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Adderall / Amphetamine Salts

My new girlfriend is on "Amphetamine Salts", which I have discovered is Adderall. What should I expect?

by another lesbianreply 2002/09/2013

Sorry, what was the question?

by another lesbianreply 106/20/2010

Has she started walking like a crab yet?

by another lesbianreply 206/20/2010

No crab-walking yet. Or washing her panties in the bathtub. As far as I know.

by another lesbianreply 306/20/2010

I thought Adderall was the world destroyed by the Death Star.

by another lesbianreply 406/20/2010

OP, I take it your gf was diagnosed with ADHD? If so the Adderall should help her maintain her focus much more. If she's taking them illegally, expect some appetite-suppressant symptoms and general amped up/slightly manic behavior.

by another lesbianreply 506/20/2010

R5 - She says that she has been diagnosed with ADD. She's 32. Her behavior is mostly pretty normal, except when she drinks. But I discovered this past week that she does tend to take a pill either during or after drinking. Nothing too bad, but a she can go from one extreme (sweet and loving) to the other (very bitchy) pretty quickly. She's really great, but I've never dealt with someone on Adderall before. I'm trying to figure out what kind of behavior can be attributed to the Adderall and what I need to pay more attention to.

by another lesbianreply 606/20/2010

OP the fact that she says she has ADD, but takes the pill during or after DRINKING means she uses it like speed. To allow her to keep drinking but not get drunk.

by another lesbianreply 706/20/2010

If your girlfriend is chasing down drinks with Adderrall she has serious emotional problems. Why is that appealing to you?

by another lesbianreply 806/20/2010

r7 and r8 are correct -- that's bad. does she have a history of substance abuse? if not, she does now. make a note of how many drinks she has next time. if it seems like a lot, but she insists she's fine, it's the speed talking.

one can focus on a task for hours on adderall without tiring. consider putting her to work tidying up your place before your relationship is destroyed by her substance abuse. especially if she's hot and you can get her to do it in a bikini.

by another lesbianreply 906/20/2010

OP, I will confess that once upon a time I faked a case of ADHD to get an Adderall scrip specifically for the purpose of being able to party longer. Booze makes me sleepy, but Adderall helps keep me party all night. I never had the mood swings your gf has on it (but, then, I'm male), but if she's taking it when she's drinking, I have to question whether she has a bona fide ADHD condition. (And btw adults who do have it usually describe it as ADHD, not ADD, which is the term commonly used to describe childhood attention deficit disorder.)

by another lesbianreply 1006/20/2010

um, i'm an adult with ADD, and it's definitely not ADHD because i'm not hyperactive. i think r10 has it backwards -- kids are the ones who demonstrate hyperactivity more often than adults.

by another lesbianreply 1106/20/2010

These responses are exactly why I'm asking about it. I'm not sure if it's the alcohol or the adderall causing the mood swings. She doesn't drink a lot, but when she does drink too much, she's moody and then passes out. Even when she takes a pill.

Thanks for responding. I'm really just curious about how it can affect someone, especially when combined with alcohol.

And R9 - she is hot. So that is a fantastic suggestion.

by another lesbianreply 1206/20/2010

mood swings could be caused by either of those substances, or there could be some underlying mood disorder. for example, a friend of mine has both bipolar and ADD, and she cannot take adderall for the ADD because it gives her crazy mood swings.

like r5 said, those with ADD/ADHD will generally become calmer, more focused, and more organized when taking adderall, while those without the condition will appear to be more hyper, maybe even a little scatterbrained, like they're trying to keep a bunch of spinning plates in the air. which one is she?

by another lesbianreply 1306/20/2010

R9 / R13 - generally she's the former: calm and focused, or bored. But when she's drinking, she can a bit hyper and definitely bitchy, and then she passes out. It may be just the way she is when drinking alcohol, exacerbated somewhat by the adderall. I have no idea how often she takes it or if she takes it every time she drinks. She doesn't seem to have a substance abuse problem, and I've known and am related to plenty of people who have abused all kinds of drugs (except this one apparently). I'm just wondering what the best way is to deal with it. She is worth figuring it out.

by another lesbianreply 1406/20/2010

[quote]What should I expect?

Turtle time!

by another lesbianreply 1506/20/2010

lol r15

by another lesbianreply 1606/21/2010

I'm going on ADHD meds next week. I'm not looking forward to it. I hate the idea of Adderall or Ritalin. I'm already hyper and a bit scatter brained, let's just add jittery to the mix.

Maybe the doctor will prescribe me Desoxyn or Dexedrine instead.

by another lesbianreply 1702/09/2013

[quote]What should I expect?

A clean home!

by another lesbianreply 1802/09/2013

R17 Ask your doctor about going on Vyvanse. It is a prodrug form of dextroamphetamine (i.e "Dexedrine").

"Prodrug" in this context refers to a medication whose active ingredient has been made inert by chemically combining it to another molecule. So when you take Vyvanse it is not dextroamphetamine (it's Lisdexamfetamine dimesylate), but metabolic processes in your liver strip away the extra molecule, releasing dextroamphetamine into your bloodstream.

The reason they came up with this prodrug version of dextroamphetamine is because the former has a high street value, and can be ground up and smoked or snorted for an instant amped up sensation. The unexpected benefit of this is that because it takes your body time to metabolize Vyvanse, its release into your bloodstream and the subsequent depletion is very slow and very smooth.

So, while the pill form of dextroamphetamine can be very effective for alleviating some symptoms of ADD (or ADHD-Inattentive), it tends to have sharp peaks and valleys while Vyvanse does not. In short, you'll get to the same place with either form, but the ride is a lot smoother with Vyvanse. Obviously, follow your MD's lead on this, and not the ramblings of an anonymous DL poster...but it has been a god send to a lot of people.


by another lesbianreply 1902/09/2013

I'm on generic adderall (10mg 2x a day) for ADD and started about 6 weeks ago. Definitely feel more focused but get a crash-y feeling after 4 hours. the XR version is smoother (more $$) - Vyvanse is great but usually not covered by insurance and $$$.

Best side effect? No appetitie whatsoever - -I'm down 5 lbs in a month.

Worst: dry mouth.

by another lesbianreply 2002/09/2013
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