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Is it Legal to Buy Prescription Drugs From Canada or Mexico?

My sister just texted me that question. %0D %0D For the first time in her life she's between jobs, in a profession that requires thorough background checks, and fears doing anything that may scuttle her career. She figured since I'm a low-paid uni employee, I would know the answer(?!).%0D %0D Which is why I'm asking DLers instead of Google. We've had many good threads on the subject, but Search function is still busted.%0D %0D TIA!

by Nice siblingreply 605/24/2013

Bumping an old thread because I'm not paid... and it's kind of related.

After years of tests, procedures, physical therapy, etc... I've finally found medication that has completely relieved all of my back pain. YAY! The problem? After using up the free trial my Dr gave me, I took my prescription to the drug store to find that my portion after insurance is $165 for a 30 day supply. There is no generic. Cymbalta. I got a free 30 day coupon from their site, so I've got a month to get me by.

Is ordering from Canada legit or will I end up with a bottle of whacky shit that isn't real? This is the only medication I've tried in 10+ years that actually works, so I'm really unhappy with the idea that it's out of my reach. The cost on Canadian sites is less than half of what my copay is.

by Nice siblingreply 105/23/2013

Have you tried yoga for your back woes?

by Nice siblingreply 205/23/2013

I've tried yoga, acupuncture, massage, steroid injections, inversion, chiropractic.. you name it, I've probably tried it. Cymbalta isn't medication that makes you dopey, there's absolutely no way you can get high on it. It's actually prescribed to treat depression but Drs found it blocks pain signals in the brain. I was incredibly skeptical but was amazed by how well it works. For the first time in over 20 years, I have zero back pain. I've got scoliosis, facet syndrome, degenerated discs and pinched nerves.. I'm only 32.

It's the only thing that's ever worked for me.

by Nice siblingreply 305/23/2013

R1 you can get endless months of the stuff completely free through Eli Lily Cares. Just search for it. It made my neuropathy much worse. I have bottles and bottles of it unopened under my sink.

by Nice siblingreply 405/23/2013

It isn't legal, but I am not sure the penalty is horrible, if you do import the drugs.

by Nice siblingreply 505/23/2013

Thanks for the info R4. I checked it out and don't qualify. I do have prescription coverage on my insurance but even with that, it's still $165 a month.

by Nice siblingreply 605/24/2013
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