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Project Runway Alumni

Has anyone ever met Daniel Vosovic, Santino Rice, Rami Kashou, Keith Bryce, and Wesley Nault? There have been so many gays on PR, and I just know some of you must have crossed paths with them at some point.

by Tim Gunnreply 4801/26/2013

I've met Emilio Sosa - nice guy, a little full of himself - and I know Chris March - a wonderful, funny man who can get cranky if he's stressed.%0D %0D Chris still does lots of drag queen and showcase costumes all over NYC.

by Tim Gunnreply 108/06/2010

I know Daniel V. Nice guy, went all slutty after his season, now he's calmed down quite a bit.

by Tim Gunnreply 208/06/2010

Mmm, Rami. He always mentioned being from "Jerusalem" during his season but never specified whether he was Jewish or Arab. Not that it matters; it would just be interesting to know a bit about his background and how that colors his experience as a designer and as a gay.

by Tim Gunnreply 308/06/2010

Has he settled down with someone, R2? He has classic BDF, so I can see how he might have gone wild after his season.

by Tim Gunnreply 408/06/2010

Austin Scarlett took me. Power top, filthy mouth.

by Tim Gunnreply 508/06/2010

Rami was recently in the news....

by Tim Gunnreply 608/06/2010

Jay McCarroll: exactly what you see on TV, although slightly more obnoxious now

Daniel V. Very sweet, but it's true. He went through a slutty phase. Slept with Andy Cohen.

Nick Verreos: Tacky loudmouth queen. Two-faced.

Rami: Full of himself.

Chris March: Nothing like his onscreen persona. Shy and self-loathing.

Wesley Nault: Over-serious and lacking in personality.

Christian Siriano: a bit of a bitch diva but not as bad as you might assume. Genuinely funny.

by Tim Gunnreply 708/06/2010

Daniel V is in a relationship, r4.

Wesley and Daniel from season 5 are still together. Try to figure out which is the top in that relationship.

R7 is right about Nick V. From everything I've heard he's a total backstabber.

Kara Saun is a doll. Love her. Very sweet.

by Tim Gunnreply 808/06/2010

[quote]Chris March: Nothing like his onscreen persona. Shy and self-loathing.

That WAS his onscreen persona.

by Tim Gunnreply 908/06/2010

I thought that cast members were taken out and shot when they were Auf'd.

by Tim Gunnreply 1008/06/2010

Wow, I think we have some insiders here... Thanks for sharing, guys!

by Tim Gunnreply 1108/06/2010

[quote] Slept with Andy Cohen.%0D %0D %0D He isn't the only PR alum who did that, I can assure you...

by Tim Gunnreply 1208/06/2010

"That WAS his onscreen persona."

Fair enough, R9. Let's just say he's a lot nastier about it in real life. "Unpleasant" would be the word I'd use.

by Tim Gunnreply 1308/06/2010

So Rami is/was a waiter at The Abbey this summer?

by Tim Gunnreply 1408/06/2010

Project Runway was Andy's own personal Manhunt for awhile there. I have to hand it to Andy. He's an older gay man, but he pulls in the young ones. He had a brief "fling" with Brad Goreski as well.

by Tim Gunnreply 1508/06/2010

Rami is Christian Arab. He has a boyfriend.

by Tim Gunnreply 1608/06/2010

Is Daniel V. hung? You know how those Slavic boys usually are...%0D %0D I recall another poster once saying that Santino and Andrae had some weird kind of flirtation. Is Santino seeing someone now?

by Tim Gunnreply 1708/06/2010

My bro is working on the production team for the new Austin Santino show that airs after PR. %0D %0D I am seeing him this weekend and will get the dirt.

by Tim Gunnreply 1808/06/2010

So what you're saying, R15, is that Andy Cohen is the original ready to wear.

by Tim Gunnreply 1908/06/2010

Austin Scarlett looks frightening on his new show. I enjoy his humor, but he's morphing into an elderly woman.%0D %0D Santino is still repellant, yet weirdly... sexy. He also seems nicer and less insane.

by Tim Gunnreply 2008/06/2010

I never cared much for Santino on PR, but he was terrific as a judge on RuPaul's Drag Race.

by Tim Gunnreply 2108/06/2010

Rami is Palestinian and I am not sure if he finally came out to his family. He kept referring to his bf as a good friend. I saw Santino in NY a couple of years ago. You would recognize his voice in a nano second. He seemed polite and quiet, but then it wasn't the kind of place you could be otherwise.

Who cares if Andy sleeps with the contestants?

by Tim Gunnreply 2208/06/2010

Who is/was Brad Goreski?

by Tim Gunnreply 2308/06/2010

R23, he works for Rachel Zoe.

by Tim Gunnreply 2408/06/2010

Austin Scarlett, ewwwww! Yuck, Yuck. I'm sorry but he is beyond gross. He is so creepy that I swear I have never seen someone like him before. He looks like a demented doll or something? I wanted to watch his and Santino Rice%C3%A2%C2%80%C2%99s new show. However, I just can't because Austin gives me the creeps. I like Santino Rice. BTW, what the hell did he do to his eyes? Again, he looks like a freaky doll. Austin is in desperate need for a sex change lets face it.

BTW, someone said he is a TOP? whaaaa? Honey I want a man not a shemale.

by Tim Gunnreply 2508/06/2010

[quote]Austin Scarlett took me. Power top, filthy mouth.%0D %0D This is a joke post, right?%0D %0D [quote]Santino is still repellant, yet weirdly... sexy. He also seems nicer and less insane.%0D %0D I've noticed that lately, too. He's nothing like he was when he first appeared on PR a few years ago. I would suspect having made a nice career for himself from his time on the show (he's probably more successful than many of the people who actually won) has gone a long way towards relaxing him.%0D %0D By the way, I ran into Laura Bennett on the street with her kids a few years ago and she was very nice.

by Tim Gunnreply 2608/06/2010

Why Laura Bennett doesn't have her own TV show is a mystery I still can't understand. She had it all on PR (until she tried to sabotage Jeffrey - and even then I so wanted her to be right).

I've met her in restaurants in NY and she loves her gay fans.

by Tim Gunnreply 2708/06/2010

"(until she tried to sabotage Jeffrey - and even then I so wanted her to be right)"

She was right.

by Tim Gunnreply 2808/06/2010

Santino used to say he was bisexual. Which side does he favor?

by Tim Gunnreply 2908/07/2010

The back side, R29.

by Tim Gunnreply 3008/07/2010

Am I the only one who's noticed that Santino is now wearing a wig?

by Tim Gunnreply 3108/07/2010

What happened to Leanne and that curly headed finalist from a few seasons back?

by Tim Gunnreply 3208/07/2010

I think Laura Bennett got caught up in her life - lots of kids, lots of designing, she has a line that sells really well on QVC or HSC, she keeps a blog. I think she might have reached her limit for now.

by Tim Gunnreply 3308/08/2010

[quote]Santino is still repellant, yet weirdly... sexy%0D %0D That scene of him in the tub on their new (hideously boring) show was kind of hot. I can't believe I just wrote that.

by Tim Gunnreply 3408/08/2010

I wonder what's Ulli's up to.

by Tim Gunnreply 3508/08/2010


R19, Datalounge no longer displays accented characters entered by their ASCII numbers. Now you have to use their HTML entity codes:

They all start with an ampersand (&) and end with a semicolon (;). Acute is an accent that slopes to the left, grave is an accent that slopes to the right ("toward the grave"), circumflex is the pointy hat.

So a circumflex over an e would be: ampersand e circ semicolon (without any spaces): ê

And an a with a grave accent would be: ampersand a grave semicolon: à

Pret-a-porter with accents: prêt-à-porter.

by Tim Gunnreply 3608/08/2010

Laura had a holding deal with Bravo that lapsed. I think Bravo wanted to distance itself from PR. That is why Tim lost his show and development deal with Bravo. Christian Siriano's show for Bravo was billed as a special, but it was really a pilot, don't know where that's headed - if anywhere. Uli is still in Miami. Mychael Knight is still in Atlanta and designs for a lot of black celebs.

by Tim Gunnreply 3708/08/2010

Remember how Mychael Knight claimed that he was straight?

by Tim Gunnreply 3808/08/2010

Bravo is still trying to find a replacement for PR. There's another season of "The Fashion Show" in the works - not sure if Isaac Mizrahi or Kelly Rowland are involved (I hope not).

by Tim Gunnreply 3908/08/2010

R39 - I heard Issac is in and Kelly is out. Also that Iman is taking over the Kelly "role". I hope that is true, I fucking LOVE Iman.

by Tim Gunnreply 4008/08/2010

IM is involved in the fashion show,,,,

by Tim Gunnreply 4108/08/2010

Isaac said he wouldn't come back unless they replaced Kelly with someone who knows fashion.

Imam is fabulous - "I prefer fur!"

by Tim Gunnreply 4208/08/2010

I fucked Daniel from season 5.

by Tim Gunnreply 4309/08/2012

I wouldn't mind being Rami's 'really good friend'.

by Tim Gunnreply 4409/08/2012

I can't imagine sleeping with anyone from the latest season. They are all hideous beyond repair.

by Tim Gunnreply 4509/08/2012

R1 made that shit up.

by Tim Gunnreply 4609/08/2012

Any updates on any PR run-ins? Surely there must be some.

by Tim Gunnreply 4701/26/2013

Never met any of the guys, but I met Stella "leather"...she was very, very friendly. I was hoping her husband, Rat Bones, would show up, but nope.

by Tim Gunnreply 4801/26/2013
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