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Women Of CSI: Miami

Kim Delaney?%0D %0D Wanda De Jesus?%0D %0D Sofia Milos?%0D %0D Emily Proctor?%0D %0D Khandi Alexander?%0D %0D Eva La Rue?%0D %0D Most of the actresses have since left the show. For a time, they made an impact on the show. What was their appeal?

by Original Posterreply 4001/17/2013

Hello, anybody here?

by Original Posterreply 107/13/2010

Marg Helgenberger is the only one who gave anything of a strong performance (two Emmy nominations for best actress!) among female cast members on the [italic]CSI[/italic] franchise. Not the the others aren't talented - especially Khandi Alexander - but the material wasn't there, and the opportunity didn't give rise to anything much.

by Original Posterreply 207/13/2010

It's no surprise that Melina Kanakaredes has quit the CSI: New York cast.

by Original Posterreply 307/13/2010

When did Melina Kanakaredes quit CIS: NY?

by Original Posterreply 407/13/2010

Yesterday, r4.

by Original Posterreply 507/13/2010

I saw the thread for the link, r5.%0D %0D Thank you.

by Original Posterreply 607/13/2010

What did anyoone on here thought of Sofia Milos' portrayal of Det. Yelina Salas for a few years on CSI: Miami?

by Original Posterreply 707/13/2010

Wanda De Jesus had a great character with lots of potential. Her "Adela Sevilla" was plugged into the local Latino community in a way that the Columbian Yelina was not; and she had a soft butch swagger that was sexy and intriguing. I wish CSI:Miami had retained more of that Latin flavor it had that first season.

Khandi is a superb actress, but she only got to show that in brief flashes over eight seasons. But I do think she created an iconic character, though, like Horatio Caine, that character is more annoying than endearing. I did love her interactions with the Rory Cochrane character; they had great chemistry.

Emily Procter's character was interesting in the first 2-3 seasons, but since has become a total morally superior snooze like Adam Rodriguez.

Seems the writers never quite knew what to do with Sofia Milos or her character. Pity, since they canned De Jesus to bring Milos aboard. The eye sex between Yelina and Horatio grew tedious, as did Milos' constant alterations to her face.

by Original Posterreply 807/13/2010

[quote]What did anyoone on here thought%0D %0D

by Original Posterreply 907/13/2010

So if no one's interested in your topic, you'll just bump it to page 1?

by Original Posterreply 1007/13/2010

I'm a big fan of Eva LaRue (LOVED her on AMC and think she's a good actress), but they never did much with her after her first season, when she got involved with both Adam Rodriguez and Jonathan Togo's characters, and had that story arc with Rob Estes as her ex.%0D %0D Then there was that storyline that started with the lab explosion, and ended with her dealing with her hearing loss.%0D %0D There was some promise this season early with her and Eddie Cibrian, but that fizzled (too bad - I'd love to have seen them hit the sheets) and by the season's end she was being marginalized far too much in favor of that hideous Forrest Whittaker wannabe. Now that Cibrian's gone, I wonder if Eva's not the next to go.%0D %0D Too bad - she's sexy and can act, but also isn't given anything to do...

by Original Posterreply 1107/13/2010

I'd still like to know what exactly happened with Kim Delaney. I know she went into rehab not all that long after she was dropped. Did that play a part in her dismissal? Or was getting canned what caused her to hit the bottle?

by Original Posterreply 1207/13/2010

Oops, sorry about the misspelling, r9.

by Original Posterreply 1307/13/2010


by Original Posterreply 1407/14/2010

The rumors were that Kim Delaney and David Caruso didn't like each other, R12. Caruso had her fired from the show. I don't think her getting fired had anything to do with her alcoholism. It turned out for the best, though. Delaney is a good actress and deserved much better than CSI. I love her on Army Wives.

by Original Posterreply 1507/14/2010

I thought he hated her because she was drunk all the time. You always seemed to have the DTs, barely able to get a line of dialogue out.%0D %0D I hated Sofia "Xenu" Milos and Yelena.

by Original Posterreply 1607/14/2010

Um, *she* seemed to have the DTs, not you. LOL%0D %0D Sorry about that.

by Original Posterreply 1707/14/2010

I wished Wanda de Jesus would have stayed on the show. The writers didn't develop her character much.

by Original Posterreply 1807/14/2010

Wasn't there bad blood between Caruso and Delaney from the NYPD BLUE days? Or did their times on that show not intersect?%0D %0D I remember thinking how odd it was to see Caruso and deJesus together on CSI:Miami, when deJesus has been the longtime live-in of Jimmy Smits, who replaced Caruso on NYPD BLUE.

by Original Posterreply 1907/14/2010

After Sofia Milos left the show, she joined the Canadian tv show called "The Border." Then again, Sofia fell off the radar. It's too bad that she's a scientologist.

by Original Posterreply 2007/15/2010


by Original Posterreply 2107/15/2010

Kim Delaney is hot. I've been watching the 2nd season of Tour Of Duty the last few nights, and wow! Those dimples! She's very sexy.

by Original Posterreply 2207/15/2010

It was ridiculous to have an actress like Kandi Alexander on the show and do so little with her. Sofia Milos plastic surgery was just too distracting.

by Original Posterreply 2307/15/2010

Emily Procter does a great job on the show.

by Original Posterreply 2407/15/2010

[quote] Wasn't there bad blood between Caruso and Delaney from the NYPD BLUE days? Or did their times on that show not intersect?

Delaney was on the show long after Caruso left. She was involved with Jimmy Smits' character, Bobby.

by Original Posterreply 2507/15/2010

Wasn't Sofia Milos engaged to Gavin Newsome, Mayor of San Francisco, at one point after she left CSI:Miami?%0D %0D For some reason, the engagement got broken. Anyone remember why?

by Original Posterreply 2607/15/2010

I wish I knew, r26.

by Original Posterreply 2707/16/2010


by Original Posterreply 2807/16/2010

None of them have anything on me!

by Original Posterreply 2907/16/2010

It was ridiculous to have an actress like Kandi Alexander on the show and do so little with her. Sofia Milos plastic surgery was just too distracting.%0D %0D I agree with you, r23.

by Original Posterreply 3007/17/2010

Eva La Rue came on board a few years ago. I do miss Khandi Alexander on the show.

by Original Posterreply 3107/17/2010

I can't wait to see the new HBO series that Khandi Alexander will star in. If her work on The Corner proved anything it's that she's a phenomenal actress when given material where she can flex her talent. I think she did the right thing by leaving the show. She'll probably win a few Emmys in the new HBO series about Katrina victims.

by Original Posterreply 3207/17/2010

You know what, r32. I agree with you.%0D %0D Khandi knew it was time for her to leave CSI: Miami. She wanted to spread her wings even higher.

by Original Posterreply 3307/18/2010

Um, R32. The waiting is over. "Treme" Season 1 has come and gone; Khandi was excellent in it.%0D %0D I always thought she was AWFUL on CSI Miami, which was really confusing to me, since she was so good in "The Corner" and on "Newsradio". She was stilted and terrible on "CSI: Miami" and I just configure out why.

by Original Posterreply 3407/18/2010

Isn't Wanda DeJesus on All My Children now?%0D Doesn't she play the mayor Iris Blonco?

by Original Posterreply 3507/18/2010


by Original Posterreply 3611/15/2012

I know this is about the women of CSI: Miami...

but I still covet Jorja's gf.

by Original Posterreply 3711/15/2012

Kim Delaney is a drunk.

by Original Posterreply 3811/15/2012

It's too bad that CSI: Miami has gone off the air. I wish that CSI: NY was a goner because it is not good without Melina Kanakaredes.

by Original Posterreply 3901/17/2013

Emily Procter is one of the worst actresses ever to appear on primetime TV.

by Original Posterreply 4001/17/2013
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