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Hollywood Autograph Convention Comes to the East Coast!

Those of us on the East Coast who have been jealous of all the Hollywood Autograph Conventions held at the Beverly Garland Hiton in LA for all these years - REJOICE!%0D %0D The MidAtlantic Nostalgia Convention is being held in Hunt Valley, Maryland from Sept. 23-25 and will feature lots of old has-beens signing autographs, etc., including "Mary Ann" from GILLIGAN'S ISLAND and TV hunks the Green Hornet himself, VAN WILLIAMS, and Mark Goddard from LOST IN SPACE.%0D %0D See you there!

by Autograph Houndreply 1808/03/2010

MARYLAND? MARYLAND? Who the hell goes THERE? What about New York? That makes much more sense!!!!

by Autograph Houndreply 108/02/2010


- Jan Brady on The Brady Bunch Hour

They're REALLY stretching here!

by Autograph Houndreply 208/02/2010

Love autograph shows. Best in The East is Chiller in Parsippany N.J. with the NY Comic Con giving a run for it's money. Hey where else can Ann-Margret grab my hand and thank me for coming to see her? So many good moments like that.

by Autograph Houndreply 308/02/2010

What happened? Growing up in the 1970s there were many of these conventions regularly in MANHATTAN. Back then you didn't have to pay the celebrities but times change.

by Autograph Houndreply 408/02/2010

R1, they are going to Maryland instead of NYC, because they would rather have crabs than bedbugs.

by Autograph Houndreply 508/02/2010

No fair...

There is finally something like this near enough for me to just drive to and the best celebrity they can come up with is Don West from Lost in Space?


by Autograph Houndreply 608/03/2010

Well Bummer, are you anywhere near Hunt Valley MD?

by Autograph Houndreply 708/03/2010

Marsha Hunt doesn't belong in that group.

Hunt Valley is near Baltimore/DC.

by Autograph Houndreply 808/03/2010

Take this "thing" back to Baltimurr!

by Autograph Houndreply 908/03/2010

Marsha Hunt is lucky she can get seen anywhere, that Red!

by Autograph Houndreply 1008/03/2010

Oh, for crying out loud. You can get all that crap on ebay now.

by Autograph Houndreply 1108/03/2010

Sugarfoot is going to be there? I thought he was dead. I loved him on tv and Elvis movies but he just disappeared. I heard he was working in the mailroom at a studio.

by Autograph Houndreply 1208/03/2010

Ha, R10.%0D %0D R3, is Chiller the one that had Ann-Margret last year? This one just seems so chintzy and cut-rate.

by Autograph Houndreply 1308/03/2010

I thought Marsha Hunt was a large, black lady who played the bailiff on "Night Court."

by Autograph Houndreply 1408/03/2010

Marsha Hunt - B-movie leading lady of the 40s, blacklisted because of Communist leanings. Disappeared from show business after she was blacklisted.%0D %0D Marsha Warfield - B-list comedienne of the 70s, black, played the bailiff on Night Court. Disappeared from show business after the program went off the air.

by Autograph Houndreply 1508/03/2010

[quote]is Chiller the one that had Ann-Margret last year? This one just seems so chintzy and cut-rate.

Yeah. Chintzy? not at all, just the name, from when it was strictly a horror show. Now it's the number one autograph show on the east coast. They get Hollywood stars and Oscar winners. I've met lots of people I never would have had the chance to.

by Autograph Houndreply 1608/03/2010

R10, that's the funniest post I've seen here in a long time. Actually I thought the Red was dead.

Isn't Will Hutchins gay? Not that playing a guy named Sugarfoot means anything....

by Autograph Houndreply 1708/03/2010

Um,R15, I was also in the later seasons of "Empty Nest".%0D %0D B-list, my ass.

by Autograph Houndreply 1808/03/2010
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