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Breast Removal, A question for the lesbians (or gay men in the know)

A friend is having her breasts removed next week. Does anyone know what the process entails? Do they liposuction the fat at the breast and cut away any excess skin? She's a beautiful woman, looks andro in that lesbian hot way, and has a good large B/small c cup right now. Her breasts look amazing as they are, but for personal reasons she wants them removed --- I do not know if she plans to pull a "Chaz" in the future. Even though I love her breasts (I've only seen them through shirts and have not been fortunate enough for personal inspection), in a friendly way, I say good for her if this is what she wants to do. Does anyone know anyone who has been through this procedure? I have experience in implants, but not breast removal. I hope it's not a painful procedure. Thank you.

by lesbianreply 6008/28/2013

I am a registered nurse, and have assisted in surgeries in which the patient had the breast removed for medical reasons (cancer). In this case, the breast tissue is literally just cut away. Has your friend told you why she wants her breasts removed? Post op is painful, and there will be scarring. I cannot imagine this willingly.

by lesbianreply 106/25/2010

This is insane. What if she wants to cut off her arm because she wants to? Patently ridiculous. This FTM trend in the lesbian world is truly scary.

by lesbianreply 206/25/2010

[quote]I do not know if she plans to pull a "Chaz" in the future. Oh, you mean a fart that smells like a dead manatee?

by lesbianreply 306/25/2010

Yes, she has said she wants them completely removed. It's being done for cosmetic reasons, not health reasons. I'm happy for her if this is what she wants, and it's going to make her happy. But, selfishly sad to know those nice breasts will be no more.

by lesbianreply 406/25/2010

I gotta imagine she's Chazzing it up to some degree, this kind of elective surgery isn't really something entered into lightly. Good luck to your friend!

by lesbianreply 506/25/2010

ok, I will be more honest (I held back in my r4) I am really upset about this, but I really shouldn't be. It is not my body. It is just that she is such a beautiful woman just as she is.

She's just a friend, so I would never let her know that it's upsetting to me. I want to support her with her decision.

by lesbianreply 606/25/2010

I think a lot of us felt similarly when Alexis Arquette got rid of his fat, massive cock.

by lesbianreply 706/25/2010

Do surgeons ever order psychological evaluations for patients who want this procedure done? How is it ethical to remove healthy tissue from someone's body like this?

by lesbianreply 806/25/2010

Get your friend to a psychiatrist.

by lesbianreply 906/25/2010

People are going to be accused of transphobia in 5, 4, 3, 2, ....

I'm with you OP, and agree with the registered nurse.

Removing healthy functional organs and replacing them with something that might not work seems unethical to me.

This idea that you're in the "wrong" body seems to be to be socialized. There's not a medical fix. We're supposed to be PC and support people in their desire to be 'transition'. But how many transsexuals are truly happy after surgery?

by lesbianreply 1006/25/2010

Does her family have a history of breast cancer? Maybe she doing it pro-actively because of a genetic test. I've heard of that happening.

by lesbianreply 1106/25/2010

But R10, I also feel hypocritical.

Here I am upset about a friend having her breasts removed, while I have experience with having implants. I had them done several years ago when I has a lump removed in my breast which caused one to be over a cup size smaller then the other.

So as society, it's "ok" for implants for cosmetic reasons but not ok for breast removal?

It's horrible that I think this way - it's her body and this is what is going to make her happy. So maybe I am alittle transphobic? I would hate to think so - she would still be my friend if she pulled a Chaz - but maybe I have double standards.

by lesbianreply 1206/25/2010

R12, she's only 22. It's a little early in the game of life, to be that proactive.

by lesbianreply 1306/25/2010

You know, I understand when large-breasted women have breast reduction surgery. My sister's breasts are a GG, and those things are painful to lug around. Hell, mine are a D and THEY are painful to lug around.

But breast reduction surgery is major surgery. I mean, they leave the nipple and everything, but there is all kinds of scarring (look at the FTMs!), and if you're going from a C down to nothing and do NOT plan to do the FTM, it seems kinda tragic.

At least if you go the FTM route, your new chest hair covers the scars.

by lesbianreply 1406/25/2010

I think if you're calling it "pulling a Chaz" then you're more than a little transphobic.

by lesbianreply 1506/25/2010

I'm asking myself the same questions R8 is asking.

by lesbianreply 1606/25/2010

maybe you're right, R15, and that is something i need to fix about myself.

by lesbianreply 1706/25/2010

OP, i don't think you're a hypocrite. The difference to me has to do with this FTM/MTF idea that you are "trapped in the wrong body". Going from being different to being wrong comes from outside cues.

And the idea of a 'transition' which is largely, biologically and anatomically, an illusion.

It is heartbreaking to know that there are many transsexuals who learn this after they discover the surgery isn't the final 'transition' they expected and they can't really pass as a 'normal' straight person.

I find the whole thing sad really.

by lesbianreply 1806/25/2010

R18- I do too.

by lesbianreply 1906/25/2010

This thread sounds like something from the Michfest boards.

by lesbianreply 2006/25/2010

Thank you R18, I'm just feeling like she is perfect just as she is and this isn't really necessary, but I don't know what it is like to be in her body. I guess she really doesn't like having boobs (although she loves other womens breasts)

by lesbianreply 2106/25/2010

I had a mastectomy due to cancer & there was no pain. I was told that there are no nerves where the breast attaches to the chest, so no feeling.

by lesbianreply 2206/25/2010

R22 did you have a lot of scarring?

by lesbianreply 2306/25/2010

Some, not a lot. I didn't choose to have reconstructive surgery, but one of my friends did & she has very little scarring.

If I were young, loss of a breast probably would have bothered me. I can't imagine why someone would want to do it without a medical reason (including transgender surgery).

by lesbianreply 2406/25/2010

Either she's transgender or she has cancer and isn't telling anyone. Its odd to do this if she is transgender though without being out about it.

by lesbianreply 2506/25/2010

This is bullshit. A troll post. Stop the insanity and don't feed the shithead troll.

by lesbianreply 2606/25/2010

Maybe R25. I would think if she had cancer she would be open about it. The way she is describing getting it done - it's more of just not wanting to have breasts.

R26, your troll detection attempt has failed. This is not a troll post, (god, I wish it was)

by lesbianreply 2706/25/2010

I wish women would stop doing this. You CAN BE transgendered without getting surgically altered. It just feeds the bank accounts of unscrupulous "doctors" who remove perfectly healthy breasts for no good reason.

by lesbianreply 2806/26/2010

Bullshit post (unless she is having it done in Thailand).

by lesbianreply 2906/26/2010

For the lesbians, how common is this? MTF guys are fairly rare I think.

I just found a bunch of videos on Youtube after searching for FTM.

I can't find any that don't look like altered women. You still tend to have facial/skeletal structures that make you look female, even if you have a beard and T-induced biceps. If passing as male is the goal, i have yet to see a FTM who pulls it off.

I had no idea there was so much surgery involved. Years and years of surgeries and healing. For what? To be 'normal'? I wish a FTM could explain this.

by lesbianreply 3006/26/2010

It has nothing to do with being "normal" R30, rather to align what's on the outside with what is on the inside. Men do not have d-cup breasts. And, speaking for myself, we don't do it to "pass" as a hetero male in order to find a partner. I've been single for 13 years and know that I will most likely stay that way until I am dead. And that's okay, as long as I will be able to occasionally take my shirt off in public when it's warm enough to warrant doing so. FWIW, I have been passing as male for at least the past 8 years, since I have been on testosterone. And no, I've not yet had any surgeries, but am saving up for at least the chest surgery which, given my age and health status, is likely the only surgery I will end up having.

by lesbianreply 3106/26/2010

Thanks for the response r31.

I think your idea of 'alignment' is what I meant by 'normal'; you seem to be confirming this by saying "Men do not have d-cup breasts". You're saying, in effect, that it's not normal for men to have d-cup breasts.

And i say why not? we need to change the culture so that it is ok. Why can't we have more fluid definitions? Why can't you be as butch and male as you feel without bombarding your body with chemicals or going under the knife.

I'm not pitying you but I do find it sad that your idea of what is a normal male means you feel compelled to have surgery. It's a complicated issue and i wish you well.

by lesbianreply 3206/26/2010

[quote]But, selfishly sad to know those nice breasts will be no more.

Unless you sneak them out and keep them in your attic.

by lesbianreply 3306/26/2010

Well while some men MAY have d-cup breasts, they certainly do not go out in public without binding them and would likely have gynecomastia surgery if they do.

And by "normal" I mean more hetero-normative in a sense of sexuality and that having surgery to pass as a completely heterosexual male to find a mate isn't why I'm having the surgery.

I'm frankly tired of binding my breasts, it's painful and it's hot in the summer. And since I have little privacy in my back yard, and knowing how prudish people are, I can't really walk around sans shirt in the summer here, in my yard or on the streets. Nor can I not bind while at work.

by lesbianreply 3406/26/2010

Why do trannies post here??

by lesbianreply 3506/26/2010

R31 and R34 - I appreciate your response.

by lesbianreply 3606/26/2010

"I'm frankly tired of binding my breasts, it's painful and it's hot in the summer. ... Nor can I not bind while at work."

I don't blame you, i bet it is painful. But I don't understand why you can't *not* bind at work? What would happen if you stopped binding and just wore looser clothing?

by lesbianreply 3706/27/2010

I understand, but I don't understand.%0D %0D I hear what R31/R34 says, and I say, oh, okay, makes sense - but really I think a 22 year old lopping off her breasts is a mutilation.%0D %0D There are doctors who perform this surgery, but somehow on someone so young it just seems wrong.%0D %0D Yet if the person were 42, I'd say live and let live.%0D %0D Is that wrong?%0D %0D %0D

by lesbianreply 3806/27/2010

[quote] What would happen if you stopped binding and just wore looser clothing?

They're d-cups. There isn't clothing loose enough. I already wear loose clothing because the binders are tight as it is. There's no disguising them any other way..they're not exactly taut or perky.

by lesbianreply 3906/27/2010

I am only 16 going on 17 I was a B cup almost C cup but I dont feel right in my body. I feel like I am a guy, like I should be a guy. I cut my hair off and now I'm looking to remove my breast. Does it hurt?

by lesbianreply 4012/28/2010

Don't they have to pull them really, really hard and twist to get them out by the roots?

by lesbianreply 4112/28/2010

[41] Are you serious or jst bullshitting?

by lesbianreply 4212/29/2010

[quote]which caused one to be over a cup size smaller then the other.%0D %0D Oh dear.

by lesbianreply 4312/29/2010

r40/r42, just go kill yourself you're clearly too dumb to live!

by lesbianreply 4412/29/2010

[R44] You know your not the first to say that. Your like every other person I've met in this Stupid life. The day I do leave I hope Everyone knows why. And its because of people just like You.

by lesbianreply 4512/29/2010

Don't forget to take your cross with you r45, you clueless idiot.

by lesbianreply 4612/29/2010

obviouly they arent going to twist them off you idiot!

by lesbianreply 4712/29/2010

[R46] Instead of helping he girl out your encouring her to kill herlself? I think the clear idiot is you[R46]%0D As for[R42] do what makes you feel comfortable, what makes you happy. Dont be put down by idiots like [R46].

by lesbianreply 4812/29/2010

R48 has entered the clueless idiot stakes. I doubt r42 is bright enough to figure out how to kill herself so...maybe you could help her out with that. Try twisting off her tits. Let us know how that goes.

by lesbianreply 4912/29/2010

R42 has got to be the biggest imbecile ever.

by lesbianreply 5012/29/2010

Those of you talkijng about how gender dysmorphia is a social construct, and how surgical transgenderism is "incredibly sad"...are you aware that many believe that homosexuality is an incredibly sad social construct? Maybe you all should just suck it up and live hetero lives, because being gay is just an illusion. The truth is that you have no idea of what the transgendered feel like or go through. The pain of surgery may be small compared to the pain of waking up in the wrong body every day. I am a gay man and feel comfortable as a male. And I have the utmost respect for those who go through surgical gender reassignment. It must be so difficult, and you must feel so alone when you can't even find support from gay people. Do you think anyone makes the decision to change gender lightly? People who feel so profoundly misplaced from birth have such mountains to climb. They are heroes IMO.

by lesbianreply 5112/29/2010

R51 run down to Macy's and see if Santa is still there and ask him for a clue.

by lesbianreply 5212/30/2010


I'm planing to get my Brest removed .. Yes I'm a lesbian and not planing to go ftm.

I work in a back bricking job in the mines and I've never like having breast... Most of the girl I see don't seem to play with my breast. I like the butch fem dynamic. I won't be having children so no need there....

To wear a shirt that sit nice and not have ppl tolk to my breast is also a added thing.

If it makes you sick fine that's you.... Most ppl think about how it would aftect them and the image... As for. Me its freedom.

Love is more then skin deep... Wish the world would remember this ..

I'm not going to be 60 yeas old and tits down to my knees for anyone ...

by lesbianreply 5301/15/2013

Hate to break it to you R34, but most men don't go around shirtless in public after their buff early 20's. Unless you're young and look like a gym rat, keep your shirt on outdoors. Please, I beg you. No one wants to see that shit.

by lesbianreply 5401/15/2013

I agree with R54. Only attractive, young MEN should go around shirtless.

by lesbianreply 5501/15/2013

Thank you, r51.

by lesbianreply 5601/16/2013

R34, I'd like to know what hick town you're in where men walk around the streets without their shirts on. To me, it's a sign of a poor and uneducated region. It's one step down from the hillbillies who wear those sleeveless t-shirts. And those dudes are NEVER buff or have a decent physique.

I have noticed that most ftm's seem to come from a less sophisticated environment and perhaps, men do walk around *gasp* shirtless when its hot in these areas. But guys don't so that in the more prosperous parts of the country.

by lesbianreply 5701/16/2013

Why is she having her breasts removed?

by lesbianreply 5801/17/2013

R53, barf!!! You are everything that is wrong with the lesbians

by lesbianreply 5901/17/2013

It is so sad to see our society, so naïve and heartless to people that want to feel comfortable within themselves. I am sure most people would not say those aggressive and inconsiderate things to someone going thru breast implants? Most guys wouldn't think twice about taking their girl to a psych first, when she brings it up. Shit he would probably openly pay for it, as well. when someone does something you don't understand you automatically think there is something wrong with THEM and THEY need to get help, come on, obviously, that is not true. Think before you speak, do research that's what its for. If someone wants to feel better about themselves, let them, in a way that is respectful and encouraging. So this girl wants her breast gone, for what reason? who cares... is it safe? absolutely it's safe, just as safe as, if not safer than, liposuction, gastric bypass?, tummy tuck?, that's all healthy tissue being removed... So (society) play the name game all you want (chazzing it up and such) Just remember, We've all been in a place when we needed to change ourselves for the better and have loked for support, I am sure this was not how you got it, nor is it ever how you would expect support to be like, Respect people for whatever decision they make and support them or get fuck out of the way and shut the fuck up (don't waste time on people you don't care about) just improve your life and try to improve others along the way... Thank you.

by lesbianreply 6008/28/2013
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