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Cyndi Lauper''s best song (or post your fave video)

I like "Like a Cat" from "A Night to Remember."

by Barkleyreply 2807/28/2010

hot gets a little cold

by Barkleyreply 107/16/2010

Where's that from? What about "Calm Inside the Storm" from "True Colours?"

by Barkleyreply 207/19/2010

"I Drove All Night"

Much better than that soulless Canadian's version.

by Barkleyreply 307/19/2010

I'm not a Cyndi fan...but I love Into the Night.

by Barkleyreply 407/19/2010

"Into the Night" - - you mean "All Through the Night" from "She's So Unusual." I like "She's So Unusual/Yeah, Yeah" - - "you talk of sweeties, bashful sweeties, oh what that boy knows. He's up on his Latin and Greek..."

by Barkleyreply 507/19/2010

"Hole In My Heart (All the Way to China)"

by Barkleyreply 607/19/2010

No, he means 'Into the Nightlife' from her latest album.

My favorite is still 'Time After Time', which is one of the most brilliant pop songs of all time. It also encapsulates the feeling of the 80s really well. AND it has a classic, iconic video.

Second would be the remix 'Hey Now (Girls Just Want To Have Fun)', from her 94 Greatest Hits collection. It's a re-recording of the song, and is simply spectacular. If you don't know it, seek it out!

by Barkleyreply 707/19/2010

The rasta Girls? Ewww. No.

by Barkleyreply 807/19/2010

Hate that remix of "Girls" - original is much superior. I don't like reggae that much, possibly because Jamaicans are so homophobic. Thanks for posting that "Hole" video, it's classic. Great video shot in London for "Change of Heart" written by Esra Mohawk (who?) and featuring The Bangles.

by Barkleyreply 907/19/2010

"Time after Time" is that a Jules Shear? I liked it back when but it's overplayed and several people have covered it, including Miles Davis. She did tons of Billy Steinberg Tom Kelly songs on "Night to Remember" featuring an iconic Chip Simons photograph (does anyone know where I can get the poster?). One of the Steinberg songs I'm liking is the one Susana Hoffs also did, the very Beatle-esque "Unconditional Love." She really had good material, see, that's what Xtina lacks. And a good rock singing voice.

by Barkleyreply 1007/19/2010

Sally's Pigeons

by Barkleyreply 1107/19/2010

Don't care for her or her creepy songs

by Barkleyreply 1207/19/2010

Sally lived across the street from me and the building kicked her out. She would open her kitchen window and all these birds would fly into her kitchen and she'd feed them. A total nut, she also posed in the window nude a lot. Her brother worked for Cyndi and introduced her to Cyndi. Then she co-wrote the song with (ugh) Mary Chapin Carpenter.

by Barkleyreply 1307/19/2010

'Hey Now' is hardly pure Jamaican reggae - it's done in a 60s girl group way. The song works incredibly well with a touch of reggae light. And her vocals on the remix are even more spectacular than on the original. She ROCKS the song! Which is not to say the original is a lesser track. Of course it's brilliant too.

I thought the London video was for 'Boy Blue'? (Her dancing in Trafalgar Square). I love that song as well.

My favorite off Night to Remember is 'Heading West'. Great, quiet little song. It was released as a single as well.

by Barkleyreply 1407/19/2010

Change of Heart, which has the iconic video in Trafalgar Square, is such a vocal treat.

by Barkleyreply 1507/19/2010

R10--I guess she really changed things up for the song. In her version, Sally appeared to be someone who keeps pigeons as pets, and lets them out to fly each day. And he was a man.

by Barkleyreply 1607/19/2010

What about "She Bop (Live)" from the debut album reissue, it's a similar arrangement to the 12" remix. "You talk of sweeties, bashful sweeties, I've got one of those." Listened to all of her cd's that I have last night. She was really kind of a more rock version of Bette Midler, because she did a comedic character onstage and did eclectic music.

by Barkleyreply 1707/20/2010

Is anyone going to historie Town Hall tomorrow night?

by Barkleyreply 1807/20/2010

No one's going? It's sold. out.

by Barkleyreply 1907/21/2010

SUCKED! She didn't do one hit all night. Actually she may have, I left after 2 hours of blues. I really don't think her new material is suited for her. Allen Toussaint ("Lady Marmalade") came out for a couple of songs but she didn't do any of his hits either!

by Barkleyreply 2007/22/2010

That fugly lame brain Aquilante gave her a rave-up in the Post today...! Lots of dykes and fags in the audience Wed. night. Very self-indulgent show. Allen Toussaint did appear for a couple of tunes.

by Barkleyreply 2107/23/2010

The gays are officially over Cyndi. She's catered to them for too long, I guess.

by Barkleyreply 2207/27/2010

I'm Gonna Be Strong from her Blue Angel album.

by Barkleyreply 2307/27/2010

Time After Time, Dear John, Unhook the Stars and Rain On Me are all amazing songs that she wrote herself. Love the woman and looking forward to seeing her in Orlando Sunday. I can only hope that she spends two hours singing the Blues.

by Barkleyreply 2407/27/2010

Love "I'm Gonna Be Strong" - though I prefer the slicker re-recording from the 12 Deadly Cyns collection. I had no idea it was a cover of a 60s song.

"She Bop" and "Goonies R Good Enough" are guilty pleasures.

Love the Tony Moran mix of "You Don't Know."

by Barkleyreply 2507/27/2010

I love When You Were Mine and All Through The Night.

by Barkleyreply 2607/28/2010

Are people liking her blues pose, 'though? The crowd looked bored mid-set at Town Hall, I saw some yawns.

by Barkleyreply 2707/28/2010

And she should intersperse a few hits into the set, it's BORING! The guy at the box office told me she would do hits, too. LIAR!

by Barkleyreply 2807/28/2010
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