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The Official Castle Thread

Since the third season of Castle hasn't started yet. Let's have discussions about the show. Nathan Fillion is wonderful at playing Richard Castle. Stana Katic does a great job playing Det. Kate Beckett. Susan Sullivan is wonderful playing Richard Castle's mother. Molly Quinn is great at playing his daughter.%0D %0D What does anyone on here think of the show?

by Huge Castle Fanreply 26401/01/2017

Anyone home?

by Huge Castle Fanreply 107/31/2010

Love the show, love him (he's got a James Garner-ish quality about him) and think Stana Katic is drop dead gorgeous.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 207/31/2010

I've tried watching it because I love Nathan but I just couldn't get past the hokey idea of a writer being allowed on police cases. I can see maybe allowing him to see crime scenes but he's involved in interrogations and arrests. I can't suspend my disbelief enough to enjoy it. Its just cheesy & cliched. Moonlighting did it better in the 80s.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 307/31/2010

Thanks for the responses, r2 & r3.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 407/31/2010

[quote]I can't suspend my disbelief enough to enjoy it. %0D %0D You must be a delight to be around.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 507/31/2010

I hope that the third season will get even better ratings now that Castle was able to get a third season after a successful second season.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 607/31/2010

Love the show and the only one I watched religiously.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 707/31/2010

I loved the shout-out to "Firefly" last fall... going dressed as a "Space Cowboy" for Halloween, and the FireFly theme played in the background. %0D %0D I love the little touches like that!%0D

by Huge Castle Fanreply 807/31/2010

I'd watch anything with Nathan in it, because he's so damn cute.

I hate detective TV shows, though. the plots are predictable, even the "twists", like the private school murder episode, where you just knew they conspired, because, in TV-land, private school kids and upper class husbands and wives are always the murderer.

But yet, Nathan's in it, and it's lighthearted.

But frankly, I'd much rather watch hours of Nathan being spanked bare-assed, by anyone.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 907/31/2010

Here's the sneak peak for the third season.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 1007/31/2010


by Huge Castle Fanreply 1108/01/2010

I really hope the show continues to grow. That goes for all of the cast including Nathan and Stana.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 1208/01/2010

Stana's hair looks longer.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 1308/01/2010

It certainly does. She's been growing her hair during the whole summer. After all, she had just finished a movie called "For Lovers Only" a while ago.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 1408/02/2010


by Huge Castle Fanreply 1508/02/2010

Very, very dumb concept. I wanted to like it, because Fillion's cute and Susan Sullivan's funny and I love crime shows. But I don't like Stana Katic at all... or maybe I just dislike the character she plays intensely.

I'm completely over the Very Special Episodes (usually cliffhangers, but not always) where the main characters are themselves in dire peril, and one realizes he/she loves the other. I'm pretty much over all straight romances mucking up otherwise-OK shows.

And R5 sounds like the prick, not R3.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 1608/02/2010

Increasingly, more than hot Nathan Fillion, Jon Huertas has become my fave. I bet he throws a mean fuck!

by Huge Castle Fanreply 1708/02/2010

Big_Uncut-Dick Face!

by Huge Castle Fanreply 1808/02/2010

Huertas; unmarried, 8-year Air Force vet.


by Huge Castle Fanreply 1908/02/2010

Huertas looked familiar and now I know why: he was in "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch." %0D %0D It's embarrassing I remember him.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 2008/02/2010

Oh God, I love White Castle!! I ate 12 sliders once.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 2108/02/2010

I think Molly C. Quinn does a great job playing his daughter. I hope she will have an acting career after Castle is over.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 2208/03/2010

Their foreplay is driving me crazy. I think this next season is going to be great. As a lesbian I appreciate Stanas looks, but I just adore Nathan.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 2308/03/2010

Susan Sullivan will turn it out this season coming up in September.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 2408/04/2010

Mt partner loves this show. I watch and I like it.

Susan Sullivan's hair however drives me crazy.

Find another color...the red does not suit her.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 2508/04/2010

I do believe this season coming up will be full of surprises.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 2608/05/2010

Huertas spanking Fillion?

Fillion spanking Huertas?

by Huge Castle Fanreply 2708/05/2010

I like Fillion but show is boring.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 2808/05/2010

I like Fillion but show is boring.%0D %0D Why did you say that, r28?

by Huge Castle Fanreply 2908/06/2010


by Huge Castle Fanreply 3008/07/2010

I don't watch it a lot, but I agree about Susan Sullivan's hair color. That red is awful.

I like all the characters; however, the plots are terribly cliched.

I thought I read Castle was back with his ex, so that the cop was going to get her own love interest this coming season?

We need to see Castle coming out of the shower or waking up without a pajama top once in a while.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 3108/07/2010

OP/R29, please learn to quote. Either use quotes, or the quote tag, or SOMETHING to distinguish between what you're actually typing, and what you're responding to. Or better yet, no need to duplicate the text if you're responding immediately (the next message or two), just reference the post with the reply number, like I did in the first line of this reply.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 3208/07/2010

Please do not insult me, r32.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 3308/07/2010

Educating you is not insulting you.%0D

by Huge Castle Fanreply 3408/07/2010

What I did with the quotes was copying it and pasting it before I posted, r32.%0D %0D Don't be such an asshole.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 3508/08/2010

Thanks for posting the fall preview, OP. I don't like Stana Katic's hair long. She has a great face for short curly hair, like she had the first season.

I'm glad ABC stuck with the show rather than dumping it quickly like usually happens in network TV when something doesn't catch on immediately. I also like that they showed it Saturday evenings during the summer. I wasn't watching it and actually found it on Saturday.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 3608/08/2010

Hey OP

How long have you been doing research/PR for the show?

Shill much?

by Huge Castle Fanreply 3708/08/2010

I'm just a fan of the show, r37. I don't work for ABC. I am just a fan. That's all.%0D %0D You're welcome, r36.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 3808/08/2010

OP/R35, trying to help you be understood isn't being an asshole. Being able to distinguish between text you copied/pasted and what you type is important for understanding your posts. %0D %0D Why are you reacting in such a negative way when someone is simply informing you that it would help if you put QUOTES around text you're quoting, so it's clear that you're not typing/expressing that idea? Or suggesting you use the "quote" tag (see the Help link at the top of the Thread Watcher)?%0D %0D Do you always attack people who try to help you? And you're calling ME an asshole? Fascinating.%0D %0D

by Huge Castle Fanreply 3908/08/2010

You're very touchy, OP. Calm down. I fail to see how you think R32 was insulting you. He just suggested you use the quote tag so the rest of us could understand what it is you are responding to.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 4008/08/2010

Back to the thread?

by Huge Castle Fanreply 4108/08/2010

I'm glad that ABC stuck with the show as well. I was afraid that Castle would have been taken off the air. I believe that ABC had faith in the show and that's why it is still around. It is nothing like anything on the tube these days.%0D %0D Nathan Fillion does have a James Garner type of quality to him. Stana Katic knows her character well enough that she doesn't have to try too hard anymore.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 4208/09/2010


by Huge Castle Fanreply 4308/10/2010

I can't wait until the show starts their next season next month.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 4408/12/2010

Me too, love their chemistry together and think everyone really fits together well. It's one of my must watch shows.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 4508/13/2010

Here's an interview of Stana Katic on the Kilborn Show.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 4608/14/2010

Here's Nathan Fillion at Comic-Con.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 4708/15/2010

Another video of the cast members at Comic-Con.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 4808/15/2010


by Huge Castle Fanreply 4908/16/2010

I guess all of the Castle fans on here have left the building.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 5008/17/2010

"I guess all of the Castle fans on here have left the building."

There were only two or three in the first place. I like Nathan and Susan Sullivan, and the show is fine with halfway decent writing, but the chemistry is lacking mainly because of the female lead. It's not "must see TV" for me, but I do catch it when I happen upon it.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 5108/17/2010

Great point there, r51.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 5208/17/2010

Mmm. huerta is sitting so close to Fillion! I bet they play footsie during the whole panel, then go up to their hotel room and spank each other's hot muscle butts!

by Huge Castle Fanreply 5308/17/2010

Very funny, r53.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 5408/18/2010

Here's another video of Nathan Fillion at Comic-Con.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 5508/20/2010

Who will watch the season premiere opening for the third season on Sept. the 20th?

by Huge Castle Fanreply 5608/22/2010

Count me in as being one watching it and not taping it.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 5708/22/2010

[quote]Stana Katic does a great job playing Det. Kate Beckett.

No. No she doesn't. She was marginally better in season two than she was in the first season, but she continues to be the show's weak link. She has no chemistry with Fillion at all. You could see the difference when Dana Delaney showed up for a guest spot. If only SHE had been cast opposite Fillion, the show would be truly great.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 5808/22/2010

I got season 1, disc 1, from Netflix the other day. I was surprised that I didn't really care for it. It was okay, but only okay. I like Nathan Fillion, but the show just didn't click for me.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 5908/22/2010

I get what you're saying, r58.%0D %0D Then again, if Dana Delaney had been casted as Det. Kate Beckett instead of Stana Katic. It would be even more a better show.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 6008/22/2010

Why didn't Castle click for you, r59?

by Huge Castle Fanreply 6108/22/2010

I'm not really sure R61. I expected to enjoy it, but I didn't find it very funny, or all that interesting. I didn't believe the relationship between the two leads either, it just felt flat and blah. Maybe as others have said, there's no chemistry there.

I think the only point I chuckled was when the grandmother spotted an old man at a party with no wedding ring and said "My graydar just went off." Other than that, no laughs.

And as much as I like Nathan Fillion, I found Richard Castle to be just too smug and full of himself.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 6208/22/2010

Nathan's large nose does it for me.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 6308/22/2010

You've got a point there, r59. I appreciate the honesty.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 6408/22/2010

R62, you might want to give it a little chance. Most shows take a while to "get going", and I like Castle a lot more now than I did when it first started.%0D %0D Honestly, I only really kept watching because of Nathan at first. Now I actually enjoy it. It's not a great show by any means, but it's better than most of the dreck on TV.%0D %0D

by Huge Castle Fanreply 6508/22/2010


by Huge Castle Fanreply 6608/22/2010

I would have a problem not wanting to have nasal sex with Fillion.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 6708/22/2010

I'm really hoping that the third season will be even better than the last one. Will Hawaii Five-O beat Castle in the ratings this fall? I hope not.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 6808/23/2010

Who likes Susan Sullivan on here? She does a wonderful job playing Rick Castle's mother.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 6908/24/2010

Anybody home?

by Huge Castle Fanreply 7008/26/2010

Hey, Castle fanatic, ABC is bringing back reruns starting at 9 CDT this evening.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 7108/28/2010

LOVE her, R69!%0D

by Huge Castle Fanreply 7208/28/2010

Me too, r72. I think she's hilarious.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 7308/28/2010

Who has some behind the secenes gossip for the third season of Castle? Anybody on here work on the show behind the scenes?

by Huge Castle Fanreply 7409/01/2010

Sorry to derail the thread but I have to ask, anyone know who the blonde is who Nathan went to the Emmys with? I thought he was still with his girlfriend but it looks like they've broken up.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 7509/02/2010

I wish I knew, r75.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 7609/02/2010

It's the same blonde woman he went to the Iron Man 2 premiere with. I guess he and Darla Delgado broke up. Too bad, she seemed cool.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 7709/02/2010


by Huge Castle Fanreply 7809/02/2010

I might give Hawaii Five-O remake a chance as well. I just hope CBS doesn't drop it after a few weeks because CBS has been promoting the hell out of it.%0D %0D I will always have a soft spot for Castle.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 7909/03/2010

I loved it when Susan Sullivan's character "went on the Facetube" and tried to hook up with an old beau.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 8009/03/2010

That was a great one too, r80.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 8109/04/2010

Is this season premier the best episode ever, or what? I'm loving it, and it's not even half over yet!

by Huge Castle Fanreply 8209/20/2010

I loved how they were all giving him a hard time about not calling. I don't like the new do for the Detective, like her hair shorter.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 8309/22/2010

Goddam, I want Jon Huertas to fuck me upside down and over and over.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 8409/22/2010

I find myself putting my hand in my pants every time Huerta's in a scene. Add Adrian Pasdar to the last two episodes, plus Nathan, and I was in hunk heaven.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 8503/03/2011

I need some behind the scenes gossip on Castle.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 8603/04/2011

Yeah, Katic's supposedly awful behavior improved any?

by Huge Castle Fanreply 8703/04/2011

Oh please! Oh please Castle insider give us an update.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 8803/04/2011


by Huge Castle Fanreply 8903/04/2011


by Huge Castle Fanreply 9005/16/2011

Indeed. It's almost like they didn't think they'd be renewed ... but why would they think that?%0D %0D Clearly they're going to pull some cheap stuff in the first episode of next season to get Castle and Becket back together and on the force.%0D %0D But yeah, it was an awesome episode and a great way to go out.%0D

by Huge Castle Fanreply 9105/16/2011

Wham! Wow.

Maybe now Jon Huertas will have more time to spend...showering, or changing in and out of clothes...or SPANKING!

by Huge Castle Fanreply 9205/17/2011

The finale was great, but I have to agree that Stana Katic has very little chemistry with Fillion. I'm not sure what it is. Part of me thinks they don't write her character very well, and another thinks she is playing her as very cold. I buy that his character is in love with her, but I don't think she's in love with him. If you watch some of the behind the scenes on you tube or some of the comic con clips, they have much more chemistry in "real life" than their characters.

She's drop dead gorgeous but they need to humanize her more on the show. Have her get drunk or something. She just seems like a cold fish, pillow princess.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 9305/17/2011

So... did the chief want off the show or something?%0D %0D

by Huge Castle Fanreply 9405/17/2011

Fillion is just too fat. And he's getting fatter. I worry he's turning into another Vincent D'Onofrio who despite his career hanging on it just kept expanding until finally they had to shoot every scene from across the Hudson or East River just to get all of his fat ass in the frame when he'd do his sideways-looking-at-the-suspect-crazily-to-make-him-crack thing.

Please cut down on the chicken skin, Nathan. I hear that's about all he eats is fried chicken skin from fast food places. They bring in the buckets and he peels off the skins and rolls it up and down it all goes. It's a sickness.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 9505/17/2011

That shoot out in the airplane hanger was so poorly written...none of the characters did what you would expect...

The bad guy-super killers didn't get there early...4 of them walk in and get shot by one guy.

Beckett doesn't insist on helping with the shoot-out. Castle can man-handle her off stage.

Out of character.

Also...Fake shooting at the end to flush out the superbad guy?

by Huge Castle Fanreply 9605/17/2011

Castle, what's a Castle?

by Huge Castle Fanreply 9705/17/2011

I disagree, r96. I think the hanger scene was pretty good. Becket was screaming to help the Captain with the shoot out and it was only because Castle carried her off that she was stopped. I think this episode was all about role reversal for the characters. Suddenly Castle, who is usually weak when it comes to Beckett and lets her do whatever she wants, stands up to her in his earlier dialog AND in the fact that he picked her ass up and carried her away. It was finally time for him to show his strong side with her and he did.

And it was the first time we've seen Beckett break down like that and completely lose it by begging the Captain for the name and for him not to sacrifice himself.

I didn't have a problem with the four guys getting shot. They weren't expecting the Captain to go against them so when he started shooting, they were caught off guard. They expected him to hand over Beckett instead of his family.

I think the episode marked a major turning point for the show in terms of the relationship between the leads (even though their chemistry is not believable). I think the shooting at the end was real and not staged to flush out the bad guy. Of course, because Beckett was drifting off at the end, she won't remember Castle telling her he loved her. Which is good. I hope they don't get them together or if they do, they do it in a way that won't ruin the show.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 9805/18/2011

I won't be believed, but I suspected the chief of having some ulterior motive months ago.

Huertas, take your clothes off, Papi!

by Huge Castle Fanreply 9905/18/2011

[quote]Please cut down on the chicken skin, Nathan. I hear that's about all he eats is fried chicken skin from fast food places. They bring in the buckets and he peels off the skins and rolls it up and down it all goes. It's a sickness.

Having done some of the on set catering I can tell you that what you hear is WRONG.

While I can't say he has never eaten chicken skin in his life on a daily basis he is not doing so, on the set anyway.

From what I have noticed his is a big meat and cheese eater. He loves cheese and takes a lot as well as some of any and all meat on the buffet.

Cheese is very high fat.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 10005/18/2011

Am I the only one loving the new season?!?

by Huge Castle Fanreply 10110/11/2011

No, R101--I'm loving it, too.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 10210/11/2011

I want Esposito and Ryan to get naked and have mind-melting sex. Esposito would undoubtedly be sinking that big brown pinga into Ryan's hungry hole.

I love Nathan but I agree, he's pudging out a bit. He can carry off not being an eight pack guy and still being hot, but he needs to lose a bit. I worry he's a drunk, because that's the other thing that adds the pounds.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 10310/11/2011

OMG, Huertas has an ALBUM.

And a video!

by Huge Castle Fanreply 10410/11/2011

Drool. Smirk.

Sex with him would be funny and hot.

Not enough shots of Huertas' body, of course.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 10510/11/2011

So far I'm pretty disappointed in the new season. There is less humor between Becket and Castle, less give and take like Nick and Nora Charles. I'm also bored to tears by the trials and tribulations of Castles daughter. The only bright spot is still Susan Sullivan as his mother. They haven't messed with her character too much and no one can put you down faster than your mother. And what is with the new black bitch captain. I hate her! She is snide, domineering, clueless and rude. They need to gang up on her and bitch slap her until she sees the light.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 10610/12/2011

Why does Castle's mother (Susan "Half Turn" Sullivan) speak with a mid-Atlantic, Norma Shearer accent while Castle speaks with a flat American accent? I know both Norma and Nathan Fillion are Canadian.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 10710/17/2011

I loved last season.

But I'm finding the show this season a little too silly.

I have 3 eps on my DVR and stopped one of them halfway through and watched something else.

I'm not dying to go back and finish it.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 10810/17/2011

I love it.

The scene in the elevator with the swat members and the muzak playing... that was hilarious.

I just want Nathan to hit the gym, so I can return to lusting after him.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 10910/17/2011

Is Stana Katic still behaving badly?

by Huge Castle Fanreply 11010/17/2011

Hey Fillion fans, check out this photograph: The policeman to the far right looks like Nathan!

by Huge Castle Fanreply 11111/13/2011

I haven't watched it at all this season or last season.

I've been getting into Hawaii Five-O a lot more these days.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 11211/13/2011

r112, me, too. H50 is just a much better show.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 11311/13/2011

Exactly, r113.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 11411/19/2011

Castle is still great, and I still watch it every week.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 11511/19/2011

Castle is a good show. TOTALLY implausible that Beckett would recover so quickly after what happened at the end of last season, but I'm willing to suspend disbelief. I also like Thick Nathan. I just wish he wouldn't wear so many sports coats so I could see more of that ass.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 11611/19/2011

R106, you might have something there. I wasn't enjoying this season as much and couldn't put my finger on it. I like the daughter a lot, but prefer her to interact with her father. I could care less about college and the boyfriend. His mother has gotten a bit stale, too. I think she needs some better lines or a wild new adventure. And the dynamics with Castle and Beckett aren't as feisty as they were. It has become a bit ho-hum. Frankly, that captain should have transferred him to another department for half a dozen episodes, so they'd have to meet secretly to discuss the cases. Then the whole thing could blow up in the captain's face and she could be transferred for good.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 11711/19/2011


by Huge Castle Fanreply 11801/08/2012

Where are the new episodes? I'm missing the show.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 11901/08/2012

Mildly entertaining, but Nathan is beginning to pack on the pounds and starting to look a little porky.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 12001/08/2012

So true, r120.

Castle is not doing so well in the ratings right now.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 12101/08/2012

Castle was back last night... what, no Castle love?

by Huge Castle Fanreply 12201/17/2012

Anyone love the pot-boiler 40's noire episode? Or was it just me?

by Huge Castle Fanreply 12302/07/2012

It was a good attempt to counter the ratings for the premiere of that Fame-type show with Angelica Huston.

A fun episode; Jon Huertas got me hot and bothered, again.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 12402/07/2012

Holy fuck what a cliff-hanger!!!

by Huge Castle Fanreply 12502/13/2012

Jon Huertas needs to grab my ankles and fuck me until I beg him to stop. Spoiler alert: I won't.

That was quite the cliffhanger…..I hate the darker ones, though. I like the more Moonlighting-ish ones.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 12602/13/2012

Also, someone needs to tell the HW/creator to "move it along, Toots."

I get that they didn't want to have them do it in the first few seasons…but pretty soon no one will give a shit if Kate and Rick ever do it.

Shit got to happen.

(Still hoping that Esposito rides Ryan's hole repeatedly. On camera.)

by Huge Castle Fanreply 12702/13/2012

Is this the fucking best episode ever?

(okay, yeah, it's ridiculous and over-the-top, but it's still fun and gripping)

by Huge Castle Fanreply 12802/20/2012

It's gripping alright, R128.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 12902/20/2012

I have never watched this show before but I tuned in because Jennifer Beals was going to be on it. Those two episodes were very good, specially the second part.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 13002/21/2012


by Huge Castle Fanreply 13106/11/2012

For the most part this season has disappointed me. I loved the quirky relationship between Castle and Beckett and they are ruining it with their flirtation into a serious relationship. They ought to know that the two of them getting together would be disasterous. R106 I agree I hate the black female captain. What a fucking bitch! They need to soften her character or dump her asap. With Castle losing his daughter to college they need to bring more of Susan Sullivan into the episodes. I love her character and want to see more and different sides to her.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 13206/11/2012

Can we just make this the Official Jon Huertas Is Hot As Fuck thread?

by Huge Castle Fanreply 13306/11/2012

I haven't watched Castle since the second season. From what I'm hearing that the writers are trying to get Rick Castle and Kate Beckett together. I felt they should have kept the characters at bay.

I wouldn't be surprised if the show gets cancelled after the fifth season.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 13406/12/2012

"they need to bring more of Susan Sullivan into the episodes. I love her character and want to see more and different sides to her."

Haven't you seen all sides to her? After all, she did patent the opening credit twist on "Falcon Crest".

by Huge Castle Fanreply 13506/12/2012

They should have never killed off Capt. Roy Montgomery.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 13606/14/2012


by Huge Castle Fanreply 13706/16/2012

R132, it would not be a disaster. Bones did it with great success.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 13806/16/2012

Why do you think that r138?

by Huge Castle Fanreply 13906/16/2012

Are the cast members from Bones jealous of the cast members from Castle?

by Huge Castle Fanreply 14006/18/2012

The show has shifted in tone in the last season and a half, I think. Maybe as NF and SK's mutual off-screen loathing has grown, their chemistry has suffered, unlike Bruce and Cybill. I just don't buy the sexual tension between them anymore and this season kind of lost me.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 14106/18/2012

I happen to agree with you, r141. Even though I didn't stick around for the third and fourth season of Castle. I felt the show was about to get repetitive. NF and SK have been doing interviews seperately most of the time. They still do the "Comic Con" route and stuff. In time one of the cast members will be glad when the show is over for good. My two cents.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 14206/18/2012

Anybody home?

by Huge Castle Fanreply 14306/20/2012

I watch it but am more lukewarm than I was. The sexy banter is definitely missing among other things. The writers seem to know better than to bring them together, though. One is about to get involved and the other backs off for some reason. Then things switch. But for some reason, I'm just not as interested. I'll see the new season but maybe not as regularly. The thrill is gone, I think, like some relationships that start out with promise, but just never materialize and then the individuals just drift away.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 14406/20/2012

Great point, r144.

Like I said in several posts back. I only watched the first and second season. I didn't watch the third and the fourth season of the show because I was investing in watching the remake of Hawaii Five-O. If it hadn't been for the remake of H5-O I would have been watching. Then again, I didn't want to see the same thing over and over whether Rick Castle and Kate Beckett get together or not. Plus, it would have drained me as a viewer.

I was sad to find out that Capt. Roy Montgomery got killed off the show. He was one of my favorite characters on the show.

I believe that Nathan Fillion out of everyone else will be a major star. The rest of them will be working actors.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 14506/20/2012


by Huge Castle Fanreply 14610/26/2012

Anybody home?

by Huge Castle Fanreply 14701/17/2013

Nathan a big star? with that shape? LOL

the dude looks like he is in his 50's the only ones in that cast..that can become a big star is Stana and Molly no one else!

by Huge Castle Fanreply 14802/07/2013

Stana is more of a supporting actress than a lead actress.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 14903/01/2013

Why does the media compare Castle to Bones?

by Huge Castle Fanreply 15003/03/2013

supporting actress? she actually has more screentime than nathan. whether you think she's good or not, you can't deny she does all the heavy work on the show. nathan is just playing himself (in fact his brother said the same) what is unfair is one his paid more than the other but that's nothing new in tv biz...

by Huge Castle Fanreply 15103/07/2013

Great point, r151.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 15203/08/2013

Molly Quinn?

by Huge Castle Fanreply 15303/09/2013

Supporting Actress? yeah right..she own the damn show and have the dramatic work in her shoulders!

by Huge Castle Fanreply 15403/10/2013

Don't call me an idiot, r154.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 15503/11/2013

Troll idiot?

by Huge Castle Fanreply 15603/12/2013

[quote]Can we just make this the Official Jon Huertas Is Hot As Fuck thread?

He was so hot when he was on "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" as a witch-hunter. He had so much chemistry with the guy that played Sabrina's boyfriend Harvey.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 15703/12/2013


by Huge Castle Fanreply 15803/13/2013

When Stephen J. Cannell died in 2010, the writing on Castle suffered.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 15903/14/2013

R159 Nothing to do with cannell, he didn't have any creative input, he just guested on the show. no the big mistake is letting Marlowe run the ship. the man did a fine job for the pilot, then jose molina and some good writers quitted, and he thought he could do a good job, too much focus on the procedural (which isn't there forte since its a dramedy) and secondary characters. also they have the worst writers now, an untalented wardrobe designer thanks to budget cuts...the only good thing is rob bowman. they had a chance to start new this year by putting Castle and Beckett together, but they chickened out leaving the relationship part off screen.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 16003/14/2013

Susan Sullivan?

by Huge Castle Fanreply 16103/20/2013

Anybody home this morning?

by Huge Castle Fanreply 16203/24/2013

Beckett and Castle need to break up. They're the most boring couple on television.

Ryan and Esposito need to get together. They're obviously in love.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 16304/23/2013

Is it true that Stana and Nathan don't get along in real life?

by Huge Castle Fanreply 16404/27/2013

R164 I think they are just two different people, with different interests. Jon Huertas said Stana does not have a mean bone in her body. Victor (Josh) got along with them both but he said Nathan acts like a 12 year old. Said he was very playful. Josh used the words interesting and amazing when describing Stana. Jon and Tamala Jones have used the same words to describe her. Victor said that she is very, very smart. She was pre- international law in school as well as Astrophyic ( or something heavy like that). According to her interviews she is more diverse in her interests. She is a world traveler. Her interests involve exploring different cultures. Nathan seems to be the 'boy next door'. He was going to be a teacher. They probably have little in common. All the guest stars said that when Stana is working she is very professional and is as serious as a heart attack. Nathan and Stana would probably bore each other after they've said good morning.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 16505/22/2013

I agree that it is probably not a matter of dislike but more of the differences in interest and personaly. Yet, having said that,I have recently viewed brief sessions of them filming on set, on youtube. I have noticed that when the short session is over they barely acknowledge each other. There is one that shows them coming out of a cafe (or something), Nathan leaves in front of Stana and two other ladies, he does not hold the door for them. There are people where I work that I have very little in common with, yet we interact on the job. They work long hours almost everyday maybe they've said everything they have to say. Just saying... Hmmm??? They both seem to be likeable people. Those who have worked with them say that Stana is a sweetheart and that Nathan is a real gentleman. I therefore ask myself if it is my imagination. The other logic is whether ego is involved. Most people now acknowledge that 'Castle' has morphed into the 'Beckett' show. The scripts are Kate Beckett driven. If the Beckett character was to be removed there is no show. Fillion is alright but I don't believe he could carry the show on his back like Stana does. My friend said that he believes that Nathan, like a lot of men, is intimidated by a beautiful woman although they pretend they can handle it. My friend also said that if her talent exceeds his and yet if Nathan was hired as the lead of the show, he would probably simply be jealous. I do not know. My friend(male) said he too would probably be a little jealous. He said Nathan is human and male too. (Whatever that is suppose to mean).

by Huge Castle Fanreply 16605/27/2013

I hope Beckett takes the FBI job. It's not like they're anchored to NYC.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 16705/27/2013


by Huge Castle Fanreply 16805/30/2013

Nathan probably wishes that he was still on Firefly. My two cents.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 16906/02/2013

R169 I wish he was also. Then they good get a handsome leading man for Beckett to compliment her beauty. Especially one who knows how to screen kiss. Help, Victor Webster (Dr. Motorcycle Boy, Josh!) If Nathan went to Firefly (what a silly name), I hope people would watch it this time around, so he could stay there.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 17006/02/2013

R He is too old and too fat for Firefly now.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 17106/03/2013

Recommendation to Castle fans. View (youtube)commentary for A Death In The Family. There are two versions. One video includes comments by Marlowe, Bowman, Huertas, Molly, Stana and Nathan. The other video (same episode) contains comments by Jon and Dever. I suggest viewing the former first, which includes Marlowe. Some personality trait while not overt, are very revealing. Give attention to who pays attention to whom, who pays attention to what, who compliments whom, who is protective of whom, who interacts with whom, who has insight regarding the process of storytelling. Your guide to individual personality traits will be to lend attention to what is important to whom. The devil is in the details. Very revealing. (I'll give a spoiler, Jon is very intuitive, outspoken and very manly. He steps up to the plate.)

by Huge Castle Fanreply 17206/17/2013

I am sure that Susan Sulliva gets tired of Nathan Fillion's diva attitude on the set.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 17307/21/2013

lol susan is the diva numero uno, then you have molly quinn...

by Huge Castle Fanreply 17407/21/2013

Molly is going to be a superstar.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 17507/21/2013

(R173) (R175) Susan likes Nathan. Molly might be a big star. You cannot guess these things or eliminate the luck factor. Right now she is a bit bland and ordinary looking. But she is young and you can never guess.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 17607/21/2013

Molly is NOT ordinary looking.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 17707/21/2013

Molly looks like she's got her head on straight.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 17807/22/2013

I think she does R178 - and think she will transition well.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 17907/23/2013

Agreed, r179.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 18007/26/2013

What about Tamala Jones? How do the cast members feel about here?

by Huge Castle Fanreply 18107/27/2013

(R181) Liked by all. She comments on the fun that they have on set. She and Molly have lunch together on days when they are both working. Molly has commented on their friendship. She admires Tamala. Tamala really likes Nathan. She likes his jokes and his playful nature. She has stated that she and Stana have 'girl' talks sometimes, about marriage and children. Tamala has stated to Stana that she is very beautiful (I get the impression that Tamala thinks that this is not a priority for Stana). She has stated in a few interviews that Stana is a very hard worker and truly has a heart of gold. She said that all the crew and producers children really like Stana. I get the impression that Tamala is easy to get along with. I wish she was utilized more.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 18207/27/2013

I agree that I like Susan Sullivan better as a blonde.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 18307/27/2013

Thanks, r182.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 18407/27/2013

What about the guy who played Capt. Roy Montgomery? What did the cast members thought of him?

by Huge Castle Fanreply 18507/31/2013

Reuben was liked by all. Fillion and Katic visited him seperately in NYC at his play. Fillion recently had dinner with him. Reuben is a lovely man and well liked, shame Marlowe wrote him out.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 18607/31/2013

(R186) Do you believe Reuben requested to leave? His interest is with the theater. He was liked and respected for his work, by all. Maybe he realized TV was not his thing and did what he had to do.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 18707/31/2013

Thanks for the info, r186.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 18808/01/2013

R187 no they really killed off his character for drama purposes. He then whined on twitter many times how he missed being in castle, tweeting fans to tell marlowe and co. to bring him back etc. Kinda was embarassing for a while. Then he got his luck in theater, he stopped and moved on.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 18908/01/2013

I am glad that Rueben was able to move on from Castle to do theater work, r189.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 19008/01/2013

R187 Rumours were he wanted out of a tv schedule acting life and wanted to do more theatre. This is false his character was killed for 'dramatic' effect. But that was nearly 3 years ago everyone has moved on

by Huge Castle Fanreply 19108/01/2013

Many times an actor seeks TV jobs because they need the money. We all know that showbiz is an up and down situation. It pays well but the shelf life for success is short, if at all.. Unless you are a so-called a-list actor (Brad, George, Denzel, Julia, Sandra) it is difficult to make a living. Also, LA is a very expensive city to reside. The stage does not pay as much as film and NY is even more expensive. Maybe, monetarily he simply needed the Castle gig.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 19208/01/2013

That is so true, r192.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 19308/02/2013

What does Andrew Marlowe think of Castle now? Does he think the show is an embarrassment now instead of the earlier seasons of the show?

by Huge Castle Fanreply 19408/02/2013

(R194) I do not think he is disappointed but that he realizes that any show after 5 yrs running, needs a shot in the arm. Thus, the possibility of Beckett taking a DC job is very open for new exploration and ideas. Note the constant leaks of guest stars during the first few episodes of season 6. Emphasis, so far, seems to be centered on Beckett's new position. It has been announced that somebody called Warren Christie will play a reporter in an episode. Google that guy. He is one handsome fellow (not overweight either). In the past people have commented that the show should be renamed the Beckett show. I found that somewhat amusing, with tongue in cheek. I did not take it too seriously. BUT, the press release of the casting indicates a change in direction. I now believe ABC sees the shows' future in Beckett (Stana). She was already carrying more than her share of the load. Was in practically every scene. Watershed, I now believe, was about a turning point in the Castle/Beckett relationship. A romantic relationship involves at least two people and their feelings, hopes and dreams. BUT,in Watershed we saw the relationship more from a Beckett point of view. Castle was considered but not as much as Beckett. Maybe the real story of Nathan's one-day disappearance had other meaning for him. That is, the evolution of the 'Beckett show'. After all, the man has feelings and ego just like everyone else. If my theory is correct, he may want more than a 4-day work week. What do you think? I still believe Nathan needs attention, that he likes being center stage. Sadly, those days may have gone with his youth and weight gain. (Everyone has 15 minutes of fame-Andy Warhol, then it is gone).

by Huge Castle Fanreply 19508/03/2013

Thanks for the info, r195.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 19608/04/2013

R195 no need for parenthesis to answer a post just type R and the number.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 19708/04/2013


by Huge Castle Fanreply 19808/04/2013

If the writing of the show was better I would have kept on watching it. It just got too predictable for me.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 19908/06/2013

What about Esposito and Ryan?

by Huge Castle Fanreply 20008/07/2013

R200 I believe they will be around as usual. Who says that Kate will remain with her new job. Remember, Marlowe is a good storyteller. he will be able to incorporate the cast into the story telling. It was noted on Stana's twitter page that 'Marlowe loves everyone'. I do not believe this was noted randomly. Maybe some feelings of doubt crept into the regular cast members and Stana was simply taking care of others in her own way. Jon has said that for Stana everything is heartfelt and that she does not have a mean bone in her body. Look at the playful pictures of she and Marlowe (taken by Lisa). They indicate that their relationship is more than boss and employee, it also includes a friendship. Also she has stated in a few interviews that Marlowe has asked her into his office to discuss a script, ie. what he is reaching for with some of the lines. In the commentary video for S1-05 that includes Bowman, Marlowe, Jon, Nathan, Molly and Stana, note that Bowman, Molly and Jon comment on her acting skills but it is she who takes a moment to cite Tamala (who was not present) as being a part of the team. It came natural to her. It's the small things that are most revealing sometimes. To note that 'Marlowe loves everyone' is to include the others on the team. I think the others know she and Marlowe have a friendship and respect for each other. Some fans say that she is his pet. I disagree. I think he simply likes and respects her hard work and talent. She probably is in on the fact that Esposito and Ryan will be taken care of.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 20108/07/2013

Thanks for the info R201

by Huge Castle Fanreply 20208/07/2013

Stana fans are in a tizzy on twitter hoping to get some new photos as Stana is scheduled to be a guest at tonight's Elysium premiere. Wonder if her weird husband will go with her.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 20308/07/2013

r203 lol he didn't and she looked awesome

by Huge Castle Fanreply 20408/08/2013

I think the fact that Stana for being Marlowe's pet must be infuriating Nathan.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 20508/10/2013

R205 I cannot debate how Nathan may view Stana as being Marlowe's pet, but I continue to believe that it is more the fact that Marlowe has found a common ground, a kindred spirit with Stana and therefore can relate to her more. She is not necessarily his pet. He has stated that 'Beckett' reminds him of himself. Although he created Beckett, it is Stana who personifies Beckett. He said the show is a love story dedicated to his wife, Terri. Stana is viewed in a good light by the other cast members also. At an awards show (PCA,I believe) when the cast was asked what they attributed to the success of the show as rating were slowly increasing. They cited the backing of ABC and Susan S. said it was because they had the most beautiful and talented co-star on TV. Penny agreed and Stana lowered her head and thanked them. When Penny was first hired Stana interviewed her for some newsletter (whatever) and Penny stated in the interview that she had done some reading on Stana and had tuned in to observe Stana's work. Seamus' wife has said more than once that she wants to work with Stana. Molly has said the same. Bowman is always saying 'good work' Stana. Terri said she now considers Stana a friend and she admires how she plays Beckett. Jon just thinks the world of her. Even Lisa has come to admire Stana. She told Stana that if a spin off of Castle is done , it should involve she and Stana. Does she think that Stana has some clout with somebody? If so, it would have to include the network. She is no more their pet than she is Marlowe's pet. I believe she's just likeable and respected for her hard work. Nathan is liked and admired by all, but the difference is he needs more attention. Attention tends to embarrass Stana. Nathan's loyal fans ignore or debate the fact that Stana is the star of the show. I do not think it was by design, she simply evolved to it or did the network have some input. Marlowe has observed Stana. She has emerged as the leader of the group. He writes to her strengths. He writes to each person's strength. Nathan may simply want 4 days of work with no secret motive behind his request. Or he maybe slightly jealous of Marlowe and Stana's relationship. Who Knows. Since we don't know, let's give him the benefit of doubt.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 20608/10/2013

Stanais married? Since when?

by Huge Castle Fanreply 20708/15/2013 According to this since 2009

by Huge Castle Fanreply 20808/15/2013

that doesn't mean she is married

by Huge Castle Fanreply 20908/16/2013

I still want Esposito to pound the fuck out of Ryan's fuzzy Irish ass. Right on a precinct desk.

You know Ryan wants that big papi chulo dick up in him, too.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 21008/16/2013

I bet this show ends at the end of this season.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 21108/16/2013

Why do you say that, r211?

by Huge Castle Fanreply 21208/27/2013

R212 Because if its goes into a season 7 I don't think Marlowe has it in him to keep the cases fresh etc. Have it end them getting married at the end of season 6 and leave it at that. Don't let it die a slow painful death.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 21308/27/2013

R213 You have a point. But having Beckett accept or checking out a new job could be a way to add freshness to the show. A show tends to get stale after 6 or 7 seasons. I was crazy for ER for years until I simply stopped watching. If I had to hear "crack the chest' one more time... I am not bored with Castle yet because I discovered it late. Had to play catch up on TNT, back to back episodes. If Marlowe is able to move Castle and Beckett from foreplay to honeymoon stage to tension stage with a new role for Beckett and Castle and the other cast members having to re-invent themselves to adjust to her new role-playing, Eureka, it's a new show. Marlowe has made Beckett the focal character for this show.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 21408/27/2013

I agree with you R213.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 21508/29/2013

R205 I have been rejecting the idea that Stana is Marlowe's pet, although others tend to believe this. But a recent review of S6-E1, may support others. The reviewer concluded by stating, 'our female lead is driving this episode from start to finish. We all know Katic can act her butt off, but this episode leaves no doubts to anyone who thought otherwise. Beckett has two life changing decisions to make and no matter the answers, Katie shines throughout. Katie is brilliant.' Marlowe has admitted that he has the final approval of script writing and direction of the script. Therefore, he has allowed Stana to again to assume the lead role. Hmmm, food for thought. Also, Stana was told what Beckett's answer would be before Nathan. I still cling to the notion that Marlowe is embracing her talents more than favoritism. But my belief is beginning to waiver a bit. Also, Jacko Sims, (to be featured in an upcoming episode) referred to her as the star of the show (not the co-star). Was he responding to what he observed? This brings me to Nathan asking for a 4-day work week. Has he conceded and not see the need for him to be on set as much if Stana is going to drive the show. I don't see Nathan as petty or lazy, but realistic. Does Marlowe see Stana as the savior of the show? Jon has said that her contribution is what has maade the show 'dope'.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 21609/06/2013

Bump this thread.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 21709/23/2013

i hope his fat ass dies in the next episode.

and alexis's hippy vegan boyfriend is fugly.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 21809/27/2013

R218 I do not necessarily hope his character dies soon, but I can no longer vision him as a romantic lead. I really do try but he just does not fit.Seemed alright in the first year but as he gained weight he got more unattractive. Plus, why do they insist on writing his character as silly? The other characters are working for me. Jon is simply adorable and manly. When Nathan plays out a scene I sometime imagine how Josh (Victor Webster) would have played it out, adding his ruggedly handsome looks. I wonder if they regret hiring Nathan for the part.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 21909/28/2013

anybody watched the paley event with the cast? what's up with stana and nathan? it was so awkward to watch. they still dont get along?

by Huge Castle Fanreply 22010/02/2013

R220 Just recently watched it. I've noted fans commenting on this aspect in the past and I paid little attention to the comments. Thought it was simply personality differences. But there was a herd of elephants in that place. Start with seating arrangements plus absolutely no interaction. Nathan seemed to try at one point when he commented on how Jon obeys her orders with 'as you wish' response, from 'The Princess Bride'. Nathan was joking but it fell flat. Neither Jon, Stana nor Seamus followed up. With the attention to her hair, producers (and her) discussing her reaction to taping in HD, and the audience questions being mostly directed to her. The moderator and Susan, enchanted with her hair. She politely deflected the attention from her, using Seamus. The girl from Romania was simply nervous and tongue tied in her presence. The guy who saw her and Andrew at USC , wanted more. Stana was clearly the star of the evening. She seemed tired, but yet she was able speak intelligently as usual. When Seamus and the moderator said she has it all, regarding Beckett, they made no secret that they were referring to Stana. Stana got embarased and of did her usual, dropped her head. My point is, do you think the attention is affecting their relationship? Something clearly has happened. Yet the outtakes show them still having a good time. (View bloopers from S5). Note: I felt sorry for Nathan a couple of times when he was acting goofy, trying to joke. Didn't work. Nathan is not a stupid man. Why does he need this silliness. It only serves to point out Stana's investment in her character and the show. Nathan's contribution on the panel was to suggest producers bring back his friends. Why? It is not as if they are big stars with great acting abilities. They don't need him to beg for them. Nathan just likes to feel needed. Maybe he no longer feels needed, in the manner that he desires. It is obvious that when you listen to Andrew discussing why he allowed the audience to follow Beckett to DC., that he expressing that he needs the Beckett character. Is this affecting Nathan and Stana's relationship?

by Huge Castle Fanreply 22110/03/2013

apparently both stana and nathan were filming and arrived late so it explained why stana looked tired and sometimes drunk. nathan kept talking about the crew and deflected most questions to andrew marlowe. if anyone has any doubt on how bored he is should watch this panel. to a reporter he suggested his stunt double should replace him for his kissing scenes with stana. dunno if that was a joke or he really can't stand her.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 22210/04/2013

R222 I have been trying to give Nathan the benefit of doubt since we truly do not know him and his motives. But he is not helping. Maybe he is just bored. Castle is probably not his type of venue. But more than anything I've come to realize that maybe it is that Nathan has no knack for serious drama. His strong suit is probably comedy. Personally, I do not find him amusing. He comes off as a child in a grown man's body, for me. Josh (Victor Webster said he acts like a twelve year old. I so pitied him when he attempted humor at Bowman's expense, when Bowman was explaining High Definition to the audience. Bowman said to him, 'you just destroyed my credibility'. At this point Andrew said let's move. Stana and Seaman both dropped their heads. Jon did not smile, he just looked at him. I found it to be awkward for Nathan. When Bowman that Stana does not like HD and she went on to explain herself, you could tell she wants to give people quality, while Nathan joked. Stana was sounded so intelligentd when explaining, since she admitted that she is not a film maker. This moment was so revealing.The producers respect Stana and her efforts. Nathan has become an accessory, but he put himself in that position. Note: nathan looked a little betterr. Maybe he lost some weight.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 22310/04/2013

yeah he looks good lately, he going to guest star in community, it'll be interesting to see his comedy chops. although community got boring and i can't stand dan harmon

by Huge Castle Fanreply 22410/04/2013

R224 I've not heard of Community or Dan Harmon. Is this show on ABC? The black suit and shirt helped to improve Nathan's appearance. Note: Nathan comes off as a nice and mannered guy. But I sense that he would bore me. No sex appeal in my opinion. Nice as a best friend, but not a romantic partner. This lack of innate sex appeal does not promote him as a romantic lead. Whereas the Beckett character is sexy without giving it much effort. I am trying, but they do not complement each other romantically. Friends, yes. It is the writing that is holding it together for me. It is the interaction with Expo and Ryan. It is the trust she has in Lanie where she is able to discuss personal matters.You can truly buy into their support of Beckett and having her back. Castle too, but more as a friend who admires Beckett. If Stana was a terrible actress I would have checked out long ago. I buy into the Beckett onion.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 22510/04/2013

Wow. The sexy Antonio Sabatto Jr. is reduced to a tiny bit-part on an episode of Castle?

Still hot as ever, but damn!

by Huge Castle Fanreply 22610/07/2013

Wow Gillian and David really get along now. Maybe that will be Stana and Nathan in 10 years

by Huge Castle Fanreply 22710/13/2013

I have noted the comments on Nathan's weight gain. I had also thought he had lost a couple of pounds this season. But while viewing last night's show, I was again observing not only his weight gain but also the change in his facial features. The total package shows weight gain with an attempt at disguise by use of those over size jackets. His big arse still is noted. His gut overhangs his waistline, his nose has an odd shape, his face is bloated and to add insult to injury he is now developing a double chin. The man presents a total mess. With that being said I believe he is a sensitive, nice guy. But he just does not fit romantic leading man. the writers seems to have abandoned the romance between Castle and Beckett. They are playing more to Nathan's comedic side, his strong suit Except for me his instances of comedy are simply silly. Marlowe can forget 'The Thin Man' imitation. Try renting or accessing netflix for that series. William Powell played goofy so well, while maintaining a muted sophistication and debonair quality. Myna Loy tolerated his antics because they did not reach the level silly. Funny, yes- Silly, no way. ( My speculation is that somehow alcohol is impacting Nathan's appearance. Keep an eye on a person who starts to miss workdays with weak excuses.)

by Huge Castle Fanreply 22810/22/2013

Is it just me or is Alexis (Castle's daughter) following in the footsteps of her dad... she seems to have put on weight, and she's nowhere near as good looking as she was only last season. What the hell? Every time I see her face now, I cringe.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 22911/04/2013

Gunman at the Garden State Plaza interrupted "Castle" broadcast!

by Huge Castle Fanreply 23011/04/2013

R229 - Molly is still slim.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 23111/04/2013

231, someone should tell her face. Not really talking about her body.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 23211/04/2013

R232 Molly looks OK. She's still young and is just emerging from her teen years. She may become a beauty when she transitions to early adult. Being a ginger with pale skin makes her plain looking now, but there exist some possibilities.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 23311/06/2013

Baconnnnnnnnnnnnnn mmmphhhh.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 23411/07/2013

If I recall correctly, Abby from Scandal played Alexis' mom.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 23511/07/2013

Honestly, the show has become so formula that it's almost a parody. There's always that moment when Castle sees something at the end and the light goes on "BING!", and he makes some improbable connection that solves the case. It's like clockwork.

The last episode was "IT'S A CLOCK!"

Good lord. I thing I'm just done with this show. I really used to like it, but now... meh.

I think I'm done with Bones too.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 23611/07/2013

Molly is looking like a more attractive Laura Prepon.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 23711/07/2013

The one with Alexis and Castle solving the case to save the guy on death row was touching.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 23811/09/2013

Alexis has been such a cunt this season... I can't stand her character any more.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 23911/09/2013

I think it's fitting given that she's 19 and is trying to gain some independence.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 24011/09/2013

Is the show running out of ideas?

by Huge Castle Fanreply 24111/28/2013

I like Castle and Alexis making up.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 24212/15/2013

Finally, a DL thread my 81yo grandmother can enjoy.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 24312/15/2013

LOL R243

by Huge Castle Fanreply 24412/15/2013

Molly Quinn interview talking about season 7 among other things. She seems to never stop talking.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 24508/29/2014

Nathan on the show runner change.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 24608/29/2014

Nathan looks good.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 24708/29/2014

anyone watch the season premiere?

by Huge Castle Fanreply 24810/04/2014

Is anyone watchng?

by Huge Castle Fanreply 24901/07/2015

Molly Quinn grew up nicely.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 25003/13/2015

Hate Molly Quinn. Her character is sickening.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 25104/18/2015

Yes! Yes!


Great! Great! Great

The Greatest Story Ever Told!!

by Huge Castle Fanreply 25204/18/2015

Castle looks as though he's been spending a lot of time at White Castle.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 25304/18/2015

This thread is five years old. Who's running out of ideas?

by Huge Castle Fanreply 25404/18/2015

Castle is pure muscle.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 25504/18/2015

Esposito and Ryan need to finally consummate their relationship.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 25604/18/2015

R251 - Molly plays Alexis very well, and Alexis is very typical of a smart but somewhat self entitled 20 year old.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 25704/18/2015

she plays a smug little turd nauseatingly well. the worst thing about the show.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 25804/18/2015

Why the Alexis hate?

by Huge Castle Fanreply 25904/18/2015

I'm hearing that Stana Katic is leaving the show after this season.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 26004/19/2015

The show should end on a high note.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 26104/19/2015

‘Castle’ Season 8: Stana Katic’s New Contract Negotiation Update

There is still no news on whether ABC has renewed “Castle” for Season 8. And Stana Katic, who plays homicide detective Kate Beckett, has not yet signed on her new contract. The contract negotiations are still going on between her and the producer of the show, ABC Studios. TV Line has hinted that the outcome of this negotiation is likely to be positive. Katic’s contract is up for renewal after “Castle” Season 7 wraps up.

Micheal Ausiello of TV Line has reported in his weekly Ask Ausiello column that he is “hearing encouraging news on the state of Stana Katic’s Castle negotiations.”

ABC has confirmed that Nathan Fillion, who plays Rick Castle on the show, has already completed his negotiation and has signed on a one year contact. If the show is renewed for another season, Fillion will be returning. There is no news on who else has signed on the new contract. The contracts of all the actors were up for renewal after the production of the current season.

Meanwhile, David Amann, the current showrunner, will not be returning if there is another season. He is exiting “Castle” to explore other project opportunities. He had taken over the reins of the showrunner from series creator Andrew Marlowe after “Castle” Season 6 wrapped up. There are reports that ABC is looking for a new showrunner, which virtually confirms that the show will be returning with Season 8 this fall. And TV Line has reported that Marlowe and executive producer Terri Edda Miller are unlikely to be associated with the show as a writer or producer. These two are expected to focus on development.

In an interview given in November, Katic told TV Line that for her it is art over finance and if they are creating “something that is compelling and that has somewhere to go, then we’re good to go.” The actress added that if they are not, then “it’s time for everyone to pack up and move onto the next thing.”

“Castle” Season 7 airs its final episode on May 11. The episode is titled “Hollander’s Woods.” It is going to reveal interesting details about Castle’s childhood and why he became a writer. The episode is expected to end on a cliff-hanger.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 26204/25/2015

Castle did have a good run. They really did. I only watched the show until the second season.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 26312/30/2016

Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic are no longer relevant ever since the show went off the air.

by Huge Castle Fanreply 26401/01/2017
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