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Any fans here?

by Lola Heathertonreply 12011/24/2011

She's just the cutest thing I ever did see

Really love her peaches, wanna shake her tree!

by Lola Heathertonreply 107/25/2010

Loved it. Wish SNL's writers were even half as good.

by Lola Heathertonreply 207/25/2010

Edith Prickley: Live at the Melonville Baths!

by Lola Heathertonreply 307/25/2010

I love you, OP! I want to BEAR YOUR CHILDREN!

by Lola Heathertonreply 407/25/2010

R3, that was the very first skit I was thinking about as well.

One of my favourites.

by Lola Heathertonreply 507/25/2010

Geniuses. Brilliant at comedy without getting overly vulgar.

by Lola Heathertonreply 607/25/2010

Woookookooo-kookooo-kookoooo!!! WWookookooo-koookoo0-kookooo!!! Good day!

by Lola Heathertonreply 707/25/2010

I'm the bloody mufti!

by Lola Heathertonreply 807/25/2010

Wake up & love me, Ethel Merman.

by Lola Heathertonreply 907/25/2010

SCTV writers performers were interested in producing comedy; SNL writers are lazy and performers just want to go into making movies.SNL has absolutely no artistic credibility.

by Lola Heathertonreply 1007/25/2010

John Candy as Divine in the title role of PETER PAN...

by Lola Heathertonreply 1107/25/2010


by Lola Heathertonreply 1207/25/2010

Best SCTV skit of all? "Whispers of the Wolf", the Ingmar Bergman parody. Supposedly even Bergman himself thought it was hilarious.

by Lola Heathertonreply 1307/25/2010

It blowed up good...real good!

by Lola Heathertonreply 1407/25/2010

FIVE thugs pulled my tie from collar, so don't step on my clip-on tie!%0D %0D Just step around that clip-on tie!

by Lola Heathertonreply 1507/25/2010

Andrea Martin was BRILLIANT as Edith Prickley! I loved Bob and Doug, too. I bought their Christmas album.

by Lola Heathertonreply 1607/25/2010

Big fan. SCTV didn't have that "we're so hip" atttitude that SNL had.

by Lola Heathertonreply 1707/25/2010

"Order now and get the Lighter Side of Connie Franklin!"

by Lola Heathertonreply 1807/25/2010

Cabbage Rolls and Coffee!!

by Lola Heathertonreply 1907/25/2010

Sophia Loren Bath Oil!

by Lola Heathertonreply 2007/25/2010

Come on down to Tex and Edna's Organ Emporium. Purchase an organ and we'll give you a Budgie that will sing as you play on your organ.

by Lola Heathertonreply 2107/25/2010

And these are...The Days of the Week (Andrea Martin as "Mojo")

The Sammy Maudlin Show retrospective special. "Take a Load Off, Sammy" clip.

And I'm Earl Camembert...

As a comic, in all seriousness...

Joe Faherty as the station manager in a wheelchair (for sympathy and convenience only, he could walk just fine)

by Lola Heathertonreply 2207/25/2010

"Play It Again, Bob" with Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas as Woody Allen and Bob Hope; %0D %0D John Candy's Orson Welles and Pavarotti; %0D a drunken Johnny La Rue's "Street Beef"; %0D %0D Rick Moranis' Merv Griffin; %0D %0D I have them all on DVD. An embarrassment of riches-

by Lola Heathertonreply 2307/25/2010

The Brooke Shields Show

by Lola Heathertonreply 2407/25/2010

Andrea Martin as '70s liberated woman Libby Wolfson in her feminist play: [italic]I'm Taking My Own Head, Screwing it On Right, and No Guy Is Gonna Tell Me It Ain't!![/italic]

by Lola Heathertonreply 2507/25/2010

The Brooke Shields Show was inspired from this video of Brooke singing.

by Lola Heathertonreply 2607/25/2010

[quote] Joe Faherty as the station manager in a wheelchair (for sympathy and convenience only, he could walk just fine)

Guy Caballero

by Lola Heathertonreply 2707/25/2010

Catherine O'Hara should have had a bigger and better career in Hollywood. Great personality, beautiful, and very talented.

And John Candy was one of the most likable stars of all time. You could tell he was an extremely nice guy.

by Lola Heathertonreply 2807/25/2010

Don't forget "Gangway for Miracles" starring Edith Prickley (in the TITLE ROLE")

by Lola Heathertonreply 2907/25/2010


by Lola Heathertonreply 3007/25/2010


by Lola Heathertonreply 3107/25/2010

Damn, all the memories that came back just from the punchlines. That really was one of the best sketch comedy shows ever.

by Lola Heathertonreply 3207/25/2010

And of course, SCTV members are a huge part of Christopher Guest's ensemble.

Eugene Levy & Catherine o'Hara are so good together in "A Mighty Wind" and "Best in Show."

And one of their songs was Oscar-nominated.

by Lola Heathertonreply 3307/25/2010

Lola looks like Mia Michaels.

by Lola Heathertonreply 3407/25/2010

"Whispers of the Wolf"

by Lola Heathertonreply 3507/25/2010

"Prickly Heat"

Stuff it, Kathleen Turner--Edith is noir in leopard

by Lola Heathertonreply 3607/25/2010

That Brooke Shields parody was hilarious.

by Lola Heathertonreply 3707/25/2010

My fav: O'Hara as teacher Lucille Hitzger and Martin as an unintelligible Eastern European immigrant in "English for Beginners."

by Lola Heathertonreply 3807/25/2010

[quote]Catherine O'Hara should have had a bigger and better career in Hollywood. Great personality, beautiful, and very talented.

Absolutely. She is so underused and underrated.

Her cameos on "Six Feet Under" and "Curb Your Enthusiasm" were both great.

by Lola Heathertonreply 3907/25/2010

At least she got to be in Home Alone, a classic.

by Lola Heathertonreply 4007/25/2010

WHET to Andrea Martin? To me she ranks with Gilda Radner as one of the top comedic geniuses ever.

by Lola Heathertonreply 4107/25/2010

Was Catherine O'Hara lampooning Beverlee McKinsey's Iris in The Days of the Week skits?

by Lola Heathertonreply 4207/25/2010

Last time I saw Martin she did an episode of "Little Mosque on the Prairie". She was hilarious in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding".

by Lola Heathertonreply 4307/25/2010

Catherine O'Hara looks a little like bit like Lindsay Lohan.

by Lola Heathertonreply 4407/25/2010

---She was hilarious in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"

I agree, the best part in fact.

by Lola Heathertonreply 4507/25/2010

Loved this show. Thanks OP!

by Lola Heathertonreply 4607/25/2010

Whatever Happpened to Baby Ed? %0D %0D "But you ARE in wheelchair, Ed!"

by Lola Heathertonreply 4707/25/2010

I can't remember the name of the sketch, but it was Catherine O'Hara doing a spot on impersonation of Katharine Hepburn and one of the %0D SCTV actors as Walter Cronkite. Brilliant.

by Lola Heathertonreply 4807/25/2010

Pirini Sclerosa, R38.

by Lola Heathertonreply 4907/26/2010

Pirini was brilliant as Eliza Doolittle.

by Lola Heathertonreply 5007/26/2010

Andrea Martin has done a lot of Broadway. I think she also did a one woman show in which she appeared as Edith Prickley.%0D %0D "What the HELL is going on here?"

by Lola Heathertonreply 5107/26/2010

[quote]Pirini was brilliant as Eliza Doolittle.

(After Henry Higgins jumps out of a window)

"Oh no, Eliza, it looks like you pushed him over the brink."

Pirini Sclerosa as Eliza: "Poosy ba-rinko."

"Oh no, my dear, I'm much to old for that sort of thing."

by Lola Heathertonreply 5207/26/2010

The spoof of the Towering Inferno was a classic!

by Lola Heathertonreply 5307/26/2010

Martin Short did Katherine Hepburn's cousin with a spot on impersonation of K that was awesome!

by Lola Heathertonreply 5407/26/2010

I never really cared for Martin Short but I did love his Hepburn. Did he do the character more than once? I seem to remember one skit where he owned a hot dog cart or something in NYC and would say, in the Katharine Hepburn voice, "Don't you wahnt a haht dawg?"

by Lola Heathertonreply 5507/26/2010

Always loved this one.

by Lola Heathertonreply 5607/26/2010

Martin Short SUCKS. His mean-spirited sense of humor had a souring effect on every SCTV episode he did.

by Lola Heathertonreply 5707/26/2010

Martin Short's Ed Grimley was so funny it made me hurt with laughter.%0D %0D Loved him.

by Lola Heathertonreply 5807/26/2010

First time I saw SCTV I was stoned out of my mind. Flaherty was doing a sketch about a Swedish detective fighting crime by kicking off his clogs (knocking down a feeling criminal, breaking down doors). I was like WTF? Became an instant fan.

"Connie Franklin's 20 Most Depressing Hits" was always one of my favs.

by Lola Heathertonreply 5907/26/2010

Sid Dithers, Private Detective

"San Francisckie! Did you drove or did you flew?"

by Lola Heathertonreply 6007/26/2010

r60, that was one of the funniest lines ever!

by Lola Heathertonreply 6107/26/2010

I remember the Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker parodies they did, which were oddly on at the same time as the real show. Once, late on a Saturday night, I switched channels between the parody and the real thing, which was exact, down to the blue chairs with white dots.

My all-time creepy favorite was, on the stroke of midnight, their New Year's Eve show switched from 1983 to 1984, with a Big Brother picture of Orson Wells, and the entire rest of the show was Orwellian kids' shows like Comrade Kangaroo. totally creepy hilarious!

by Lola Heathertonreply 6207/26/2010

Eugene Levy as Gino Vanelli, sprouting more and more hair at every turn.

by Lola Heathertonreply 6307/26/2010

Norman Mailer for Tide%0D %0D %0D (With Martin Short as Gore Vidal!)

by Lola Heathertonreply 6407/26/2010

I didn't know about SCTI through SCTIV, much less SCTV.

by Lola Heathertonreply 6507/26/2010

Earl Camembert and a drunk Floyd Robertson interview Mayor Tommy Shanks about his involvement in the Children's Milk Fund scandal:

by Lola Heathertonreply 6607/26/2010

The Brooke Shields skit is hilarious. Flaherty's Kirk Douglas impersonation is a riot.

by Lola Heathertonreply 6707/26/2010

I loved the High Q sketches.

by Lola Heathertonreply 6807/26/2010

Actually, R55, according to his first appearance on The Tonight Show, Martin Short did the character Nelson Hepburn in a skit called Lifestyles of the Relatives of the Rich and Famous for SNL not SCTV.

He does a little bit of it in the clip.

by Lola Heathertonreply 6907/27/2010

Anyone remember Joe Flaherty as William F Buckley interviewing a young child?

by Lola Heathertonreply 7007/27/2010

"Battle of PBS Stars" with Julia Child (John Candy) being beaten up by Fred Rogers (Martin Short) in a boxing match with King Friday

by Lola Heathertonreply 7107/27/2010

I know it's several years old and probably out of print, but has anyone else ever read Dave Thomas behind-the-scenes book about SCTV? It's an interesting read about the show, especially in the early days when they had virtually no money for sets, costumes or make-up and they had to make do with whatever they could. He also talks about how NBC and SNL tried to get many of the SCTV writers and performers to change shows and the few who did were crushed by how they saw how SNL was made.

re 71. Fred Rogers reportedly had a good sense of humor, even when it came to how he was parodied on television. He was rumored to have enjoyed the "PBS Stars" as well as Eddie Murphy's "Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood" on SNL.

by Lola Heathertonreply 7207/27/2010

I forgot about "High-Q"--it was a scream!%0D %0D "Truman Capotay.."

by Lola Heathertonreply 7307/27/2010

No other show's comedy writers compare with SCTV for wit and intelligence. Who else could have come up with %C3%A2%C2%80%C2%9CRome, Italian Style%C3%A2%C2%80%C2%9D?

by Lola Heathertonreply 7407/27/2010

"Rome, Italian Style" part 2

by Lola Heathertonreply 7507/27/2010

Andrea Martin just bought a house in Toronto (she's come full circle!) and is doing a bunch of theatre around here.%0D %0D She's in a show with four Canadian actresses called "Love, Loss, and What I Wore."

by Lola Heathertonreply 7607/27/2010

[quote]He also talks about how NBC and SNL tried to get many of the SCTV writers and performers to change shows and the few who did were crushed by how they saw how SNL was made.%0D %0D I think that's why Catherine O'Hara originally left SCTV was to join SNL. She turned up, hated it immediately, and say no way. Robin Duke (another SCTV alum) was hired instead.

by Lola Heathertonreply 7707/27/2010

Out of all the comedy acting troupes, SCTV is the one I would love to see do a reunion the most, even if they didn't do any old skits but just gathered on stage and told stories. It certainly wouldn't be same without John Candy, but I think it would still be a lot of fun.

by Lola Heathertonreply 7807/27/2010

The Juul Haalmeyer Dancers!!!

by Lola Heathertonreply 7907/27/2010

Brilliant comedy that had none of the SNL or Kids in the Hall smugness. It was just funny. Catherine O'Hara will always be one of my heros.

by Lola Heathertonreply 8007/27/2010

R80 nails it. SCTV was an intelligent, literate show without being smug or "hip"

by Lola Heathertonreply 8107/27/2010

I have to admit, I thought Rick Moranis was very cute as Bob McKenzie in "The Great White North" sketches.

by Lola Heathertonreply 8207/27/2010

[quote]He was rumored to have enjoyed the "PBS Stars" as well as Eddie Murphy's "Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood" on SNL.%0D %0D Fred Rogers was a true champion of the rights and needs of the very young. He took his own work seriously but had a good sense of humor about himself. The only parodies he objected to were the ones that used vulgar language. He was concerned that very small children might not recognize the diference between his show and a parody and that his own teaching tools would be mis-used to promote vulgarity.

by Lola Heathertonreply 8307/27/2010

Have a very sexy Christmas!

by Lola Heathertonreply 8407/27/2010

What did O'Hara hate about SNL?

by Lola Heathertonreply 8507/27/2010

[quote]What did O'Hara hate about SNL?%0D %0D It's not an easy environment to work in. Very tense and stressful and at the time very much a boys club. Nasty and occasionally abusive. You need a very thick skin to survive there.%0D %0D I'm not sure about her specific reasons for not staying, but I can only assume it just wasn't her kind of environment. It may also have to do with the fact that the original SNL cast had all pretty much left by that point. %0D %0D She high-tailed it back to SCTV.

by Lola Heathertonreply 8607/27/2010

More about Catherine O'Hara. What is the gossip about her?

by Lola Heathertonreply 8707/27/2010

Perry Como: Still Alive

by Lola Heathertonreply 8807/27/2010

I think Catherine O'Hara is funnier than 90% of the people who've been on SNL

by Lola Heathertonreply 8907/27/2010

I agree, r89. And better looking than 99%.

by Lola Heathertonreply 9007/27/2010

Andrea Martin and Catherine O'Hara were better at sketch comedy and characters than any of the women who have ever been on Saturday Night Live, except for Gilda Radner, in my opinion.

The early half-hour SCTV shows (before "Network 90") ran on the local PBS station in my hometown. "Imported" from Canada on a UHF station, with bad reception, late at night on Saturdays. My friends and I (usually stoned, over pizza) would laugh harder at those shows than pretty much anything we'd ever seen.

Not sure if this was in the half-hour shows or later on the big network one, but Lola Heatherton's breakdown was so funny. Ranting about the men in the business who had used and abused her.

"You know what I'm talking about, Mister Bobby 'How Was I?' Bittman! Mister Johnny Why Don't You Just Suffocate Me LaRue!"

by Lola Heathertonreply 9107/27/2010

Catherine O'Hara? I prefer the comedy stylings of Tina Fey and Kathy Griffin.

by Lola Heathertonreply 9207/27/2010

r91, those early shows were the ones which included Harold Ramis. One of the skits I remember is the "Leave It To Beaver" reunion.

"Gosh, I really hate that Eddie Haskell."

"Well, why don't you kill him, Beaver? What are you... chicken?"

by Lola Heathertonreply 9307/27/2010

Andrea Martin was in Young Frankenstein.

by Lola Heathertonreply 9407/27/2010

I wish I could find the clips from the "Humoresque" parody, with O'Hara in the Joan Crawford part and Eugene Fodor (whatever happened to him?) in the John Garfield role.

by Lola Heathertonreply 9507/27/2010

Okay, a bit of SCTV trivia:

What was Bobby Bittman's real first name? Bonus points if you can tell how it was revealed.

by Lola Heathertonreply 9607/27/2010

Who was the SCTV station manager before Edith Prickley?

by Lola Heathertonreply 9707/27/2010

r92, you're a datalounger...does that mean you are tasteless, too?

by Lola Heathertonreply 9807/27/2010

Moe Green played by Harold Ramis was the original SCTV station manager. When Ramis left to direct movies "Edith Prickley" took over.

by Lola Heathertonreply 9907/27/2010

But do you know the answers to r96?

by Lola Heathertonreply 10007/28/2010

Great laughs in this thread! SCTV was even brilliant with wheezy, lowbrow stuff.

by Lola Heathertonreply 10107/28/2010

That was funny R101. I remember how that Brenda Vaccaro commercial used to freak me out with her weird breath intakes.

by Lola Heathertonreply 10207/28/2010

[quote]What was Bobby Bittman's real first name? Bonus points if you can tell how it was revealed%0D %0D I think it was Hershel. And it was revealed by his younger brother, played by Rick Moranis.

by Lola Heathertonreply 10307/28/2010

SCTV is one of my favorite shows ever. I waited until now to post in the thread because I feel guilty about owning all the dvds, but I never watch them. It's because I don't watch dvds, I don't even have a dvd player hooked up. I like to watch video files instead, avi's, ect. I'll have to convert all my SCTV dvds to avi's to watch them.

I also got the 1984 Cinemax season on bootleg dvds and was surprised how good it is. Nearly as good as their heyday on NBC, even though the cast had splintered, with O'Hara, Candy and Thomas leaving. But they all came back for guest appearances. The dvds also included The Last Polka, a mockumentary about the Shmenge Brothers which makes me wish they'd put out actual albums. It's hilarious to hear familiar pop songs like Billie Jean done as Polka.

Martin Short's solo HBO special in the 80s was also very strong, I'd like to have that on dvd too. And Andrea Martin's. The show had many good spin-off specials.

Check ioffer for the bootleg of the Cinemax season, that's where I got it.

by Lola Heathertonreply 10407/28/2010

GREAT thread, OP! SCTV is one of the few good memories I have of my high school years. My sisters and I still do "Indira;" Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young; and the omnipresent Michael McDonald (and his Plymouth Fury).


by Lola Heathertonreply 10507/28/2010

The first appearance of Pirini Scleroso in "English for Beginners". The volume of the clip is very low, but still worth it.

by Lola Heathertonreply 10607/28/2010

The Five Neat Guys!

"Let's have a party in my Rec Room..."

by Lola Heathertonreply 10707/28/2010


by Lola Heathertonreply 10807/28/2010

INDIRA!%0D as opposed to...

by Lola Heathertonreply 10907/28/2010

Nice, r107.

From a different Five Neat Guys sketch, sometimes when I'm getting dressed I still think of their classic song "Mom Pressed the Pleats in My Chinos"

...Because I like my chinos to be NEAT!

by Lola Heathertonreply 11007/28/2010

R91, I haven't seen the Chino clip - how did I miss it?! I also like their salute to the Oscar nominees of 1981:

"There were Chariots of Fire, but I have to inquire, why they didn't have no chariots in the movie!"

by Lola Heathertonreply 11107/28/2010

[quote]"Mom Pressed the Pleats in My Chinos"

It was actually "Mom Pressed the CREASE in my Chinos," but I didn't catch my mistake until just now. Of course none of the Neat Guys would have been wearing pleated chinos in their heyday.

And neither would I (well, flat-front was hard to find for awhile)

by Lola Heathertonreply 11207/28/2010

John Candy as Ben-Hur was absoluely PRICELESS!

by Lola Heathertonreply 11307/17/2011

Lola, you're so beautiful it's scaaaary! :) God bless you guys! Have some great memories of you all and still share your humor with many people in Oklahoma! :)

by Lola Heathertonreply 11411/24/2011

"While your bird's cookin', a little bossanova..."

by Lola Heathertonreply 11511/24/2011

Be sure to head on down to Tex and Edna Boil's Organ Emporium for our Black Friday sale. Doors open at Thankgiving night at midnight and you get a free budgie just for stopping by.

by Lola Heathertonreply 11611/24/2011

Free budgies for the kiddies!

by Lola Heathertonreply 11711/24/2011

Edith Prickley stuffing the turkey to the disco beat of "Macho Man."

by Lola Heathertonreply 11811/24/2011

For R188, who seems to be linking impaired

by Lola Heathertonreply 11911/24/2011

I meant R118..

by Lola Heathertonreply 12011/24/2011
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