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More Gay Today?

Have there ever been any studies that indicate whether there are more gay youth today than there were a generation or two back? I ask because I remember a time when it was unusual to meet a young person with the stereotypical gay voice, sterotypical gay gestures, etc. Now it seems like half the boys I see working in stores and restaurants or walking down the street with friends have effeminate qualities. (I know...that doesn't mean they're necessarily gay.) Is it because kids today are less uptight about how they behave than they were years ago? Because more boys are being raised by women (divorced moms) and spending less time with men? Or has the number of gay young people really gone up in the past 10-15 years?

by Alfred Kinseyreply 5709/17/2013

Better recruiting efforts.

by Alfred Kinseyreply 108/03/2010

Hey, if the gay boys today feel free to be themselves and aren't butching it up out of terror, I'm thrilled! %0D %0D Also, some straight hipster boys can be mistaken for twinks, with their androgynous skinny pants and long hair. %0D

by Alfred Kinseyreply 208/03/2010

"Because more boys are being raised by women (divorced moms) and spending less time with men?"%0D %0D %0D %0D %0D Being raised by a woman doesn't make you effeminate. My cousin was raised by a single mom and never knew his dad, but he's a macho straight redneck.

by Alfred Kinseyreply 308/03/2010

I was a big sissy boy who learned to be quiet and unobtrusive in order to survive. If you see more femme teens today than before, maybe it's because they don't have to hide anymore.

by Alfred Kinseyreply 408/03/2010

It might seem like there are more young gays than middle aged gays because a lot of the older guys were wiped out by the AIDS crisis

by Alfred Kinseyreply 508/03/2010

It's just fashionable at the moment. There are no more gay men than in the past.

by Alfred Kinseyreply 608/03/2010

OP--Did you grow up where you now live?

by Alfred Kinseyreply 708/03/2010

"Because more boys are being raised by women (divorced moms) and spending less time with men?"%0D %0D Jesus, OP, are you Jerry Falwell? That is such a stupid, bigoted idea I can't believe a gay man would even write it.

by Alfred Kinseyreply 808/03/2010

I work in a college and the level of male hotness seems to improve each year. Not that I'm complaining.

by Alfred Kinseyreply 908/03/2010

"It's just fashionable at the moment"%0D %0D %0D %0D %0D Um,no. It's not fashionable for teen boys. Teen boys still use "fag" as an insult.

by Alfred Kinseyreply 1008/03/2010

Depends where you live R10. The skinny jeans, eyeliner, man bag, pointy toed boots look is very popular with gay, straight and undecided under 25s where I live.

by Alfred Kinseyreply 1108/03/2010

Please tell us where you live, R11. Skinny jeans are definitely popular in my age group, but the others? Not so much.

by Alfred Kinseyreply 1208/03/2010

Brighton, UK

by Alfred Kinseyreply 1308/03/2010

OP, youth haven't changed, you have. When you are young, the masculinity bar is quite a bit lower. When you are older, all youth seem effeminate and you can no longer distinguish which ones are butch.%0D

by Alfred Kinseyreply 1408/03/2010

A saleswoman in Macy's told me last month that hardly any male under 35 (and even some older guys) buys anything other than skinny or slim straight pants anymore. The big baggy stuff is no longer cool.

by Alfred Kinseyreply 1508/03/2010

Studies show that more and more women over 30 who previously id-ed at straight become lesbians, however I would think that the opposite is true for men, most young gay men like to think of themselves as bisexual and most bisexual men think of themselves as straight. I think once over 30, most bi men also end up with women.

by Alfred Kinseyreply 1608/03/2010

[quote]Studies show that more and more women over 30 who previously id-ed at straight become lesbians.%0D %0D Want some mustard with that baloney?

by Alfred Kinseyreply 1708/03/2010

OP is an idiot who subscribes to "nurture" vs "nature" causality of homosexuality.

Give it up. Gramps. Your day is past.

by Alfred Kinseyreply 1808/03/2010

OP masticates his coffee.

by Alfred Kinseyreply 1908/03/2010

It's BPA in the plastic, leeching into our food, and feminizing us (it acts in the body like an estrogen). Seriously. Look it up.%0D %0D

by Alfred Kinseyreply 2008/03/2010

More and more of them are out of the closet, and thus trying not to butch it up (and or being exposed to stereotypical gay behavior and "adopting" the affectations in order to "belong").%0D

by Alfred Kinseyreply 2108/03/2010

Don't know if they're gay, but I see more boys and men exhibiting effeminate characteristics now than a decade ago.

by Alfred Kinseyreply 2208/03/2010

That should read, "Not trying to butch it up" (because they're closeted and don't want anyone to know).%0D

by Alfred Kinseyreply 2308/03/2010

Life will knock you around no matter whether you are effeminate or not. Only the tough survive. Some men are better men with those sybillant "s" sounds than the macho poseur assholes. It's all about being strong. And real.

by Alfred Kinseyreply 2408/03/2010

[quote]Is it because kids today are less uptight about how they behave than they were years ago?%0D %0D Yes, they can be more open about trying new things.

by Alfred Kinseyreply 2508/04/2010

I suspect, although we're not 100 percent there, that there seems to be "more gay today" because society is more accepting of us.%0D %0D On a side note, I wish this horrendous "fashion" for skinny jeans and anti-fit/let's look like we can't dress properly jeans goes away asap; I've yet to see a guy look good in either style. Skinny jeans can look ok on women, but you also get many more lard-arses with muffin-tops trying to wear them too. I think it would be better for all concerned if they just fell out of fashion again.

by Alfred Kinseyreply 2608/04/2010

My job take me thru a VERY rural town. One day I saw a young fagula walking down the street, not hiding. I thought that was very cool. Just yesterday, I was driving thru and there was a gaggle of gays at some town square party, just being themselves. I was very suprised and happy for them as this is really nowhere-land.

by Alfred Kinseyreply 2708/04/2010

LOL. A "gaggle of gays", R27???%0D %0D That would be a great bumper sticker: "I saw a gaggle of gays in nowhere-land!"

by Alfred Kinseyreply 2808/18/2010

Sounds like a Morrissey lyric, R28

by Alfred Kinseyreply 2908/18/2010

I saw a gaggle of gays at the beach yesterday.

by Alfred Kinseyreply 3008/18/2010

I think kids have an easier time coming out these days. I have linked a video about a police beating of a gay couple in Denver. Can someone please start a thread? They were beaten after leaving a bar, and charges were not pressed against the police.

by Alfred Kinseyreply 3108/18/2010

what are "anti-fit/let's look like we can't dress properly jeans"?

by Alfred Kinseyreply 3208/18/2010

OP, I think it's a combination of your idiosyncratic perceptions and where you choose to shop. I am 52 years old, and have seen no change either way in the proportion of effeminate men in various places. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

by Alfred Kinseyreply 3308/18/2010

I'm also in my 50's and I sense that more and more "primarily straight" guys seem more interested and/or open to sex with men. I think a lot of it has to do with the internet. Sex with guys is simply easier to find, less hassle and--at least with a number of straight guys--not a particular taboo like it used to be. A decade or more ago, you had to actually make an effort to meet up with a guy to have sex (i.e., go to a gay bar, etc.), whereas now you can set it up in the privacy of your own room. I, in fact, know a few guys like this. Call 'em bi or whatever, but it seems a lot more common these days.

by Alfred Kinseyreply 3408/18/2010

there are too many gay people in this world today.but there are so many lesbians more than ever before. women today that are gay are falling in love with their own sex today.they must have come from very bad relationships years ago. the men that are gay must have been very badly abused by their parents years ago as well.the lesbians out number the homos ten to one.this will explain why men like me that are normal will have a very hard time finding a normal woman to be with today. this has become a very sickening world today when the other so called half have to go with their own sex.this makes me want to vomit.

by Alfred Kinseyreply 3505/23/2011

I'm 20, Gay and I live in LA. From what I've noticed amongst my youth, I've predicted that all these dudes who claims to be straight will come out of the closet within the next five to ten years. My female friends always tell me about the issues they have with their boyfriends or guys who they are fucking around with. By hearing their stories I can tell which dude is gay or straight. It seems like some of these "straight guys" out here tell gay jokes, use feminine products from bath and body works after showering, dress fashionable, arch their eyebrows, and whine/bitch out more than their girlfriends do when they don't get their way. It's like role reversal or some in the current dating world for young single people 18-25 out here in LA. Plus when it comes to the subject of pleasure aka "Sex" the majority of my female friends tell me that it seems like the only thing the guys care about are blowjobs. I've asked the little straight male friends I do have about what they cared for the most? A blowjob or sexual intercourse. The five of my straight male friends gave the same answer "PUSSY!" This makes me believe that all the guys out there who care more about blowjobs rather than full on sex are more likely to jerk off with another guy, or let another guy blow them. Thus leading to gay sex later on when they finally admit to themselves that they want to bend their best friend over and fuck him. The whole BROMANCE concept is bullshit too. It's just a starter excuse to slowly accept the fact that you might have a homosexual attraction towards men who like the same things as you and you don't find them as threat to you socially and sexually. In High school I caught so many of my male classmates staring at each other on numerous occasions as if they were about to jump each others bones and start making out. But when nutrition would hit they'd be all hugged up and kissing on their girlfriends while probably imagining having each others tongues in their mouths. Yea there's a lot of openly gay youth out and about today but trust me! There's a hell of a lot more that are about to break onto the scene real soon.

by Alfred Kinseyreply 3605/23/2011

I don't think percentage wise anything has changed, but there are.

1. More people generally, thus the number of gays is more, even if the percentage is similar.

2. More out gays.

3. Much more visibility via internet, social media, etc.

by Alfred Kinseyreply 3705/23/2011

[quote]I'm also in my 50's and I sense that more and more "primarily straight" guys seem more interested and/or open to sex with men. I think a lot of it has to do with the internet.

Studies show the opposite. 30 years ago, the percentage of straight-identified young men with same-sex experiences was much higher than now.

by Alfred Kinseyreply 3805/23/2011

[quote] I remember a time when it was unusual to meet a young person with the stereotypical gay voice, sterotypical gay gestures, etc.

Violence against gays used to be more prevalent. There was more motive to "straighten up" until you could get out of Hooterville and escape to the city.

by Alfred Kinseyreply 3905/23/2011

what r37 said.

OP seems dim.

by Alfred Kinseyreply 4005/24/2011

all lesbians are filthy low life pigs.

by Alfred Kinseyreply 4109/10/2011

i hate all lesbians. they are a disease, and need to be wiped out.

by Alfred Kinseyreply 4209/10/2011

Maybe the average woman today is becoming less sexually desirable and more guys are looking for something else.

by Alfred Kinseyreply 4309/10/2011

I get in so much trouble doing my gay youth surveys. Knowing how teenagers lie, I insist they prove they are gay and that's when the trouble begins. Seems they just can't accept my request for a sex act is for verification purposes only.

Who in their right mind would choose to have sex with over amp'd, under experienced youths?

by Alfred Kinseyreply 4409/10/2011

I think the whole gay fad is dying out. It was big in the 60's and 70's but the AIDS epidemic was a killer for the entire genre. Those into retro sometimes identify as gay as long as they don't have to have sex with another guy.

by Alfred Kinseyreply 4509/10/2011

It is simply that with the internet, it is much easier for young gays to find other people to talk about and work out their feelings earlier. When I was a kid, I felt I had no one to talk to about being gay, so I bottled up my emotions and stayed in the closet. I was 29 before I found someone to talk to about it, and started coming out. I am 42 now.

I knew I was gay, but was afraid of being attacked or losing my family.

by Alfred Kinseyreply 4609/10/2011

Guys are more femme today. Some point to plastic as the cause.

by Alfred Kinseyreply 4709/12/2011

the way i see it, there are just so much more lesbians than ever before. why the hell is this? women being attracted to other women. are there any straight decent women left, for straight men like me that hope to meet a nice woman today. i do blame these type of women out there because, many women today have become very nasty and have a no good attitude now. even the straight women are not looking for men, like they use too.

by Alfred Kinseyreply 4812/26/2011

"Taylor Lautner is gay" is the #1 trending topic on twitter. Wow.

by Alfred Kinseyreply 4912/26/2011

r49 did he come out?

by Alfred Kinseyreply 5012/26/2011

R48 you are gay gay gay. Stop fooling yourself.

by Alfred Kinseyreply 5112/26/2011

lesbians are everywhere these days, and it is so very sad.

by Alfred Kinseyreply 5202/03/2013

well i know one thing, the lesbian population is certainly out of control these days. very obvious, why us straight guys can't seem to meet a decent woman anymore.

by Alfred Kinseyreply 5304/30/2013

R-51 your a Freak Of Nature

by Alfred Kinseyreply 5409/17/2013

A question. If the theory that the more sons a woman has the more likely they are to be gay is true ( I.e. a second son is more likely to be gay than a first son and so on), does this then mean that there are actually likely to be fewer gay men around as families become much smaller? Not sure I believe the theory but this thought did cross my mind when I read it.

by Alfred Kinseyreply 5509/17/2013

18 So they found that gay gene... was it next to the bestiality one

by Alfred Kinseyreply 5609/17/2013

I appreciate r36's post. Refreshing

by Alfred Kinseyreply 5709/17/2013
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