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Which famous roles were won on the casting couch?

And which were lost there?

by Eatith Headreply 25609/06/2017

Good thread OP. I'd also really like to know about this, too. Anybody?

by Eatith Headreply 108/02/2010

Hayden Christensen getting Anikin Skywalker. James Van Der Beek, getting Dawsons Creek. Tom Cruise, getting All the Right Moves.

by Eatith Headreply 208/02/2010

Thanks for contributing, r2. I have no problem believing that those 3 did this.

by Eatith Headreply 408/02/2010

But who did Hayden Christensen fuck to get the role? Not George Lucas, and he had the final say.

by Eatith Headreply 508/02/2010

Of course we are talking sleeping with male producers/directors to get the gig here. (Like any male ever slept with a female producer to get a job in Hollywood, maybe a female actress slept with Penny Marshall, but...)

by Eatith Headreply 608/02/2010

How does a role get lost on the casting couch? Soneone's such a lousy lay that the producer changes their mind?

Or do you mean parts that actors lost because they refused to have sex with someone?

by Eatith Headreply 708/02/2010

Apparently it was Lucas.

by Eatith Headreply 808/02/2010

[quote]How does a role get lost on the casting couch? Soneone's such a lousy lay that the producer changes their mind?%0D %0D Love this question.

by Eatith Headreply 908/02/2010

[quote]How does a role get lost on the casting couch? Soneone's such a lousy lay that the producer changes their mind?

I'm sure it happens. Or that a higher up pretends they will get someone a role if that person sleeps with them, but lies just to get sex.

by Eatith Headreply 1008/02/2010

Matthew McConnaughey, "A Time to Kill" (fucked Kevin Spacey who passed him on to Joel Schumacher) Colin Farrell, "Tigerland" (fucked Kevin Spacey, who passed him on to ... Joel Schumacher) Sense a pattern here?

by Eatith Headreply 1108/02/2010

Keanu Reeves, Prince Siddhartha. BB was very impressed.

by Eatith Headreply 1208/02/2010

John guys don't think Lucas is gay? I do.

by Eatith Headreply 1308/02/2010

[quote](Like any male ever slept with a female producer to get a job in Hollywood, maybe a female actress slept with Penny Marshall, but...)

Shit, I knew of one but I've gone blank. I'll try to remember.

by Eatith Headreply 1408/02/2010

R13, George Lucas seems very gay to me.

by Eatith Headreply 1508/02/2010

It's possible that Keanu started his career bt fucking Katzenberg.

by Eatith Headreply 1608/02/2010

Gretchen Mol, seriously.

by Eatith Headreply 1708/02/2010

Brandon Routh, Superman

by Eatith Headreply 1808/02/2010

I'm sure Keanu was messing around with guys long before he got into showbiz.

by Eatith Headreply 1908/02/2010

Mrs. Danvers from 'Rebecca'.

by Eatith Headreply 2008/02/2010

The Wicked Witch of the West in 'The Wizard of Oz'. %0D %0D

by Eatith Headreply 2108/02/2010

In the recent book about the love affair between Liz Taylor and Richard Burton, the authors stated that Burton "reportedly" succumbed to the advances of John Gielgud and Laurence Olivier when he was a young stage actor.

by Eatith Headreply 2208/02/2010

The Host on American Idol

by Eatith Headreply 2308/02/2010

Got that right, r23.

by Eatith Headreply 2408/02/2010

Ryan Seacrest slept with Perv Griffin

by Eatith Headreply 2508/02/2010

Do you think Ryan enjoyed it, r25?

by Eatith Headreply 2608/02/2010

Bea Arthur fucked Norman Lear in the ass to get Maude.

by Eatith Headreply 2708/02/2010

"Brandon Routh, Superman"%0D %0D I am sceptical about this, because of all the rumors that Bryan Singer is fixated on teen boys. Routh doesn't seem to be his type.%0D %0D "[Richard] Burton "reportedly" succumbed to the advances of John Gielgud and Laurence Olivier "%0D %0D And in turn, Olivier owed much of his early success to an affair with Noel Coward. %0D %0D

by Eatith Headreply 2808/03/2010

Matt LeBlanc

not so much the casting couch, but Harrison Ford supposedly dealt pot to a few Hollywood big wigs before he hit the big time. who knows if he put out as well.

by Eatith Headreply 2908/03/2010

Brad Pitt - Thelma and Louise

Denise Richards - hard to imagine a role for which she didn't blow someone but she is so awful in Starship Troopers...

by Eatith Headreply 3008/03/2010

"I am sceptical about this, because of all the rumors that Bryan Singer is fixated on teen boys. Routh doesn't seem to be his type."%0D %0D %0D %0D %0D Bryan isn't only into teens. I know a guy who dated Bryan when he was about 26. %0D %0D

by Eatith Headreply 3108/03/2010

George Lucas is indeed gay.

by Eatith Headreply 3208/03/2010

What was Eva Mendes' first starring role?

by Eatith Headreply 3308/03/2010

I love you, Mia. (And I totally agree about Ms. "How the $%&*( did SHE get that part?" Mendes.)%0D %0D I think it was that Southern-set noir with Denzel Washington ("Out of Time"), but I see that she's a veteran of the "Children of the Corn" franchise as well.

by Eatith Headreply 3408/03/2010

Laurence Olivier also had an affair with an older, more established actor (I'm blanking on the actor's name) when he was first starting out

by Eatith Headreply 3508/03/2010

Any role in an Ingmar Bergman or Roman Polanski film featuring a female under thirty.

by Eatith Headreply 3608/03/2010

Any role that Sharon Stone ever got.

by Eatith Headreply 3708/03/2010

Joan Crawford practically invented the casting couch at MGM in the 1920s.

by Eatith Headreply 3808/03/2010

Spanky, Alfalfa, Porky, and Buckwheat from Our Gang/The Little Rascals.

by Eatith Headreply 3908/03/2010

Luke Skywalker. George Lucas couldn't decide between Mark Hamill and Michael O'Keefe and left the final decision up to Gareth Wigan, then a top Fox executive. Hamill was much prettier than O'Keefe and was fine with a certain arrangement with Wigan for meeting at a rented flat on High Street Kensington in London where STAR WARS was shot.

by Eatith Headreply 4008/03/2010

"I think it was that Southern-set noir with Denzel Washington ("Out of Time"), but I see that she's a veteran of the "Children of the Corn" franchise as well." Well, she must have done pretty well in the "casting" process for that film, #34, because she also played Denzel's baby mama in TRAINING DAY.

by Eatith Headreply 4108/03/2010

There is a really great anecdote about Rock Hudson using the casting couch in the book The Man Who Invented Rock Hudson. Rock was sleeping with a high powered exec at Universal (I forget his name). He would give Rock blowjobs in his office on a regular basis. Anyway, Rock was seriously injured just before he was scheduled to begin shooting Magnificent Obsession. He was about to be fired from the production, but his "guardian angel" stepped in and made them keep Rock.

by Eatith Headreply 4208/03/2010

According to Keram MS, Mark Salling on Glee. Probably other boys from Ryan Murphy shows as well.

by Eatith Headreply 4308/03/2010

One word: Toonces.

by Eatith Headreply 4408/03/2010

[quote]Any role that Sharon Stone ever got.

I'd believe this one too. I mean look at her marriages.

by Eatith Headreply 4508/03/2010

Greg Berlanti is known for using the casting couch

by Eatith Headreply 4608/03/2010

Grace Kelly - Alfred Hitchcock

by Eatith Headreply 4708/03/2010

R47, you're just being perverse. Hitch's fantasies are not what we're discussing here.

Vera Hruba Ralston and Yvonne De Carlo, on the B and C end of things.

by Eatith Headreply 4808/03/2010

So did Grace Kelly actually sleep with any or her directors or any other important people(not actors)?

by Eatith Headreply 4908/03/2010

[quote]So did Grace Kelly actually sleep with any or her directors or any other important people%0D %0D I believe there was some prince of minor importance and wealth.

by Eatith Headreply 5008/04/2010

"the authors stated that Burton "reportedly" succumbed to the advances of John Gielgud and Laurence Olivier when he was a young stage actor."

I think you are confusing star fucking with fucking to get a role.

by Eatith Headreply 5108/04/2010

not to mention a count who liked to design dresses.

by Eatith Headreply 5208/04/2010

R51, that's possible but the book about Burton and Taylor also includes an anecdote from Burton's time in the RAF during the war-- Burton got in trouble for 'entertaining an officer' in his room. The authors claim that Burton experienced a great deal of shame and guilt over his early same-sex experiences and that Elizabeth helped him come to terms with this by telling him "Get over it!" (You can practically hear Liz utter this line as she downs yet another Jack Daniels in one of her many caftans.)%0D %0D It doesn't appear that Burton engaged in the homosex after his early to mid-20s though. He defected to the other team to an extreme extent.

by Eatith Headreply 5308/04/2010

Both Robert Conrad and Rory Calhoun were up for the part of James West - Michael Garrison, who was as openly gay as you could be back then, was the producer/writer and slept with both of them, and decided Conrad was the better lay. Made Conrad's career, ended Calhoun's.

by Eatith Headreply 5408/04/2010

Pheww, thank God this thread is limited to naming actors and actresses and NOT actresses who are also singers, dancers, songwriters and entrepreneurs!!!!

by Eatith Headreply 5508/04/2010

Funny this should come up -- I followed the "Nuestra Belleza Latina" beauty contest on Telemundo last spring and thought it was kind of cheesy, and maybe kind of fixed. The absolute best part was towards the end, when the Dominican Republic candidates (who were both NY'ers) were dumped. Their mothers were interviewed, and wow were they two tough little mamas. %0D %0D Well, Telemundo just started airing 1/2 hour teasers of "Diessa Coronado", a novela about sexual harassment in a beauty contest in Mexico. (It goes to one-hour eps this coming Monday evening.) In just the second episode the mother of one of the contestants is emerging as a key figures,letting a predatory judge know she's on to him. %0D %0D Coincidence? Maybe.

by Eatith Headreply 5608/04/2010

"Both Robert Conrad and Rory Calhoun were up for the part of James West - Michael Garrison, who was as openly gay as you could be back then, was the producer/writer and slept with both of them, and decided Conrad was the better lay. Made Conrad's career, ended Calhoun's."%0D %0D %0D %0D Wow, never heard that. Btw, Rory was a client of the notorious Henry Willson, and probably put out for Henry, too%0D %0D

by Eatith Headreply 5708/04/2010


by Eatith Headreply 5808/04/2010

Someone's probably said it already but: Gloria Stuart in Titanic.

by Eatith Headreply 5908/04/2010


by Eatith Headreply 6008/04/2010

John Gielgud in Arthur

by Eatith Headreply 6108/04/2010

R61, that wasn't a casting couch, it was a casting hearse.

by Eatith Headreply 6208/04/2010

All of the original Charlie's Angel's and their replacements...

by Eatith Headreply 6308/04/2010

R63, seriously, speculation, or a joke?

by Eatith Headreply 6408/04/2010

Move over Oscar Wilde, Voltaire and Saul Bellow, r61 is nipping at your dead heels.%0D %0D Sir John probably got more cock at 80 than most of you can dream of.

by Eatith Headreply 6508/05/2010

Susan Ward in 'The In Crowd.'

by Eatith Headreply 6608/05/2010

The most serious blind item, rumor I ever read was about Keanu getting the part of Little Buddha. That rumor was everywhere.%0D %0D Didn't Maralyn Monroe say she had to such a lot of dick before she was accepted?

by Eatith Headreply 6708/05/2010

R67, yes, Marilyn definitely used the casting couch. When she signed a contract with 20th Century Fox she said something like, "That's the last dick I'll have to suck"

by Eatith Headreply 6808/05/2010

I'll cut any bitch who mentions my name.

by Eatith Headreply 6908/05/2010

R68, she seriously said something like that?

by Eatith Headreply 7008/05/2010


by Eatith Headreply 7108/05/2010


by Eatith Headreply 7208/06/2010

Wilford Brimley for the Quaker Oats commercials.

He reportedly said after signing the contract, "That's the last time I have to open my bunghole to a stranger."

by Eatith Headreply 7308/06/2010

As revealed in Brownwing's book, it was not just aspiring actresses who were subjected to humiliating ordeals in order to secure advancement. "Whilst it is quite well-known that the young Clarke Gable engaged in oral sex with fellow MGM player William Haines in order to establish himself at the studio, less well known are legendary hard man John Wayne's use of casting sessions to seduce up and coming young male contract players," claims Brownwing. "During the 1940s the outwardly conservative and heterosexual Wayne would regularly attend screen tests with director John Ford, in order to size up potential conquests. He'd get Ford to order the young hopefuls to take off their shirts and enact scenes which required them to lift heavy objects or bend over a lot." When he'd picked out his likely targets, Wayne would arrange for Ford to call them back to the studio - usually late at night - for a bogus final screen test. Instead of the director and a camera crew, the bewildered young actors would find themselves alone in an otherwise deserted studio with an amourous Wayne, who would typically be clad only in a Stetson and a pair of pearl handled Colt .45s holstered on his gunbelt. This seduction technique proved surprisingly successful for 'The Duke' - his conquests allegedly included Randolph Scott, Joel McCrea and Montgomery Clift, with whom he had a torrid affair during the making of Red River in 1948. Two other male stars to suffer unwanted attention were Rock Hudson and James Dean. "Elizabeth Taylor reportedly came on to them very strongly during the making of Giant, so they put out the rumour that they were both gay," says Brownwing. "This proved so successful that Hudson kept up the gay pretence for years in order to ward off the attentions of notorious female sexual predators like Doris Day. He even hired male models to pose as his boyfriends." So few people were aware of the truth that even a hooker who had slept with Rock tried to sell a story to the press claiming that she was so hot she'd turned Rock Hudson straight! Luckily, nobody believed her.%0D

by Eatith Headreply 7408/06/2010

Is that true about Wilfred Brimley?

by Eatith Headreply 7508/06/2010

r74: Lay off meth. It's very, very bad for you.

by Eatith Headreply 7608/06/2010

Mr. Ed

by Eatith Headreply 7708/06/2010

The quote in r74 sounds like bullshit; for one thing, Randolph Scott had to be the same age as John Wayne, and had a career before John Wayne did.

by Eatith Headreply 7808/06/2010

Lucille Bremer at MGM. Ann Miller once referred to her as "Arthur Freed's pussy".%0D %0D Gene Kelly fucked Larry Hart to win PAL JOEY on Broadway.

by Eatith Headreply 7908/06/2010

lol R69.

by Eatith Headreply 8008/06/2010

r54, I knew when I saw Wild, Wild West that someone gay had to be in Robert Conrad's career! That man is hawt!

by Eatith Headreply 8108/06/2010

r67 - Do you remember what the blind item was? ie. was it Reeves & Bertolucci?

by Eatith Headreply 8208/06/2010

"Gene Kelly fucked Larry Hart to win PAL JOEY on Broadway."%0D %0D %0D %0D Weren't there rumors that Larry Hart also fucked Van Johnson?%0D %0D

by Eatith Headreply 8308/07/2010

Was Larry Hart a top or bottom or versatile?

by Eatith Headreply 8408/18/2010

That Marilyn quote is a rumored one.

by Eatith Headreply 8508/18/2010


by Eatith Headreply 8608/23/2010


by Eatith Headreply 8708/23/2010

Wasn't Jon Voight's entire film career determined by his performance "on the casting couch?"

by Eatith Headreply 8808/23/2010

R2, Hayden for Life as a House as well. The producer on that film wanted him BAD.

by Eatith Headreply 8908/23/2010

Ashley Judd owes Sherry Lansing her movie "career."

by Eatith Headreply 9008/23/2010

I believe all of Keanu's early roles, from when he lived in Canada, were gotten on the casting couch. Little Buddha was easy for him. He had to date Sophia Coppola before he got a part in Bram Stoker's Dracula.

by Eatith Headreply 9108/25/2010

Rebel Without A Cause

by Eatith Headreply 9208/25/2010

I was just thinking about Janmes Dean for this thread, R91, but I never heard anything about him sleeping with people for movie parts.

by Eatith Headreply 9308/25/2010

""Gene Kelly fucked Larry Hart to win PAL JOEY on Broadway."%0D %0D %0D Weren't there rumors that Larry Hart also fucked Van Johnson?"%0D %0D And also rumors of Larry with Desi Arnaz as well. %0D

by Eatith Headreply 9408/25/2010

I have a question about actors cast based on couch performance.

As an example:

Say it is true that Hayden Christensen got the role in 'Life as a House' in that manner. How do actors like Kevin Kline and Kristin Scott Thomas feel about having to work with an actor that was not cast for acting ability but fuckability?

by Eatith Headreply 9508/25/2010

"I wanted Taylor [Lautner] to do it, I really did," Singer stated. "He's doing a movie in Pittsburgh called Abduction and then he's got the next Twilight movie. We talked about it a lot, he is a friend, and I really wanted to make it work. It just doesn't look like it's possible to do it."-Bryan Singer %0D %0D Bryan Singer and Taylor Lautner are best pals.%0D %0D

by Eatith Headreply 9608/25/2010

Any truth to the rumors that Gerard Butler's audition for "The Phantom of the Opera" involved Joel Schumacher's casting couch. I know Joel's reputation...

by Eatith Headreply 9708/25/2010

Tom Cruise and Kevin Zegers %0D Tom Cruise and Christopher Egan %0D Tom Cruise and Anthony Mackie %0D %0D for Impossible IV

by Eatith Headreply 9808/25/2010

There have been rumors that Nicolas Ray was bi-sexual and had an affair with Natalie Wood. I really don't know how he kept his hands of Sal Minio.

by Eatith Headreply 9908/26/2010

"We talked about it a lot, he is a friend, and I really wanted to make it work. It just doesn't look like it's possible to do it"%0D %0D %0D %0D %0D %0D %0D So Bryan is still "befriending" cute guys young enough to be his sons?

by Eatith Headreply 10008/26/2010

You don't win a role on the casting couch, you earn it. Literally.

by Eatith Headreply 10108/26/2010


by Eatith Headreply 10208/28/2010

Richard Carlson got the Thomas Jefferson role in "The Howards of Virginia" via the casting couch.

by Eatith Headreply 10308/28/2010

103, details please! Richard Carlson was really cute when he was young.

by Eatith Headreply 10408/28/2010

Brad Pitt lived with soap writer Thom Racina for 2 years...

by Eatith Headreply 10508/28/2010

"So Bryan is still "befriending" cute guys young enough to be his sons?"

And somewhere David Geffen is pitching a hissy-fit.

by Eatith Headreply 10608/28/2010

#106, at first I assumed that David Geffen is badmouthing Taylor Lautner because he refused to date or put out for Geffen and that's how the rumor started of Taylor being at one of Singer's party. But with Singer claiming he's friends with Taylor and they talk to each other by phone every day makes me wonder.

by Eatith Headreply 10708/28/2010

Old article%0D %0D X-Men Director Bryan Singer and Taylor Lautner Dating? %0D %0D "Sources tell us that Bryan Singer took new IT muscle boy Taylor "Gaylor" Lautner to the Super Bowl game last month "for business." Just recently, Gaylor was seen driving Bryan's Lamborghini around town looking pretty damn good. We all know Bryan lives a rather active and public gay lifestyle and hides from paparazzi. Rumors of Taylor's sexuality only get gayer so could the two possibly be dating......"%0D %0D

by Eatith Headreply 10808/28/2010

I would estimate that 80-85% of all 'famous' roles were a result of bedding the producer or director.

And I should know!

by Eatith Headreply 10908/28/2010

Glenn Beck as a talking head.

by Eatith Headreply 11008/28/2010

R49: Quoting from David Slavitt's book "George Sanders, Zsa Zsa, and Me":

"...I read that Prince Rainier had thought about marrying her (Monroe) before he settled on Grace Kelly. And what I'd heard about Grace Kelly is that she'd been known to fuck a headwaiter to get a good table."

by Eatith Headreply 11108/28/2010

R64, do you actually think they were chosen for their acting ability?

by Eatith Headreply 11208/28/2010

R49 here. Thanks r111. Good info.

by Eatith Headreply 11308/28/2010

Bryan/Brad Renfro > Bryan/Taylor Lautner

by Eatith Headreply 11408/28/2010

R112, I was also r64. I thought that perhaps they were chosen for their sex appeal and/or their personalities, not their acting.

by Eatith Headreply 11508/28/2010

R95, how do you think Kristin Scott Thomas started her career, or even Kline for that matter?

by Eatith Headreply 11608/28/2010

If many of these actors have used the casting couch, it wouldn't surprises me given how fake, pathetic, and shallow most of them are. Most of these celebrities that people idolize are pathetic and needy people in need of superficial validation.

And largely untalented, for that matter.

by Eatith Headreply 11708/28/2010

"Brad Pitt lived with soap writer Thom Racina for 2 years..."%0D %0D %0D %0D %0D %0D Really?%0D %0D

by Eatith Headreply 11808/28/2010

If true, I don't think the Singer / Lautner thing is a casting couch session since there are no official plans (yet) for them to work together, right?

by Eatith Headreply 11908/28/2010

"really?"%0D %0D Yes, Brad Pitt was his "houseboy" for 2 year..%0D %0D Here's his website were he talked about it..%0D %0D

by Eatith Headreply 12008/29/2010

Gretchen Mol

by Eatith Headreply 12108/29/2010

'Lucky', the cat on ALF. And he won the role on a cat bed, not a casting couch.

by Eatith Headreply 12208/29/2010

Prove ONE WORD of this crap you people are posting. Youre just throwing out names, and you have no evidence whatsoever to back it up.

by Eatith Headreply 12305/09/2012

r95, Hayden actually did a pretty nice job in Life as a House, so I'm sure the other actors were fine with him winning the role. Not sure if that instance was a casting couch, but I'm inclined to believe Star Wars was. Then again, the writing & directing for those prequels was so bad, even A-list hotties at the time would have struggled in that role.

by Eatith Headreply 12405/10/2012

Gee, r123. You bump a thread that's been dead for nearly two years just to say it's all a pack of lies? Why not let it stay dead?

You're too obvious, dear.

by Eatith Headreply 12505/10/2012

If you watch Life As House DVD extras you will find that both Kristen and Kevin were impressed by Hayden's talent at such young age, 19 I recall. They admitted that they were not as good at that age. Anyway Hayden already finished Star Wars, Attached of the Clones by the time he started his role in Life as a House.

by Eatith Headreply 12605/10/2012

George Lucas does not appear gay to me. Asexual weirdo, yes. Gay, no. So is Thor going on this list or not?

by Eatith Headreply 12705/10/2012

David Tyler Muir and Peter Jennings.

by Eatith Headreply 12805/10/2012

Hayden was good in Shattered Glass too. I think he can't do all roles, but is more reduced to certain parts if he choose more wisely it wouldn't be so noticable. Star Wars films made very good actors look bad except for Harrison Ford.

by Eatith Headreply 12905/10/2012

P. Allen Smith won his TV gigs on the iron loveseat in a garden.

by Eatith Headreply 13005/10/2012

Hayden in Shattered Glass was the only thing he was ever good in. And he wasn't that great. He was simply OK. You could probably find many actors who could have done a better job. The problem is that Hayden can't really do anything other than play himself. Some actors can get away with that if they are entertaining and charming on screen (George Clooney) and the public likes their persona. Hayden is like watching paint dry. No charisma.

Robert Pattinson seems to be this decade's Hayden. I wonder if their fates will be the same. They are both deadly boring to watch.

by Eatith Headreply 13105/10/2012

Saw a Twit-light film. Pattinson, sensitive student, recited some Shakespeare. Owww.

by Eatith Headreply 13205/10/2012

I am so jealous of anyone who hooked up with Gene Kelly and Robert Conrad in their prime!

by Eatith Headreply 13305/10/2012

R131 speak for youself re charisma. Hayden was really good in Life as a House. He got a Globe nomination for his role.

by Eatith Headreply 13405/10/2012

OOOH, a Globe!

by Eatith Headreply 13505/10/2012

[R67] [R68] As I posted on another thread, women in Hollywood who had low-paying contracts, such as Marilyn's was, were expected to entertain gentleman callers. An actress from MGM that I knew, very beautiful, knew this and wouldn't take a contract until she was signed at $1250/week.

by Eatith Headreply 13605/10/2012

I'm interested in who runs Universal now? How did the first time director Rinsch, get to direct the most expensive Universal film of the year, 47 Ronin?

by Eatith Headreply 13705/14/2012

I do believe Lucas is gay and it's pretty weird that NO ONE ever mentions it.

by Eatith Headreply 13805/14/2012

I don't think Lucas is gay, he's just into black chicks. He's always up in Janet's grill...

by Eatith Headreply 13905/14/2012

[quote]James Van Der Beek, getting Dawsons Creek.

Not his fault, he thought he was auditioning for "Dawson's Crack"

by Eatith Headreply 14005/14/2012

[quote]Do you think Ryan enjoyed it

No, Ryan said, Merv would put on a g-string and dance around. His mounds o' heaping flesh would cascasde over the string and make him appear naked.

He'd be passing gas and be like, "Don't worry baby, it's natural."

by Eatith Headreply 14105/14/2012

Joyce DeWitt was having an affair with Tex Ritter, that's how she knew John Ritter.

by Eatith Headreply 14205/14/2012

I always wondered, what guarantee do these actors have that they're gonna get the role after they sleep with the person? I mean can't they just get screwed over after already doing the deed?

by Eatith Headreply 14305/15/2012

I just don't see Janet and Lucas. Sandy Gallin managed Michael for awhile, did he ever manage Janet?

by Eatith Headreply 14405/15/2012

Actually Roger Davies managed Janet for years, but in that photo on the left Lucas and Janet are at the 2001 Vanity Fair Oscar party.

by Eatith Headreply 14505/15/2012

Keanu slept with Hampton or Frears to get his part in Dangerous Liaisons. When Keanu was young he probably used the casting couch to get all his roles, except for Bill & Ted.

by Eatith Headreply 14608/10/2012


I imagine a blow job in the office, then a contract. It would be known by the actor's rep exactly what is expected for the duration.

Some directors, like Michael Bay, won't hire leads unless they will put out for the length of the shoot, at least.

Actors, especially women, will be blackballed if they don't play along. There might be incentives in the deal, too.

A lot of contracts are multi-picture studio deals; I can only imagine what the expectation is there.

by Eatith Headreply 14708/10/2012

Is Michael Bay bi?

by Eatith Headreply 14808/10/2012

Does marring the writer count?

by Eatith Headreply 14908/10/2012

Thought outwardly a goody-goody Catholic girl, June Haver fucked her way up the Fox ladder. She went from a wordless bit-part in THE GANG'S ALL HERE in 1943 to starring in Technicolor musicals the following year.

She fucked Zanuck and producer George Jessel who cast her in THE DOLLY SISTERS opposite Betty Grable.

Grable couldn't stand Haver and used to say of her that she had "a Bible in one hand and a fistful of condoms in the other."

by Eatith Headreply 15008/10/2012

r148, I meant female leads in his case.

Although, I did hear that *allegedly* Bay was championed by Bruckheimer after he had a few private meetings with him to 'discuss his reel'.

Don Simpson, Bruckheimer's producing partner, hated Bay.

by Eatith Headreply 15108/10/2012

Bay is straight R148.

by Eatith Headreply 15208/10/2012

[quote]probably said it already but: Gloria Stuart in Titanic.

That's hysterical R59. I'll bet you also post the clever Helen Lawson and M messages, too.

by Eatith Headreply 15308/10/2012

Any woman with an even vaguely fuckable vagina cast in an Oliver Stone film.

Does it count as a casting couch if they're hookers at the time? (Demi Moore, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kim Basinger, Denise Richards, Halle Berry, etc.)

Talk about anyone you want but you bitches had better not mention my days as MGM's blowjob queen.

by Eatith Headreply 15408/10/2012

R154, details on Pfeiffer and Berry, please.

I always thought they were too pretty to need to do that.

Thanks for the image of Stone fucking anyone. Gross, creepy man. Oh, and I also thought Stone was on the DL closeted Hollywood list.

by Eatith Headreply 15508/10/2012

How often is the casting couch used today? I can see B- and C-listers using it to climb the ladder, but is the lead role in a multi-million dollar movie going to go to whoever puts out?

R147 sort of answered the question, but I really can't see something as important as the lead role being determined by the casting couch, when so much money is at stake. But maybe I'm just naive.

by Eatith Headreply 15608/10/2012

Berry was "kept" by a succession of rich and/or famous men in her early years in Hollywood. The list included Kevin Costner at some point so clearly the girl has suffered enough. (Yeah, I know she's a crazy bitch but still, Costner? Ew.)

Pfeiffer was a working girl in L.A. in her early days. She was definitely a high priced call girl, not a streetwalker. I think she worked for Madame Alex, this was pre-Heidi Fleiss.

I'm not judging - a girl's got to make a living and an actress needs time to audition.

Some very lucky and/or orally talented working girls marry very well.

by Eatith Headreply 15708/10/2012

Thank you, r157.

I'm not judging either.

I just thought Berry and Pfeiffer had modeling careers before Hollywood. I realize that sounds cliche, but I think they were pretty enough to support themselves.

by Eatith Headreply 15808/10/2012

Don't know if it 'won' him the role, but Keanu was also supposed to have played nice with Branagh for one of the latter's Shakespeare efforts.

On 'Julius Caesar' Brando was so respectful of Gielgud's verse-speaking technique that he asked him for tutorials. In return, Gielgud was allowed to show Brando further oral skills.

by Eatith Headreply 15908/10/2012

Vice Presidential Nominee.

by Eatith Headreply 16008/11/2012

Keanu was extremely good looking and he was wise enough to use what he was born with. Seems like a wise move.

by Eatith Headreply 16108/11/2012

you people are pathetic.. passing around rumours with no proof. Are youre lives that bad, this is all you have to do?

by Eatith Headreply 16201/06/2013

Mickey Mouse was fucking goofy.

by Eatith Headreply 16301/30/2013

Gillian Anderson, Dana Scully (Jodie Foster fucked her, Randy Stone pushed her to Fox)

by Eatith Headreply 16401/30/2013

R46, I'd fuck Greg Berlanti whether he gave me a job or not.

by Eatith Headreply 16501/30/2013

Judging from these posts, it seems that there were many, many times that John Gielgud did Feilgud!

by Eatith Headreply 16601/30/2013

(#42, page 3)That producer could be Ross Hunter of Universal International studio. He used to be photographed escorting actresses to premiere's, etc! But he always seemed to be gay just the same.

by Eatith Headreply 16701/30/2013

I happen to know of one, but I feel bad saying who. :/

It's a woman, though, mostly TV...and not everyone knows about her (yet?).

by Eatith Headreply 16801/30/2013

I've feel like George Lukas is gay.

by Eatith Headreply 16901/30/2013

R168, they're waiting for you over at iVillage.

Also, I appreciate the DL's discretion in not mentioning me in this thread.

by Eatith Headreply 17001/30/2013

I've got your back, Jason.

by Eatith Headreply 17101/30/2013

Any one know how Bette Midler got her 10 picture deal with Disney in the 80's?

by Eatith Headreply 17201/30/2013

Isn't iVillage where you go to watch homemade instructional videos or something? I remember hearing about it in 1996 or so.

by Eatith Headreply 17301/30/2013

R172 At the time Disney was known for paying down-on-their luck actors almost nothing to star in their live action movies. She probably was paid slightly over scale with minimal bumps on each successive picture.

by Eatith Headreply 17401/30/2013

There's a rumor that John C. Holmes fucked his way to stardom and got several of his roles through sex.

by Eatith Headreply 17501/30/2013

A DL original: some hot guy got fucked by Chris Colfer for a role in his movie.

by Eatith Headreply 17601/30/2013

I know that Merv Griffin got his share of casting couch action. He got outed in it when the Dance Fever man tried to blackmail him.

by Eatith Headreply 17701/30/2013

Overall, the process (today...I know it was different "back then") seems kind of like joining a cult or exclusive social club. If one doesn't have a family legacy or a marketing factor that is noticed right away, one devises a scheme for "faking it 'til you make it." You take acting classes, get some form of agent, audition, and go to venues where cool executives and celebrities go, and look like you know what you're doing, having perfected your flattery and succinct raison d'etre. You say yes, in tailored ways, to everything anyone important says. This is basic networking, and also the best acting that anyone will ever do- in any profession.

If you're VERY good at all of this, you will eventually make "friends with leads" or even attract people with power (or their friends) and fuck some of them casually, or get fucked up with them. Not necessarily on a couch, however. More like in a private home, etc. When done smartly, one might find themselves accepted as part of the group from this interesting journey. A lot of them are probably proud of it, or have convinced themselves that they are.

by Eatith Headreply 17801/30/2013

[quote]Berry was "kept" by a succession of rich and/or famous men in her early years in Hollywood. The list included Kevin Costner at some point so clearly the girl has suffered enough. (Yeah, I know she's a crazy bitch but still, Costner? Ew.)

I don't believe this about Costner. In the early 90's he was a lot younger and pretty hot. I wouldn't have minded being kept by him then.

by Eatith Headreply 17901/30/2013

The hotness wasn't the problem back then, it was more the "Costnerness" that was/is so gross.

Also, whether or not some random civilian would or would not have minded being a whore isn't relevant.

by Eatith Headreply 18001/30/2013

How do you know this, r178. Or, rather, would you mind telling us more?

by Eatith Headreply 18101/30/2013

Bebe Neuwirth dipped her tongue in Whoopi's pie for her role in the dreadful The Associate.

by Eatith Headreply 18201/30/2013

OMG! Bette Midle, I love her! Any juicy gossip about her? How slutty is she? Any personal accounts?

by Eatith Headreply 18301/31/2013

Costner was completely gorgeous when he was young. Are some of you SOOOO stupid that you don't know tht you don't stay 21 for ever...unless you die? But if you want to die at 21, I'm fine with it.

by Eatith Headreply 18401/31/2013

Any movie with Jenifer Maniston, Catherine Zero Jones or Leonardo DiCrapio

by Eatith Headreply 18502/02/2013

For those who didn't notice, r74's post camefrom a satire website. The quoted book doesn't exist, and its purported author, Kevin Brownwing, is obviously a parody of noted film historian Kevin Brownlow.

by Eatith Headreply 18602/02/2013

This isn't a famous role but I would guess Keanu Reeves in Prince of Pennsylvania. He had the lead and Ron Nyswaner, a talented script writer(Philipelphia) and director of the film probably fell like a ton of bricks for Keanu.

I believe Keanu also won Little Buddha and his part in Dangerous Liaisons...won through expert use of the casting couch.

by Eatith Headreply 18702/03/2013

Based on gossip I've read over the years...

Natalie Portman for Garden State Uma slept with Quentin for her role in Pulp Fiction Jake Gyllenhaal serviced the big producer for Disney's Prince of Persia, many times Gwyneth Paltrow for Shakespeare in Love Gretchen Mol and Harvey Weinstein (everyone knows this one) Heather Graham in Boogie Nights Blake Lively for every role ever

by Eatith Headreply 18802/03/2013

R181: Because the person I know who did it, did it that way. And then there are others in the same circle whom I highly suspect did the same. I'm sure there are multiple ways, but seriously- it's probably not as "formal" an event as some of these posters are making it sound like. Not anymore, at least, if it ever was.

by Eatith Headreply 18902/04/2013

Howard Hughes would bang all potential starlets before issuing a contract..he wanted to know that they were good performers between the sheets as well as in front of the camera.

by Eatith Headreply 19002/16/2013

Interesting R188 about Natalie Portman - who is she alleged to have slept with? Zach Braff?

If Jake really slept with the producer of Prince of Persia, what a stupid move - the film tanked his career.

by Eatith Headreply 19103/07/2013

Beek R2?

He would have slept with Kevin even if he didn't get the part. James likes being passed around and yes his wife knows.

by Eatith Headreply 19204/06/2013


This reminds me of the angelfire sites that said out loud that The Beek was sleeping with the guy who played his father on the show and he was fired.

by Eatith Headreply 19304/08/2013


I remember hearing about that. The rumor never went away, did it?

by Eatith Headreply 19404/08/2013



by Eatith Headreply 19504/08/2013

Gabby Hayes gave so many rim jobs in the 40s and 50s his beard looked like a chocolate eclair. Seriously. He'd do this is restaurants, in broad daylight! Completely scandalous! No one ever talked about it either because he was so full of syphilis he was constantly oozing and popping. He always be staring at you with blood-shot eyes, daring you to say a word about the endless public rim jobs. The eating and licking and slorping. The endless orgy of gorging and worping. It was nauseating yet hypnotic.

by Eatith Headreply 19605/11/2013

Kristen Stewart and Rupert maybe?, they weren't caught in flagrante but it was close, ps a lot of the names bandied about here appear to be wishful thinking more than anything else

by Eatith Headreply 19701/01/2014

Natalie Wood fucked her way into [italic]Rebel Without a Cause[/italic].

by Eatith Headreply 19801/01/2014

R178/R189 is right. It is so obvious things are done this way.

From having been part of much less powerful groups, but nonethelss groups with "access", I can vouch this is the way things are done. And it takes a certain talent. Either you're in it already (from family connections, usually. Blood is thicker than water), or you're very pretty and ready to put out, or you're EXTREMELY talented, in any capacity.

by Eatith Headreply 19901/01/2014

A few years back I read a book about Somerset Maugham. When it came time to film The Razor's Edge, the producer was reluctant to cast Anne Baxter because he felt she did not have the required sex appeal, referring to her as a "cold potato" A colleague set him straight and told him she was anything but cold and how he would know. So while it was not a casting couch in the typical sense, there is no question she earned that role for the work she did on her back and/or knees.

by Eatith Headreply 20001/01/2014

As a young hoofer, Jimmy Cagney reportedly bent over for Jed Harris -- got humiliated, but no part.

by Eatith Headreply 20101/01/2014

Did anyone mention me?

by Eatith Headreply 20201/02/2014

Charlize Theron 4 Weinstein Movies + 2 Woody Allen Movies . And she was a It Girl in the Late 90s. And from a Nobody who had to learn English and got acting lessons plus a Greencard to this in under 5 Years. impossible whitout any favors!

by Eatith Headreply 20302/12/2014

Charlize has mentioned the casting couch before.

She basically implied she has fucked the right people for roles. I think I saw this in an interview (video) but I can't remember where I saw it, or how long ago.

by Eatith Headreply 20402/12/2014

Scarlett Johannson's part

by Eatith Headreply 20502/12/2014

[R74] That's hilarious

by Eatith Headreply 20602/12/2014

Pia Zadora, duh.

And before he got his acting career started, I wonder who Marky Mark had to bottom for to become an underwear model?

by Eatith Headreply 20702/12/2014

Grace Kelly never went near a casting couch.

Shirley Jones/Richard Rodgers is pretty much established fact. (As with Diahann Carroll and Jan Clayton.)

Marilyn Monroe/Zanuck is common knowledge.

by Eatith Headreply 20802/13/2014

No one on this thread knows- that's for sure.

by Eatith Headreply 20902/13/2014

[quote]No one on this thread knows- that's for sure.

I don't if they're still here, but DL did once have some well-informed Hollywood insiders.

by Eatith Headreply 21002/13/2014

Actually, R209, a lot of the posts in this thread are absolutely true.

by Eatith Headreply 21102/13/2014

Lee Majors.

Nick Adams.

Robert Conrad.

James Dean.

oh, and

Denny Terrio.

by Eatith Headreply 21202/13/2014

Yeah even James Franco's TV movie about James Dean made of point of showing that he slept with producers to help his career.

by Eatith Headreply 21302/13/2014

Tom Arnold slept with Roseanne.

by Eatith Headreply 21410/13/2014

Disney had a casting couch until Kevin Corcoran jumped on it and broke it.

by Eatith Headreply 21510/13/2014

Jake must've capitulated for Prince of Persia. Denis Villeneuve said he doesn't know all the details but it "wasn't nice".

by Eatith Headreply 21604/05/2015

what about Jennifer Lawrence ?

by Eatith Headreply 21705/06/2015

Bette Midler was asked in an interview about the Hollywood casting couch and whether it exists. She said, "I don't know, but if it does exist, no one ever asked me to get on it."

by Eatith Headreply 21805/06/2015

Interesting R216.

by Eatith Headreply 21905/08/2015

Charlize knew English when she moved to Hollywood, get your facts straight.

by Eatith Headreply 22005/08/2015

Megan Fox

by Eatith Headreply 22105/14/2015

Mariel Hemingway /Star 80.

by Eatith Headreply 22205/15/2015

Bernardo Bertolucci's film "Little Bhudda" (1993), there were rumors about Keanu Reeves winning the role on the casting couch. I found it easy to believe the rumors because he was so incredibly fucking unsuited to play an Indian man or a spiritual leader, and there were rumors all right.

I must admit Keanu wasn't 100% awful in the role, towards the end there was a long sequence where he sat quietly under a tree and looked spiritual, as the drama roiled around him. As long as he sat still and didn't talk, he was okay.

by Eatith Headreply 22305/15/2015

You DO know Keanu is part Asian, don't you, r223? He was fine in Litttle Buddha. I enjoyed that movie a lot.

by Eatith Headreply 22405/15/2015

Yeah part Asian...not from India. BB had already hired Naveen but then he watched Idaho and had to have Keanu. Keanu did his thing and won the role. Bertolucci told most of that story on Jay Leno. The thing was, Keanu could not do a lot of press, his drug problems had been alluded to in the press.

by Eatith Headreply 22505/15/2015

the ENTIRE cast of Glee

by Eatith Headreply 22605/15/2015

What about the cast of High School Musical?

by Eatith Headreply 22705/15/2015

Taron Egerton for Kinsgman, perhaps?

by Eatith Headreply 22805/15/2015

Who the fuck ever heard of Taron Egerton?

by Eatith Headreply 22905/15/2015

Whoopi Goldberg, The Color Purple.

Gabby Sidibe, Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire.

Melissa McCarthy, Tammy.

Rebel Wilson, Pitch Perfect 2(yes 2).

Jonah Hill, Grandma's Boy.

by Eatith Headreply 23005/15/2015

Um...were we talking about the casting couch?

by Eatith Headreply 23105/15/2015


by Eatith Headreply 23205/15/2015

Gabby Hayes for My Pal Trigger. Hung like a horse.

by Eatith Headreply 23305/15/2015

Lillian Gish, The Whales of August

by Eatith Headreply 23405/15/2015

R230, Are you serious? None of those are "sex pots;" they're character actors.

by Eatith Headreply 23505/16/2015

R203, What made "The Whale" go for Charlize Theron?

by Eatith Headreply 23605/16/2015

I can't imagine Rebel Wilson or Melissa McCarthy, but since it is the mentality of Hollywood, then I guess it may be true

by Eatith Headreply 23706/26/2015

Guy Madison fucked Henry Willson for roles

by Eatith Headreply 23806/26/2015

Anybody who got their big break from Joel Schumacher: Colin Farrell, McBongo, Gerard Butler, Val Kilmer.

by Eatith Headreply 23906/26/2015

The producer for Prince of Persia was Jerry Bruckheimer. Jake fucked Bruckheimer?! Is Bruckheimer gay? I always wondered how Adam Garcia got the part in Coyote Ugly. He was a complete unknown. Did he put out for Bruckheimer? Ditto for Cruise and Top Gun? Star Wars: was Ryan Phillippe up for it too? Did he put out? Is Lucas gay? Is this gay abuse of power or just power hungry producers/directors out to humiliate (haze) their employees?

by Eatith Headreply 24006/26/2015

Yes, 240 he is.

by Eatith Headreply 24106/26/2015

any role JLaw ever got

by Eatith Headreply 24206/26/2015

Joan Crawford fucked the dire tor of "Our Dancing Daughters" to get the main role. It made her a star, so good for her.

by Eatith Headreply 24306/26/2015

I thought Lucas was gay but I never thought Bruckheimer was.

by Eatith Headreply 24406/26/2015

I'm thinking Tiger Hu Chen fucked Keanu, so that Keanu would make Man Of Tai Chi. Except I think Keanu was actually in love with Tiger.

by Eatith Headreply 24506/26/2015

Well, all I can say is that it sure paid off for Ryan Seacrest!

by Eatith Headreply 24606/26/2015

How about Sharon stone getting the role in basic instinct. She did flash a lot in the movie, who knows maybe she slept her way to that role.

by Eatith Headreply 24706/26/2015

Tom Cruise in Risky Business

by Eatith Headreply 24806/26/2015

Also, Tammy Cruise in Endless Love. Zefirelli was mad about the boy, and the way he looked back then, I can't say that I blame him.

by Eatith Headreply 24906/26/2015

R239 also Spacey, and there are rumors about Spielberg that are just creepy.

by Eatith Headreply 25009/06/2017

The angel role in X men played by Ben Hardy

by Eatith Headreply 25109/06/2017

Vanessa Williams, allegedly for the lead in ERASER with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

by Eatith Headreply 25209/06/2017

R251 wouldn't be surprised if a lot of roles in the XMen movies were from people sleeping with BS.

by Eatith Headreply 25309/06/2017

[R253] Ben Hardy has now been cast in Bryan Singers next film which leaves the cynical part of me strongly suspecting that Ben might be very gifted orally and may have been so good that knee pads were required....

by Eatith Headreply 25409/06/2017

r191 Portman allegedly slept with some rich Israeli financier to help Braff get the backing to make Garden State. Rumored.

by Eatith Headreply 25509/06/2017

This is a pretty old thread.

by Eatith Headreply 25609/06/2017
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