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David Bowie

What do we really know about him? Are the blind eye rumors true? Did he really get fucked by Mick and Roger?

by Ziggyreply 13701/11/2014

Big fan here, but I suspect that he has a very creepy nature in his private life. He was into the occult in a big way and I suspect that he still is.

by Ziggyreply 107/24/2010

He and Iman are the most stylish couple alive.

by Ziggyreply 207/24/2010

'Loving the Alien'? He wasn't kidding!

by Ziggyreply 307/24/2010

I bet he still gets it on with men.

by Ziggyreply 407/24/2010

It seems like he'll do anything for a buck. He charges his 'fans' for everything. Isn't he already rich enough? %0D %0D Even U2 haven't sold out as much as Bowie has.

by Ziggyreply 507/24/2010

Met him a long time ago and I couldn't have imagined how sweet he was. Quiet and polite.

A very lovely man.

by Ziggyreply 607/24/2010

"He was into the occult in a big way"

Oh! Heavens to Betsy!

by Ziggyreply 707/24/2010

Kind of a has been at this point, no?

by Ziggyreply 807/24/2010

Saw him on a documentary about Ray Davies and thought he sounded extremely intelligent.

I think he got in a fight once - or some sort of accident - which damaged his eye and now his pupil is permanently dilated.

by Ziggyreply 907/24/2010

Tilda Swinton is supposed to play him in his biopic.

by Ziggyreply 1007/24/2010

Tilda as Bowie.

by Ziggyreply 1107/24/2010

Also, I saw him play in a double bill with Moby about 6 years ago (?) and he was so cool he wiped the floor with Moby without breaking a sweat. He opened. Was impeccable and gorgeous and in good voice. Moby looked like an idiot following him.

by Ziggyreply 1207/24/2010

Moby is a joke.

by Ziggyreply 1307/24/2010

Moby can't sing for shit. He's, also, a terrible dancer. So, I can totally see happen what you described, r12.

by Ziggyreply 1407/24/2010

his left eye is permanently dilated but he's not blind in it. the iris of his left eye also appears to be brown but he was born with blue eyes; when he was punched at age 16 some blood got trapped in his left iris, turning it brown.

he's not a has-been; he's just retired. he and Iman had a daughter ten years ago and he's pretty much been taking it easy since then so he can focus on raising her.

by Ziggyreply 1507/24/2010

David is a genuine freak, but a talented one.

by Ziggyreply 1607/24/2010

[quote] Did he really get fucked by Mick and Roger?%0D %0D Watch the video for Dancing in the Streets and you tell me.

by Ziggyreply 1707/24/2010

I met him once, about 5 years ago, and he was such a gentleman. My gaydar did not go off at all.I think he may have possibly had a bisexual period in his life but he presents as straight, sane, and very intelligent. On top of that he is gorgeous in real life!

by Ziggyreply 1807/25/2010

Love him. Changes was the first album I bought on my own at 12. Then a year later saw him for my first concert, what a way to loose my concert virginity. In what world does Bowie open for Moby?

From wik for what it's worth. Biographer David Buckley writes, "If Ziggy confused both his creator and his audience, a big part of that confusion centred on the topic of sexuality."[82] Bowie declared himself bisexual in an interview with Melody Maker in January 1972, a move coinciding with the first shots in his campaign for stardom as Ziggy Stardust.[35] In a September 1976 interview with Playboy, Bowie said: "It's true %C3%A2%C2%80%C2%94 I am a bisexual. But I can't deny that I've used that fact very well. I suppose it's the best thing that ever happened to me."[83]

In a 1983 interview with Rolling Stone, Bowie said his public declaration of bisexuality was "the biggest mistake I ever made",[84] and in 1993 he said his interest in homosexual and bisexual culture was more a product of the times and situation than his own feelings: "It wasn't something I was comfortable with at all."[85]

Asked in 2002 by Blender whether he still believed his public declaration was the biggest mistake he ever made, he replied:

Interesting. [Long pause] I don%C3%A2%C2%80%C2%99t think it was a mistake in Europe, but it was a lot tougher in America. I had no problem with people knowing I was bisexual. But I had no inclination to hold any banners or be a representative of any group of people. I knew what I wanted to be, which was a songwriter and a performer, and I felt that bisexuality became my headline over here for so long. America is a very puritanical place, and I think it stood in the way of so much I wanted to do.[86]

Buckley's view of the period is that Bowie, "a taboo-breaker and a dabbler ... mined sexual intrigue for its ability to shock",[87] and that "it is probably true that Bowie was never gay, nor even consistently actively bisexual ... he did, from time to time, experiment, even if only out of a sense of curiosity and a genuine allegiance with the 'transgressional'."[88] Biographer Christopher Sandford says that according to Mary Finnigan, with whom Bowie had an affair in 1969, the singer and his first wife Angie "lived in a fantasy world [...] and they created their bisexual fantasy."[89] Sandford tells how, during the marriage, Bowie "made a positive fetish of repeating the quip that he and his wife had met while 'fucking the same bloke' [...] Gay sex was always an anecdotal and laughing matter. That Bowie's actual tastes swung the other way is clear from even a partial tally of his affairs with women."

by Ziggyreply 1907/25/2010

Bowie was great in The man who fell to Earth.

by Ziggyreply 2007/25/2010

He is buying Annie Leibovitz's house in Rhinebeck, NY and moving there with his GF.

by Ziggyreply 2107/25/2010

Roger who, OP? Surely not Daltrey?

by Ziggyreply 2207/25/2010

Iman = I Man.

It's a man, baby!

by Ziggyreply 2307/25/2010

[quote]Bowie was great in The man who fell to Earth.

Absolutely. I love his mystique, especially back in his 70's heyday.

by Ziggyreply 2407/25/2010

Any information or rumors about Bowie's parents or siblings?

by Ziggyreply 2507/25/2010

Bowie strikes me as someone who uses people. I think Mick Ronson did far more songwriting than is generally perceived to be the case.

by Ziggyreply 2607/25/2010

For this alone, I love Bowie.

by Ziggyreply 2707/25/2010

I worked for his publicist years ago. From what I recall, he is usually quite sweet, like most people describe above. He usually had his longtime personal assistant be the heavy for him. She is a very mannish, nasty woman, and her name is Coco Schwab. Coco is like Mr.Hyde to David's Dr.Jekyll; has worked for David since the early 70s and is fiercely protective of him. I believe she still works for him now.%0D

by Ziggyreply 2807/25/2010

[quote]He is buying Annie Leibovitz's house in Rhinebeck, NY and moving there with his GF.

That estate is beautiful. I'm sure Annie is devastated that she had to let it go. She spent a fortune renovating it.

by Ziggyreply 2907/25/2010

Which Mick are you referring to, OP? If it's Jagger, Angela says they slept in the same bed after partying all night together but she doesn't think they had sex.

by Ziggyreply 3007/25/2010

Thanks for the info, r28. So you met Bowie?

by Ziggyreply 3107/25/2010

didn't he have a brother that went to a mental hospital

by Ziggyreply 3207/25/2010

I think he's very underrated as an actor. Perhaps he doesn't have that much range (I only saw him play pretty strange characters), but I loved him in everything - The Man Who fell to Earth, The Hunger, Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence, Labyrinth, The Prestige... Most musicians that do acting are terrible (see: Madonna, J. Lopez...) but he was truly good.

by Ziggyreply 3307/25/2010

Agreed, R33. I've seen all of those movies, and he does have a presence.

by Ziggyreply 3407/25/2010

He was also in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

by Ziggyreply 3507/25/2010

Well he definitely seems to have retired - will he ever come back with stunning new material, or even tour again and recycle the old stuff, a la Madonna?%0D %0D Perhaps he has enough money, did enough madness and has nothing more to say...

by Ziggyreply 3607/25/2010

Well, he did have a heart attack in 2004.

by Ziggyreply 3707/25/2010

Because he loves too much his heart nearly exploded.

by Ziggyreply 3807/25/2010

Didn't he do a Definitively Final Tour of the Greatest Hits/Catalogue already, a few years back?

by Ziggyreply 3907/25/2010

was he, like, last century's Lady Gaga?

by Ziggyreply 4007/26/2010

I've met him too. Struck me as very stylish, very relaxed and a gentleman. I got the impression he really enjoys life. Didn't ping.

Whoever called him a hasbeen. 1. You're an idiot. 2. That will never be the case, he is considered to be one of the most influential artists of all time.

by Ziggyreply 4107/26/2010

I listened to Space Oddity (the album) last night and it still holds up. I used to think his Eno-produced work was my favorite but I now realize I like the Visconti albums the best.

by Ziggyreply 4207/26/2010

[quote]He is buying Annie Leibovitz's house in Rhinebeck, NY and moving there with his GF. His girlfriend? Does Iman know about this? Did they break up? Or do they have an open marriage?

by Ziggyreply 4307/26/2010

I saw him do Ziggy Stardust at Radio City in the seventees. Best concert I ever saw. And at the perfect venue.

by Ziggyreply 4407/26/2010

Wasn't he one of the first major artists to sell his back catalogue (I don't know who to) for zillions of dollars? - so he doesn't have to do anything else now. I dare say lots of artists have to get back on the road now to make money as record sales collapsed. %0D %0D Love his Young Americans period .... his videos on dvd are still stunning too. He will always be a major artist. %0D %0D

by Ziggyreply 4507/26/2010

[quote]he is considered to be one of the most influential artists of all time%0D %0D MARY!!!

by Ziggyreply 4607/26/2010

I highly recommend the movie "Moon" by Duncan Jones, David Bowie's 38-year-old son with ex-wife Angela. They originally named him Zowie, but he preferred to be called Joe while in his teens and then settled for Duncan.%0D %0D Fantastic

by Ziggyreply 4707/26/2010

Bowie was a long haired hippie-ish singer songwriter type until the traveling freak show that was Andy Warhol's "Pork" performed in London. Bowie and Angie loved the protopunk attitude and spectacle of people like Wayne (now Jayne) County and the music that was coming out of their scene in NYC (i.e. the Velvet Underground), it inspired them to create the Ziggy character and the Spiders sound. Bowie was also inspired by Lindsey Kemp, a former lover and performance artist that he studied under.

by Ziggyreply 4807/26/2010

If he's done a "final tour" then he probably won't do another. I heard him on "Fresh Air" and he said he never really like singing or performing, what he really loved was songwriting but nobody else would perform his stuff. So now that he's older and filthy rich, why should he bother?%0D %0D I wish he'd do more acting, though. He's alsays good, somethimes VERY good.

by Ziggyreply 4907/26/2010

Someone should do a film with Bowie and Annie Lennox as an older(ish) couple.

by Ziggyreply 5007/26/2010

"Didn't he do a Definitively Final Tour of the Greatest Hits/Catalogue already, a few years back?"%0D %0D Oh yeah, and it was going to be the "last time" he did those songs. Of course he went back on that over a few subsequent tours.%0D %0D The first time I saw Bowie was on the Heroes tour at Boston Garden, where part of the Tonight live album was recorded. He was really something. Then I saw the Serious Moonlight tour, and I was less enthralled by his obvious grab for mainstream acceptance. I think when he talks about the difficulty of having called himeself bisexual was that it took so many years for him to get a hit on the level of that album.%0D %0D On his last, abbreviated tour, a friend of mine gave me a couple of tickets up near the roof of the new Garden in Boston. I had no reason to believe the show would be as fantastic as it was. And yes, there were plenty of the old hits, including a Ziggy mini-set.%0D %0D I'm glad I saw him one more time. It wasn't my inclination.%0D %0D I think one of the reasons he keeps reissuing things is because he sold "David Bowie futures" in the market, and that's the only way a little of the investment is paid back to the people who fell for the scheme.

by Ziggyreply 5107/26/2010

[quote]He is buying Annie Leibovitz's house in Rhinebeck, NY and moving there with his GF.

Would the person who posted this please explain this post? Are David Bowie and Iman over?

by Ziggyreply 5207/26/2010

r50, what a brilliant idea! I'd watch it, no matter what it was about. At least I'd know it would have a fantastic soundtrack.

by Ziggyreply 5307/26/2010

I did meet him briefly and he was nice to me. Coco-not so much. %0D %0D He's not a has been-like Madonna, he has reinvented himself multiple times.%0D %0D He sold "Bowie Bonds" in the 90s--the future royalties on his back catalog. He made $55 million off the sale; this was about a year or two before Napster and Mp3s started to take off.

by Ziggyreply 5407/26/2010

A great conceptual music artist at his peak and he wrote many great songs, but he really can't sing all that well. But, some of his great songs really aren't about the voice anyway.

by Ziggyreply 5507/26/2010

He's certainly a shrewd businessman to sell his "future royalties" at just the right time! %0D %0D Perhaps it was just all about making money for him... (like Jagger and McCartney all so rich).%0D %0D

by Ziggyreply 5607/27/2010

When Bowies used to live in Berlin, he talked about his admiration for Himmler and Goebbels. There is a photo of him doing the Nazi salute.

He apologized later and blamed it on his cocaine addiction.

by Ziggyreply 5707/27/2010

[quote]Perhaps it was just all about making money for him... People who set out to make "great art" generally come up with pretentious dreck no one wants to see or read or listen to. If your object is to make money, you need to pay attention to popular taste. It helps to be seen as cutting edge, but not too far afield from your contemporaries.

by Ziggyreply 5807/27/2010

I can/could never stand people who are/were overly into him. I can see them coming from miles away.%0D %0D I was a teenager of the 70s/80s & from London so I was very exposed to these types. He attracted a sort of ghastly, insane obsessiveness especially from a certain type of gay/bi. I guess he was the only 'role model' of that era who was, for a short time, cool & open about his bisexuality.%0D %0D Also he went back on his bisexuality & said it was just a phase and not really part of who he ever really was. His first wife really condemnded him for that as she knew how important his 'bi' aura had helped people to feel cool in their various sexual/gender confusions.%0D %0D He made some good pop music for a few years long ago and stretched a few gender boundaries. That is all. Don't worship him like a freak.

by Ziggyreply 5907/27/2010

Finola Hughes is his spitting image. Forget Tilda.

by Ziggyreply 6007/27/2010

Doesn't mean they're necessarily still a couple and living together, but as of last month, he accompanied her to some party celebrating her new thing.

And you think he looks like Finola Hughes? I've heard Cheryl Ladd or Jamie Lee Curtis, but I don't know about Finola. Hmmmm. Maybe a bit like James Dean?

by Ziggyreply 6107/27/2010

R59, Bowie was quite ghastly back in the 70's. Very creepy looking.

by Ziggyreply 6207/27/2010

I think the older Bowie looks a bit like the Bloc's (Quebec separation party) Gilles Duceppe%0D %0D "Low"-era Bowie is of course Tilda-esque

by Ziggyreply 6307/27/2010

I would kill to meet Bowie & Iggy Pop. They are so interesting compared to gimmicked up stars like Gaga and this generations of singers. You know you could get some crazy ass stories out of them.

by Ziggyreply 6407/27/2010

[quote]I would kill to meet Bowie & Iggy Pop%0D %0D What would you say to them?

by Ziggyreply 6507/27/2010

He had an affair with Slashes' mom and maybe Keanu's mom too.

by Ziggyreply 6607/27/2010

R66, Bowie did?

by Ziggyreply 6707/27/2010

Yes, Bowie did. Slash mentioned it in his book.

by Ziggyreply 6807/27/2010

r28 - who is coco?

by Ziggyreply 6907/27/2010

I thought Bowie was the original "gimmicked up" star.

by Ziggyreply 7007/27/2010

Bowie employs gimmicks, yeah, but every time I feel fascination.

by Ziggyreply 7107/27/2010

Good article.

by Ziggyreply 7207/27/2010

Though it's long been forgotten, Bowie was in a relationship and lived openly with a transexual in the early 70's.%0D

by Ziggyreply 7307/27/2010

He looks like an old lesbian.

by Ziggyreply 7407/27/2010

R73, what was that person's name?

by Ziggyreply 7507/27/2010


by Ziggyreply 7607/27/2010

Amanda Lear is not a transexual. It was a "coup mediatique" planted by Bowie (with her consent) for publicity. Amanda Lear is a woman and was born female.

by Ziggyreply 7707/27/2010

r62 - Bowie looks creepy now. Like his face was partially melted then frozen.

by Ziggyreply 7807/28/2010

LOL r78.

by Ziggyreply 7907/28/2010

Bowie is rock and roll royalty. He used media manipulation brilliantly to publicize himself, but he earned the publicity by delivering great music, and was a talented and disciplined enough performer to cross over into a very respectable acting career. %0D %0D I also give him credit for having some discretion and not making a public freak show out of himself the way Prince and Madonna have.

by Ziggyreply 8007/28/2010

His ex/ muse, Amanda, was born a man. Check out youtube.

by Ziggyreply 8107/28/2010

%0D Duncan Jones offers update on his follow-up film to "Moon" called "Source Code" and starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

by Ziggyreply 8207/29/2010

Favorite Iman story from the 90s was that she was at Berlin in Chicago in white pants dancing with her period.

by Ziggyreply 8307/29/2010


by Ziggyreply 8407/30/2010


by Ziggyreply 8508/01/2010

Where is he...?

by Ziggyreply 8612/18/2012


by Ziggyreply 8712/18/2012


by Ziggyreply 8812/18/2012


Rock me away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Ziggyreply 8912/18/2012

David Bowie you were a genius

by Ziggyreply 9012/18/2012

Anyone who is seriously into that Anton LeVay/Red Woman satanic crap has got to have a serious screw loose. They're the obverse of fundie Xtians IMO.

Love his early music, though after Scary Monsters he lost the plot and got all Reaganite and "never really" gay.

by Ziggyreply 9112/18/2012

R91, Bowie can't fall into a category, that's why he is so brilliant! He loved diversity!

by Ziggyreply 9212/18/2012

Ground control to major Tom, your circuits dead, there's something wrong

Can you hear me, major Tom?

Can you hear me, major Tom?

Can you hear me, major Tom?

Can you...

by Ziggyreply 9312/21/2012

Ground control to major Tom, your circuit's dead, there's something wrong

Can you hear me, major Tom?

Can you hear me, major Tom?

Can you hear me, major Tom?

Can you...

by Ziggyreply 9412/21/2012

Iman and Bowie both love plastic surgery and pot. They are the most beautiful hetero couple in my opinion.

by Ziggyreply 9512/21/2012

He was blazing hot in The Hunger.

by Ziggyreply 9612/21/2012

Yes he and Catherine Deneuve were both blazing hot!

by Ziggyreply 9712/21/2012

Funny how secrets travel

I'd start to believe if I were to bleed

Thin skies, the man chains his hands held high

Cruise me blond

Cruise me babe

A blond beneath Beyond Beyond Beyond

No return No return

by Ziggyreply 9812/21/2012

There's too much talking for a night drive

Too much mist in front of my eyes

You look trapped, turn the radio on

Too much smoke, air conditioning gone

But I'm helpless in love with you

But you're just looking , looking for a break

Too Dizzy-you can't have a lover

Too Dizzy-It's me and no other

I'm a bad loser-I'm-a-shakin' in anger

Too Dizzy-you can't have no lover...

by Ziggyreply 9912/21/2012

[quote]Bowie strikes me as someone who uses people.

Same here. He's not that different than Madonna in that regards. His aura was mostly created by others he knew how to shape into in order to create his allure. His execution was much more brilliantly handled than the "subtle as being hit over the head with a sledgehammer" approach of Madonna but it's basically the same.

by Ziggyreply 10012/21/2012

R19 sums up the "Is he or isn't he?" sexuality question pretty well however I do remember hearing somewhere that he and Jagger had sex in a walk-in closet (!) during a party.

They were both such (talented) egomaniacs that I wouldn't put it past them to want to add each other as notches on their respective bedposts.

Bowie was a notorious artistic magpie (read as: thief). Besides copping his transgressive schtick from the Warhol crew he also (lovingly) stole Marc Bolan's whole act. Jagger told the story about how he made the mistake of showing Bowie the cover artwork they got Guy Peellaert ('Rock Dreams') to do for their 'It's Only Rock 'n' Roll' album. The next thing they knew Bowie got him to do his 'Diamond Dogs' cover, which also was released first.

All's fair...

by Ziggyreply 10112/21/2012

What made my life so wonderful?

What made me feel so bad?

I used to wake up the ocean

I used to walk on clouds

If I put faith in medication

If I can smile a crooked smile

If I can talk on television

If I can walk an empty mile

Then I won't feel afraid

No, I won't feel afraid


by Ziggyreply 10212/21/2012

NEW David Bowie Song!

'Where Are We Know?'

by Ziggyreply 10302/02/2013

* 'Where Are We Now'

New David Bowie Song

by Ziggyreply 10402/02/2013

The Next Day is the forthcoming twenty-fourth studio album by English musician David Bowie, to be released in March 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Ziggyreply 10502/02/2013

My favourite song of his new album is 'Valentine's Day'. I know the title seems stupid, but the rhythm of this song really rocks and it's emotional and original.

by Ziggyreply 10603/31/2013

. "America is a very puritanical place"

Then why does he live here?

by Ziggyreply 10703/31/2013

Comment on Valentine's Day song youtube:

"Opening melody sounded so familiar and I was thinking and thinking where I've heard it... Then I realized similarity to Billy Idol's Eyes Without A Face, that was it"

Ha. Thought it fit in with the earlier comments about his tendency to plagiarize.

by Ziggyreply 10803/31/2013

David once admitted to a reporter that he was gay. A few years after that statement, he said that it was the greatest thing he had ever said, but years later he said that it was one of his greatest mistakes to say such a thing.

by Ziggyreply 10907/27/2013

So, David Bowie and Iman's relationship is just a marriage of convenience?

by Ziggyreply 11007/27/2013

I don't know R110...

By the way did you know that David's first wife Angela(Angie)Bowie was expelled from the Connecticut College for Women because she had a lesbian affair with another girl there? Already sexually precocious, she began a lesbian relationship which resulted in an incident she has never forgotten; “The psychiatrist at the college grabbed my girlfriend and I and imprisoned us in the surgery. I had to convince a nurse to bring me my clothes, then I leapt from the second floor window and ran back to my dormitory. I packed and left for Cyprus within a few days. I was an outsider in my own country.”

Angie came to England in 1967 to study at Kingston Polytechnic, a college renowned over the years for producing figureheads of the avant-garde. “I believe the only place I truly felt at home was in England.” Although only on a student visa, Angie got caught up in swinging London and somehow contrived to stay. She met David Bowie in 1969, when she was 19 and he was a fledgling rock star in his Space Oddity phase. They married in 1970 and had a son who they famously called Zowie (and who subsequently changed his name to Duncan Heywood Jones).

Below there is a photo of David with Angela Bowie

by Ziggyreply 11107/27/2013

David Bowie’s Wife Caught Him In Bed With Mick Jagger During Gay Affair, Claims Book

by Ziggyreply 11207/27/2013

Lori Maddox claims she lost her virginity to Bowie when she was just 13.

by Ziggyreply 11307/27/2013

— David Bowie’s ex-wife Angie slams his comeback — Threesome made them late for own wedding — Says David loved sex with men and women

by Ziggyreply 11407/28/2013

Zowie Bowie: How a son of rock royalty survived a bitter rift with his mother to earn genuine success

by Ziggyreply 11507/28/2013

Was it love at first sight? Was it ever love?

Angie Bowie: I don't think it was ever love, not from his point of view. Before we got married he told me he didn't love me, and I thought, “That's a great way to start it off!” I had another way to looking at it, but he wouldn't let me go and he would not bring himself to say that he loved me, you know, sometimes that's okay. It was weird, but it was okay.

by Ziggyreply 11607/28/2013

David Bowie's ex-wife 'hasn't seen son since he was 11'

David Bowie's ex-wife Angie Bowie has claimed that she has had no contact with their son Duncan Jones since he was 11 years old.

The model-turned-writer was married to the musician for eight years in the 1970s, giving birth to Jones in 1971.

Promoting her new memoir Lipstick Legends on BlogTalkRadio, Bowie said: "I haven't seen Duncan since he was 11 maybe, but that's life; some people are very unpleasant when they get divorced."

Bowie also revealed that she enjoys her film director son's work, including his highly acclaimed drama Moon.

"I've seen Moon and I'm looking forward to the next one," Bowie added. "He was a very talented boy when he was little, and he's very talented now that he's big."

by Ziggyreply 11707/28/2013

Angela Bowie(1949-)

Being married to David Bowie from 1969 to 1980 (an open relationship they both later described as ‘a marriage of convenience’); being the inspiration behind his hits The Prettiest Star and Golden Years; naming their child Zowie Bowie; finding Bowie and Mick Jagger in bed together; being fictionalised by Toni Colette as a character called Mandy Slade in glam rock film Velvet Goldmine.

Infamous for: Being expelled from Connecticut College for Women before coming to London at the age of 18. Auditioning for the part of Wonder Woman but being beaten by Lynda Carter. Penning a tell-all autobiography titled Backstage Passes: Life on the Wild Side with David Bowie.

Reason she’s a heroine: A fierce champion of bisexuality since her first romance with a woman whilst at college, Angie was often quizzed by the media about her own and David Bowie’s sexuality during her time as his wife. She swotted up on the subject, lectured at Eton about it, and wrote an essay beginning with these sentences:

“I like kissing and the perfumed flavour of nipples, their fullness and pampered erection when touched. I am a hedonist, a pleasure lover, at home in the courts of cool, jousting or playing croquet or regaling the company with tales of adventure and conquest. I thrive in the barrios of the baroque, bizarre and burlesque – I am Bisexual.”

She has since written a book on bisexuality, an another on sex and pop culture, and narrated a feature-length documentary about BDSM.

Any famous friends/lovers: A who’s who of rock’n'roll from touring with Bowie, including the Rolling Stones, Marianne Faithfull, John Lennon and Michael Jackson.

by Ziggyreply 11807/28/2013

And now, David Bowie urinating into a toaster.

by Ziggyreply 11907/28/2013

David Bowie very close with...Lou Reed!

by Ziggyreply 12007/28/2013

is that toaster photo real?

by Ziggyreply 12107/28/2013

The child with Iman is fugly as sin.

by Ziggyreply 12207/28/2013

R121 it seems real enough to me

by Ziggyreply 12307/28/2013


by Ziggyreply 12408/01/2013


by Ziggyreply 12508/01/2013

I don't think he was ever bi or with a man, I'm pretty sure he was always a poser.

by Ziggyreply 12608/01/2013

R126, David is certainly bi.

by Ziggyreply 12708/01/2013

Clever eyes. His eyes reminds me of Jodie Foster's at certain times.

by Ziggyreply 12808/01/2013

His discography is very rich. I'm in awe of this guy.

by Ziggyreply 12908/01/2013

If only people knew how influential DAVID BOWIE has been! If only!

by Ziggyreply 13008/01/2013

R126, read this article sugar.

by Ziggyreply 13108/01/2013

A friend of mine (who is a little scatterbrained) used to work the cheese counter at Dean and Deluca on Broadway and Prince Street. David Bowie and Iman used to come in there all the time to buy cheese. She would chit chat with him and one day asked him what he did for a living. He stammered a little and said "I'm a musician." And she was struck that she had seen him once before. Then it hit her..."YOU WERE IN LABYRINTH!!! I LOVED THAT MOVIE!!" Bowie burst out laughing and said "Yes, I was in that." And my friend was SO excited.

by Ziggyreply 13208/01/2013

R123 and R130 are idiots.

by Ziggyreply 13308/01/2013

And R133 you are an empty bitch, clearly.

Fuck you or return back to school.

by Ziggyreply 13408/01/2013

His new album was not that bad. The problem is that he is much bigger than the result of his new music work.

He gave it all years ago and for a long long time. I don't expect eternal perfection from anybody.

by Ziggyreply 13508/06/2013

I feel great when i'm listening to many of his songs. He is very refreshing and touching and bizarre and sexy and...all this.

by Ziggyreply 13608/11/2013

"I'm telling lies!", the lyric goes. Bowie, a closet transsexual? "He" wouldn't be the only one ... Btw, a transsexual (or Gender dysphoric) might be straight, gay or whatever. Meaning, a lesbian closet female is quite possible ;)

by Ziggyreply 13701/11/2014
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