miareply 208/10/2010

My questions is, how the hell do you pronounce his last name?

by Miareply 308/10/2010

What the heck, it's Johnathon SHECK.

by Miareply 408/10/2010

It's pronounced "Scheck"

by Miareply 508/10/2010

She didn't like living in his house so they got divorced? more to it than that.

by Miareply 608/10/2010

Schaech is a classic example of fucked up celebrity. He apparently went through a period of experimenting/easing his way out of the closet -- telling the German press he was bisexual, joking that he had a crush on Tom Cruise when Rosie said she had one, working with Gregg Araki (and god knows what else when modeling)... And then he did a massive turnaround going on Catholic TV talking about how important it was to adhere to Catholic values in his work, how much he wanted to be a family man.... How is divorce working for those Catholic values, Jon? Twice? Matt Keeslar said Johnathon was a nervous and awkward kisser (unlike Dan Futterman who went for it). Like I said -- a mess.

by Miareply 708/10/2010

She probably got freaked out by his collection of dildoes.

by Miareply 808/10/2010

[quote]Why did the couple call it quits so quickly?

Apparently *someone* forgot to delete their browser cache and left the Manhunt listings in there!

by Miareply 908/10/2010

He sounds a lot like my partner's (so-called straight) brother. He was really into charismatic Catholicism in college, got married and divorced after 7 years and 2 kids, then remained unmarried for 20 YEARS. Suddenly decided 5 years ago that he had a vocation, so he was admitted to a seminary....and quit before he could be ordained. Said he decided that what he really wanted was to be married again. Yeah, sure.%0D %0D Within 2 months of leaving the seminary, he was on several dating sites; within 5 months he'd met some woman he was serious about, and now they're planning the wedding. Self-loathing queer who has scared himself into putting on the straight disguise again. I fully expect his marriage to implode after a matter of months.

by Miareply 1008/10/2010

Two vapid celebrities marry for purposes of publicity and discover that no one really gives a shit. Why the hell should they stay married?

by Miareply 1108/10/2010

In the 90s I thought he was one of the most gorgeous men ever to grace the screen. Didn't age well, though.

by Miareply 1208/10/2010

How pathetic to be "best known" for THAT THING YOU DO!!! OMFG!

by Miareply 1308/10/2010

I remember his being included on the cover of one of the early VANITY FAIR Hollywood issues. They had all of the up-and-coming actors at that time. It was an impressive group. The ones which come to mind is Leo, McBongo, Will Smith, Benicio Del Toro, to name a few.

The cover:

by Miareply 1408/10/2010

My boyfriend saw him on the subway a couple of years ago and said he's even more beautiful in person. I'd already thought he'd aged out of his beauty by that point but I guess it's still something to behold in person. He was one of those actors too pretty and too limited in his talents otherwise to ever be believable as anything though.

by Miareply 1508/10/2010

His marriage to Christina broke up because she began having an affair with some one in the cast of her Broadway show.%0D %0D Jonathan had stayed behind in LA while she went to NYC for the run.

by Miareply 1608/10/2010

Seriously, he should just come out.

Looks pretty damn hot...from a year ago:

by Miareply 1708/10/2010

I guess he likes getting married but not being married.

by Miareply 1808/10/2010

Never heard that before R16. Any more details?

by Miareply 1908/10/2010

He has a funny way of pronouncing his words.... similar to the way Will Smith speaks. Sounds 'special'.

by Miareply 2008/11/2010

I hate to state the obvious, but isn't he like 15 years older than her?%0D %0D Just sayin'.

by Miareply 2108/11/2010

Ah the sanctity of marriage!

by Miareply 2208/11/2010

You see? Gays can get married!

by Miareply 2308/11/2010

Doesn't he have a heroin problem?

by Miareply 2408/11/2010

"unlike Dan Futterman who went for it"%0D %0D Because DF is utterly secure in his sexuality.%0D %0D Dammit!!!

by Miareply 2508/11/2010

Fuck me dead!

by Miareply 2608/11/2010

I want to know what happened to the woman Christina Applegate married before she married Schaech.

by Miareply 2708/11/2010

r25, Dan Futterman has the sex appeal of a rotting pumpkin.

by Miareply 2808/14/2010

I didn't even know he got married.

by Miareply 2908/16/2010

he is still hot and single. i think he is bi and obviously has commitment issues. he works consistently not A list but a solid B. love his happy trail.

by Miareply 3005/06/2013

Ah, the sanctity of marriage...

God made Adam and Eve...

Not Adam and Steve...

Nor did he make Adam and his third wife Mindy.

by Miareply 3105/06/2013

Who the fuck bumped this after three years? WTF is wrong with you?


by Miareply 3205/06/2013

"Dan Futterman has the sex appeal of a rotting pumpkin"

If that's the case, bring on the rotting pumpkin...

Because I aint getting it on with the lovely Dan...

by Miareply 3305/06/2013
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