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"Grace of My Heart" Alison Anders film with Ileanna Douglas, Eric Stoltz, Bridget Fonda, Matt Dillon

It's a hoot! Who sings that fabulous song in the studio "God Give Me Strength" (E. Costello/B. Bacharach)? It's not on the soundtrack cd.

by Barklinareply 5508/04/2013

Kristen Vigard.

by Barklinareply 107/29/2010

that's my very favorite song from the movie - Kristen's version. I did find it somewhere. iTunes perhaps? I have it in my iTunes so did it eventually show up for sale there? Or did I get it from Napster maybe? I've probably played it a zillion times.

Of all Illeana Douglas' roles I am in awe of her because of this one.

by Barklinareply 207/29/2010

BTW, she did all of Douglas' vocals.

by Barklinareply 307/29/2010

I think it's a really bad movie, but Bridget Fonda is good in it.

by Barklinareply 407/29/2010

I think this movie is one of those films had the potential to be great, all the elements are there, but there is something that just did not come together to make it brilliant. God Give Me Strength is one of the best written-for-the-movies songs that gets too little attention. Thanks for this reminder, OP.

by Barklinareply 507/30/2010

I agree more or less with r4. It's a hit-or-miss movie. It could be sooo much better. There are scenes in it and performances in that are really wonderful, and others that are just... flat. All in all, though, I do enjoy watching it from time to time.

by Barklinareply 607/30/2010

The first 2/3 of the movie are great--then it falls apart

by Barklinareply 707/30/2010

The only movie Anders has made that almost works is Things Behind The Sun. The biggest problem with it was that it was ridiculous to cast Gabriel Mann who looked about 19 as being the same age as Kim Dickens who, hard drinking character or not, looked like she was in her mid-thirties. I'd say Gas Food Lodging comes in second.

by Barklinareply 807/30/2010

I love this movie with all of my heart.... until Matt Dillon shows up.

Then it just goes to hell in a handbasket. The relationships between all of the songwriters and the John Turturro character is what works. Then as soon as Dillon shows up and takes Denise out of that arena, the movie just stops.

I especially love how your expectations that Denise and the character played by Patsy Kensit (WHET her?) are going to be bitchy enemies is immediately subverted by their friendship.

The soundtrack is great, but it really should have included the Vigard version of "God Give Me Strength."

I think I downloaded it illegally somewhere. (Sssh!)

by Barklinareply 907/30/2010

But Elvis Costello's vocals on the song are amazing. I'm rediscovering his stuff and he's quite brilliant is so many ways. So much better than Green Day, he rates a musical much more than they do. The film was produced by Martin Scorsese who was dating Douglas at the time. I love Matt Dillon, I think he's underrated. My friend's favorite scene is when he's killing himself in the ocean and Ileanna's dancing and jiving to "Nitty Gritty" at some club. LOL, how's the dvd of this? Any extras?

by Barklinareply 1007/30/2010

Alison Moyet does a great version of "God Give Me Strength," too. I think I even like it better than Elvis Costello's.

by Barklinareply 1107/30/2010

Don't forget Bette Midler's version.

by Barklinareply 1207/30/2010

One of my favorite hoopy scenes is Ileanna as she staggers through the outdoors funeral of Matt Dillon. And one of the best scenes is when Matt's coaching her in the studio as she's singing the title song. Gives the exciting feeling one gets in the recording studio as you are creating a song, there's nothing like it!

by Barklinareply 1307/30/2010

I love this movie beyond all reason ...

by Barklinareply 1407/30/2010

Bridget Fonda is a fabulous actress. What the hell happened to her?

by Barklinareply 1507/30/2010

Had a car accident, married the (also brilliant) Oingo Boingo frontman Danny Elfman, had a kid. I don't really like the rest of the songs on the soundtrack. Is this Carole King's story, mixed with Phil Spector, Lesley Gore, who else? Neil Sedaka?

by Barklinareply 1607/30/2010

I think Matt Dillon's character is partially based on Brian Wilson.

by Barklinareply 1707/30/2010

I wish Bridget would unretire.

by Barklinareply 1807/30/2010

I never thought she was that great an actress. We would've never heard of her had she not been a Fonda.

by Barklinareply 1907/30/2010

But she is a Fonda! She's Jone Fonda's niecelette.

by Barklinareply 2007/30/2010

Love it. It asks the musical question: what if Carol King married Brian Wilson?

by Barklinareply 2107/30/2010

What if King Kong married Brian Peppers?

by Barklinareply 2207/30/2010

I love it beyond all reason, too r14. I thought I was the only one.

Whenever one of us is mired down in something, a friend and I will quote "Ladies, get out of the manure!"

by Barklinareply 2307/30/2010

I've never seen this movie, but the scary thing? I recognize Kristen Vigard's name from One Life to Live.

by Barklinareply 2407/30/2010

Brill Building bump

by Barklinareply 2508/09/2010

[quote] I recognize Kristen Vigard's name from One Life to Live.

One Life to Live?!

by Barklinareply 2608/09/2010

[quote]But Elvis Costello's vocals on the song are amazing. I'm rediscovering his stuff and he's quite brilliant is so many ways.

Agreed. Are you familiar with "Almost Blue," which Elvis wrote for Chet Baker? Hauntingly beautiful and quite sophisticated.

by Barklinareply 2708/09/2010

And Alyson Moyet's God Give Me Strength, great

by Barklinareply 2808/09/2010

Great, great, great songs: "Groovin on You" by Juned, "God Give Me Strength" and "A Boat on the Sea" by Kristen Vigard, "Truth is You Lied" by Jill Sobule, "My Secret Love" by Miss Lily Banquette, "I Do" by For Real...

by Barklinareply 2908/09/2010

Patsy Kensit became a the original rock star wife (4 ex husbands in the recording industry) and forged a career as a tv bitch, appearing in Emmerdale and Holby City. She's rumoured to be appearing in the next series of Strictly Come Dancing.%0D %0D And please don't forget Amanda de Cadenet's appearance as one of the secretaries. How she didn't get nominated for an Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her work pretending to be on the phone behind John Turturro is beyond me.%0D %0D Grace Of My Heart is a film I can always dip in and out of. It's far from perfect but it has a heart that a lot of better films don't.%0D %0D As for God Give Me Strength, the piano version of Kirsten Viguard's song did appear on Napster (ha!) and I also have her official version, with lush orchestration as purchased from Itunes. How it didn't get an Oscar nomination for best original song is beyond me, but at least it inspired Bacharach and Costello to write Painted From Memory.%0D %0D I also love My Secret Love, as "sung" by Bridget Fonda. The talky bit is immensely dramatic.%0D %0D

by Barklinareply 3008/09/2010

[quote] Are you familiar with "Almost Blue," which Elvis wrote for Chet Baker? Hauntingly beautiful and quite sophisticated.

Not when sung by Jennifer Jason Leigh.

by Barklinareply 3108/09/2010

I went to drama school with Illeana Douglass (Hesselberg). She lies about her age by four years. She was a fascinating, and insanely driven teenager. At eighteen years old, she hadn't a minute to lose.

by Barklinareply 3208/09/2010

Kristin Vigard actually was on 'One Life To Live' as Joy, one of the daughters of some blue collar guy (Frank Converse, I think...) that they brought on for about a minute ..... I think it was Didi, Connie and Joy.%0D %0D My favorite song from this movie is 'Love Doesn't Ever Fail Us'

by Barklinareply 3308/09/2010

"God Give Me Strength" (E. Costello/B. Bacharach) should have been nominated for an Oscar, instead, insipid tedious songs get nominated year after year.

I'm a huge Costello fan, I try to see him every time he plays NYC. I saw him with Bachrach at Radio City as well as at the SONY Studios to tape a PBS special with Bachrach. I've basically followed his career from his first UK singles on through "My Aim is True" to his current work.

His song "Shipbuilding" was a big UK hit for Robert Wyatt and he wrote "Almost Blue" for the late Chet Baker.

The man has worked in many genres of music, even composing an opera. Costello is amazing! Of course, he never became mega famous because he's not a very sexy man.

Here's some info of Kristen Vigard.

by Barklinareply 3408/09/2010

So how old is Illeana, r32? You're saying she's 49, not 45?

by Barklinareply 3508/09/2010

Come on girls! This is supposed to be [italic]upbeat,[/italic] not [italic]uptight![/italic]

by Barklinareply 3608/10/2010

I can't stand Costello. Makes my ears bleed.

by Barklinareply 3708/10/2010

"I can't stand Costello. Makes my ears bleed."

Madonna fan, I presume? Even if you don't enjoy Costello's voice, he's a very talented and prolific songwriter.

Have you written any memorable songs lately? I didn't think so....

by Barklinareply 3808/10/2010

Madonna is horrible, too.

by Barklinareply 3908/10/2010

Elvis has done at least a little bit of every style, it seems. I can't imagine not finding anything I could stand in his body of work, but to each his own.

by Barklinareply 4008/10/2010

The God Give Me Strength bit of the movie is reminiscent of one of Ellie Greenwich's stabs at solo singing success. She recorded a spare, moody ballad called You Don't Know, produced by Shadow Morton (The Shangri-Las) and co-authored with her then husband, Jeff Barry. The song went nowhere but it's a perfect pop single, imo.

by Barklinareply 4108/10/2010

Costello's not touring. BUT Nick Lowe is appearing for three shows at City Winery in October with a band. Have to pick up his greatest hits CD. Saw a bit of the Elvis Costello Soundstage show and I think he's sexy. Very energetic and old time show-bizzy in the intro to this show. The guest was the somewhat dull James Taylor, so I tuned out. (although I do love him and his music, too!).

by Barklinareply 4208/16/2010

Met Ellie Greenwich a few months before her death, she was at The Cutting Room (rip) and had a fabulous presence. She came right up to me at the bar (after I gave her applause on her entrance). Talented lady, very special

by Barklinareply 4308/16/2010

For those of us not familiar with the players, who in real life are the characters supposed to represent?

by Barklinareply 4408/16/2010

I have a video of this movie at home. I've never watched it, but heard it was a good cult movie. I'll watch it one of thess days, I guess.

by Barklinareply 4508/16/2010

WTF does Elvis Costello have to do with Madonna???


by Barklinareply 4608/16/2010

The film made some interesting points about a certain type of young socialist in the late 50s and early 60s whose dream was not really to create a gentle world for all, but to marry a socialite...

by Barklinareply 4701/05/2011

I loved that this film showed the business side of show business, but it or the people involved were neither cynical, or (as they would be today) ironic and self-important.

They loved writing those songs in that old office building.

by Barklinareply 4810/04/2012

Wonderful movie! Loved all of the heartbreak she had w/her various loves and took us through the highlights of the 60s and early 70s..

by Barklinareply 4910/04/2012

Kristen Vigard's version of "Living in Another World" which Ileanna lipsynch's in the studio at the beginning of the film is brilliant! Alas on the cd, it's done very badly by Portrait.

by Barklinareply 5010/04/2012

Extras on the dvd include a sexy bed scene (not explicit

by Barklinareply 5110/04/2012

with Matt shirtless and he has a sculpted natural hairy chest very sexy

by Barklinareply 5210/04/2012

Just saw this again last night. I love and hate this movie at the same time but, in the end, it always ends up moving me. I always think 'it should have been so much better' but I take it for what it is and, like someone else said, I can pick it up in the middle, dip out, then come back. Special mention for Jennifer Leigh Warren who's adorable. And, yes, Vigard's vocals should have been included on the soundtrack including HEY THERE.

by Barklinareply 5305/24/2013

Just finished watching this on STARZ. Bad on so many levels but still lots of stuff to love. Guess this was Douglas's shot at a starring role but it's clear that she's better in supporting roles.

by Barklinareply 5408/04/2013

I remember Vigard as the original Morgan on GL (never watched OLTL). Yes, I'm old.

That song is amazing, and Costello really should stick to songwriting, not singing.

Moyet, of course, rarely makes a false step, and if you haven't already, you should really check out her new one, The Minutes, produced by Guy Sigsworth (no, I'm not her PR person).

by Barklinareply 5508/04/2013
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