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Davey Wavey - The Dick Pix

Thanks to 'The Sword'

by Any response, Davey ???reply 15405/09/2015

Good god, yes. If only we could never hear that horrific voice of his then he'd truly be perfect.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 108/09/2010

Surprised that he has balls since his voice is so damn high.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 208/09/2010

Not bad. I'm shocked that Davey is showing off the goods on cam though.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 308/09/2010

Now that's the stuff.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 408/09/2010

nice ass!

by Any response, Davey ???reply 508/09/2010

Looks like Davey was putting on a private show for someone ..... and they took it public.%0D %0D THANK YOU whoever that was .....

by Any response, Davey ???reply 608/09/2010

The cock is tasty but that ASS is out of control. Wow, who knew?

by Any response, Davey ???reply 708/09/2010

Thankyouthankyouthankyou. I know, according to the noise there, that 99% of the DL only likes nasty mustachioed Colt models, but Davey Wavey is HOT to me and I am thrilled to see his naked pics. I want an actual video!

by Any response, Davey ???reply 808/09/2010

He's annoying as hell but [bold]damn[/bold] what a body. The side shot bicep pose in the jock strap and tight tee - makes my balls churn.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 908/09/2010

Who is he?

by Any response, Davey ???reply 1008/09/2010

Hooray for Davey Wavey finally putting his money where is mouth is.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 1108/09/2010

Is this how Davey is paying the bills now ?? 'Personal' training .....

by Any response, Davey ???reply 1208/09/2010

Wwow wow wow. He needs to do porn. What a body.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 1308/09/2010

I've never heard of Davey Wavey before, although I get the sense that this is a good thing. %0D %0D His ass looks musky and wonderful... Thanks for sharing, OP.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 1408/09/2010


by Any response, Davey ???reply 1508/09/2010

Davey is a very positive, loving gay man who has blog about positivity and love. You can find him at his blog or on his youtube chanel or on his new fitness site. His face is kinda beat, but the body is killer and the dick ain't bad.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 1608/09/2010

I think his face is fine.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 1708/09/2010

I would have heard of him, why? How? %0D %0D Just curious. How 'famous' IS this guy, really?%0D

by Any response, Davey ???reply 1808/09/2010


by Any response, Davey ???reply 1908/09/2010

Maybe "beat" was too harsh. His face has character, but it's not a handsome face, in my opinion. Now when do we get the Will naked pics?

by Any response, Davey ???reply 2008/09/2010

I'm shocked! Who knew he owned a shirt!

by Any response, Davey ???reply 2108/09/2010

Wow, you bitches are easily impressed.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 2208/09/2010

Yea, you know one of the entries on his blog? How to be a better dater. Because that's what keeps the men coming back to him -- his suave dating skills.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 2308/09/2010

R16, Davey is "very positive" all right...

by Any response, Davey ???reply 2408/09/2010

If he had HIV, he would talk about it. He's clean and hot.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 2508/09/2010

I think he's pretty much perfect except for his unfortunate voice level and pattern.

He has a great personality too. Very kind hearted.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 2608/09/2010

So you guys KNOW this guy?%0D %0D Who is he, and why would anyone know him?%0D %0D

by Any response, Davey ???reply 2708/09/2010

oh lord.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 2808/09/2010

He'd be so much hotter with tattoos.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 2908/09/2010

Anybody who's accustomed to paying for dick by the hour knows who Davey is.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 3008/09/2010


by Any response, Davey ???reply 3108/09/2010

Dave and Will!

by Any response, Davey ???reply 3208/09/2010

Fuck you, R31.%0D %0D Google doesn't explain how all you people have heard of this guy and seem to know him.%0D %0D Is this a NYC thing?%0D %0D Seriously, never even remotely heard of this guy at all. Ever. Why would I want to? Someone share and enlighten me.%0D %0D

by Any response, Davey ???reply 3308/09/2010

seriously hot ass

by Any response, Davey ???reply 3408/09/2010

r33 he has a vlog and youtube channel. We've been discussing this guy for a few years now. Unless you are new to DL I'm kinda surprised you don't know about him.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 3508/09/2010

r33, I for one came across Davey on Youtube a couple of years ago when he chronicled his neighbor masturbating on a balcony in the building across from him. And with a body like that I cant say I blame neighbor. %0D %0D He's a sweet guy, and at times insightful. Im a hater so I only watch his vids every once and awhile. And the blog, forget about it.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 3608/09/2010

I've been on the DL for well over a decade. I've never heard anything about him. Ever. I read this forum every single day (except, for the last two years, when prime-time is in effect... I used to pay my $18, but no more).%0D %0D Sorry. Can't recall ever seeing or reading a single thing about this guy before. %0D %0D

by Any response, Davey ???reply 3708/09/2010

Thanks, R36.%0D

by Any response, Davey ???reply 3808/09/2010

R37, Davey Wavey had a thread that hit 100ish replies a year or so ago. I had it favorited forever, until webbie deleted all the old friends (thanks again, webbie, you rock!). So, he either crossed your radar or didn't.

Then again, in the era of Google, when you are literally at a computer when a question crosses your mind, when it LITERALLY takes fewer keystrokes to type "Davey Wavey" into your browser's Google toolbar, press enter, and find out who is is than it does to post the question here -- there really is no excuse. Fucking. Google. It.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 3908/09/2010

r37, must you be the center of attention????

by Any response, Davey ???reply 4008/09/2010

"I read this forum every single day..."

Now that's just sad.

We get it, R37. You don't need to post more than once you never heard of him.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 4108/09/2010

As ALREADY STATED, R39 (do you read the posts in this very thread? You don't even need Google for that), googling wouldn't tell me what I was asking. Which is WHY you guys know him, seem to think he's a "house-hold name", and whether it's WORTH investigating and catching up on.%0D %0D From the (predictably all too few) helpful posts in here, the answer is that I don't need to waste my time further.%0D %0D

by Any response, Davey ???reply 4208/09/2010

I want me some Davey Wavey Gravy!!

by Any response, Davey ???reply 4308/09/2010

We know him because some DLer posted a link to his blog going "WTF?"

AKA the way most threads start.

It wasn't a crazy story or anything. Usually never is.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 4408/09/2010

Thanks, R44.%0D

by Any response, Davey ???reply 4508/09/2010

I agree with those saying that his voice is too annoying, and I would add so are his attempts at philosophy, but his penis is pretty good. Hate his eyes and face though.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 4608/09/2010

[quote]I want me some Davey Wavey Gravy!!

that's GRAXY around here, youngin'

by Any response, Davey ???reply 4708/09/2010

Hi. My name is Davey Wavey.%0D %0D 27 years ago, I assumed this physical form to embark on a journey of peace and love%0D

by Any response, Davey ???reply 4808/09/2010

I wonder if he really is a prostitute? What does he do for a living again?

by Any response, Davey ???reply 4908/10/2010

He lives in an extremely small town (less than 1000 pop) in Rhode Island. So I don't think he's a rent boy.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 5008/10/2010

I have no clue who Davey Wavey is. But I will tell you that just looking at those pics, he has the perfect body.%0D %0D Perfectly proportioned chest, perfect sized dick, and a supremely perfect ass. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.%0D %0D So there it is.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 5108/10/2010

For those of you making fun of his voice, I have to say that it actually makes him sexier to me. His voice matches him perfectly.%0D %0D The other thing is that he seems like a very happy person, and a really nice guy. Whoever ends up with him will be a VERY lucky person.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 5208/10/2010

I honestly get the impression that he's a top.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 5308/10/2010

Nice pix but he needs to PRESENT HIS HOLE!

by Any response, Davey ???reply 5408/10/2010

Davey is a web designer/personal trainer who lives in Rhode Island. He is 27 and each summer goes on a summer adventure to a new city. He purchased a condo a few years back that he rents out whiles he's on his adventures.

He is impossibly upbeat and cheery. His comes from a very strict Catholic upbringing, but his mother his since come around about his homosexuality. He was a fat kid growing up, but lost the weigh at some point in high school.

He is always talking about kindness, love, respect, and gay issues. He works out all the time, a symptom of being a fat kid and became a personal trainer. He vlogs shirtless and says that he never likes to wear a shirt.

He has a boyfriend who is a DJ in Canada who is currently living with him for a brief period. His last boyfriend, Will is very cute looks like Colin Farrell, and is now in NYC in college.

He now has set up a website for his fitness routines, due to the number of questions he gets about his workouts.

After typing all of that, I just realized that I know entirely too much about this guy, but I find him and his annoying positivity both maddening and fascinating all at the same time.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 5508/10/2010

Howard Stern keeps this list of people he's annoyed he knows exists. The first on the list was Jennifer Lopez's ex-boyfriend Cris Judd.

I'd like to add Davey Wavey to that list.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 5608/10/2010

[quote] Howard Stern keeps this list of people he's annoyed he knows exists.%0D %0D Strange, considering that it's Howard Stern we're talking about.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 5708/10/2010

My hope is that Davey Wavey's upcoming vlogging will be on X-Tube, rather than YouTube.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 5808/10/2010

Well, now we know what all those guys were staring at when Davey went to the bath house.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 5908/11/2010

Thanks for this posting OP. I've been signed up for Davey Wavey's chipper blogs and have been patiently waiting for them to get sexier. Boy has a beautiful chest and there's nothing I'd like to see more than his nipples getting worked on.%0D %0D Wonder how old these pics are and if he ever addressed them in his daily blog?

by Any response, Davey ???reply 6008/11/2010

Man...his ass is PERFECT!

I do think he's awfully sweet. Nice to know he's a randy little bastard too!

by Any response, Davey ???reply 6108/11/2010

Wow, R42, you are a mess. I am only rarely on this site and I remember hearing about Davey Wavey. But regardless I often see threads about people or things I've never heard of but it doesn't cause me to have a meltdown.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 6208/11/2010

who is Davey Wavey?

by Any response, Davey ???reply 6308/11/2010

I think he's adorable, looks just like my boyfriend actually. I am not sure how I feel that these pics are out there, but he looks fucking awesome!

by Any response, Davey ???reply 6408/11/2010

"I know, according to the noise there, that 99% of the DL only likes nasty mustachioed Colt models, but Davey Wavey is HOT to me and I am thrilled to see his naked pics."%0D %0D Loving sexy hairy non-twink men, doesn't preclude appreciating someone like Davey. Sexy men comes in all shapes and sized, and with an ass and dick like Davey's, well, you do the math!%0D %0D

by Any response, Davey ???reply 6508/11/2010

The voice and the website are awful.

IF he stopped getting rid of his hair he might be hot.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 6608/11/2010

He's okay, but when you were a fat kid something goes weird with the head and you need validation for the rest of your life. I'll pass.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 6708/11/2010

I consider myself living in this very message board for several years now and the mention of Davey Wavey must have passed me by without noticing. Thanks to this thread I have a new feel good obsession.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 6808/11/2010

Isn't he a pocket gay? He's not very tall.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 6908/11/2010

i'd heard about his nude pics but they were removed the site--queerty, maybe--before i could see them. i have a huge crush on davey wavey. think he's so handsome and love his smooth sexy body (particularly his ass and dick now that i've seen them). he can be a bit annoying in his promotion of naive goodness/positive thinking. but, if i looked that good the world would seem sunnier to me too.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 7008/11/2010

I enjoy his videos but I do tend to think that people that blow rainbows out of their asses all the time are more trying to convince themselves that they are happy than being happy.

Still, he's fun, he's nice, he's attractive, sexy even and after seeing these pics, he's HOT.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 7108/11/2010


by Any response, Davey ???reply 7208/11/2010

His mother must be so proud of him.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 7308/11/2010



by Any response, Davey ???reply 7408/11/2010

I always liked him. but now I REALLY like him.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 7508/11/2010

Here is his review of the East Side Club

by Any response, Davey ???reply 7608/11/2010

Here is the thread from last month

by Any response, Davey ???reply 7708/11/2010

I must admit his voice is very grating, but overall he's very endearing. There's a clip of him where he makes fun of his stardom by first claiming that he gets tons of mail and then only notices one letter in his bag or folder. He has a nice sense of humor without any bitterness (unlike the "leave Britney alone" guy), but I must admit that I don't like the clip of him talking about his bathhouse experience since he does come off as very judgemental because older (married) men dare to take interest in him and even dare to approach him like he'd ever be interested. And god forbid that these idiots think he's a hustler!

by Any response, Davey ???reply 7808/12/2010

I also found the bathhouse video a little awkward but only as a spokesperson for all gay people. I mean, come on, any of our friends would have acted the exact same way. He may not be all that PC in this video but he acts the way any young gay guy probably would.%0D %0D On a side note, the other guy in that video makes me SOOO horny. I've whacked off to him more times than I care to admit to. He's a cutie.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 7908/12/2010

#79, I believe the "agephobia" he shows off in the bathhouse clip clashes with his overall "love & acceptance" message that is a core element of his cultivated public image.

I get it, he's not into older guys. And I also get it that he's kind of disappointed that there are (more) older guys in bathhouses and that's the reason why he didn't enjoy this experience to the fullest, but I think the clip didn't make the necessary point that everything has its purpose but that doesn't mean that you have to enjoy or like everything and its surroundings.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 8008/12/2010

It's easy to be sunny and upbeat when you're cute, I guess.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 8108/12/2010

He's got a great ass, but he is breathtakingly vapid; stupidity = turn-off.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 8208/12/2010

C'mon let's be honest. If he didn't have that body, nobody would give him a second look. He's homely.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 8308/12/2010

I thought he was hot until I found out he was ultra-femme.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 8408/15/2010

From Brent Corrigan's Twitter tonight (excerpts):

What's the deal w/Davey Wavey? Exactly which Illusion does he think he's breaking? The masculine one? The one where real people wear shirts?

@thebluevoid I know, I've seen him naked. He applied to come shoot with me about 3 years ago. But he decided he was better than porno.

@turnandstomp I sure didn't leak his nudes. I'm sure Davey Wavey knows his nudes are available for all to see who cares to see them.

@aurosan Did I apologize? Also, I wonder . . . is that the nose he was born with?

from @aurosan: @BrentCorrigan Don't apologize. Davey Wavey is gross and annoying. His love letter to the Craigslist Killer made me vomit blood.

from @aurosan: @BrentCorrigan Also one of my biggest pet peeves about, besides their race and class baiting is their Davey Wavey obsession.

to @aurosan I hate Queerty. Which is probably one of the reasons why I'm in no way a fan of whatever it is Davey Wavey does with himself.

to @aurosan My problem is: opinions are like assholes. All homos have one. And most use them in the most unnatural of ways. Liberally so!

from @aurosan: @BrentCorrigan That's why you need to help the people with the prettiest holes have a platform ;)

to @aurosan I actually prefer more gaping holes. They can get more done all at once. OMG, I've just gone waaay too far.

Is the world of online gay "celebrities" an interesting source of amusement for us normal people?

by Any response, Davey ???reply 8508/15/2010

I wonder if the Craigslist Killer found Davey Wavey hot .......

by Any response, Davey ???reply 8608/16/2010

People who are exceedingly sunny are usually hiding something dark.

NOBODY is that happy all the time. I'm sure even Mother Theresa had her moments.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 8708/16/2010

He's Tom Bianchi The Early Years.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 8808/19/2010

"I'm sure even Mother Theresa had her moments."%0D %0D A good person, yes, but hardly a bucket of sunshine like Mr. Wavey.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 8908/19/2010

I love the loss of image control leaks like this create. Suddenly Mr Impossibly Cheery is exposed as being a little more human and needy. And that's healthy.

And while he may be a web designer, but that apartment is never going to make NYSocialDiary House.

And what does the word on the back wall mean?

by Any response, Davey ???reply 9008/19/2010

Does he even have a permanent residence? Not too familiar with him and his blog but he seems to boast about traveling and moving a lot.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 9108/20/2010

Davey has always been pro-sex. His thing is more around being optimistic and kind and focusing on the positives in life. More of a karma kind of thing.

Lots of bitter queens on here, damn!

by Any response, Davey ???reply 9208/20/2010

[quote]I exist in a state of permanent gratitude, having everything I want for a rich life.

[quote]Looking around me at the great abundance that is life, I almost wonder if I'm worthy of so many powerful and rich experiences.

[quote]If you are a friend who lives with open hands as a custodian of the riches you enjoy and friend first to the men who come to you for love - you will always be surrounded by love.

Which is from Davey Wavey, and which is from Tom Bianchi: can you tell?

by Any response, Davey ???reply 9308/20/2010

The last one is Tom, I think?

by Any response, Davey ???reply 9408/24/2010

A friend of mine said that there are some photos floating around on the web showing Davey Wavey wearing a shirt.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 9508/24/2010

just goes to show you it does matter how vapid, chesticles sell

by Any response, Davey ???reply 9608/24/2010

I hate to say it, but he's got a sweet ass.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 9711/05/2010

I don't get it. What's his beef w/ Queerty?

by Any response, Davey ???reply 9811/05/2010

Where are the dick pix? Post a link!!!

by Any response, Davey ???reply 9911/05/2010


by Any response, Davey ???reply 10011/05/2010

Wow. Talk about raising a dead thread .... Sorry R99, I guess my original link is also dead.%0D %0D Glad I saved the pix on my hard drive.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 10111/05/2010


by Any response, Davey ???reply 10211/05/2010


by Any response, Davey ???reply 10311/27/2010

pics please

by Any response, Davey ???reply 10411/28/2010

Definitely a wake up call when Brent Corrigan questions your taste level.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 10511/28/2010

I personally collect pix of Wavy Gravy. The hotness.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 10611/28/2010

r106, honestly, was that supposed to be funny, or just obnoxious? Did you just feel the need to do *something*?

by Any response, Davey ???reply 10711/28/2010

I agree, R107, what DL really needs is better impulse control, and right now.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 10811/28/2010

where are the naked pics?

by Any response, Davey ???reply 10911/28/2010

He is an ugly twink with a horrific voice. who cares?

by Any response, Davey ???reply 11011/28/2010

It was a joke, idiots.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 11111/28/2010

OP, that link seems broken. Can you post again?

by Any response, Davey ???reply 11211/28/2010

Wow, the pix really are gone gone gone from the interwebs.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 11311/28/2010

Who saved the pics? I'm dying to see them again.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 11412/06/2010

he had a big dick

by Any response, Davey ???reply 11512/06/2010


by Any response, Davey ???reply 11612/06/2010



by Any response, Davey ???reply 11712/06/2010

Bumpin' sounds an awful lot like denigrating lesbian sex, and WE WILL NOT BE HAVING ANY OF THAT!

by Any response, Davey ???reply 11812/06/2010

I don't care what you bitches say. I wanna see more Davey Wavey cock!

by Any response, Davey ???reply 11912/06/2010

The pics really are pretty hot ......

by Any response, Davey ???reply 12012/06/2010

Bumpin' pussies is a violation of JAIL RULES, DAWN!!

by Any response, Davey ???reply 12112/06/2010

Davey Wavey

by Any response, Davey ???reply 12207/19/2011

THANKS! He's a hottie and deserves sharing

by Any response, Davey ???reply 12307/19/2011

I'd love to have a tight, little body like his. I'd be flashing all over the 'net, too.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 12407/19/2011

What does he say about the state of the world? Is he aware of what's going on in the news?

by Any response, Davey ???reply 12507/19/2011

Isn't he the guy with the horrid voice?

by Any response, Davey ???reply 12607/19/2011

I'd tap that ass.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 12707/19/2011

who is he?

by Any response, Davey ???reply 12807/19/2011

why cant i see him

by Any response, Davey ???reply 12908/10/2011

i don't see any images? :(

by Any response, Davey ???reply 13009/06/2011

I'm guessing his IQ hovers between 80 and 90. Cute but clearly almost brainless. I'm surprised his brain has the power to actually operate his body.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 13109/06/2011

Almost all of my really gay talking friends died during the Plague. I miss that type of gay not often seen today.I love hearing a proud, hot, gay talking guy for a change. I hate it that we are so ashamed of ourselves that we ostracize gay men who actually talk gay. We are a spectrum and saying only hyper masculine men are sexy is limiting and shows a level of discomfort with gayness I believe. Davey Wavey is beautiful beyond belief to me and is high on my list of guys I'd most like to bed.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 13205/23/2013

"talking gay" is a learned affectation, and it's annoying as hell.

And stop bumping 2 year old threads for no good reason.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 13305/23/2013

I get a feeling that he sleeps with all his porn guest on his youtube channel.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 13405/23/2013

He probably sleeps with all his "straight" guests too

by Any response, Davey ???reply 13505/23/2013

I kinda wish he'd put some fucking clothes ON. Btw, his claim that he was "underage" in his nude photos has been debunked since forever. He was 21 or 22 in them. He uses the claim to try and get people to take them off their websites. Queerty caved in and did so, which makes Queerty lame as ƒuck. If you google them they're still out there. Not much to see, though -- his dick is very average.

Davey’s YouTube channels typically portray this optimistic, air-headed, gymbunny, 20-something trying to hand out advice and bits of wisdom while clearly having no real idea about the world or how it functions beyond the walls of a posh condo in gayville.

*music flourish*


by Any response, Davey ???reply 13607/20/2013

I saw him at SF Pride. He was on the sidelines (yet, in the street) during the parade, holding a mic; and a woman was with him. I presumed that he was recording a segment for YouTube or for a different site.

Short guy (5'6"-5'8" or so), nicely developed upper body (wore a tank top, shorts, and flipflops), legs were only okay. He could have used some sun as he was white, white, white. I saw gray in his hair, and his face looks older than what I've seen on YouTube. I wouldn't have looked at him twice if I hadn't recognized him.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 13707/20/2013

where are the dick pics?

by Any response, Davey ???reply 13807/20/2013

He's fantastic. Hope he does get to do porn. I think he will somehow :)

by Any response, Davey ???reply 13908/08/2013

he does porn

by Any response, Davey ???reply 14004/13/2014


by Any response, Davey ???reply 14104/13/2014

Davey Wavey's Sex Quiz Below

by Any response, Davey ???reply 14204/13/2014

Shark eyes

by Any response, Davey ???reply 14304/13/2014

Does Davey get it on with Andre Boleyn, R142?

by Any response, Davey ???reply 14404/13/2014

R143, would you say Brent Corrigan has shark eyes?

by Any response, Davey ???reply 14504/13/2014

I have no idea, I pay no attention to Brent Corrigan. Never understood the hype with that one.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 14604/13/2014

The OP's link doesn't work any more, so I thought I'd repost this:

by Any response, Davey ???reply 14705/08/2015

And another:

by Any response, Davey ???reply 14805/08/2015

It's amazing how butch he manages to look here:

by Any response, Davey ???reply 14905/08/2015


by Any response, Davey ???reply 15005/08/2015

The only butt pic I could find

by Any response, Davey ???reply 15105/08/2015

meh. I've had hotter.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 15205/08/2015

I thought he would have a big dick. I'm surprised it's so small.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 15305/08/2015

Poor thing is pubically challenged.

by Any response, Davey ???reply 15405/09/2015
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