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Please, Mr. Jailer, let Amy Locane go free!

Amy Locane -- who played Sandy in the original "Melrose Place" -- was just charged with killing someone in a drunk driving accident last night.

According to the Somerset County Prosecutor's Office, Locane plowed into the passenger side of another car in Montgomery, New Jersey... killing the woman sitting in the front seat.

The driver of the car was flown to a nearby hospital with serious injuries. Locane was arrested at the scene for DUI and taken to a different hospital for treatment.

According to the Prosecutor, Locane was also involved in a minor hit-and-run accident right before the deadly crash.

Locane admitted to police she drank several glasses of wine before getting behind the wheel, The Star-Ledger reports.

Locane, who also starred alongside Johnny Depp in "Cry-Baby," was charged with second-degree vehicular homicide and third-degree assault by auto and faces 5-10 years in prison if convicted. Bail is yet to be set.

by Wade Walkerreply 5112/04/2012

Always wondered what happened to her. Drunk in Jersey like the best of us.

by Wade Walkerreply 106/28/2010

Someone get her in touch with Rebecca Gayheart and Halle Berry's lawyers.

by Wade Walkerreply 206/28/2010

I'm surprised she still looks so good. Pretty good mug shot.

by Wade Walkerreply 306/28/2010

Blonde and attractive? No jail time then.

by Wade Walkerreply 406/28/2010

Here's her IMDB page%0D

by Wade Walkerreply 506/28/2010


by Wade Walkerreply 606/28/2010

I wonder what Rachel Sweet thinks about this.

by Wade Walkerreply 706/28/2010

Amanda Knox was tried in Italy, where they only acquit if you're voluptuous and brunette.

by Wade Walkerreply 806/28/2010

LOL, r8!

by Wade Walkerreply 906/28/2010

Fuck the bitch!%0D %0D You know there only going to give her Community Service.

by Wade Walkerreply 1006/28/2010

Who did she play? I got all those girls mixed up except Heather Locklear, Marcia Cross, & the cute red head who played Sydney.

by Wade Walkerreply 1106/28/2010

Brilliant. Why do these idiots get behind the wheel after boozing it up? Has anything good ever come of it?

Fry her.

by Wade Walkerreply 1206/28/2010

She's in deep shit now.

by Wade Walkerreply 1306/28/2010

Doesn't sound like she has a lot of support from her fellow celebrities. Here are some of the cruelest responses from Twitter:

Matthew Broderick (matthewbroderick): no her, danno

Brandy Norwood (brandysinger): crazy bitch needs to lrn 2 drive...poor fam!

Rebecca Gayheart (beccagaydane): so that im a mom i cldn't imagine :*(

Laura Bush (laurawb1ldy): amylocane is why gwb & i support the death penalty.

by Wade Walkerreply 1406/28/2010

Apparently she was plowing into other vehicles trying to get away.

by Wade Walkerreply 1506/28/2010

How very, very irresponsible of her. When those police are through with her, all she'll be left with is that proverbial wish: that she'd never been born.

by Wade Walkerreply 1606/28/2010

Stupid bitch!! Make it look like suicide!

by Wade Walkerreply 1706/28/2010

Anyone remember her from School Ties?%0D %0D %0D %0D %0D I haven't heard anything about her in years.

by Wade Walkerreply 1806/28/2010

I was a huge fan of the show. Or at least I thought so. Who the hell was 'Sandy'?

by Wade Walkerreply 1906/28/2010

R19, I think she was ditched affter the first season

by Wade Walkerreply 2006/28/2010

Her next role will be in Concrete Jungle.

by Wade Walkerreply 2106/28/2010

Yeah R18, she was in School Ties and Cry Baby.

by Wade Walkerreply 2206/28/2010

Look at the chins on her husband...

by Wade Walkerreply 2306/29/2010


by Wade Walkerreply 2406/29/2010

Well, seeing those pics of her hubby atr23 and 24, it's no wonder why she drinks. Is that fatty fireman really the best she could do?

by Wade Walkerreply 2506/29/2010

He's not just a volunteer fire fighter, he owns a liquor store.

by Wade Walkerreply 2606/29/2010

That baby in R23's link looks dead.

by Wade Walkerreply 2706/29/2010

R14 I thought those were real for a full two minutes...LMMFAO

by Wade Walkerreply 2806/29/2010

What about the children ? (her children)

by Wade Walkerreply 2906/29/2010

They'll just have to move into the liquor store. Or maybe John Waters will take them in.

by Wade Walkerreply 3006/29/2010

[quote] He's not just a volunteer fire fighter, he owns a liquor store.

Oh, well that makes all the difference. Clearly having a supplier on hand was the attraction for Amy.

by Wade Walkerreply 3106/29/2010

Still no trial date? what the heck?

by Wade Walkerreply 3206/04/2012

Would you want her to go free if it was your partner, your mom or your best friend who was killed?

Fry the bitch.

by Wade Walkerreply 3306/06/2012

The post is nearly two years old, but I gave R14 a W&W. Very funny. If we keep flagging it, it may appear on the side bar and freak him out.

by Wade Walkerreply 3406/06/2012

She didn't even last a full season. She left when Jo came midway through the first season of MP

by Wade Walkerreply 3506/06/2012

Tentative trial date set for Sept. 10th. The judge is allowing the black box recorder data into evidence.

by Wade Walkerreply 3607/25/2012

Well as long as you have money they let you get away with murder

Brandy, Halle Berry, Rebecca Gayheart.... So on and so on

by Wade Walkerreply 3707/25/2012

Sad story all around. There was something really appealing about her. Has John Waters weighed in? If he can feel compassion for the Manson girls, surely he can spare a bit for this chick.

by Wade Walkerreply 3807/25/2012

R35, Vanessa Williams (the other one) only did one season, too. I wonder why. The show was a hit.

by Wade Walkerreply 3907/25/2012

[quote] Brandy Norwood (brandysinger): crazy bitch needs to lrn 2 drive...poor fam!

That's rich coming from fellow murderer. What a damn stupid cunt brandy is

by Wade Walkerreply 4007/25/2012

That was satire, R40. See R28.

by Wade Walkerreply 4107/26/2012

I remember how protective John Waters was of her during filming of Cry Baby. Guess she's not that innocent after all.

by Wade Walkerreply 4207/26/2012

Primate looking

by Wade Walkerreply 4307/26/2012

R35--If I recall correctly, the "other" Vanessa Williams who did "MP" left the show when she complained about the way her character was written. Her only memorable plot was when she drove Billy to Compton to "sensitize" about civil rights in 1992 post-riots L.A.

by Wade Walkerreply 4407/26/2012

R44 - You forgot about the whole arc about her wedding plans and whether she would lose Matt as a friend.

by Wade Walkerreply 4507/26/2012

Some crazy bitch was chasing Amy at a high speed, that's why she crashed into the car. They had a minor fender bender and the bitch got out of her car and tried to grab Amy's keys out of the ignition. Amy sped away after telling the woman she was fine. Then the bitch gave chase. She's just as responsible as Amy, in fact, maybe more. Why didn't she just call the cops?

by Wade Walkerreply 4607/26/2012


by Wade Walkerreply 4707/28/2012

CONVICTED! Sent straight to jail.

by Wade Walkerreply 4811/27/2012

Serve 85% of sentence before parole!

by Wade Walkerreply 4911/27/2012

So sad, she was good in "Cry Baby" - that idiot woman who was following her did sort of cause the accident. I think she should be sentenced as well.

by Wade Walkerreply 5012/04/2012

Stupid stupid stupid. She could've gotten a ride home from someone at that party and picked up her car the next day.

by Wade Walkerreply 5112/04/2012
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